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    O .A. C. NOTES.
mon useful purpose. Hut, bo long na
such organizations remain private am
limited tho benefit of some Is derived
at tho oxponso of other groupH of tho
population, Socialism proposes to go
ono step further, to comblno nil tho
existing useful organization' and to
manago them for tho welfaro of al
the wholo people
Ibcllove that a chango from private
to public ownership will bring tc
tho masBQB tho following beneficial
Shorter hours of labor and steady
employment. Less worry and less
struggle for existence. Purer morals.
Tliu union meeting of tlio clitirclion I'rof JnmcH Dry.lun, h?nd of tha
mot In the llttlo church homo uf thu poultry department of O, A. 0. him
Christian congregation on Now Yotk boon olected vlco praulJont of the
rlrcet Sunday ovonlng and filled the ItiUrnntlonnl AssoclcVon of 1'Hiltiv
llttlo building to tho utmo8t cap.tclly Iiutructora nnd Investigators,, nt n
and was n very Interesting session, recent mooting hold nt Cornell Unt-
These two columns have been leased by the Socialists of St.
Johns. They will furnish and edit their own matter, and the
editor of the Review will in nowise be responsible for anything
that may appear each week under this heading.
Tho services were ojioncd by tlio veitlty.
congrcBntlon bIiirIii? n mimui-r or . u..,,p,in nn .incubation Kxneri
flovotlonnl songs followed by ll-o . ,. .....p.. ,. v 0. A. c.
rending of tho scripture by Itov. Nel- w, 1)rovo ono of Ul() nont intor&atliif
Bon of tho UongroRtilionni ciitircn,, ,, vrillni,1n
Human life depends upon food and rmall farmer, who is today exploited
Ho read tlio .inn paaun. iiov. u .rora tll0 co0go. It ombodlon re
clothing and shelter. Only when bylarge capital moro directly but not
uniCS uicil ouoruu a ramui iiu,i ,.Hvn ,,xnor montfl on
these nro assured nro freedom, cul- lias effectively thon Is tho wage In'
for tho prosperity or mo ciiurcncE nt.thodB of incubation.
r.r II, n nllv. tin win fnllnucil nv III
t.tro and higher human development Loror: tho small lUnufacturcr nnd
Happier family life and bettor homes
t-OBslblc. To produce food, clothing trndor, who Is ongngid In a desper
m i... ivt, itnltu... 'nn., bpoIU' H is not generally urn um
Hotter opportunities for higher though
"i .I! " ... Tl3 nnounror,ont ont'lncerlng department of thu O. A. " "..ciier, na anu macn.nery nro t.,c , i, , u ,i Btud
study and development of lndlvldu-
in ,ntini. ..niii i.n
i .1... At m ,,ii..rni. ..( Him.inv nnd
iu ...-...n ..- -
III I'll A v" vai vnw ''
.nun mi .". .
ti,.,.i, it,,,.. t.,tr,..i.i.,i ihn
" -
Minokor of tho ovonitM, llov. Voung
of the .Methodlflt church, who took
01 mo .MouiouiHi 1:11111. -ii, .. vu-x
fdr hlB text tho wordtt or thot l'fliilm.
lrt: 'Oh! como lot tii. magnify tin-
imme of tho Lord." Ho put twpuclal
- -
llov. Nelson of tho Cong.n- rtmont go into rea,rnm,u , g ex n. UKttrNt
church would l.reach tho Ber. i'",w " "8 BO"'' i,0",u,u r.. V .. .,.. Aitorney-flt-Law.
. . .11. .1.11 mi. nu . ... wn.iw.o " - . u . . ... - - -
upon tho worJ magnify In ,, m, ono hontlng nt n high I or.'. oy cnn llomnnto tMo sources of tho cIobb rule Ib built; political gov
imirao, giving many humorouB tr mporaturo nnd nt l ho snmo tlm ,f(; of olhorB 1Jllt whon ,nnchory tmmcnt la Its IndlsponBiiblo Instru-
his discourse
illUBtrnllonB na well na aonio thntwer
pulhutlo nnd oven tragic In their iv.
biiIU from inngniryliis Homo elomonl
.... I,.. ...l.....-..
nry ui. uu if
of tho Individual.
He declared It wns tho couimnn fnl
Ing of hiiinnnlly to seo tho wornt ldt
of overythlng. I lu snld there wcro i
fuw oxcoplloiiB to tho gonornl rub
nnd It was very refreshing to ntmu
l:i contact with thiso cinirnctern who
nlwnyn looked on the 'irlght slilo nnd
Instanced tho good old gramlmotncr
!!I I, t! I
vr I L !2 .o u.S.1
rLL d ' ,, ,. uln, ,
lndy rocognlze.1 nn t motit ii.linlrii.
Indy rucogu
nblo trait of chnrnttor.
