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    & * n r iA H
n a u irer
P « » r r f W * / ftW m g C ilia r né ,\ «*»« p u p * '
% <xi ¥ r i
it t f
te u
P o p u la tio n o l 100.000
ard Mias Marv I t * \ tth r r t.n r i
agency *e r r t* fr w V ittr iv h the
Lunch Rot Canteen regularly (.S4*
fashioned song* were sung by tin
entire group of girts seated at the
tables is the room, and were led by
Mr* Morgan Spe, >«] music was
furnished hv Miss Rae Hungerford
o f the Friendly House and Mias
Viola Kimmei, hotel secretary, who
presented an arrangement o f violtn
and accordion duns
The attractive new lime green
room, which will be the permanent
quarters of the Lunch Box Canteen,
was once a part of the old Y W C.A
kitchen The story of how »t waa
transformed into a beautiful bar-
monious room with Its refreshing
atmosphere and feeling of quiet re-
pose, begins with Mrs. Robert S.
Farrell, former member of the
Y W. C. A board.
P vetland * p q iu ljtlo a
>«ty lim.la ia
1 I'd
nssAs tbs
l^dk A
wwnpliers o f tbs lb44 INwtbht
city d irec to ry sétim a tea
Tbs estimate goes by b r higher
then Ibal r.ade by tbe l ’ ailed State#
■«nsus bureen on the tiaete of a
survey made this spring was as of
June It. IM I F ret voiumea of tbe
1944 directory were m e i m l from
tbe bindery Thursday
Rased on reports fn>m the can-
-•ase for names for the directory,
first issued since 1941. the estimate
showed an mrrraae of over 100.000
in the city's population since the
1040 census report of Ktt,3lM people
The census bureau's spot survey «*-
limate release June 23. gave l*ort
land a population of 3A7.114
The O PA hacks up the Polk eetl-
mate with ration book figures of
Inter-Racial United
Service Clnb
Al Vancouver
it ash
i ■■ { is o rim i y iti sens
r baie rei a hi tabe»! i
Uli United Sen ne Ciul
NZG10 N IW SFtfn
r * H *: l« r
New City Directory
leports lacrosse ia
New Canteen Opens at
Y. W . C. A.
*■» C'MtnJ T A* C
■ __
l-uru~h Box t 'a n t m or. Fn-
day July 14 «nth
pntfran'. » err
ftttJBj to lurh an
•ion T V O u ttm v col tod M m ' firsts
CTuhT of Mr* Robert S F m «U by
her uaoctatM was srrvod to Its
completion by Mr* |'«rrfU si ■
though i V ts not sn offtcnU of th*
T W C A just s vtduntrrr work«r
Y O U i
Dr. Robt Joyner
Installs New
X-Ray Machine
In the most ntotfsen «nd rlassieet
medlcsi i«fTwe in the tiKieat build-
n* m ftvilsm i. l>r Robert N Joy­
ner Jr . tuts now uhh-,1 *r\ \-Kav
to operate uniiAt to the famous
t'anteens of the Ka«t and further mst bine Tbe addition of ibis costly
*p (i*i«tu » mm stkis to tbe string
down the Weat v'oaatal Areas H im
of descriptive phrases, another the
.* s great step forward fur cttiaena
of the State of Washington, the city most completely equipped When
you enter the oKlce* of this pro­
of Vancouver amt the county of
now a Volunteer Worker sms
gressive young medico, you meet an
d a rk It has been met with great
once on the Board of the T W
success and enthusiasm from all atm« sphere of quiet efficiency
C A . and was chairman of the
«idee This forward step ha* been t'ourteoualy greeted by his well
Physical Rducatior Program and
trained tend beautiful I aides, you
in the making for a period of time,
also the Lunch Committee She
Assured immediately that com-
hut i* just being brought to com­
has been retired for some tuna,
|»etence. Ability And a really human
pletion. and realisation Heretofore.
having worked with the Commit­
interest Are amihined here to give
Vancouver ha* not realise«! a serv­
tees of World War 11, but re­
vou the first that can tie offered in
ice club with inter racial hostesses
turned to active service when the
the world's top-ranking profession
and volunteer worker* Now the two
need for her special talents arose
Hill all the brains ami efficiency of
registration s which were 403,4.Mi on races are working in «■omplete har­ the ages would be of no practical
Charming, energetic, o f the type
mony and appreciation for each
June L.
