The Redmond spokesman. (Redmond, Crook County, Or.) 1910-current, April 13, 1911, Image 2

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    H aw They A r * F tih ie n id From Celia
*♦ Fin* Steal W .r*.
We lire so uccustomed to seeing
the little steel sewing needle iu
everyday use that we accept it*
presence as a matter of course,
quite as if it grew on a tree like aa
It is true that needles hare al­
ways beeu user), but not always m
their present form. In times when
skins of animals were worn for
clothing the needle was made of
ti»hl*one. l»one or ivory, without an
eye ami of goodly size and strength,
in order to pierce the skins easily.
S nee the latter (vart o f the four-
toentli century steel needle« have
I h - cii made. Various are the kind#
and sues which are now required
for everyday use by a world of peo-
ple for sew ing by hand, bv machine,
for (tacking, upholstery and leather
work, wonderful needle* for surgi-
cal purpos»'* and many others.
The material used in the manu­
facture of the needle consist* of
tine steel w ire, which is supplied in
cods. These coils are cut with pow­
erful shears into lengths, each suffi­
cient for two needle«.
■several thousand o f these lengths
are placed together in a buudle,
heated to red heat and then quick­
ly straightened hv pressure and
These straightened lengths are
then |H>inted at both ends on a re-
tolving grindstone. A grinder will
point as many as 100,000 need It's in
a day. while machinery invented for
the same purpose will point three
time« as many as a skilled workman.
Next comes the eying of the nee­
dles. You will rememlter that each
length of wire referred to is |utfi-
ciont for two needles. At the cen­
ter of each length, therefore, is
stamped the grooved and rounded
impression of two needle heads, end
to end. and then perforated bv steel
Through the double eyeholes thus
formed (o f say 100 needles at a
time) is threaded fine wire, giving
an appearance of a two edged comb.
The needles are held rigid and then
broken apart with comparative ease
between the eyeholes.
The needles are next hardened
and tempered by being subjected to
red heat, plunged into an oil bath,
reheated again and gradually cooled.
After this they must be scoured
and polished by friction combined
with soft soap, oil and emery pow­
der. Washing, drying and more pol­
ishing follow. In fact, there seems
to be no end to the polishing and
finishing processes. But when the
work is finally completed the nee­
dles are as near perfection as mod­
ern machinery and human skill can |
make them.— Exchange.
C *o rg * W ashington’s Lottery.
The great Father of His Country
was on at least one occasion the
originator of a lottery, the like of
which at the present day would
be forbidden to send its tickets
through the mails. That George
Washington was interested iu such
a scheme is proved by a number of
tickets still in existence which bear
his august name, it was the Moun­
tain ltoad lottery of which George
was the promoter, and it is, of
course, unnecessary to state that
Wa-hington himself did not finan­
cially profit from it. A ll the funds
raised by the lottery were spent in
building the road through Cumber­
land gap, near Fredericksburg, Va.
Originally the lottery tickets which
Washington signed were worth $1
each. Xow, because they bear his
signature, they are easily sold for
$.r>0 apiece, though it is certain that
not one of them will ever draw a
A Loston In Grammar.
Variety Store
at Redmond, Saturday, April 15th
W e want to announce to the Citizens o f Redmond and vicinity
that w e w ill open our store at 9 o'clock a. m .. Saturday. A pril l.r>th
l*ack east, his form er home, and by that you can have some ides
who you are dealing with:
1911, in the old Ehret building, on the corner o f 6th and K streets,
The Day B efore Chriatmaa.
and w e expect to be in a position to show the people the l>e«t line
lVecemU*r the Tw en ty Fourth.
N ineteen Hundred Ten.
o f Dry Goods. Notions. Ladies and Gents Furnishings ever shown
To the Citizens o f Redmond. Oregon:
in Central Oregon.
W e w ill carry a full line o f Ladies' Dress Goods. Waistings.
Trim m ings.
Muslin Underwear.
We, the un lersigned. Citizens o f English. Indiana, hereby rec­
ommend to your favorable notice. Mr. William L. G regory,
one o f
our fellow townsmen, who was liorn and reared in this county. Mr.
Hair Goods, Combs, in fact, all kinds o f Ladies' Furnishings.
Our line o f Gents Furnishings w ill consist o f a full line o f Mens
and Boys Dress and Work Shirts. Collars, Ties, Suspenders. Hand­
Gregory is honest and upright, energetic and industrious, in other
words, he is a man. He is just closing his second term as clerk o f the
C raw ford Circuit Court and he retires from the office with the en­
kerchiefs and all kinds o f small notions.
Also a nice line o f Queensware, Glassware. Tin and Granite-
ware. Small Hardware, etc.
It will be our aim to g iv e the people merchandise quality,
prices considered, that has never been offered in this locality be-
tire good will o f the people whom he has served, and w ith the sat­
isfaction that comes from a consciousness o f duty w ell done.
several years he was engaged in business o f m erchandizing,
was one o f the shrewdest and most successful business men in the
county. He has filled numerous other (Mwitions o f trust to the com
plete satisfaction o f those concerned.
E very article in our store w ill be marked in plain figures so
every one can see w hat they are paying.
Children will be given special attention
While we regret to lose him as a neightmr and citizen
friend, w e ask for him a large share o f your confulence and esteem,
there will In* one
price to every body.
and assure you that your city w ill be the gam er in having him for
one o f its citizens.
