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mt ^rntt Berató
Subscription, $1.50 the Year.
Sewer Opponents
Hold Big Meeting
Many Speakers Heard, Including Some of Those in
Favor---Vote Favors Opponents Almost Unani­
mously--Mr. Douglas Gives His Views
Malar ig the Helpless Independent
VOL. XIX, No. 10
Local Man
Bond Loser
$1000 Liberty Disappears
From Coat Pocket
on Monday
, •
To loan a >1000 Liberty bond to a
friend to us as collateral in a busi­
ness deal and then to have the friend
lose the bond from his pocket was
the unpleasant experience this week
of John H. Donaldson, or “John D”,
the local grocer, as he is known to
Lents people.
Mr. Donaldson had the bond in his
lafeMeposit box in the Multnomah
State Bank, where it had securely
rested since he purchased it several
weeks ago. Tuesday afternoon Mr.
Donaldson took it from the box and
the borrower placed it in his insid ■
coat pocket among some other pa
pers and boarded the car for Port­
After transacting business
along Front street the gentleman
went to his home in one of the other
suburbs of the city. About 7 o’clock
that evening it occurred to him to
look for the bond and see if it was
where he had placed it. To his sur­
prise and dismay, it was not there
and Mr. Donaldson was immediately
The matter was reported to the po­
lice detective bureau and steps taken
at once to prevent the lost bond from
being disposed of.
The police are
said to be of the opinion that the
man’s pocket was not picked, and that
the bond will be eventually recovered
John D.’s hopes rose with a jump
Tuesday evening when his telephone
rang and a man's voice inquired if he
had advertised a lost bond. Upon be­
ing assured that he had, the interrog­
ator wanted to know what step« had
been taken to prevent it from being
negotiated, saying he had lost »200 i«
a like manner some time ago and he
was anxious to know how he coul 1
prevent an unlawful possessor real­
izing upon it.
Mr. Donaldson has been assured
that the loss will be made good by the
person from whose custody the bond
,, Ttl*
ot <ho proposed Foster one 50x100 ft. lot will only approxi
Itoad trunkline aewer as the Herald
______ mate one cant per day when spread
|t<>-a to press is substantially its M- over the ten-year period allowed for
the payment, they claim that such
1 he city council decided not to hold cost is out of proportion to the bene
a public inerting on 1"
Hednsaday of Ate received and might result in con­
this week, as first pro; >possa,
____ w but
„, will fiscation of property.
They claim that the proposed a«w-
take a post card vote of the property
owners affected as a guide to the vr will do tho home owner no eerviee
wishes of th.,« living in the district fur a king time to come, aa it is only
I his vote will be taken, according to be used for drainage of atreeta.
to the engineer's office, la ths next Must of the people who have I h - n cir
ten days. It will be purely advisory, culating petitions againal the im
as far as the council la eooeernod. pruvsment have also dwelt at length
and every homeowner will have on« upon the final cost when the comple­
vote. Irrespective of the value of his tion of the sewerage ayateni la car­
ried out, their estimates varying from
outgrowth of ll.e outdoor relief department of the county charities
Tho opposition’s fight Is in the >150 to >600 per lot, the discrepan­
Angele«, glvae an opportunity to persons, wbo otherwise would
hands of a oummittee of ten, with a cies in their figures being difficult to tw county chnri'ea, to live Independent live«, or If crippled or handicapped In
sub committee of fifty lieutenants as explain.
The opponents also ask “why g<> to other ways, partially to support tteemaelvea. Departments have been estab­
aids. Ths district east of 82nd street
is said to be practically unanimously the expense of drainage when a pave­ lished where old rtfclos are ntn le over Into new. The photograph shows ths
aga'nxt, while from 82nd to 72nd, the ment down the Foster Road can be machine with which paper from ths fumigating department Is shredded for
sentiment is reported at thia time to obtained without a aewer T" (The wri­ various uses.
favor the project. West of 72nd to ter is unable to understami this claim
62nd, the proponents are as nearly a« no detail» have been furnished, un­
unanimous for as the líente district less by the pavement is meant an 18-
foot »trip down the middle of the roiul
is opposed.
to be built by the county )
The speakers in favor of the mean
Saturday Night’s .Meetiag
Grange hall wss filled te overflow. uro claim that we should not worry
Mrs. May Landon of 89th street is
Ing Saturday evening with property, about the eventual coat of the cum
The Neighbors of Woodcraft are to
owner» of the lent» district who {ilrted eewrragr system as it probah visiting relatives at Gresham.
have a 500 party at l^nte grange hall
were present to voice their protest y will not be constructed for a num
thia (Friday) evening.
The community dance given at
against the proposed Footer Rond her of year» and that anyway when
Mrs W. C. Stearns of 96th street
trunk sewer, ss outlined by tho city
underwent an operation recently in
Scott district ia in absolute need of a was well attended.
engineering department.
Portland Medical hospital.
