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the Doctors Say
In their prescriptions, GOES with us.
No Substitution
iiiiiin - ii mi ii iniiMaMiu
n the coiurary tuncti. miiiiii hi niv: uuiuutsi o
J Ko customer leaves our store harboring any suspicions.
. . ...
R nutation
care for, therefore we cannot afford to trifle with the
public when dealing with them.
u a nrvii a ncti
If r. .11 I Inn stf DiiSIIaic' H orfur am I v.
J lull Line Ul vuuutia iiaiunaic:
i s
1 Shelf Hardware, Ranges, Cooks, Heaters, Oil Heaters, Tin- Jfc
tffire, Knameledwarc, Woodcnwnrc, Banner mid Oc tin r
Wave Uotary Washers, Wringers, Cable Clothes
I Lines, Hcnth & Milligan "Nest Prepared f
1 Paints," Wright & Hill's Five Boil- S
1 p.l lnrc Linseed OH. Inside
Puinis. Creollle. the best floor tnint
iiuuie; Chi-Nninel, Varnishes and Varnish
m cinitw iiitnn mill juatnev i oo s. uarocn :ccus. a
I Special Mixture for Lawns, Big Assortment of Garden
Too!, Screen Cloth, Poultry Netting, Paint, "rushes, utc.ete. V
I IT 4 ft.
1 s.
Remodeling Sale!
Mta'i ,U0 Suits - 19.75 Men's $15 Suits
Men's $20 Suits - 14.75 Al.n's $10 Suits
Alen's $8 Suits - fl.95
Hens' Suits and Pants almost half value.
$ .75
The American Clothier f
221-223 Morrison, Corner Pint Street
Real Estate and
South St. Johns Lots a spor
ty In Real Estate.
Phoenix Assurance Com
ml of London a specialty in
Scott 3104, St. Johns.
lrv tiff.. cni..nit
'""J'. fenced; bearing trees;
I GO X IOO. fnmcp
f""Mt 50X100. central -r oncli m
fVSttlSi. j room house.
It;!r S0100- 6-room house, near
Mw. Terms,
"iw.Croom house on Blvd.
close In, business tot,
- THE -
We shall handle
onlv Hi, r;.,. r
(M E A T S
"r patrons may
of being sat.
in every case
P..II 1! . ..
y ii nne ot all
i Market Sundries
th & tinnvr
Good seasoned,' stove-length
delivered anywhere on the
Peninsula. The best wood.
Orders may be left at Don-
nelley's Market or phone
East 297.
Peninsula Feed and Fuel Go,
Notice is h:rcby given that at the
meeting of the council 01 nte
City of St. Jultns, Oregon, held
on the 8th day of January, A.
D. 1906, the foil wing resoiu
tlon was ado. ted:
itKsni.vitn: That the Council of the
rI... t Ci I.i1,n nrrcnti. ilceins it CX
pnlient Pltd jirujwse to improve Salem
street from the northerly Hue o( Crow.
fonl street to fc weMcry nnc on.ur
lliiKton street m the following manner,
To establish the necessarj- graue ior
jay sitle walks, grade, etc. Said im-
t iii tnniii in acconiance
IllUIVillVlli " - ...
with the Charter and Ordinances oj tne
City of St, Johns, ami tne pians. sj.i
.f . o.,.l tttinip of tlie Citv Enui
aii in tlie nlHre of the Recorder
o i ritv of St. lohtit . The cost of
vlded by the city charter upou the prop-
:n.. rynHarlv benefitted
thereby and whidi is hereby declared to
be all the lots, pans wnwi, .vw..
of land within a line 10a feet from the
nutslde line of each side of said Salem
tet. . . ., 1.
able total cost for the improvement ol
The plans, specifications and estimates
went of said Salem street are hereby
Rksolvkd: That the City Recorder of
the City of St. Johns ie, anu is, uwuj
...1 ,,ntire of the nrooosed
ImDrovemeat of said Salem street as
provided by the city charter.
t... in wntine with
the undesigned within 15 days from the
date of the hret puDiicaiion ui n ""
By oroer 01 ine couutu.
