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Publlahed Krerj Frldty
SuUcrlptlon rales, $1.00 per resr In sdrsnea.
Advertising rstei, $1.00 per Inch per month.
All sdterllilng bills pastle flrtt of eeh
Job Printing emitted In flrit-eUai njte,
nilli tor Job 1'rlntlni cmh on delltcrr.
All communlcllon should be addressed to
The BeTtow, St. Johns, Oregon.
Tint Uitvntw Is entered nt jst office
In Saint Tohns. Orcuoii, as mall liintlcr
of the second class under the Act of Con
i;rcss of Mnrch i, 1879.
Official Newspaper of the Oltr of Bt Joans.
Phono East 6108.
Killing bills seems to be the fav
orite pastime of tliesolonsat Salem.
Nowadays wc hear very little
about that Jap
come off."
"smile that won't
It lias been a bad winter from
one end of the country to the other,
but look out for a bumper crop and
continued car slmitac.
The idea of Oregon donating
$60,000 towards the Jamestown
fair suuucsts robbery. Better let
the Salvation tinny have it.
Just why the remaining
A fire will undoubtedly be start
ed under the kettle of pitch St.
Tohns alwavs has banning on the
- . .
The railroads have an ample
fund for maintaining a lobby at
Salem, but very little money for
building cars.
Benton County Republican: Did
vou ever realize that planting ad
vertising is like planting fruit
trees? You couldn't expect a
whole wagon load of apples the first and he smiles as the music is wafted
year. Neither would you tear the along, and warbles this lay of his
For the Genuine Booster at
Foot of the Throne.
The following from the Jefferson
Ike defines the fate of the knocker:
Saint Peter, 'tis said, sits out by
the gate, his hands on the strings
of his lyre; and he sings as he sits
a low song as he waits for the spir
it of those who expire. He hears
in the distance the chorus of song
that swells at the foot of the throne,
tree up by the roots at the end of
the season if that wacon load of
fruit were not forthcoming. Yet
you run a big ad., and expect a car
load of sale, and inst because you
didn't do as much as your neighbor
own: "There's room in this region
for millions of souls who by sorrow
and woe were bereft; 'tis for those
who have suffered the melody rolls,
but kickers must turn to the left.
There is room for people who when
over 111 the other orchard, who lias they were young persisted in sow
been tending His trees lor years, ing wild oats, yet who boomed up
you yank your advertisement out their town witli sinew and tongue
of the paper and say, "Advertising but the kickers must go with the
doesn't pay." Wc wouldn't ex- goats. There is room for the
pect you to get married to tulver- people who pointed with pride to
Using the first time you made its the beauty and growth of their
acquaintance, any more than we town, who kept singing its praises
would expect you to marry the first and charms till they died but the
girl who winked at you on the kickers will please amble down.
street. There is room for the burghers
1 who cheerfully paid their taxes for and cvctitntr.
I--..... I II. .I..- 1.... .1... ,.!-! . I "
The suggestion advanced by The " ."' ' "tVun' V " 1 : K,KKS Christian Churcl.-St1.1dav School
. . . . - .1.-. 1 iiiiiNi sinv wiicrn hip rirnuintrn mi ...
kcvicw iasi wcck mai ocnoot urn- , , - v - ,
Baptist church K. A. Leonard,
pastor. Sunday school at 10 a. m.
Preaching at it a. m. B. Y. P. U.
7 p. in. Preaching at 8 p. m. All
are cordially invited to attend these
Methodist church S. L. Young
pastor. Sunday school to a. m.
preaching at 1 1 a. 111. and 8 p. in.
Epworth League at 7 p. 111.
Holy Cross Catholic church,
Portsmouth Station 8:15 a. 111.,
low mass; 10:15 a- m high mass;
7:30 p. tn., vespers and benediction.
St. Andrew's Kplscopal Chapel,
university Park Rev. Wm. R.
Powell, chaplain. Regular services
tt a. tn. Sunday school 10 a. 111.
Evangelical church Sunday
scliool to a. in. Preaching it a. 111.
