Stayton standard. (Stayton, Marion County, Or.) 1915-1917, February 21, 1917, Image 6

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need suffer no longer. W a r th e shoee
th a t nearly killed yon before, says this
C incinnati authority, because a few
grope of freeaone applied directly on a
hander, aching corn or callous, stops
natenaas a t once and aoon the corn or'
hardened callous loosens so It can be
■(bad out. root and all, w ithout pain.
A small bottle of freeaone costs very
little a t any drag store, but will posi­
tively take off every hard or soft oorn
n r callous. This should-he tried, as
t t la Inexpensive and la said not to
Irrita te the surrounding skin.
If your druggist hasn’t any treasons
boll him to got a small bottle for you
(Tom his wholesale drag house. It la
One stu ff and acts Oka a charm every
» U n altered .
Sandy l l a c ph arson came home af­
te r many years and m et his old
a ereeth eart
Honey-laden memories
thrilled through the twilight and
flashed their glowing cheeks.
“Ah. Mary.” exclaimed Sandy, “ye
a r e JUt as beautiful as ye ever were,
an d I ha'e never forgotten ye, my
Bonnie lass.”
“And ye, Sandy," th e cried, while
h e r bine eyea moistened, “a re JUt aa
Mg a leear as ever, an’ I believe ye
Jtet th e same.”—Liverpool P o s t
Is a Poor Skin
Your Handicap?
it—It may be bolding yon back in
business world, keeping yon ont
a better Job for which a good ap-
u a n c e is required. Why “take a
mce" when Reslnol O intm ent heals
■fctea rupttons so easily, is so simple
a a d economical to nee? It has such a
record of success th at yon need not
h esitate to try i t Reslnol Ointment
Is sold by all druggists.
Business Weight.
“O nr forefathers pledged th eir sa­
ted honor when they started this
On te e menu card of a big hotel in
H m r Y ork th e following notice la
prin ted : “Articles brought into the
hotel and used a t the table will be
«■urged for ns though furnished by
O n rending this one guest Inquired
Does th is apply to false teeth?”-
oston Journal.
Thin, brittle, colorless and scraggy
h a ir la m ute evidence of a neglected
sca lp ; of dandruff—te a t awful s c a rf
T here la nothing so destructive to
t e e h a ir ns d an d ru ff It robs the hair
o f Its lustre, its strength and its very
■ te; eventually producing a fevertsh-
b o m and tubing of the scalp, which
i t n o t remedied causes the hair roots
t e shrink, loosen end die—then the
h a ir falls out f a s t A little Danderlne
to night—now—any time—will surely
m m your hair.
G et a 25-cent bottle of Knowlton’s
D anderlne from any drag store. You
a a re ly can have beautiful h air and
to te of it if you will Just try a little
danderlne. Save your hair! Try it!
A Misapprehension.
“I understand,” rem arked Mrs. Mo-
Oadley, “th a t they’re on the lookout
Car som e speakeasy liquor around
“Yoo. It is very objectionable.”
“ to th a t so. I kind o’ thought maybe
a « how speakeasy liquor m ight be b at­
t e r te e n the so rt te a t keeps men np o’
n ig h ts try in ’ to sing a t tha top o’ their
TOloea.”—W ashington Star.
ity doctor
Is Mealtime a
Worry to You
' .
such conditions you
ca n n o t obtain the maximum
value fro m you r food.
a n proper help at once-TRY
(C opyright, by th e
B obbe-M errill C om pany.)
U r. Starr, a widower Methodist minister, comes to Mount Mark,
la., to take charge of the congregation there. He has Ave charming
daughters, the eldest of whom. Prudence, age nineteen, keeps house
and m others the family. H er younger sisters are Fairy, the twins
Carol and Lark, and Constance, the “baby.” The family's coming stirs
the curiosity of the townspeople. A fter a few weeks the S tarrs are
well settled. Prudence has- her hands full with the mischievous young­
sters, but she lovee them devotedly despite their outrageous pranks.
It Is Sj Joyous household, but the parsonage girls are em barrassed at
Christm as time because the congregation has faded to pay the pastor’s
salary. Little Connie needs clothing, and sadly disappointed, takes
m atters Into her own hands.
living under d*Ml
DUMUfis rrw w w -» - —, . — _ .
that ah* la right this ten*. TU m
com # h era borrowing U
her the co at and 111
coant with your fathar.