' J. V. Hanks,
City Recorder
p,lt.lUhfl in the St. Johns Review
January u, 19 tm '906'
Our Local Grist
Insure with the Peninsula Dank.
Several bttcketsful of rnin worn
scattered about the city on Monday
l6r fine citrars it will nnv von in
can at valentine's: opposite city hall.
Bythewav. foossiblv vou've tint
a.wtiwwvi ivy Ik lUUll-U Unill IU1S WCCKa
Guard voitr nroncrtv nirniiiQf firr
Insure with the Peninsula Bank.
The Women of Wondrrnft nrc in
have a social in their hall this even-
Smokinir is n nlensuri' if tho nV
ars are bought at Valentine's.
Henrv Vnlentinp. nf A tin' tin tt'ne
If "I BBVaaf I Ui)
guest ot His brother. Vm. nn Sim
Eor best fire in.mirntiv W. tr
The Concreeatioiml A hi RnriVtv
met with Mrs. M. L. Rowland yes
terday afternoon.
Harness neatlv ren:iirwl nt thi
r.. . . .
01. jonns Harness Shop.
Two carloads of 1 mrses worn 1111.
loaded here yesterday for work on
the O. R. & N. railway.
Will the nartv who fotiml n roll
of straw matting last week please
return it to Key. I. L. Young?
A. D. Osborn. who cnines from
North Dakota, has bought property
ncre nuu win maxc St. Johns his
Eatimr and winter noolcs nkn
good potatoes for sale. See C. N.
nraascu about them.
J. H. Howard, state organizer,
as in St. lohns this week to see
the prospects for forming a lodge of
Try the "Pur :xet.llcllLL.,, the
champion 5c cigar: made In St.
Moses Tuft.l hits 11 new nmhrolln.
Of the 21 he has owned since April
, 190.1, this is the first one he has
When vou insure vour nroncrtv
secure only reliable companies. See
the reumsuia Hunk about them.
Dentist Hiirtol ii lmviiii' mi cv-
cellent dental practice and is gain
inn tne reputation of doinir only the
best of work.
I'nr first cla&n and rt-Hnhlt fire in
surance companies see the list at the
Peninsula Dank.
D. O. llimliv. who livoH nt tlu
Heights, is erecting uncouple of
nice little residences which will
soon be for rent.
Smoke n St. Tnlnm eiirnr lk'St 10c
cigar on the murket the "White
A. S. Stone, guest for a few-
weeks of D. G. Busby, of the
Heights, left on Saturday for his
home in Corvallis.
At the Boston I Tome Bakery Sat
urdayelegant Angel Cake made
by our new baker. Try it.
Prom the manner in which women
going to church Sunday evening
iad to return home it seems as tt
most of them were Baptists.
Remember I You cannot buy
finer candies or cigars than the
goods Valentine sells in his neat
The electric mill has now been
rntirely dismantled. Some of the
material will lc useU In the new
mill of the St. Johns Lumber Co.
I have an oil stove, nearly new
and in Ai condition that I wish to
trade for a heating stove. Inquire
at V, J. Carter's shoe shop.
Circulars have been issued by the
W. H. King Land Company to
announce" some special bargains
now offered before the increase in
We 1'iiaraiitee our bread: six
loaves for 25c 25 for ft: nt Doston
Home uattery. jersey street.
fipv. Prank fJoufrev and wife
attended the Methodist church ser-
ices on Sunday evening. Mr.
Godfrey organized the Kpworth
League here.
Anv one wishine to rent a six-
room house, near business cehter,
ith fine river view, call at tins ot-
Vm Valentine was exllibitillE
his face last Monday at 5c a throw.
Unci nronle threw a fit. He had
iust taken the Past-Master's Degree
. , . ,
ol lixauea nrysipcma.
Til lt Is none to cood for the
people of St. Johns. We claim to
. ... i i:.. ri,,a
tn iinve tne uesi 111 uui hhc
us a trial. The Boston Home Dak
ery, Jersey street.
n m Ttmnscli has laid several
nionie nlnmr the street ( ?1 in front
of hts Mouse, anu niu nmuiw
ort nf the rrossintr so that no
more teams shall become embedded
in mud.
