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I'ubllihed Kterr Friday
Subscription rM(, $1.00 per rear In adranee.
AJTfrtlnInc ralci, $1.00 per Inch per month.
All adteillilng bllli pajalle flrat of each
Job Printing eiecuted In flrit'Ctan nle.
Ti 11 la (or Job l'rlntine caah on dellrerr.
All communications ehontd ba addrened to
TUB Rarlaw, St. Johna, Oregon.
Tint Ukvikw Is entered nt txist office
in Saint Johns, Oregon, ns innll innttcr
of the second clnss under the Act of Con
gress of Mnrch 3. 1879.
Official Hawipaper of tba Oily ef St. Jokns.
Phono East 6100.
When Judge Hihbard of the
California superior court charges
his fellow members 011 the bench
with dishonesty, weakness and in
corrigibility, there is little hoie
that Uuef nntl Schmitz will be con
victed in Snn Francisco.
llccnuse State Printer Duniway
requested the legislature to cut n
$10,000 or 1 2,000 graft front his
salary -and it did the Sautian
News thinks he is in line for one of
the Carnegie hero ineditls. The
ironmaster might investigate.
There are some ugly rumors
afloat in regard to the building of
the city hall mid the manner in
which the contract has been manip
ulated that may soon come to light
through the proper channels. If
these stories are correct vigorous
probing is fast what is needed and
How many of us have the same
sympathy for the rat-eyed Jap that
we had when the brown man was
pummel in tr the armies of Russia to
pieces? And Russia was our frieni
when we needed a friend
It is said that the back-stamping
of letters in this country costs the
government about four million
dollars tcr vcar. and if one man
had to do it all by hand it won
take 4000 vears. says The Dalles
Ontimist. And as an offset about
300 disputes arc settled each year
and ten thousand postmasters
"called down." The first order
for bank-stamping was issued about
1882, if our memory serves us
aright, and the custom has cost us
a itreat sum of money, a great loss
of time, and has done almost no
good. It is time to stop it.
There is .something radical
wrong with the mail service be
tween Portland and St. Johns. For
two days no mail was recciv
here owitiir to the fact that the
The suggestion in another column
over the siguiitute of F. I.. Voting
in regard to the consolidation of
School Districts Nos. 1 and 2 is a
good one, and it is surprising that
the icop!c of St. Johns did not take
advantage of it at the election last
June. The real leasou is that the
people did not understand the
advantages to be gained by the
step. The mere fact that such
consolidation would tend towards
icduciug the taxes and nt the same
time give the patrons increased
facilities for iiistiiictiou is enough
to commend it to all. The Review
uuderhtaiids that the change can be
made without uxenseor inconven
ience. The best to be had is none
too good and every citizen should
strive for it.
Taking refuge behind the Port
land Commercial club the railioads
are winking the uewspaers of the
state out of huudtcds of dollars
worth of advertising 011 the plea of
unking thutit to boost itud become
public sphitcd. Right here The
Review wishes to go on rccoid as a
booster. Hut it has nothing to
give away, Through 11 law which
leccutly went into cITccl the rail
toads claim they ate unable to
exchange transportation for adver
tising. Hut thev ate willing to
work the p;iHMS thiough the enter
prising Commercial Club of Port
laud by axkiug it to ieiiest publi
cation of their cheap rates to the
west. The Review will herald the
cheap rates at so much kt Hue,
mid if every nik.t in the slate will
adopt the same title the railroads
will be convinced of the benefits of
itdvcttising in short order. Pan
handling by huge cot potations is a
contemptible business policy.
street car company refused to hav
the mail delivered to this city in
any other manner than by the use
of their cars, claiming their con
tract witlt the government provider
for 110 other means of transporta
lion. If this is true, in case of
street car strike tying the line tt
for several weeks St. Johns would
get no mail for that length of tune
If the government made a contract
as this company claims it did, tit
postal authorities are getting ratty,
If the contract provides for the tie
livery of mail to St. Johns twice
day except Sundays, a suit fordam
ages by our citizens against the car
rler is in order. The postmaster
should have the matter investigates
without delay.