added. “And I’ll look after thla aa la ^
bualneee after thla. TU arran»e with
tho trueteee that I an to pay jour fa­
ther hie full ealary the Arat of e»err
month, and that the church r e c e ip te d
to be turned In to me. And If they
do not pay up. my lawyer can <i,.eU£
tie Investigating I Little Connie earned
that Are dollara. for ehe taught one
true tee a eorry leeeon. And he wtu
hare to paee It on to the other* In »e •
defenae! Now. run along end get the
coat, and If Are dollare l*n‘t enough
you can hare aa much more aa you
need. Your father will get hie ealary
after thle, my dear. If we hare to mort­
gage the pareonag# !“
far preparing • Oleanalng
That Hat Mute Virtue ^
B. Applied With Care
the cere of diver, the *»®«*
economics at Washington hs»
a thorough study of * • • '* * '
method of cleaning and baa pub
the result* of tb * r
States Department of Agricultor
ledo No. « a
After discussing several tjrp
commercial else nere and gl*»*«1
«ulta Of various snslyssa they *
A Burglar's Vlalt
-An enamel or sgatew are « a ir
“P ruel"
should be partly Ailed with a cleaning
A small hand gripped Prudence • soludoo of one tee spoonful of either
ahoulder, and again came a boereely washing or baking tods aud ooe tea­
spoonful of common table salt to each
anart of water and placed directly
oo the stove to boll. A sheet of aluml
uum or clean Hoc should then be
dropped into the dish sod tarnished
•liver placed In contact with the metal.
It la beet that the silver he entirely
covered with the cleaning solution sod
that the solute» remalo at the boding
temperature. W a o o a as the tsrulsh
tuts been removed the «liver should be
CHAPTER VI—Continued.
winter weather. I kept hoping enough
money would come In to buy her a
coat for once In her life."
“She has been looking forw ard to
one long enough,” put In Fairy. “This
will be a b itter blow to her. And yet
It U not such a bad-looklng coat, afte r
alL" And she quickly ran up a seam
on the machine.
“H ere comes Conhle t* Prudence
hastily swept a pile of scraps out of
sight, and turned to greet her little
sister with a cheery smile.
“Come on In, Connie,” she cried,
with a brightness she did not feel.
“Fairy and I are making you a new
coat. Isn't it pretty? And so warm I
See the nice velvet collar and cuffs.
We w ant to At it on yon right away,
Connie picked u p - a "piece of .the
goods and examined it Intently.
“Don’t yon want some fudge, Con­
nie?” exclaimed Fairy, shoving the
dish toward her hurriedly.
Connie took a piece from the plate,
and thrust It between her teeth. Her
eyes were still fastened upon the brown
furry doth.
“Where did you get this stuff?” she
Inquired, as soon ss she was able to
“Ont of the trank in the garret, Con­
nie. Don’t you want some more fudge?
I put a lot of nuts In, especially on
your account.”
“It's good,” said Connie, taking an­
other piece. She examined the d o th
very closely. “Say, Prudence, Isn't this
“He certainly did," agreed Lark. • t-
“Did You see him?”
“No, we beard him. Carol heard
him Arst, and she spoke, and nudged
me. Then I heard him. too. He was
at our dresser, but he shot across ths
room and Into the closet. He closed
the door after h^tn- He's there now."
“You've been dreaming," vald Fairy,
lying down again.
“We don't generally dream the aama
thing at the some minute," said Carol
stormlly. “I ^ell you he’s In there."
“Aud you two great big girls came
off and left poor little Connie In there
pore. Prudence glanced a t her once,
and then looked away again. “She has
reconciled herself,” she thought. Din­
ner was half over before Constance
burst her bomb.
“Are you going to be busy this after­
noon, Prudence?” she asked quietly.
“We are going to sew a little,” said
Prudence. "Why?"
“I wanted you to go downtown with
me afte r school.” — ------
“Well, perhaps I can do t h a t Fairy
will be able to Anlsh the coat alone.”
“You needn’t Anlsh the coat—I can’t
wear father’s coat to church. Pru­
dence. It’s a—It’a a —physical impos­
The twins laughed. Fairy smiled, but
Prudence gazed a t “the baby" with
tender pity.
“I’m so sorry, dearest, but we haven't
th« money to buz one now.” ________
“Will Ave dollars be enough?" In­
quired Connie, and she placed a crisp
new bill beside her plate. The twins
gasped! They gazed at Connie with
new respect They were Just wishing
they could handle Ave-dollar bills so
“Will you loan me twenty dollars un­ Prudence Dropped Her Head on tha
Tablo and W ept
til after Christmas, C ounter’ queried
alone with a burglar, did you? Well,
But Prudence naked, “Where did you you are nice ones, I must nay.”
get this money, Connie T’
- And Prudence leaped out of bed and
“I borrowed It—from the bank,” Con­ started for the door, followed by Fairy,
nie replied with proper gravity. “I with the twins creeping fearfully along
have two years to pay It back. Mr. In the rear.
Harold says they are proud to have my
”8he was asleep,” muttered Carol.
“We didn't want to scare her," added
Prudence was silent for several long Lark.
seconds. Then she Inquired I d a low
Prudence was careful to i tn ths
voice, “Did you tell him why you want­
switch by the door, so that t room
ed i t r
“Yes, I explained the whole situa­ was In full light before she itered.
The closet door was wide op
“W hat did he say?”
no one else In the room.
“H e said he knew Just how I felt,
“You seeT said Prudence sciernly.
because be knew he couldn’t go to
‘Til bet he took our ruby rings,” de­
church in his wife’s co a t—No, I said
Lark, and the twins ant! Fairy
th at myself, but he agreed with me. He
did not say very much, bat he looked
sympathetic. He said he anticipated
, great pleasure in seeing me In my new
coat a t church next Sunday.”