Junior K. L. C. E. 2:30 p. tti.j
Senior K. I,. C. E. 6:30 p. 111. Also
preaching at 7:30 p. 111. E. E. Mo
Vickcr, pastor.
First Congregational Church F.
J. Warren, pastor. Sunday school
to a. m.; preaching tt a.m. and
7:30 P-
Baptist Church, University Park.
Rev. A. B. Waltz, pastor. Regu
lar services every Sunday morning
,i,.tu Wna , n,t o i, nnmlitiiP.I Imu "atl Bllli Hie Ulirill Sllipillir II
1 .',..,.11 r,.nni..,.,i 'I' the nights. There is room for the
land ,i.i , Ifliin Minl.t(i ..!,. i"o menro voters on whose loyal support their
fraud cases are not to be prosecuted Vvilh l'ortlniul, Mt. Tabor, Sellwood Par,ly col,m always rely, but the
is a conundrum to many. Are n,i ottlcr suburban tioints in the 'ekers must go to the Satanic court
Messrs. lleney and Hnstol going to ,,..... if u,ju i,ml ..ti ilnnr nt n P'"cc '"cy can't bolt when they
stop with the work only half done? tu. cccti(, last June the tax levy
' would now lie tint over two and n
at to 0. in., 0. W. Overstrcct. su
perintendent. Services in Bickncrs'
hall. Preaching at ti a. m. and
7.30 p. tn.
If certain couucilmen wish to be
reminded of what has happened to
the city hall let them read the back
numbers of The Review. It was a
half mills instead of six mills as at
present. The patrons would also
have the advantages of many de
partments now omitted because of
.(-.. t.l a1...!ulrt InrtlV tC ft I twltl tt ftttlf ttr! liMiMlftrtl
emeu 1 ni sonic one wumu l n:ir .....v.o rri.ntx tnttt MWt ,i..,u
comb cut-and it has come to pass. and furnish equipment. The mat- K"fJ "J
ter will no doubt be taken up and tllcy ." fo.r " Jeweler off to the
die. There is room for all those
who at last and at first supported
their tradesmen at home, but the
kickers who branded home goods
as the worst, from mansions forever
must roam. They'd say that the
music was all out of tune and the
The Torrcns system of register
inn real estate titles is a safe and
economical one, mid its iutrodtic
tiou is only needed to make it pop
Mar. It may be tt trine Hard on
the abstract men, but it prevents
the payment for a lot of tyewritiiig
that many are not able to decipher.
The snow blockade in the middle
west inconvenienced, among others,
the newspatiers to judge by the
following from 11 clipping from one
of them: "The North Dakota
State Journal npivenrs today printed
on yellow wrapping paper, the
fteighl blockade preventing the
shipment of print paer. Next
week it will print on pine siding If
the blockade continues."
It has been proven to the satis
faction of many in St. Johns, cs
K.'cmuy those who have money
coming to them, that the sale of
improvement bonds under the llau
croft act is 1111 uphill proposition.
While the bonds tire gilt edge nud
first-class, the investment of like
amounts in real estate gives prom
ise of 1 nicker mid greater teturiis.
Again, the bonds olTercd are in
such small amounts that the bond
buyers do not cine to bother with
thoroughly discussed and some
action taken at the election next
June. The first step to be taken is
to circulate n etitioii to obtain 50
names in this district and 100
names in the Portland district.
This list of names will then be sub
mitted to the boundary board for
moon to sample the gold in their
crowns, bo while there is room
for the millions of souls who by
sorrow or woe nre bereft, wc want
no complaint of the music that rolls
and the kickers will turn to the left.
Pithy Parairmplis from our Corrcj.
(undent nt Snlcm.
The State Hoard of Control bill
giving a commission power to ap
point nil state officers for public
institutions, and providing 11 rich
salary for the commissioners and
clerks, was vetoed by the governor.
Hut when it came before the senate
the governor's veto was sustained
six republicans voting with the
democrats. The governor never
forgets the taxpayers.