liven Front the Mountains
Mallard s hnow Mniuiciil is praised
for the good it does. A sure cure
for Rheumatism and all pains
Wright v. Loving, Grand June
tlou, Colo., writes: "I used Ha
latd's Snow Mulinciit, last winter
for Rheumatism and can recommeiK
it as the best liniment on the mark
et. 1 thought, at the time 1 was
taken down with this trouble, that
it would be a week before I couli
get about, but 011 applying you
Liniment several times during the
night, I was about in .(8 hours ant
well in three days." Sold by St
Johns' Drug Store.
The deplorable scenes attending
the election of school clctk Monday
uvuiiing thoiouglily disgusted the
the citizens who had gatheicd to
participate in the election. It was
one of those affairs that a newspa
per would much rather ignore, be
cause such occiittcitccs do not te
licet much ci 11I it tiH)ii the city or
its inhabitants. The spectacle of a
lawyer making a disttessiug Miow of
himself by hurling insult after in
sult at a man who was not a candi
date was suiely disgusting and out
of place. The chair was not blame
less, either, lie should have at
least attempted to stem the tide of
vitiiH!iatiou and invectives that
(lowed front the attorney's vocal or
gan in a stream that was long and
filthy, even if he favored the elec
tion of the candidate whose cause
the speaker was estHHising. Dis
graceful scenes of litis nature arc
far fiout edifying, A spirited con
test is always appreciated, but a
dirty one never. The voting, how
ever, was fair and above board and
The Review does not in the least
tegtet or begrudge the election of
Mr. Tatich. His tecoul apparent
ly is clean, his eligibility alleg
ed and his ability is uumtrstioucd.
Hut yet we cannot help believe he
disproved of the manner in which
his candidacy was advanced by an
over zealous supporter. It is cer
tain that Mr. Hlack was not pre
pared for the abuse that was heap
ed upon him. lloth candidates en
tered the race to win. That was
tuetr privilege, j he tropic went
to the meeting to cast their votes
for their choice, and not to listen to
the abuse and coarse wit of compar
ative "stranger, ' who said he was
sober, and reiterated the statement,
and who said he was not luted to
make the attack, thus establishing
n precedent. It is the great Ameri
ca n privilege to tltifer with jvople.
Were it not so what a monotonous
world it would be. So let us abide
by the verdict of the people. Let
the scenes of Monday night be for
gotten and let the bitter feelings
perish and the dissentients and strife
aroused pass into oblivion.
The case and alacrity with whicl
the council responded to the hurry
up call font for the Home
telephone Co. has been the subject
of remark in more than one quarter.
As toiccasted by 011c of the mem
hers of the council a week ago the
franchise asked by the Home com
pauy passed its second reading hist
. 1.... 1 1
1 iii'.-wiiiy evening, nun, iiuie.n.1 11
strong leiuonstriincu is made, the
company will 110 doubt receive
what it wants for the asking,
Whether thete is a clause in this
franchise prohibiting the transfer
to a rival company, The Review
does not know, and it is doubtful
whether all members of the council
can answer this question correctly.
Is this franchise obtained to build
a telephone system in St. Johns or
for the ptiitmsc of disusing of it to
11 rival company? Are the interests
of the city safeguarded ns hey
should be? These questions should
he saltsiaclorily answered. Alto
gether too much speed has been
develotK'd in the introduction of
this franchise. It has apparently
MipK'd along well greased ways
into the clear waters of Itttal pas
sage. It will be sixty days from
its introduction before it can come
tip for final action, III the mean
time something is liable to develop.
Phrenological Lectures.
