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To (ubtcrllx for Tha Rat lew.
AH.tht newt white It U newt U
oar motto. Call In and tnroll
Of (vertlilnj In The Review
and you'll never reirel It. tie
tin at one and keep rlzht at It
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Devoted to (he Interest of the Peninsula, the Manufacturing Center of the Northwest
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NO. 40
More Information Regarding This Organization
Which Proposes Locating a Branch Here
Tendered Mrs. Howells,
Husband at Home of
Ono of tlio plooBantest social Imp
ponlngo wo hnvo hml tlio ploastiro to
onjoy In tlio city wnstho reception
tondorod Mr. mid Mrs. Howoll nt tlio
homo of Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Clark
onNorth Ivnnhoo street Inst Friday
Tlio Knights of Pythias cut their
work short In order that thoy might
attond tha reception and wo went In
a body. All tlio pretty sistors who
could corno wcro thcro nhond of us
nnd wo had n delightful tlmo visiting
after wo had paid our rospocts to tho
happy young people who nro Just
starting out on tha Journey of matri
monial llfo.
Thoro wob a very pretty foaturo of
tho rccoptlon that wo must not fall
to montlon, nnd that was Just after
wo had arrived nt tho homo of Mr.
Clark, tho hostess enmo out to where
tho brldo was soatcd nnd snld that
wo sistors had loarnod to cstcom her
very highly nnd did not wish this op
portunity to pnss without somcflt
ting token being given that she In
after years might look upon nnd ro
m 0111 be r tho loving hearts that wlsho
her tho best on earth In her now re
lations, and handed her n beautiful
cut glass fruit dish. Calls for n
speech from all sides, nnd tho protty
brldo aroso nnd said: "I never mado
n speech In my llfo.but I Just must
say something now, I cannot find
words to express our appreciation of
this lovely prcsont; It Is very klnd'occnslon, Thoro 'vns ono broach
nnd Just lovely of you nnd wo shall
nlwnys think of youwhon wo soo this
ronilndar on our board. Wo thank
you vory much."
Thon thoro woro songs by tho IC, P
qunrtotto nnd recitations by different
Impersonators. Among them wo ro
merabor Dr. Vincent who told about
tho dago vondor nf statuettes getting
ovon with tho old loggor who bought
a bust of Oarahaldl, and to show
his contempt for tho goncrnl particu
larly and all dagoos In gonoral ho at
onco swashed tho bust on tho pnvo
niont nnd snld: "that Is what I think
of Qarabnldl. Tho Dago wns mor-
Buy a Ticket and
Join the Procession
Tho Knights or Pythias will glvo
tholr annual picnic at Estncadn on
Wednesday,, August 15th.
It will bo remembered that thoro
was a K. of P. picnic about a yoar
ago at this placo whoro all say thoy
. had a very Jolly tlmo In spite of tho
rain that tnado tho day rather damp
for comfort. This tlmo they do not
figure on any rain as tho weather
man Is on his good behavior. So If
you want to have theflnest tlmo of
your llfo, Just hunt up that grub bas
Vet and fill It full, seo somo of tho
boys who havo thotlckets for sale
and got on the car here at St. Johns
at 7:30 on the morning of tho 19th
and go with tho bunch. If you do
not have the tlmo of your llfo we will
bo tho worst surprised man In St
'The faro foradultawill bo 75 cents
and for children 35 cents, This will
barely cover tho exponse of tho car
and Incidentals if full car loads are
secured, and that la thealm of the
boys, tomakeexpensesand glvo their
families and friends a nice outing.
Be sure to take advantage of this op
portunity to see oneof Portland's fa
mous beauty spots.
