Stayton standard. (Stayton, Marion County, Or.) 1915-1917, February 21, 1917, Image 5

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    i»'. A kil&l
i A , U oau rh am n
Who nudo iti» first houli 1« ho«
dut»niiln#d, hut thi* Utt onalty
t j for
•»«11« N ivm M i of tra Duport lint |li|iil I n , of
1 0*1*11
j, A ¿ b e a u c n a iu p ^ « i#
wúátorttf*»*- if»«
».« v . » * u
* ■ * " '" * la known
IO ladmilata UN tin* lllilNinnua frani
mifanlad ai un*- *,f U h * moat
T w a te ;,,) nónu iuu In* World Tlila
,« - , o i t i
Mll 'Vaili I!mugli
___ _
If ituiiian*. Of Un*
temperate ronn. in nmmMlt.ii wlib
*, vlhlainniiN II reum rimine
| timi thf apio leu |a confi)«,M tv ber» tU-
Physician and Surgeon
r«u«i u 1 » n-urraii/
«ui,»id,.r«i probabu, tmoor„t..
r\r> s ir r t v • ***• ,h‘*
«woi'lai’lo for till« |>ur|Hm«
, , _
ULll?<l)iUN who fintto from the skin of mi animal
... ,»
«a f : r j TWi *vaa reuidved with a* mu, rami
:‘ u[ Mt>um
*** •"•Olili* boaii
Wilbur N. P l l i t l c r , U . M . V . lot loo as pOMlhlo, and all tha unavnld ¿ Il "|-,rtr
flitld tv Inir 4 « Oivuircij
; oW# opening» woro ••/irwfully aew«,<| up,
i A-Uve-u rnmiy p n jp ftr in m T ^ V Ìlia '
D £ N T I 5 T ----- h»«vU*« * atari« »of for tmrhg or »hip
l'l«nt ma qulie un«*are „ ( li. Miamfc
o* . u b
I **■"«• wh,cb w" u M* 1 m»» w,,b • «»"•
OAlcr ov«r Btxyton HUM* Hank
Thera, wrtnuw. w«rr used a ire# ago imlill» Aa ii noiitri of rari u«, ,jp.
kT A Y T O N ,
Stavton, O r ».1 br u,m,y l>ri®ltlv# puopl«*» and liava
fie 2IM
■ V
•Inc* I k - ou employed extensively in
many parti of th« world, and ov«.„ to
A. C. E A T O N
day limy may l>a stH-ti In U*m In aome
oriental «-oiiritrlei
It waa thla kind
of tad I If I bat t r it raf*rird lo In the
Hlhl« In (be mill’ll quoted dl< tuin rclat
lug lo pulling now win« Into old |H,t
Bee north of Bomichsmp’s
jg Store. Cpngultstion Froe.
Phono 845 A
Notice of Executor.
,„r ih„ n
, «*.*1 and appointed Momlay. March ;
* ^
* î !
iministnitor'« Notice
1 AMtir iablc IVcparaboafcr A» *
mmdnWidi'Jiclood by Renaio
• limJili.’SuifliadisandBiarrtorf
,.S ± S á íS B S ¿ Signature,
iin which the United States,
«» *
Vista, bul i »
or unwilling, is compelled novellata. bUtorlaua sud
lay amoug a number wf dispútenla and
W,. i . , „ii:,.___ the great Uteniry uatue couue* ted wkh
part. No inte lurent j ,b<> |tla<9 „ llM\ wf kStifmr Altaa Ho, gag him.'”
Another contemi*orary described Ma­
lean ignore iuch issues. who a|wul much of bia boyhood In the caulay
aa **aln|i|ilng all over ou every
E THRICE-A-WEEK city and later edited tbe Southern Ut subject and xtiiiidluit In tbe slope.”
Vlceaenger. Matthew Foil lain«
i)'S regular subscription entry
Maury, lb « groat eclruthrt. waa at aa-
only $1.00 per year, and other time editor **f the ta u t |*erlod-
Tee Much Refrain.
