Crook County journal. (Prineville, Or.) 189?-1921, January 03, 1901, Image 1

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VOL. V. NO. 8.
KVILLK LOlXiB, 0. , A.,'. A. M
'-- ' Man.mli' ft-miile on Sturdje.
. ntou. of i month. - . 1 .t
t V ..- T BALDWIN, T
pARSATIOS ChSViKR, JCrt. 'o.. ft. - I
Mwrs mm j i,.Wrth rpnirtv(feaYlt.
month, In Masonic IVmrl... '
V T t I . .. W U
DiVtD P. ADAMSOS, S.M-'. ' ' . ' ' ' '
r tu
Odd Fellows' ball ever !Mfw,
Chrk Cohrs, Secretary.
f .UNA I
li Odd!
intr. AUtj
OnE. MO: .V It rf P.-1eot in
Frtlnwr ball fverv Wfirs rt.
li. AUbruUivrtiu toKXi gtnnrtini! invittHl to
H. Sichk, K. of R. aqd S.
OCHOOO i:oiXiK, NO. 101, A. K V. W. Mif
in CVM' hfcll -oa t'x second ud j
JiTrttt MudavoiMrh Trionth. I
W, Draper, M. WJ -a
C. Corns, Recorder. 4 t 9 x ;
SUNBEAM IfSHS.TsX . r. of H M-, "
ine. MrK M rf; PK hief of Honor. '
HS. H. P. HSi-KSAP, Kec, .
of WorW.-Moets l Fellows' ball on !
the first ni Uurvi TUursly eveuinc oj.etb 1
BloalQ. - - M. A. Bklu j
Consul Cowumwler. .
J. I McCtuoch, Clerk.
J cie. Meeta t Old Keliows' ball every Frt
uy evening. ju.RS.fN. 4. relsn?.
- Worthy iiuatxiian.
Mim Mtnxtk Crooks, Clerk.
, 1 - "' -'" s
Office in the rear of Bclfcmap Moore a
0. HYDE, M. D.
FtjsiciaB d Surgeon.
Phone Xa. 2. Keitrce, in
eome'a Addiuoo.
Cal 1 9 ans wrel pronlItly"iaTr bight."
Omce wi h ir. . xsaer.a-Keai-
deoct iWdby Uotei
C PALB-.R " J " .'
Ittoraey-kSr taff lalarr PaMic-1-
' " : - ;
All bosiDewrQnykUiaii careCnlljt a
tended lo. l"olietuJn4 a
Specialty. .j' . J "
PriMcrlUa .
' Offfoi.',
Ittomsj an4; .Cott-seUor al Li
' -nVrejblT
T W. HfrtKifi- - ?
0 1
Altoniej-it-Ltt. . .. J
.' , V5 ,sv j
-'.i. . 1 ."..v
C PALMER , . . i
Land Filinn and Final Proofs XjTven
Special Attention. , .,. ,'
dialis a
Wines .. Liquors Cigars
Main Street
' " " -
Cary House Bar
J " ... ... j. .. . .-..-!
o: GYnus'
v Tonsorial Rarlors
Kt :! Is herebyl given that I have
appointed the follow r,g named persona
- Deputy fetovk Jus.
J. P. Cartwriifht. .
J IIP pi ct o .
..ffay Creek
..Cross Keys
rv . .Ttfffrwctod
Jvrueet Sherars. ..
Harry Webb-.r. -K.
parks .
A. Rjfrow. ... .1 .
V. U Sirikh......
Ror-oe Kulx
T. C Hwain
J. 6. Bouue
......... . - - . - .Siaters
. . -. . .Jlayatack
. -. . M. . - Paulina
....T. ....... -..'.fost
Bear Creek
Alex 3Uintosh.
Stock Inspector of Crook County, t
Yon cannot sell your goods
Unless jou advertise lb cm
' the fcest jnediaaa otj
cuir Mil
I ; Has established its reputation astheIOSl
TOWCTfrgTLMvEPT HOTEL in Crook County.
- - " -..-
Hsadauarters tot Stockmen
.sjSLt u , ,
Terminus of
The , Heoulatoc
REGULATOR" and "DALLFS CITY" daily between The Dalle and
Portland. Passenger and freight Service.
