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Devoted (o the Interests of (he Peninsula, the Manufacturing Center of the Northwest
VOL. 4
NO. 36
Will be a Great Aid in Helping us to Get Out a
Larger and Better Paper When We Get Onto It
Wo havo decided to call It "sho" 1 Portland Monday morning, sho bad
bocnuso It Is so much llko n woman. 1 turned us down cold.
You know when you got right well nc-j Sho Is Just as Innocent as a girl
rjuatntcd with a girl and you can call until sho boob you aro not thinking
hor Hannah and sho calls you Jim , 1 and then sho will say "l'vo got my
you begin to think you aro pretty sol, ringers crossod," and play us a
Id, but about tuo next tlmo you call
you will think you havo struck ono of
Peary's lco-borgs,aud It Is nil off. It
l that way with the- now mnclilno.
Wo stayod up and sparked It all
ilny Sunday nnd wo thought wo had
notion Into Its good graces and all
would bo inorry as a marrlngo boll,
hut on Monday morning sho would
l.ardly spook to us and by tho tlmo
Mr. Collins, tho gontlomau who In
troduced us, had conio ovor from
11, can trick. Mr. Collins assures us
we will soon got iisod to hor play,
ful ways and that wo will got along
Ilka a pair of twins. ,Wo will havo to
ask our renders to boar with us If
our nows columns aro not very fat
nnd Just romombcr that wo had to do
1 a good dual of sparking In order
' to koop "her" In a good humor and
It did not loavo us much tlmo to got
r.uws. S 1 1 10 Is just llko a girl. A
nlco girl.
An Interesting Session Tuesday Evening in Which a Small
Budget of Municipal Business Was Disposed of
Tho city fathers mot as usual Tues
day evening nnd ground out tho us
ual grist.
Attorney Perkins appeared for Mr.
Jackson and- Inquired as to tho n tu
tus of tho Philadelphia street ninttur.
Ho was informed that tho regular
slops wcro being tnkon to establish
tho grndo on that portion of tho
street ha was Interested In.
Mr. Hendricks then nppenred In
behalf of tho flro depnrtmont nnd ro
portcd tho breaking of tho soda-wntor
wngon. Ho stated that It was a man
killer nnd that thoro was not ft mnn
la tho city who could run ft half
dozen blocks and hold tho tonguo up
at tho smiio tlmo. Ho suggested
1'iat It would bo economy to trndo
tho wagon for a four-wheeled vehi
cle If n reasonable oxchnngo could bo
mndo.for tho reason that It was Im
possible to get this mnchtuo to a
flro with any degreo of celerity. Ho
slated Hint thin mnchlno was allrlght
for a floor where all was smootho
mid no groat speed was desired, but
uhoro much depended upon tho quick
transit of tho mnchlno from tho on-
r.lno housu to tho flro as always ob
tains In tho city, tho present mnch
lno was an aggravation. Ha nald
thibroakago was not duo to any care
lessness on tho part of tho flroboys,
but to tho fact that It It was Impos
sible to hold nnd control tho mach
ine when making a run to n flro.
to also stated to show tho economy
of tho exchange ho suggested, that
If tho chemical had not broken down
they could hnvo put out tho flro with
a-loss of but about $80, while an It
was tho loss was about $C0O or fSOO,
And that this kind of accidents may
be oxpoctod so long as this machlno
Is rotalnod hero. Aftor somo dls-
ciisslo Mr. Hondrlcks was Instruct
ed to nscortnln what sort of an ex
chnngo could bo effected.
Petition of Sam Downey nnd others
to hnvo grado established on Hayes
street from tho south side of Call In
street to tho Woyorhnuscr tract
wits road and on motion potltlon wns
I'M Stockton In bohnlf of tho Ker
ry people asked permission for Hint
company to opcrnto their lnunch nftoi
tho regular closing , hours and to
chnrgo ton conts for ench passenger
on these occasions. , So far ns tho
council was concerned there seemed
to bo no objection.
Tho report of tho rntninltteo nnd
thief of pollco on tho cow bnrn of.
.1 Mortonson was to tho effect thnti
It wns about an stated In tho com-j
plr.lnt and tho chief of police wns In,
snucted to notify Mr. Murtcnsen to
tlihcr remove tho born to tho rear
of tho lot away from the wooden wu
tor plpo or to not keep his cows lu
tho bnrn any mora.
