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You can buy your FLOOR COVERINGS right here
in St. Johns, have them laid by an expert carpet man,
properly looked after afterwards aud at the same time
save money. We ask you to look over our stock.
We buy in
with the
store. Our
expense is
light. We
can afford to
sell right.
Ear! vVfiS&w &
$j down HEATERS $1 pcr week
Remember the place
Mnin store
IS. Morrison
x Wc can afford to sell at Reasonable Prices
f First National Bank I
St. Johns, Oregon
Stockholders' liability,
Three per cent paid on savings deposits.
Safe deposit boxes for rent.
tO eSO cO cO f0 c-O ei3 0 44 0 eO c3
Plumbing and Tinning
Call and see our new Garden Hose.
203 S. Jersey Street Phone Jersey 91 St. Johns, Oregon
It sometimes pays to look around a little
and get prices and see qualities before
you buy. We have both.
Phone Union 4066. 206-208 Philadelphia street.
Accident and Health Insurance.
Druggists' Liability.
Employers' Liability.
Store Burglary.
Residence Burglary aud Theft.
For rates call ou
Physicians' Liability.
Teams' Liability.
Steam Boiler.
Plate Glass.
At the Peninsula Bank, St. Johns.
Local News.
He who by his h would rise
Must cither bust or advertise,
Manufacturers of Clay Brick and Pressed Brick. Plastering X
Sand on hands at all times. Orders solicited. X
A ft
t-i ku-iuiii-mvi iru zud jcrsev oc
Real Estate, Loans, Insurance
AKct,oMc of Title Prenared. Accurate Work Guaranteed.
H. mii-SJ (SluSl to.ul.tmk U.. k
Wntch the label on your paper.
A man enn run n atoro without ml
trtlBliiR nntl ho can wink nt a pretty
girl In tho dark Ilut what's tho usi
Miss Lily Ollinoro la spending a
month with friends nt Mcdford and
consequently her friends hero arc dls
My roforonco to tho First National
bank statement on tho fourth pago
It wilt bo soon Hint this Institution
Is steadily growing.
Mrs. Holland, who hns heretofore
operated tho Dolmonlco rooming house
has sold to Mrs. II. L, Gllmoro, who
will conduct tho placo Intho future
Tho l-'rntornal llrothorhood Degree
team and as many members as can
will go to 8ellwood tomorrow night
to Install a largo class of candidates.
Mrs. It. W. Olllam and her brother,
Hon Uhrlgh havo gono for n three
weeks visit with their brother, It. V.
Uhrlgh nt Hnlloy, Idaho. Mrs. alllair
has not seen this brother for -0
Conslnblo Walter S. Ilasoy has re-
tlgncd mul recommends W. I'. Athby
vn hlo successor. Mr. Ashby would
ho n good tniin for tho placu nad It
Is hopoi' thnt It may "please the
tourt" to udopt tho recommendation.
That tlmo honored prescription for
n cold qtilnlno and whisky hns re
ceived n set bnck, A mnu In 1'ort
land went blind after taking n liberal
potion of this mlxluro during tho
past week.
An editor of a rural paper was
asked tho question: ' Do hogs pay?''
Tho answer ho gavo In his puhllca.
tlon was: "Unruly. As n rulo they
tnku tho pnper two or three yenrs
aud then havo tho postmaster mnrk
It refused."
Moore's toggery ou South Jerrey
street In uo-v open to tho public and
Is welt sto:ked with clothing, gents'
furnishing goods.etc.Whon In need of
anything In his lino. It would bo
wise to glvo him n call. Ills prices
nro right and so nro his goods.