Steamers '
'.- VV'e offr nsTnaj3eS ind'cement to jMaWnfrer, tn4 reieVSfuny ollolt their pl
rvnjre. Our t,piUii are Cumfurt. tjvtivkt Tln aui l"l-aur. nr tea men
4 b .vti been fit iu ibM'M4K reuau-. kud fotiiUft adl4 tc Ui comfort and at oJ
Too Tt)nch cannot r aaW tfi far or of Cnix
10 y thtU idrn ihe Coluubia."
livtcom from uuoitd dwuA, combine
.. ,'. - , - --
: FREIGHT : t J ,
are at aH t!nei rtrpaml to handle
ness. W e have a commodious arehoue, where (hipmenu can b caxa of un
til called for. Wool aud wheat ahtpmenta eapocially aoUcttod. -
Onr ratea will always be found as low as the low4Q aad al wa aXlow aa ( a'ibl
j to ma.w them. Oar aim m to nl avor to keep iu line with uur former policy and
b it In lid ts well u name, -THE RKiilLATOR LINE." Write for rie mn,
iuMrated fo.tler. Porohae your ticlketa aud btp your Iratcht via ttso Riiti L'LaToK
LiVK- correspondeuc aollcitod.
. u. allawai, uenerai
General Commission
z. f:
Adjoining' R.
The Dalles,
Jp3pt SUentien will be paid to thoe
. -.. "' -
WaoiT. Springs:
., Leaves Prineville at6a.rh. on Tuesday,. Thursday and )
C..P7P.T7 ', 7o7v" -T?' YrrTrV-STrTrlnrrc --Itlnli fir Cr TV. i
. . . . . ' o ...
Ua ts ana wav points. " .- . . -
, 1 . , , .',,- , ' . 'i- 1 Die cpnttt)Ur qf.the.iCurrency hat
Leaves Warm bpnngs at 6 a. m. oiv -ftionaay, AVednesoay. appointed a seeiur .for.. h.Aiericn
and Friday," ion;necttng; at Prineyille wkh-.tages to Curns'Netionai B.apk " of Baltimore. it
iLakevif-vaiHl other poiajk:!. ., ' -; -.j thought that depositor. ui be paia
" Through to' The -Dairts in tXAVTm,.; Farei .f.soq .-"mh, .Tien T.m i.y.s
1 Roynd trip, $13.50. Good accommodations L all Stations," and . "Prince I'hing asserts that Kmperor
rrsmtrirrnVilp vf-riirlpc f : ' . ..'. " 1 Kwang Hsu, : unaccompanied bv. the
, o...:-..t.. :
c 'ri t n j xa: iit 1
a, p(tirQm.1inc.uai io.-;tjncviut-f 2
j Jiajt" Vllil.v ' CX A 11 1 Jl.
STrm.-rtrila rfriirfel ThdDalles.
i i
- The Prineville & Qnahiko
-f -
leaves Fhsniko at 6 P M. every day, and arrives in Prineville at . 0 A. M
Leaves Prineville at tt P. M. every day, and arrives in Bhaniko in 12 hours. ,.
Carries the U. S. mail, pwsengersand express. . ..; ' ' ' ' . .
- Connects at TrinevJlTe- with stagfes for Eastern and Southern Oregon, Northern
1al1fonia and interior points. , Also; makes connection at Shaniko with trains
fo" Portland and. all Eastern points. . . , -. .
. . A . . . . . ( .
- Good accommolationa along- the road.-
r't-ace coaches, and now have the uest equipped stage line in astern Oregon for
the accommodation of the traveling public '. ' ' - .. . .
'. All persons wishing passage must way-bill at 'offices lfore 'taking' passage;
othrra will not be re. ei veil. . Expreet moat be way-billed at the offices, or Stage
Company will not be responsible. j r.i.
The Company will take no risk on money transmitted.
' '.Partiatilac'fttention given to delivering express- matter at Prineville' and
Southern poind in Oregon, and advance charges will be paid by the company.
5 T': J.JJ . j ' .
All Stage; Lkes.
rOlttAM) &
line as a ftteanr ratife almvst artoort
The eooliuc ttreaa. the K rlUid aceaerr, tli
u BUt tt a momi a jo able' irp Try IU
r ,- ,-0 ...
- -
raref-ilW freirhl of all kinds, wltlt vromrt
A?ent, me uaues, ur.i"'".
in Business at the 013
Well - Known Stand - ' '
R. Depot
Or : -
P: ft
f ho favor me "Vitb. their patrona gn,J
? ?.': .; i . i i -
rJ.' E.. .CAMPBELL, Proprietor.