M,,ni, r t,,,,kii..T .... ti. ..unit
' - " "
.1.. , i.i.l
wt ill tiu kiii atfsiiiii i i
of this fulling. Ilo recounted nu
lustnnco of coming out from tho city
got on tho ear. Ilo declared
tho ono ho worn. Alt of thoso M"d
funturoH had been 't tlpH.-d by thu
" " - - -
. r...ii. i ... . . li .in. hi. I
' . " I
nu: of tno iiodio trim or eiinruut-r
which never found a kick coming,
hn Bald ho heard of n woman unco
who never mmplnlmi'l nut hnd i.eter
tec n one. TIiIh woiiimi'h Iiub'i.iimI
on ono occnslon thought to liy her
piitluuco nu. I brought hur n Iom.I of
tho crookedoHt wood (it must hnvo
Ih'cii Mnuxnultii wooJ, which Ii so
crooked It will not Ilo Jtlll in the
crooked that It will not Ilo atUI In
1.10 woo.i ,ox, no com . ..... ......
reeled to hour nn o.xploslon of romo
ti 1 1 Afn.r ..nil
the wood box) ho could find and ex
kind nbout tho wood. After wnll
lug nbout a week nnd hearlnu 110
complaint nbout tho wood ho Imcm-i )
curloiiH to know what I.Ik good wl.'o
HMM.hi.i uiu i'.M.w.
hr-w Hho liked tho w.mi.I ho had got
for her tho week bo.'oro. Hho nil I It
iiiotiKUi or 1110 woo.i nuu mmou uur 1
v. in tho bust that he had .'vol'
. .1...... .. . I
.iroi.Kii. i.wr, mo m.rnn wu.o j.'ni
Iho right Hhapo to fll. nbout tha not-
ioiiih of the potH mid kittleH.
I liu mtunkor ioiitliiv.liK auiltl It
did uh good to magnify the good ihlum
vy huw lu our f.dlowp, mid uven I'll
tlo ettbo of groat inuii while could
in no wny pernnpH ni-neiii uium iy
iimgnlfyliig their reputnthni mi--' run-
t'ict with them mid emulutliig their
cxcmplo nnd doing homnuo to th'.lr
KantnoHH. wo may at KUiofllloJ lie
declared that ho had bm bentrl (M I
iy i.eaitng nooaoveii, 'iryan nuu on;-
or ureal inuii. That while his im.iiiil
fylng their uniiieH ninong IiIh ftdhntu
would not bo nny tilto-t benoflt to
them perhaps, his lnt liije eoi.u in
contact with thorn and having hea.d
thum gavo him moro oxnlled t en-
,.,.i,i !,.. ,,f nr.. .,...1 i,.i...i Li.,, i, .i
w,..v'ii ui .iiw ...... .. ..
iiiuat iiinny wu)H. So ho would iiiukt
(ho npplleatlou of liln (uM (Hal i.i
nnr luiiiiirliiL' I!nil. lii nini!iiirvli.ii lus
iininii u.i. unnlil unt ml., in tli imoiiI
"""v. " ......... ..ui ...w n-i
reH or glory or find, perl i'ps, but hy
so doing wo would bo boneflttnil. m
, up nnd dnwi. If, llllll I
..... ,
Tho mooting was elore.l by prayer
by Itov. Young.
The Christian Coimreg.itlou wlrfi
to thank tlio liotmlo nf Iho Hantisl
- ' ,
church for tholr kindness In grnnMng
IS "S 0' e!w.E!
v "v " "'
nudluiuo, It was very kind of them
Mid manifests the bplrlt of tho Mas-
tt r. Thoso union uuH.lli.Ba nro nccr... I
,........ .. ....... h.M,.i
Id hoped that thoy mat become mor.
frequent nnd that lu time there )
l.o na tho Master prayed tho Father
when about to ho offenulup, ihut
..11 1.. ,11. ... ...... ,.. 111... ...i..l., 1 I
111 ,u nuu miiim uu uiu-, 11 I
UV UUU UIO rumor wun OHO.
1 uesiro to express my sincere mid
hoartfult thauka to the Modern Wood
mon ror tuoir many Ktiuitiit. during I
m . . ... I st
the Illness and death of my bus
band, und nov ut this tlmo for tho
very prompt payment In full of his
bcuoftcinry otllatecife . It Is this
kind and honest treatment of tho mem
Imra .1.,.. I I
vw m4 muou uvj'ViiilVtH vlll I
to not only tho members on the or
der but thosu outside, who come In
, . ... , 1 1 i .1
contact with hem t shall never for
got their kin Jness.
.r .Mjruo wtUKH.. I
at tho Ton
rest, now
Try tho 25-cent coffco
Btore. You've tried tho
try tho best.
lit overlooked tho f.ut thnt tho mini loinliloj, nnd Ww,.r.atlo.,B Renera ! " " J ' ,0 X.Jo4 ll7t Identical. The MruBslo Is not tyrtUn.1 Suburlii HxpnM Co.; lm
was poKsehMed of sound wollfnrim-d '"ll provo n great ..mvoiiloiiio. Tlio )' tho Mlioiildors or lio ciasitoJ Hint .,.., .., itarnntinnni it '' dock n1"1 0,1 H)lnU nclu'c '
llmhB that hlH nnim wero w.. urn. tlnl floor will bo devoted to read- either Imvo no other productive prop- m nnooi nut iniornniioi ni n Plnno stnd furnltur. movlno
li2Z Z to reom, Indoor gnmo, nnd social erty but their manna, nnd mon.,1 la- ffia,.'09 ,,Ur"",0"! "hc
.i i.. .... ...n.inru a i,it.,i ..I..I .,.vinif J'Of ifowor tho wiuto workors-or r" ". 10 mnto victory oy tno iiuniu kicu iioim oi.