Tho nnnouncement that tho Good
rich cro vs. tho city of St. Johns
hns been dismissed and thrown out
of court will bo welcome news to tho
majority of our cltlzons. Tho amount
Involved wns nioro than 11.000. aHiini
thnt could not bo very well spnrod
from tho city trenaury. nt thlH
The I'orllnnd Light nnd Power Co.
will nut n double track KUHngHWorth
nveuut to Kenton, tho now town of
tho Swifts nnd havo It In operation
by tho first of tho year. Would not
It bu good thing to agitato trolly
connection for St, Johns with
tho big packing plant? A llttlo ginger
thrown Into such n movement might
result In groat good to our people
Thoro Is being promoted n good
roal estate proposition down tho riv
er. II. Wagner, h, II. Cnmpboll and
Loroy II. Smith havo purchased n
trnct of land consisting of 200 acres
located ono mllo from the N. I.
track at Holbrook nnd tho boat land-
Ing, nnd located on tho now oloctrle
lino to Tlllamook.Thla trnct of land
la situated in n natural pocket In
tho hlllB whoro It In protoctod from
all uneven changes of tiporaluro
to n wonderful dogreo. Thoro hns
boon no signs of frost thoro this
Bcason.whllo thoro havo bcon frosts
all around. This tract will bo dlvldot
tnto flve-ncro lota and sold to homo-
seekers. Englneora aro now at work
staking it out. Tho land Is es
pecially adapted to fruit growing nnd
its closo proximity to thoso threo
methods of transportation will mnko it
particularly desirable. Frlonds of tho
Incorporators may bo nblo to select
tho choicest spots before tho tract Is
thrown opon to tho goneral public
If thoy get right after thorn, but it
will be put on tho market In n week
or ton days,
Pythian Sisters En
tertain Tuesday Night
A fnrewell reception was tendered
Rev. F. h. Young and family at tho
residence of B. P. Day nt -101 Wost
Tacoma street Wednesday evening, by
tho members of tho M . E. church.
Sixty people wore prosont, not Includ
ing children, Tho affair was a very
pleasing one, In spite of tho fact that
n tinge of sadness was felt by all
over tho fact that It was perhaps
tho last timo this Jovial nnd entertain
ing family would participate with
their St. Johns friends in n social
gathering. As a tokon of the high
regard In which Ilev. Young und his
family aro regarded by tho members
here they were presented with n
beautiful Axmtnster rug. Misses Ha
zel and Josephine woro also presen
ted each with a handsome fruit tray
in recognition of their valuable servi
ces In the choli. This family will
certainly be greatly missed In tho ma
ny social functions heroafter, and it
Is with intenso regret that tholr many
friends here noto their departure
They left for tuelr nownomo touny
please tho people.
And hto Voguo still bag hats to
That most delightful hunch of fem
inine grnco nnd bonuty.known ns tho
Pythian Sisters warmed tho hearts
of tholr brothers, tho knights Tues
day evening in n way they will long
romomber. Tho boys woro Invited
by tho nlsterB to meet them nnd ns
slst In celebrating the flint nnnlvor
sary of tholr organization in St.
Johns, There wero botwecn 40 nnd CO
gathered In tho cnstlo hnll of Holmes
lodge and enjoyed tho happiest tlmo
Imaginable, llrolhor Poddlcord's ab
sence was jnlversnlly regretted nnd
n few others who wero members of
tho orders wero also missed but men
tioned .
Tho address of wolcomo was given
by tho charming worthy chlef.Mrs.Vnl
ontlno, ono of tho most faithful nnd
earnest workers of tho entire bunch.
She hns not been absent from n sin
gle meeting of tho lodgo since Us In
stltutlon n year ago. This Is n dls
Unction claimed by no other member
of tho order nnd certainly deserves
tho highest commendation. Then fol
lowed roll call nnd reading of com
munications from tho grand chief nut
others who" though nlmcnt expressed
keenest Interest In tho phenomenal
success of tho lodgo. At tho last
annunl mooting, while this lodgo was
still a baby, only nine months old,
It made tho best showing of any
lodgo In tho Jurisdiction having
attained -greater growth In numbers
nnd having more tuouoy In Its treas
ury than any other.
Tho mnlo quartet then distinguished
themselves by Ringing nnd rcspondlnf
to n henrty encoro with another song
ouunlly an good, nnd ns well renderec
This Pythlnn qunrtet In something
8crumptlous"nnd wo havo been prom
lsed an entertainment In the near fu
ture, wherein this bunch of harmony
will tnko n prominent part.
