The Stayton mail. (Stayton, Marion County, Or.) 1895-current, September 06, 1917, Image 1

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23rd. Year, No. 36.
Try To Keep Highway
Where It Will Serve
The Most People
Has the Largest Circulation of Any Paper in the Santiam Valley
S T A Y T O N , M ARION C O U N T Y , OREGON, T H U R SD A Y , SE PTE M B E R 6, 1917.
He will appoint two other mem­
bers. Each of the other towns
represented at the meeting will
appoint similar committees and
all other districts that would be
benefitted by the water grade
route will likewise appoint Cftm-
mittees. The committee appoint­
ed by the Stayton Commercial
Club is George Keech and J. W.
Mayo. Those from Stayton who
attended the meeting were: E.
Roy, Forrest Mack, Lee Tate, L.
A. Thomas, Prof. Ford, George
Keech, Jos. Fisher, John Thoma
and C- E. Daugherty.
Rebekahs Held District
Warning to Persons
Entering Woods k Convention At Mill
City Wednesday
Portland, Sept. 4. All pysons
entering the forests must I>o ex­
tremely careful at this time about
lighting fires
This is not the
Fire Marshal warning of the
usual type. There is a very ur­
gent reason for this warping.
The woods just now are filled
with military patrols with rigid
instructions to shoot public ene­
mies caught setting fire to the
Therefore it is doubly neces­
sary to be careful as military
patrols, while instructed to exer­
cise every precaution, might pos­
sibly make a mistake.
These military patrols are op­
erating in every part of Otegon
where forests are to be found.
Their location is not levealud 'for
obvious reasons. They move
from place to place and keep to
cover as much as possible. Their
task is that of hunting down
public enemies who have been
firing the Oregon forests, and
they are under orders from the
Western Department of the army
to deal instantly and vigorously
with such public enemies.
So if necessary for you to go
into the woods, be careful about
lighting fires. No doubt ¡1 would
lie better to keep out of the
woodB unless you have urgent
business therein.
The Rebekahs held their Dis­
trict convention at Mill City on
Wednesday afternoon and even­
ing. A large crowd was in at­
tendance at both sessions.
Those from Stayton lodge who
attended were: Mr. and Mrs. B.
A. Schaefer, Mr. and Mrs. J. M.
Kingo, Mrs. II. A. Beauchamp,
Mrs. Horace Lilly, Mrs. W. H.
Hobson, Mrs. V. Dare Sloper,
Mrs. Lucinda Miller, and Miss
Ella Williams. Misses Bessie
Clow and June Kearns and Mr.
Frank Thomas joined them mak­
The infant son of Mr. and Mrs.
ing a total of 13 members present
Clifford C. Carter passed away
from Stayton. E. C. Titus and
Saturday afternoon at 1 o’clock
Jess Shepherd furnished the cars
at the family home north east
and attended the social in the
of Sublimity. The little fellow
was but six weeks old, and tine
There were about 100 members
young parents have the sym­
from the various lodges.
pathy of the entire community
City team did the inita-
in the loss of this little life. The
tory work. A fine program was
funeral services were held at the
rendered. Mrs. Ringo sang in
home on Monday morning at 10
her usual sweet voice, Mrs.
a. m., conducted by Rev. Lock­
Trask, of Lyons, also delighted
hart. Interm ent was in the
the audience with a song, Mrs.
Union Hill cemetery. A large
Hobson told a story and members
number of relatives and friends
of the various lodges gave num­
were present
bers that were much appreciated.
Dinner was served in the beau­
tiful new hall at 6 in the evening
and a splendid banquet was en­
We wish to express our thanks
at Midnight. The Mill City
to our many kind friends and
deserves much credit for
neighbors for their sympathy
manner in which
and help during the illness and
the guests were received and en­
death of our baby We also thank
all for their beautiful floral offer­
Mrs. Mary Lank ester state
Mrs. Grace Elder entertained president of the order, was pres­
Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Carter. at dinner Monday evening in
ent and gave an interesting talk
; honor of Mrs. W. C. Parry, of at the close of the session.
¡Junction City. Covers were laid
Until further notice Nendel’s i for W. W. Elder and wife. Dr.
Feed Store will deliver Tuesdays Korinek and wife, Mrs. I’arry
and Saturdays only. Flour de­ and the hostess. Later in the
livered at any time.
evening the Elders entertained
Wm. Nendel.
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander and Miss
Marian Alexander. Light re­ The greatest opportunity for
Vale—Construction starts on freshments were served and an patriotic service since the war
enjoyable evening was spent.
concrete garage building here.
commenced if offered to the
housewives of this state.
The season of perishable fruits
and vegetables is upon us. The
value of the thousands of war
gardens planted in response to
the president’s appeal will de­
pend upon the effort made now
to preserve their products.
Let every housewife be a sol­
dier in the food army. Can and
dry everything not required for
immediate use. Let nothing go
to waste. Foods preserved for
home use will release other sup­
plies for our soldiers at the front.
There will undoubtedly be high
prices and scarcity of many ar­
ticles next winter. Those who
provide for the future now will
have little to worry about then.
