Crook County journal. (Prineville, Or.) 189?-1921, June 30, 1921, Image 1

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    0 01 O UBRAKT
1 , -
Milk cows of proven worth and thB
sows of one of the best known
standard brnr,ds, registered broods
ere to be supplied the farmers
throuKhout tbe county by the Dunk
of Prlnevllle, according to the ann
ouncement of J. L. Krnopp, lu
president, today.
While the plan la not announced
In detail, a mlnnlmum payment only
In to be required of the farmers, and
showing that tufflclnnt provlilon In
the way of hay, pasturage and bolt
er, all of which ihould be met by
men on the Irrigation projects, la to
be the only requirements It la aald-
In the opinion of the directors nf
the Bank of Prlnevllle. the future of: rr,,'evllle pacl"d ln lca nd ,now
the Ohoco Project with He 12.000 '" th "' srds of the car.and
acres of Irrigated lands, depond
very largely upon whether It can
be aettled by ranrhere who own from
forty to eighty acrea of land. It !
unreasonable to think at thla time
that any man can mflte a living by
ralalng alfalfa at the preaent prlcea.
We believe Irrigated land n the
Prnevlle territory la particularly well
adaptable to the dairy business.
How can a rancher fare better than
to have from five to twelve cowi and
receive a milk check each month
with which to pay hla grocery and
other expense billa.
The Bank of Prlnevllle la ready to
atand ahoulder to ahoulder with the
dairyman and aaeat him financially
to eecure cows providing of courae
the Ranks requlrementa can be met.
Arrangements have been made
with County Agent Tucker to select
the ('own. In company with professor
Fills of Oregon Agricultural College
who has pledged his services for the
enterprise. The cowa will be deliver
ed to the farmers at actual cost,
which will perhapa be from $85 to
Mr. Karnnpp aaya he la Interested
In seeing a large number of cows
In herda of five or six, placed during
the remaining six months of the year,
and believes that the venture Is ons
of the most Important ones that could
be undertaken for the farmers, and
he wlahes all who are Interested toj
call at the bank aa soon as possible
and sign applications for the cows
and bogs. i
Irrigators, you have., accomplished
In the Battle of the Rose Festival,
you have Justified that which Crook
County expected from your Intrepid
ity. You have covered yourselves with
Eternal Glory.
But more remains for you to do.
It is for the Crook County Irrigators
to show to the People of Crook
County the fruits of Victory.
by the Crace of Votes, King of The
Irrigators, do hereby ordain that on
.the Fourth Day of the Seventh
Month in the First Year of Our
Reign, all LOYAL SUBJECTS shall
esaomble, in full uniform, at the City
of Prlnevllle to assist In showing the
fruits of our Glorious Victory and
Celebrate the One Hundred and
Forty-sixth Anniversary of (he Indep
endence of The United Stutes of
Attested on this twenty-second day
of the Sixth Month of the FlrBt
Year of the Reign of His Mnjesty,
Alfalfa Rex King of the Irrigators.
Meet at Legion Hall nt 9:80 A. M.,
where line of march will form.
Ladles rest rooms have been pro
Tided for the celebration on July 8,
4 and 6 at the Ladles Annex and the
Service Motor Sales gnrage.
A party compound of J. L. McDan
lol, E. E. Evans and Wm, Peteraon
returned yeaterday from East Make,
where they spent two dayl trolling
for rainbow trout. ,
They returned with 40, none leaa
than alxteen Inches ln length and
omo well toward three feet, all
caught with the trolling apoon,
baited with fiih gill.
The flub, were dreaeed, brought to
photogragha taken to prove to future
i generations that the story Is true,
j The fl"h were very good, we have
first hand Information.
By special arrangement the newt
of the big prize fight which Is to be
beld Saturday afternoon, will be re
ceived in Prlnevllle and Bend by tbe
cooperation of the Journal and tbe
Bend Bulllten.
The newa will come Into Prlne
vlle, round for round, as the fight
progreases, and will be on bulletins
In front of the Journal office.