IllJUUt UIU nillllU lIIUII tiiiin iwv 'J .......v.t ...... ...... - ..... . . ...... . ic.rbnrti f ttw. unrM I I 111
firoat uoni or attention, it .3 ma
. . .. ....... .. ......
fiiennon 10 nuu instructors to tins
hjlvo tho pcoplo of Oregon lnformu-
.. ,,
tion Hint wm result gr-mtiy -to uiu
1, . . .. ..... .
'"'Provemont or me wkh
t haB boon domonstrnt-d by I'mf.
u nns noon iiomoiiBinnou uy rim.
virnat that freshly canned fruit hnnt-
od nt r. low tomporaturo throo days
puccesslon will aervo tho snmo ftit
)rcfcervo tho color, flavor nnd su-.pc
ol tll0 frult, Honsottlvcs Hhould
,.0i0 this fact, and If Information Is
. ........ ..... . ... .1 ..
o w sonu 10 uio co.-ugo nr .....
Bclonco hnll. n building aull oil.itl
by tho bonrd of ro.i..j early II. Is
am Init la nbout coinp'e'tid nnd will
bo rendy for occupancy ut tlio boglu-
lug of tho next term of fcchool, Sep.
aBriilH Ih n Imndsomo three ntory
st.ucturo of red brlrk, costing J 10,.
din. Tho first floor will bo given to
11,0 B,,co", '-",''ll
B,lc"cu' nmI 1,10 t,,,,', '" U,u com-
"",B, dopnrlinoMl.
hullTng now In
Mil. ft
llll' I. . 4. "U...II.H ...IW I.I
toursn of construction uroun.l hn-
i. , . ., i .. i, i
I. iiiijUiuiMg ...u linn-Hi- i
ii.ri.ii.iitniiu 0.r,.ir,i f ,,,.,. 1 1, mi
mi,..., a m.i.,1.
I 'in.ty nnd conven
wll liii a de.luht
,.....,..... 7
mlnit pool thoruln
nn.l iilnc or ten rontim for colldgu frn
11 n I'll UUI li'HU i I (I
iur.rt.HH may bo provbhd.
tt it i ii i nihnn iu hniiri t .in
itiiv. j. ii. wju-iwur ruMwim
Writes Letter Which A.ny be of
(Irent Interest to Skin Sufferers
. tt i .
... ...... w.v.
lfir nliotit m years I hud been
udlictctl with Ivcciuii nnd hnd tried
muny remedies to very little
pose, and no cure. hotncwlint In
dcsiieriltioil, I tried 1). 1). 1). I
timm convinced liefore the bottle
. ,f ...... 1 i-u,
wns 'ml1 V."!1 V1111 1 1,1,(1 nl 1"s,
; " 'V ",;,," , ' " " 1 Vt"
' . . V ...'.1' j" t
u' ' ' 11.. ,. 1 . . ,, 1 i.u.i i,1..i .
nin ciitircly cured of the
; ..., ,,.. fnP miitli
icciurt ntul lor seven iiiotitlis
, ' .... ,. J. 8V,n.olns 0f jt8 re-
mm... ...,....,... ...... nr..nt ..,i
. .v ........... ... .U k.V.. ...... 1
. . . I
oir.coutilllied 1111(1 tllC Clire SO
co,,7,,i,.iL. i.nt I feel it mv dtitv to
,i-,. t-,m,.. ti,,. i. f;,rt n...
iiuiiilc Hint otlivrH simllnrlv nfllictetl I
.nav make trinl of this remetlv
i ji( jnir
ft.i, Secretary Northwest Snb-
nmth nssociiUlon.
160 C.rnnd Ave. North,
Portland. Oregon.
What 1). I). I), did In this case
lit oiil-IiI to do for von. This won.
dcrfttl remedy is now recognized by
the lotcmost physicians ami .sclen-
tists ns the quickest nnd surest cure
for Mezeinn and skill disease of any
nature. This remedy is us snfe
land pleasant to use ns pure water,
ami is nnnlied directly to the nfllict-
etl paits, leaving no bad odor or
Lit..l - . il.... vnl.cin.irn TI... P.rct
.vj ,,,,,.t,,,.v, ,,v
application u,ives INSTANT KH-
l,llil", ami us tar US we liuve Dccn
nlile to invcstiL'iite onicklv effects
Ilit ninsl iislniilsliltiiT mill ivrmniii'iil I,
' r .....
cuies wnerever riiuiy iibeu, it I
you area sufferer from uny kind of
tel. or sk u '. ""
till IlOl Hill lit ITV IlllS reillllr Vlllllt I
..... .... v ' ,
remedy. Pamphlets on skin dis
eases anil their cure, tltet, exercise,
wimnK, etc., Iree at our store,
M. JOllllS 1 llallllUCy,
To Wnlcr Users.