that "gets things done," she had
value without the right tool* and
The program ts expected to
The Polk figure allows for names
everybody glad to help her in this
With a perpetual interest in
equipment with which to work.
worthwhile project, as she puts young business girls. Mrs Farmll received too late for publication, he a permanent movement and to lie
Many doctors have *|ient years in
it. “ Everybody helped from the noticed, at the beginning of the but does not include names, al­ copied by other state*
the practice of their profession
The Salvation Army Service Or­
Board Members right down to year that many girls were bringing though listed in the directory, of
without ever thinking of going to
the Janitor." A half hour spent their lunches and eating them on residents of Vanport, Kellogg Park. ganization i* aiding local citizens the expanse of |>urcht*aing an X-Ray
in her company convinced us.
stairways, halls, and other unsuit- Parkside homes ant- Rellaira Court and civic organization* in this machine. In most of their offlcea
The formal opening of the Lunch able places Due to crowded restau- housing projects outside Portland movement It is felt that when two even today these expensive thing*
groups can work together in coni-
city limits.
. ,
are left out. It I* to the credit of Dr.
Box Canteen’s new room was held rants. long waiting lines, and the
harmonv and fnendllnes*. ,
This volume is ten pounds in
. .
. ,
Joyner and hi* Interest in the wel-
between 11:30 a. m. and 2 p. m. on high cost of meals, an increasing
weight, and the alphalietical section ■oms of the major problem* of the | _ fare of hi* fellow man that he ha*
the second floor of the Y. W. C. A. number of girls were carrying their
contains 232 more pages than the world can be attacked and solved gone to such length* to place this
building Special ceremonies were lunches with them to work each day
with a minimum of difficulty and
very necessary X-Ray at the dis­
Realizing there was a definite 1941 directory, also it lists reaidents
broadcast by radio station KOIN,
of rural routes and neighboring a maximum of success
posal of hf* patients All of oPrt-
with Johnnie Carpenter as master
The club is under the directorship
communities if they are employed
land owe* Dr. Joyner a voto of
of ceremonies, interviewing the
of Mesdames Tula Kenrick of Bag-
in Portland.
thank* for the steps he la taking
business girls who brought their
Names of men and women in the ley Downs. Josephine Haabrooke, to help place the Negro in the posi­
lunches as well as visitors and spe­ cur’ d one of the club rooms on the
director of music of the Greater
second floor of the building tempo­ armed forces and merchant marine
cial guests.
Recreation Commission and Manle tion he should hold among the high­
are also included.
ly respected people of this commu­
Because in 1901, the Y. W. C. A. rarily for the purpose Recruiting
A postal guide map has been in­ Stamp of th«- Salvation Army nity.
established its first headquarters women volunteers who were willing
United Service Organisation. Thia
Thoic hgVe bees sevfirsl **r*<r*t*“
around the need for a place where to offer their services regularly, cluded at the beginning of the di­ new club I* io be permanent, ano
rectory of householders and busl-
the Negroes in the bustnee*
girls could take their lunches and Mrs. Farrell arranged for the rooms
not just temporary.
world o f Portland
spend a restful noon hour, the cere­ to be open five days a week between n"aa Plaops
Everyone can make this an even
A count of classified business
should be proud
monies were reminiscent of that the hours of 11:30 a. m. and 2 p. m.
and professional listings shows a greater success if more volunteers of everyone and every thing that
early period of the century. Mrs. The volunteers arranged the tables,
will come in or contact Mrs. Stamp,
few decreases in some lines.
Jessie M. Honeyman, first president made coffee and tea, and served the
Mrs. Haabrooke, or Mrs. Pratt at has added to our prestige. But for
of the Y. W. C. A. board, was a hon- girls milk, coffee, or tea as desired.
Bagley Downs, and Burton Homes, the position of First among the
ored guest and told of the activities ! and took the responsibility of the
Washington. Girls from the ages of “ Firsts" we nominate Dr. Robert
Mrs. Abbie Bush of Vanport City 18 years old up are needed badly N. Joyner, Jr., and the addition o f
of the business girls in the hors* entire operation.
.When the project met with such is recovering from a successful by this organization, and we have his X-Ray machine. It represents
and buggy era.
