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    Guaranteed Circulation
Guaranteed Circulation
Subscription, $1.50 the Year.
News Happenings of Lents
and Surrounding Country
VOL. XIX, No. 19
Arleta, Kern Park, Millard
Ave., Tremont, Woodmere
Three Reasons
Many Affairs of Interest to Community Related in En
tertaining Way by Correspondent
of the Herald
Social Affaira Are Source of Pleaaure to ManyjPeraonal
Itcma and I akb I m of Intereat to Herald
Rcadera Tersely Told
Albert E. Hamilton. ("18 89th St.,
Albert E. Hamilton of 6109 92nd
ia building a new garage
street has a bran new Cadillac.
The exterior of the Kenworthy
Little lone Zcpplin was operated
<>n Saturday for adenoids and ton­ undertaking parlors ia »pick and
r.pan with a coat of paint
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs.
II. F. Miller ia doing plumbing
work for N. P. Pile on Mapb street James I. McClain, 94M» 42nd avenue,
thia week. l*r. Ixtckwood attended.
thia week.
Brugger'-i bakery, 9112 Woodutock
O»e Tobin family residence on
Gilbert street ia being brightened up avenue, wax recently improved and
ixdecorated by D. H. Ixicher, the
with a coat of palnL
Mrs l>r. Bocne. who has been vis­
Mr. Dotson, of the former real es­
iting her aunt, Mrs. Olive Kelly, on
89th street, haa returned to her home tate firm of llolaon A McDermott,
who waa »erioualy injured by falling
in eastern Oregon.
from a building last week, waa able
Among the births reported thia to be out and on the street Tuesday.
week 1» that of a daughter born on
The Eagle garage sold three Ford»
April 30 to Mr. and Mrs. A. Koakcy
the past week, one each to Frank
of 4MM 97th street
Mirwaid, Jack Mans and 1» T. Iwwi»
Mr. Wolfile, formerly a pool room 4 Co., Successor» to the l-enta Mer­
on prirtor of l-ents. haa disposed of cantile Co., the latter for delivery
nis rseidenee property on 92nd purpose».
street and will locate in California.
A son (end wife) of Joseph Bish­
Mrs. Herbert Dilly waa taken to op, residing at 9424 Fifty-fifth av­
the hospital Sunday, where she un­ enue (Gilbert Road), have arrived
derwent a major operation Monday. from Yakima valley, and will build
She is reiMjrted as getting along aa a home of their own and locate per­
well as can be expected
manently in the Mt. Scott district.
The next business meeting of
Shiloh Cireie. Ladies of the G. A. R.
will be held Saturday, May 21. at i
p. m.
The president earnest'y re­
quests all officers and members to
be present
Mrs A. R. Wilson of the Tremont
neighborhood left Sunday night for
FYanklinton, La., where »he will
spend a year with a daughter re«id-
She will also
ing at that place,
probably vial’. Florida white upon her
tri|’ Kra. W l«m was accompanied
by her son Hugh.
Although the new camping "round»
operated by the city of Portland at
Peninsula park haa only been in op-
•rntion about a week, over 100 tour­
ists have registered there.
It has
the innkings of an ideal camping
Kiurwl and will prove one of the
if li»vr*tmcntB this eltv hu ever
D. H. Letcher reports that with
the coi ling of spring, on the cakm-
dar, if not in weather, many people
are having their homes freshened lip
with paint. He haa juat completed
work upon the establishment of
Chester & George, the 92d street
barlierr, und ia now at work upon
the home of Mr. Burna, at 8718 Fos­
ter Road, whih ix being attractively
painted green and white.
Saturday evening children of the
vicinity surprised Mrs. Fritx Well-
mann. 6719 92d street, with a Moth
era’ Day party.
Games, refresh­
ments anil mu sic served to make lh<
occasion delightful.
