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Published at the “ Hub City ” of Central Oregon
VOL 1. No. !»
And Puts Up J. A.
Coulter For
S heriff
Redmond’s Predic­
tions of City Are
California People
In Touch With
of other musically inclined peo­
ple have expressed a desire to
join the band. It is the inten­
tion to create an organization of
ut least twenty members, anti
play u high grade of music.
The instrumentation to start
with will he first Hb clarionet,
solo Ith, 1st Hb and 2nd Hb cor­
nets, 1st, 2nd ami 3rd altos, 1st
and 2nd tenors, sax «phone, bari­
tone, Eh ban*, snare untl buss,
drums and eymlmlH. More reed
instruments, trombones and bas­
ses will be added in a short time.
A high class orchestra will Is*
organized among the members of
the bund as there is enough tal-,
u u a i w MAW 1«
for an orchestra of from five ¡JDIM'1!# MKAllMiAW lo
HAVE BEEN ORDERED to eight pieces.
The citizens of Redmond have
been liltoml in subscribing to­
ward the support of the hand,
are anxious to see a good Field Man to He Put Into
HuNinoHN Men «f City (Jive
organization in the city.
Financial Support to
As stain us the hand gets to re­ County and Work Until
Election Time
hearsing new members will he
taken in, and before long the
lutnd will tie giving a series of
entertainments and dances. Ne­
At a meeting held at The gotiations are now under way to The Crook County Law and
Spokmmnn office 'asl Saturday secure a suitable hall for the Order League held a meeting
night a muntM-r of the musicians giving of entertainments, etc.— here last Saturday. Prineville,
of the city and thone interested one large enough to uceomodute Madras, [tend and Redmond
in organizing a I trass hand in the crowds that will I * sure to were represented by the follow -
ing delegates:
Rislmnnd perfected an organ mi attend.
tion, with the following officers: The name of the band is the Prineville J. P. Shipp with
Prest.—J. A. Norwood.
Redmond Concert Itantl, ami the proxy of R. V. Constable;
Vice-Preat W. J. Buckley. regular meetings are Monday Madras— J. E. Loveall and H.
Sec. -Treaa.—Z. Taliaferro.
and Thursday evenings of each W. Card;
Manager E. R. Tichenor.
Bend—L. I). Weist and Geo.
S. Young;
It was the sense of the meet- \ Are Enjoying a
Redmond Ben Gotter and
ing that a set of good instruments
Earl Benton;
l** (»ought and an order was wir­ Good Itusiiu.sK
ed to the Rueschcr True Tone In-} All of the business houses in The principal object of the
atrument Co. of Elkhart, Ind.. Redmond are enjoying a good meeting was to select a candi­
to forward a set of triple silver run of trade this fall, und the date from the Law and Order
plated gold mounted instruments business has been good sll sum­ league to oppose Frank Elkins,
by express. These are the high mer. The stores her»* carry the present incumbent in the
est grade of instruments made stocks to meet the wants of their sheriff's office, for nomination
and are guaranteed for twenty- customers in the territory adja- on the republican ticket at the
five years. It is expected the cent to Redmond, and that, coming primary. The battle cry
instruments will Is* received here coupled w ith the reasonable pri- of the meeting was anything to
some time next week, and as c< s charged for goods. Is w hat beat Elkins w ho is up for renom-
soon they arrive active rehear-1 has made Redmond such a good ¡nation.
trading point. People come Millard Triplett of Bend, and
sals will begin.
There are a number of old mu­ from many miles to trade with J. A. Coulter of Madras, both
claiming to be I>aw and Order
sicians in the city, anti a numlier the Redmond merchants.
A Cood Orchestra
Will Also He
Will Look Right, Fit Right and
Wear Right if
We have received our large stock of Men’s
and Boys Fall and Winter Clothing and can
fit you out in any style suit desired. All our
Clothing is guaranteed as to cloth make and
fit. Our coats have horsehair lining to hold
their shape. We can save you money if you
buy your clothing of us.
Suits from $13.50 to $25
Full Line Gents’ Furnishings,
at prices to fit your pocketbook
Full For Line Ladies,
of the Men Celebrated
and Children. There is no
better shoe made than these for the money.