Wilbur F. Brock of south 92nd sewerage system they will see that it
' E. I,. Harris of Salem visited over­
who hat largo ranch holdings in east­ • constructed, whether we wont it or night one day last week with his sis­
Mrs. William Eatchel of 4541 88th
ern Oregon and who makes his home not, aa is in their power to do. It is ter, Mrs. Olive Kelly. 5405 8»th
street has been quite ill at her home
here during the winter months, called contended that we are bound to need street
the past two weeks. She is re­
the meeting to order aa temporary and have sewers some years from now
ported as improving.
chairman. He slated the purpose of and that we may aa well start paying
Mrs. Ernest Zepplin has been very
the meeting to be primarily to study for thia trunk now. which will hel|> HI at her home on 92nd street and
Mrs. Fred Hedges, who is employed
the question snd not to remonstrate dreg the complete sewer coat over n her little daughter, Ione, is just now at the Katzky Bro«, department store,
until all the facte were known and much longer period and make it eaa recovering from the measles.
is taking a week’s vacation and her
ier for everybody.
is being filled by Mrs. Lewis
Mrs. J. G. la-nhman's family nt place
They further state it will be imp«»
Nominations for permanent chair
Mt, son.
man being in order, T. J. Campbell Bible to get the Foster Road paved 6421 8?n<l street is in quarantine for
placed before tho meeting the name without a sewer, as the city uuthori dipthena. their daughter Florence
The funeral of Jessie Gebech, aged
of L. L. I'Ovings. stating that as the
•’> year», who died Friday, was held
Under the auspices of the Wood-
Intted hail previously appeared before would be unwise and impractical for
at Kenworthy chapel Monday at two mere Parent-Teachers association the
the city council, and familiarized
o’clock and interment was made in Clackamas Dramatic Club wil 1 give
himself with all phases of th« ques­ the county unless it 1» lowered to hold their monthly silver tea at the Multnomah cemetery.
an entertainment in the assembly hall
tion. he would be a suitable presiding grade anil paved, and they (the city home of Mrs. J. E. Hanken, 5640 84th
Wednesday afternoon. March
Every Wednesday evening, begin­ of Woodmere school. 80th street. Sat­
officer Mr. Levlng» was duly elected authoritiea) insist that the pavement street.
ning with this week, members of Mt. urday evening, March 19. entitled “In
chosen cannot be laid without drainage and 16th.
Old New England.”
that the most economical drainage is
Mr. and Mrs. James Reardon of Scott Chapter 110, O. E. S„ are giv­
Those who love "Way Down East”
A resolution was offered and voted by sewers: that 82 of the 86 sumps Wheeler. Or. are moving to Portland ing dancing lessons to those who are will enjoy again these simple home­
It is
upon favorably to the effect that all or cesspools built for street drainage and for n few days are stopping at fond of the light fantastic.
loving people ar.J the humorous side
«)M-akera lie limited to five minutes In Portland are at the present time the home of « relative, Mrs. Alice planned to give eight lessons in all.
of their lives as presented in this
each. J. F. Scheuerman inalted upon of no uae, being so filled with mud Steinman, on 88th street.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Smith and play; dressed as real New England
the preponents of the proposed aewet that they overflow.
people dressed a half-century ago.
I ‘ mg allowed whatever reasonable
It ia claimed that the defeat of the
Little Frank Moodenbaugh of 82nd daughter, Miss Marjory, and Mrs. A. The dresses, hats, wraps, etc., were
time waa necessary for them to set aewer project will completely stop the street was recently accidentally shot G. Wright, members of I^nta Eureka inherited by one little lady, who
forth their reasons for favoring it. ir­ paving or Foster Road, as there will by Walter Pitt, who was handling a Rebekah lodge, attended the enter­ brought five trunks full to Oregon
respective of the five-minute rule.
be sufficient property owners to pro­ revolver thought to be unloaded. The tainment given at Orient hall at E. with her. The players will move in
Those favoring were Aral called up­ test the construction of a narrow wound was quite an ugly one through 6th an,i Aider streets, Saturday even- an atmosphere of auld lang syne,
on and Mr »are Hall, Harrison and atrip of pavement by the county to the leg.
with the grandfather’s clock and the
Douglas devoted twenty minutes to defeat that project, for they claim
A rumor was current that a tract spinning wheel to add realism to the
Mrs. S. D. Pomeroy of 5629 88th
nddreasea in behalf of the project, Mr. this would only hold up final improve­
street entertained Friday afternoon of land situated east of the city was play.
Hall taking ten minutes of the time. ment.
The players have ability and en­
Mr. Harrison's talk waa very moder-
They state that increased values in in honor of her little daughter Lois. being considered as a suitable site for thusiasm and as the play is bubbling
nte and fair, and elicited cheer», even property all over the Mt. Scott dis­ The guests were three little school the 1925 Portland fair. Upon inves over with merriment, all will enjoy
from those of the opposition.
trict would result from the improve mates, Isabel Jamison, Charlotte tigation by the Herald it was found it, young and old alike. Good music
that some of those actively interested
There were at least fifteen spealrera menta, an amount far above the cost Sullivan and Vivian Howe.
in the proposed exposition had visit­ will be a feature of the evening Come
in the opposition'» camp who spoke of the sewer.
the section last week, four auto­ and bring your friends. Children 15c,
The Herald is in receipt of an in­
against the measure for five minutes
They alao call attention to the fact
adults 25c, including war tax.