Those preient
were Misses Helen Barker, May
«’rawford. Nona Cook, Helen lie-
Moss. Eleanor Wilkinson. Doria Ra­
der. Olive Woodworth, anil Masters
Ix-onard Thielke, Clyde Huntington
Charles Guisness. Elmer Lee. Ru­
dolph Norton. Milkin Holmes. Clav-
ton Fike, George Trenary and Wil-
lard and Kenneth Wellmann
Hilda Wellmann assisted in serving
Mr. and Mrs. J M Vickers ar­
rived from Ixing Brach, Cal., lad
Tueiulay evening in a bran new
Chandler car with all the latest ac
ceasoriea. including a sleeping com­
partment. kltchenet and all modern
facilities for tourinr the country and
side-stepping exhorbitant hotel bills
They are at present enroute to the
Yakima valley.
They report the
roads good in the Golden state and
the major portion of the wav in
Oregon; that thousands of tourists
were met. going and cominr—going
the Ix»rd only knows where—lust
hunting a home- finding it hard to
reconcile themselves to anv commun­
ity under the unsettled condition of
these United States at the present
writing Mrs. Vickers ia a sister of
Mrs. Geo. A. McArthur.
Lents branch library haa several
new books on poultry management
in ita collection which may be taken
from the library for use. ’ Some of
these are:
Successful Backyard
‘. An au­
by H. W. Jackson.
thoritative guide to aueceas in poul­
try keeping, for those who are keep­
ing fowls in limited space, whether
to supply eggs and poultry for the
family table or as a source of in­
Artificial Incubating and Brooding
by the same author.
How to Feed Poultry for Any Pur­
pose With Profit, by J. H Robinson.
A text book for the beginner; a ref­
erence book for the expert.
The One-man Poultry Farm, bv
Dr. N. W. Sanborn.
method» of men on farms of small
All About Indian Runner Ducks,
bv Mrs. D. O Teasley. A treatise on
all varieties of the Indian Runner,
including their origin, history and
Side Line Poultry Keeping, by Ed­
gar Warren.
C. E. Kennedy. Woodstock avenue
realtor, recently obtained a permit
to erect n residence at «219 92nd
Street, between 60 th and 63d aven-
The value is given aa > '••00
and A E. Hamilton ia the contrae
The ladiaa of M. E. church will
hold their mid-summer sale at the
Square Deal candy atore. 92nd St..
on Friday, May 27. Fancy and use-
ful articles will be for saie, ala»
cake and ice eream, all day and all
evening. Everybody welcome.
There will bv a hard timea danc«
given by the Neighbor» of Wood­
craft in Grunge hall thia (Friday)
evening. Prize« for the inost atrik-
lnf. costumes will lie given and there
will be no fine» for th<a«r not in cos
tume. Admission ia 35c. Punch will
la* served.
With the drop in the price of flour
the Mt. Scott Bakery ia advertising
a cut in the price of bread.
loares are now sold for 15c.
sizes of bread are regulated by law
in Oregon, so patrons may know that
with the cut in price there ia no re
duction in the sise.
The Entertainment Club of Mt.
Scott chapter No. 110 will give a
dancing party at Lents hall. Satur­
day, May 14, at 8:30 p. m . for the
benefit of Eastern Star and Masonic
Home fund. All Masons and Stars
welcome. Admission 50c; refresh
ments, including sandwiches, pic and
coffee, 25c. Star ladies please bring
pit V
I’hatt and his Jaxx 1 Band will be
the principal attraction at the open­
ing dance at Elliott's hnll, Damascus
on Saturday night. May 21. Th*
affair is under the management of
Eberhart Bros., who will give a
dance at that place al least, once ev­
ery two week». They announce that
they have installed a new maple
floor in the hall and assure everyone
attending a good time.
Goorge Forner is another man
who thinks he earns his money,
working for Uncle Sam. George de­
livers mail daily (Sundays and holi­
days excepted I from the Ix'nts post­
office. More than 300 different num­
-io visited regularly on Mr.
averaging three
pieces of mail to each place This
requires a daily hike of an average
of 17'-j miles each 24 hours. Keep­
ing the names of approximately 1000
people ’in one’s head is no doubt a
strenuous proposition, and if Mr.