. i , o 1
r.- u. i ;- , 0
tcqLb per po una. -,
a 1 111 V IltCj '',1-aU '
K' - ' - 1
COKNETT, Manager.
We- have recently put chi new thorough-'
From All Parts ol the New World
. .r.tiv' a i i -
- and'Tne Old." ' f '
- u- . , v
- r ; . r t p
; . " ' . -v ;.
Comprthensrvi'Rltvlew or the Important Hap-1
i penings of the Past Wtek In .
' ' , " Condensed. Form. .
. ' - r , i
the Kuidiun genina ef the I
i. . ,
i. Minister Wa thiuka
demands ted mncb- ,
the joint note
Minnesota 4)as experienced' ber fiist
blizzard o the year.- " . .
The Japanese minister of wmmH
cation hss resicned.
Spokane baa' decided d ! . a. .-
ersl fair dnrins 19U2.
Oregon baa paid out i ,.v.
in scalp bounties during '
Pnblio attention in
copied with crime, in hit 1
Kitchener reports that -.
into Cape Colony has bee.
...Germany wants the sal .
bi 11 before buying an A ,
ship, s i; -t s .
. RebejL are 'anlteT&d
tlnces bi&'anay a CebD.
. Rnalpad will buy 5O.P0O
asnles tn-taie Ijnited Stales. f
Sooth Africa. - "' .
Delav in nreotiations " in
gTeat change of sen tint en is t
China in Japan.
V AVtofiMdo ai rent Vaffye
wirea beins down.
H. Pbelpa Wbittnarsb baa I
JJtrv-five Insurgents were kill.
one American wounded in an enc :--"qar
G-anobat.ui Philippine iln - ' '
E. II. Sonthern, the weir know
tor, Wlbo ha been laiii up for some - , .
by an "acot-Dt. ia entirely ecove v
A large portion of the Philpp .
must be abandoned nnle&a the relie
the army is immediate, saya Secret .
Root. - ; ' . " .
- The police are working, on the ca
ot Lock, the l'ortland burglar recent';. :
rrerej. It ia thonght that a chai 5
of murder will lai.l t bis door. '
. Fire which started in a Pennsylvanh
coal mine 42 years ago is nnder control. , ...
and it is aafd.ihat the next two years
will see it extinguished.- Ihe tire has
consumed about 35 cres of the fiist
coal band in the anthracite region. j
1 longer was instxuctei' to sign the
There ia another bitch in the Chinese
negotia(iona. -
.-- Xroosaa'-wre 4ieia -concentrated. -In
Northern Cai Colony."
iuB war aiucs nss nrrHngea
po reiakirce-Kitct)ener at ooce. t
Nicholas Darnell, a pioneer of Kaat- '
em Oregon, ia dead, aged 63 yeara.
" ( Bator McBride
appropriation tor
hm askod for lrgr
catotus eervic
launch sjtatoria u .... i
Tha fiooth.lCel Iv Lnmhftr ComtiABT
wafchaajte ita bea partes from Sag-
inawto JJugeqe, Or.... I
' ' " -.
!' G6veTnor Ueeraska Pacific Northwest
atat-a to Join .Oregon in ceJeuration of
Lewis, and Clarke-ceuovunial: :'-! '
A mob at Gulf Port. $liss, lynched
egro. It now ai pears that be was"
B -wrong man.. , .. . .. '
The supreme court of OClo has dis
missed five cases brought under the
I "trait laws of ttm tat. V
it is probaitle that tne president win
visit Portland and the Pngst sound
cities on his trip in May. .
-ftate'of Washington pays .IL.300 '
Bugwr Dfluuty to.iocal sugar -ueet . lao
tory for Spokane county cropC
The striking telegraph operators on
the Santa fe have given ap the fight.
Their placea nave been filled by new
have been massacred by Turks. . The
Turkish authorities, -show the fctinbst
; inJ.ffan
i tuu s uci vui.ti. -
tmpresa uowager, ieit hinan m oe
K '
The dead body ol rVfwf F. Johnson
1UMU, TV awl VU M.a
-venue, Puyallup. The. presumption
was: found in a
1 U.tlist Johnson fell into he ditch and
' w&a.nnable to rescue himself.
r. A coal mine under the ciy ot , Pitts.
