The Stayton mail. (Stayton, Marion County, Or.) 1895-current, February 27, 1913, Image 5

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S T A Y 'D )N .
M A R IO N '
t O L ’ .N 'T Y,
O R F .i.O N ,
F K liK I’A K Y
2 7.
1918 .
~ ~~~~
'“ " t i
Public Playground Is Glacier National Park
Famous Resort in Northwest Has All the Grandeur of Wild
la north»™ Montana, 200 ml la* thin groat rvaort, the tourlat must not i pared to go much of the distance on awaits the traveler and guides atand mirror below them forest, rock and
north of Yellowstone National i ’ark, enter the park with the ides of eu ford, sometimes clinging to the tail ready with horses to pilot him into snowy peak. The spectator ig awe-
naeistance up the the wilds. And such n tripl Words struek uud his wonder becomes and-
lies oaa of Uncle Ham’a nswest play Joying its splendor from an automo­ o f bis pony for
bile. It is too rugged for that. The
« gain grnsping a« fsll far short of the power to express' Ible, while the stoical guide merely
grounds, Glarlsr National Park. Com pony must be depended upon if one steep in -line snd
bush soil twig by
the side o f the nar the
sentiments snd emotions that plods ahead. Hurprises meet him at
prising 913,000 art»« auil embracing would enjoy to the full the thrills row trail. But to
him who makes the arise in the heart of the traveler. In I every turn while he gropes mentally
ia its eoufines most o f thd natural , that come from looking down front veuture sud achieves the heights the silent wonder he rides on, drinking in for words to express bis feeling,
beauties that characterise ithers 0f mountain peak seemingly fathomless] reward is abundant,
tho beauties that rush out to meet
Over 250 lakes lie here and tkere
among tke green kiHs.
Lake Mac­ W onder Dream c? Scientists is
tke great mountain resorts, with mag
Donald lies two miles from Belton
uifieeat lakes shimmering in Hod's
that Humanity M ay be M ade
and is connected with that station by
On S p erry Glacier in the W o n d erfu l ‘P a rk tn M ontana
free suelight at the bases o f giant
Free from Disease and Pain
a road. Prom the head of this lake
mountains, snow clad and rugged; a ]
trips are made on horseback to Gua-
HERR is being dreamed a wan­
sight I-ake. Iceberg Lake, Logging,
total o f 00 glaciers vsrying in area
der dream.
These days men
from a few scree to five square miles;
o f univer­
each with its own individual beauty
fine, trickling mountain streams that,
and points of interest. In some the
sal happiness, a world e f per­
begianing ns nothing, widan out into
finny tribe abound, as atao in the fect men and women and happy eyed,
tumbling torrents that find their way
making, foaming torrents, to bury
through the passes. The guides ars strong-limbed children. They are lift­
themselves in the bosom of some lake
ready with information ns to the best ing the veil that hangs between the to
or te rush on west, north or south
places to east the fly. These are but day and the tomorrow of science aad
into the Pacific, Hudson May or the !
a few of the bodies o f water to be showing to ns the golden vista of a
found within the confines o f this world that is free from pain. They
Uulf ef Msaico; green, reatful glndee
dream, these men of science, and they
lying along the bank of mountain |
work. It in well that they do dream,
lake or etream and enticing tbs pass j
tourist ran find the heights o f sub­ too, for it is o f dreamers that the
lag tourist to a loll on the grew that ;
limity in sheer wells of solid ice. blessings of former ages came. The
will recall the clover days o f youth, j
The trail leads zigzag over shell rock abyss between the abstract and the
Alt these has the Almighty dropped I
that threatens *.o precipitate h o rs e concrete is /i*st B bridged
j P W B but
P I by tke
and rider into the canyon below, but
natter sf which dreams are.
down into the lap of nature that His |
istence come# when
The dream--ra o f the wonder dreei
the reward o f persistence
children might spend a p u t of their
one stands face to fae« against the work in terrai of berteris end bacilli,
dnys in healthful recreation.
white wall o f Sperry Glacier, from microbe* and serum*, veeeinee and cul­
Mach has been written o f the |
under whose depths flow tiny rivu­ ture*. Taev do not, perhaps, really
lets, the beginnings o f greater ex­ know that they are dreaming, yet, eo
grandeur of the Alpo and every year
panses o f water below. And if he fanciful is their endeavor that eehl
tourists from America travel into
to attempt the climb, the ex syllable* and black and white word-
tke far country to see what the Old
eitement and perils o f the iee moun etchings do not tell the story.
