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Published at the “ Hub City ” of Central Oregon
VOL 1.
No. 17
for completing the bridge by a
large majority. He promises to
have the river spanned for the
laying of rails in at least 00 days
and probably sooner than that.
If this is done the Oregon Trunk
Line and Deschutes Railroad will
have their truins running into
; Redmond early in the spring in­
stead of June first as heretofore
tecord to He Made ' etc ted.
on O. T. Line
Ry. Bridge
Halloween Observ­
ed by Merry
The prize winners were as fol­
First prize, ladies’ gold watch
to lady wearing the most beauti­
ful costume, Miss Lizzie Smith,
who represented “ Dawn”.
Second prize, $10 gold mounted
meerschaum pipe, to gentleman
wearing most novel design cos­
tume, Carl Mallory of Prineville.
Third prize, one dozen $6 pho­
tographs each to best lady ami
gentleman waltzers in costume,
Miss L. Barton and M. It. Lynch.
Fourth prize, the “ booby”
prize, to the one wearing the
most ridiculous clown costume,
was carried off by Mr. Wright of
Cline Falls.
Change In Irriga­
tion Co. Effected
This Week
G. W. Well« Elected Chief DEDICATION OF
and M. A. Lynch A m -
Meeting of the
KiHtant Chief
Reading Circle
Contractor Stales He Will
Lizzie Smith Win« Prize of
At a published call for a meet­
if Cut Down Railroads Es­
Cold Watch for Hand-
ing held lust Friday night for
timate of Time
Homext CoHtume
the purpose of organizing a fire
I From report* made recently
by those in charge of the pre-
Mminary work for the Oregon
Trunk line railmad bridge cross­
ing Crook**! River, that struot-
lr<- will I k * completed ahead of
the time so far scheduled for it
by the officials of the road.
T The officials here stated that it
Bould take 90 days to complete
th«1 bridge after the rails are
Iftid to the river, but the indica­
tion’» now are that the work will
b>' put through in much less time
— in fact in record time as soon
•a the steel for the bridge reach­
es the river.
I Work is now Long done on the
piers, and piling is being driven
for the approaches, unti the con­
tractors in charge state that
everything will he in readiness
to begin putting the bridge up as
g o -> ii as the material arrives at
the river. One of the men in
charge of the work, an exper­
ienced bridge builder, states he
Will cut down the time of 90da\s
Eleven ladies of the Juniper
Reading Circle met at the home
of Mrs. W. H. Anderson on
Wednesday afternoon of last
week. Mrs. Anderson’s home
was appropriately decorated for
the occasion w ith juniper boughs
The afternoon's reading was a
continuation of the story of Kin-
da - shon’s Wife, dealing es­
pecially with the character and
customs of the Alaskan Indians.
After the program a social time
was enjoyed while the ladies
imrtook of the delicious refresh­
ments served by Mrs. Anderson
and her mother Mrs. DeSuza
The next meeting will be at the
home of Mrs. W. B. Chapman,
Wednesday, November 9th.
department for Redmond, a num-
i*er of those interested In the
matter met at the Commercial
The Halloween mask ball given
Club room.
night by C. F. Bartlett
The meeting was called to or­
Social Hall was
der by H. F. Jones, who stated
the object of the meeting. G. the most enjoyable event given
W Wells was unanimously elect­ this season. There was a large
ed fir** chief, and M. A. Lynch, ■ crowd of dancers in costume, and
assistant chief, and A. J, Haney, the spectators taxed the seating
capacity of the hall.
secretary of the department.
At 9 o’clock the grand march
The executive committee of
the Commercial Club tendered! was formed, headed by Mr. and
the fire department the use of Mrs. R. K. Potter and Mr. and
the club room to hold meetings, Mrs. C. F. Bartlett, and to the
music of the Redmond Concert
A volunteer company of about Band the maskers marched
forty has been signed up to han-j around the hall and went thru
die and oja-rate the apparatus of different evolutions.
From then on until the orches­
the department.
A hook and
ladder has been ordered, anil a tra played “ Home, Sweet Home”
large triangle for an alarm sys­ the fun and enjoyment was con­
The Redmond Grill served a
The fire apimratus will be
housed in a building next to the nice supper which was appreci- Travel From Here to Mad­
by the dancers.