The Phteuological lectures which
have been delivered during the past
week by Mts, Jean M. Kills have
been of unusual interest to both
young and old. Mis. lillis is hap
pily ikissesscd of the faculty of
holding her audiences in rapt atten
tion till the close of each lecture,
Any one listening to the lady for
five minutes would he convinced as
to her thotougli scientific efficiency
hue comes from an hnglis
phrenological family. Her brothe
is a tuemlKT of the Phrenological
college of New York city. At th
icqticst of many who are interests
lit the subject she has nearly con
settled to organize a class for th of teaching the art of
Phrenology and Character Reading
it thete are a stttlicieut nituibe
interested she will oikmi her class
011 her return from Salem in about
a mouth's time.
Pithy Paragraphs from our Corres
p ndent at Salem.
Governor Chamberlain has won
a great victory through the decision
of Judge Wolvcrton. The govern
or held that the state was not
bound to issue deeds to those who
purchased school land certificates,
as they obtained them through
fraud. The other state officers
disagreed with the governor, so he
had to go it alone. The decision
of Judge Wolvcrton sustained the
contention of the governor, so that
115,000 acres becomes the property
of the state. At $5 per acre this
will amount to $565,000. George
is a governor worth having.
A bill is to be introduced in the
legislature prohibiting the giving of
passes to the people, but allowing
public officials to ride free. This
is not in accordance with the anti
pass law adopted by the people last
spring. The only mistake about
the bill is that it proposes to give
passes to the wrong party. A law
which proposes to give something
for nothing cannot be right.
Everybody who can strike a blow
at the attempt to give a large ap
propriation to the Jamestown exhi
bition ought to strike it.
About thirty new commissions
and eighty new offices ore to be
proposed nt this session of the legis
lature. It would not be surprising
to sec n poultry commission, a
millinery commission and a laundry
commission established. These
would not be more absurd than a
barber commission and 11 horse
shoeing commission that we now
Governor Swetteulmm is the
most colossal blockhead of the age.
It is u pity the earthquake did not
swallow him up while it was about
The OrcL'on state senate adopted
it memorial to congress asking it to
remove the tariff from the importa
tion of jute mid jute cloth and bags.
This is the worst blow aimed nt
our iniiiuitotts protective tariff
which we have yet seen.
Mr. Hryau's visit to Salem was
greatly enjoyed. His Scechcs
were oratorical gems, and the citi
zens followed him from one meeting
to another with wild enthusiasm.
I'lie legislature started in well by
cutting out the old graft of exam
ining the books of all the state
ustittitioiis with its horde of clerks
which examinations were purely
farcical. Hut later 011 they de
stroyed this good work by voting
themselves a copy each of Hclliugcr
it Cotton's code, nil expensive
work. The rate stood 57 to 1.1.
wits sorry to see the name of our
olut representative among those
who were guilty of the steal.
A bill will shortly be introduced
making the majority of the jurors
ecide a case in n civil action. 1 he
bill might go further uud have a
majority decide n case in a criminal
action also,
White House
Finest rooming house in St. Johns.
lirand new house and furniture.
Modern electric lighted.
Hot and cold water.
Bath and toilet rooms on both floors.
Telephone, reading room and all
the latest daily news.
No extra charge for any of the ex
tra accommodations of the
house. All free.
Rooms from 75c per week tin.
Same treatment to all we have no
pets or star roomers.
We arc out for business and are
getting it.
Give us a trial.
Working men a spcclnlty.
Phone Scott 4065.
Shivering Because of Unusually
Cold Weather.
St. Johnitcs have had their kick
about the weather. But there arc
others. Away down in Arizona,
where they usually serve ice cream
with every meal during the winter
months, they arc singing the same
tunc about the weather that we
in Oregon nrc.
J. J. Collins, sou of Michael
Collins, one of the employes on the
new bridge, in writing to Frank
Goodcll from Wiuslow, Arizona,
tells of the severity of the weather
in the laud of the cactus. Mr.
Collins tells of a severe snow storm
in November, mid the extreme cold
weather ever since. He says the
whole southwest is flooded out with
rain. Then there is a shortage of
coal and the railroads arc compelled
to let freight lie in the yards to
rush coal through. Although the
mines arc only 120 miles nwny coal
costs 98 per ton. Ah much wood
ns a Chinaman can tote brings $1.
rotatoes are ?i a saclr, sugar 10
for$t, butter 50 cents a pound,
eggs 50 cents n dozen, and nil
canned goods 25 cents per can.