Then Mrs, Hnll, thnt Inlmlrnblu Im
personator and character dellnentor
gavo "Calling tho boys," nnd to the
encore responded wlht n dlssertn-
tlon on llrynn thnt would stop n
clock nnd cause It to hide Its face
behind Us hnnds Wo would like to
glvo It hero, but It would lose J 10
per cent of Its mirth provoking powoi
by not hnvlng tho expression of Mrs.
Hnll In tho telling.
Mrs. Hnll wns followed In n moHt,
nrtlslc innuuer by Mrs. llorsman wltl
nn Instrumental on the plntio that
elicited hearty encore. Thon Chnn
collor Commander Illack of Holmes
lodgo was crlled for nnd responded
with one of his characteristic talks
Mr. Illack praised tho ladles for their
encrgotle work for tho good of tho
order during tho past year nnd the
grent success thnt had attended their
efforts nnd apologized for his Inabili
ty to nttoud tho mootlngH, declaring
that since ho had hecomo n married
man thnt ho had troubles of his
own. After letting this soak In a mo
ment, bo explained that thoy woro
such troubles ns nro Incident to tho
life of tho nverngo pollcomnn, and
thnt when ho returned to tho bosom
of his family nt nu early hour In tho
morning ho was ofton constrnlnod
to offor tho prnyor tho llttlo girl do
clnrcd her li religious father usually
mado when ho camo homo about that
hour: "OhJ Lord, how tired 1 am,"
and thnt wns hl only excuse for.
nonnttondnuco nt lodgo,
Tho cnstlo hnll wns most beautifully
docorntod with Qrogon grnpe, uutumr
lonvos. nnd overgreons nnd nfler tin
progrnm tho good slstors sprend the
tnblea with dollclous refroshmonts;
but tho noatest thing wns tho tons!
tho worthy chief gavo tho knlghtH.
Aftor recounting In verso all tho mean
things tho men aro guilty of, their
moan trait of blaming ovorythlng
from tho bad weather to tho lout
collar button to tho womon, nnd when
nil. tho hoys woro feollng lko crawl
ing undor tho tables, closed I ho
toast with tho words: ' Hero's to the
men, wo lovo thorn Just tho aamo."
This won coryone of tho boys und
tho sighs of relief thut cBcnpod th m
nlmost rnlsod tho roof. Nelson, tuo
spring poet uroso nnd romarked that
ho had hoari and ofton wondered nt
tho expro3alon: "them blamed wo
men'but tho mystery wns now ex.
plained and nil was as clear ns mud,
So, tho fenst wont on until tho
knights and ladles had to hurry to get
homo tho sumo day. It was a most
delightful celobratlon of tho birthday
anniversary of tho lodgo and It Is
hoped tho good sisters will mnko it
n custom to observe tho day ovory
And tho Vogue still hns hats to
ploaso tho people.
The revival meeting is still in
progress and confessions are being
made almost every iiijjht. Forty
additions have been made to the
church and many more nre deeply
intercslel. It is now expected
that the meetings will close about
a week or ten days hence. To
night Rev. Olson will deliver a
lecture on the lives of Joseph and
Moses illustrated with moving
pictures and accompanied by illus
trated song?. Our people should
by all means see these pictures, as
they bring the scenes out as the
lecturer describes them in a way
that makes it very realistic. The
song service is excellent and the
sermons are thought-inspiring even
though you may not at all times
agree with the preacher. All peo
ple of whatever faith are invited to
come and hear.
Note the label on your paper,
Dressmaking, McChestiey block.
You get full weight and first
quality nt the Central market. Just
try it nwhile.
Subscribe for the TelcKrntn
nest evening pnper ou the coast.
Sec Htl Stockton.
WANT 13 1) To borrow $SU0. Will
give good security. Mrs. D. O. llusby
207 Stnnton street. 4Sctf.
Plnln Scwing.hemilltchlng nnd fan
cy work dono by the plcco or day. I.