“Go on w ith your luncheon, twins,”
said Prudence sternly. “You’ll be late
to school. We’ll see about going down
town when yon get home tonight, Con­
nie. Now, eat your luncheon, and
don’t talk about coats any more.”
Wben Connie bad gone back toj
school. Prudence went straig h t to Mr.
Harold’s bank.
Flushed and em ba£
rassed, she explained the situation
frankly. “My sympathies are all with
Have you t v t r awakened to
Connie,” she said candidly. “B ut I am
And ■ burglar In your room?
afraid father would not like I t We are
W hat did you do—pretend slssp?
dead set against borrowing. After—
Or shout? Or kssp still a t his
onr mother was taken, we were crowd­
ed pretty close for money. So we had
to go In d e b t I t took us two years to
get It paid. F ath er and F airy and I
talked It over then, and decided we
would starve rath er than borrow'agaln.
U rgant
Even the twins understood It; but Con­
Ju s t as the Christmas dinner wa
nie was too little. She doesn’t know the table, and the family had gath
bow heartbreaking It is to keep hand­ about I t big sister stepped Into
ing over every cent for d e b t when one hall to look at her hair In the mirror
Is ju st yearning for other things. I do there.
wish she might have the coat, hut I’m
Helen was hungry, and everythin*
afraid father would not like i t She did look and smell so good, and yet
gave mq the Ave dollars for safekeep­ dhe knew well th at fa tte r would not
ing, and I have brought It back.”
« y «rate **tn big sister was also in
Mr. Harold shook his head. “No, bar s e a t
Count# m ust have bar c o a t This will
•T H m y up, B u te,” tha called.
ha a food'leason for h^r. I t will ta s te
•hprter time.
—Tbs electrolytic owthed-sU aaagfal«!
or sterling edverwtre without loss of
metal, giving, ' howevÌB, s sslln Anlsh
rather than a burnished appearance,
and baa the mlUitimiul advantages of
being both dean and labor-saving.—
Clara (Hidden. Colorado Agricultural
College. Fort Collina, Cola .
gUvev Cake.
fleet while« of foqr egg« stiff, one
and one-half cupfuls m gsr. one-ha If
cupful bolter. ooe cupful-cream or rich
milk, iwo sod otto-third cupfuls Boor,
two trsapooofuis cream tartsr. oo*
teaspoonful soda or two and one-half
teaipoonfuli baking powder, on* tea-
•poonful »caul of aalt. flavor with
lemon. Cham bulter and sugar tee
geth*-r. Add egg whites, then milk, al­
ternately. with flour Ip^whlch halting
powder and aalt have been sifted four
times Lash add one cupful coconut
if liked. Froat with cream floating
each scant' pint or potatoes make a
pint of white sauce, iwaeoatng with
onion Jnlee or celery ealL Stir the po­
tatoes Into the ltot sauce. turn lot« a
well-buttered agate sauce pan and cook
in the oven until the'potatoes are ten­
der and ths u ure ta absorbed, with
the exception of Just enough to bold
the bits of potatoes together. Fold ooe
pert over the other as an omelet and
turn onto a hot dish. The potatoes
xhonld not brown shove or below. If
necessary, set them oo ths grata and
cover the pen.
Pried Pa relay.
We always use a little fried parsley
to ornament our tnest dishes with.
Tills Is how It Is done: Wslt until a
bluish smoke Is rising from the f a t
then remove It to tho side of Ibo Are.
When It has cooled slightly throw la
the psrsley, and leave It until the fat
has slmost stopped spluttering. Then
lift It ont at once and drain It well,
when It should bo a lovely green color.
Be careful not to overfry I t or It will
turn an ugly brownish color.—Bostoo
nsuce—une and one-half cupfuls of
sugar, one and one-half cupfuls watsr,
butter size of egg. Juice and rind of one
I «non.
Batter—On# cupful sugar, one cupful
*** of •**’ °°* («spoon­
ful baking powder, flour enough to
make batter like cake.
“ lx JJ* “ Dc* ,n « « “It» pan and lot
«tend till dissolved, then pour batter
over «sacs and'bake in a medium oven.
Good either hot or cold.
Steamed Suet Pudding.
One cupful chopped suet, on*
teaspoonful aalt, one teaspoonful i
two teaspoonfnls cream of tartar
cupful molasses, oae and one-balf’
fnls milk, two and one-half cut
flour ope cupful chopped raisins,
cupful currants, a Uttla cut up all
one tea spoonful of lemon extract
teaspoonful nutmeg. Steam four tu
Serve hot with hard sauce
h a ir beautifully, besides,
possible tell, as It darksi
ally and evealy. Yen
sponge o r eoft brush wtl
leg th is through the hair,
email stran d ni n lim a ]
tb s gray hair dlaappama
o ther application or *•%
color la restored and It bs
glossy and lustrous, and
years younger.-
W yeth's Bag« and SB
pound la a delightful led
It In a c t Intended for lbs <
tloa or prevention ef dim