The Redmond spokesman. (Redmond, Crook County, Or.) 1910-current, December 05, 1912, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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Lynch & Roberts’ Store
Christmas Gifts
Toys, Large and Small
Dolls, Large and Small
Doll Buggies, Large and Small
Cut (dass, Various Sets
Haviland China
Dry Goods Specialties
Fine Linens for Table
Linen Handkerchiefs
Initial Handkerchiefs
Fancy Scarfs
Everything for Christmas Gifts
ociety Directory
iHIdrlo, l.llly »Ur, »old by Smith A
Altlngham. It la Ihr HKST bit rigar
In thr city
I H«*1 iim >»«I (««dge N«« I l o , H I*.
W rit» to thr Socrrtary o f thr Red-
I Wort» every
Monday night In
»in »» Hall
Visiting K nights aro tuond I'oultry Show for a pranilum
2 212
\V J Buck lay. C P
It K III».!. K Of II I H
I.lve. energetic tiew»pa|ier can-
alinomi laMlgr, I. II. O. K. No. 221 vaaarra call make good money.
Morta «vary Thursday night la ply at Hpokeatuan office.
N trriT K
All reading matter, notice«, etc.
for r n le ria lnmewta from w h lrli reve­
nue I» to tie derivili. H ill lie eliargrd
regular ailvertUIng rate« In The
Spoke« man.
W t ■ hall
V isiting hrothor» ara
A classified
^rl!«||y Inviteli to »tlrllil
tlralree work
J. C. W illiam ». N. U.
Everett Case, See
« kllO
l«ln arrivo» from north
7 SO p in
tain arriva« from s o u t h ,. 7 21a m
I I A t ' K l II.. A c r il i
J. II. Ilanrr Abstract Co.. Inc.
< <> plotr trart Iniloioa ami pho
Mraphlc roplra o f t'rook fou nt)'
I'ou n ly map» and blur
Prinevllle, O regon.
you want purr milk or cream
Ilion« Tlrhenor. No I l o .
4 «tf
You are Invited to attend the Red
'"id Poultry Show and bring your
l.owney'a rh orolatra will make a
piirUimaa preaent that any lady
P'uiM llkr
At thr R edm ond Phar
“»• y In I and 2 lt> bog««.
S«dil Out ltu»lnr«a In terrsl—
advertisem ent la a
H Hanks has sold hla Interest in
hunter, and seldom the Redm ond Dumber A Produce Co.
ii> II II MeMteM«
Mr Hanks Was
The BEST bit rigar In the rtty I» the prim e m over In organisin g the
above business, and during hla c o n ­
Kl Sldrlo, l.llly »Itr. »old by
nection with the Arm hla business
Smith * Alllngham ,
ability wa* the m«*ana o f bringing In
a g o o d line o f trade
Thr Hrdtnond Poultry Association
will hold a poultry «how at Kedmond
Hewing S o lle t) Dine—
Iirrem hor 18 to 21.
About 30 member* o f the
Brush Sewing Society
met at the
Her the now "K an t I«eak K leets" home o f C. K. M«*ad on T hanksgiv­
Gennaro R oofing; 1 ply and 2 ply ing day and had n Cnlon T h an ksgiv­
K. C . Immole
ing dinner.
The Redm ond Pharmacy has a
Im proved
freali line o f Uiwney a chocolates In farms.
U. Phoenix.
R ed­
mond. O regon.
4 9 lf
I and 2 pound boxes
ltdurn«*«l From Portlam l—
J. W. Brew er, president o f the
Any person desiring to ««cu r « a
Bunk o f Com m erce, w ho was In Port­
loan ou Ihetr real estate, farm ing
land last w«>ek on business, returned
lamia only, during thla m onth, at 8
home Friday evening.
per cent Interest, write full Inform a­
tion o f land, liuprovementa. value M uvnl Into T im n —
and the amount o f the loan dealred
S. It. Snider and fam ily, who have
Ito Howard W. Turner. Madras. Ore­ been living In the country for sever­
al months, returned to the city last
(¡rrgury'a Variety »lo re will give
Iprrlal prlrra on moat everything In
week to remain during the winter.
