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26th. Year, No. 11.
b o y s and W i l d w e s t
Have You Read the Story of
Also 1 Reel Bray Pido and 1 Reel Comedy
Prices I5c-30c
DECLAMATORY CONTEST Riggs to be a Winner
FRI. EVENING, APRIL 8 If the dlroct prim ary low I* g oing
lo avail th* people anythlnR, It must
A declamatory contest will he g lv « thorn a fair representation In a f-
held in the High School Autdi-1 falra nf government. It was put on
torium. Friday evening, April 30 l ho stututea to allow thr average c it­
izen a c h a n c e lu the (»election o f o f -
at 8 o ’clock, which will deter«
mine the student who is to re­
It wan naturally exported the p r o ­
present Slayton High School at fess ional Jobholder« and c h ron ic
the Marion County Declamatory j offic e seeker* w ho are with us always
Contest which is to be held in would r o n t lu u » to be candid ates, but
It wax assumed a rnun w h o d o e s not
Salem, May the 7th.
d e v o t « all o f bis time to politics, but
The students participating in
can on ly boast nf being an averag«
the contest here Friday evening taxpayer and citizen would have a
are: Fern and Frances Free­ cha nce f o r recognition.
A m on g the candidate* f o r R e p r e ­
man, Chris Neitling, Albert Lu
Crabtree, and Osmund sentative on 1 he Repu blican ticket,
Rice. They will give humorous.: will b* Zadoc J RI r r s . a substantia!
business man o f Salem, w h o has con
drantatic and descriptive read-j
du eled (he Capital Ilrug Store for
several years, w ho Is a m em b er o f thr
Musical numbers by Miss various civ ic organizations. a man
Mickey and Marguerite Schulte- w h o hu# m a d « a success o f his ow n
l»ein will add variety to the business and has no wares to sell the
«tute nor politic al axe to grind.
selection o f such men ns Mr. R iggs,
The winner of the local contest guarantee* Marlon c ou n ty a repre­
will go to Salem. May 7th where sentation second to none In the state.
he will meet thr contestants
Student Body of Stayton High School Deserv­
ing of Much Praise for Carrying on this
Undertaking and Paying off Debt
T h e benefit play o f the Stayton
High School entit led " T h e H o o d o o . "
Klven at Slayton and Mill City mark-
<-d the close ot the u nderta k in g o f
the student .body o f 1917 in the build-
in « and llnunrlng o f a g ym na siu m
that Stayton and th e en tire c o m m u n ­
ity can be proud to claim as their
ow n
in N o v e m b e r o f the year 1916. a
parent-teachers m eetin g w as held at
the Hitch S ch o o l A u d itoriu m c o m ­
posed o f the most enthusia stic school
from the various high schools
Iti V 'KM .» T H 'K K T
I su pporters as always are fou n d in
of the county, including Salem
Y e editor a c c o m p a n ie d
S lo ck w e ll
High Suitable awards* will he Corn eliu s by u uto to Slayton li st Sun Stayton and c o m m u n it y and ths sub­
jec t o f bu ildin g a g ym na siu m
given those taking 1st. 2d. and day aftern oon . Talk ultout r o u d * — brou gh t up and discussed.
And It
3rd places.
they » r e very bad
T h e t o * n was In was the c on s en s u s o f opin ion am on g
It D# a great honor to "place” a very quiet dress, but we did a d ­ those present that such a building
mire t h e h an dsom e new g a r a g e re­ was n eeoed . so with the e®conrage-
in one of these contests, and all
cently erected
As a S ta y lon ile re­ ment o f those e«esen t, the High
Stayton people should take an! m arked. “ we are In the sa m e position
¡S ch o o l Student B ody started out to
interest in this type of school | you are lu T u rn er, all we need Is to j build a gvm
And it Is no w onder
All s t u d e n t s and; get rid o f the u u p r og res slto eltlzens. ¡that success d o w n e d their efforts, f o r
friends of the school are urged j then we could perhaps, build up the ¡with ih e ir undaunted spirit and en-
to give the contest their enthu-j tow n and lake on new life. T urner Ithusiasm o f both n ow and then, they
T ribu n e
I nil w ork ed with on e heart and aim.
siastic support.’ An admission
land the Fesult o f their efforts, c o m ­
fee o f ten cents will lie charged. • The average citizen's Idea o f the
bined with th e b ou n tifu l support of
way to run a paper Is:
''Prin t the the citizens o f the c om m u n ity . Is now
In i he seed eutalogues a eueum her news, no m atter what It Is, when it manifest to the w orld in the magnif-
lo o k s like a watermelon.
