The Redmond spokesman. (Redmond, Crook County, Or.) 1910-current, November 23, 1911, Image 3

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W il
t h , J .g y a r an d J»»t»r,
W a , Ota O r i g i n a l Orta
Dairy Cows on
Easy Payments
We are p rew ired tu furnish dairy cow s
in any iiu m la r on easy (»aymcitts to
.ill farn u'is in th is ru n in u in ity
in .mil see u s at o n c e .is to te n u s and
full particulars.
W e w ant to talk it
over w ith you.
J. M. H ev a rd . th e a r c h ite c t, m a k es
c n m p lete p la n s an d sp e c ific a tio n *
for a ll c la s s e s o f b u ild in g s .
p rices a r e r ig h t .
I.ct u s figu re
wi t h y o u .
hevard & (¡a n t,
R ed m on d , Ore.
H. C. H E R R I C K
C ' R O O K
Short and Direct Route to
Portland and Other West=
ern Oregon Points
fro m
Via the Deschutes Branch of the
Through Car S a m e* between Hernl and Portland
> '■
6:30 a.m.
Lv. Portland
a. m.
7:2 1 a. m.
I.v. The Dalles
M:(I0 a. m.
Lv. Deschutes .)c
Ml'ln , ,
8:22 a.m.
Ar. Madras
Ihiiu a. in.
Ar. Metolius
Deschutes Jc
l:l.r> p.m.
Ar. Opal City
The Dalles
1:56 p.m.
Ar. Redmond
Ar. Bend
5:45 p.m.
F"r further information call on any O.-W.
A N. Agent, or write to
Opal City
7:50 a.m.
10:110 a. m.
12:10 p. m.
1:30 p. in.
5:15 p.m.
6:20 p. m.
7:06 p.m.
8:35 p.m.
n,>ral I’ass4*ngcr AgenL
Portland, Oregon.
M «n «f G t m u i
W ont
W andor
T ho ug ht«
W #ro
A stray
It **«» a certain \\ illisra K<mp,
Absorption in their work is often
"»' ...... . original fsinoiu dancer > urricd to stu b extremes a« to make
"i •/'i. • n l.litalx’lii a 'lay itii• I the in'» of gcum* strarig. ly oblivious
' rralirf nf pita comedy rule« in lo what i» going on around them.
Sliwt. >|.. «r«an play», win. was the Many amusing »lories are told illu»
origina! ’ nm.' >lta\^" wonder," for trail*.- of tins tendency to 'absent-
hi mp, «nli rMinna mi PI* jerkin nu tided nes*.’’
According to Sir
and I*, » urmind Ina I. ¿.a, jigged and I'a iid Itrew.ler, alien Newton left
<ap.r.t| ,i!| tbs »av front l.on<lon a r o o m to get an*thing he usually
|ri S or« n Ii, » dirlante of home IVo rctmm-d without it.
" ' *•
II*' 'Ian. ei| along for nine
The ph*»iei»t Rdielle was noto­
and lima made In» name and rious!) al>*ent minded.
One day
Ho' ' Ipri .- ioii part of lioiiaebold while performing a laboratory ex
t o m . rraiion in r t . r v hamlet in perirncnt he »aid to hi* students:
n, .in.I .tnd on llie eontment “ a»
1 ou s.-e, gentlemen, this caldron
o*cr 11..’ flames’ W ell, if I were to
A < oilltla rtf Will Kemp .ailipt cease »tirring it an explosion would
m. im page» in the hooka .>n Klim at o n c e occur that would muko us
I»*lli4n drama and those on llie juntp.’*
manner» and rtialoma of the Imt*
Aa he apoke he involuntard*
It i» universally conceded dial ceased stirring, and his prediction
Kemp Treated the character I I I a»» fulfilled
The explosion to o k
Iloglterrv in "Much Ado AI kiu I place with a frightful noise. e*.-rv
Nolhing” and of I’efer in window in the laboratory
“ ftoinro and Juliet.’’
broken, and Rouelle's audience fled
\» for iPe "rnne d a ta ’ wonder," w 11■ iIv outside
I ral**tlian «r i. r», II. n Jonaon
It it related of a gifted eccle
among other«, often refer lo him • lastie. Bishop Munster, that, re­
lie «a» (lie subject i l l team pit m turning home and finding hia door
I'l.'el», and Kemp him»e|f wrote an placarded with the announcement.