Tho resolution authorizing tho es
tablishment of tho grailo on Huyes
street wns then offered nnd passed
the council.
Nineteen blllo to tho amount of
1310.00 was ullowod nnd ordered pnld.
Tho ordlnanco asking for tho cor-'
rcctlon of tho records lu regard to)
tin' vacation of Charleston street
passed tho second reading. There'
was a tlo In tho vote of tho coun-
til nnd tho unyor voted in fnvor of,
tliu ordinance thus passing Its hoc-,
ono reading When .'It enmu to thu
third rending, however, thoro was no!
second to tho motion whlch tabled1
I no ordlnnnco for " another week.
Tho roport of tho viewers on thoj
I M,posod oxtenslon of Willis bouluvnrC I
G. A. R. Encampment and the W. R. C. Convention
Held at the Same Time and Place
wib rend. They estimated tho dam
age to Mr. Maples ns $600 nnd to Mr.
1'onny tin $173, and nsscsscd tho ben
efits to tho abutting property to cov
er tho dntnngos.
On motion of Doblu ordinances on
Hi tot Improvements wns referred to
the committee on streets to report r.t
tliv next meeting. These nro tho or
dinances which wo thought should, b) j
nil menus bo published, that tilt thoj
citizens might know what they wore i
up ngnlnst when it enmu to improv
ing their respective streets, nnd al
though wu offered to publish them
at. half rato lu order to get them be
fore tho pcoplo tho council Ignored
the proposition. There Is too much
of It nnd It costs too much for ma
chinery nnd labor for us to print
them free. Ilesldcs, wo do about
tin oo times .is much freo work for
the city us Is usually done.
On motion of lluuterthu matter of
a license for hucksters lu tho city
was referred to tho license commit
tee. Tho mayor vetoed tho weed ordl
mincu nnd on tho vote to test the
wio It wns sustained by thu coun
cil with tho understanding that there
would bo forthcoming nil ordinance
having In It tho desirable points cov
ered and thu objectionable' ones elim
inated from It.
Hero Alderman Hunter brought up
tho dolliKiuciu'lcsof tho Pacific Htatcs
telephone company and after rending
501110 section!! cf the frnuchlso under,
which they nro pretending too op
urate, It was derided to hnvo tho
recorder call their attention to their
snort comings nnd to ask that n
rjincdy bo applied. This wns es
pecially nppiickuio to iiioir cunrgiug
iv higher rato than their franchlso is
Is the only way to secure immediate delivery of your
goods at the most reasonable of transportation rates.
Therefore ring up the
Operating electric freight cars between St. Johns and
Portland. We call for and check your trunks direct
to destination,
Turn your truuk checks and shipping receipts
over to us and your goods will receive prompt attention
We have teams connecting with cars at St. Johns and
Get our rates before shipping, Special rates on car
load lots. Experienced and courteous employes.
Phone Main 358, Portland office.
Phone Main A 3358.
First and Flanders Streets.
Phone Woodlawu 818. Agent at St. Johns.
Office 105 E. Burlington street.
, Washed Gravel
O S- A m A - 111 a
dosi Tor woncrei worn g
West Side Washed Gravel Co.
J Leave orders with
IioK. Jersey Street 510 N. Jersey Street
COMMUNICATED. qneUlon to touch upon If you do not
wish to bo cnlled nu "undesirable,"
St. Johns, Ore. Juno 30, 1Q0S. and therefore must bo sidetracked.
To tho editor I prcsuino that you II11I just tho saino It was tho study
will allow a worklngmun space lu of that problem that led to a scion-
your paper to reply to an editorial in tlflu knowlodgo of tho workings of
your Issuo of Juno 20th, capitalist society.