Commercial Club room.
ras Now (ioes by Way
Mr. Bartlett says he intends to
of O’Neil
Mr. and Mrs. Ike Buckley a re 1 give a series of dances this win­
expected to arrive in Redmond ter, and during the season will in­
this week from their wedding troduce some entertaining nov­
County Commissioner Bayley
and a force of men are at work
resetting the road bridge at
Trail Crossing. This is being
done in order to make a straight-
er road from the approaches
across the river. Some time ago
the grade on the approaches was
cut down so as to enable heavy
loads to be hauled, and now
when the bridge is reset travel
over that thoroughfare will be
greatly facilitated.
It is expected to take three
weeks to complete the work, and
during that time travel to Mad­
ras goes by way of O’Neil.
W estern Shoes
for th e W e s t
If we should try to manufacture shoes to be worn
in Central Africa, we probably should not make much of
a success, because we do not know the local conditions.
But we have been manu­
facturing shoes for wear in the
Northwest and West for more than
half a century.
They stand u p under our
sum m er's sunshine and our w inter's
Storms, as no other shoes can.
Because the shrinking and
stretching which cause shoes to
lose their shape and break are pre­
N u m b « SM J
vented by the way we make them.
Q u it M e la i
D u tto n B o o t.
The leather while moist is stretched
tight over the lasts which takes out all stretch. Then
they are allowed to ahrink—on these lasts where they
can't get out of shape.
If you have worn them you know this already. If
you haven't worn them, buy a pair and you’ll sec it’s tmc.
The Gotzian Shoe
y/rs UKL
ro o r p r i n t
$1.50 PER YEAR
Work of Construction Will
Be Pushed Forward
With All Speed
new stock of CLOTHING. FURNISH­
etc., have arrived and is now on
sale, and you are invited to come in and see the
line whether you buy or not.
Below we quote
a few money-saving prices which it will pay you
to take advantage of.
Men’s Suits, -
Boys’ and Youths’ Suits, $4.00
All wool “ Summit” Shirts,
AH wool Fresno Double Blankets,
All wool Fresno Double Blankets,
to $30.00
to $17.00
- $2.50
62x80, $5.50
56x78, $4.50
Fine line Jno. B. Stetson Hats.
Complete Up-to-date line Hijfh Top Shoes
Sheep lined, rain proof, leather lined and
Mackinaw Coats.
All of Our Stock is New
A complete reorganization of
the Deschutes Irrigation & Pow­
er Company probably will be ef­
fected this week. Attorneys for
all the creditors of the company,
who bid the real and personal
property in at the time of the
sale last month, have plans for a
reorganization worked out, and
confirmation of the court of the
sale is all that remains to pre­
vent action being consummated.
Attorney Jesse Stearns, who
has represented the Oregon int­
erests, stated that the new con­
cern would be in far better shape
for developing its land than was
the old company. As now situat­
ed. all creditors have come for­
ward and pooled their claims on
an equal footing. Such funds as
were confined to the sinking
fund for the first mortgage bonds
and the Howard lien claims, will
be released for development pur­
poses at once. Then the com­
pany will be in a position to is­
sue first mortgage bonds on the
entire property for additional
funds required, insuring this
paper as a gilt-edged invest­
ment. and offering assets of such
magnitude that no doubt is felt
about realizing all the money
needed quickly. These favoring
conditions give the people who
have actually put their money
into the enterprise control of the
property with a free hand to im­
prove it, according to its needs,
and as all elements have been
brought together again, the man­
agement is assured a clear field
of operations.
The Deschutes Irrigation &
Power Company is one of the
largest Carey Act propositions
handled in the Northwest It
involved land aggregating 214.
000 acres, which will be worth
several million dollars when re­
claimed. It is by far the most
important reclamation work un­
dertaken in Oregon, and the fact
that it is passing through finan­
cial difficulties and legal entan­
glements without a wreck is the
source of much congratulation
on all sides.
“The Head to Foot Clothier.” R e d m o n d , O r.
