St. Johns review. (Saint Johns, Or.) 1904-current, January 13, 1905, Page 4, Image 4

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l'nbtltlied Kferjr frlJtjr Kfanlnf.
CP.OMI! A CAKTi'K, Editors and PublUhcra
Nnbtfrlptliiti ttlei, $1.00 per rear In adran'.
Aitrrrti.lng rate, $1.00 vtr Inch par month.
411 adfartltltiff kills payatla flrt of nch
Jab Printing i'icul l In Art elan iljle.
Hill) for Job Printing th on lliTery.
All rommtinlcatlon) ibould bs addraued la
Tha Review, HI. John), Oregon,
ODlclAl Kowipiper of tbo City of St. Joknf,
fRIDAY EVENING, January 13, 1905.
Wc bog the indulgence of our
pntrons this week. TJie installa
tion of a newsletter press has una
voidably delayed ns. I Iereaf ter we
Iiojk: mid promise to put out our
paper promptly on time.
W. N. Carter, formerly editor of
the Album Courier, linn associated
himself with J. C. Crome in the
publication of Tint UitviHW.
Tlie Lewis and Clark fair is nt
tnieting adventurers, exploiters
mid "fakirs." They are coming
in droves, and not the least con-
spiciious ninoiig them is the tidver
thiiiig "fakir." He is here ready
for the unwary, and with a gift of
lejk talk Is picfteiiting all kinds of
Wilieiniw in order to gather up the
dotlais. In nearly all eases these
KohuuiiK ate full of piomise to the
victim but without any k'tieficial
lutuill whatever. In ninety-nine
Mine out of one hundred, the te
tut im of Mich advertising are wholly
and eutiiely woithleiw. To p.ition
ihme fnkits Is wor than wast
ing money, it is cnntiihiitiug to a
cUmm of K.ople who live by their
ullH, and me iu good on earth.
Wu win ti the biisiuetw men of St.
Johns to look out for these fakirs;
doiil k hilkwl. All growing pin
Xicftdvc towns me tcgiirded as
iiiioii piey for thisclass of "fuk-
im", and they generally work them
ton finish. Our eopIe are pro
Riemdw mid HIk'IiiI adveitiseis, If
the milium Is shown to lie legiti
mate mid will bring good tustilts,
Tint Uitviuw linsudvooiitcd the
puiehiiM- of gioumlsfor city
in; v thought, and Mill think,
tlNit Ilk illy on i Id make no mlv
lukoby seeming a niiltiiul grove
In the hem t of the city on which to
elect a city hall ami other buildings
which the imputation
mid iiiitnlauce of the city will at
no distant day demand. This
Hirw. w believe, fiom an econ
omic tmidHiiiit, vidtie as yet not
huliiK too high, or not ucmly M
high they will k u very few
yum hence, as well as fiom mves
ally, would in a veiy slant while
Iihvo piovcii ti piocr one. In
ulioit we Micve it was in the
lKt iuteieNt of all the eoptc,
ThU view of the mutter, itapH.nrs,
in not Hhaiuil by a huge iiiiiiiIkic of
mil fellow citiicu-.. It u nigued,
mid IMX without itptMieiit good ica
w, tlwt the city U not in Hitiou.
flimik-iidly, to 4assiime the obligu
tioiw Mich a put chase would im
"0; that other mid more iinjmrt
nut tiwttvin will aUoibour nvuilu
lile tuiiMiic. Theie is, of com so,
it UeiiMud tiiti our assets for cer
tain immiveuienti that should not j
Miwl cnHimt Ik; iicKlectwl or set'
nMe. The city is youne; yet. ami I
nlmuM entiivly without the many
uvciwiiiy thiu,s which p,o towaid
plHcliig it in the Hsitiou to which
u m piiimlly aspire. The discus-
ready for the proposition, and, as
Tim Uhvikw aims to advocate no
measure except for the good of the
whole community, it will not fur
ther urge the matter. ,
lint there is an emergency at
hand. The city council has decid
ed to purchase fire equipment,
such as hose, hose carts and hook
and ladder truck, and these, to Ik;
effective, must Ix: housed and cared
for. The block on which the city
building now .stands has passed
into the hands of paities who in
tend building and improving the
same for business purposes, and
the city is forced to seek another
location. What will le done?