The unusual weather in the
south has caused a great deal of
illness and much suffering.
W. J. Galyean, Mgr.
107 Decatur street,
Near Riverside Hotel.
Ordinance to Establish n Ferry
Landing at the Foot of Pitts
burg Street and Granting a
Franchise to the "St. Johns
Transportation Company" to
Operate a Ferry Thereat for a
Period of Fifteen (15) Years.
The City of St. Joints docs ordain as
Section t. Tlmt n ferry landing be, and
Is, hereby established at the foot of Pitts
burg street, mid ferry bonts shall have
the right to come, anchor nnd depart
from such landing without hindrance or
obstruction from or by nny vessel, raft,
craft, wagon or vehicle of any descrip
tion, nnd the owner or owners of such
ferry toat or Iwats shall have the right
to make nny Improvement that may be
necessary to perfect n good nnd sufficient
ferry landing nt the foot of said Pitts
burg street; provided, that nothing con
tained in this section shall be construed
ns giving the right to cut or destroy any
jwrt of said Pittsburg street cast of a
point one hundred mid fifty-five f 155)
feet west of the westerly line of ilradford
Section 3, There Is hereby granted
to the St. Johns Trmisortatiou Com
pany, Its successors nnd nsslgns, herein
after designated ns the grantee, the right
to construct, maintain and opcrnte n
public ferry nt the foot of said Pittsburg
street for the tieriod of fifteen (15) years
ferry boat, and conveyed across the river
by the grantee according to the schedule
time of said ferry boat, and if the grantee
shall act contrary to this regulation it
shall forfeit and pay the sum of three
dollars ($3) for every such offense to the
party aggrieved, to be recovered before
nny court having Jurisdiction; provided,
mat mimic omcers on urgent imstncss,
post-riders, couriers, physicians, surgeons
and mldwives, shall in nil cases be first
carried over where all cannot go nt the
same time.
Section 13. I'or the effectual secur
ing of efficient service; for the prompt
nnd complete compliance by grantee
with Its agreements and undertakings
herein nnd hereunder; and for the con
tinued maintenance by the grantee of
the property in good repair and con
dition throughout the entire term of this
franchise, the said grantee shall, on fil
ing its ncccptnucc of this franchise, give
to the city of St. Johns n good nnd suffi
cient bond in the sum of one thousand
f toco dollars.
Section 14. The powcrnnd rlghtrcn
sotmbly to regulate in the public interest
the exercise of this franchise nnd rights
thereunder, shall remain and be vest
ed in the council of the city of St. Johns.
Section 15. Any person or persons
violating nnv of the provisions of this
ordinance, where the penalty has not
liccn designated, shall, upon conviction
thereof before the municipal court of the
city of St. Johns, be fined not less than
five fs nor more than twenty-five fi$
Passed the council January 32, 1907.
Approved January 32, 1907,
Attest: Mayor.
Published In the St. Johns Review Feb.
1,1007. .
from, and nftcr, the final passage of this Anniiat A mts h.ts iif
ordinance, nt the rate nn.) charges .here- ORDINANCE NO. 135
Innftcr stated, sub ect to the restrictions
ntni obiigrtiious licrciiuutcr written and
io84 Jersey Street.
Real Kstatc Bought nnd Sold.
I,ist your property with us.
street 011 the snid l'ltlshurg
F. J. Koerner,
There is n strict law forbidding
members to smoke during the sit
ting of the house or senate. The
other day, a country member sat in
lis seat pulling at the wet end of a
Igar and the scrgeaut-at-nrms
acked the nerve to stop him. It
is amusing to see the farmer repre
sentatives walking around witlt is
cent cigars in their mouths, perhaps
tor the hrst time in their lives. It
gives them an aristocratic npjicar-mice.