Surprise Commer- New Building Ded-
cial Club With
icated to Amuse-
a Lunch
m e n t s
Social Club Is Formed To For Moving Picture Shows,
Meet Semi-Monthly Dur-
Roller Skating and Oth-
ing the Winter
er Amusements
Wives of members of the Red­
mond Commercial Club sprung
a pleasant surprise on the club
members while they were in reg­
ular session last evening.
About 8 o’clock the ladies went
to the club room, each one carry­
ing something good to eat, and
took possession of the place, and
acted as hostesses during the re­
mainder of the evening. It was
A. Hombeck, who has a fine
a surprise for the club members,
ranch near this place, left this
but they gladly surrendered all
week for Haines, Ore., where he
their right, title and interest in
will remain during the winter.
the meeting when they found
It is understood that Onne Job
out about the many good things
has rented the Hombeck place
the lauies had brought to e a t
for the coming year.
Tables were brought in and the
The harvest this year in this
lunch served, and the balance of
section has been a bounteous one.
the evening up to midnight was
Chas. Carson and wife who
devoted to card playing and hav­
live northeast of here, went to
ing a good time.
Redmond Monday to do some
It was decided at the meeting
to form a social club among the
El wood Roberts was a business Hard Time Dance
Commercial Club members and
visitor to Redmond the first of Tuesday Night
their wives and hold social ses­
the week.
Tuesday night, Nov. 8th, C. sions at the club room every two
Roberts Bros.’ saw mill is now F. Bartlett will give a “ Hard weeks during the winter.
turning out 17.000 feet of lumber Times” dance in Fallgatter's hall
daily. The mill is now working Anyone wearing a collar, necktie,
on a contract for the timber for or piece of jewelry will be fined
Mr, and Mrs. P. A. Woolley
the Oregon Trunk Line bridge at two bits, the fines to go to the were Bend visitors Thursday.
Crooked River.
Redmond Band.
Good music
Messrs. Foster & Sons thresh­
An 8-mule outfit for the D. I. and a good time is promised.
ing machine was threshing in
& P. Co. passed through here
Two prizes will t»e given. A this neighborhood last week.
this week on its way to the com­ $10 oil painting to the lady wear-
G. W. Wimer and Sons are
pany's headquarters at Redmond i ing the most unique costume, busy plowing and preparing land
and a pop corn ball to the gen­ for next year’s crop. They be­
Successful Event
tleman wearing the toughest lieve fall plowing is better for
By Ladies Aid
looking costume.
Tickets 50 crops than spring plowing as it
puts the ground in better shape
The Handkerchief Bazar and
Conundrum supper given last Christian Science services at and holds the moisture. It also
Saturday and Monday by the La­ Mr. MacPherson's Sunday Nov. has a tendency to kill the weeds
and insects that are harboring in
dies Aid of the M. E. church was
6, at 11 a. m. Subject for study, the ground.
a successful affair, and the Aid “ Adam, and the Fall of Man.”
realized a neat sum, which will Those interested are cordially in­ Grandma Cyrus and Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Weise were pleasant
go toward helping furnish the vited.
at Mr. and Mrs. G. W.
new church building.
Wimer’s last Tuesday. Mr. and
Through the enterprise and
progressiveness of J. A. Fallgat-
ter of this city, Redmond now
has a public hall of sufficient size
to accommodate all classes of
The name of this new place of
amusement is Fallgatter’s Social
Hall. The building is located on
north Sixth street, and is 30x80
feet, with provision made for a
stage 15x30 feet Mr. Fallgat-
ter states that he intends to fully
equip the stage with scenery and
the necessary paraphernalia for
staging any kind of show or en­
tertainment The seating capaci­
ty of the hall is between 600 and
700, and the acoustic properties
of the building are excellent
Mr. Fallgatter says he intends
to have roller skating in the hall
on certain days and evenings,
and has ordered a large number
of rubber tired skates. He will
also give moving picture shows a
few nights each week, and have
dances as often as conditions wi’l
w arrant it being the intention to
have some kind of an entertain­
ment in the hall every night in
the week.
The hall was dedicated Mon­
day night with a mask ball given
by C. F. Bartlett.
W. T. Cobb, of Sisters, was
in Redmond several days of
this week.
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the best of
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