Water used throunh hose for
sprikliK yims or shlcwalks or
wiihiuiiK poicnes or winnows imw
be iiaitl for ill. ndvutice. and used
only between the hours of 5 and S
a. in. mid 5 and 9 p, in. It must
not be used for siirinkliiiK streets,
A !. . .
miyuui - tthiiij; water couirary to
lliese rilies. Or WaSieiUliy. Will DC
.sillll oil WltllOUt Itirilier notice,
?i, juihb mui 111111 i.iKiii-1
IHtf CO., P. 11. htllefbCIl, Stiperitl'
i ......... .1 ... . ii..
1 ..... ... 1.11 rtfAnt nm tnnfth nxftf nnii imintf 11 noir.wnn in inn mnvn or iiir wcami i r mm
I I ,n I , I 1"
iMnilUOIIIl Mill Utlltar LCSSOnS,
t a a . I
I hnvo ort'.tiili.l a elnL nf iiinn.
dolin and iiuitar pupils in St. Johns
ntul ean titko n f- nmri. oi.ninr
.... ...,1. '.,...... .........i.i.. o... I
Ullll. 411111.1 IIUOUHUUIC. V3UI-
frt' (11(n iii, . C - C
erences. Uale 1. ravlon at Calef
Uros., Ilouseuuriiishers, opp. P. O. lT
- It'll
r , t -m rw.
St. Johns Ferry lime Card.
i.,.vl. l?.ist Ship f A. M. vin. I
8:00, 9:00, ioxj, 1 1:00, i7vm M. l M,
1 cavWcst' Shlc 1 A'm!? eisVS
8:30, 9:30, 10:30, 11:30', 1', M. taijo)
1:30, 3:30, 3:30, 4:30, 5:10, o:oo, 6:30, 1 or
nn. ii.nlirlnlii mill fnml nilf nf It. P ROM
- -
01 lnnu nnu """w -
, . n,i iiimrtv
Tn,nv it,., mripii nnrv nnil lnn,I iisot
- ' " ,. .
..., min,i,. Rn
R rnnlIly ,iccrca8ng minority,
nh ranc,inory 9 ,mpi0
ong, hnn(jlc(j ny ono lnnn( t
' , milUn nwnnril M, noworflIi
- -, w " '
not mnko Its owners bo powonuiinni
b(comc8 ,noro nnd moro compiox and
OM,011Blvo nnd rollr(!8 for ta effect,
,., , M, nruml ntfnt, nf
muny workor8 tg jpfiuonccB roach,
tH ovor wljcr nnj wdor circles of
llfo. Tho ownora of such machinery
becomo n domlnnnt classs.
"in tirnnortlnn nn the number nf sjcI
trtttjliltiu ownoiB.cotnpa'.ed to all olh-
classes decreases, their power In tho
iin n,i i thn wnri.i IncmaBCH
Tuoy ornB 0VCr lnrgor masses of
P,onlo under their control, roduMng
them to tho point whoro rnusc'o nnd nro their only productive prop,
erty. Million, of formerly solf-emplo,
. ' . .. . ' . . ...
workers thus hclpto..
-.. -
v,ngo slaves or mo inuusirini nns-
1 turf
" .. . . ... ..
I Tlio moro tno economic pow.r
tho rulltiK cIbbb growa. tho Iobsiiio.
'1CB It becomeln tho llfo of tno
i.allon. Tho ovofwhol.nlni.' bulk of
I ' ---- -
hnvo but llttlo land itndllttlu effect-
Ivn mnchliiorv tiutsldo of their In.
. nawtim tho Mtiinll Irnilorii nnd
"Jr powurn ino miiim inuiuru
.... .,.,. Ti.n riinif ,.,nrltv
- -; ; v "
ir Bienuiiy oecomuii; tiseiess nuu par
ll0 (11b.
is wnKod
'A bitter strugglo over th
I Irn nt llm frmllirtu nf Ifllwtt III
. u..iiii
between thu exploiting
fl llIUrilVll
classes on tho one hind nnd
id tho rx-
nlolted nronertyleBs class on the
other. In this Hlrugglu, thu wage
pur-Uoiklng class cannot expect n.loqunt. from nnv reform of tho nwront
onlur or from tha docilnnnt clnn of
"The waco workors aro . thoreforo
T"o wngo workurs aro , thoreforo
11,0 m0Ht "etorinlm.I and Irrecoiull
tho most detormlniil nnd Irrecnudt
"bl nntngonlsta of 1I10 ruling clusa.
T1'y nr ",H0 Ul C,n" Wh,Ch t,n,tnn
UBl ,ur tu,nu V"",B "
fnct thnl n B,nnU H,",bor of r"nl
Mim 8 ,,ormlttod to use nil llm
c'.untry'a rosourcea nnd aoclnl toola
. ... ... .....
f.i. Hint. Iirfl, n 1I1.I In ..lilt.. III..