Forner. of any other of the faithful
carriers out of the I»nts postoffice
occasionally overlooks a bet in their
daily rounds, ia it any great won­
Harvey J antes Thompson die. I
Bunday at the family home. Floyd
avenue near Buckley, after an 111-
nea of about one year. He waa aged
about 71 years.
Mr. Buckley came to lente about
twelve years ago from Elgin, III.,
in the famous watch factories of
which city he was employed for ma­
ny years. He purchased a suburban
homo tract and built his home here,
the first in the Immediate vicinity,
nnd resided there continuously since. I
The deceased, was a companionable
man and made many friends among
his neighbpra, and his demise waa n
cause of regret among all who kp«w
him He belonged to the Modern
Woodmen lodge
Surviving Mr. Buckley is a widow,
Mrs. Marga*t Ruck ley; one daugh­
ter, Mrs. Ufc McTaggart. nnd two
grandehildM^lonn ami Hilda Me-
Taggnrt. Funeral services were held
Tuesday morning at Kenworthy’s,
Rev. E. A. Smith officiating. Inter­
ment waa in Mt. Scott cemetery.
One of the finest buildings in the
Mt. Scott district
______ H
ia __
the ___ new
brick structure now nearing comple­
tion at 5300-2 Foater Road, the prop­
erty of Ralph Amato, the progress­
ive Arleta tailor.
Mr. Amato decided many months
ago that he would have hia own
business home and made his plana ac­
cordingly, He had faith in the dis-
trict and was
„ to invest a
substantial amount aa evidence of
that fact. The new building ia the
result and it is one the owner may
wecl feel proud of.
The lot upon which the atrocture
.stami» fronts on Foster Road and ia
40x.‘>0 feet.
The building itself ia
32x40 feet, two stories in heighth,
of reinforced brick construction. The
front is of Swope faced brick, mak­
ing a handsome appearance, while
the aide walls are of Columbia tile.
The interior ia plastered, with a
beautiful float finish.
Upon the ground floor are two
stores, each fronting on the street.
One of these business establiahmnets
will be occupied by Mr. Amato, with
his up-to-date men’s tailoring estab­
lishment, while Mrs. Amato will con.
duct a notions store in the other.
The upstairs has been arranged
for two neat little three-room flats.
They have already been leased for
occupuncy when the building is com­
They are modem in every
way; bath, hot and cold water, elec­
tric lights and gas, with heat sup­
plied from the up-to-date hot air
rumace. installed at an expense of
over |500, in the basement.
E. E. Battin waa the contractor in
charge, with John Ankin, of 70th
street, aa foreman of brick masonry.
It is expected that it will be ready
for occupancy June 1st. The build
Ing represents an expenditure of al­
most »7000.
Mr. Amato ia to be congratulated
upon hia progreaaivenaaa. The struc­
ture is considered the moat up-to-
date. for its size, in the district, and
ia one which will serve to enhance
values in the whole district.
J. R. Neal, an old resident of
Iants, who left here April 23rd. for
Kearney, Neb., died at that place on
the 28th. according to word received
late last week by local frienda.
Mr. Neal was a sufferer from an
aggravated case of caneer of the
stomach and when he felt the end
sas near decided to go cast, where
he had many relatives, in order to
see them before the end .eame His
daughter, Mrs. Sadie Rosenbloom,
accompanied him and when he passed
away was at the bedside.
The wife of Mr. Neal died about
six months ago and was buried at
Kearney, where the remains of Mr.