h Blushing Hero
Mr. and Mrs. Clark who have been
at the beach the past three weeks re
port a fine time and Brother L. T.,
covered himself with glory and salt
water saving the life of a fat old lad)
who wan Ignorant of the danger of
the strong undertow of a receding
tide. Old brlney had the old lady
headed off shore and the only part
of her anatomy that was In sight
when Brother Clark arrive on the
scene was a big striped stocking
with her foot init. Covering his face
with blushes the hero tackle the hos
iery and pulled for dear life and he
landed his catch. It is as good as a
Joke to hearblm scold about double
dod-rotted idiots going In swimming
In the big pond before they learn
Nee Hendricks, and Her
Mr. and Mrs. Clark
tally offended, but tho logger was
tooblg n man for him to attempt
to punish nnd tho only thing that
was left to do was to show his con
tompt for the big Irishman's honored
men, ho gathered up his wares and
as ho dashed each stntuelto to tho
pavomont ho exclaimed In his wrath;
"You smasha da Oarahaldl, I smnsha
da Georgo Wash, I smasha da Abo
Link I smasha da I'opo da Home,
smasha da wholo darn biz." Ho then
wnlkcd off with his head In tho air
a vindicated man.
Mrs. Georgo Mall, who Is n whole
show by hor loncsomo told tho story
of Undo Skinflint's generosity, Ills
nlcco had got married and It was
up to him to do tho hnndsomo as
ho was very wealthy and his nlcco
was In rather strnlghtonod clrcum
cos, no first inougiit to give nor a
$1000 plnno, then ho had n second
thought nnd declared that the sec
oiid thoughts wcro nlwnys the best,
nnd ho kept having second thoughts
until his present was reduced to just
soven cents. Tho thrifty old gontlo
man had saved $900.03 In Just n few
minutes. Ilo wns generous, though,
nnd throw In n nutmog with tho sov
en-cont nutmeg grntcr.
Then Just hh wo woro recovering
from tho story of Undo Skinflint tho
hostess hustled us out under the big
cherry trees to tables whoro there
was some of tho most delicious Ico
cronm wo hnvo oaten In mnnyn day
nnd wo Just bellovo It wns bettor ho
causo our slstorn provided It for tho
of equity, howover, and that was
whon wo got Into our host's chorry
troo. Our vnlllant chief of pollco wat
thoro.too, hut ho looked tho other
way. Wo might nil hnvo disturbing
conscloncos If It woro not that tha
Jolly host himself assisted In tho
Wo enjoyed n most delightful ovon
lug until near midnight whon with a
hoartfolt wish for tho futuro happl
noss of tho young coupln nnd good
wishes to our gonial host nnd his fall
holpmoot, wo all wont homo happy In
tho thought of having enjoyed tho
fruits of true, genuine friendship.
St. Johns Should Do
More Advertising
Our father back In old Iowa had oc
caslou to send us a lot of maplo su
gar recently and upon going to the
depot to ship it tho agont told him
ho had no knowledge of such a placo
as St. Johns. That thoro was no
such a placo on thoinnp. When we
woro back homo last fall, being an ol
railroader, wo could not roslat tho
temptation to call on tho agent, anlco
looking young man andtell him that
about tho tlmo ho was wearing dress
es wo learned tho lightning Jorkors'
trade and that our first work was at
his station. Learning that wo had
boon living at IIoodRlvor, said: 'So
you aro from Hood Rlvor, That Is a
great country. Wo havo advertising
matter from there all the time, It is
tho biggest advertlsor on toll lino,"
The reason that St, Johns Is not
known In tho East like Hood River
Is becauso she 'does not advertise
what she has for tho homeseeker ant
the manufacturer, Hood River has
apples but when it comes to a place
for factories and for lovely homes in
a cllmato that is faultless, wo have
her skinned mile.
Go Hand in Hand.
A disease similar to leproBj bas
been found among tho rats of San
Francisco, and tho exports are try
ing to learn If the rodents can com
municate the disease to human being
80 long na rats an Cblnka are bar
bored In the same den, the people of
the big financed metropolis of
tremblors may expect any freak of
nature. The best thing thoy can do
Is to put the rats and the Chinks In
the same sack and sink them in the
D. W. Bath of the HUlsboro Inde
pendent with Irving 8. Bath of the
Bandon Recorder have purchased the
Western Oregon at Cottage Orovo
Two Baths a week should give Cot
tage Grove a fine, clean paper and
here Is hoping that It will,
An Interesting Session Tuesday Evening in Which a Large
Budget of Municipal Business Was Disposed of
Tho patriarchs of tho city met
in their council chamber Monday ovji
Ing as usual all being present except
Alderman Doblo, who is nbscnt nt
Undo Sam's annual picnic with his
boys nt AmorlcnnLnko,
After tho usunl preliminary sklr
mtsh n petition wns readnsklng tho
Improvement of Hayes street fr,om
tho south lino ofCntlln to tho south
lino of tho Woyorhnucssor trnc
On motion of Bonhnm petition wan
rend and referred to tho city nttorne)
Ml voting In tho nfflrmatlvo.