It is reported that the legislature
has decided to cut out two of the
normal schools and that Ashland
and Drain will be the ones to go.
1 he greatest hog of them all-
.Moiimnuth still remains to keep
its snout in the public trough.
1 lie legislature is sun divined on
the iiucstiou of free locks at Oregon
1v.11.... r...i...i i n. 1 City. A new bill is to be Intro
,11V." I.IIIV.'I WIIUIIIIM IIIIIMlSlie.t III! 1. 1,. " I J. ... !...!..
ntK.ll lt!..r. In ll.Vr.. U " "J'l "'I'"""""
Neglected Colds Threaten Life.
(From the Chicago Tribune)
"Don't trifle with a cold," is
good r.u vice for prudent men and
women. It may be vital in the
case of a child. Proper food, cood
ventilation, and dry, warm clothing
arc the proper safeguards against
colds. If they arc maintained
through the changeable weather of
autumn, winter and spring, the
chances of a surprise from ordinary
colds will be slight. But the ordi
nary light cold win become severe
if neglected, and a well established
ripe cold is to the germs of diph
theria what honey is to the bee.
The greatest menace to child life
at this season of the year is the
neglected cold." Whether it is a I
ciiiki or auuit, the coid slight or
severe, the very best treatment that
can be adopted is to give Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy. It is safe
and sure. The great popularity
nud immense sale or this prcparn-
11011 uns been attained by its re
markable cures of this ailment. A
cold never results in puctimouin
when it is given, ror sale by St.
Johns Drug Store.
Fine Opportunity to Invest
Small Amounts!
The best opportunity to secure quick returns on a
small investment is in Liuutou, the thriving manufacturing
town cn the Willainmctc River opposite St. Johns.
Attracted by the deep water frontage several large
manufacturing plants have located here, and more arc to fol
low. With the railroad and new electric line Linnton will
have unsurpassed shipping facilities. This means additional
factories and homes.
Wc arc offering lots in the original town site of Liun
touu, situated on a beautiful bench overlooking the peninsula
where wc arc offering
At $40, $50, $60, $80 and $100 each; ten per cent down
and $5 per mouth.
The proposed electric line passes through this prop
These lots will double in a year. Buy while they are
These values are only for a short time. Remember
how values have soared in St. Johns. They will do the same
in Linnton. For particulars sccC. F. Bunker, 51.) Chamber
of Commerce, Portland, Ore., or
A Stitch In Time
will save nine. So will n bottle of
Ballard's Horcliound Synin always
kept on hand save niniiv n spell of I
sickness. A sure cure for Coughs,
Colds, Bronchitis nud Whooping
Lougn. Mrs. , not springs,
Ark., writes: UI keep n bottle of
Ballard's Horcliound Syrup in my I
medicine chest, and thank my fore
thought many tunes, it has pre
vented many severe spells of sick
ness, bold by St. Johns' Drug
St. Johns, Ore.
in every sentence, addressed to
Senator Hotline, giving the reasons
why it opposed his election to the
upper house of congress. It is a
manly statement. Ivditor Heuuett
comes out fiat-footed nud tells why
he did so, mid takes the whole of
the blame. The Review did not
improve of the course adopted by
The Optimist, but we like the style
of The D.illes editor. lie has
proved that he is capable of giving
or taking a good licking. He got
a gooti tiirtisiiiug mm acknowledges
it. He stood up for what he
thought was right, but he lost by a
mile. No disgrace uttaches to it,
however If there were more like
him there would be belter uewspa
wrs than thcicaie. Heic'stoyou,
Mr. Huiiuelt. Now let us all pull
ernment controls all the rivers nud
hnthors, it is clearly its duty to
open these locks tree to the public.
The state is growing unite fast.
but the taxes, grafts and appropri
ations are getting ahead of the pro
Jeff Myers bill to appropriate
.(5,oo to the Jamestown exposi.
tiou was defeated in the senate by
1 a to 15 votes. Jell will have to
stay at home or buy his own ticket
nud ti eals.
