St. Johns review. (Saint Johns, Or.) 1904-current, October 09, 1908, Image 2

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Pnbllnhtd Erurr Frldny
At 117 West Ilurllnglon Sttctt. t Jolitu,
I1V it IIVKH'.ltlt.
Tint Kitvntw Is entered nt jwst office
In Snlnt Toll 11s. OrcL'on. 11s tnnil nintlcr
of the second class tinder the Act of Con
gress of Mnrch 3, 1879.
Ailtrrtlalnc ratca. 11.00 per Inch per month.
All conimunleallone alinulil be addreiaed to
To norlew, HI. Johna, Orrgon.
Job 1'rlnllnc eiPCUtcJ In fltit-clam aijrie.
una lor jno rrinunt; caan on uciiTcrr.
Offlclal Newipapar of the Olty of St. Johna,
Subscription prloo $1.GO poryonr.
A. VV. Markle, Manager.
D. N Dycrlee, Editor.
Note the label on your paper.
TI10 cnrcIosB Hunter Is now busily
onungod making victims of tils com
millions or liluiBoir, Certainly too
mnny nccldcnts nro reported during
tlio hunting senson of cnrcless hum!
ling of firearms.
A wmo of reform (7) Is sweeping
our tlio city ori'ortlniiil. You will
ln.u to oxciino Unit quuHtloii mark
II looltn iilinoHl too fiooil for tlio dovll
to become- n Hiilnt. 1 hit If It Ih 11
KCinilni reform, why when they briny
fo. tli frtiltH titct't for rupuiituncu we
hIiiiII (ilndly ihout 'Clory bo.
It is high time our people it) St.
Ttilnm wore wiikiiii' ttt) tind InklllL'
aggressive action In ad vcrtl.sln otir
city. There Is the greatest activity
all in otmcl tis and the country Is go
intr ahead lv leans and bounds,
Only St. Johns seems to have curl
ed her feet tin under herself like n
kitten for a hud The onlv evi
deuce of real life is the lfessenden
Street Improvement chili. This
hodv is actively ciiinmed oil theii
ptoject and have the entire distance
from the river to the Notth Hank
cut divided anioni; the committee
on riirht of wav. each memlier hav
ing his particular share of the terri
tory to cover. A majority of the
( Stance has a readv nee 11 secured
hut the chili wishes to make it
iituiiliuouH if txiMiililc. The slice!
railway has signified its willingness
to do almost iiuylhlug with reason
to further the improvement of the
street. When this is nccoinnllshed
it will lie one of the most attractive
fen In ics in St. Johns.
It Is resolved by the city of St. Johns:
That It deems it expedient and neces
sary to improve Kichniond street, from
the car line ot I'ortlnnd It. R. Co. to the
Richmond street Dock, III the city
of St. Johns, In the following manner,
lly sidcwalkiitK saute on both sides In
the following manner, to wit: A 6 foot
cement sidewalk, 12 foot curb, on both
sides of said street from the west line of
Jersey street to the east line of llradford
street, in said city; wooden sidewalk on
both sides of said Richmond street, from
the west line of llrudford street to said
dock, said wooden walk to be not less
than 6 feet wide and 13 foot curb; and by
necessary crosswalks from one end of
said Improvement to the other. All of
said work to be done under the direction
of the city engineer and according to the
ordinances relative thereto nnd accord
ing to the plans and specifications of the
city engineer on file in the office of the
city recorder relative thereto, which snld
p1mi,niitl specifications and estimates arc
satisfactory nnd arc hereby approved.
Said improvements to be made In ac
cordance with thechartcrand ordinances
of the city of St. Johns, nnd under the
supervision nnd direction of the city engineer.
Hint tue cost 01 sain improvement 10
be assessed 11a provided by the city char
ter uoii the property especially and par
ticularly benfittcd thereby and which
Is herebv declared to be nil the lots, parts
of lots, blocks nnd parcels of lain! be
tween the termini of such Improvement
abutting niton, adjacent or proximate
to said Richmond street, from the margi
nal lines of said street back to the center
of the block or blocks or tracts of laud
abutting thereon or proximate thereto.
Hint 1111 nie property niciimeii in sain
Improvement illstrlct aforesaid Is hereby
declared to be "Local Improvement Dis
trict Mi. 13."
That the city engineer's assessment of
the probable total cost of said improve
ment of said Richmond street is 6,-
Tfml the coil of iiniirovltiu said Rich
mond street to le assessed against the
property III said local district as provid
ed by the city charter of the city of St.
Adopted llic bill nay 01 uciouer,
A. M. t'.ssou,
City Recorder.
Published ill the St Johns Review Oct.