»ays for 156 papers. We Ical, aa w m also Joint Iteubeu Tbom|>- "flan-tag».'” said tha sentimental
" I ’oet o f the C«mfadoracy.” who mou. with a slgb
Tleaven a greatest
is unequalled newspaper aon.
wrota. amoug other |NH*ms. "Music la U*on to roan—a pood wife My friend»
e Stay ton Standard to- Camp” and who translated Gustave It Is this that makes life possible. Oil
forone year for $1.30. Vkduud » poem. "Canaaeonne “
lug it with happiness and taking
»* Nelson 1‘rtge mude bla home away alt loneliness and mtaery. Mar
regular subscription price lu Thom
UlrlMnoud for thirty years. Amelia rlage la one grand, aweet song!" be
two papers is $2.00.
Ulvee was born then* and still main­
lle*hIr»h* VK,t „ l“
^ barlar has become a frature
■—fe»«t„" )fl
tb. wtvs. of tsiru r. who
“ *•*« thcmaelvaa useful
• liovjjfh aotne an*
I* The 17th of cv, ryv month
" barbers* holld,,. wien
up shop and go to tbeatfn
■ « f anmacnient, for w»,l0h
free tb*
► •^lvcrtf " ° W th* 1’b‘ rbllla
nt t0- be tKMtcd In their
“ ftots and C h u fla
tains Uer residence lu Albemarle coun­
ty. Va., while amoua other writers of
tha present time whose uatnes are con­
nected with the city either by birth or
lone aaeoclailon are: Mary Jobuatun.
Ellen Glasgow. Marion Uarlaud. Kate
I-angley Boaber, James flniucb Cabell,
Edward Tapia, Uratn«list: J. U. Whit
ty. biographer of Toe. and Colonel W.
Gordon McCabe, soldier, historian, aa-
saylat and local ebaractar. — Julian
Street In ColUer a Weekly.
Didn’t Believe It Had Dana.
Cases o f Ignorance on tbe part of
telegrafn writers are now rare, but
many liickleuts could be cited from
(be early daja o f tbe tvlegrapb. Sev­
eral are given In F. JB. Balnea' *Ou tbe
Track o f tbe Mall Oiacb.” In tbe late
forties be .received from a north of
England uinti a meaaago and promptly But tha man flatly dacllued
to believe that It bad goue. becau«e
tie could aee It (tbe form be bad tilled
upi still banging there, and tbe op­
erator bad to push tba form Into the
iUMfrniuent and ring the bell to parify
him. A woman In »'N o rfo lk town In­
stated upon inclosing tbe telegram aba
had written tn an envelop», ao that no
l>ryUig tyea might road It as It waul
«long tba wire.
F o r O va r 3 0 Y e a r *
i- Politene»*
' Politene«* costa uotbtug.' observed
Hi« eag*” J
•i •‘'fhat’k right," agreed the fool. "To
tan«*#« la marely tba an of not lotting
P * 0 kno*.v w bat ymi think o*’ Ihctn.”
finished, with a rapturous air.
Hla listeners were Impressed atl ex­
cept a practical looking chap In one
corner, who promptly roae to hla feot
“ Wall, marriage may not be exactly
one grand, aweet song.” he said «low­
ly. "but Ifa certainly one grand, attest
refrain—refrain from tobacco, refrain
from tba theater, refrain from games,
refsatn ftom spending week end«- In
fact, refrain from pretty well «very
thing.” — Ttttahurgh Cbronk-te-Tete
i! Arrivé *
ra.' .iv-
Jacob Spaniol
Stayton State Bank
A .y »a W
AU frmm _
Capital, $25,000.00
LEE TATE. President
GEO. SPANIOL, Vlcenpres.
fed ii.
Farmers and Merchants
■ -BANK-
Capital, $25,OOOXX?
A ^ q . :r|i 'iin» M , rraeidwit ” ------
J- T . I I cmt , Vice-President.
8. L_ S tew art , Cashier.
. --j™
J- M. R inco . Aaa’ t Cashier
| L. Swiss
A. M Jeweler
31 Years Experience
• AH work on watches and
clocks guaranteed fo r
One Year.