Neal will be interred. The deceased
wan nearly 80 years of age and la
survived by several children in th*
“Time was here in Ianta when ev­
en the most pretentious homes con­
sidered ■ ‘tinted* walla quite the thing
but those days are past, and one of
the first requirements of miladv in
choosing a new home is that attrac­
tive paper shall adorn the walls,“
says Chas. Warde, the 92nd street
“Some people seem to think wall
paper is expensive that only the
very wealthy can afford^ to paper
their rooms, but such is' not neces­
sarily the case. Manv dainty effects
for the sleeping room are available
at but a few cents a roll, while rich
tapestry paper for the living room
can be procured at a total expendi­
ture of just a few dollars.“
Gurdon Ogsbury turned in a cor­
rect solution together with 156,-
900 votes in the contest in the
trwie at home race for the $.'>.00 and
captured the money thia week. Clar­
ence O’Neil had 175,500 but failed to
send in a solution of the missing
name, without which no contestant
can win. There was, in all fairness,
nothing for Jhe Herald to do but
award the money to Master Ogs­
1 he rule made at the start of the
contest on this vote follows:
In the advertisements appearing in
the ’Trade-at-Home” section letters
will be purposely omitted and in or­
der to win the $5.00 cash prise each
week contestants must read every ad,
find the missing letters and arrange
them to form the name of one of the
to iasue voting cou-
pons. The contestant each week who
turns in the correct answer, together
with the largest number of to
will win the 15.00 cash and 500 extra
The name selected for this week’s
contest ia Mt. Hood, for the Mt. Hood
Confectionery, at the corner of Fos­
ter Road and 92nd street To sim­
plify it we have omitted only the
six letter which go to make up the
words "Mt. Hood.”
The standing to date is as follows:
Margaret Leitch .......... ........... 738.800
Clarence O’Neil .......... ......... *639200
Gurdon Ogsbury' .......... ........... 277.700
Gena T. lx>cke .............. ........... 146.750
Claudine Moore ........ .......... 111.800
Miss E. V Barker ... ........... 109.050
Mrs. B. F. Jone« .......... .......... 61.500
.......... 8.200
0 M. Shields
Miss Helen Kanne .... .......... 3,400
Lucille Dugan .............. .......... 1.950
•Clarence O’Neil has turned In a
large number of votes which have
not been checked.
Mrs. I. F. Coffman was recently
the recipient of birthday honors. Last
Sunday about fifteen of her relatives
gathered from the three corners of
the city to surprise, her at her homo
at 6116 92nd street. The afternoon
was pleasantly spent, everyone en­
joying the splendid vocal selections
rendered by Edward Brewster, a
grand-nephew of Mrs, Coffman, and
a palatable luncheon served buffet
style. Then on Monday evening the
neighborhood friends of Mrs. Coff­
man came to wish her just as many
happy returns of the day as she
would like to have. Violin solos by
Carl Hawkins, accompanied by Miss
Kirk, made the evening pleasant un­
til a lunch consisting of salad, sand­
wiches, coffee and cake, was served.
Mn. Tom McSloy sang several selec­
tions in a pleasing manner.
dainty and useful gifts were left for
Mrs. Coffman. Those present were
Mesdames G. R. Williams. M. T.
Hawkins, W. M. Gilbert, John Don­
aldson, F. B. Culver, Tom McSloy,
Fred Geisler, Robt. Reynolds, J. H.
McSloy, J. E. Gilbert, J. F. Foasler,
Wm. Rusk, F. Timms, L. Mason,
Grace Kirk, L. Mae Hamilton.
Little Items of Intereat to Herald
Readers Culled From All Over
the Rose City.
T. M. Zidon ______
_ took out a
building permit to erect a residence
at 4725 6th street,
. ‘ between Foater
Road and 50th avenue.
The parkway between "2nd and
"1st streets, north of Foster Road, is
being improved and when completed
will add to the attractiveness of the
district. Many loada of dirt have
been hauled to the spot, and the
work will be rushed to completion, it
is said.
1-ester Campbell, formerly of the
Portland Telegram, who handled the
publicity work in connection with the
ML Scott Improvement Club’s cam-
Cign for the Foster Road sewer.
s purchased the Vancouver Daily
Columbian and will no doubt proceed
to give the people of the Washington
city a readable newspaper.
Paper , clothes, manufactured in
Germany and Austria because of war
stress, are on exhibition in the green
room of the Chamber of Commerce.
They arrived here last week, having
been sent by courtesy of the United
States department of commence.