It may bo amusement for some "Cut out knocking tho government,
pooplo to listen to a description or to oboy tho laws that aro mndo and
mud of tho povorty, misery and do- woik for more cuultablo laws."
gradation oxlsttng In our twentieth When you sny; "Work for 1110 ro
century civilization. Of course tho do- orjultnblo laws," you admit that tho
grco of culturo wo possess can, to a present laws aro not oqultablo laws,
ceilnln extent, bo dotormlnod by tho Certainly not socialistic. Woro they
cbarnctor of our amusoments; but to mudo Inoqultnblo becauso of incom
tho working class that suffers from potcuco on tho part of tho law-mak
thesu condltlons.tho student of socl-jorsT If this Is tho case, then tho
legislators that are incapablo of for
mulating oqultablo laws, havo no
right to annex tho tltlo of "states
men," but, perhaps It Is bocauBo tho
laws aro drawn up in tho Intorost
of somo special class, that thoy con
flict with tho interests of tho ma
jority of tho pooplo.
In either case, It seems to 1110 that
they aro dosorvlng of criticism, and
at- officials, from tho president down,
should bo considered as servants of
the pooplo, and not as tin gods, or
oracles, that wo must bow down to,
Then why should wu hesttato to crltl
cisu them? It Is, to ray mind, our
Mr, Editor, wo are working for
equitable laws, and an oqultablo sys
tem of production, from a working
class point of view and tho way wu
propose to get 11 Is, not by vlolunco
but by eloctlng legislators from our
own class, men who aro clnsscon
scious enough to stand for our inter,
citt, and, 41s tho working-class con
stitute nlnoty per cent of tho popu
lation, that will bo majority rulo, In
Ltead of minority rulo, as at present.
ology, or anyono who can sco farther
than tho ond of his noso, It Is no
Joke. On tho contrary, it la a sorlous
question, a question which tho whole
futuio progross of tho human raco Is
wrapped up In. And furthermore a
question that will havo to bo settlod
and sottled right In tho noar futuro.
This cannot be accomplished by
rlduculo, nolthor will It do to ignoro th
facts, or, ostrich fashion, try to niako
ourselves believe that wo aro Immune
fiom tho effects of theso conditions,
tno facts oxlst and existence Is
Tho well Informed socialist baa
seme knowledge of tho laws and
forces governing capitalistic society,
and bases bis arguments upon given
material; in fact, ho operatos aftor
the manner of science, Aa an agtt
material; In oporatos aftor
tb'c manner of science. Aa an agltatoi
In his efforts to call tho atttontion
of his fellowmon to existing condi
tions, bo may somotlmea merit tho
term "leather-lunged", but It doea not
necessarily follow that he Is a leath
er head, or an ignoramus.
In speaking of the New York tone
tenement dwellers you say; "95 per
cent of tho blamo for their condition
resta with themselves.' Will you I Our socialist ft lend oveldontly mis
ploaae quoto your authority for that understands tho source of amusement
statement and also what is the he furnishes us In bis Ciceronian
blame for the other flvo per cent? j display of talont. It Is not tho des
"If they would stop spending their crlptlon of tho misery of tho tone
money for whiskey." According to mem dwellers which brings the smllo
tho United States statistics,, what God knows we havo seon too much
per cent of poverty Is caused by of tnat already; but It is his distort
diluk? led views as to cause and remedy, It
You aay that you are a temperance reminds us of tho efforts of an ant are probably aware that trying to draw a grasshopper up his
tho lata Frances E. "Wlllard, at tbo hill. He will get it up a' Uttlo way
convention of the world's W. C. T. U.' and then the grasshopper will roll
held in London In 1895, said: "Twon- over a time or two and land at tho'
ty-one years of study and observation bottom, carrying tho ant with it,
hare convinced mo that poverty is a' Wo fully agroo with him, and havo
prime cause of Intemperance." I think so expressed ourtelf, that tho Amor,
you will admit that Miss Wlllard lean people aro confronted by one
ktew what she was talking about, of tho hardest probloms of thoir bis-
But then, If wo admit that In- tory or for that matter of tho present
temperance among the working class ago; but wo contend that tbls prob
is caused by poverty, tbo question lem cannot bo solved by tearing dowr.
till remains, what Is the cause of. what Uttlo good we have In our sys-
poverty? And It la a dangerous tern of government, but in reforming and services nearly ovory evening,
thu snuio by eliminating from It tho
evils which exist.