Pri,llucll( "f 11,0 nocoHsarlea of llfo
M"0 "J0Ci of tl10"' cotiiptttltlv.) prL
v"to ol,turlrloa nnd speculation, la
I"1 tI0 uottom ll ,,,u "odnl evils
of our time.
"In splto of tho organisation of tho
trusta, pools and combliintlonn, Mto
ci.pltnllstB nro poworlosa to regulattt
production for social IndiiH.
tr,e8 nro largely conducted In 1 plan-
l'Ba "lnnner. Througli periods of ft).
P'erlsh activity, tho itrongtli and tho
' 1U w"r.o ru umn
,y undermined nnd during poilodc
t enforced Idlonesa 'ho workors. ro
ire'iuemiy reuueeu 10 iiarvauon.
"rno cUmnxoa of this chaotic ryH-
tern of production aro tho regularly
recurring Industrial depressions nnd
cHsoa which tiiirulvza thn iifttlon
ovory 15 or 20 years.
'In Its mad nnd rock esa raro for
Urnrn ii,.. ..nnltnilui ri.iua u i.nnn.i
v.,i.,i, , ,i, ...... ii..,.
v.i'ivh i,,v "wmvm in ,v,j inn-
It of their enduranco nnd to sacrifice
their physical, moral and montnl wel-
o Its own Innat.ablo g.oe.l.
f'..(llnlla... ...nDaA(. nf ....k.
, ,,.,.,,, nvvi'R iimsfii'. ml iii-ipv-
ng men In povorty, destitution, phya
t,Xhnustlon nnd Ignoranco. it
drags their wlvea fron their homes
In llm mllla .ml fiinhrl.ia II Hnitrli.
- ....... ...... ......
0.1 their children from the plnygroumlt
..".ii-oiiuu uiiiwiiiic-u ii.iiiua ii.tii lum
dollars. It wantlngly dlsflgures.malm
' k"Is hundroda of thousands of
vorklngmen annually In mlnes.on tho
..u innonen. u
drive millions of workers In the
rnuks of tho unemployed and rorcos
Urge numbers of them Into beggary,
vugrancy and all forms of crime net
irrv ntimnn tinnt n. iiiimnn n nr ihl
nnvn init liriin iniisi ( ri tii i nt lirrnri. ih.i..vih wa,
"Tn mnlnlnln ruin nvnr H.nlr
follow men. tho capitalists must koon
in their pay nil organs of public
nawors. tmlillo mln.l nn.l mililln
science, Tltey canwi tlio domtnnt.
jnj. pnfdpg nmjt through them, the
elected public officials. They .soloct
- ' -
o r executives, brlbo ..ur legislatures,
. . ... .......
BUU -u,,u,k our vouri- 01 just.,
r pomiemiy ami
ieuu.iy, just aa tni-y own n in.
mu DiruKNiu uemi-va wuga wont
v" u"11 -ni'.i ever uerc-
aim naa now ""' ry vt-
lamin tiofnm Ihn A.iinrlrnn n.Minln
. - - - -- - -. - -1 - -
Tho wngo-worklng class, thonlotv,
tan the most vital direct Interest tn
ntiollshltlir tho cnnltallst ai.ti.m.
nut in abolishing the capitalist uys.
lom Ul worklnK n,on vUl not onl'
tro their own class, but also all oth-
ciaesea or modern society; Tuo
' ..
Cnnitni! ntWl OVntl tMO CaniiailBL tllTl
- 7.:.' . .. . .... ..1
' . .." """" "V. '
lrniiat. rinaii wmin it m n ciqbb HiruK'i
. " . .. .
ric. IB tlitlB nt tno Bimo limo a utrug
. ,np thn nhnllnn . P,nBnPB
nn,i rin nriviiPTPB.
- ....
'Tho private ownership of tho md
ana means or production uscu tor
.... ...ll.L
cvjmmaiion ib uio rocn upon wusn
mtnt. Tho wngo-workora cannot be
freed from exploitation without .tm-
r.n.irlnr th nniltlcni nownr and nub.
---" r .
slltutlng collective ownership of t''"
land and meanB of production used
for exploitation.
' Tills basis for transformation is
rapidly developing within tho very
"osom present uapiirwsi sociuiy.
lno mctory ayatem wit'i us immeno
mnciiiuory and miniito division or u
nr. rapidly destroying nil vettljjo
inuiviuuai prouueuon inmanuinc.
f "tiro. Modern protlu
ready very largely a noli.
clnl process, while ti.o
n,,,. mnnnnnii.. udi.ti m
pru'jucuon . it
I.UIIUVll.U uiiii mi
. .
groat iniFIO
f"-" Z'H
. .., ,, .,, ..,.,
. - .
orBiiniiing worn ui.u nuiiin(;umrin
nf om f ln.lii.trlp. nn n
ci"" - "'""". - " .....................
national scalo and fitting thorn for
nn " oporntion.