For recipes describing effective
and inexpensive methods of can­
These are all-wool suits— best makes— many pat­
ning, drying and pickling call
upon Oregon Agricultural College
terns, styles and materials— big values at the regular
or the Department of Agricul­
price— but to close them ont at once we have di­
ture at Washington. Many of
thes > reci; t? supplied from offi­
vided them into three lots and priced them as
cial source - are being printed for
your service in the daily news­
Ijet there not be a minutes de­
lay or the waste of a pound of
foud that c in be preserved. Our
boys are proud to fight for our
homes and liberty; let no woman
be too proud to do her bit in con­
Full line Oxford
Men’s Silk Shirts,
All Straw and Pan­
serving the food supply.
Shoes, tan or black
$5 and $6.00 values,
ama Hats One-Half
- -rubber or leather
Special now at
regular price. Sail­
soles; $5.00 Shoes
The announcement of the mar­
now $3.65
ors, 50c each.
riage of George Washington
Beers, son of C. C. Beers, of
Lyons, to Miss Maud Sheffield,
daughter of Chas. Sheffield, of
Amity, has been received by the
Telephone 166
136 N. Commercial Street
Word was received Monday
evening by Mrs. W. H. Downing
of the serious illness of her sis­
ter Mrs. Eva Pierce of Oklahoma
Virtually unanimous sentiment
in favor of the water Krade route
for the Pacific highway between
Snleni and Jefferson was express­
ed at a heavily attended meeting
at Turner on Tuesday night at
which delegations from Aumsvil-
le, Marion, Turner and Stayton
were present Committees will
urge the state highway commis­
sion to choose this route, which
would pass through the lower
country which ¡ h without hills
und would go through Turner
an<i Marion. An opposing route
which there has been talk of
• selecting is known as “Jefferson
way” and passes over the hills.
Numerous arguments in favor
of the route through Turner and
Marion were presented. It was
shown that this route would be
on water grade and that the hill
near the state training school
would be the only one encounter­
ed. Further it was shown that
for al*out half the distance a
grading exists that would be
Suitable for immediate paving
and that but little work on grad­
ing would be necessary between
Salem and Turner.
Another argument presented
was that the Turner-Marion
route would serve a vast range
of country, including some of the
large saw- mills. Among these
points were mentioned Aums-
ville. Mill City, Lyons. Mehama,
Shaw. Sublimity, West Stayton
and Stayton. The opposition
route, it w s h pointed out would
be across numerous hills and
would serve a mere strip and not
a wide scope of country.
Judge Dunean, who presided
at the meeting Tuesday night,
will serve as chairman of the
Turner district that will confer
with the highway commission.
Baby Dies
An Enjoyable Evening
To the Women
of Oregon
1 5 0 SUITS
Reduced Prices
$25 Grades, $19.75
$20 Grades, $15.75
$15.00 Grades, $ 11.75
Serial No. 1125
Salem Woolen Mills Store
Watch this Space
For Bargains Next
General Merchandise
George P* Downing
Big Type Duroc Jersey
Again Joins Colors
The kind that weigh 200
Geo. P. Downing, son of Mr.
lbs. at the age of five
and Mrs. W. H. Downing, of the
months, 600 at sixteen
Waldo Hills, has enlisted in the
months, 1000 when full
United States army in Califor­
grown. See us at the
nia, and was called to the colors
fairs this fall.
September 5.
George Downing was a mem­
ber of Co. M of Salem, being
Silverton, Ore.
among the first to enlist from
Marion county when the Mexican
trouble threatened, but was dis­
charged after their return from
the border last year. He visited
An enjoyable evening was
his parents last week and was
spent at the G. L. Brown home
given a smoker Sunday at home.
Thursday last when a number
About thirty o f . his friends and
of young folks gathered there.
relatives were present to greet
Music and refreshments helped
young soldier and wish him good
to make the rime pass quickly.
luck in the service of his country
Those present were: Mr. and
The Downing home was beauti­
Mrs. Fred Ficklin, Mr. and Mrs.
fully decorated for the occasion,
1 Dare Sloper. Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
the national colors predominat­
Cladek, Misses Wanda Brown
ing, the afternoon and evening
and Vonda Sestak and Messrs
was devoted to social amuse­
Max Hill and Wayne Ashby.
Mr. Downing stated that he
Port Orford—Old Blanco mine
had sacrificed a lucrative position
equipped with new ma­
to enter the service of his coun­
to treat 500 tons gold*
try but that he would give his
sands daily.
life for the country he loves. He
Coos Bay—40 families of Bel-
left Monday evening for the
to locate as settlers.
training camp to be mobilized in
service once more.
Party at Brown Home
Special Program
The Christian Endeavor society
of the Christian church will give
a special program consisting of
recitations, special music and
short talks Sunday evening at
at 7 o’clock, instead of their
regular meeting. Everyone is
cordially invited to be present
and enjoy the meeting
Think of the price of grain
and hay. Is it insured
against Fire? If not in­
sure for four or six months
I have on hand 6 pair of Jomo 16 and 18 inch top sizes
8. 9 and 10. Anyone wearing those and looking for a
pair of high tops had better come and see them as I wall
sell them at a bargain. I also have 3 pair of the heavy
Dayton driving shoe for .oggers size 8, 9 and 10 which
I will sell at a sacrifice. Look them over if they are
your size.
Mason Jar Rubbers, the very best, still 5c. Dc ?
Mason Jar Lids, Doz. 20c.
Economy Jar Lids,
Plenty Mason Jars in Quart and Half Gallon
Prices which are Right,
Nobody Undersells us
Beginning Saturday September 8th will
pay 40 cents per doz. for eggs in trade.