There are various garments for men.
women and children. The outfit ."r.y
be viewed by anyone during the
regular hours of the Chamber-
Members of Painters' union No. 10
who struck when the ten per cent
reduction was placed in effect by
some of the employers May 1. went
back to work early in the week, fol­
lowing signing of an agreement with
the employers Saturday afternoon,
according to Frank McLean, business
representative of the union.
painters returned to their work at
the 10 per cent reduction, with an
agreement to continue in force until
March 1, 1922, at least, McLean ex­
Sugar declined 10 cents Monday-
The wholesale price of
cane granulated ia now $7.65 a sack,
while beet sugar is $7.45. Portland
jobbers have been advised that this
amount about marks the end of the
price decline.
The Arjeta Athletic club met the
Ridgefield Athletic club Sunday at
the latter’s home town.
The Port­
land lads trotted home with a victory
earned through a 10-to-4 score. Hit­
ting by Arleta made the match an
interesting one. Thompson and Fa-
C formed the battery for the Port-
bo ya.
The city council has decided upon
crushed rock macadam as the type of
pavement to be used in the improve­
ment of Forty-sixth avenue south­
Sixty-seventh street
to Kern Park.
The street railway company has a
crew of men at work repairing the
Foster Road street crossings in the
neighborhood of 62d and 63rd greets.
The old, decayed boards between the
rails at those points are being torn
up and new timbers substituted.
One of the new business houses in
the Arleta district is the confection­
ery and lunch room recently opened
on Foster Road by P. R. Moak. for­
merly of the Mt. Hood Confectionery
of Lents.
It looks as though the rent collec­
tor were doomed.
He may persist
for a while, for the man who prefers
to live in a leased house is. still in
the majority and is still and always
will be a voter and a good American
citizen. But he is being gradually,
even rapidly, won over by the “Own
Your Own Home” movement, which
is cropping out in expositions, fain
and campaigns all over the country.
May 19th is the date for the next
meeting of Lents Parent-Teacher
Eighty members are at present on
the roll of the association.
Mrs. G. J. Frankel will speak at
the next meeting.
Miss Txt Mears
will give a reading.
Five pounds of peanuts will be
given to the room having the largest
Arleta Lodffe . No .216,
.21«. Oddfellows,
number of mothers present at the met as usual Friday
in Woodmen’s
May 19th meeting.
for ____
the _ posi-
hall, Arleta. I______ ___
tion of district deputy grand master
Grand Masque Ball at Cedarville
Park Saturday night. May 14th. sen. He ia also a delegate to Grand
Dancing from 8:46 p. m. to 3 a. m. Lodge.
Woodmere School Notes
I Jut Friday night and Thursday
afternoon a most remarkable ami
aucesaful program waa put on by the
pupila under the direction of the
teachers. Those who drilled the
youngsters taking part certainly cov­
ered themselves with glory, for sel­
dom does one see such beautifully
trained children aa took part in that
The primary teachers
taught and drilled their own classes
in their own particular exercises and
Miss Canning and Miss Brandt had
supervision over the intermediates.
To them belongs great credit and
The first part of the pro­
gram was given by the primary de­
partment and waa as follows: Folk
dance, third grade children; piano
duet, Katherine and Carolyn Schweit­
zer; flower song, children of 1st and
2d grades; style show, pupils of 3rd
grade; apple blossom song, 1st
grade; darkey song and dance, 1st
grade; Scotch folk dance, 3rd
Another pleaaing number waa a
proup of Armenian children, dressed
”1 native costume, singing their na­
tional song in Armenian. Following
that, they sang in English “Beauti­
ful America.”
“Old Pipes and the Dryads” was
put on by intermediate pupils. “Old
Pipes” waa played by Merle Nelson;
Margurete Norris was a dryad. Geo.
Blakeslee waa the “Echo Dryad” and"
waa exceptionally good. Ruth Faw­
kes waa "Old Pipes’s" mother. The
prologue waa given by Beatrice
Between the first and second acts
Grace Fisher and Lewellyn Flier
sang two songs, balloon song and a
lullaby. Between the second and
third acta Everett Repp recited “Go­
ing Barefoot.” and Lelia Sears gave
“The Last DolL” Virginia Morgan
sang “Sleep, Darling. Sleep.”