Poff & Carey have genuine Rock
Sorincs and Cumberland, wyom
intr. coal. Try it. It burns up
Vn elinkers. no soot, and
very little ash.
TM. T adies' Aid of the Evan
gehcal church is planning for its
,..! nnntial entertainment. This
tx. aiven on the evenine of
Thursday, Februarj' 22, at one of
the society halls here.
r We the best life insurance
iw found in America:
hu Union Central Life. The
,t anA liest at a fair price
r- 5n mul talk it over. W. .
wvuif' ...
Some More Stuff
Mrs. Guy Deebec is very ill.
Mrs. C. N Draasch is slowly im
proving in health.
'Father Maples" predicts four
more weeks of rain and snow.
An ad for the Peiuinsula Feed
and Fuel Company appears in this
issue. Good firm.
Among my list can be found
some fire insurance to please you
W. H. King.
C. N. Braasch started for his
Vancouver farm on Wednesday
and will return today.
Evangelical "Johnnie" Natiglc
has been assisting at the Methodist
church meetings this week.
Smoke a St. Johns cigar best toe
cigar on the market the "White
Leroy Carr is about to move his
family back to St. Johns and be
come a permanent resident.
Dr. Roberts, of Tacoma, Wash
ington, visited his niece, Mrs. W.
E. Hartcl, Thursday of last week.
Is your home insured against fire ?
If not, see M. L. Tufts tit the Pe
ninsula Bank for the lowest rates.
The bowling alley ' run by Ross
has been bought by Knight & John-
sou and is being installed in the
billiard hall.
"I notice that Poff & Carey have
another car load of that good coal.
Say! but they do sell coal and Its
fine, tool
Dr. Holland and wife have
rented the Hayes house, (formerly
belonging to J. II. Shields,) and
will soon occupy it.
A D1t.stUAi11.1t TitNA NT wanted.
Rent reasonable. See agents, Shcp-
ard and Dohie, St. Johns, or, tele
phone owner, Dr. Amos, Portland.
The man who keeps his subscrip
tion to his local p.iper paid up and
who patronizes the same paper is
always sure of the best obituary
It doesn't pay to have your life
insurance policy written by a
stranger. Have it done here in St.
Johns by 11 home man. I have the
best company in the world. W.
II. King.
The leading feature of the
"mothers' meeting" held by the
W. C. T. U. last Monday was u
patxir on "What Shall We Do
With Our Boys?"
Try the "Par Excellence": the
champion 5c cigar: made in St.
Mrs. Collard has organized a
night-class in stenography. Pupils
desiring to enter class will leave
their names with Miss Daisy
Caples, nt office of D. C. Rogers.
List your protwrty with the SU
Johns Title Abstract and Trust
Company, rooms it and ia, IIol
brook's new block. In addition tu
its real estate and abstract business
this company presents an attractive
line of fire insurance.
Mrs. Carl Robinson, Mrs. Percy
Sibley, Mrs. G. B. Cellars and Miss
Mary Cellars, all of rortlaud, were
served five o'clock tea Tuesday
afternoon by Mrs. W. E. Hartcl.
Reduction in stoves. New par
lor heater, ft. 75; second hand
heaters and cook stoves at low fig
ures. Kitchen cupboard $3.00;
matting 10c per yard; lamps 25c;
opaque shades 40c; fall leaf tables
51.50. McClave's Furniture Store.
202 Jersey street.
In our ad columns this week will
be found the card of Crook &
Walton, contractors, who have been
successful in their many coutracts.
Just now they have under con
struction a couple of fine cottages
for Mrs. V. T. Smith on wtlltauis
avenue, near Piedmont with sev
eral others in view.
One need not le born with u
veil or the gift of prophecy to fore
see that lots iMitwcen FIsk street in
University Park and Macruni ave-
m ttll A
nue in iNormern uui on uawsou
street which extends through the
centre of that rapidly growing dis
trict between the rivers in Portland,
and now selling for $10 per front
foot, will, within twenty years from
today, sell for one thousand dollars
per front foot.