M. Hunter, 202 K. folk St. John.? Ills
Have your property insured in
the St. Paul or Northern fire insur
ance companies. They nre the
best. S. L. Dobie, ngent.
If you want to, sell or
exchange property see Wolcott, (The
Rent Man.) 401 South Jersey, Sldo
W. T. Johnson, expert boot ami
shoemaker. All kinds of ropalr work
iwatly and prompt') done. Call at
corner of Philadelphia nnd Ivnnhoe
To meet any persons employed
during tho day who may wish music
lessons, Miss Cleland, vocal toucher,
will bo In her' studio Tuesday oven
hips during October from C to 8 p.
111. nnd Mlim Paulson, piano teacher,
Filday evening ftoiu fi to 8 p. in. OOp
All our meats nre government
inspected mid the best that money
can buy. They nre neatly and
carefully handled. Come in und
leave your order for free delivery.
Ward's Central Market.
All kinds of laundry work done
promptly. Uough dry washing 6
cents per pound. Calls made for
laundry at any place. King us up.
Phone Jersey 331. St. Johns
Lnundry. W. L. Churchill, L. II.
Simp.soii, proprietors.
WANTKD Parly lo help fliinnco
and develop now machine In shnpo
of a wheel scraper, which promises
to become ono of the lending Inven
tions of the ago for road und heavy
cut work. This Is welt morth In
vestigating, if Interested call at or
address CI I North Ivanhoe street,
St. Johns.
Muxle Studio Room lit, McCIichiio)
Mock, Miss Cleland, vocal teacher,
wns for two years, a pupil of Hen
U-o ChnrlcH Sparks of Dresden, Or
many. Hours Ho 5 p. in,, Tuesday,
Wednesday nnd Thursday. MIki
Pmilnun teacher of piano and bar
mony Is a graduate of Chicago Muni
ci:l College. Hours from 1 to d p. in.
.Monday, Friday aud Saturday. f.O p
Mrs. Knmbo left Sunday for Spo
kane, where she will visit relatives
und friends. She expects to be ab
sent about a week.
Thomns Whitney, of Ornnd RnphlH,
Mich., vlsltid N. J. Itulley, Sunday.
Mr. Whitney wan friend of Mr. llalley
when thoy both lived In Michigan.
"Illlnd as a bnt,"wlll buthusupject
next Sunday evening at tho Hvau-
gellcal church, nt 7:-10. Morning top
lo 'World wide work." All nro In
vltod. ChoBotr P. OntcH, pastor .
Preliminary work has commenc
ed ou the public dock, nnd it will
not be long until this valuable nc
luisition to ht. Johns will be nn ac
complished fact, and then the cit
izeus will wonder how they ever
got along without it so long.
Workmen nro busy this weok In
stalling u fine heating plant In thu
First National hunk. It la a hot wu
tor system.nnd will bo as eomplelo ns
money nnd nklll can mnko it. This
bank haU been very frotuuuto in get
ting Into a fine homo whoro comfort.
and couvonlenco of appurtenances
nro not excelled nnywhoro,
Note the label on your paper.
After one of the ureatest strut;-
gles in the history of base ball, Chi
cago won the pennant in the Na
tional league yesterday by a score
of 4 to 2 over New York, these two
clubs being tied for first position.
The Detroit team wliicli won tne
pennant in the American league and
Chicago Nationals will now play a
series of six eramcs for the cham
pionship of the world beginning to
morrow. The result will be watch
ed with intense interest by the base
ball fans.
Note the label on your paper.
The city council announces its
intention by a resolution published
elsewhere in this isstie to improve
Richmond street by the laying ol
concrete sidewalk from the car line
to Hradford street, and from thence
to the dock with board walk. '1 his
is an improvement that should be
hailed with delight by all residents
living in that section of St. Johns,
and it is hoped that the enterprise
will go through without a hitch.
It would be well if all sidewalks
laid front this time ou would be
cement. While it is more costly
in the beginning it pays in the end.
Note the label on your paper.
: 5
1 Wolcotl's Millinery Specials !
For Saturday and Monday
3 dozen Caps, regular 75c value for 23c each. I
4 dozen Wings, assorted colors, 75c val., 19c each.