That land must Ixs secured some
where is a stern fact. The present
council will have to make the
move in this matter. To rentier
he fire apparatus of benefit, a site
must be .selected in close proximity
to thi. present business center. No
matter in what direction from the
corner of Jersey and Philadelphia
streets, it should lc close ill. It
would be wise, we think, to secure
an entire block, if tiossihlc, with
the view of providing for the re
quirements of the near future.
The cost, of course, would be ma
terially less than either of the park
sites, but public opinion, witli few
exceptions, is in favor of sufficient
ground both for present and future
demands, mid we believe the coun
cil will be fully justified in making
the purchase at once, k'toie values
luetease, as they are bound to do.
A few weeks delay will most prob
ably mean it matter of several bun-
died dollars to the city.
(rlp nnil Klarna t'anl In llnrunlnlna
Vor I'rrrliiim Stoiira.
'J'Jio peculiar ImiMiic nu'tlioiU of orl
nihil iiii'rcliitiiM iirv llliwtrntitl liy tli
miunicr of buying rtililes In llunnn,
miys tint Jrwi'lent (IlrciilnrWiTkly. In
tin) einiiilimtlon of rulilt nrtlllclnl
llxlit Im not umiiI, (tit) ini'ivliiiiit liolil
Inif tlmt fall Miiillu'it iiloiii' can tirliiK
nut Itio color ami lirlllliiney of tlio
Ki'iiiH. Hull niiixt tlierrfun take plnca
iii'twreii t) m. ni. nnil !l . in., mill tlm
ky iiiiml Im elenr.
'I'Im iitireluiHiT, ilnil nenr n win
ilnvc, littx ln'forc lilin n lnrKi' mpMr
pliitt1. Tlio Ni'llont tuiiip Id t i 1 it) olio liy
one, unit rni'li eniptles upon tlilx pin In
his Utile Inn; of rallies, 't he purcluiBer
priK-iN to ftrronun IIipiii for vnlim-
Una In it munlier of hiiiiiII Iimiph. Tim
llntt tllvUloii Is Into limit KrituY, lie
conlliiK to slri'. ICncli tif tliew uriiupn
I RKtitn tllvlitctl Into Hint) piles, ne
contlni; to color, ninl ench or tliino
piles Is iticitlaillvlill Into llini- Kroupn,
nceortlliiK to slmpr. Tin lirlulit copper
pinto hits n carlotiM tine. Tlio HiitillKtit
rvlltvleil fntni It tlimuuli tlio Mono.
hrtiiKs out with true nililen it color of-1
fret illlTerent rmia tlmt with nil pl
iit'ls ninl tiiuriniillnin, which nr thus
rually sepnrutttl.
Ttio tinier unit seller then K' throutsh
it very peetilliir mettiml of linrutilnliii;
ly sIkh, or, mthrr, t&i, In iKTfect
lleiu'o. Artor njcrtH-htR upon tho fnlr-j
Henri of Hit iliidKlileiilloii they Join i
ttielr rlulit liumls, eoverttt with a hnntl-
lervhlef or (ho Hup of n uiirinent, nnil
hy erlps ninl prem's inutunlly an-
iltTtftixxl iiiiioiik nil tlitiit ileulem tin
liutki. inixllfy ninl ntx-ejit pripnM of
purvlntKo mill fule.
17 for tlie finest looxioo feet In Point
View. ,
Several Inside lots at J8o to fS$ each rt
Point View.
The finest 50x100 feet business corner in
St. Johns, iaoo. ,
Pine Klve. view lot in St. Johns Park for
D, C. Rogers
Boulevard Addition
To St. Johns. High laud between car
line and river. Lots 50x100, alleys $200
Kasy monthly Payment!.
Paper Hanging
A Fino and Oomploto Lino of Wall
Paper Carried in Stock. Latest
For Choicest Cuts
or rncsH meats, Bner, fork
lUtn, lliton, I.ari, Klf., lwi;i th
Olta ui trlil
VTREBT. Nr flehool
F. J. Kocrncr
I'lnns ntul siHcil1cntloiis promptly
fnruixlieil 011 application. All work
lonu with ncrtlitCKM ninl tllnpatcli.
Thoe who nre interested in
Pianos should not fail to ex
amine the liire and iniiniilfi
cent line of Pinuos hnudletl hy
August W. Meyer
rim Ornllr Trruta I'I)mut Oar
Aillril tu rursral.