A beautiful Maypole dance was
given aa the third scene. The cos­
whole thing was beautiful beyond
imagination and the results were in­
deed gratifying to all who had work­
ed so hard.
The proceeds will be used for the
general school fund.
Earl in June will be introduced
in musical entertainment the Wood-
mere Juevnile Orchestra.
The regular Parent-Teacher meet­
ing waa held Thursday. May 12, at
Woodmere. In the absence of the
president, Mrs. Fred Peters, who is
representing her district at the slate
convention at Pendleton, Mrs. Geo.
Stoner, vice president, presided. The
teachers were in charge of the pro­
Children from Woodmere school
are entering the track meet early
thia month under the direction of
Mias Ewing and Mrs. Me Sennow.
who is a special director.
Mrs. Ella Alcorn substituted for
Miss Woodburn, who was unable to
attend classes part of this week.
The baseball team have wen ten
straight games this season and arc
now playing off the finals. Monday
night on Woodmere grounds they
defeated St. Johns, 12-6. They have
won first place in this section. The
second team is also playing off its
regular scheduled games.
Rebekahs Meet
The Rebekah Club of Mountain
View Lodge of Arleta met Tuesday
afternoon at the home of Mrs. Maude
Bradbury of 48th avenue and 63rd
street. A delightful warm luncheon
was served st noon, cafeteria sty le.
Articles suitable for sale are being
made at these meetings and the pro­
ceeds will be used for a reserve fund
for the lodge.
Next month they
meet at the home of Mrs. Norton.
Among those present at Mrs. Brad­
bury’s were Mesdames Morton. Por­
ter, Young, Peters, Sager, Norris,
Cover, Campbell, Oeder, Crum. Hyde.
Bill, Gibson, McLin, Gollings. Grand
ma Gollings, Alvord. Orendorff,
Bradbury, Griffith. Wittbeck, Organ
via, Mr» Laniere, the Missea Strang,
Theo. Zehrung, Mrs. Reese, Mrs. Do.
meter. Rev. White, Mr. Ormandy,
the president of the club, presided.
Arleta Theater
Aa usual, Mr. White of Arleta
theater has an abundance of g»od
shows for his delighted patrons this
week. Beginning Friday, .May 13,
he will show H. B. Warner in “When
We Were Twenty-one”, arranged
from Nat Goodwin’s famous stage
A ^tolin comedy and Para­
mount Magazine complete the pro­
gram. Saturday "The Sins of Ro-
zanne”, featuring Ethel Clayton, will
be shown, along with a two-reel
comedy, "Wedding Bella”.
“The Dwelling Place of Light”, fea­
turing King Bagot and RobL MeKim
is the attraction; DeHaven comedy.
Monday and Tuesday,
an Allan Dawn production, "The
"Scoffers”, with James Kirkwood and
episode No. 3 of “Velvet Fingers”.
Wednesday, Harry Carey in "Hearts
Up”, and a two-reel Century comedy.
Thursday, Robt. Warwick in "The
14th Man”, episode No. 10 of "Dou­
ble Adventure".
Lights Are Needed
The conditions in each locality are
peculiar to that locality. Our prom­
ised Mt. Scott playground will be
built among the trees.
The street
lights on various corners near the
playground only serve to accentuate
the darkness among the trees. Our
boys and girls in this district are
just as priceless and valuable and
worth taking care of as those in any
other district. And a black hole,
such as we had last year and the
year before, is not conducive to good
morals and good examples.
Let us
insist on good lighting or good pol­
icing, and if we can’t obtain either,
for pity’s sake return the property
to private ownership and as far as
we can eliminate the chances for im­
morality in our district A combined
effort of earnest, thoughtful parents
and of organizations will bring the
desired result.
At (he meeting of the Mt. Scott
Imptovewiertt Chib at Arleta Tuesday
evening Mr. Pier was unable to ap­
pear as scheduled. Mr. Hooper, his
assistant, spoke in his place. He told
the people of the purchase of three
blocks between 72nd and 74th streets
and 56th avenue and said they were
planning to buy three more blocks in
the same vicinity.