3 dozen Shapes, assorted colors, $2.50 val., 98c each, t
These are prices for cleaning up.
I Phone Jersey 211 O. P. WOLCOTT 401 S. Jersey St.
Foggy Mornings
are suggesting warmer
Shoes, warmer Stockings and
warmer Underwear. We can sup
ply you with all for men, women and
children. We have the nicest line of Out
ings we have ever carried for 10c per yard.
These sold at 12 i-2c last Fall. Double
width Percales at I5c, which have
been 17 and 18c, and Apron Ging
hams at 7c, formerly 8c per
yard. We have added to
ourstocka substantial
lineof men'sTrou
scrs and now havo
the agency for
Hea d light
Keep Bright and You
Klcclric Light is the magnet that draws trade. The
bright store is the "hypnotic eye" of business. People can
no more resist the attraction ol a brilliant, Klectrieully lighted
store than they can resist the elat ion call of u brass Imnd.
Is your competitor with the l'.leetrically illuminated show
windows, bright interior and sparkling Klcclric Sign getting
nn advantage over you? The moth never Mutters around thu
uulighted candle! Up-to-date stores nowadays consider
shop-window lighting it necessity, whether they remain open
nfter dark or not. Competition forces modern method.
A show window brilliantly illuminated with Klectrie
light will make many a sale "the night before." Hlcctric
light compels attention, makes easy the examination of your
display, shows goods in detail aud fabrics in their tiiiecolom.
Aud don't neglect the Klectrie Sign. It is soliciting
" tomorrow's" business every moment it is lighted burning
your name in (lie public mind. It is u solicitor that never
becomes weary never stops work - costs little.
Cull Telephones: Alain 6688, A 1675 for Information.
Portland Railway Light and Power Co,
J ?4 TI ?4 7 ? ttfs &I t?4 1?4 ? B?l tft ftft 1 3
Without Legs
2 With Legs
2 O
This is the range you
hear thc-iu talk about.
It will nay you to come
in and see this one !e- &
fore you buy.
Heaters, Heaters!
We cany the largest
and most complete line
of heaters in the city.
Our prices are right.
A discount for cash.
Successor to 1). R. Norton
8 8 Cooper, who Uvea at 200 Tyloi
street had a narrow escapo from
death or at Ham 11 serloim Injury
whllo working at the county gravol
pit a few ilnya ago, .
Tho gravel bank at tho placo of ac
cident Is about -IS or CO feet high
and tho workmen must talco earo that
It iloou not cavo ou them. It became
ncccBBary to romovo some boulders
that wero hanging out in the bank
over head so that thoy would not fall
on tho workmen. Air, Cooper took a
IC-foot pleco of gasplpo.kopt for the
purposo aud wont up from tho pit
to dlslodgo tho buolderu. In strikiug
at the rock ho mhjaod hla aha and
tho weight of tho plpo caused him to
lose hla balance and fall among tho
bouldoru CO foot bolow. Fortunately
ho alighted on tho looao sand ho
had displaced In trying to got tho
rock looeo und turning tm-r a or I
times ho dtood up llttlo tho wurw
fur tho drop. Had ho utruuU u f?w
feet elthor way from wher h did
ho must huvo boon killed by striking
thu buuldrs. Kvuu If ho hU not
first havo loonuued tho plto of Mini
that broko his full the roault would
doubtloHs havo been vory sorloui. Mr.
Cooper was driving a tui aud lot
uoly ono trip by roueon of th nocl
dent, resumed hla work th mm h
if ho hud not made an aeroplano
Aud tho Voguo still Iihu huts to
ploaso tho pooplo,
I W'a made a inilUlw in raitQHIilff
the rira oHOMpaa last wk. ' afctMlH
hnvo said th oosap eret! by Ut
Murphy ou tho Hobo City hotel wttltil
Is a pleeo of work thnt gnnot ho ex
celled la a thing of beau
ty uud a Joy forovor.
Note the lbel on your paper.