Everything in General Merchandise
$1.50 PER YEAR
league candidate*, had announc­
agricultural fair. The assem­
ed their candidacy, and the lea ­
bled products surprised the re­
gue at this meeting nought to
mainder of the county and the
determine which one would pull
state; and the products of the
the moat strength for their tick­
great Central Oregon desert,
et. Both candidate» had agreed
typified in the Redmond distsict,
to leave the .selection of nomi­
have been surprising the remain­
nee to the meeting, the defeated
der of the state ever since.
one agreeing to withdraw from
the race for nomination, thun
Has a Model
leaving hut two republican can­
didates in the field for the nomi­
Theo. R. Herkner, the har­
nation. The Madran delegate**
manufacturer of this city,
put forth utrong arguments for
of the best appointed
their candinate, J. A. Coulter,
work shops in the
and the Bend people did likewise
is turning out a
for Mr. Triplett, but when the
high grade work.
vote« of the delegates were count­
of his place of H. F. JONES TELLS
ed Mr. Coulter had five votes SEEN DESERT GROW
anyone I
and Mr. Triplett three, and the
of a
former was declared the candi­
large territory, and that is what |
date of the league. In a letter
he does. He draws trade from
to Mr. Gotter. the Redmond del­
egate, asking him how he stood Mr. "and Mrs. F. T. Red­ a large territory, and his goods Found Dry Weather in East
always give satisfaction.
on the I .aw and Order proposi-
With Exception of Ill­
mond First Settlers
tion, Mr. Coulter stated he was
inois and Texas
in favor of local option.
In Redmond
There is another candidate on
the republican ticket up for nom­
ination, Si Hodges, but it was
stated he had agreed to withdraw In the Sunday Oregon Journal
After being five years in the
and leave Elkins and the League Randall R. Howard, a staff writ­ Rasmus Peterson Success Is Redmond District and hearing
candidate the only ones in the er had the following story of Mr. Object Lesson—Pleas­ stories of the Eldoradoes in var­
nomination race. It was claimed and Mrs. F. T. Redmond, who
ious parts of the country, and in
ant Ridge New s
by his supporters that Coulter is were the first settlers here and
order to satisfy himself as to the
very strong in the northern part
comparison of the Redmond
whom the city was named:
of the county, but outside from for “Five
country with other new districts
years ago a man named
his home section he is compara­ Redmond pitched his tent out on Sunday, Sept. 4th, was the that are settling up, H. F. Jones
tively unknown, and his friends a little sage flat in the lonely des­ scene of a pleasant gathering at of this city, made an 11,000 mile
think therein lies his strength. ert
about midway between the the White Rock ranch, owned by trip to the east and back. He
The delegates expressed them­ postoffice of O’Neil, in the lower Rasmus Peterson. The ladies went east over the C. P., pass­
selves as unalterably opposed to Crooked River valley, and Teth- from the Oregon Trunk Line con­ ing through the widely adver­
Elkins for another term as sher­
bridge on the Deschutes struction camp and vicinity serv­ tised lands in the Alberta section.
iff. and stated they would do their row’s
middle aged man and ed lunch, after which the Danish He said that outside of the Ed­
utmost to prevent his renomina­ his wife The
had been school teach­ and American flags were raised monton district the Canadian
tion. The delegates also express­ ers in North Dakota, until the and J. A. Fallgatter, the photo­ crop is an entire failure.
ed their dissatisfaction of Circuit longing to “come west” became grapher of Redmond. took a num­ All through his trip Mr. Jones
Judge Bradshaw, and will try to so irresistible as to cause them to ber of photographs of the pai ty found that the dry* weather had
find u man to their liking to put give up good positions and start and ranch. Later the party as­ materially retarded the crops ex­
up against him.
toward Oregon. They traveled sembled at White Rock and a cept in Illinois, southern Iowa,
It was decided at the meeting through Central Oregon, and, number of river scenes were tak­ Central Kansas and the Panhan­
to ask the State League to send with the aid of the blue prints of en. Mr. Peterson came to this dle in Texas. The only country
a field w’orker into this county the
company that was then just section about four years aero with that would compare favorably
immediately to work for.the or­ beginning the reclamation of a very little capital, and by his in­ with the Redmond country was
der until election time. The mat­ large body of land in the Des­ dustry now has cne of the pros­ the Panhandle district in Texas.
ter of the railroad vote was dis­ chutes river valley between the perous ranches of the county. Still they lacked the irrigation
cussed at considerable length and towns of Prineville and Bend, se­ He will send some of the photo­ projects there that has made
the statement was made that the lected an irrigible farm in the graphs of his ranch back to peo­ this section famous.
league had secret agents circu­ lower desert
ple in his home in the old coun­ While in California Mr. Jones
lating among the railroad camps The Redmonds took a long look try to show them the possibili­ found that Redmond and the
in the state looking up the men into the future before they lo­ ties of this section of Oregon. Redmond District was widely
who are entitled to vote. One of cated. At that time there was Those present were: Mr. and known, and he had many ques­
the Madras delegates stated that talk of extending the Shaniko Mrs. J. A. Chaseand family, Mr. tions to answer as to conditions
one railroad contractor in that road further south into the heart and Mrs. W. T. Temple and fam­ here now and the future pros­
section had promised the League of Central Oregon. They select­ ily. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Mitchell, pects after the railroads got in.