9 and 10, 11 tf.
How Is Your Title?
Have your (distracts made, con
tinued or examined by Peninsula
Title, Abstract and Realty Co., II.
Henderson, manager. Accurate
work. Reasonable fees. Cement
Mock building, Jersey street.
Ordinance Fixing the
Bond for Contractor for
Building, Erecting and
Completing the City Dock
of the City of St. Johns,
vltiHK condition, with matched
lug flnoi nail board wiiIIm.
Teat coat floor cohI !10 com
plete, will mill for fSB ciihIi, Call at
this office.
Pick of thu Willamette Valley. Call I
and see mo. J. II. I'l.KTCIIICIt
82.1 Willamette Iloulevard. Ht. Johns,
Note the label on your paper.
Illustrated Lecture!
I-olliiwinir is a list of births te
ported to Dr. A. V. Vincent, City
Physician, for the mouth ending
October i, iooK:
Sept. x -To Mr. ami Mrs. R. I).
Jackson, a daughter.
Sept. .1 To Mr. and Mrs. W.
lower, a sou.
Sept. f To Mr. and Mrs. A.
W. Davis, a son.
Supt. y -To Mr. and Mrs. W
Scott Kellogg, a on.
Sept. 13 To Mr. and Mis. K.
epu Vy-roMr.aud Mrs. Cor- HMllv Colored MoVmg PiC"
nelliiu lit tuition, ii lion. O O
Sept. 20 To Mr. and Mrs. b'red
Wheeler, a sou.
.Sept. 31 To Mr. and Mis. A.
Plattucr, a koii.
Sup., a 1 To Mr. and Mrs. W,
M. Scurhrotigh, a sou.
Sept. a.t To Mr. and Mis. R.
I,. D.t vidnou, a son.
Sept. 35 lo Mr. and Mrs. II.
Guiltier, a sou.
Oct. 3 To Mr. and Mrs. V.
Davis, a sou.
This list is complete so far as re
potted to the city physician, but it
is known that at least two more
births occurred that weie not turn
ed in. It is incumbent upon all
physicians, nurses or mid wives to
at once report such occurrences to
the city physician, nccutdiug to an
oiiliuauce of the city. Thetefoic,
in order not to be open to convic
tion for a iiiiMlemeauor, it would be
win; to make known the hit tit of a
child without delay.
Ami tho Vogtio ntlll 1ms IuiIh to
please- tlio people.
tures, Illustrated Songs
NUllLlv uvaugeiist Uiivm nugetic uison, wuo is
conducting the Great Revival at the Skating Rink, will de
liver his great and wonderful lecture on
The Lives of Joseph and Moses
Beautifully illustrated by highly colored moving pictures.
This lecture is worth one dollar of any one's money, but he
will only charge 35c, and only 10c for all who attend school.
READ1 In connection with the lecture his singers
will tender SIX FAMOUS SONGS Beautifully Illustrated
by magnificently colored pictures.
I la a
1 Ins may be your only chance ot a lifetime ot hearing
The city of St. Johns docs ordnln ns
Section t. That the Iwnd of Joseph
I'miiict, contractor to build the City
Dock of the city of St. Johns, be nnd the
wiuie is Hereby lixcu til l'liiccn 1 iranwiiu
Section 3. Tllftt said liond ahull lie
given by said Joseph duplet before en
tering upon said contract, nnd shall first
be ncccpled nnd approved by the mayor.
I'nsseit uy llic common cuuiilu uiw
lur 1st. ItytS.
Approved by the mayor October 1st,
' ' It. W. MUCK
A. M. Hsson,
Published In the St. Johns Review Oct.
9. I9"-
Improvement Bonds
City of St Johns.
Caatttaiif tH t tt i till ll'l II 111 f Pf!! VtM 1 1 IV
(I !...(.. .....1 rat 1.1m fifr.n. (it lltf f'llv
Unll nt St. johns, Oregon, until Tuesday,
October 30, 1908, nt .) o'clock p. m. for
sale nt not less than par value nnd accru
ed interest of Improvement llonds of the
fll. ..I C. ft...i. n.
by the charter of said city, for the whole
or nny iniri 01 iwo iiioiivinn i,ooo.oo;
Said IkiiiiIs will be Issued in iletiomb
nations of 500 each, payable ten years
from date, nnd subject to nil the condi
tions Imposed, directed nnd stipulated
by whnl is known as "The llaucroft
llonilliiK Act," under which Act, ns
111 .Ii til ,ill luitiilai ili ttiBlltxl I
II II II Mi IK rxtlil imniin . ihviii a
The rleht Is reserved to reject nny or
nil bids. A. M. I'.SSON,
Kccorucr lor me 01 at. joniis.