• ¡L ,
•Try My Work. It Speaks for Iteeii. •
Below is just a few
of hundreds
of bargains you
will find at our
e buy the house furnishings of two
or three houses every day and you
can always find a large assortment here to
choose from
Located in tbe Shoe Shop
in rear o f Stayton State Bank
— -t
H E k u
Poland China
Can furnish anything
ed pig to brood aowa and service
boars. Write me your wants
1 will do my hast to please you
hb *‘
KAY J. FOX, Lyons, Ore.
i d e l l a h /^ t S g s
.Hair Tonic, Face Creams, Hair
Goods Made to Order, Manicur­
ing, Scalp and Face Treatment
Suit 1, K. o f P. Building
Bell Phone 281-R
«aaggaaga ^ oissa¿s^asgsgsag^isxsi
One $65 polished top Lorain Range, just like new,
n o w .......................- ....................................... $25.00
Dressers, values to $15, slightly used..........$3 to $7.50
One $18,fuU quartered oak H a ll T r e e ................$9.00
T w o $12 42-in. 6-ft. Extension Tables, round, can’t be
told'firom n ew ............ .............................. $5.00 e a c h
One $7*50 heavy mission R ocker..-, ............... $4.00
One $25 10x12 10-wire seamless Brussels R u g $11,00
One 12 2-in. white continous B ed...... ...................$6.00
One set hardwoodi D in ers...... .............................$5.00
D ozens o f oth er good Chairs, each ........................... 60c
One $45 full quartered oak Buffet, beautiful piece
furniture, like new .......................................... $15.00
Furniture Repairing our specialty. We do furni­
ture packing, have skilled workmen and prices are
ngfitr Investigate our stock for anything you need.
■ ■ ■ s a fe
and reliable roofing
where there is
no water sytem, life
Durable .
We sell the cheapest because our expenses are low. F I R E F m O O F
Bu«ln««s and Sympathy.
A t a country market a lady went up
1» a stall wbara two flne geese were
exposed for «ale In charge of a country
lass. Tha girl would uot sell «me poo«e
without tl»e other
Knowing that *t
friend would be glnd, to bnve «we of
Com er Court & L ib erty Sts.
Salem, Ore.
them, tho cuatonwr wo* easily pm« *11
ed upon to take both, but out of curt
oalty. after she had bought and paid
for them, she asked the girl why she
bad refused to pell the geese separate­
ly. “ I f you please, ma'am.” waa the
Disguising Epsom Salt.
answer, "mother said aa how the geese
No Feraign Element
Seeking for various waya of dlsgula
had lived together Bftrau yean* and It
"Why don’t you h«ve your so»
lag tbe taate o f Kpeom salt haa become
would Iw too cruel to part them.” — »m ined by «U allcillxt?”
aemetblug of a fad. Here la tbe very
Londou Mali-
“ I'd rather have ■ g«H>d Ameriran
latest suggeatkw. and a very good ouc
doctor than' «uy of them foreigner»."“
To each teaapoonful of salt add ouo
Had No Narva.
Baltimore Arocricaa.
fourth tessptsviful W cream of turiar
Disreputable Looking Tarty—Gimme
and a llttl« sugar. Dissolve In « Mtt!:*
a nlckal. mum. Elderly Woman-1
A H tp ilflt Task«
b«>i wateruw*Taild«'n d water
tdg. stroi
a bould think a Idg.
strong taan like yeu
He-1 left irnor Billie «-n.lTellng hi- i er do«e of rah 1 * ro«i«treJ «vlu*u tliv
would be
bt ashaied
ashamed to
to a«k for J dou » t . bralh* Sbo—Grnrh'ii.i! What'« I m *«1-
D. L. T . - l am. lady, but I ain't got Ins tt»»l for? They haven’t «to»»« any : crvuui of larmr b< used, siace B basteu.-
) the actlou of the Einmui salt.
tbe nerve to take It* without asklu'.
thing Towu Tu| lea.
New York Times.
'. U !!.,
Farmers—We carry a
line of Pump«, Leader
Water Systems, Gasoline
Engine«, Etc.
• neither Oi»ium. Morphine n*
Mineral. N o t N a h cotic
Edition of the New
York World
in 1917
Barker« In Japan.
i not only men, but women,
barber If that« be any etgn
M»elr face#. Tbey do not per-
i the soft flown to grow, which
Dneae arc often astonished to
nnm<>1e»ted on the fares of
*»cru women. Often, too. the
Mothers Know That
Genuine Castoria
8t*r»ral i i » ii ,|| h ,. mn ar» needful If th»
rx|H*rfiiii iit with H.» taifnlag i.twi. u to
U* a «Ufcoaa Thu» Il |. ».M-niIal that
lb « air «bould 1« v«r> dry and warm;
alio tliut i I ioim »Imtilil !•» prm ilcally no
W^d. TUn I m - m «IftM-ia art* ■»< ured
only Ju»t after the vprnlng of th» a„w.
