The Redmond spokesman. (Redmond, Crook County, Or.) 1910-current, April 06, 1911, Image 2

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    Card to the Public
W e wish to announce to the public that we have bought the Hen
Gotter Lumber Yard at Redmond, and will put in a (O M ! L M f .
Rough and Dressed Lumber
and also carry a complete line of
Building Material
PAPERS of all kinds, etc.
You can buv vour complete bill for any
R EA SO N A B LE p r ic e .
building from us at a
Yards at Madras and Metolius.
N » t*
F a r • B arh am
A young man who wort* is a
Che*tnut ktreet rtore w u lcnted to
hi» employers home for «upper last
m gbt The purpose of the mriu-
tioo was to introduce the young
man to the employer's daughters.
After supper the old man said:
“ Yes. I am proud of my daugh­
ter* and would like to see them
comfortaWv married, and a* I hare
made a Ltue money they will not
go penniless to their husband*.
There is Mary, twenty-fire year*
old *Dd a really good girL I «hall
give her 11,000 when she mame*.
Then comes Rose, who won’t see
thirty-five agam, and I shall give
her $3,000.
And the man who
takes Eliza, who is forty, will bars
$1,000 with her.“
The Tieitor reflected a moment
and then inquired:
“ Y'ou haven't one about fifty,
have you?“ — Philadelphia Ledger.
L a m p « F o r 044 .
ail s>f th«
j o
+ 9
Ar*tí a il o f tf* »
W h at ilia li o r d o *
A * t r a ra f r v t n
I r P-oapact
aro wrettori
a re tokd
1» a llu rin g
What) It a far away;
In tbr haay
L o o n ao bright
And ga>
When It
la <loarr
And a# frrl thr a* ir.g
Then * « tnmk
It ratt»rr
Oirrtiuri * hr thing
Thr frort»
t f winter
P n s ii
"W hat »hall o r do* prlraod Optinuat.
“ Just » U t w$ v f dono before -
We ll chart** them around a 1stt ta bit
A.UÚ gritad tbrfT. out one* mort "
—Chicago Daily Po' taUaL
The B“u*.a
W ife —T b a t v i mmis doc v r t d»*nr
bit lD«»fl**r S ' i o ! Ilio UrFTXiiux. Sbd I d
like to
v h s t j v o 'r » goin g to do
a l««o t It.
HoabitixS- I T ask bias b'»w ruorb be
wants f«»r ib r d*«r’ — N ew
‘ rro-ana
T ! rœ » I
N b '" * r ^ Uaa»^ n'»aa
And « « i f
And aondrr
Sc hard P anoai.
And thr aratfsTT
Brrma to br
A r-rtme.
Wo aort of hankor
"filara of r hr »ummrr right.’’
Thou art divirirly fair.
But 8JF nur** k> » * »ralk for • Quirt talk
Tl»rrr n ao’r*c*‘ :ri«c t *.«T » aura our f>*rar-
urr to bala -
The moaquHor» « ^ aiao there
—Pnila^rix*» ta BuUrtm.
On the Move.
•*Tbc ti'iu æ flr niant g* A
m UI
T h e autnm rr t in * .
But when It
la doing
At our door
And Is *rry
Tlien a r rain#
A roar
The Landlord* • N
Sir Edward Maiet’s memoir*
give the following as Bismarck's
favorite etory: “ A traveler in the* rested at noon at a wayside
hostelry and took luncheon. When
it was finished be asked for his bill.
The landlord brought it to him.
After casting a glance at it he look­
ed at the bomface and said, ‘ What
is your name?* ‘ Mv naJne,’ replied
the landlord, ‘is Partridge.’ ‘ Ah,’
said the traveler. *by the length of
your bill I should have thought it
would h a ve been Woodcock!*“
Hmppy Pa«"*r*%.
T>i wtr* orb? VI</tb*r- A d <! wbat with
tii*-** bf-dw attoo bills uu all. miss. J
says to w feteif
- *Appy
• r> ibt* p s r « its wbat u^r^r *a<J s oy
children." J ssysJLgNM tos B } »U n d e r
A M o s t , M akar.
Sau«o—B e Is not rich an<S ret be
Biskes s «rest deal more tnonwv than
be *i>etxls
ll»eld -H ovr can that be?
Satieo—He w,^k* in the mint.