The latest dope la to the effect
that the main bout will start at about
five o'clock eastern time, which la
about two oclock here, and the first
bulletin should come about 1:80.
In the case of A. M. Logan and
Fisher C. Logan, doing business
under the name of Logan Brothers,
plaintiffs, versus R. B. Cross, defend
ant, the Supreme Court at Salem
affirmed the Judgment of Judge T.
E. J. Duffy, on Tuesday, June 28.
Logan brother bought two hundred
tons of hay from R. B. Cross In Jan
uary, 1920 and claimed that It was
not all delivered to them. They
theD brought suit against Cross thru
their attorneya. Jay H. Upton and
Willard H. Wirtx on the grounds of
non-performance of contract.
The case- was decided for Logan
Brothers In the Circuit Court and w
appealed to the Supreme Court by the
defendant, where the Judgment waa
M. W. Sklpworth left this city
Wodnesday for Bend where, he
Joined members of the American
Legion Post, there who were on
their way to The Third Annual State
Convention of the American Legion
of Oregon, and the First State Con
vention of its Woman's Auxlliay,
which meets in the Armory at Eu
gene, Oregon on July 1st and 2d.
. The Legion representatives from
Bond are planning to make the trip
by autos and are taking theMcKenzie
Pass route. They will start Thurs
day mornng.
JUr. Skipworth and Donald M. Gra
ani, who is now in Portland, are the
two representatives from Prlnevllle. from over a hundred
posts of tthe Legion will be on hand
at Eugene, and questions of national
and western interest will be taken
up. .
Ranger E. W. Cy) Donnelly,
accompanied by Cy Klmmoll, went
to Dear Valley on the Malheur Foreat
; on Wednesday, June 22, and took
I over from the Malheur an almost
new Kaxh-Quad truck of the two-ton
type, and brought It to Prlnevllle on
( the following day. The truck waa
' loaded wlh gasoline and supplies of
I every description and taken to the
Snow Mountain district, where It wll ,
( be used In connection with the new
' road through the Forest between
Suplee and Burns. It Is expected
that the truck will work fine for use
In pulling a road drag.
W. B. Bennett has taken up work
with tbe Forest Service again and ia
now helping Lee Blevlns and J. E.
Wilson finish tbe road up Summit
Prairie bill
John Dobry and Jack Ireland are
doing some work on the road up to
Lookout Mountain, and It Is expected
that this road will aoon be in shape
so that the venuresome motorists
may climb to the summit of the
mountain If they desire.
Word was 'phoned isto the super
visor's office from Mill Creek road
camp June 27 that in some way the
saddle and pack horses belonging to
Ranger J. .0. F. Anderson had eaten
some poisoned oats that bad . been
kept in camp for rodent poisoning,
and that his saddle horse bad died
within a few minutes. Word was re
ceived that the other two animals
would probably recover.
Ranger C. F. Congleton spent a
couple of days In the office of tbe
supervisor last week going over graz
ing and fire plans and the like for
the present season. (
Ranger C. W. Goodnight came
in from Maury staton Tuesday suff
ering considerably from an ulcerat
ed tooth.
rather perplexing problem con
fronts the sheep men who are trallng
to the Cascade mountains. It ap
pears that certain bands of sheep In
fested wfth scabies have crossed and
trailed over the range between
Powell Butte and Benjamin Lake,
making it Impossible for clean sheep
to get from the Prlnevllle section to
the Cascade mountains without cross
ing the Infested area unless they
trail through the lane by way of
Redmond. This means that the
sheep must be dipped under the sup
ervision of an Inspector before they
enter the - mountains, or else
take the road as mentioned. It is
understood that the sheep belonging
to S. W. Yancy, Ralph Proflly and
possibly T. H. Brennan, will be dipp
ed in a vat to be constructed at Cres
Traveling by air. Dr. J. H. Rosen
berg, Prince Chittem Bark, Prime
Minister for Crook County Irrigators
will drop in onGovernor Olcott this
afternoon, Via the airplane route,
with a special message to the execut
ive. While the contents of the mesage
are not public. It is said that the
governor Is being tendered the ap
pointment of Prince of the Airplane
of the Crook County Irrigators, and
with it a special message to be in at
tendance at the Oregon Inter State
Fair In this city the first week in
October. ,
Last Sunday afternoon, the Prlne
vllle nine showed real class when
tbe team defeated Madras 8 to 1.