Is on the oth er fellow.*'
llcent stru ctu re that udorn s the* north-
cast c o r n e r o f the sch ool grounds.
T h e Student B o d y im m edia tely set
j to work under the able leadership of
I P r o fe sso r Gauntt in ta k in g un a pop­
u l a r subscription around Stavton and
: vicinity and the erection o f the g y m ­
nasium at o n ce began.
T h rou g h the
g en erou s co n t rib u t io n s o f the citizens
o f the c o m m u n ity $6 00 o r ov e r was
that capacity with whatever un­ raised and ad ded new en cou ra gem ent
prejudiced independence the best lo the enthusiastic co m m itte e s that
interests of the people of Ore­ p rom oted the w ork . T h e present
gon and the development and value o f the gym Is based at about
$3 ,0 0 0 .0 0 .
The balance o f the a-
welfare of the State shall de­ m ou n t. a p p rox im a tely $ 9 0 0 . on, was
mand. If the voter-s decide that pledged by the Student Body.
In announcing his candidacy
for the legislature on the Re­
publican ticket at the primary
election May 21st. .1. J. Keber.
hanker at Mt. Angel. api>eals to
the voters of Oregon as indivi­
duals, who, as such, are well
qualified to judge the issues of
the day. and who can and will
vote as their judgement shall
direct. Mr. Keber is a Fiepubli-
cian and believes in the princi­
ples of the party with whom he
is associated; and above every­
thing he is an American and be­
lieves in the principals of his
country. He is not a member
o f or affiliated wflh any particu­
lar faction or psrt of the
Rcpublician party: nor is he
pledged to support any of the
candidates for office at the com­
ing primary election.
His slogan is: "N o hobby to
ride, efficient administration and
conservative legislation."
In speaking of his candidacy
Mr. Keber said: "I pledge* to
the people of Marion county that
in conducting my campaign. I
will not support any particular
candidate for office in preference
to the other candidate for the
same office: that I will not
promise political patronage to
anyone: that if nominated and
elected 1 shall enter the office
with neitlur promise nor pledge
to redeem, except those which
I give to the people themselves;
reserving the rig fit to serve in
Influential a u ction eerin g o f G e o rg e
K eech, realized a net pr oceed s o f
$130.0 0 to apply on
the pledges.
Every u nderta k in g m arked m or e e n ­
thusia sm both in c o m m u n it y and
^ta ring the* f o llo w in g tw o years,
1918 and 1919, u nder the a b le d i­
rection o f P r o fe sso r s F ord and G r o v ­
er, the ple dges were br o u g h t d o w n
from $750 .0 0 to $3 50 .0 0.
The w ork
o f dim in ishin g this debt being u nder­
taken by the Eilgh Sch ool Students in
g iv ing plays, cu ttin g w ood and oth er
work to o n u m e ro u s to mention.
Big May Day Dance after show
New Supt. at Mill
Miss Emma StrefF and
James F. Ashe were married at
Kenneth Thomas, son of Mr.
Oregon City on Wednesday. April
and Mrs. A. C. Thomas, o f Stay-
21st at the Catholic Church. Rev.
ton and Miss Ethel Braden
Father Hillehrand pronouncing
daughter of M**. and Mrs. J. W.
the words that made them man
Braden, o f W’est Stayton, were
and wife.
married at Vancouver, Wash,,
The ceremony was private and on Wednesday, April 21st
was witnessed by Mrs. Rav
The ceremony was witnessed
Payne a sister and Miss Elenore ¡by M r/ and Mrs. Wm. Green-
Beam niece of the groom.
burg, Mrs. Sadie Small man and
After a few days spent in Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Thomas.
Portland and other points of in­
After a few daysspent in Port­
terest, Mr. and Mrs, Ashe re­ land visiting relatives the new
turned to Stayton where they couple returned to Stayton,
are comfortably located in the where they will make their home.