Piling Arrived.
A big raft of piling for work on
the plant of the St. Johns Lumber
Company has arrived and it is
understood that work will com
mence at once. It is believed that
an amicable arrangement will be
made regarding the acquisition of
the streets sought.
Ice Plant (lone.
The Rankin ice-plant, which has
in the past been over nearly halt
the world in years past but which
has been lying on the water-front
for a lonir time has been sold to
the Blue Mountain Ice Company,
of Portland.
New Hotel.
Ground has been secured comer
Osweiro and Dawson for a three
storv brick hotel. Complete de
tails have not been made public-
but a $1000 first payment upon the
land would indicate that the report
is not mere rumor.
At Methodist Church.
Rev. F. L. Young, pastor.
Services next Sunday:
Sunday school at ten o'clock
Mrs. C. E. Thurston, superiuten
Preaching at eleven.
Epworth League at six-thirty.
Mrs. W. F.Matlock,
ton, Oregon, is guest
Mrs. W. E. Parthcmcr and son,
Robert, of Newport, Urcgou, are
visiting here.
Mr. Castccl won second, third
and fourth premiums nt the poultry
show on his white Plymouth Rock
The shingle mill is again in good
shape. A new crew of men have
been put on nud record cuts are
being made daily. Mr. Eastlake
has the good will and confidence of
his employees. Mr. Cole is a first-
class filer.
Wednesday evening Rev. E. A.
Leonard, of the Baptist church,
united in marriage John A. Bald
win and Miss Pearl Gibbs. The
ceremony was performed at the
home of the bride in University
Thomas Taylor and wife left the
Park reluctantly; for they had
never found such an easy lot of
merchants to bunko. No less than
nine firms catered to tnelr wants
while loin made cigaret money at
the shingle mill. Something like
$150 in bills was run up in about
two mouths. When Tom couldn't
get more credit, Mrs. lout went
home to mamma.
of Pcndel
of Mrs. M.
Use Electric Light
Begin the NEW YEAR -nt the Nlv W RATES.
1 ne 25 per cent reduction in rates for ELECTRIC LIGHT
I NO puts this only modern method of illumination with all it
ucneius all Us conveniences all Us economies within th
means of every householder, every storckccer EVERYBODY.
No home is really UP-TO-DATE in its furnishings if i be
not electrically equipped. The numerous electrical conveniences
such as electric fiat-irons, chafing dishes, ten and coffee pots,
heating pads, nursery milk warmers, curling irons, and n
hundred other electrical devices save TIME, STRENGTH and
MONEY for the busy housewife.
The cost to operate these electrical conveniences is so smalt
as to be trifling.
IN THE STORE Electric service oh"crs the solution of
every lighting problem.
trade follows the light.
ELECTRIC SIGNS SELL GOODS they burn the name
into the public mind.
Portland General Electric Co.,
Tolophono Exchange 13
Seventh nnd Aider Streets,
Celebrate Wedding Anuivcr nry.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Arnold cele
brated the tweiitith anniversary of
their wedding Friday, December
22, 1005, at their residence, 176.1
Hnwes avenue, University Park,
I hey me the parents of three child
rentwo sous, Stanley nnd Eucll,
mid one daughter, Velma, The
louse was beautifully decorated
with evergreens -suitable to the
occasion. Whist, which with music
and singing, made the evening pass
more pleasantly. 1 he prizes given
were ilowers and the first prize,
carnation, was won by Mrs. M.
Brenner. The guests present were
Mr. and Mrs. Cochrane. Mr. and
Mrs. Faulk, Mr. and Mrs. Hink
stone, Mr. and Mrs. Osborne, Mr.
and Mrs. M. Brenner, Mr. and Mrs.