Petition to amend tho bicycle ov.1l
nnnco wns rend nnd laid over until
ordinances woro reached when It wns
brought up.
Proposal of tho water company In
writing to lay tho six Inch plpo on
South Jersey .nnd placo six hy
drants was road and n petition from
tho property owners along Bradford
street that n hydrant bo placed nt
tho Intersection of Pittssburg nnd
Bradford streets coming In at this
tlmo tha former matter wns conoid
erod nt tho nnmo tlmo. It was tlo
elded on motion of Davis that be-
causo of tho restricting clnuso In
tho charter tho council could not con
tract for flvo yoars, nnd tho proposal
wns icturnod with nqueat that tho
flvo yonr clnuso bo stricken out. and
that tho location of tho hydrant nt
I-'lltmoro slrcot bo made to read
Intersection of Pittsburg nnd Crnwfort
Instead. All voting In tho nfflrma
tlvo Tho report of tho St. Johns Kerry
for July showed their receipts for
that month to havo boon $128.10
and a chock for tho amount duo tho
city on their franchise wus recolvod
with roport $0.08. On motion tlio'ulatlon that would make It snfo for
Bryan Officially Noti-
fied of Nomination
Thnt tho peoplo of Nebraska take
tho nomination of tho Peerless ono
as a cnndldato for tlu offlco of pros
Idont of tho U, 8., seriously wns ovl
doncod by tho Immonso nudlonco thnt
nttondod tho official notification of
tho groat Commoner nt Lincoln, Nob,
Wednesday that ho was tho cholco
of tho domocrntlo party for that po-
Tho despatches say that thoro wns
novor boforo much crowds gathered
on any occasion In tho history of
tho city as gathered there on Hint
day to seo tholr clthon given tho
greatest honor within tho power of
tho groat party to bastow. That tho
pooplo of Nobraska aro In oarnost
In tholr alleglanco to Mr, Bryan was
demonstrated In tho cheers from tho
thousands of throats which swelled
to a deafening roar as tho formal
notlco was given by Hoary D. Clay
ton of Alabama.
Thero Is a wondorful dlfforeneo this
ear In tho reception of Mr. Bryan
by the peoplo of his own state from
from that of the two other occasions
whon hecamo boforo thorn for tho
same honors. At those times It was
barely possible to get out a corpor
al's guard to do him honor in a half
hearted manner. This difference is
significant, and moans that tho re
publican party has ;i much harder
battlo before It than evor before
when Mr Bryan was up for tho of
flco of preside nt.
Mr. Bryan declared that his prin
ciples bad gained for him whatever
of prominence In tho political world
ha may bo possessed of at this time
and that the action of tho conven
tion that bad again placed him at
the head of the Jemocratlo tlcL-et
but confirmed him In thoso princi
ples and made hfra adhere themnra
firmly to them.
We would be glad to glvo his ad
dress of acceptance If wo bad I he
space, but not having rooom for It
in full, it might not be amiss to glvo
some of the salient points contalnod
Ho avows fidelity to all the dec
larations of tho democratic platform.
He accepts Mr, Taft's cballengo and
puts all the responsibility for tho
abuses In federal government upon
the republican party. He makes his
his war cry for tho campalgn:"ShaIl
the people rule?" declaring that to
be the paramount issue of tho pres
ent campaign, condemns the repub
lican party for Its bondage to tho
report was nccoptod nnd placed on
filo nil voting yes,
Tho following bills wcro allowed
nnd wnrrnnts ordered drawn to pay
tho snmo:
St. Johns Lbr Co lumber.. .. $12.55
St. Johns Hdwr Co hdwr 8.75
Hondr'lcks Hdwr Co hdvr XU0
D. J. Horsmnn, Janitor 18.22
Eric Anderson, witness fees..., 1.00
R. E. Collins lnbor 7.00
Wm. Cnplcs lnbor 7.12
St. Johns W Co hydrants.... 5!).10
K.T.Trumbull, tonm work..., 2,75
J. M.'Wnlkor, 10 lira work on
walks 2.G0
C. Brunson, lo hrn work city....
dock 10.00
AI Olln, city dock 1.1.00
MoHsmnn blnclcHinlthlng.. .17.70
Totnl $21J. 19
On motion of Davis tho wntr and
light commlttuu wcro Instructed to
sco tho wntcr company nnd mnlio
somo nrrnugomonta about tho city
hall and fountain, nil voting yes,
Standard street ordlinince passed
tho council with nn iinnulmnus
vote oil motion of Wlndle.
Resolution to Improvo Hnyes street
from tho south lino of Cntlluto tho
south lino of tho Woyerhnueser tract
with a standard board walk on both
sides of tho street resolution to
Improvo Pittsburg street with crusho
rock nnd walks, nnd Crawford and
Snlom with crushed rock; also to
put crushed rock on Kant Burlington
nnd Tacomn ntroots wero hold up for
somo necessary changes nnd will bo
reported to tho council nttho next
Hero tho Bonhnm-Kssoii blko ordl
nnnco clnlmod tho attention nf tho
' lawmakers. The need of notno reg-
tyrrnny of tho trusts, railway nnd I
other corporations nnd tho rouul-ll-
cans for obstructing null- trust!
1 SSco Is,:
scores Tuft's letter of 11c
public confession of tho
'weakness of tho republican party
and Its Innblllty to control thu stock
Jobbing nnd stock-wantcrlug of Mo
rallroadB. Ilo applauds tho domocrat
lo party for Its bold stand on pub-!
llclty nnd praises democratic loid-,
ors for tholr unmistakable Intorprotn-1
Hon of tho monnlng of tho publldty ,
Ho plodges hlmsiif if oloctod lo
convono congress In oxtrnorllnury
session Immodlntoly to sk, nmoni;
othor things, for tho Immodlnto
flllment of tho domocrtnlc pledge n
direct election of senators.
Peoplo cannot rulo unless thoy con
trol tho house of roporiontatlvos.aiid
tho republican party Is committed to
gag rulo, whllo tho Jemocratlo party
Is pledgod to reform In rules,
Tho democratic narty has risked
and sufforod defoat to bring about
tho remarkable nwultonlug of public
consclonco which Tftft refers to
In his lottor of acceptanco Tho dem
ocratic party bas takeu a stand on
tho sldo of equal rights and Invites
tho opposition of thoso who uso poll,
tics to socure spochl privileges nnd
governmental favoritism.
The democratic party seeks not
revolution, but reformation ; cures art
mildest when applied at onco, nnd
ity as their application ispostponcd.
Such are somo of tho declaratloiib
of tho fcstlvo William, All mo 11
know how to put tho value upon thu
declarations. The fact remains ohut
tho republicans will not havo the
walk away thoy had at tho Inst oloc
tlon. Mr, Taft Is not tho canlldnto
that Roosovolt was, and Bryan has
a hold upon tho pooplo ns ho paver
lias had before, Itwill bo well then
for tho republicans to foster harmony
In all sections of tho country among
their voters, for If they donot, thoy
will not only havo totako a democrat
senator from Oregon, but tho nntlon ,
will havo tho nleasure. doubtful as,
It may bo, of honoring a democratic
president In tho person of W. J, Bry
an, tho Commoner,
The sale of special one-way tickets
from all points in tho United States
to nil points In Oregon begins
ternher 1 and contiuues until octouer
31, tnd St, Johns snould got busy
In order to get her sharo of the em
igrants that arccomlng. Wo need at
least 2000 more people in 8t. Johns ,
the coming year. It remains to seo j
wtietner wo ten tne worm wnat wo
have hero and secure tho peoplo who
are looking for our attractions.
Old papers for sale at this office,
. pedestrians and nt tho snmo tlmo
jglvo tho blko pushers n chnnco for
n solid rondlu tha winter tlmo wns
so nppnrcnt Hint tho bill passed with
out n strugglo nnd bocomcs n snurco
of revenue to tho city.