' t" truRKlo fo.- freedom tho In-
. i
"To unlto the workers of tho world
l"oir nines nuu rrapniniior8 oi
nu clnssoB to this ond Is Uio tuioaMn
nt n,n .nrinii.ini.ntf
In tho battle
- - "
f-.r froomod tlio soclnllnt party docH
not .trlvo to Bl,b.t.t,,o working ,,.
for capitalist class relo, but to f.eo
nil hutnnnltv frntn rlrMi ruin ntul to
' "
"" " miornauonni iirotnoinoou
of ""
I'uiiuut.'riiiaT i tiwur ul tuiitunuuvvui
m xt ii iitritHii nr inn u'rimnrn nr nil nniinni i nnrii ni i 'i rr n in i . v n iir-riii 'tw i.itiiimii mi
Tho presont form of society tu not
thn first nnd not tho list ono, Muny
.vtlss of formar daya hav0 boon tlln.
nrtti. Many nro still with us, Tho
r.utest problom of today la to do
rur trovi tho humlUuilnR
ami iiniiniiiing Birurff.iJ tor exmMiice
.....m.i....(i wmdim wa ..v
Cooperation must tnl-t, tho place 01
ccmpetltloii In Induitihl nctlvitf. In.
Urnnllonal aympnthy nnd confidence
........ .. . I . . ..... .11.. .....
uumi rupiacu Hitiro'i nuu uiBituni
THa la tho proBrnm of seclnllsni In a
guclallsm doea not encroach upon
you It.dlvl.luallty mid freedom, nor
mou your vlowa of (Jnd.miin nnd tho
um verso. It merely strives to Jutab-
Hali such social and oconomlo toiidl-
tlons na nro best conduclvo tonnha
ir.or.loua nnd unhninpercd develop-
,Conl of mnn'a naturi.
,ro you nmong the fortunuti few
wi,fc nro provided for to tho on-J of
woir cuyB.nnd wno cm plan and do
whatever thoy plan? Even ao, the tm
.j.Jn Cf th0 nation 11 uron you. Voi.r
vmiho of Justice revolts your mule.
norved prlvllega; your Joyp not bo.
inu shnred loso their savar. and lone
iy y0U atrldo from ono ond of the
......i. . ,i ........ i ,
v',,,,,1 IU IMU UVIIVI IU.IIH in fM... I
fmt rt.itIsfactlon in oxtravngunco ucd
now utilisations.
a r a vnn n.m.nv tha ii-liilnnn nf ml.. I
ru -i,. i inn,nt n.M I
i uivinuinuu, tt.v. ...i-.w, if y
not beeuro of tomorrow? Also higher
problems of bolng Nry, tho most io.
ultimate pleasures of llfo are not for
Iunlnl.,.1 nrnn llA cl.ll,.l..
jwu. ..uihivu juu t,. wi, iihu r.nivi.
under tho taskmaster'! lash, Uultn l
you show your teeth llko wild beast J
acO behave with tho ethka of a pack
nf wnluw I
- . "-.-
p0 you belong to the Industrious
M""' "l
your pppoiiiled trade tonteuieii wltn
th,, fmlt nt vnnr inhnr; enlnvlnirthn
mud ni comforts of io-ir homoT 1 do
not envy you.for Iaeo two vile worms
jinuwlng day and ulght ! your li.-nrt.
Then Is th worm nf r.-eii ami nm.
bltlon straining your po'wera.deprlvhif
you of ,ho hnppy ,l0urj of cnteut.
luent nnd rest- tho norm of tha roar
0( poverty Olto you unmerclfully.and 1
unik. vnn rninmll -..-t9 nirnlr.Rt whlol
NO' r wholo nnttira m.-ults.
fw. n. ...iv .u in whirh ih
o. .... .
o.ii.iijf, .nn uu VIICUIJT II, nil J f b IVI
human belmr. un to tho socialist Joe
irii.r which sonka to units tho wholu
tlvlllxed world Into ono frlondly co
operative organism, thor.. Is but ouo
.. r . 1
toiuiuuoua development of sympathy
,uid co oiieratlon. The Idea of lutcr.
urilonnl political ayiopathy 1ms at-
ready taken a stood hold on the clv
in 1 I
u. - trr. iiunuim. io tMcv7 nuu u
miuu:u ui i-cououua ruipam mm
co-operauon novo oocon-e evident
oulv rocontlv with thn wcmlarfiil I
- 1
growth of Industries and progress in
transportation, It la thla economic
svmnathv that Knrlallim hat nut nn I
Its banner, Oura la the time of aa
oclatlona nnd combinations, agieo-
menta and union whoreln certain per
sous unite tneir efforts for a coin. 1
George L. Pcrrlno.
omcc: Room 0, Drectlcn nulld-
"n -"' '' ". ".?"
i. i
street!. Portland. and Kootn a. Hol-
brook lllock. St.Johns.
Phone: Pacific 3098. Residence: St. Johns
1 flwvcr
Rooms In the Holbrook hulldlntf
St. Johns, Oregon.
" ' ' " O -
Joseph McCllCSHCy, M. D.
PiivmctAN and
c? onnn5
Day and Nltht Of flee In McCh.sney Block
Phom WoodUwit 47S
I Dr.
Physician and Surgeon.
Office In HolbrooU's lllock.
Residence, aij Hayes street.