With Tetherow on tbe mound and
allowing only two hits, Prlneville's
bunch treated the local fans to Its
first victory on the home lot. Mad
ras won Its only score in tbe first
inning, and after that victory was
hopeless with half the team on Its
way to the bosoltal and the other
half none too optimistic as to when
it would be led to the slaughter. It
was an unlucky day for Madras.
The first man up to bat was bit by
the first ball delivered, and a short
time later another man was taken
out because of Injuries.
Now that Prlnevllle has won from
one of the best teams in Central Ore-1
gon, and also is assured of having j
lemerow pucn, considering mat ne
pitched a no-hit no run game against
Bend, the fans are taking keen in
terest ln the coming tournamnt and
the local team has won the support
of tbe fans who are looking forward
to a big showing against the visit
ing teams.
Plans for the securing of actual
settlers on the irrigated lands of
Crook county are being worked out
by the County Chamber of Com
merce, according to Secretary W. B.
Tucker. All land owners who have
irrigated tracts for sale are request
ed to give tbe information to the
secretary at his office in the court
Wednesday afternoon two of the
County trucks hauled gravel on the
main street, and Thursday morning
saw the adjoining property owners
lined up along the thoroughfare
busily raking the larger rocks to one
side where they could be kauled
The work was done under the sup
ervision of C. W. Woodruff. At first
the plan was to put a substantial
surface on the road, but owing to
the expensiveness of this course, the
idea was abandoned for the present,
and only sufficient work to get the
street in shape tor the celebration
was all that was put on It.
Willie Carey, employed at the Ha
rold Baldwin ranch, was seriously
injured when his team with which
be was mowing, ran away and threw
him into the cutting bar of the ma
chine. Three fingers were severed
from his left hand.
Wendell E. Fuller and Edylhe L.
Wondery were married Monday eve
ning by. Reverend Gallaher at the
Methodist parsonage. The ceremony
was performed in the presence of the
bride's mother and sister.
Mr. and Mrs. Fuller will make
their home on the James Prose ranch
on Dry Creek.
Wednesday afternoon, at the
borne of Mrs. W. I. Dlshman. an in
formal reception was given ln hon
or of Mrs. William O. Tenlnty, wife
of the pastor of the Presbyterian
church. All the ladles of the city
were invited and over a hundred
guests were present A special musi
cal program was rendered as fol
lows: Mrs. E. C. Bergh Vocal 8olo
Mrs. O. O Adams Vocal Solo
Mrs C. M. Elklns.. Vocal Solo
Mrs. Chas. S. Edwards.. Violin Solo
Miss Flora Edwards Violin Solo
Miss Ethel Conway Piano Solo
Mrs R. W. Douglas.. Piano Colo
Miss Blanche Shlpp Piano Solo
Refreshments, consisting of crushed
strawberries and wafers , were
served. - ,
The reception was given under
the auspices of the Ladies Aid of tbe
Presbyterian church.
According to the Oregoniafa this
morning, the state highway commis
sion will build a highway from the
mouth of Bear Creek, connecting
with the present Crooked River
highway, to Milllcan, connecting!
there with the Bend-Burns highway,
with a view of going south to Lake
view for an all year connection with
California points.
This includes the graveling of the
Crooked River highway' and the
commission states that it believes
such a connection would be an all
year road through the state to the
southern country.
Tbe commission is letting con
tracts for the construction of bridg
es across Mill Creek and Marks
Creek on the Ochooo highway.
This construction is progressing
rapidly, the grading on the east end
of the road being well advanced, and
the distance around the Ochoco res
ervoir is well opened up and much
of the way the highway is completed
ready for graveling.