Notwithstanding the vole of the
ople against the granting of pass-
nearly every member of the
legislature has one or more in his
est MKket.
What Wat Done at (he Meeting
Tuesday Night.
A regular meeting of the council
was held I ucsdny evening with nil
members present. The minutes of
the last meeting were rend and
There was a remonstrance against
the owners' rejxirt 011 the opening
of Richmond street. Owners of
the projierty in Tract A, Severance
addition, claimed that the benefits
were unjust nnd unreasonable, as
almost the whole of lots 8, 9, 10
and 11, block 1, were taken for
street punwses, and the addition
was not enhanced in value. Attor
neys for Crackiiibush & Learned,
owners of the property, were pres
ent to protest against the awards
of the viewers.
The Home Telephone franchise
was taken up and passed its first
and second readings.
Plans nnd spcclllcatlnns
furnished on application.
mono wiiii tioatncss and
ill woil
To Make Money
from real estate investments
care should !c exercised
in buying. The man who
makes the most money out
of real estate is he who in
vests in property that will
increase In value rapidly.
Some Rare Bargains
Hand trouers at the West Coast
Laundry. Apply at once.
f ioaxi 9 room house near new school
blocks from oar.
N5o j room house uud lot 50x30 oil
ear line near school,
J 1 3503 lots in Portsmouth withnsix
loom house which is renting for fu
IKT motiin.
fSiS l.ot 63x100 with small house: these
lots sold when vacant scveiul mouths
ago for f si". You may have it now
with idl iuipioveinents for 535,
fljo I have two lots in Portsmouth nt
u great bargain; is a cash snap.
Several fine tracts of ucreuge good for
platting; cheap lots 011 monthly pay
incuts, etc,
Hotter look over your stationery
and order your printing now.
Neglected Colds Threaten Life.
(From the Chicago Tribune)
"Don't trille with n cold." is
good advice for prudent men uud
women. It may lie vital in the
ease of it child. Proer food, good
ventilation, and dry, warmclothiiiti
are the proiw safeguards against
colds. If they are maintained
through the changeable weather of
autumn, winter and spring, the
chances ot n surprise from ordinary
colds will be slight. Hut the ordi
uaty light cold will Ixxntuc severe
if neglected, and a well established
ripe cold is to the germs of diph
therta what honey is U) the bee.
The greatest menace to child life
at this season of the year is the
neglected cold." Whether it is a
child or adult, the cold slight or
severe, the very best treatment that
can be adopted is to give Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy, It is safe
and sure. The great nooularitv
and immense sale of this prepara
tion has been attained by its re
tnarkuble cures of this ailment. A
cold never results in pneumonia
when it is given. For sale bv St.
Johns Drug Store.
Hoard of Directors Chosen
the Outlook Bright.
At u meeting held at the lecture
room of the Kvangelical church
last Friday evening the St. Johns
Public Reading Room board of
directors were chosen as follows:
T. J, Mouahati, president; K. K.
McVicker, secretary; J. F. llrooks,
A committee was appointed to
prepare a constitution and by-laws
uud to prepare a program to be ren
dered at a mass meeting oti Satur
day evening, Feb. 9.
The soliciting committee reported
one subscription of $ 100.
1 he board will meet at the same
place tomorrow (Saturday) eveuiug
at 7:30 sharp.
are to be found in our list
of desirable properties. A
visit to our office and an
investigation of property
listed with us will prove
that no better investment
can be made anywhere in
St. Johns thau the pur
chase of some of our late
offerings. Call and let us
show you what we have.
Dobie, Peterson & Co.
Jersey Street.
For Rheumatic Sufferers.
The quick relief from min af
forded by applying Chamberlain's
Pain Halm makes it a favorite with
sufferers from rheumatism, sciatica,
lame back, lumbago, and deep
seated and muscular twins. For
sale by St. Johns Drug Store.
Abratn Patriquin died at his
home near Point View station, St.