Just what good there is in the
ollice of attorney general for the
siaie, no one can ten, aim last year
the appropriations to sustain it
cost 533,500.
The Osteopathy bill is ineetinn
with much opimsitiou in the senate.
1 in ninny iuiliui
Local News.
many doctors there. They
The status of affairs in regard to don't want a man to be cured by
the tin roof nud cornices on the
new city hall are about finished.
Improved car service is what St.
Johns needs more than anything
r.ggs touched the record mark
in the Portland markets during the
week, selling nt .12H cents n dozen
nt wholesale.
I he Bums bakery in the French
block was sold to n Portland man
yesterday through I). C. Rogers &
The river nccrmliiiii totheweath'
er bureau man, will be nt its high-
est stage today. The headwaters
of the Columbia are still to be
heard from, however.
should find
Richard Shepard
in their new quarters nt 1 10 North
Jersey street.
White House
Finest rooming house in St. Johns.
the building nud completion of the rubbing and when he breaks n leg
new city hall in St. Johns is not all to them to get tt c
cut off.
that was hocd for. To an outsid
.. fi t .l . .1 I . a. .
er u iookk as iiiougu me city is
' going to get something it did not
anticipate. Although the building
siiouiu have been enclosed Jan. 1,
the work is still dragging alotv
The contractors, tired of their job,
I I !. . . ... ' 1
nave milieu 11 over 10 ineir ixnuis-
men. It is alleged that the bonds
men are willing the city .should
take it off their hands. This shift
has been trial, but it fallal. I'nder
the contract the bondsmen forfeit
io lor every iay the work is in
complete from January 1, last.
Whether this penalty will be col
lected remains to be seen. It
suoiiHi do. 1 iciayuig the work is
dangerous and will serve only to
complicate matters. The council
have been lenient in their demands,
niui suouui now (.omiKM those in
charge to compleie the building
.: . ; ..
1 iiv tunc lui v.wu.-x.s i-i pasi. 1 ne
money is 011 hand to pay for the
building. If the com actors are
pursuing dilatory tactics they
should be brought to time. If the
Sergeant Major Schoof of the
Britisli nrmy, nn Africnn explorer
nun traveler, will sin-ak in the
Methodist church next Siimlav
. I ,
iu give evening,
kiimii in I
,u ri-l... I.. T , . .
1 iiv iiicvu.i i.mmiuy is now in
shniH! to take care of all work off-
1 ne promoters of the Tuberculo- erat trout carpets to lace curtains
Chamberlain's udvice
lobbyists no quarter don't
have much elfect.
sis sanitarium near Portland ate at
Salem, not asking for aid in run
uiug the institution, but urging the
members to provide a home where
poor creatures who have nothing
to live on may have n place to shel
ter nud feed them 111 their last
hours. They ought to have it.
Instead of increasing salaries, and
. .... 1 1 1 1.;.. 1 . e ...
vuwiiK nn an Kinns 01 useless
things it would be more sensible to
vole for a home fot the homeless
and helpless.
Even From the Mountains
Ballard s Snow I.iuiment is praisal
for the good it does, A sure cure
for Rheumatism and till naius.
Wright W. I.oviug, Grand Junc
tion, Colo., writes; "I used Bal
lard s Snow I.iuimeut, last winter,
for Rheumatism and can recommend
and will guarantee everythimr first-
class. Stop our wacon and vour
wants will be attended to. Perkins
iS: Scott, proprietors.
The Ladies Aid of the Evangel
ical church met at the home of
Mrs. I J. Monahau last Friday
aim enjoyed a prohtable meeting.
lea was served from .s to 7 to a
large crowd. In the eveninir the
young people of the Endeavor held
their monthly business meeting.
Recorder Ihorudyke is eniraual
in compiling n financial statement
of the city finances for the past
year. It will be published in The
Review next week, and will show
the receipts and expenditures. In
addition the report will contain
recommendations governing future
tunas and legislation.
f iiy 9 room house near new school :
iiiocks trout ear.