Dissolution o f Partnership
phrir »tore until N ovem ber 20th In
V '1, r in make room
for Holiday
Nolle«« la heraby given that
the H«-re Thanksgiving—
Don't fall to Inveatlgair
partnership heretofore existing be-
J. A. N orw ood and w ife, form er
15t r
t w«*«*n Q. \V Hess and Perry Reedy residents o f this city, w ere In R ed­
was, by mutual consent, d is s o lv e d 1 mond Thanksgiving day visiting and
II you want fo keep poatod take on O ctober 28. 1912. Perry
Reedy calling on friends
Mr. N orw ood Is
pho Spokeaman
f l Ml n year.
continuing the business and assum ­ now
engaged In the general store
ing all liabilities snd collecting all business at Culver.
J ih ’. i a box o f l-ow ney's candy for accounts from the above date.
(). W . IIKSS,
In | or 2 pound box«»
Visited at U l i l l » » —
Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Pheonlx and
F 'he Redmond Pharm acy.
221 f
2H 3
W S. Rodm an w ere R edm ond vial-
tors at Daldlaw Sunday.
If you want to keep poste«! lake Nothing to Advertise—
F*’" spokesman
People are com ing to reallte that
the »lore which haa nothing to ad­
Kl Sldelo. the BEST bit cigar lo vertise has nothing lo repay a shop­
r* Itad In Redm ond, can be bought per for their lim e In visiting It. Only
the offer o f real values makes «tore
*' Hnilth A A llln gh am 's
advertising worth w hile for the
Hawkers who en joy a good cigar store, or w«»rth the attention o f the
w'll be able to find same In the Kl ad reader.
f I.Ro a year.
J. 1>. Butler Marries—
J. D
Butler, the druggist, and
Miss Me«la N ichols o f M edford .Ore-
gon, were m arried at the Presbyter-
tun Mans e al P o r t l a m l on NOT. 2 7th
They arrived In K edm ond last F ri­
day evening via auto from T «rr«-
bonne and Mr. Itutler'a frien d » here
form ed a "w ed d in g procession " and
escorted the bride and groom to the
R. C. Inim ele residence on east A
street, where the Butlers w ill reside
silverw are the com ing h olidays will
do well to aee the large and com plete
stock that A lfred Munz carries. He
has the only com plete line o f C om ­
m unity silverw are In the city.
not buy any Inferior silverw are but
Hervlre o f Song—
go and see him and buy g ood goods
The children o f the Presbyterian at fair pricea.
J1 1
Sunday School are being trained for
a service o f song and iiiualc for H ere on Business—
At the city election held M onday.
j Christmas.
Champ Smith o f P rinevllle and D ecem ber 2, fo r m ayor, three cou n cil
Harry M ontgom ery o f W illow Creek, men fo r tw o years, and one cou n cil­
w ere in R edm ond yesterday on busi­ man fo r one year, a large vote w as
Ha« New ltc«lil«-n
Mr. and Mra. Wm. F roe be have ness.
cast, 268 being the num ber o f b a l­
moved Into the house recently o ccu ­
lots. The follow in g w ere elected:
pied by J. H. M endenhall on north Deft fo r See It 1«-—
Councllm en for 2-year term — C. N"
J. H. M endenhall and w ife yester­ Ehret. R. C. ltnm ele. R. M cSherry.
Sixth street.
day left for Seattle w here they w ill
Councilm an fo r 1-year term — W .
make their fu tu re home.
A lthough G. Phoenix.
■ »«■king at l a n d —
Wm. R oderick o f North Y’ akima, leaving the city, Mr M endenhall has
F ollow in g Is the vote fo r the d if­
was here last week lookin g at land great faith In the future o f R edm ond ferent can didates:
weat o f the city with a view to locate
F or M ayor— J. F. Hosch 248, J. C.
