The Redmond spokesman. (Redmond, Crook County, Or.) 1910-current, June 20, 1912, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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r m m iD A Y ,
j i * n k
2«, i » i a
On and after Monday, June 10, 1912,
all retail business from my store will
be CASH, and all wholesale business
will be on 30 days.
A discount will be given on all cash
purchases. By this plan you will save
money on feed and poultry supplies.
O rd in a n c e No. 2tI
Adding New Accounts
We are constantly adding new accounts, and
laereaaiag at a very satisfactory rate as shown by
our business Is
our published
It Is a com m on practice for people to lay aside money for a
special object; to satisfy a particu lar need, or to provide against
possible e « » i f'licjr. Our facilities for handllug such business are
moat escollen!
W hen money has been left with us for a speclfth
purpose we carefully carry out the desires of the depositor. Re­
sides. wo have
for anyone wishing to
valuables. A cordial
bask rOl'K HANK.
use them for the safe keeping of papers or
Invitation la extended to VOI' to m ake this
W. 8
Itodm an. I'res
Jos It Jackson. Vice-I’res.
Roy A Hush, t'osh ler.
See me before you place
your furniture orders. I
have a complete stock
C. E IRVIN, Furniture & Undertaking
Tum-A-Lum Lumber Co.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
L u m b er an d B u ild in g
M aterial
Shingles, Brick. Lime and Cement
Roofing and Building Paper
Office and Yard 2 blocks ea.\t of Hotel Redmond
A n o r d in a n c e p r o v i d i n g f o r th e h o l d ­
in g o f a s p e c ia l
e le c t io n f o r th e
p u r| K ise o f s u b m i t t i n g to t h e q u a l ­
ifie d e le c t o r s o f tlie C i t y o f lte«l
m ond. O re g o n ,
c e r t a in
p ro p o se d
am e n d m e n ts
th e c h a rt e r
a a ld c ity .
Redmond. Oregon, held on th« I Itti
•lay of J uno, I »12.
Approved Mil» I Itti day of June,
A ttest’
J. A W illcox.
R ecorder.
< trillim i» <• K o. 2 7
An ordinane« vacating th« all«y In
Hlocks One and Tw enty, Original
plat of Redm ond, Oregon
W hereaa, J W. Htlres, Wtn. 0
PboMtlx; W I. I’hoenlx, u. w.
W ells. John fi. lattnb and V . w.
McCaffary did on th« 9th day of
April, Ik 12. present to the Common
Council of the City of Redm ond. O r­
egon. their certain petition asking
that the alley In Hlorks One ( I ) and
Twenty (2 0 ) O riginal I’lat of the
City of Redm ond, O regon, be vacat­
ed, and
W hereas, It appears th at the said
J W m ires; Win. O. Phoenix; F I.
Phoenix; O. W W ells; John K.
l-amli and F W. MeCafTery are the
sole, exclusive and only ow ners of
said blocks and th at the rights and
Interests of no other person firm or
corporation Is or will be effected hy
the grunting of the prayer of aald
petitioners and the vacation of the
alleys and.
W hereas. the said J. W. Htlres:
Win (J Phoenix, F I. Phoenix; G.
W W ells; John K. la m b and P. W.
McCaffery have caused notices of
(he said application to he posted In
three public places In the City of
Redmond, Oregon, to -w it: One on a
telephone pole at the southw est cor­
ner of Sixth and f) atreets; one on
a telephone pole at th e southw est
corner of Sixth and K atreets; and
one In the poatoffice for a period of
thirty days previous thereto as ap­
pears hy the affidavit of posting en ­
dorsed on the back of the notlre of
application now on tile w ith the City
Recorder, and
W hereas, the granting of the
prayer of aald petitioners and the
vacation of aald alley will m ake the
aald prem ises m ore valuable to the
ow ners and not work any detrim ent
to the public In any m anner, now,
He It ordained hy th e Common
Council of the City of Kedinond, O r­
Section 1. T hat th e alley In
Hlocks One l l ) and Tw enty (20) of
the O riginal plat of the City of Red­
mond. Oregon, be and the sam e are
hereby vacated and the prior plat­
ting thereof held for naught.
Passed at a regular m eeting of
the Common Council of the City oT
Redm ond. Oregon, held on the 11th
day of June. 1912.
Approved this 11th day of J u n e ,'
A ttest:
J. A. W lllcox,
W hereas, certain pru|K>sed am end­
m ents to the rh s rle r of the City of
Redmond. Oregon, hss been present­
ed to the common council of said
city by Initiative petition, and have
been approved by aald common
council, and are now on file In the
office of the city recorder, now,
He It O rdained by the Common
Council of the City of Redm ond, O r­
Section I. T hat a special election
he held on the I6 th day of July,
I HI 2. for the purpose of subm itting
the aforesaid proposed am endm ents
to said rh a rte r to the quallfled elec­
tors of the City O f Redm ond. Ore-
gou. for th eir adoption or rejection
T hat the polls of aald election be
opened In the forenoon of aald day
at E ight o'clock and closed at Six
¡o'clock in the afternoon thereof.