Bua» n a n
"W h a t *im M j<io tona,der e v id e w e
<4 a « lever iie^Jerii woman '"
• A « lever in'klern woman T"
"T h e name.”
“ Well, I should think I f «b e w ere
w ealth y »!>» would keep ber d ivorce
la w y er on a aalarv.”
R igh teou s In d ign atien .
“ I have dlar-overed a lot o f g ra ft In
the city liaII. Cifjt a dead o jé n ■»<]
abut « aar. w ith all the pr<e>f.~
"W ti# t are you «o in g to do—r ^ a s t
It to the grand ju ry? "
"Vea. I f they refuse to IM ta t lo • »
"Ttn-r* b* do r o n f o d In that a*
M** q .*' anst$rrr<J th* ntbrr, **Tbr b*»asr-
i l!* 's r«»t tT»r rfirf«»**ifl«»n la j» r r n o r
• s» lu t «*au«**s <br daaM ge.~—II u«»
1» d r ! g h ! f u l
Whm It Isn't hrro.
AppMra to af r
In U*a j rar
•*Thia la s ioMy «»Id »ririd.’ sa d Bbo*t
Aa abroad i#r a’ artrd to go
•'I vr artuallr borrow *d mor.**jr m ovgb
To pay every o w l that I oa r *'
— Lo*t roit F rrr Frraa
Alwioat a W alkover
**Tell rue. m there a n i’ hing «m earth
tl»at l e v ys'-b» o f your» cao't overtake
and t * « » ■*“
T should «a y i bere la."
" W h a le th at?"
"Ita running expense*." — Po'-k.
TH# D ia m o «» Ro«-a «a a Myatoer
A s a aubatatee the diamond la one
Of The my »tv rie» o f na'ure. one o f 'b e
deopalra o f g h i r i
Nobody know»
» I e-tee It ram e or bow. whet lier It la
a spark from a com et'« tall or a cry»-
talliæ d drop tupveewl in «oaie tetrTl.
ble Intensity o f flery conv ulalon from
the w hite bot Insurgerit heurt f the
t earth. Nobody A u o w « uiucb aleiut It
at all. esrep t tliet M doeati't belong
V i this world
Home known black din
Bionda literally were from tlte skle.
Tl*ey came Imbedded In meteor i-e*
eaat upon Artsona and t'hlie by ati
unidentified atar. One does not pr-ts
pect fo r cbIjis o f star»
sear- h
fo r tbe end o f the rainbow
la It practical to ban liter n aort« o f
eruptive rock und conglomerate » hert
ever come up«ti,
Eanbt)tM<ke or vo.
rank- uptteaval d la'ricta »r*- md le—tw
aarlJy the most protnlalng for often
diamonds that æetn to h a '» had toi-
c-anl' origin o»"-ur thousands " f mile«
.'rom th » pr'-ifSbie pin » '-f extrttsi
'•T ried fh e ie »
It I» asnutited
giacisi d rift in aotœ far faa'-k geo.og
kwl lim e.— Kränk ln Clarkln la Every*
Irtd; a Magar ne
R oer G u a sa «'
la srt'ing to marry the W idow
Jotsei ."
' But «be la older than he ~
“ Vea "
" A b d « o h t-au ty.”
"K 'd e x a 'tly ."
"la «he rW h T '
W b y do you ask auiwrfluoua guea-
t i m
Esplatmog It.