M oved Into New House—
In thla action.
; W illiam s 1.
Roy A. Bush and fam ily this week
F or Councllm en—
m oved Into their new house on A
W as H ere Kritlay—
W . G. Phoenix 174.
G. S. K earney, w ho has a good street between 8th snd 9th streets.
C. N. Ehret 166.
farm half way between this city and Mr. Bush’s house is one o f the at­
R ob ert M cSherry 135.
Slaters, was in town trading with the tractive residences In the city.
R. C. Im m ele 122.
m erchants the latter
part o f last
M. A. Dynch 111.
Stcreoptlcon l.e itu re —
» c e l l.
H. F. Jones 84.
H. Rottm an. field secretary o f the
F. G. Atkinson 1.
V P. C K. l will give a stereopti-
Visited at Sisters—
D. E. Sm ith 1.
lecture In the Presbyterian
Frank W . McCafTery and Mrs. Mc- con
The m em bers o f the city cou n cil
A d­
Caffery were R edm ond visitors at church next Tuesday evening.
for the follow in g year w ill be: Ehret.
Sisters last w eek.
Bush. Phoenix. Anderson, M cSherry,
Iteihnomt P eople at Hist
Sisters H erald:
l)r. R odem eyer
and fam ily and J. K. Jensen and
fam ily, o f R edm ond, w ere Thanks­
giving guests o f Mr. and Mrs. Claude
R eception f«>r Mrs. M endenhall—
The local lod g e o f R ebekahs gave
a reception Sunday aftern oon at the
residence o f Mrs J. A. W llleox to
Mrs. J. H. M endenhall, on e o f their
m em bers, w ho left thla week for her
new hom e In Seattle.
Mew T ran sfer U n e—
C. H Raggott has started a quirk
delivery express and tran sfer line In
the city, and a lr e a d y is getting his
share o f the business. Mr. Baggott
Is well known and liked by the busi­
ness men o f Redm ond
Visitors D epart—
Mrs. U. R. Smith and daughter.
Miss lx>ra. o f Dincoln. Neb., w ho
have been visiting with D. E. Sm ith
and fam ily for several weeks, left
last w eek fo r M edford. Ore.
expect to spend several weeks there
Story I.eft lllll Out—
and then go to C alifornia for the re­
In the story last week o f the R ed­ m ainder o f the w inter.
m ond hunters w ho went to Pow ell
Butte rabbit hunting, the. name o f Entertaine«l Friend«—
W m . l.eavltt was unintentionally
Mrs. L. D. Stephens and Mrs. T. E.
om itted. " B i l l " was there with bells Simpson gave a Thanksgiving dinner
on and shot hla share o f cotton tails. at the h om e o f Mr. and Mrs. Steph­
Dave Selling G roceries—
Dave M iller Is now clerking in the Met W ith Serious A ccident—
On Monday w hile R. K. O lson, a
grocery departm ent at Dynch A Rob-
carpenter, was w orkin g on the new
erta’ big departm ent store.
potato w arehouse, he had the m isfor­
tune to fall through the breaking o f
Visited tliq C ou n t) Sent—
C. H. Irvin, the fn rnlture man o f a beam, sustaining a painful Injury
this city, made a business trip to o f three ribs being torn. Dr. Hosch
attended him. and the local K
P rinevllle Tuesday.
lodge aided him with kind Service
during Monday night at the hom e o f
H»y G ood S llv ern ar
buying Chaplain Ordway.
A nyone w ho contem plate
ens. h alf a m ile northwest o f the
city to the follow in g frien d s:
and Mrs. M ltchel, Mr. and Mrs.
Moore, Mrs. l.em on, Mr. Fos«. Jam es
Foss, W m . MeKwing, all o f T erre­
bon n e; Wm Grantham, New Y ork :
Mr ami Mrs T K. Simpson,
Foster and Clide W ortx o f Redm ond.
Y ou are rarely able to flatter peo­
ple Into doing a good th in g, flattery
seem s to be a friend o f the devil.