World has to offer as a balm for
Think, then, that the human body is
tain are his.
weary, work laden hearts. And some
a citadel, fortified against attack from
havn never viewed tho grandeurs of
terest o f the tourist is safeguarded. without and garrisoned within. There
out own America, while others come
streams are his for fishing, subject are. of course, a* always in real eita-
bach with the declaration that Am­
t ) reasonable regulations, but all game dels. traitors within the walls. Agtin
erica can boast mountains as grand,
birds and animals are under the strict as always, there are defects in the
experiences ns thrilling and air ns
protection by the government very walls. The men of science call
bracing ns the moat highly touted
and line only are permitted the microbe inhabitants “ malignant”
factions of the Old World. Those who
for fishing and all firearms are ex nnd “ benevolent.” The population is
hove visited Glacier National Park
eluded from the park. A careful in­ cosmopolitan. F ot instance, ia the ■*
pronounce it without compare and It,
vestigation o f the streams were fish liva of the month there may be half a
along with Yellowstone, Crater Lake.
rs ■_— -r—
---- r— ci—
--------------— — r
abound has been made by the gov- hundred different sorts of mierobeo.
Yoaemitc sad the countless other distances to the shimmering little lake
Kntrance to the park may be gained him on every hand, when, lo! tbe eminent and the information thus ob- perhaps all “ benevolert,”
scenic attractions o f
the United below, or feel ia the ecstaeiee that from Midvale on the east or Belton
Practically alwayu there are
party has turned a bend in the trail tained ia at the disposal of the tour not.
Mtntes, is doing much to make gen­ cent« from a face to face encounter on the west. Tho government is rush-
and there, beforo him lies the placid ist
Automobile roads are as yet few among the hordes opon hordes o f the
eral the cry “ See America first.”
with a sheer wall o f iee, or taste tho ing work on roads and bridges and surface of a lake, nestling between and tmvel in thin manner if limited microbes each one o f us harbor*
While everything possible has been delights o f virgin solitude in forest tho tourist it afforded every comfort. 1 pine-clnd hills that tower upward to and carefully regulated by the gov treacherous ingrates, always on the
di-ne for the comfort o f visitors to and on lake. And he« must be pro At either place a modern chalet meet the sky and reflect in the biue eminent.
nlert to give comfort and aid to the
enemy that attacks from without, ever
ready to take part in internal upris­
ings. On the other hand, there are the
leucocytes, loyal always and prepare«!
to battle for our health with invader
or traitor. The leucocytes are some
times known as phagocytes, eaters of
i r k KILLIHHKII, captured by
the Bulgarians from tho Otto !
cells, for they devour their enemies.
Under the proper conditions, the leu
mans after one o f tho blood- !
iest battles of tho war, has
coeyttes can take care of all “ malig
nant” . microbe* by themselves, un
been renamed Lozengrad. Kirk Kil j
lieteli means ” 40 churches.”
aided. It is when the odds are against
them that disease comes and men must
word “ kirk” was left tho Turk^ bv
the crusaders, as it is the sumo ns the I
bring aid.
old Neotch word o f the same spelling j
It is from the study o f microbe life,
nnd is akin to the German ” kirche.''|
ns outline«! in unscientific terms above,
that physicians have made of some of
their dreams golden truths nnd are
Frank Butcher was arrested the ;
pushing on, year by year, to the ultima
other day at 1ms Angeles because he
thule of their hoj>es, a world without
was a man. For two years be had lieen
diesase. The latest development of the
employed ns n domestic, under the
theory o f vaccines is a remarkable
'name of Miss Anna Butcher.