Our estlmnto of tho delinquency
of tho touemont dwellers was pos
sibly too high, and yet If anyono
should conio Into close personal con
tact day after day with theso unfor
tunate pcoplo, and they nro unfortu
nate, ono would como to tho samo
conclusion, namely, that they spend
(0 much of their substance for li
quor, and that If they would but cut
that thoro would bo not a tltho of
tho sufforlng nnd povorty that now
exists among them. Wo havo soon
thrm como from thoir work day after
day by tho hundreds and outer tho
liquor dona and ovory day somo of
thim would bo drunken before thoy
camo away. It was not tho cost of
tho liquor ulono that contributed to
thoir poverty; but tho dubllltatlng
effects of tho liquor which Incapaci
tated them for work and at tho ond
of tho mouth that tho paycheck
would not 11101-0 than settle tho whis
key bill. Wo really bellevo Hint
more real good has boon dono by a
fow earnost workora among theso tcu
oinont dwollors than has been dono
by all tho socialistic oratory of tho
unlvcrso, Thoso workora teach tho
pooplo tho folly of wasting their sub
stance for that which debllltatos and
renders thorn unfit for tho duties of
life, and that cleanliness Is next to
godliness,, a thing which Is far from
the approhonslou of a largo class
of theso pcoplo and Is a fruitful
source of much of thoir misery.
Thoro aro many things which tho
socialists advocate that wo so fully
endorse that wcro to glvo expres
sion to our views at this tlmo thoy
would declare wo woro a socialist In
deed; but thoro are so many other
things to which wo tako objections
that woro wo to as freely oxpross
cur vlows, wo would again havo
our socialist frlond on our back.
Wo do not wish to detract from
tho good that thti socialists aro do-
Ing.for wo bellovo thu prossuro thoy
urn bringing to bear upon tho old
parties will result In a reform that
exist and at tho samo tlmo qroventt
'tho wrongs tho socialists would fix
'upon us.
Wo do not bellevo that any good
cun como of tho efforts of somo
public speakors who havo nothing but
voids of defamation for tho offl
j clals and their work, when If tbo
Breakers thomselvcs wero placed in
tho offices under discussion would
perhaps not havo dono so well.
Mr. Editor: rcrhnpo through tho bort In giving thu Grand Army and
columns of. tho Itovlow somo of Its . Its nuxllllnry tho host time on record,
renders would llko to know somothtn Much mora could bo said and not
of tho good tlmo at Newport tho O. A wear tho subject out, but uioru In tho
It had at thoir encampment with tho futuro. Hansen
V It. C. at tho samo place- at thoir
convention. I do not know so well how QDD FELLOWS INSTALL,
tho 0. A. lis. got on, but n moroi
penccful and harmonious gathering it1 Tho Odd fellows Installed thoir
wn- novor my lot to attend before nowy electod offlcors last Tuosdny
Delegates from all ovor tho stnto nglt nn,i lmBBOli n most onjoyablo
from tho dlfforont corps woro pros-1 ovenlng. There was not tho full nt
nut nnd tho work of business t hough .tondnnco Hint characterises tho moot
often Interrupted, by delegations fron 1 iK8 ,,f iMlr(! 0liK0, but thoro woro
(1. A. Its., wns quickly nnd thoroughly enough of tho boyu out to innko It In
dono. Many of tho bcssIoiis woro vory J torestlng nnd to glvo Deputy Noblo
Interesting and Instructive It being (irnil(i ii,irrv cirtlo nil tho nBsInluneo
tho pleasure of your humblu correH ! uu required.
pondent to bo ono of tho delegates, 1 Tho following officers woro in
onjoyed ovory hour of tho dny, ns It tnllod: Chester I'nul dates, N. 0.;
wns tho first tlmo I ovor nttonded 1 vvusloy ovorstrcet, V. 0.; li. 11, Hoi
one of tho encampments. Many ..,,,,,1,, secretary; Dr. Itntnbo, Irons
c!tiiigos ns to now officers wero mndo ulor,
nnd among tho numhorwns MrH.Snrnhj Aflor n,0 coromony of Installation
Kemp, St. Johns, who held the rf Ico ol , uK tnbloH wero placed and tho Ico
depnrtmont cunplnln Inst year was ro crPnm( COokls nnd ornngo sherbet
elected. Her report wob tho best over' uni bountifully provided nnd nil wo
Khun In this department ns to her ,.ckud wns our goo.l sister lUbulo
wk' 1 Hint to maUo the ovonlng perfect nnd
Another feature of tho convention wo thought of thorn Just tho samo.