era. It will 1 .« icalixad (bat iiMmi cm>-
Oltloua raniiut al nay» h» rrin-d umni
i A plan lia» recently U m . u dev|»ed hy
iKOuiig o r which ili» Indatniualil« ua
(ture of the vaiKira given out by the
i ok lumini» may b» ab»wo jvuJi ■*...
titt-r i-n,,v i_
A »U*.*ug plain of ih» hunting l>u*b
la ralae.1 In M p «, Af the time wheu
the flower« a re just i?-acblug iwrfec
Mon the piu ut I» plated in a glasa Jar
or a ra»«. Thla u clorai; covered for
#*»ru« houxa- before the tltoror th» ex-
périment. Op removing the rover
light I «/field o» v«r ih» plant, when there
la at onre
t retili. 1,(1 OU» out buret of
flam« Ho great may b» th* rush of
flra that the rs|»*r<meuter la cautioned
P. keep bla far# away from th» top of
Hie fur. a» a »eriou» bum la not by auy
mean* wit o f the queatlou. After an
UitorváJ o f an hour or ao with the Jar
of add day. at Uio county court i
In th« county court houar. Ini
I county and atat«*. aa th« tim* and C lfvfr Devio» In U A In C ltlff
Cr for th** hoaring
Town# In Hungary.
iurh dual account, ami for th « « f l ­
mall U nni In op»ratinti lo
aunt t hr roof.
lili ntiaa ^o<—ametr
ra le w n r f I t i t
owna. that art tin* m»t word m edl-
,.y for thf
Executor o f th» rleocy, and tlmy an* rartaluly good uf
»«UU* o f Aptwl- look at aa to IbeJr deilgn." »a y . K K
lon»a G
» I
H —»-
bcbUwlogar. ‘'l l waa fourun-u yrara
7 Mar, 7
ago that I aaw thrm and tbey bad
then b««u In *»i**-r«tl<»n fur many yeara.
and I bata yat to aoa any tiling b»tt»r
____ In auy pan o f tbo world.
j e » la hereby given that th f un- 1 “Tbo lattar boxe» an* «orb that oo#
ígned, by an o n la r r f the County do»« not bar« to Ilf» any pan o f tb»m
rt of the State o f Oregon for the m order to drop the teller. Thera la a
ion, uuiy
Bty of MarlonL
duly made and ^en- wide aiot oo both «Id i» protected hy
noth day
j ... o f December.
” bra a» Itapa worklug on hliigra, «o that
apiNtinlcd adminlatratnr o f :
of Alexander M. Gifford, tb» letter drt^m down without any poo-
, and thkt he haa duly qualiAed aiblltty o f Iwromliig-aturb near tb» top
? ”
administrator. .. A ll person» in tb . lift, aa In our box»«. Kurthir I Z
J * r fw uH«---D»n.
r claims against »»id « a t » t » ar» mora, lb « letter carrier does hot touch « « r N'#w.
by notified to present Thflaam» duly any letter when be take» the mall ¡
-------- ----------- -
‘ 1 aa required by law to said ad- out. n* ba» » bag With a locked steel
Vemat lie Mfn*£yrian /a ru m
atrator at Salem. Marion County, oblong autumn tic to|i. the bay to wbtrb I In
Hie early fall lu Manchuria the
within six months o f th» ‘1st» t la m U>» p.*iodUx
j native« undergo a «ore of magic change
i notice.
“Tbla tup o f the bag la alld Into a
kted thla 14th d»y o f February,
from farmer to bandit It eeoma some­
alot at the bottom of tba mall box.
Oliver Jory
thing o f a |*ay' l.oloclrar Kitfieraault-
Heltxel Adminlatrator o f the
on« day a plodding farmer, the next a
estate o f Alexander only Iw opened by tb f Insertion o f tbla
vy for
M. Gifford, deceased. specially prepared bag. By virtue o f highwayman. After the tall kaollng.
47 tb *
tbla tbo oatlra bottom o f tb« ami! box or giant m illet 1» cut and aw-ape Is not
rolls back and Ha rontsats drop straight ao easy over the U ra plains, another
down Into the bag. Upon removal of clap o f the ha 11 da. „and, lo. a pwiwful
tb» bag by sliding It outward tb« bot­ farmer nnc« moral It la not only the
tom o f tba box »lid »» back Into place farmer who ptaya this exciting game;
and locks automatically, «a well aa the many another staid member o f the
bag with lu automatic top,"—New community baa his little fling Home
! • * • « combine their roles, differential
York World.
j *D* according to the seasons * With
the orientals disregard for condlUona.
value and need of a news-
man Is oftrn a bandit merchant and
in the household waa never
magistrate all at ooce.—Alice Tt^Ule
r than at the present time,
In Atlantic.