thin«'. It is no le>s than this: a man is
rourse, he wore woman’s clothes all
cured by his own disease. The modern
this time and nous penetrated his dis
physician makes a culture of a sp«>
His peculiar style o f vanity
cifie disease germ. That means that
was Butcher’s undoing. He went tn a
he takes some of the microbes who are
hairdresser to hnvo the wig lie wore
causing trouble and lets them propa­
The hairdresser knew
gate in a test tube, beyond the habitat
at once that sho was working on a
of the human body. These germs he
wig. Then, she looked more closely at
kills by heat. Their dead bodice he
the face of her customer mid discov­
injects back into the body of the pa­
ered a slight stubble, evidence o f a
He will nse a few million
man’s beard. Hhe called a policeman
germs, but that need not be alarming,
and “ Anna”
wns taken to jail.
for a million germs would have plenty
Bntrher told the police that he found
of room on the head of a pia. Aho,
it difficult to get employment as a .
the microbes, being dead, cannot mul
man, •‘ and, lienides, I like tn do
tiply and the tissues o f the body are
able to cope with them. A specific an
tulote is produced by nature’s inter­
One of the next questions to he put
nal chemistry and this either destroys
to the Supreme Court o f the United
the troublesome bacteria or renders
States is this: “ When is an orange
them helpless before the savage rush
r ip e !”
This question comes op ns
of the phagocytes. Chronic colds, in­
part of an np|>ea! from the recent do
fluenza, bronchitis, carbuncles, dl*
eision of the Florida supreme court up­
eased teeth, even pimples, can be
holding as constitutional the state law
treated this way.
The physicians
prescribing the age of an orange and
speak of the specific that the body
its maturity before it can he shipped
makes for itself as "autogenous vi­
out o f Florida.
The possibilities o f this form of
The London Board of Trade an­
treatment are illimitable.
The man
nounces that the whaling ship Hcotia
with the chronic cold ot the frequent
hss been engnged to patrol the ice re­
and persistent attack of tonsilitis ean
gions in the North Atlantic, for the
thus be made immnne from his pn»^
E H A V E two horses left and keep them for emergencies, hut really have no use for them.” T hat’s a
purpose o f notifying wireless stntions
tienlar type o f minor ailment, as the
on the const nnd steamers o f the loca­
statement made by a farmer who is working a 400-acre ranch in the west. All o f his farm work is
man who is vaccinated for smallpox
tion o f icebergs and other dangers.
cannot contract that disease and as the
The Hcotia, which was formerly en­
man who submit* to the typhoid vac­
cultivating, sowing, harvesting and threshing. When produce is to be taken to town gas power pulls
gaged In Antarctic exploration, has
cine is safe from that scourge.
been equipped with a powerful wire
the wagons. When the farmer goes to town on business he rides in a four-evlinder runabout; when his family
The story of the wonder dream is
less outfit.
not all told here. The telling will not
takes a pleasure ride they drive a six-cylinder touring car. His case is typical, fo r the auto has taken the place
be completed until it is said that the
o f the horse on hundreds o f country places, lightening the work o f the farmer, putting him in direct communica­
Albert Perkins, whom, home is in a
scientists are growing new bouse, are
little town in California, ij said tn
tion with the town, making life more enjoyable and work less arduous. Even the ordinary automobile, leaving
transplanting bones, are grafting skin,
have purchased his freedom from his
are making whole men and women of
wife for hi,000. The husband lacked
crippled wrecks, are, even, promoting
o f the agriculturist, is used to do much work for the rancher. It is made to furnish power for all kinds of
grounds for divorce and offered the
morality with the surgeon’s scalpel. It
♦ 1 , 000 . The woman accepted and a
machinery, by the simple expedient o f taking its wheels o ff the ground and adopting a system o f belts. Tt is
is a great thing, this dream, a wonder
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used in stacking hav and in a thousand other wavs.
fnl thing. There is more to be told.
Golden Days
for Mankind
Looking It Over
The Farmer’s N ew H ired H and Is a Willing W orker
B l a m e
h u r r y b a c k , now ,
To ™ e
Y o u to r u is t h e :
m e if i a i n t
t h e h a n d y h i r e d m am
on the FARM , I TAKE EM
p ic t u r e » show
or ta k e the e g o s
To m a r k e t , i ' l l b f t
T H E Y T e a c H me
m , lk t h e cow s , next
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