Mutchler residence on Water
The groom is employed in the
Santiam Woolen Mills hers.
Kenneth has been swaping
They have been receiving con­
gratulations from their many good smokes for congratulations
among his many friends here.
Mr. Ashe has been promoted
to the position of Superintendent
of the Santiam Woolen Mills
here, taking the place of Mr.
Fell, who will go to Portland.
FOR SALE--Goats, 20 nannys
Salem, Oregon
T h e year 1920 m a rk ed the clo sin g
F. X. Hot-
and 25 spring kids,
April 26, 1920
epoch o f these pledges with P r o fe s ­
A -22-29
tinger. Scio R. F. D.
To the Editor Stayton Mail:
sor Ford again g iv in g the Student
In talking with some friends
ltody his valuable support and t h e :
W h e n you see w hat s vast lot of about
candidates for
c o m m u n ity still b a ck in g and support
ing th e Sch ool as they did In the pre­ t r o u b le the w .»rid happen s to be in at officers, we all agree that for
Oscar Steel-
vious years, was ab le to en tirely pay­ the present tim e y o u 'll have to ad m it county assessor.
off those pledges and
d eclare
t h e ' that bon e-h eadry is pretty well set in hammer is a man well qualified
If the d r a m a s o f Edon for the job, as he has had a
Associa ted Student B ody fr e e of hum anity.
had to be re-enacted, in th e light o f number o f years experience in
We all think
h um an experience f o r 60 00 years, the the office work.
T h e School B oard favored the Stu- j
devil w ould pr op a b lv not take
the that he is a man well qualified
dents by equ ipp ing the Interior with
tr o u b le to dis guis e h im s elf as a ser­ and in every way the right man
sh ow ers, loc k ers and o th e r m a t e r i a l ;
Mr. Steelhammer
pent and If apples were scarce he fer the work.
needed in m a k in g it on e o f th e best
public office, al­
w ou ld probably put it o v e r w lih a
g y m n a siu m s and ba sk et ball floors in
though he has had six years o f
th e state.
experience in the assessor’s
But the enthusiasm o f the Stud ent;
office and is framiliar with every
B o d y has not died out w ith the p a y - :
detail. We feel that, w ith Mr.
Ing off p t this debt.
Th eir
next j
Steelhammer on the job, the
aim is g ive th e gym a fresh coat o f !
work o f the assesspr’s office will
paint and eit her so o n e r o r later equip
There will be a one reel film be well cared for. We all feel
I' with an ex cellent heating plant.
at the Star Theatre, Saturday that when a man has had 2 terms
Pla ns are also under w ay that in
night showing the habits of the o f 4 years each, 8 vears in all, it
is time to give another a chance.
the near fu tu re a rally will be given
Pocket Gopher, his burrowing
Those of us who have been
in the c o m m u n ity , c e lebratin g this
great ev ent hv a for m a l affair sim ­ tactics and the latest methods of personally acquainted with Mr.
exterminating Steelhammer for a number o f
ilar to the dedica tion .
Com m ittees poisoning a n d
are at w ork a rran gin g same.
A n ­ t h e m b y o u r experimenting • vears, feel that he is the right
We find
n oun cem ent o f this rally will appear stations in Oregon.
This run in man for assessor.
throughout the county a strong
In next w e e k s’ Issue o f the Mail.
connection with the other show sentiment in his fevor.
The Student B ody o f the Slayton
"The Virginian.” Prices 15-30c
A Subscriber.
High School wished to thank each
and eveVvone o f the patrons and s u p - 1
portea* o f the sc h ool th roug h (he c o l-,
umns o f the Mall f o r th eir unlimited
support In c r o w n i n g the buildin g o f
the gvm with suceess. m ak in g Stay-
ten H ig h Sch ool o n e o f the best in­
stitutions o f lea rn in g in the W illia m -
e»te Vallc.v.
W e are opposed to
Unking our- c roa ch m en t which tends to c o n s o l -
selves by new trea'.les with the q u a r - I d a t e the p o w e rs o f all d e p a r t m e n t*
Mr. Root Is f o r a w eaker beer and
rels o f E u r op e— D em oc ra tic pla tform | In o n e and th us crea te a real d e s p o t -
» stron g er league o f nations.
o f 1S60.