people he would brin*» in his men ed land on the big irrigation ca­ Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Fallgatter, The prices of farm lands here
on election day and that they nal and at a point which they Mrs. E. A. Tudor and children. look good to the California peo­
would vote right.
thought could not be missed very Miss Jenette Stevens. Wm. John­ ple as the prices there are from
far by the railroad. The prom­ son, Isaac Johnson, Chas. Wulff, $500 per acre up.
Young Tree leaded
ised extension of the railroad Rasmus Peterson, W. A. Gron- From talks with people in that
proved to be all talk, and dahl, Andrew* Nelson, J. W. Pet­ section Mr. Jones gathered the
With Apples
on a bleak and rocky erson, Dan Greenhalgh, Glenn information that a large number
I. L. Harader, who has suc­ ridge, is still
of people will come tc the Red­
terminus. Also Cox.
cessfully grown fruit at his ranch the irrigation the
District as soon as the rail­
School opened here Monday mond
near Cline Falls for several sea­ fulfill its promises, and the Red­ with
built into this city.
a fair attendance.
sons. has a 3-year old Wealthy monds—the first purchasers of Ralph
Sherwood, wife and son “ Bessie Green”
apple tree that is loaded with ap­ Carey act irrigated land in Cen­ left last week
ples this year. The tree is so tral Oregon —were forced to haul Mr. Sherwood for will Corvallis
Wins Again
heavily laden that the limbs had water for more than a year, j ness course in the 0. A. C. busi­
Col­ The 300 yard dash horse race
to be propped up. Some of the The promises of Redmond, the lege.
apples measured 12 inches in cir­ town, were seen even this early, J. A. Fallgatter, the photo­ at the track here Sunday after­
cumference. Mr. Harader has for the Redmond ranch out on grapher from Redmond, was up noon between Snell & Green’s
had excellent success in growing the desert was a very popular Sunday taking a number of pic­ “Bessie Green” and a Crooked
River horse was won by the form­
small fruits such as strawberries, stopping
place for the travelers tures in this \icinity.
in a heart disease finish. The
raspberries, etc., and pronounces and the stockmen
as they made Mr. and Mrs. John Couch. Mr. Crooked
River horse was way in
the Redmond District a good their lonely drives and
and Mrs. Frank Murk of Laid- the lead for 200 yards, but in the
fruit country.
About three years ago some of law, and Mrs. G. W. Wimer of home stretch “Bessie” quickly
officials of the company that Tumalo, visited at the home of closed the gap and came under
“The Citizens Voice”
contracted with the state for Prof. J. Alton Thompson Sunday.
wire about a foot ahead.
Name of New Paper
the reclamation of the large Ca­ Sam Christensen expects to the
the fireworks began among
At the meeting of the Crook rey act segregation conceived the spend the winter at O’NeiL. He the big crowd present
County I and Order League idea of establishing a desert has accepted a position with
held here last Saturday after­ town. The town was located on O’Neil & Larson.
Spokesman for job printing.
noon it was decided to name the the main irrigation ditch leading
new paper of the League that south from the Deschutes river
will be published in Redmond near Bend, and in the heart of
until after election. The Citizens what will become, with the com­
Voice. The intention is to pub­ pletion of planned construction
lish enough papers weekly to work, one of the largest and
reach every voter in the county. richest single irrigated bodies of
It is expected the first issue of land in the northwest. The ex­
of the paper will appear this act location of the town was de­
week. Ben Gotter of this city, cided by chance. There hap­
pened to be a vacant section of
was named as editor.
school land not included within
C. F. ANDERSON, - Proprietor
The Redmond Feed
for reclamation under the terms
& Fuel Company
of the Carey act. It also hap­
Our tables are supplied with the BEST
The above is the title of a new pened that this school section ad­
Eatables possible to secure.
business enterprise in Redmond joined the Redmond farm estab;
We Lead in Prices and Quality as we
that will open its doors about the fished two years previously. As
first of October. George Ferris an appropriate tribute to the pio­
have no rent to pay.
is manager of the new concern, neering qualities of the first set­
and it is the intention to carry a tler of the lower desert, the new
full line of feed and fuel. A new desert town was named Redmond
building is under course of con­ Two years after the comple­
struction on Seventh street to tion of its first irrigmtion ditch Corner Sixth and F streets,
‘ house the business.
the Redmond community held an
j iw