This highway will make traffic
between Prineville and the Mitchell
county much easier, and will mean
much to the people of that com
munity and those in tbe east end of
the county, in addition to being a
valuable link ln the east and west
state highway.
Mr. and Mrs. Charley Johnson
visited at the Brant home Sunday.
Mrs. J. N. Crow and daughter
Lora are at their ranch home, after
several weeks in Bend.
Mrs. Gillkey left Tuesday evening
for Portland, having been called to
the bedside of her. mother who is
seriously ill.
Mrs. Albert iShults and daughter.
Verna, entertained the Jolly Neigh
bors Thursday. There were 26
women and children present.
Mr. and Mrs. Curt Muller ami
children, of Bend, attended the an
nual school meeting in Alfalfa Mon
day. Miss Rae Leonardos spending the
' week with relatives in Bend.
' Clarence Mertsching of Prineville,
t was visiting relatives and friends
; in Alfalfa last week. He graduated
' from C. C. H. S. this year.
JIY 345
! ' 1 "
The baseball tournament opens
8unday, July 3d, with Prluerillo
playing the fast Antelope team. Ia
the past games this season these
two teams have divided honors, each
winning one game. Tbe Wasco
County boys have a fine record this
year, having defeated Maupln, Grass
Valley, Prineville. Bend and Madras.
The game Sunday, will be a bummer
as both teams are old rivals and they
are going strong at tbe present
time. Antelope won from Maupln
who has lost but one game in nine
teen played this year.
Dugan Rooper. the "Christy Math
ewson" of Central Oregon will be on
the mound for Antelope, while op
polng him for Prlnevllle will be Jess)
Tetherow, Prlneville's iron man, an
old time favorite with tbe Central
Oregon fans.
On the Fourth, the Portland team
and Maupin will have the field
Following is an account published ia
the Oregonian last Monday: "Port
land Woolen Mills team batted its
way to 13 to 1 win over the Amer
ican Express aggregation. Larson
of the winners allowed but. three)
hits. He got a home run and a two
bagger himself. Davis made a home
run with two on ' in the eighth.
Battery for Portland, Larson and
Poff." - j
Maupin team is made up of a very
strong- aggregation.- If will be re
membered that this teem was defea
ted by the Prineville nine last year
during a similar celebration by a
score of S to I
' On the third day of the celebra
tion. July Eth, the two losing teams
will play in the morning end the two
winning teams will play in the after
noon. Tbe team taking first place
will walk off with the, purse.
In addition to the baseball tourn
ament, will be other events, as in
teresting as well aa exciting, in the
way of street events in which both
young and old can participate. On
of the principle events to take place)
on the street is the parade, which
is scheduled for July Fourth. The
participants will assemble at 9:30
and the parade will start from the
Legion Hall.
Sunday morning at 11 o'clock at
the Ball Park, an open air service
w ill be held and Rev. M. R. Galla
her will deliver the sermon, "The
Nation's Obedience to Faith." A
special choir will furnish the music
Following the parade on the 4th,
an address will be delivered by tbe
speaker of the day. Rev. J. Edgar
Purdy of Bend.
At noon on the Fourth, a barbe
cue, in charge of H. W. Kelley and
J. W. Horigan, will be held near the
City Park. Everyone is invited to
take their lunch to the park, aa
there is plenty of shade and a clean
place to spread the feed. A number
of new benches were lnstalledby
the Mayor and Councilmen, which,
will prove to be very convenient. Tho
Celebraton Committee will serve
barbacued beef, coffee and pickles,
and the people are requested to
bring only the trimmings to finish
the feed, and cups if they want cof
fee. Monday and 'Tuesday evenings,
the crowds can find entertninment
at the show or at ie Legion Hall,
where a jitney dance will be given.
The Johnson Creek jazs orchestra
will furnish the music. ' '
Mrs. P. B. Poimlexter, son Vernon
and daughter Cora, arrived in town
the first of the week from Oakland,
California, where they spent the win
ter. They drove from Oakland to
Prineville in 36 hours running time,
and report the roads excellent.