Section 2. A rgum ents In favor of
| the adoption of aald am endm ents to
said ch a rte r may he filed w ith the
city recorder not later than thirty
days and those opposing their adop­
tion not later than tw enty days be­ T h e A . v c ia n t G e r m a n s W a r « F u r i o u s
fore said electlou
G a m b ie r s a t T h is G a m s.
Section 3. The city recorder The Invention of dice ha* been of
shall cauae the said am endm ents to old ascrtlwd to I’alsmedes. the son of
said ch arter and all argum ents sub­ Naupltli*. king of Kultur*. nlmut 1244
m itted as herein provided to be B 0_, and si-ei to a (.'reck soldier mimed
printed and bound In pam phlet form Ales, which I* the I-atln for a die. but
and shall also cause, so fsr ss prac­ Herodotus n*xtgna both dice and eben*
ticable. one copy of such pam phlet to the t.ydlnn*.
to be delivered, eith er by carrier or The ntn leiit German* would gamble
Ity m all, to each elector within the away at dice all that they were worth
city of Redmond, not leas than eight and then their lllwrty. subm itting to
days before said election.
slavery If they lost, nnd the Saxons.
Section 4. The council shall, at Itane* nnd Norman* were all addicted
their last regular m eeting prior to to the game Eox Tnltiot Is of opinion
said election, appoint three Judges that the Ijittu* Inveliteli. If not the
and two clerks of said election who game, at least Ihe mime for the single
shall, before entering upon th e ir du­ point, which they called mm*. The
ties. tak e and subscribe to the oath Germanic rm-ea. adopting ibi* practice
required of Judges and clerks of from the Greek*, translated the Creek
••lection by the general laws of this corruption of unu* Into ax*, which ha*
state, and who shall. Im m ediately a f­ now Itecoine a«-*. The root of this
ter the close of said election and be­ word lie* In the Latin, aa the monetary
fore separating, proceed to canvass unit
the votes cast at said election and John of Salisbury In the tw elfth cen­
declare the result thereof and report tury mention* ten different use* of the
such result, duly certified to by dice. Stow mention* two entertain
them , to the council w ithin three menta given by the city of Loudon at
wlil-h d ic e were ID evidence.—Loodou
days thereafter.
Section 6. The laws of the state Telegraph.
of Oregon regulating and relative to
Ons of ths Family.
the m anner of holding and conduct­ Tibbie hud
placed by her aunt
ing elections shall apply to said elec- In a situation t»*-u
ot all work in a
j tlon. except
th at no registration family or tbree. us maid
tbe eud or a week
| shall be required, and no person who the auut "atep|*ed At aloug
’ is not an elector under such laws Tibbie was getting on. iu ’ to see bow
and a bona tide resident of th e city 'TH> you like your work?” asked tbe
• if Redmond shall be allow ed to vote a u n t
| thereat.
~'T ls fair,” said tbe laconic Tibbie.
Section 6. The R ecorder shall “And urw they making you feet at
prepare the proper ballots and shall homef”
also provide the necessary poll "((titles they are. aud whiles they
hooka, paper, pencils, polling place, aren't.”
and all other things required to “ Now. w hst do you be meaning by
properly conduct said election. The that?' asked the aunt Impatiently.
ballots shall be In the form req u ir­ •Awest." said Tibbie, "they have nn'
ed hy the laws of this state relative asked me to gang f kirk w f them yet.
to m easures subm itted to the elec­ but last night they went on wl' a
tors of the state by the S tate le g is ­ grit ml quarr'l they were having, all
latu re and the rules, regulations and the three o' them, wl' me tnkkuig the
statu tes of the state relative to such dishes off o the tshte, Jtai as If I’d
m easures and elections shall obtain been one o the fam ily."— (o u th 's Com­
and be followed so far as practica­ panion.
S a c r ific e d to R e fo rm .
Section 7. It Is hereby adjudged | "You have
abandoned tbe ptctureoqne
and declared that existing conditions custom of crowning
a queen of the
are such that this art la necessary Mayf"
for the Im m ediate preservation of "Yes.1' replied tbe merry villager:
the public peace, health and safety, "w# bad to give It up. There got to ho
and, owing to the urgent necessity
ninny candidate* a id so much cam
of securing an adequate w ater sys­ so
that ixdltle* left us no tlrno
tem for the purpose of supplying the for bualneos."—
W ashington Star.
residents of the City of Redm ond
'w ith w ater for Are and dom estic
P la c in g t h s B la m e .
purposes, an em ergency Is hereby “1 admit without hesitation." aald
deelared to exist, and this ordinance the man who trlea to cooceal hla self
shall take effect and be In full force esteem, "that w hatever I am today ts
and effect from and after Its publi­ due to the lnflnei*ce of my wife."
cation as provided by law.
"T hat's rig h t.' replied Mr. Urowcb
I’aaaed at a regular m eeting of er. "Always blame tba woman."—
.th e common council of the ('Ity of \ Y n « t k t n i r t i \ n S t i r .
at Living Prices
Sisters Meat Market
Orders called for and
delivered to any part of
You will like our meats and prices
for Building
We are in a position to supply
your wants in anything in the
Lumber and Building Material
= on the above before placing an
| order. Estimates will be cheer-
| fully furnished.
uimiimiiiiimm..... .
R . C. Im m e le
Wines and Liquors
Imported and
Domestic Cigars
Nothing but the BEST is served at our place