Representing that period in cos­ enthusiastic response with dozens operation in the Vanport Hospital, been asked to publish a request for an outlay o f hundreds of dollar*
tumes were Mrs. W. S. Huff, Teen of business girls coming each day The operation was performed last girls of that age to contact one of for the benefit of his race, it proves
age committee chairman, Mrs. W al­ to eat their lunches, the Y. W. C. A. , Thursday by Dr. Robert N. Joyner, the above named representatives. that he has their welfare at heart.
ter Heitkemper, Portland Civic board decided that the Canteen I Jr., local physician. Mrs. Bush ex- There arc several hundred Negro Can you name anyone or anything
Theatre member, Mrs. Gertrude service should have permanent | pressed a desire to see her many spldiers in the Vancouver area and that you think ie a better prospect
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Morgan. Y. W. C. A. staff member,
entertainment facilities have brok­ for “ Our Number One Citizen" than
en down under the unusual load. DR. ROBERT N. JOYNER, JR..
Any girl who is interested in help­ M.D.
Operation Successful
Portland and Vanport City
Registration Is Now Open at the County Court House, 5th
Avenue and Salmon Sheet, Room 141
In order to V O T E in the Fall Elections you first M U ST register. In order to reg­
ister you will have to go to the County Court House.
To reach the County Court House take the Williams Ave. bus or the Alberta
trolley car or the Sellwood bus. Get off at Salmon Street (1000 S. W .) and walk
two blocks east.
' ■ • ►
' • ' *
From St. Johns or Interstate bus transfer at Oak Street to the Mississippi bus
or Broadway trolley. Get off at Salmon Street and walk two blocks west.
From Vanport ride bus to end of line (9th and O ak), walk east on Oak to Broad­
way and take the Broadway trolley or Mississippi bus. Get o ff at Salmon Street,
W alk two blocks west.
It costs you absolutely nothing to R EG ISTER . Just say you came in to register.
Give your name and address and any other information that is asked of you. Say
what party you want to register for (Republican or Democratic) and that is all
there is to it.
You are free to choose either party for which you want to register.
DO N O T P U T IT OFF. R E G IS T E R N O W . If you wait until later, you will prob­
ably have to wait in line So R E G IS T E R N O W while there Is no rush. Even if you
do not think you will be here for the election you can register now just in case you
are here.
ing may submit her name and after
investigation she will be added to
the Roster of Hostesses. Programs
are being planned and a very Inter­
esting routine of activities offer
never a dull moment.
All Recreation Centers of the
Greater Vancouver Recreation As­
sociation are accepting names of
prospective hostesses.
A.Y.D. Gives
Dance; Plans
The American Youth for Democ­
racy, an organization with an inter­
racial basis, gave a dance at the
Women’s Club, 1220 S. W. Taylor
St., on Saturday evening. A large
number attended this inter-racial
dance and everybody seemed to be
having one swell time. Though the
membership rules place members in
the 18 to 30 years old bracket/there
were quite a few present well over
the limit. But one and all alike,
young and old, trapped the light fan­
tastic and other things to the music
of Bob Becker’s Orchestra.
The next dance of this organiza­
tion is scheduled for August 12. Be­
fore the next dance, the A.Y.D. has
scheduled a discussion to be held at
their next meeting on Wednesday,
July 19, in Room 210 of the Studio
Building, 10th and Taylor. The sub-
Oliver E. Smith to
Speak at Library
Oliver E. Smith and Miss Ruth
Haefner are to be the principal
speakers on a program at the Cen­
tral Branch of the Library tonight.
The program at the usual meeting
of the World Citizen movement will
hold discussion on the subject of
“ The Negro on the Home Front.”
Mr. Smith is the Negro who was
almost elected to the Oregon State
Legislature. He was defeated by
only 28 votes.
Miss Haefner is known for her
interest in inter-racial activities.
The Central Library is located at
801 S. W. 10th Ave. (corner of Yam ­
hill St.)
To Mr. and Mrs. Otis F. Brown.
1618 S. E. Clinton, July 4, a daugh­
ter Rita Joyce.
To Mr. and Mrs. W alter Steen, a
girl, Rosa Ann Steen, July 6th.
To Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie Isom, a
boy, Jimmie Douglas loom, July 9th.
To Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lee
White, a boy. Roger LeRoy, July
ject of the discussion, a very timely
one, is “ Negro Discrimination in the
Control Librar** Office
Attent Ml 8 309 Unger A Biin