wn that tho 1101110 of our Past Do- tIi0 Hoboknhs instnlluil their offl
pi.rtment Commander Mrs. Corn M. vora Wodnosdiiy ovonlng of Inst week
Davis, was sent to tho 0. A. Its. for ann wo would hnvo been vory happy
Hidcrsoinent for national president1 t wo coul(, linvo witnessed tho com
endorsement was unanimously given. 'iiiy,for wo hnvo boon told that tho
Wo all hope that sho will receive tho v,orc wul, bountifully ,0no, but wo
nomination, for It any ono deserves ut0 n,,out 0ovt,n BeVonlhH under tho
an honored place,, It is Mrs. Davis. I WCBthor nnd nfter wu had nsslslod
Her personality Is so pissing nnd carrying tho Ico croam up tho
during nil tho trials nnd grievances j,, BtnlrH wo woro "nil In" and took
which more or loss nro to bo homo u ,lko for homo. Wo would llko to
lu such a Inrgo conconrso of pooplo t,j, , nbut It, but bloss you not un
til gathered before her, sho was til- of t,o Ilobokohs would offer to glvo
waye roady with n smllo to listen to lloor lloV uny Information nbout
nnd do what shu could for tho best thu uvonlH of tho evening. Wo saw
of nil concerned. ,,, wo woro carrying tho croniu Into
It Is hoped that tho yoar now nt III uK, hull that thoro wim 11 flno nt-U-glnnliig
with tho nuw regents, t-ndnnco nnd that Deputy Noble Hmnd
will closo ns happily mid bnrmonl. Mia, Qoorgo Hall was putting on tho
ouMy ns has tho past ono, nnd that ,nrk, nnd wo hnvo lonrnod slneo
uihomtuiMiiia uni, i.ium.ur mat tiioro wore 13S iirosont by nu
grow nnd work together for tho host
good of nil Its members
Newport Is n lovely i-nmp ground
fo.- uny kind of nu outing. Tho poo
plo were kind and very obliging, and
truly did their best to have tho struu
gcrs "within their gntos" feel at
homo. 1 cnu speak for more limn 0110
on this point, that thu W. It. ('. had
tho best there wns (o be hnd nnd
may grand old Nowporthuvo nil the
honor duo her for her hospitality
ai.d good cheer which sho dispensed
with oponhuud to nil, especially thoso
of Abo Lincoln corps, who worked
8' 1 faithfully and uarnestlylo do their
oxr.ct count, and that thoro wns novor
n better tlmo onjoyod lu the hall.
Wo hnvo boon told (00 Hist the fol
lowing officers wuru elected: Mrs.
JfHthHwny, N. (l.;Mrs. ltoblson, V. 0.
Mlfs Clmse B4HTtry; Mr. ItamUo,
financial HocroUiry, nnd Mm. Manila
Moiiahnu, treasurer
Now, we do not wish to crttlelw
our sUterti, but think sown of thsti
nt loflfcl could have (old uh Him fuetH, .
for wo nro n fullflmlgwt ho-slster
nnd lutorostttd In tint nitKitlii un
much us thu rest of tho buiieh.
Watch tho label tin your pspor.
C. n. HA I I.I: V
Tho Adventist brethren aro hold'
int a vory Interesting series of meet
ings In thoir tent noar tho post or
f.'cc between Jorsoy and Ivunhoo
stieots, Thoro is good attendance
St. Johns Land Co,
The Largest and Oldest Real I:stale Firm
in St. Johns.
East St. Johns
The center of the great duvclopmcnt now taking
place on the Peninsula.
We have only a few business lots left on Columbia
Boulevard, which for a short time only will be sold at
present prices.
Some fine residence lots still on sale.
Choice manufacturing sites adjoining the O, R. &
N. railroad for sale on reasonable terms.
Holbrook's Addition
We have some choice lots in the vicinity of the
new $20,000 school building to be sold on easy install
ments. Call at our office for prices and terms for either of
these desirable tracts.
St Johns Phone Jersey 931 Oregon
St. Johns Lumber Co.
I Ins nil kinds of lumber, kiln dried and otherwise.
Also slab wood. Timbers of nil sizes cut to order.
Get your winter's wood now and save trouble.