A ntnnlMT of profewtloiml men werti
ichniikiuir ri'iuliiUceniH or Kilwln!
Torrent, tin reat trni:elliiii. O110 of
them tolil the Htorv of I'orrint's eiiMTl-l
eiieo In the went, which wim not only WATCHMAKER
of Inwrent In llelr, btit nlao u tribute JEWELER
to tin urt of the actor,
The play Man "Vlrtilnlun," mul 1'or
rvot wiw itt hi In tin mvne
whrro hu HkiyH hla iluuthler the iuiJI'
eiiett wh tiluioat Jtrickeit with uwe.
ntul not a houikI wim liettnl utttll th
hvuo wtu eoucliiiloil, nfter which the
ttrtUt wiu Krwtnl with overio erluj;
npplauao, In the following net Vlruln
liu eunert on ttio nuiko looklnK wom
ntul ttUtrnctl. Tlio reaction bun mt
la, he U frentltHl over the I0&1 of hli
tlutiKhter, unit ho walks tip mid down,
eryltn; outs "Vlrslnla, VlrKlnlul Wher
In my rttiur
If you want the He.t there is
at prices and terms that can
not Ik: diiplieated liy other
dealers, nets him. Ami there
is one tiling you should lenr
in mind, he will not diop you
like n hot jkituto after you have
lMU)ht, hut will try ami please
you as much then'as hefon.
74 Sixth Street
ami practical at that. Anvlhiiur
in the liuu of repairing, watch 1
eleanimr, or proiwly lltting you'
inn hi.iv;, nun cvrrytiiiuj; Hil
ly miarantreil or no pay, o to
The Jeweler
II nt prices nre rilit and lie will
iutihtv you. Call ami make bin
ST. JOHNS, onrnnv
An old miner, who occupied a frout ! " -- - - -
row lu the orchestra aud who had Ihvu ' U. At. LALKINb
terribly wroudit i by the murder X f j
tjei'iu. eoulil hlutid thla no longer niul. r OUItrU Y UPti
Sioil of the junk tpiuMiou has arUInt: In hU plaw, houtd out lu Ptrus for imtclilnvr fmm llinx mT.
brought o, the fae, that, while a ,n""bU - ottitSSivT
latae iHiijonty would like to havei "Wtty. you old villain, you kllim her IJanvd mouth Rocks, per set-
White W'yandoltes nnd S. C. Leg
horns, 1.50 per siting.
Innilutor lota ti ptr too. Atw aorae 6ae atock
lir Ml. ViJtuia alttaya wtlcouif.
Uiiy yjthe two tkv.imhle sjkUs stH)k-1 ,H the mnrket houae In the last act
;?Buf.U,e ,?ple w.u, .hould m
uio mio juileo in umttets uher..
fiuyh a ctMisidemhle sum of their
"JOMHy, IS U In. expended, are not
Tbo laughter and applause that uret
.l thhi uueipected turu lu the per
fortuaixv mmto It neoosnary to Hug
down Uio curtulu. Harder' WciXJy,
Photic Union 1305
Point View Addition, St. Johns
Is' best expressed by our guaranty
of 20 per cent increase in value of
property during the coming year
Tills guaranty provides that in case tlie proper
ty you purchase does not increase in value at
20 per Cent
30 per cent during one year from
date of purchase we will refund your money
with 6 cr cent interest
This same gaurunty we have been offering .since
we first undertook to get industries nt St. Johns,
something over three years back nnd up to date
no one has ever asked for his money back.
Lots and Acreage on Installment
Hartman, Thompson & Powers
3 Chamber of Commerce, Portland, Or.
O. L. CHAPEL, Agent at St. Johns.
OOOO 0b40O4O00C00O;
Bickner Brothers
Department Store
All Goods Sold at Portland Prices !
Keen a large ateck of General Merchandise, includim? Dry Ooodg
Feed J Pc0CSinGerie3' SiffilSr1
r!j n n 1 eTfrJtb,ne- fuelr Price are
" v .1 5 WMte your time B!nS
1 ortland, but come in and see our
tock and priced.
Remember The Big Department Store
Corner Jersey Street and Broadway
St. Jokaa, Ortfoa
-,:..-,.. -" . . a