"Tl u- master of the house is out,"
(III \ lie
...lit of Kemp’» ''Vine he calm I* remained in front of the
hm>' \V ■ nder, I', rformed In a d o o r , awaiting hia own return
l*»l'-e I r un Dxidori to Norw i<h,”
Button, the mathematical prod
it e jia n t, in llie IPallrtan library igv, during a visit to l,on<lon was
at Uiford
lltit there bare been taken to see Gsrrii k in "K ing
»ereral reprint»
Kemp, who dc- Richard I I I .”
Afterward, being
u ril» » h tn»e|f a» a man who »jwnt a»ke<| how he liked the play, he
hi» life "in mad Iigge» and merrv •ai*l he really did not know what
|e»le»>-' re-.Hint* hlithelv and wit- it had !>eon al-nut, a» he had l*een
lily Imw ho and hi» taliorrr made fiN. tins* counting the words spoken
Romford, by the different actors and the num ­
( h. P *fonl, Sutlhurv, R.tekland ber o f time» each went in and out.
and ll.rf rtl Bridge t Vorwuh.
Ampere in a moment of preoc­
I ' . * were entertained rnvall* cupation penciled a problem on the
a! tig the route *nd do»pite the back of a call standing in the s tr e e t
Itad weather, whn h delayed them, .»rid was vastly astonished when tin-
would douhtle»» haro arrired at starting of the cab caused his prob­
Norwieti long 1« fore the twentr
lem to disappear. Lombroso says
three .:»*• were up Pad not the pood that tnu' Ii the same thing happened
fo'k along the road tx’. n m hoi* to (iiola, who, in the excitement of
composition, wrote a chapter on the
K e m p »tarte.l from the hnu-** of top of his bureau instead of on
r inaror of Ieindon, and at paper.— Amslec'a Magazine.
Sorw n I In' > 1 . received hr the
mar-.r of that flourishing town, who
A P re m isin g Lag
pr«-< tiled him with a aunt of money
Miss Kills, dcscen ting the step#
and pensioned him for life
of Bennett Sc Buck’s hardware
When lie again reached lamdnn, store, met Mr», lame going up
wl ere hr hail "put o u t” a aunt of "W hat they g o t? ” Mrs. Ijine de­
motor again*! aeenlent along the manded in a tone tha t said, " N o th ­
road, K<mp m i repanl fourfold. Il ing much, i gui-a»!”
hi 1
that Kemp performed
"I didn't look round,” replied
hia “nine dayi' wondet “
It i» Mi*» Kllia. "I knew what I w ant­
wriit.n, hut with doubtful author ed,” holding out un ungainly h a n ­
Hr, I it the idol of the Fll/alw-thati dle, “ and I got it—a hand bellows
po| me afterward capped tin* feat for my fireplace.
•-* jigging orer the Alp«.
“ 1 went in, and Mary R aker’a
In the old woodcut in the ac­ third no; fo u rth —bov come right
count of Kemp’» “daunee” "that up to me and asked what he could
m"*t comical and conceited Cavalier show me. I told him hand bel-
Monsieur <lu Kemp" u »eon in lowses. He brought some up and
Klualmthan morri* dance costume said they was a dollar.
" ‘Is that the best ye can d o ? ’ I
jigging a»av to the music of pipe
mid drum of hia laborer.— Harper’s ask*-*! him.
“ ‘The very lies',’ he says, Tiut I ’ll
Weekly. _
tell ye what I’ll do, Miss Kill»,’ he
E n g la n d ', B ro a d A rro w .
says. 'You do n ’t look a very
The property of the Knglish stre ngth) lady, and I'll fill it with
crown ha« been marked with the wind for ye.’
broad arrow from time« «o early
“ If you want concessions,” con­
that no one can now tell when it cluded Miss Fllis, “ I recommend ye
»a« find u«»*d for this purpose or to go to that boy.*— Exchange.
what »as it* meaning. Tin* queer
A C o n tin u o u s P frfo rm a n c a .
mark i* »tain|*e>l upon the king*
pro|.eriv of everv deacription, from
The ap|*ctitea of healthy children
castle«, «hip« and tug guns down to arc proverbial. A group of such
bagging and conricta' uniforms, children not long aince were taken
and there is a penalty nf i'?00 for on a modest outing by an adult ad­
returning it. The latter ll»age re mirer, and luncheon was arranged
mind* one of the practice m Athens for. The children partook with
fair h e a r t i n e s s ami every appear-
m o re than ’J.iHH) years ago whereby
captives taken in war* were brand­ ini-e of enjoyment. The hostess was
ed with the figure of an owl as a correspondingly pleased.