A llttlo merriment wna brought out
by somo of tho fncetlous membert
Jollying tho members from tho North
end making such timely provisions
1 for tholr comfort In thu dark days
of winter. All conceded It n good
provision Just tho same.
On motion of Hunter It wnB ordorod
that tho recorder havo tho necessary
blnnks provided for tho operation
of tho bllco ordlnnnco,
1 Thu application of Manager Brink
of tho skating rink for thu nppolnt
mout of Georgo Kthcrldgo 11 h special
pollco nt tho rink wns favorably con
sldured by tho council, Mr. Brink to
remunerate him forhls services.
Tho matter of preparing 1111 ordl
nnnco regulating tho posting of hills
In tho city wns referred to thu II
coimo committee.
Just right here, lest wo forrtot
It, wu wish to cnll tho attention of
tho wise men In tho city hull to
tho fact that If ono of our luminous
men should go to Portland to post
bills, ho would bo obliged to pay
Into tha coffers of tho big city $10
for thu privilege, wlillo any old thing
can coino over hero nnd pasta tho
bills nil over town frea of chnrno. It
Is not fnlr to our merchants to allow
thu cheapskates to como hero and
work tho town for suckers by posting
tholr misleading bills, such as 90
porcont of them nro nnd tha city
get no rovonuo out of It, Make tho
posting foes good nnd strong nnd lot
I bono who must dance pay tho fid
dler. 5f JOIinS DllSlnCSS
C.nnA 5ai;c Tolorfrnm
uuuu, jujj 1v.15.u111
Under tho nbovo caption tho Tolo-
Krnm correspondent makes n very
plonslng nnd fnlr statement of tho
business situation In HI. Johns,
Ho snys: Reports of tho Incronred
business dono by tho morchnnts nnd
nnd tho phonomliinl Increase In tho
amount of inoiioy spent In now
buildings hnvo struck tho calamity
howlern dumb. In July this yonr tho
building penults nggregalo $8700 ns
against $1000 for tho samo tlmo iri
year, whllo lu tho seven months from
January 1 to August 1, $01,000 has
boon oxpomlcdfor this purpose, as
ugulnst $07,000 for tho samo tlmo
of last year. This explains why
thoro nro empty housos In town, as
many who have heretofore lived lu
rented houses havo built themselves
homos nnd aro saving tho rent money
Thlrty-throo thousand dollars, or 30
por cont Incronso In building permits
In seven mouths for a town of 4000
peoplo Is considered u good rocord In
a so-called hard times yoar.
St. Johns horself Is In goood finan
cial circumstances nnd will end tho
year with monoy in tho bank. Tuxes
next year will bo vory llttlo If any
higher than they woro this, as tho
Increased valuation will afford tho
Increased rovenuoto bo raised by tax
ation becauso of tho saloon II
conso money,
Tho morchnnts roport Inrroaycd
salesand collections easy, while Idle
men who roully waut work nro vory
scarce and do not have to remain
Idlo long unlosa from cholco, Struots
aro being graded nil over tho city and
will bo covered with crushed rock
from tho city's rock crusher Just In
stalled. This llttlo squib is particularly
ploaslng becauso wo aro usually glvei
t' worst of It by tho dalllos In tho
big city. Tho fucta havo horo boon
fairly put and wo consequently feel
a sort of a warm spot growing In
our heart for thoTelogram. We hopo
tho big paper may continue tho good
work and not spoil tho fine boglnnlnf
Jn tne noxt g8Ue tolling what a set
' ot raBcals wo aro out here. Wo aro
Sep-Luro at wo aio not as bad as we
00 to Borno people
Mr. Wm. Henderson of Oreon Bay
Wis.. Is in tho city looking uu thu
progp0ct8 of 0cntliiK hero. Wo trust
uo mny rllll, Bomothlng thnt will suit
j,lm, for If ho will but stay In St.
Johns a year, wo do not think you
could drlvo lilm out.
Briuu lu your printiug uow.