" I see aa the blind man said." re­
marked fath er when It» was tryin g to
1« emphatic and fs'ettotis at tit» s«tn »
l 1 me
He f-ouldn I. though could b e-*“ In
quired WUU»
Xo, atm
That was Just t b » blind
niaii a I,luff
(p ro c re a “ Firot Pr.oc.pira •
Ih Kjw*tH'rr'a - F lr » t IT torlp lee" hr
rti<Je»t»ni fo deflfte fbr (Irida c»f tbr
uiikri«>aat»lr and tbr knowable and
ltir puptulatra a i'b vbkrb (b r «»udirà
v f tb r knoirsblr muat l*r purstard
WhrD K pnn'rf srrilra »ha? -tb r mah
«•f orkenrr tra » kD<>»i tbat in Ita alti
(■Sto raarnrr hothtng ras fo kaosTb.**
t*r la ih * r r fr r r ih f to mai. a tiralo yro
«rrday or t < d it
Ile mrstio tbat tbr
fut*ds mrntsI |if1ori|iira uf tbe unlterar
likr «;*a r. tlm r mait»-r f-*r^r and oh >
tluo. aro by tb rlr \ery usturo uh
Sirice all tass a Vnosrtrdge
o f fb r cv« rn«m p i d br frarrd ?*rk Ulti
rnafrly to aruar r*| »rfirficr and aloco
«rt»«r rxtiorlrh rr io ih * al«$a?s rolla
Dir sud touch o f » r a t hr ralla tbr
ulti tua to roariH'r la r o t lr r ij lo serrasi
Dio to aroao o*|iorir»iro. it tua» bo pkll
♦ «•»»l.hlcplly aakj tbat man canuot br
«u rr br rralfy kbosrs a o jtb ln g
ibe a»rm gtb and tbo » w t n e a i o f bla
?ficor» aro d*»r to tbr rc^ulioral Import
of tbo trrtn ~kt*>»i trdgo **—Now York
1 Anortein
T k » Way af tK# World
"W hen s e w g r» poor." remarked tbe
r c s i c r n o t rnan refleetlv ely. "WS look
*” l f't w a r d lo ihe tlm*- wheu we eooId
lis te a lum m er b "m r "
-W e ll? ”
" »11. » l*»n w » g o l rk-b enougb to
bave Ohe w » dtdn t llk » g »ln g to tb »
. « I I » place rre r y «uoitner twrauae It
» a a uiotKjionoua and w » hs.ked for
i » a r d to tbe finte s t e n we eooId bave
siKtther fo t vartefy “
- »> ii r
" » eli. w » got anotber. snd tben we
l'egsu to hnig fo r a w ln trr place, so
iliat w » wouidn't bave to t*e so mocb
m thr big hooae in the city ."
W e lir
* * » e l l . w e’ve got the tu all s o * "
" And are you happy ■r'
" I suppoae «o st lesst. I auppoae
t> .» w lfe ia
Bbe kceti» them all «hut
up atei «penda m o«t o f ber tlm » In Eu
r "| » but ah» kiejwa alte bea th»m ” —
• li tengo l'oat
Cura Far Dieaeneolete Lovara
Romebtidy baa dug oul o f ao old
book o f th » lim e o f Queen Elizabeth
ti,» fo llo » ing adì Ice lo a allgbted and
de»fK>ndet,t lover,
T je one »no of a roga righi# orar a
Wrongly R aced
It >« na'ohiahitig soiuetime* bow un-
ou«> i'tuaiy <are,ess a e are o f th » feel
I gs o f th » is-rsott to uhont we are and mas» a «lippa ruma# at tha othar a i.
rea ma
i. ikitig
A young guardainau totd me
• <«'h»r day that a friend o f Id « went JuW un-ltr thè tra n s Irti a buekef ne
» Hi i, to to 'onault Ins la w y er
The O » Il ket» ih» lorler moat manfullle gett.
k-lt'ir, a Shrewd looking aod kindly hight ov»r Ma brada ne iati ine anicaet
n» soli
tid gentleinan. was listening to an
m it» »lp la n a 'io ti o f |,ow hla ci»r% had * " d under Sia «ara »e li faatanad thè
fti ;»d to do aom rfblng that had Iteen The hutaett klck«d eleara, leu hlm taka
»x(tee'ed o f him
“ Ves. you are quite
a full swing»
r.gbt. It waa Lla fau lt." said the am Arsi i » » v . «ile thè r»ete of the worke te
the stringa.'
IH to r
But why are these rorifoundHl law. |
P retty I t r t s y
y»ra clerks so a tu p ld r asked tbe
"Is Ihe baby airor.»?”
angry soldier.
"W ell. rath »r
Tot* know what a
" I do not know, my dear air." re-
plied the solicitor kindly, "but would trt-m»r>doos voice he h a s f
"V ea.”
t o « mind alluding lo them as 'la w y e r«'
"W e ll. he lif t » tbnt Ave or als lim e»
founded rh-rkaT " - l ^ n d o n M A IV
an bour.”
Nt A D R A S , O R E .
Wholesale Liquor I>ealer* nnd Jot>brra in
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uom and Cigar*. S«>le agent« for Stonewall and Me
Coy Whiskies anti The Na|»a S<*la Springs Mineral
Water. I>utnbuter* for Etiel Brau, Schlitz and Rai­
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We also carry a strong line of Glaasw are. Bar Tow­
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Saloon trade.
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