Phone Scott 6995.
oscar d.vaul. m.
nn.. t.n . . ...
..... - .......... , v. ...
om phon.. WomlUwn lli.
Office In Pottimoutli llrlck.
T(,n11,(fl , - C.J& Styles. Why CO to Portland or elsewhere when you
1 1 anoivi uiiu Oiuiugc
Wc deliver your kckxIs to and from nil
i. t..l t t. .
Puncral Dlreclor and Umbslmer
JWldy Assistant.
Ilranch office i nt University Park Drujj
St?,r".,'l',5W ViW.,Ii,i "A74 . 1
" - " -
I itiLLMe. I .AIIII-I. I 1111111-
iiii ryo. 186 I. O. O. F.
Meets each Monday evening In Odd
, l'cllows hall, nt 8:00. Visitors welcomed,
. C. P. Gates, N. O.
if n 1 r..i.....i.
H. n. Holcomb, Secretary.
C(rtra MafVai f
VClUldl iYldrKcl I
Holbrook lllock.
Sec us for the Choicest Cuts of the licit
Meats Obtainable.
Orders 1'IIIc.l nnd I'amily Trade Solicited
T. P. WARD, Proprietor,
- '
In the Circuit Court of the State of Ore
gou, lor the County of Multnomah,
Nettle I'alrchild, Plaintiff,
1!H1 C I'alrehllil, Dcfciidcnt,
To Kills O. Palrchtlil, the ojvc.iiam.
eil iiefeiideut, intlie name of the state of
n,..inn mil nM i.mI.u .a. ..... I ,n
pear and answer the complaint filed a-
gainst you in anove entitled court ami
suit within six weeks from date of the
first publication of this suuimons, to wit
from July 17. 190vi. and ii you tall to so
appear or answer or otherwise plead in
said suit the plaintiff abovc.uamed will
to-SJt MrtK
... ... . .. .
inn tfl ii sun in wll! mr a I ei-re,
lug the bonds of matrimony now and
heretofore existing letweeu plaintiff and
"i.inft i. , rTi, . f- ilVl .-3
i.. f .1. ...I.. -t.ii.i t .., .i
and yourself, to wit: Kdith I'alrchild a
just and etjuitable.
This summons la published nursuant
L.,l,e "nlcrof the Honorable Thomas
r,HSn eouit
July 14, 1908, which order prescribes that
this summons shall be tmblishetl in the
St. Johns Review once each week for the
KublicatioT of this summons
made on lulv 17. 1008. ami the last nuiw
I...... , f ' .....
,1CB,,on OI w" summons win oe 011
8 .
II. K. Collier
Attorney for the plaintiff.
Pointers for our Patrons.
Old papers for sale at this office.
Our rule is the best stock ami
1...... 1 . .
1 " ""f iauou3.
we uo not allow any pnuter to
put out nicer work than we do and
we out the best stock Into our lobs.
me otncrence between poor
stock: anu urst class stock on a job
ts a small Item wheu you consider
111 vnlni. nt .Via !nl T. Ic id.
., .uu. . .
price of a satisfied customer. It is
better to make 50 cents less on a
inh ntul lmw n rhclnmur ivlm will
comeback, than to use the flimsy
stock, make the extra 50 cenU and
lose your customer. N That is the
way we ngure u.
fl. lfnlnA. I ntm n fl I I
Sat iii VvtViV;." cliaplaln. Regular scnlccs 7:30 p. m.
XS MK n OP mHIAf. Sunday school at 3 p. 111.; lliblc clas,. 7 p.
Jg,, So"lo?k A m.s Untonwrvice.' every Friday at 10
jSri luTuVyl' "'UvaiiKcllcal el.urcl.-Sunday school at
1? 11 1 iiilrmni! k- i'i " L' " Preaching 1 1 a. ni. 'junior K.
H.H. Holcomb, Klt. b. , c ,.: Senior K. I.. C. K. 7
Near the mouth of the Columbia River, on the Wash
ington Side, reached from the City of Portland
on the splendid excursion.
in about six hours. It is upward of twenty miles long,
very broad and level and almost as compact as a com
position pavement. It is dotted its entire length with
towns, cottage settlements, tent cities, villas, fine hotels
and all the amusement accessories of a popular summer
beach resort. It's the place to go for rest, health and
a good time. Thousands go there for their summer
outing. Try it.
The Potter will sail every day exceptSundays
During the Summer Season.
Fare from Portland, round trip, - $4.00
Saturday to Alonday tickets, - 3.00
Purchase tickets and make reservations at city ticket
office, Third and Washington Streets, Portland, or in
quire of any O. R. & N. agent elsewhere for information
WM. AlcMURRAY, Gen. Passenger Agt., Portland, Ore.
I ev-j e e43 c43 ci3 e
dw nAOCINm a olVllin I
Successors to Petersen & Noce J
J For latest styles in Suitings, Pants, Overcoats at very J
2 reasonable prices. Best workmanship and up-to date J
L Call get It right licrc.
ISumfaysclioolut ion. m. rrcnchliiK nt
I . . 1 1 it tt .. ... ti .-i.i .
mfUl nlttirrMH. A. l.toiiiinI. h.iImp.