Johns, Ore., Jauuary 18, aged 54
years, 3 mouths, 30 days. The
cause of his death was inflammation
of the bowels. He leaves besides
his wife, uti aged father and moth
er, six brothers, oue sister.
For Salt.
Folding bed, table, heater, chairs.
uqtiire ! W, Robinson. 126 Ham-
iltou street, near French block.
Liquor for Medicinal Purposes
uud Family Use
(Cedar Brook)
This whiskey direct from the
distiller to us. lu bond six years
old uud aged iu wood.
E. 0. MAGOON, Distributor
1 1 1 North Jr$y SC St. feksu. Ore
Jix lyot 50x100. cor.; two-story brick
is being erected in same block.
This is a splendid Investment, and you
iinu uciicr iuuk into 11 m once,
3000 I,ot 3jxloo; a close iu inside lot
011 Jersey street.
fSx Lot 50x100. A nearby residence
lot; f)$ cuili if you build at once.
f4oo IM 50x100, Pine location; one
half cash.
$3,000 l.ot 100x100011 Philadelphia St.
Notary Public,
Suites of two to four rooms, also
single rooms. Situated one block
from Columbia University, near
cor. of I'isk St. and Boulevard,
furnished or Unfurnished. A
pleasant walk from St. Johns,
Convenient to Bridge and mills.
A. W. DICKSON Woorilamit 606
Transfer and Storage
Your Patronage Solicited
105 Hast Burliujjtou street, St. Johns.
imposed mill such siiDcrvlidon on the turt
of the Coitt.cll of wild city of St. Johns
ns the public good tuny reasonably re
quire under the laws mid ordinances of
said city.
Section 3. The grnutec shnll retain,
nnd nt its own cost nnd cxjc!iK durliiL'
the term of this franchise, repair nnd
keep in n Kood, sound nnd safe condition
(nnd reconstruct If necessary) tlte present
plnuk roadway the full widtlt of the
street from said ferry slip or lAiiditij; to
a direct jKjInt oncdiuiidred nnd filly-fivc
1155) icci wesi iroin tue westerly line 01
llrniuord si
Section 4, The snld Kmnlcc Km re
ndu the gasolene launches now iu okt
ntion between the foot of Pittsburg street
nnd the ojxltc nhorc of the Willamette
Ittvcr, or others equally nsood, to trans
port foot p.tsiciucrs buck nnd forth across
said river between said pilnts nnd shall
continue to crntc the present ferry
boat to and from said txdnts for trails
lxHtiitlon of tenuis so fur ns the said furry
boat can be operated with safety, anil
shall, on or before the 1st day of Mnrch,
195)7, have in operation between snld
ixiluts, u ferry lont of six tenm catuicitv.
capable of handling comfortably, con
veniently, expeditiously anil with nfctv
nil the traffic that Is or may le offered.
Section a. Said ermitcc shall oncrnic
will ferry Iwnt to nnd from said iwluts
iroin i x o ciock 111 me nioriiii 1? 1111111
clht o'clock In the evening of every day
durinu the continuance of tills franchise.
nnd ns often ns the nubile welfare may
reasonably demand, provided, that the
council of Mid city may further regulate
iiit wiiii kivicc in inc imunc KO"1' may
Section 6. The Mid urnntee shall
have the rlht to charge and collect the
following maximum fares nnd charges
for their services uud 110 more:
Poot pissciiKcrs, each way,.
uvc 15) cents.
Teams, when the bed of the
wagon or vehicle and the load
placed thereon does not exceed
twenty-four 134) feet in lenuth.
I a. 1'... . . I
Mingle norsc anil vclilcic Includ
ing two croiis
tweutv-five f a.O cent.
Single teams, including two jwr-
sons.. .. tlilrtvlivc il cents.
Double teams (4 horses) Including
two persons.. . .fifty f so) cents.
Automobiles. twenty-five (35) cents.
Saddle horses . ... ten (to) cents.
When bed of the wauon or vehicle and
I . am ...
tue loan contained tiiereou exceeds
twenty-four (34) feet iu Ictieth. one and
otic-hall fare may be charged.