0-'tOTf!f Pennsylvauia, has partially
j cavin in, allowing part ol the priuctpal
! street of the town to fall iuto the oiine.
I It if feared other sections will if. ho
amk. ar. '.'
The salmon output in- the Ngrhwess
exceeds that of nil former years. -
la Prussia an income tax is levied
on ' all vihoae income exceeds $225 a
year. . . - , .
An agreement has been reached set
ting aside $20,83 month for Count
ess Caatel lane. Jay Gould's daugter. .
fti M. H anb'a, brother of the 'sena
tor, gave a Cleveland hospital Northern
Paoilio preferred stock valued .a $82,-
'000'.:. . . . ;
,. Thirteen colored women whose ages
range from., 85 to 75, are -attending
I night school in Jersey City, N. J., and
I taking their firkt lessons in reading..- .
' .-'An Alabama geologist', who has Neon'
prospecting in the -neighborhood of De
oattu, saya he has found unmistakable
traces of gold and phosphate within
15 miles of the dty named. 1 ' ' ' ' '
- The gross earning, of 143 representa
tive railroads for the first nine month,
of this year amount to the, sum oi
$888,991,000. This is $80,000,000
more than . the same roads earned for
linejerreponqinB.l"BB.lnjeuM!. .
- 1 .- .4l. .1 CS .
Tbtee children at. Qiymnia were cre
mated alive.: '"' - " '
i There are said to be 30.000 lepers in
p cl-
I -SlassaoreBS of nittive CliristianH in
China continue.
' .
Cleiients cannot force ihe I5oer
a ' ?
The liittiber' iiyluarry in Eastern Ore-
4Hi npiiliy growing. '
V squadron of Veomaury ie eniJ to
la've been captured by Boera.
Whitmaran, the new governor of
lenguet, ia Vlirilisn aaliject. ) - -
Stocks of wool in the United fetates
exceed 350.000.UOO pounds. ,
. A receiver
Old Town bank,
' A receiver was appointed . for tbe
at Baltimore. . .
. The trial of A 1 void, the' defaulting
aote teller, bin been iostpnue.l. ,
' "i ' . u:'i ii of ex-Attornerv-General
" icted by his mother.
..e. ..-making-little prog-rws
' . . wi from Cape Colony.
. a -well known reei
.i. -t . ; . : .: committed suicidji.
l'---:;." v r sli, at the New Tork
; . - . js " greatest ever known
students have been foreign ministers there are unanimous
rsburg for propagat- j ly of the opinion that China will ac
aes . cepa the conditions imposed by tbe
0 refugee, ears the ioin ' of ' powers within a
1 neves succeed in I month. The note was .started on its
ine islands. wy to the dowager empress and the
1 emporor immediately- after its presen
wked to recognize i tttion bnt communication ia slow, and
sinking the .Mer: ) u probably will not reach thein nntil
6UUno. i Doc. 27. ' .' '
yed the 3 ethedj f "Vice-Admiial ' Aliexoff." says the
olored) oflW ' St. Petersbarg oorrespondens of the
tor. was fatally Times, "baa issued orders to the men
. ..i - ... : voder his command ' in China to make
id rejectis the '
. '
. nrt'a-aiii '
' Ttiey were
most likely
show that
to justify
the tinted
pianist. :
- en forced
- netting a
pruuu- i
. .
. "
4. .
1 , '
"Tbt -"". T- Kho01 the
legujiatnxe to gram normar g aauates
dint.miLS tinder foi mer ioikI lti.mii
"An unsuccessful attempt was ninIe
to blow op
M;Jiuiel in Oklahoma, terri- j .
A saspect has been attested.
Two tiotA.1 ChimLrn scipnttAtA dMnlurn
alter long experiments, that the beat
ing of the heart ia caused by comuiou !
salt in the blood. . !
James Patterson, for the past four,;
years city treasurer of Aberdeen, j
Wash... ts dead at, his home in that !
city, aged 67 years.
A shooting affray occurred at Burke, i
idahu, aud as a result 1 earley Gordon
j , ,, t . : .1.. .. i. i
and Charles Beck are in the hospital
. . . ,
suffering from ahot wounds.
Alfred llarmsworth, editor and pro-
prietor of the London Dniv Mail, pre-
,du:taa complete revolution in journal-'
tarn dniing the coming century.