Slaiiderback: Misses Johnstone,
tends, Viloua Anuld: Messrs Natei
Smith, Stanley Arnold and Eucll
ruold. The gifts were costly
chiunwarc and were uuiiurous. !
fter partaking of a suinptiocus
supjier, served nt a late Hour, there
being refreshments during the!
evening, the guests departed well j
ilcased with the hospitality ol their
lost and hostess May they live
to celebrate their golden wedding.
Baptist Church.
Sunday school at ten o'clock.
Preaching at eleven.
Topic "Clouds and Rainbows."
1; veiling service at teven-lliiily.
Topic "John, Tire Baptist."
Thursday evening ut seven-
thirty prayer meeting is held.
All are cordially invited to attend
these services.
All services will be held in the
new building on uiucago street,
near Harriet.
E. A. Lhonaui), Pastor.
N the above square you will observe a tiny dot.
Noticed it, didn't you? Now if YOU sow that
tittle speck think of how nil the rest of our
readers noticed it. Then, if you, Mr. Busiuewi-
iiiau, had placed nil attractive announcement of your wares, at
correct prices, in that space, you'll have some idea that it would
have brought you trade. Better try it next week,
A Snap For Someone.
Good house, three large rooms,
pantry, woodshed, etc., on lot 50X
100: Kood well, lots ot 1 run, witu
plenty wood, stoves, etc.. ready to
move in. Three blocks from Lone
ir station on Mount Scott carliuc.
Everything goes at $515 cash if
taken at ones. F. M. Freeman,
41st and Division streets, care of J.
F. McMahau, Portland. This is a
big bargain call and .see it.
To The Hospital.
City Recorder J. W. Hanks was
taken by ambulance to the Good
Samaritan hospital in Portland
Wednesday evening. His condi
tion was extremely preanrious nnu
an operation was necessary.
His troubles are complicated and
the operation was considered one
fraught with danger but there
was no other course. The ojera
tlon was performed yesterday morn
ing at ten o'clock.
Another Business Sale.
W. II. King has sold the lot oc
cunied by his laud office and the
Donnelly meat market to W. II .
Stine of Charlotte, Midi This is
projM-rty that Mr. King has fre
quently refused to sell but when
he saw 43,500 laid before him he
had to yield. The property is a
tood one, and is bound to increase
in value. The purchaser is highly
pleased over his buy.
Two Salei.
W. F. Steidleman of Portland has
purchased a nice home on North
Fillmore street. The consideration
was $i,ooo.
Everett W. Niies and his son-in-
law, B. Hagerman, of Oregon City,
have boucht thirteen lots in 1 liomp
son's addition. The price paid was
To Form Lodge.
The application for a charter
form a Good Templar lodge here in
St. Johns isjbeing quietly but per
sistently circulated. Mrs. M. E.
Perkins will give information about
it if asked, Here is mi opportunity
to help some one by joining, and it
should be pushed along.
Keep Your Eye On St. Johns.
A. SCOTT, I'm-. - 1'hone III.ACK 32
It. V. CKOSIIV, Scc'y.
Portland Jobbing Co.
I'lnmbliiK. Onifltllnjc
SlcamdltliiK, Roofs
duller I'.tr.
At ItisiMiimhlr Rutin. Stou, l'uriinrrs
aint Tinware UvMlred. Quick
Service. All Work Rimruu-
N 7 N Fifth St CorAukcny
Bon Ton Barber Shop
first eltus work and clean hut towels for
atrimii. Hair rutting 11
Agent fur Vel Cm1 I,uuinlry.
Jersey street St. John
Notice is hereby given that at the
meeting of the Council ot the
City of St. Johns, Oregon, held
011 the Klh day of January, A,
I). 1906, the following resolu
tion was adopted:
Unsoi.vitn: That the Council of the
City of St. Johns, Oregon, deem it ex-
ticdient and jiroxc'i. to improve (.raw
lord street from the westerly line of
I'iUshuri; street to the easterly Hue ol
Salem street in the following iimiinvr,
to wit:
To establish the necessary grudc (or
pivliiK "ml to iiuiirnve Mid Crawford
street, luy side walks, gmde, ete. Said
improvement to he mude ill accordance
with tue uiarier uun iinnuauces 01 me
City ol St. Johns, and the plans, s-cifl-
cations mnl estimates ol the Lity Kugl-
ueer. filed In the ollu-e ol the Kecorder
Smli sof two to four r . tli
'-Ingle looms hitu it- 1 cm- I.Ih k
(inn, C'olumliia t uivi .
for of I'lhk St and Ikmlnaid.