M50O room house and lot joxioo on
car line near school.
fujo 3 lots In Portsmouth withasix-
room hoiiMS which is renting for fi2
KT lllOIUll.
f5J5 Lot 61x100 with btuall house: these
lots sold when vacant several mouths
ago for moo. You may have it now
with all imnrovemenU for
fljo I have two lots in Portsmouth at
a Krcut luruaiu: Is a cash snap.
Several fine tracts of acreage iood for
luttiu); cheap lots on monthly
menis, etc.
Brand new house and furniture.
Modern electric lighted.
Hot nud cold water.
Bath and toilet rooms on both floors
Telephone, readlntr room and al
the latest daily news.
No extra charge for any of the ex
tra accommodations of the
house. All free.
Rooms from 75c per week up.
Same treatment to all we have no
pets or star roomers,
We nre out for busiuess and are
Give us a trial.
Working men a specialty.
Phone Scott 4065.
Real Estate
St. Johns Heights, where the
car stops.
Photic Unlou jSj.
W. J. Galyean, Mgr.
107 Decatur street,
Near Riverside Hotel.
city of St. Johns was in the place of it us the best liniment on the mark-
ute contractors wnat would happen net. I thought, at the time I was
It is easy to guess. It is time that
the work was exialital that the
building may be finished. The
leople are willing to live up to
their agreement and pay the price,
I,et the contractors or their bouds
meu do the same.
taken down with this trouble, that
it would be a week before I could
get about, but on applying your
i.miment several times durimr the
night, I was about in 48 hours nud
well m three days." Sold by St.
Johns' Drug Store.
Hand ironers at the West
Laundry. Apply ut once.
For Sate.
Folding bed, table, heater, chairs.
inquire h. w. Kobmson, 126 Ham
ilton street, uear French block.
Scaled bids will be received by the
Hoard of Director of School District No.
2, Multnomah Countv. Oreuon. til) to
the hour of 4 o'clock p. ui, February 18,
I97. for builditi'' an cicht-roout bchool
house in the not them part of said dis
trict, according to plans and specifica
tions by Pu-'h it Lcjjg. Plaus, etc., may
le seen at the office of PurIi & I.egK, 16
Ainsworth lUg Portland, Oregon, and
Potter .S: Ooold. St. lohns. Oreuou. No
bids will be considered unless accom-
tuuied bv a certified check for s Per cent
of bid. The Hoard reserves the riuht to
reject anv or all bids. Address bids care
ol clerk. Per order of the Hoard of
J. U. Tanch.
School C erk.
St, Johus, Orcgou, I'cb. 5, 1907.
R J. Koerner,
Plans and specifications
furnished on application.
done with neatness and
All work
L. B. Chipman
Real Estate
f iyx Lot 50x100. cor.; two-story brick
is uciug erecieti iu same diock.
This is a splendid Investment, and you
had better look iuto it at once.
f joco Iot 35x100; a close in inside lot
on Jersey street.
$500 I.ot 50x100. A nearby residence
lot; t cash if you build at once.
fico Lot 50x100, Fine location; one-
lialt cash. t
2,000 Lot 100x100 on Philadelphia St.
Notary Public.
Transfer and Storage
Your Patronage Solicited
105 East Burlington street. St. Johns.
To Make Money
from real estate investments
care should be exercised
iu buying. The mati who
makes the most money out
of real estate is he who in
vests iu property that will
increase in value rapidly.
Some Rare Bargains
are to be found iu our list
of desirable properties. A
visit to our office and an
investigation of property
listed with us will prove
that no better investment
can be made anywhere iu
St. Johns than the pur
chase of some of our late
offerings. Call and let us
show you what we have.
Dobie, Peterson & Co.
Jersey Street.
Suites of two to four rooms, also
single rooms. Situated one block
from Columbia University, near
cor. of Pisk St. and Boulevard.
Furnished or Unfurnished. A
pleasant walk from St. Johns,
Convenient to Bridge and mills.
A. W. D I C KSO N Waodlaww SOS
The Finest of Wines,
Liquors .and'
A Fine Lunch Sen'edEverykDay.