' 2'. 4 ' 1 u' 7 v' ' 'cac,""K
M-llmilUl rlinrrlilf. I.. lull.
tor. Sunday hdiool io n. in.; prt-nchiiiK
at 11 a. in. and 8 p.m. Hpworth I.ciikuc
Sc'L Catholic church Portsmouth
I i,t..i. ........ M..v... .....i !...
I II II 1 1 III Ml f 0 0 l "I lV t It llllll lVIIV
'"S.1. . .1 .
Chrlntiaii church Mccti every Sunday
lu Tabernacle n follows: Sundny ncliool
nt ion. m.; tircnchlng at 11 n. 111.
p. m.,itu! Y. P. S. U. 1, meeting at
R. J. Johnson, pastor.
ami a
7 p. ni.
1 - .
St. Andrew's Kpiscopal Chnpcl, LT1.1
vcrsity Park Kcv. Wm. K. Powell,
p Prcucuitu
tiatcs, twstor.
Plrst Congregi
Preaching at 8 p. 111. Chester P.
Congregational Church G. W.
Xclou, putor. Sundny school 10 a.
m.; nrcacliliig 11 a, 111, ami 7:4s t. tu.
V. l'. H. C. Ii. mccllmr at 7 it. m. Prayer
meeting Thursday at p. 111, A sat
and welcome to all.
Ilaptist Church, Uulverlty Park. Rev.
A. II. Walts, nastor. Rcuular services
every Sunday morning and evening.
German Dantlst church Services held
each Sunday at Ilaptist church as follows:
Sunday school 3 p. nt., preaching at 3 p.
m. Rev. l'altmeat, pastor.
Germun Lutheran Services at iomx
a. m. every Sunday morning at comer of
Peninsula avenue and Kilitatrick street,
university I'aric, All uermuiu 01 m
I . n . . . .nr.lli.ll . 111.. ...... . .1 1 . am..
imccmer, pastor.
Christian Science Society meetings
held at w. II. King's residence. Sun
days anil Wednesdays al p. tn,
Plant an ad. in
St. Johns Review
g g 9
7 miii
In order to Inaura a change of ad
vertisement the copy for such change
should reach thla office not later than
WedAeeday, at 3 o'clock p. m. Pitas
ramamsMtr thla and mv Ui rinter
4D wm cO eO eS3 0 oSD mm
City of St. Johns, Oregon
Mayor-ll. W. Met
Mccorilcr Ai M. lo.i
Ttfa.i.frI. X. Tunch
Altotiiry ll. It. Collier
ItiiRli.rcr e. Anilrcw.
I'hy.lclan-A. W. Vincent
Clifc lot I'ollcc-J. II. liUck
Maid I'ollcc-O. Itlhctlilsc
Couucllnifti l r.nriiri
A.W, DavU, C. I.. Jolniwn, H, I,. Diiblc
Councllmcn I'lr.t Wsnli
I'.J. Xlllrr W. W. Wlmlle
Cou.icllinc.i Htttin.t W.nli
II. C. Hunter II. V. Iionhim
Hlrrtts nmI Docks W, W. Wlmlle, I, I,
Mllltr.C I..JoIiiimii
Mccnu II, W. lion h 111. II, C Hunter,
W, V. WlnJIe
Water ami l.lclil-C. I.. Johnun, A. W.
lUW., II, W. Ilonlium
l'limnce-A. V., II. C. Milliter. 8.
I.. Dotile
llullillnif ami Orouinlir-ll. C Hunter, I'.
J Miller, C l JuIiiimii
Health anil IDIIcr-8. I. Dotil, II, W,
lionliam, W V Wlmlle
I..Uor I.tceiiMl1 J Miller A, W Darlt,
H. I., !oilc
Govnio.HTa aVc
Aiionaandln ak.lrh and d.rr.Mlnn ui
qulcklf ucartalu our m.lnl.iii fr "lielli.r all
iiiraimon i.pruDau.r paieniaoia. i-uaupuuaa.
Uon..irlc.lrroiiIlJmi(.l. IliNOBOOK oiil'iuta
vnt tn. Olita.. arfuncr fur avcuriuf ptaiiu.
I'.tauu taSan
tfitUl notUt, without
luruu.n aivua m 10, rwwr
Scientific JlNKricaii
h.nil.omelr llla.lralad waaklr. lirrMI dr.
lUtlull ut an. aclantlfla touruaL Tarnia. M .
cu.rva, in isa
art tiMir iuaiitba.S, rJolJ tijall n.wnllar.
bb) w oi traaainaiuM, a u
has widened its market un
til it includes the whole civil
ized world; has become the
typewriter of over 300,000
operators and has, during
;qo6, broken every previous
vecord of sales, because it
.:as from the beginning best
ntt every typewriter need.
THEtrl-color feature of
the Smith Premier
Typewriter is recog
nized as the greatest Im
provement in modern type
writer construction yet in
providing; it, none of the
strong fundamental fea
tures, for which the Smith
Premier has always been
noted, have been sacrificed.
Complete literature on re