Renown With WHUh th«
t war in Europe is now T b « Literary
City la Amaolated.
Maeaulay's Tarrant of Talk.
ray into its third year, and Hlchmoud may be likeu«d to Boetou
"Macaulay Improres! Macaulay Im­
er peace be it hand or yet as a literary center. In an articl« pul*- proves I" Kydney Hmltb remarked one
off. it and the events to 11»bed some yeara ago In Hook Sew» day. " I have oberrved In him of late
Alb*« M. Tyler refer» to Colour! VVtl
it are sure to be of absorb- Hum Byrd, who founded Ukbumiid In flaabee o f—alienee.” The "nonoroot vi­
vacity” o f this enormous talker nettled
tereat for many a month 1733. as "the »plight I (cat and moat Smith,
who found It Impuaalhle often
genial native American writer I**fore |o Tok, „ „ own wU „ J w W ,
ie. _
: ~ mm_ .. . ____ _ .. wish I could write i*oetry
l*oetry like j you,” be
n* are worltl-ahakinff af- ► niuxuu.
In the time o f Chief Justice Marshall
complained to a friend. “ I would write
Bath Tuf>«, ’Lavatori
•nd all Sanitary fittings.
For Infanto >n<! Oillitrrm
*" H»nl - . - tU
füu^ ri*. a,
«••.»•M I.........
lnitular rw
* « timi tbf akin of an old Imiil# haa «Ult
In * wlmla plant t, . „ r r..imilfd
hocouif fully atr«fc*li«d and w«akin«d
with vnifkllug. abiNding liam,-. niMi-u
by iw , and If u*w win« waa put Into
lu color and (fating » highly ur..,oailt>
It tb f pma-nra o f th« gaam gentratod
■alor liclilml Hu m. Tin* burning bu.b
by tbt contlburd frniii*niallou of Uif dm*a not am*ni t » U* Injured In any way
«lu # would
burnt lb*
tb# iHittlr
id mira
, t y
d. 7 „ 07 act«
Il bi a
* f * r ! m « * tra imo ionia<*t wiib ib* ," . „ t
glaaaiuaklng and glana U nica orlgb ♦ b»* 4 f
untrd among ilia Kuyidiana although
Whom ft May fa M W I! NBUwW
by givmt that the umbwalgtmd. A. gt r/Uat dal« no on# haa pmautiMid to
ck, *-x ecu tor o f tho **it»U< o f Ai>- «tata. Kveu In Egyid, bowr*«r, tbf
n<*a tîrhlrn, due iacnd. haa thla art of gin*» in liking in ita fari? bUior/
r,|M in tho countv n-urt òr
óf Marión
MarKdi I api* i-ra to bava bem eouflucd to i«r
nty. Stato of i irogon. hi» Anal tabi liria liti*« and waa not praetlr«d at
^unt in «¡»i I ridati’, And add court all wtdaly.-tkloullflc Amorleac.
;himi.m. um rvU-4 a frinì, hmi k rn.lui
J oli In Jtn-ul ■liuiiduni'e. « li Irti iKHimtaia
«■y. la |»fl.dtnjal tu t*apfrlul|y
<|Mlititlra liy tlm dowiu * > „ „ |„
! wunu WMthfr «oiatlllidii« ao u,m ili«
alr anrroowfiug Un. plani i» |,Ui,r, u
i lintad. Hinhcr. Una r«|Nir la I.I k I i I v
! IbdaiMuiul'lf,' ami If n ti«!.Ci| Caia« ht
Z TbaTlJttou V t TJ
Z * * ' « r ........
• « > .
^ Ngtf>ormnti tSPhiid Dnwtw
* -
n n u L Ñ cA u *
v js s u
D u ra b le R oofing
Mfg# Co.