I'ubllshed in the St. Johns Review Oct.
1 . i
') nun iu, iM,
I lutvu cheap farniH for Hale from T
10 to r.00 nereH, nt prlceu from !
1111 aero to $100 an acre la Marlon,
IVnt IfixllO lined II inoiitliH; flntt counllen. Tho very I
... ' I ..r 11... l'lll , .. Vll.. '..Ill 4-
Get a home where you do
not have to spend two or
three hours every day on the
street cars.
You will be able to reach the heart of
the city from Whitwood Court within
TWELVE MINUTES on the new car line
that will soon be completed
Lots 50x100, $200 and up
easy terms. Water piped to ev
ery lot.
Phone Richmond 1021.
1 1 0 N. Jersey, St. Johns.
Al. I. H0LBR00K C. 0. BAILEY J
St. Johns Land Co. !
Tlic Largest and Oldest Real Estate Firm J
in St. Johns.
A Well (Mated Pair.
V. J. Chauey ami .Mrs. Maiy
Cioaai, twt) well known jieople of our
city, spiitm; (Utile a Mil prise on
thuir mnny fricntU hete when they
quietly clipped over to Vancouver
on WediieMlay, Sept. ux and came
imek as Mr. ami Mrs. Lnuticy. It I such a lecture so well put on canvas before your eyes.
East St. Johns
was strictly a family affair, only the
children ul both parties beitie; pies
ettt. wiuie ail their menus join in
wishing them a lone; ami happy
Die, tliey think a Unit should have
been dropped so an ample supply
of rice ami old Mipcis could been
Hatheted lo speed them on their
.Mr. ami .Mrs. iiiaucy ate mem
bers of the Uebekahs, ami stand
very hih iu the cbtiimitiou of the
members of this order.
The Krootit is .Muck & Heme's
confidential ami reliable solicitor,
while the bride is much respected
well liked for her many admirable
qualities. The pair is well mated
ami bhottld make the trip across
lite s stormy sea together without a
tar to mar their happiness.
And tho Yoipiu still Iihh hats to
please the people.
Hlsewhere in this paper will be
found an advertisement calluie for
proposals for the sale of if 2,000
worth of Mrcet bonds which will
give the man who is afraid to trust
the banks and is too timid to invest
iu real estate a safe place to put
his surplus weaitn.
Note trio label on your paper.
You cannot afford to miss it. Leave all and come.
Come one, come all! COME! COMEII COME!!!
Is now open with au up-to-date line of Gents' l'tiruisliiiiKS,
Hats, Hoys' Clothing, Workingmen's Wear, Waterproof
Goods ami Rubber Footwear; and iu order that the public
may become acquainted with the quality of goods we carry,
we are offering hiiib grade merchandise at lower prices than
are usually asked for the shoddy article.
We have the latest in young men's wear the greenish
and brownish Hats, Kancy Vests iu nifty shades and pat
terns, Neckwear iu the new cross stripe effects, Sweaters iu
red, blue and grey.
Iu Hoys' Clothing we have blue serges and cheviots
which we are selling at 25 per cent less than Portland prices.
We pay no rent, discount our bills and have no bad
debts. That's why we sell for less,
311 South Jersey Street
The center of the great development now
place on the Tennisum.
We have only a few business lots left 011 Columbia
Boulevard, which for a short time only will be sold at
present prices.
Some fine residence lots still on sale.
Choice manufacturing sites adjoining the O. R. &
N. railroad for sale on reasonable terms.
Holbrookes Addition
We have some choice lots in the vicinity of the
new $20,000 school building to be sold on easy install
ments. Call at our office for prices and terms for either of
these desirable tracts.
St. Johns Phone Jersey 931 Oregon
Is the only way to secure immediate delivery of your
goods at the most reasonable of transportation rates.
Therefore ring up the
Operating electric freight cars between St. Johns and
Portland. We call for ami check your trunks direct
to destination.
Turn your trunk checks and shipping receipts
over to us and your goods will receive prompt attention
e have teams connecting with cars at St. Joluis and
Get our rates before shipping. Special rates on car
load lots. Kxperieuced and courteous employes.
Phone Main 35S, Portland office..
Phone Main A 335S.
First and Flanders Streets.
C. W.
Phone Woodlawn SiS. Ageut at St. Johns.
Office 105 It. Burlington street.
St. Johns Lumber Co.
Has all kinds of lumber, kiln dried and otherwise.
Also slab wood. Timbers of all sizes cut to order.
Get yr winter's weel new and save trwMe.
St. Johns, Oregon.
Capital .
Surplus . ,
Interest paid on savings deposits.