As Indicated In our mention o,
tho coffoo club InBt week, wo wont
to Portland to bco If wu could loam
anything In regard to tho working
of tho club, tho nature of tho now
proposition nnd If tho schomo would
bo n good ono for St.Johns,
Wo showed tho manager our but
Insky enrd nnd wna vory pleasant
ly received. Ho wna vory patlont
under our cross questioning and gnvo
us all tho Information wo desired,
Wo found n ncnt room fitted up
with tho vory host of furniture kept
in tho cleanest nnd finest condition
nnd neat tnbles spread with spot
less linen, whoro patrons wcro being
served on tha fat of tho land all pre
pared In tho most approved fashion.
Tho prices chnrgod wero vory reason
nblo and thoro wns absolutely no con
This coffco house Iden Is nothing
now nnd It In not claimed by tho pro
moters that It lu original with them.
Mora than 200 yenrs ngo there wns
Instituted lu England Just such enter
prises ns thoso coffeu houses, except-
that thoro wns served beer Instead of
coffeo In these Kngllsh resorts,
Thcro nru In California IS slmllnr cof
feo houses that aro proving n grunt
success, not only In 11 financial, but
In u soclnl way. Tho people of Ht.
Johns hnvo voted tho saloons out and
hnvo thus deprived u largo number ol
inon nnd boys of tholr usunl placo of
nmusomuut. Thoy havo n right to
nnk that thoy havo something In
exchange. Of course thoro nro tho
churches and Sunday schools, but
they do not hold ovory dny nnd n
....... II. I ,1. ...... t. ......
goodly number of theso boys nnd mei
would not purhnps cure to spend nil)
of tholr tlmo In thoso places of wor
ship. Therefore a placo should bo
provided for these rltlxons, mid It Is
especially up to tho tompornuco ele
ment to make this provision. This
roffuo houso is tho bust thing thnt
hns presented Itself where tho chnng)
Is being Hindu from n whiskey neigh
borhood to n temperance community,
Thu reason for this Is thnt a number
City Fathers Might
Get a Tip From This
Ballast brought horo by vessels
from foreign ports tho forthcoming
fall nnd winter will bu discharged
without uxpunsu to tho vessel ut
Llnuton, tho Columbia Kuglnocrliig
company ugreod to take euro of tho
Tho compnuy hns secured 11 uow
location nt Llnuton for Its largo steel
works now located at 10th nnd John
sou street and will movo thu entire
plant as soon as tho ground can ho
got in to shape, Included Inthli pro
ject Is tho filling luof 002 foot of
wnturfroutngo where piling In uow ho
Ing driven for a wharf, To maku tho
wharf permanent, howover, dirt will
bo filled In ns as quickly nu possible.
Somo will bo drudged from tho river
In addition to that brought hero us
as ballust.
Last yoar tho ballast wna taken
care of by tho Pacific Bridge compiin,
and thousands of tons of sand and
gravel from fur foreign shores woro
used lu making tho L'ast Sldo fills
Tho matorlnl was dumped 011 scows
and towed from tho vossels anchored
In tho stream to tho compunys' largo
bunkers nt thu foot of Kast Salmon
Whllo thousands of tons of ballast
was brought hero last year it Is ex
pected that a much greater quantity
will bo brought hero this year be
causo everything points to Portland
bolng vJsltod by a much larger fleet
year than evor before, Possibly the
fleet will consist of ISO big wind
jammers, many of thorn bringing from
1000 to 1200 tons or ballast.
Last year a largo percentage of tho
Incoming vossels brought gonoral cur
go from that tho quantity
of ballastwas not us lurgo uu lu some
soasons of tho past.
Up to a year ago It cost vessols 30
cents a ton to get rid of tho ballast,
but under existing arrangements this
expeuso lu eliminated. And the ma
terial Is worth tho cost of handling
it.bocuuso as a rulo It makes good
Whon our now dock is complotod wo
will need an Immonso amount of
'flllln " botween the dock and tho
railroad and It would bo a good plan
to muko somo such nrrangomout to
get materials for this fill. Thcro aro
muny other things that tlilu ballast
could very well be utilized for be
sides tho street work. It is a mat
ter that dosorvos a caroful looking
Into at least.
of hnrmlctfc games nro permitted to
bo played nnd theso games nro nlt
froo.thoro nro n goodly number of
ningnzlucs nnd papers kept for tho ut
of tho pultons nnd tha club room la
kept open nil day and until Into bed
tlmo nnd It Is frco to nny ono who
may wish to como and spend nu hour
with n frlond or to rond tho Intist pa
purs. It l n cloan place of resort,
for thero nro noclgnts.tobncco or In
toxicating drinks pormltted to bo kept
or sold lu tho plnco.