John Tiger,
full bloode.1 Tn.lian,
living in Indiao territory, while Intox
icated, shot and killed thrve men and
wounded a bov. He ww captured.
. A sesioua race war is eacpectej at
afwuedtville, a small Indiana town.'
The troable was caused by two negroes
getting Id tor tea tod and trying to in
tiinidato alt the whites they met. . '
A French detachment of 100 men on
I.. - , ... . . , . ...
- their wayfrom Tien Tsin to Hung Tsu,
fwere .fired upon by Boxera' aa they ap-
nrnarhed a sma II . vil aire. One ollicer
mall . villave. One ollicer
w.. killed and another woundeiK The!
r.,h h.,rn.ri th. villa...
- -.- - - . "1
, Webb Jay. Indianapolis manager for ,
tne riica iviauuincturiu voiuihuj, oi
Winsboro, III. andf a promineujf bowl-
was arrested on a charge of embez
Element, preferred by S. B. Uaiehat t
praftiilent of-trie company. Jlr. -Kiue-hart
stH tea ' that the alU')Jrti'bhoi tage
will not exceed $S,000. "
King Viotor' of Itaiytiad a narrow
escape from drowning while viewing
the tlood in Kawie: " ' r - i
Since the repeal of the Colorado law
providing for capital puuatdimeut there
have been 73 murders in .- Denver and
vicinity. - - . ..-
Horseshoes, weighing, an, ounce each
and1 just a trirle larger -than a silver,
dollar were turned out-in a California
shop for a Slietland p"y "six- mouths
Id. . ' ' - "'- " v.--. '
: . ..- j -
A furniture dealer in Providence, R.
I., offers to provide the .eninister.r mar
riage feast and' wed iing trip, to yQ.arflK
oeuples patronizing him for house hbld
goods. . ''""' " ' ' 41. ,' ' .
I- : The famous oH race hoaae. Robert J
who went a mile in 2:01 H against
time, and ..went a. mile in a race In
2:02 was sold at a recent horse sale
(or $625. ,
The New York Centra. railroad will
spend $2,500,000 in improving it. har
bor property at Boston. . The plan iu-
eludes tnaiart ist grain aievaor qnne
j .i.4-i'jK -. . -
" I in...-n..i
Envoys Believe She Vill Con
cede Powers' Demands. . -
Princes Tuan and Chung Taken Into Custody
In the Interior Yu Mtien Ordered to
' Return to Sinan Fu to Be Executed.
" London, Deo. 27. The Shanghai
correspondent of the Standard 'tele
graphing. Deo. 26, says: . '
,4Tbe srovernment bai arrested Prince
Tuan and Prinoe Chung on the borders
of the Shan Si and hen Si provinces.
Yvt Hsien hits ' been ordered to return
ito Sinan Fn forthwith, to be executed,
! it ia supposed.
"It ia inferred from these reports
that the imperial authorities are pie
j paring to concede tne demand of the
joint note for the punishment of the
I instigators of the trouble in China."
j. According to a news agency's dia-
ratrh from Pekin- dated Deo. 26. the
detailed lists Of the Chinese property
money, cattle, tirovisiens. etc. -takii
by them, and where soch property now
ia. The oorrespondnt also says that
detach mnt f fiotsiaaSfAii Soutbani
land Soatlieasterii Maucfanr im-poaXimam 4
the work of eT.vrwiwvtrtoxjtMri
j Chinese troops and origan da. -
i A dispatch train Pekin to a news
' agency here dated Dec. 26, ears' mis
tionariea state that Boxers 35 miles east
. of Pefcin killed 12 Ctftholics and burned
.eight in the temples. - . , - ,
The Positioa of Cape Colony Is flanging hi
. the Balance.
. ' London, Deo. -27".-The position of
..Cape Colony ts banging in the balance.
closed by Lord Kitchener's combina
tion. Lord Kitchener ia in the heart
of the disaffected districts. He haa
the advantage of being personally ac
quainted with local conditions. Last
March be supervised the suppression
of the ri-ing which occurred then. . He
ia bringing down thousands of troops
from the North.
The Standard'a Cape Town corre
spondent saya the loyalista demand
that mai tial law aha 11 be proclaimed
throughout Cape Colony, but adds:
tbt lack of aufflcient troops to'en"
force it.'
Desired That Washingten So Honor Spokane,
. . Seattle and Tacoma. - ..