I'liiuUhitl or t'lifiinil-linl. A
ilt-iiMiit walk from St. Johns,
suitable for mill iiu-11.
A. W. DICKSON Phone Scott 120(3
Dllwr IwuM. stutia u, . 1 KM .
omrc I'bonr, mhi n
KoMtitrc I'liuiir. 1'nton
mrclii Ultlvrtsllv Ih(V. Ilttm Mmt.
Notice is hereby given that nt the
meeting of the Council of the
City of St. Johns Oregon, held
011 the Kill day of January, A.
I). 1906, the following resolu
tion was (idopted:
of the City of St. Johns. The cost of I j'erry Coiuuny mid the UUuje of mUl
Kksoiaiid: That the Coum-il of tin
City o( St. Johns, Oretfou, ileeuw it OK
iicillcnt mnl irotr to Improte tNtU
l)ii rj; street from the Willamette Kivtir
to the soutluuly line til Crawford strut
ill the follow ing manner, to wit:
To establish the uttcestfiry urmltt fur
(laving mid to impiove Mild PltUlwis:
street, lay side walks, erode, etc. Sftbl
iuiprowmeul to lie made In uccordiiice
with the Charter mnl Ordinance of the
City ol St. Johns, ami the plans, wdfl
cattous anil e-aiuutet. ol the City- !(nii
ueer, PiIimI 111 the office ol thtf ItevrtrUer
of the City ol St. Johns. Tlu coal ol
saitl imptovemuiit from J lie U'lllamalle
river to the wistorly sldu Hue of llmd-
ford street to be imid by the St. Joints
said improvement to be ussessed as pro
vided by the city cuurter iiou me
tiroerty socially and ineuliarly bene
fitted thereby and which Is hereby de
clared to be all the lots, pirts thereof,
ami pircels of laud within a line 100
feet from the outside line of each side ot
said Crawford street.
The Hngiucer's estimate of the prob
able total coit for the improvement of
saitl street is f 57J.4H.
The plans, scciflcatious and estimates
of the City Hnincer for the inprovc
ineiit ol saitl Crawford street are hereby
Kl'.soj.Vl'.n: That the City Recorder of
the City ol St. Johns bo, mid is, hereby
directed to give notice of the proxsetl
improvement of saitl Crawfort street as
provided by the city charter.
Keuituistrauces against the above im
provement may be bird in writing witli
the undersigned within 15 days Irom the
date of the first publication of this
lly order of the council.
J. W. Hanks,
" City Kecorder.
Published hi the St. Johns Review Jan
uary 17, 19 and 26, !',
improvement to be a pro
ul by the city charter uiam tue prop
erty specially anil peculiarly IwncfiUtd
thereby and which is heieliy tlm-lured to
be all the lots, part thereof, ami urrla
ol land within a line luu teat from tut
outside line of each side ol aaiil lltts
burx street.
The liugiueer's estimate of the p 'li
able total cost tor the improvement ot
Mid street is
The plans, specification and uvtiuustes
of the City Itngiuver for tht Improve
ment of s.iiil Pittsburg atrst are h uby
Kitsoi.vitn: That thuCUy Recorder f
the City of St. Johns Ihi, ami is. In u by
directed to give notice of Uiu prtM-tl
improvement of said I'ltUburg strut as
provided by the city charter.
Remonstrances against Uie aivc im
provement may be filed in wilting with
the undersigned within 15 ila- imm ilu
date of the first puh!ic.tii"ii "I ilu,
lly order of the council
J. V. Hvnkx
City Keturtlcr
Published in the St. John-. Kmnv, Jau
uary u, ly and 2b lyoo.
M )u
I Mi
e Till)'
1 bi
Keep Your Eye Oa St. Jonas.