A competent mniiagor In placed In
charge af tho placo. Thin manager
may bo selected from tmoiig our cit
izens hero, or ho may bo furnished
from tho head offlco InPortlnud. If
ho Is selected from nmong our own
peoplo hero ho must hnvo consilium
blu ability nnd bu most trustworthy
person. Theso nro mutters of de
tail thnt may bu nrrnuged after tho
stock Is sold nnd tho establishment
of tho club Is assured.
Thnt thu club will bo n success Is
sure, from tho fact thnt In Portland,
where club No, 1 has been estab
lished but for three weeks, nnrt In
Isolated part of tho city so far ns
tho transient trndo Is concerned, tho
club In now earning about $l,rio pur
day nut profits, Tho groat advantage
of going lu with tho milted club asso
ciation In wu will hnvo tho Instruc
tion of the exports belonging to and
managing tho hendclub. Another ml
vnutngu Is If nt first this dub does
not pay, theduba till pool their earn
tugs nnd this club will rucluvo its
sliaroof tho profits of tho othor dubs
and thus bo carried along until It la
on n paying basis, Wo feel confident
(. II. . .......... .
Mini 11 win pay iroiuiuu siuri,iiucuuso
of thu many attractive feat num. It Is
Just what wu have fell 11 grout need
of lu tho city nnd wo trust thnt our
pooplo will tnko hold of tho matter
with their characteristic uimrgy and
hnvo tho club lu operation nt nu
enrly dnto. Tliero will bo n represen
tative of tho association lu tint city
thli week and wo hope i.tir onterprls
'ng and prngrcsilwi cltlxoiu will glvo
him Ho glad hand.
Fire Boys Will Not
Draw the Color Line
A groat gaiuu of ball will bo
played on thu Jersey street grounds.
August It, Thu contest will bo Im
twoon tha Kt. Johns flro dupartmoiit
and tho Golden Wovt colored IndM.
Tho flro department has usoinbltdu
good team for tho fray, will do
tho twirling nnd llrudloy will do the
receiving net behind the Imt. Thu
colored ones proinlso to bring 11 dub
that will wlpu up tho Mirlh with
nny team tho poor white trash umi
put up, Por pitcher, n lU-ywir-uld
wonder has boon iinotmliud and u
Clioumwu Indian will cover id liatm
for tho chocolate boys. Thu Gohldii
WoBt team has somuhuavy sluiwurH
with thorn nnd It Is poslhlo that tlw
hulghth of thu fuucu will huvo to I
extended to keop tho ball lu tho clo
ver patch. Tho gumo la called for U
o'clock, and If you are a lover of good
baso bull don't fall to bo on hand
nt this hour
Have Incorporated.
J, 13, Kllkonny, Georgo L, lippu
and J, P. Hondrlcks.nll of St. John,
huvo Incorporated under the nm
of tho Columbia Hlecttlcu engineer
ing company, Tholr prlnelpul ufflge
will bo lu Portland nnd their capital
stock $5000, Tholr buslnutw will bu
to carry on a general olnutrlonl
ongluoorlng work, construction, otm
trading, buying nnd selling of elo
trlo supplies ut wholesale ami retail
to locate nnd deal In power IUmi
uud sell oral estate and peiboual
Now Called Ma.
Llttlo Mary started to school.slato
and poncll lu hand, By and by sho
stoppod tho uso oftho slato and the
tablet was substituted. Sho dropped
tho "r" and May was her name. High
school days increased hor kuowlgdgo
and also hor name It appeared as
Maymo. Collogo days crowded full
and tho notes reached Porno signed,
Mae. College days soon pussod and
In a llttlo homo of hor own tho llt
tlo housohold cures call hor Mn
Watch tho labol ou your paper,