W e have come to Redmond to make this our future home and
A. D. H l t k . Treasurer C raw ford County.
we are going to make a special effort to please ali our customers.
J ames S. H ang er , Sheriff Crawford County.
I f any one buys anything at our store at any time and they become
Y. B. H ughes , County Assessor.
dissatisfied with it, they are requested to return the same as long
S. A. B eals . County Su|M‘ rintendant o f Schools.
as it is not soiled, and we will cheerfully refund them their money.
H enry W. M ock . Clerk Cruwfnrd Circuit Court.
J. E v a n s J ones . Auditor C raw ford County.
W e are going to buy for cash in the best markets in the coun­
G eorge W . C uz /ORT. Recorder C raw ford County.
try’, and you can rest assured you will get the very best merchan­
dise that is to be had for the money.
Follow ing you will please read a letter given M r.W . L Gregory,
our manager, by his official associates and some o f his customers
Now. again, we want to say to one and all. come and g iv e us a
share o f your business and w e will guarantee you satisfaction.
Bring us your Butter and Eggs. We pay the Highest Market
Price in Cash or Merchandise.
Make our store your headquarters while in town.
Yours for Business,
Hetty's uncle, who was a school­
teacher, says the Lutheran, met her
on the street one beautiful May day
nml asked her if she was going out
with the Maying party.
“ Xo. I ain’t going.”
“ Oh, my little dear,” said her un- ,
cle, “ you must not say ‘I ain’t go­
ing.’ You must say ‘I am not go­
ing.’ ” And he proceeded to give
her a little lesson in grammar. “ You Madras Gets
are not going. He is not going. WOOl Depot
We are not going. You are not go­
A rticles o f incorporation have
ing. They are not going. Xow,
been filed by a Madras company
can you
say ________
all that, , ____
“ Sure I can,” she replied, making with capital o f $15.000 for
a courtesy. “ There
ain’t nobody purpose o f building a wool ware-
house at that place, construction
Grocian j.k o o on P h yiician «.
| to begin at once. This means
Among the jests of the ancient that Madras will hereafter be the
Greek humorists are many on the pooling point o f the wool for in-
physician. Some of them «rechar­
torior Oregon, and that the an-
acterized by an almost American
The following are nual sales will be held there.
Gregory Variety Store Co., Redmond
Roush and H. W. Turner, o f
Madras, are named as the ¡»c o r-
•* to lie commenced on the con- that city. A special comm ittee e x e r t e d to
stniction at an early date.
has lieen appointed by the coun- this week.
lK,rators- while many o f the fore-
most tws‘n« ,8 men o f the town Played Some
Wl11 holfl stock- ThiH company G<M>d Ball
*ias also leased the warehouse al-
* * ady built by the Farm ers’ U r- f I he Madras lame ball team de-
lon> * n<j w ill do a general grain f«*ated the Metolius players last
ani^ ^rf;|Kht business.
Sunday afternoon by a score o f
2 to 1. says the Madras Pioneer
i - .I
»I . |
o f the 6th. The gam e was play-
A n o th e r H o tel
ptl at Metolius, and a return gam e
^o r M a d r a s
has been scheduled between the
from a popular Greek anthology:
“ Diophantus dreamed that he t o f o t t l e ' t o S a n i k l w d l T w
B a t i n '! T ”
pl* ^ * *
saw Hermogenes, the physician, and
b ^ d eliv era d and sold at that Waah.. w ere in t h , cl.y d a rin * “ “
he never awoke again, even though
be wore an amulet.”
A t the head o f the new com- m ade"arran^m , nT* t
h<?P* M « draH S t r e e t s
“ Marcus, the doctor, called
♦efilav on the marble Jupiter
1 hough he was Jupiter and though the Baldwin Sheep Company, o f building which
t,. K.. i . gu ;n
, , ,, .
. . . marlde, hi. fanrr.I takw Haycraak. Mr. Kira, with W.
A d ' h i '* M . u L T Z
place today.”
jH . Taylor, o f Spokane, andC. E. n oT b e f o f 1" " ’ -
. considering
, the practi-
assembled and work cability o f oilin g the streets o f
oil with instructions to report at
an early date as to the cost o f oil
street sprinkling. Madras last
year tried the old w ay o f sprink-
lin g the streets with water, and
found it was too expensive
Mr. and Mrs. .1. Alton Thomp-
800 entertained Mr. and Mrs.
“ d d “ « h' W M* M* ’ '” **
amuml h(.re
putting in gardens,
m aking hot
arrive at Mrto*
A. A. Green and Bert Be'®*
hauled tw o loads o f lumberT«*
day fm m Sisters for ClydeSnv"
to use in irrigation work.
Mrs. Green entertained
launb und Mrs. Thump*0" i
Redmond, last Friday at dmni
Day old chicks and hen. Ph*
Mrs. L. J. Green.
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. F > * *
brother-in-law and sister of' *
and L. E. Smith, are now \otiP
on their ranch north o f the
Mrs. Frank Hensley i» « P j
ia is starting up in fin« shap<.
VV.- arc sorrv to learn that *
« !» ■ »
— ii h i rs. iin i| iu i i i u i ” '-™
and ordered a
-------- -----
sick and under the « * * *
carload o f landplaster. which is care.