Seattle. Dec, 27. A committee of
K nr . . X" ! . i f . i.
"? ''"'7' "
. . , . . ... r ,
revision of the state military code.
, , . . . . , .
, which ia to be presented to the legia-
i . , . . "
lature next . month for formal accept-
: ance. This code makes the guard oon-
j form in all respects to similar orgah-
izationa in the regular service. -. The
strength f the guard ia to be consij-
' "u" examinations
for commissions
maue mucn: more
..Special apropriationa to build three
armories, at Spokane, Tacoma and Se
ectle; will be asked for. It ia also
hoped to secure a small appropriation.
or installing a battery and modernis
ing some equipments aaid to be out of
Releated From Prison.
niiv.ii iviii rnwn.
p, ai - , - "
Montreal De. 27. Jmea Baxter,
i"rmeriy or mcagu. ana lately oi r.ew
wno was seaaenoed here some
i time ago to five years in the ueniten
iry for his connection with the Bank
yille Marie frauds, has been released
on 'conditional. Uardou" from St. Yin-
cent de Paul penitentiary, Hia.wiie(
santly for his pard on accounj of ill-
health, ever .ince hi. conviction. He
is suffering from dropsy and his condi-'
tion is serious.
Peru Buys a War Vessel.
New York, Deo. 27. A dispatch to
the Herald, from Lima, Peru, says: It
is leported that Senor Cervajal, gov
ernment commissioner, bits purchased
a war vessel in Franoe. The British
cruiser Amphion has arrived there.
Large Shipment of Peach Trees.
-, A shipment of 100,000 voung peach
trees from Georgia nurseries, bound
for Cape Colony and Natal, South Af
rioa, has been made.
'if'' Residence Burned..
Salem, Or., Deo. 27. The residence
of Elmer Seeley, in South' Salem, was
burned about 8 o'clock thia morning,
soon after. Mr. Seeley , had left for Port
land. . The origin ot the fire ia un
known. She house was valued at
$400, with $300 insurance. . The oon
tents were worth about $300, part ot
whioh was saved. It ia not known
whether there was insurance on the
oontenta. AS the bouse was a half
mile outside the city limits, and no
water iapply was Bear, the fire depart,
aient did not-go ouV " : ' . "'"
; ',. -.""A" - : .
Unable Yet to Drive Boers From Cape
ony Disturbed Area Growing. -
London, Dec. 28. The paucity and '
Dbscority of the dispatches from South
frica give rise to renewed anxiety, j
Apparently the disturbed area of Cape
Colony extenda further aouth than it
did-' last December, ..and Lord' Kitch-1
ener does not appear to have much
noce8g as yet in driving back the in-1
vaders. . . ' :
The war office had received n6 news
but evening of ' the reported capture ot
yoemanry near Bristown. .
A Burghesdorp dispatch bad a mya
terioQs reference to an "unfortunate
mistaking of the enemy for" Brabant's
Horse, which resulted in the sounding
of 'cease firing' and enabled the Boers
te oceupy ' the commanding positions,
the British retiring from a . diihcult
Predicament." - '
General Clements' success against
the Boers in the Magalies Berg region
hi also . doubtful, the last dispatch re
porting that "it was considered advis
able not to force the Boera from their
The British press continues in the
main optimistic, but the condition of
affairs brings home the enormous diffi
culties that will face Lord Kitchener
in patrolling and policing duch im
mense tracts of country, even when
the Boers shall be finally subdued.
The Daily Mail, which makes a strong
appeal to the government to "face the
facts and send Lord Kitchener more
troops," says: "There is a real risk
in being lulled to sleep by carefully
censored messages."
Lord Kitchener, according to a dis
patch from Johannesburg, has issued a
proclamation, -dated Pretoria, Decem
ber 20, announcing that burghers who
voluntarily surrender will be allowed
to live with their families
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s&sch time aa
a .! wa-ii4a' KterT I
i to admit a tMx r-tura . to
wir nooiai. z .- also
p-ni ifcuw vm&wmr mx4 cock
brought ia aa
will be raspi
eitioned by -
More Imported Mea Induced t Chanja Their
Minds and Join the Strikers.