But on
mark of Athenian ownership
In the wav home half an hour later, to
the same manner Samoa branded her astonishment and mild horror,
her captives with the figure of a the oldest child remarked sedately:
“ Well, I guess I ’m about ready
for luncheon.”
Ts Cl*»« a Carat»
And from nil the rest cniuo the
Kverr housekeeper who owns a eager responsive chorus:
cut gla » carafe has boon up against
"S'm I !”■
— Chicago Record-IIer-
the proposition of cleaning out the ald.
deposit on tlie inside. Hot water.
U»*ides being extremely bud for the
P l»as» d W itt* H s r P ra ia » .
gla**. i* of little avail, even if it he
One of the moat charming bits of
very soapv Here is a proces# which repartee we ever were fortunate
takes hut a few moments and is enough to listen to was at a big
\er> satisfactory. Place in the bot­ wedding in Fast Seventy-sixth
tle a teaspoonful of hydrochloric street.
acid or spirits of salts. Manipulate
"W hat charming teeth Miss Pib-
the bottle so that every portion of hleton has!” s lady exclaimed. “ I
it «hall la* thoroughly rinsed. The never saw anything ao beautiful!”
deposit, no matter how hardened,
“Oh, thank you so much for say­
will I n - removed immediately. When ing th a t! ” exclaimed the young
the carafe has been thoroughly lady's escort fervently and sin­
cleaned rinse well in clear water.— cerely.
Philadelphia North American.
“ Oh, pardon me! Are you her
husband ?’’
Hi» Tr»at.
“No. my dear lady; I am only
Sandv had just met hi* girl al her dentist!” -— Cleveland Plain
the end of the street where »lie was IValc».
waiting for him. 8he was looking
into n confectioner’s window when
M atrirv*»«i»l P sp a rt» » .
They were a voonng couple and
Sand* made his presence known by
talked in loud voice* on account of
“ Weel, Janie, what are ye gsun the rattle of the elevated train. He
was not in n good humor.
to have the nicht ?”
“ I wonder,” she «aid, "why the
She, not inclined to n«k too
allowances of money made to wives
inn* h, replied:
-Oh. I’ll just tnk what you’ll tnk, by husbands
money.’ ”
“ I suppose,” he explained eroaa-
-Oh, then, we’ll baith tak a
walk,’’' »aid Sandy •« he led her Iv, “ it's because it sticks the hua-
, bands.” —Popular Magazine.
Suits $17.50 Up
Just received a full line of
fall and w inter clothes. Nice
all wool suits and overcoats
from $17.50 up.
“Summitt” all wool shirts
$1.50 and up. Complete line
of fall and winter caps.
Closing out ladies shoes at
cost and below.
E. L. R A P P
“The Head to Foot Clothier.” R ed m o n d , O r.
Oregon Trunk Ry.
-T O -
« ».MAHA
Leaves Redmond 7:21 a. m.. Opal City 8:00 a. m., Metol­
ius 8:30 a. m., and Madras 8:33 a. m.. arriving Portland 6:00
p. m. Direct connection a t Fallbridge fo r Spokane and points
east. Arrive Spokane 9:45 p. m. Through tickets sold to
eastern points, Puget Sound and other western points. De­
posits accepted for west-bound tickets to be furnished persons
in the east. Details will be furnished on request.
R. BUDD, Chief Eng r
Redmond. Ore.
Portland, Ore.
Redmond Steam Laundry
wish to announce to the people of
Redmond and vicinity and sur­
rounding towns that I have start­
ed a STEAM LAUNDRY in Redmond
on 9th street between D and E streets,
and solicit their patronage.
Packages Called for and Delivered.
M R S . W . A . G O L D E N , P r o p ’r.
Turn A Lum Lumber Co.
W h olesale and Retail Dealers
Will give prices delivered at yard
or Roberts Bros’, mill.
Ofliee and Yard 2 blocks east of Redmond Hotel, Redmond