The subject ' of supervision was
discussed. It was suggested that a
matron be appointed to assist the
regular park supervisor. Mr. Cooper
stated that it is hard to obtain help
other than the kind they have, that
is, college students. It was suo-eat-
ed that the park be lighted, but Mr.
Cooper informed them that play­
grounds were never lighted, only the
parks. There are so many parks be­
ing equipped and the Rose Festival
is taking so much time for prepara­
tion that he could not promise any
definite action soon. The fact that
the district had united and knew
what it wanted and had made a defi­
nite request for it would, in his opin­
ion, go far toward obtaining for us
our desired objects. The subject
will be further discussed at the June
meeting of the Mt Scott Improve­
ment Club.
Siam Kingdom Studies Program
The following program will be
given at Millard Ave. Presbyterian
church. Sunday evening, May 22. at
7:30 o'clock: Organ prelude; short
song service, conducted by J. . O.
Leake; responsive reading; solo,
“We’ve a Story to Tell to the Na­
tions,” J. O. Leake; hymn 129, first
three verses: offertory: solo, select­
ed, Mrs. Geo. Colvey; Scripture; ad­
dress, “Merit-making and Transmi­
gration of Souls as Practiced and
Relieved by the Siamese” together
with “A Birite-eye View of the_ Ac­
tivities and Pastimes of That Most
Interesting Asiatic People”; solo.
“He Was Not Willing That _ Any
Should Perish”, J. O. Leake; bene-
Theron Iver Hickey
diction; postlude. Mrs. Ethel Wood
Theron Iver Hickey was buried nt Lewellen will be at the piano.
Multnomah cemetery Wednesday af­
Mrs. A. C. Turner of Brentwood
ternoon May 11. The Oddfellows of
Mountain View lodge No. 216 of Ar­ moved into the city this week.
Mrs. F. R. Whittetey of 71st and
leta had charge of the services. Mr.
entertained Mrs.
Hickey was 50 years of age and Cooper
leaves a wife ad two children who Wheelock of Yakima, Wash, recent­
reside on 82nd street near Johnson ly.
Mr. and Mrs. ,Cecil Hampton and
Creek. Services were held at Ken­
worthy’s parlors, Lents.
The fun­ Mrs. Yandal of Pendleton motored to
eral was largely attended, attestine Portland this week and visited at the
Hampton’s mother. Mrs.
the esteem in which the decease I home of
was held.
Dr. Wm. S. Stout officiated at the
arrivals pf the following: A sftn *o
Welfare Club Meets
The Welfare Club of Millard Are Mr. and Mrs. H. W. McMullen, <K)4
church was entertained Tuesday ev­ 79th street, Mav 4; a daughter to Mr.
ening by Mrs- Fanny Pawson in the and Mrs. T. J. Schmidt. 7229 588th
church parlors. A very fine business avenue. May 9; a son to Mr. and
meeting was hold and then follow» 1 Mrs. Rust. May 10.
Donald Oi-mandv, youngest Bon of
delicious refreshments by the host­
ess. Two beautifully lighted birth­ Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Ormandy. was
day cakes were served, it being the hurt Wednesday while playing ' on
hostess* birthday anniversary.
Oof- the school grounds at recess. A Very
fee and chocolate and wafers made bad knee will keep him in bed for
delicious refreshments.
Mr. and some time.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Colvev of 1920
Mrs. Wm. Dillon. Mr. and Mrs
Frank Whittelsev and Misa Daisv 55th avenue. Mr and Mrs. Glen Han-
Thomas were added as new members ders and daughter Zoe of 6212 90th
to the elub. Beside these, the fol­ street and ME and Mrs. Cha». De­
lowing were present: Mr. and Mrs. meter of 7820 55th avenue and son
Colvev, Mr. and Mrs F. J. Carpen­ David attewlod » surprise nartv on
ter, Mr. and Mrs- Ormandv. Mrs. their aunt. Mrs. Ida Kilduff. 434 E.
(Continued <m pagn four.)
Pawson, Mrs. Crum, Mrs. D. A. Da-