Section 7. TheMld grantee shall have
tue use 01 mis iraticiiise, nnd the priv
ileges granted thereunder, for the term
01 1111CC11115) years aner tue mini passage
of the ordinance granting it, and ns full
cotiiPeiiMltoti tlierefor. shall pay to the
city of St. Johns, one ami one-half (i 1-3)
irom Mtii
ee to the
Mid city of St. Johns monthly not later
than the fifteenth futhl tlav of each
succeeding month during the life time
of this franchise; provided, that this sec
tion shall not exempt the urantee from
any lawful taxation upon its property nor
1 rout any license, cuarges, or impositions
not levied 011 account of such use.
Section 8. Said urautcc shall keen a
full ami correct book ot account and
make stated monthly reports in writlnp
to the city recorder of the city of St,
joiius, wiucn snail contain an accurate
statement in summarized form, as well
as iu detail, of all receipts from all
sources, and the city recorder may in
spect or examine, orcause to be inspected
or examined at all reasonable hours, any
and all books of account and vouchers
of sjld grantee. Such books of account
shall be kept and such reports made in
accordance with the forms and methods
prescribed by the city recorder, and
every failure of the grantee to keep such
books of account or to wake report as
above specified shall authorize tue city
to declare a forfeiture of said franchise.
Section io. Unless the grantee shall
establish a good and convenient ferry
across the Willamette river at and from
l'ittsburt! street landiui! within the time
limit mentioned in this ordinance unless
prevented by accidents or incidents oc
curing or happening or arising beyond
its control, or unavoidable litigation and
in the event of unavoidable litigation,
then within thirty days from the termi
nation of such unavoidable litigation,
which snau nave ueeu prosecuted as ex
leditiously as the course of law will ail.
mit, then the right of the grantee under
this ordinance to the use of the foot nt
said Pittsburg street as a ferry landing
shall terminate.
Section 11. The grantee shall have
the exclusive privilege of transporting
all persons and property over and across
the Willamette river at the said terminal
at foot of said Pittsburg street in the
City of St. Johns, County of .Multno
mah and State of Orecon. ami for
distance from said landing of a snare.
of 8ve city blocks in either direction
both up aud down the said Willamette
river, and shall be entitled to all the fan-
ana proms arising therefrom; provided,
that nothing herein contained shall 1
construed to prevent any person from
crossing the river at such terry in his own
boat or to take iu and carry over his neigh
bor when the same is done without fr. or
charge, and not with iutent to iiiiurc the
(section 12. All persons comlurtimr
themselves in a peaceful and resiiectahl
maimer shall be received into or on the
An Ordinance Legalizing Official
Acts of Acting City Engineer,
W. W. doojrich.
The City of St, Johns does ordain as
That, whereas doubts hnvc arisen ns to
the legality of official nets of the acting
City ltugiiiccr W. W. Goodrich, of the
City of St. Johns, nnd
Whereas the best Interests of the said
City of St. Johns, nnd its citizens re
quire Hint such nets of Mid acting City
Unglnccr should in nil rcsjiccts be legal
ami 01 iuii lorcc ami ciieci.
Now therefore, The City of St. Johns
does ordain ns follows: 1,
Thnt nil officlnl nets of said nctlug
City Kughiccr, W. W. Goodrich, rclntiug
to the n (M Irs of said City of St. Johns.
Oregon, nrc hereby legalized, declared
valid mid of full force, virtue and effect,
Passed the council January 12, 1907,
Approved January 32, 1907.
P. W. lll.N'MAN,
Attest : Mayor.
Published In the St. Johns Kcvlcw Feb.
1, 1907,
should find
Richard Shepard
ft Co.
In their new quarters at 1 to North
Jersey street.
L. B. Chipman
Real Estate
The Finest of Wines, liquors aud
A Fine Lunch Served Every Day.
Central Bar.
Sam. Cochran, Prop.
Tho3. Condon, Mgr.
Fine Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Cochran Block, St. Johus, Oregon