Scranton, Pa;, Dec- 28. Fifty-three
more men reouited in New York to
take the places - of the strikera on the
Scranton - Railroad Company - arrived
tonight, bnt before the train had come
to a full stop the strikera and their
syuipatbizera boarded the car, and bv
t -r "... r "vhy are in
..a', -.t ! - .' .. '! :.-ru -
r:-.- r. l;.-T- . .i . v'. .-'1 Klj ' nr.
. . . -.i s iif.i. h!r.' 'iv ;
.-. t-.i'jLp i- '. - r. . - i tht. ikai . ' i
! v.a car. :. ... . "i.t cars v..-.-.
:u . u. t :-w a, p; t-r? , "to t' il-
vised hotel in the Linden street " car
barn for the accommodation o( the im
ported men. - The hotels refuse to re
ceive them, and the merchants refuse
to furnish supplies. Three men were
coaxed off the cars this afternoon and
sent away by the strikers. General
Manager Silliman saya the company
will have cars running on all the lines
Wilcox's Big, Mileage.
Washington, Dec. 28. Robert II.
Wilcox, delegate in the house of tepre
aentatives horn the Hawaiian islands,
haa just been paid a claim of $1,000
for mileage. It was the largest claim
of the kind ever made, bnt it was paid
promptly by the sergeant-at-arms ol
the bouse. Every congressman ia en
titled to mileage at the rate of 20 oenti
per mile, "by the .most direct and
practicable route from his home to
Washington and return," The dis
tance between Honolulu .and Washing
ton ia figured at . 5,000 miles. Mr.
Wilcox will draw $500 more (or hie
return trip. ' ' ' .
Cashed Worthless Checks.
. Aberdeen, Wash., Deb. 8. Ll' D.
Savage, stenographer in the office ol
City Attorney J. C. Cross, yesterday
swindled many business men by iuduc
ing them to cash worthless checks in
sums ranging lrom 15 to $40. Sav
age made out the checks- .payable to
himself. He bad but little trouble in
getting them cashed
Pardons for Farto Ricans.
KewYork, Deo. 27. 'A Sispatob to
the. Herald, from San Juan, Porto
Rico, says:' Governor Allen has cele-
1 brateil the toli,lr season by extendi
executive- clemency to 24 prisoners
Porto Kican jails. Jle haa pardoned
17 murderers and' homicides and seven
thieves. ' ' . .
Arrested for SUge Robbery. ,
Lakeview. Or..' ''Deo. ' 28. Bob
Oglesby, driver of the Lakeview. Pais-1
ley stage.
was 'arrested! tonight
ny i
i " ' " noxtrouoe ' '
that stage DeceruDer 21: Money that
no tuujk uum wni una iuoui.1-
Andres's Brother Gives Up Hope.
London, Dec. 28. The brother j o'
Andree, the missing .aeronaut, saya a
dispatch from. Copenhagen to the
Daily Mail, despairing pf his return
from the Arctio regions, has ually
opened his will. . ' . ,,'
. Another Chinese Envoy.
London Deo 88 It is asserted in
ShSai .crffl, " disparch W
kin having been appointed to assist in
.uv ".'O " " " f .
' ' 1 Bound for Tahiti. . -' -New
York, Deo.. 2$. The Normsm-
die of the t renon line, wnicn naa just
rrTn'nt five Fren'c Tus
in full uniform, -who are going to Ta
hiti, the prinoipal island ot the Sooiety
group, in . the South Paoifio, which is
owned by France. They were in
charge of a Bub-lieutenant, ahd came
from Lyons. They will relieve a like
number now in Tahiti. They will
and will, there, embark r.
oioaa thia continent to San Francisco,
But Kitchener Cannot Drive
Theni From Cape Colony.
; . .
Watward Movement ol the Dutch From 4he
Vryburg Diitrict Dtwet ia South,
. eastern Orange River Colony. .
IondoD, Dec. 29. The latest dia
patohes from fconth Alrica show that
Lord Kitchener haa sacceeded in hold- 1
fiilS te -Boers ia check. He has nut
yet been sucoeesfal in expelling them
from Cape Colony, while different
commandoes continue to display aston
ishing activity over .in immensely wide
Held. "
It ia questionable whether his proc
lamation will have mnch effect until
General Dewet ia captured. - The Boera
are likely to regard it aa a sign of
weakness and to have a wholesome
dread of vengeance if they surrender. 1
The proclamation is approved by the
party at home that favors ooncilitory
terma to the Boers as a step in the
right direction.