No su m p tu ary laws.— D e m o -
fan cy, then, that the Root Bi-er Idea
efforts o f
Abolltlonlsta o i eratic pla tform o f I8 6 0 ,
will not he so pop u la r as the H oot
oth ers made to Influ ence con g res s tc | W e dem and the free and u n li m it e d
lea gu e idea.
in terfere with qu estion s o f slavery c oin a ge o f silver at t h « ratio o t 16 t o
I'nlcs* on e h undred per cent A m ­ are calculated to lead to the most 1 D emocratic platform o f 1 8 t t .
alarmin g and d a n g e ro u s consequ en-
W e dem and that the people o t th *
erican. do n 't let 'em land.
ees and ou gh t not to he c ou n ten a n ced p h illippin e Islands be given th eir Ub-
by^nny friends o f o u r politic al instl- . „ r t y al on ce.- D em oc ra tic p la t f o r m
D em ocratic
pla tfor m
o f | o f 1900.
they do not desire that I be th-»re
On March 30th o f the follow in g
candidate, I will give my un­ vear a large g ath ering collected In
divided support to the Republi­ I he new g ym nasiu m , then com pleted,
to partake In the form al dedication
can candidates of their choice.
o f same.
Th ai evenin g, follo w in g
"I shall, as far as possible, the dedica tion , a basket social was
make a personal campaign, with held In th>- building and through the
the object to establish and main­
tain a close relationship with the
A fter H ear}' Ford has told every-
people of Marion county, so that thing he k n o w s and aired all his
I may the better know their views, that n ewspaper o f hi» w on't
needs and reqirements, and be seem so fu nn y. He'll feel like an old
and be entirely comprehensive | b a rh olor w h o has been given s baby
of such.
I to hold by so m e b o d y w h o n ever re­
"I am firmly convinced that turned.
the progress, prosperity and de­
velopment of Oregon demands
that all lines of business, with
due consideration for this abso­
lute necessity of practicing mos*
rigid economy, be maintained to
the full standard.
If nominated and elected 1
ahalf consistently endeaver to
give Oregon an impartial, clean,
economical and business-like ad­
ministration which will have as
ideal, the greatest possible ad­
vancement of the moral, social
and economic p r o g r e s s and
prosperity o f the people and
through an evar increasing de­
Where you hear good music
velopment of it3 recources keep
Oregon at the top in the vast
fabric of our national life.
William Parnum
Z A N E G R E Y ’S
Dustin Famum
25 C
W e are opposed to g ov er n m en t b y
This c on v en tion d o e s explicitly de- ln iu nr(on
i>*m „ (.ra,e pla tfor m o t
clare as the sense o f the Am erican
people that a fter f o u r years o f fal-
W e fav or single presidential term
ure to restore th e t'n io n by the ex ­
and we pled ge the n om in ee o f th is
perim ent o f war. d u rin g which. un-|
c onv ention to c arry out his p la tf o r m
d er the pretense o f m ilita ry necessity
D emocratic
p la tfo r m o f
o f a war. the c onstitution Itself, has
been disreg arded In every part atul
D em oc ra tic
public liberty and priv ate right alike
tr odden
d ow n
Justic e,
h um an ity
D em ocra tic pla tfor m o f
liberty and the inibir w elfare d em an d L®®"-
that Imm edia te efforts he m ade fur a
" ° c o m m e n d to the Am erican p e o -
cossatlon o f h o s ti lit ie s — D e m o -r a t Ic ipl^
splendid d t p lo m s t'c v V t o r -
p la tfo r m o f 196 1
,**■» o f o u r great president, w ho h a *
It Is Im p era tively d em an ded th a * ‘, P 'e!‘ ,“rv'f,l fb ‘ ‘ vlti*i in terest o f o u r
no president he n ettnd'dn ie for ■ e - ' govern m en t
ae-l its citizen s a n d
election - - D em ocratic
p la tfo r m
o f kept o s o u f or war
D e m ocra tic
t $ 72 .
( p la tf o r m o f 1916.
W e are o pposed to centralisation
W o u ld tV - -- pi-nlts furnish
ul'd that d i n f f R M * spirit o f <r- f o r ’ xi f o r a " U d d - c > r S i g h * ? ’ *