Queen Victoria, it is said, has an
proved the proposal to izistitnte a new
order of knighthood to reward officers
who have served in Bouth Africa.
The order will probably be called the
Star of Africa.
A dispatch from Vryburg, dated De
cember 20, eaya that Boers in consider
able .numbers were making a move
ment westward. They had 150 wagons.
The dispatch suggests that they were
trzi-jg & Oamsvr i-ano, although
the Boers themselves denied ny soch
intention. ' .
...Bee's May Surrender. .. : ...
Bloemfontein, Orange Biser Colony,.
Dwe. 29. T Venewed "hut ou
i. fls " ramora that Gent. Dewet
Presiduit Steyn and Cisueral Vjalibi "c
save had a conierenca and decicied to
offer to surrender, providing the colon
ial rebels are not pnniahed, and the
leaders, including themselves, are not
deported. - .- - - ;
Boer Attack Repulsed. '
" Cape Town, Dec. 29. A small
party of Boera attacked Burgbersdorp.
on December 26. They were repulsed
after heavy fighting. The Boers are
active, and skirmishes in several placea
have been reported.
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ti c-. -s.-itE.
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fcr.-; :
tor P orcrt.
ue! -.' zi Li.'"
3 ?;'.r..'t...T. 1-'
-tt t-xr
1: A.ilj,
ary, for the settlement of the claiii.s of
Chinese and Japanese growing oat of
the destruction of their proper -y at
Honolulu at the time of the .bubonic
plague outbreak. It appears that the
Chinese claims are less than was at
first estimated, and that the totak of
the Chinese and Japanese claims are,
approximately, 91,800,000. The Chi
nese government has not been in a
condition, of late, to exert preasnre in
behalf of the claims of its citiaens, bnt
the Japanese authorities have been ac
tively looking out for the losses sus
tains.! by their countrymen, and now
seem to be in a fair war of securing
partial remuneration. Governor Dole
suggested a short time ago that the
matter be referred , to the Hawaiian
legislature, and this 'was approved by
the off.cials here aa the beet means ol
adjusting the matter. There app-rs
to be little doubt tbat the legislature
will authorize a settlement.
Frozen to Death Near Dawson.
. Oregon City, Deo. 29. A Tacoma
dispatch states that Harry MolT:,tt, ot
this place, was frozen to death some
thing over two weeks ago near Dawson.
City. He had gone alone to Eureka
creek for a bunt, and Vas cinght in a '
snow- atorm and wandered aimlessly
about for two days, l.'e was found bv
. a rescue party with his hands and feet
badly frozen, bnt died before they
could reach Dawson'. . . .
Excepting the dispatch, no news has
been received here by J. W. Moffatt.
brqther. of Mie reported ' dead man.
Hairy Moffat left here on the first trip
of the- Elder for the Klondike ci nutry. '
where be had since been esiraged in
mining a short distance front Dawson.
ng F- White. whp leJt Daaon a few
iai"weelM ago, states that Moffatt occupied
a cabid"adjotafj)g. nis own.
. 'Turks: Assaulted a British Clurge.
Omstantinople, Deo. 39. Soma
Turkish soldiers have grossly assaulted
and maltreated the Br ish charge
d 'affairs, Mr. De Bulsen, and other
members of the British embassy in the
1 vicinity ot tne . powaer tmtgailne at
Makrikeiu. Sharp demand, for re-
dress nave utwu uiHua wj ine i ori.
Santa Fc Buys a Lac.
Chicago, Dec. 29. Announcement
' was made today of the acquisition by
the Atchison, Topeka & Santa 1
Kailroad Company of the Pecos Valley
c Northeastern, which rnns from A ma-'
i rillo,' Tex., where ir ceuncts with
r',"-' "-v'
distance of, 877 miles. The price paid
'r the property could not be cer
but is understood titat the
payment wu. be made in oaah and gen- '
London Dock Firs.
1 London, Dec. 29.. One of the most
serious fires which has occurred in the
End of London during the tas. ID
years broke out today at the East In--
dia docks. Five immense sheds, filled
with goods, including M.GpO bales tit
.hemp and quantities of jute, were 6on- ,
sumed. The shipping in the neighbor-
hood and other warehouses were only
saved by the great exertions of the "fire- -
.men. The loss will reach nearly
A U a ....... ,3 1 ill
ut Tt rf the
f all "en-
ly.uppn ti
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