Chairman I,evinga called Mr. that the city planning commission’s teresting letter from Mr. and Mrs. C. loads in the party, but that it was be­
Brock to the chair and took the floor plan to eventually make Foster Road P. Blanchard, who are wMl known to lieved by those who came in contact
himoelf, going over the points pre one of the five wide highways radiat­ residents of this locality. They were with the party that this locality is NO REASON FOR BEGGING
at the inauguration of Presi­ not in the running.. The principal ob­
vioualy made and emphasizing their ing from the oast side into the heart present
of tho city will be indefinitely held up dent Harding and have visited many jection to it seemed to be the overflow
Several «peaker» from the Johnson If the paving of thia link of the high­
No reason exists for any able-bod­
Creek neighborhood were heard, and way is defeated. They point to the etter will appear in next week's issue is understood to be the site most fav­ ied man in Portland begging food or
or “mooching” on the streets,
it was brought out that should an at­ fact that when the Foster Road la ex- 1
tempt be made to empty surface wa­ tended In almost a straight line from i
was the substance of a communica­
tion, issued recently by the American
ter In the creek an Injunction will be Anabel to Grand Avenue aa the com
sought from the cuurte, upon the mission proposes, it will bring the Mt.
Legion unemployment committee.
ground that the creek will not take Scott district approximately a mile
"The unemployment committee has
the Portland situation so well in hand
care of the surface water flowing In­ closer to tho Hawthorne bridge in
that there is no justification for any
to it at the prevent time, and any in­ distance travelled, resulting in large
crease in the quantity will enhance increases in property values in our
able-bodied bread winner seeking
alms in the city,” it said. “We can
the damage to adjacent lands from district
give every man at least enough work
the overflow every season.
I will nut take any more of your
each day to provide food and shelter
A resolution was offered to the fol­ valuable apace, but in dosing wish to
By CALVIN COOLIDGE, Vice President-Elect.
lowing effect: First, it waa the sens« state my belief that the wise man will
for himself and dependents, if any.”
Members of the committee said that
of the meeting that the people east not do himoelf and his property the
it had come to their attention »hat
of 72nd street opposed the drainage injustice of making snap judgment on
I sjieak in l.ehalf of higher education. There is many had availed themselves of the
district as proposed.
Second, that a measure of such importance to the
offered and then had gone to the
the chairman be authorized to appoint future of '4T district, but before the
not only of patriotic ideals and a trained intelli­ jobs
Salvation Army and similar institu­
a committee of ten to act with the postcards on which he will east his
to beg lodgings and meals. The
chair and secretary In leading the vote are issued from the city hall, he
public is asked by the communication
fight against the sower district. will listen to the arguments on both
to refer all caught begging to the un­
Third, each member of the committee sides of the question, cooly and ju­
often be empowered to appoint » diciously, and then cast his vote in ac­
universe and to his fellow plan. There lias always employment committee, where it is
that work awaits every de­
sub-eommittoe of five as personal cordance with whether he figures the
been evil in the world. There are evil forces at work declared
serving person.
improvement will increase the value
now. They are apparently organized and seek dis­
The resolution waa then put to a of property in a larger degree than
vote and all in the hall except three the amount of the assessment or vice
integration of society. They can almost be recognized
voted in favor. A collection waa tak versa, taking into consideration the
en, amounting to about >20, to defray undoubted fact that he will have to
by a direct appeal to selfishness. They deny that the
the expenses incidental to the meet­ pay for sewers at soma time.
Lents Parent-Teachers association
present relationship of men has any sound basis for
ing. etc . after which adjournment
Yours truly,
meets in the assembly hall of the
Its existence. They point out to men with untrained school, Friday, March 18th, at 2:45
was i nordor.
There were no representatives pres
effort to maintain themselves and support government p, m. The speaker of the afternoon
ent from the eity engineer’s office,
will be Dr. F. C. Kohs, teacher of
although a report was current that
and claim that they ought to exist without effort on the accumulation of psychology, whose subject will be:
they had been invited to attend. This
others and the denial that men have any obligations toward one another. "The Misfit Child.” Other numbers
Mr. Johnson of the engineer's office DRUNKEN DRIVER GETS
on the program will be songs by the
stated to the Herald was not true.
FINE AND JAIL SENTENCE The answer to this lies in a knowledge of past human experience and a pupils of Miss McDonald’s and Miss
Chapman's rooms, and a piano solo
realization of what man is.
Favors the Sewer Project
by a pupil of Miss Alton’s room A
A fine of 3100 and ten days in jail
fclitor of the Herald: Considera­ waa the sentence meted out by Judge
plant will be given to the room hav­
tion of the proposed aewer under Fos­ Rossman Saturday in the case of P. ration and religion. We hold by the modem standards of society. We ing the greatest number of mothers
present. Refreshments will be serv­
ter Road and 92nd street for the pur­ Weber of I'onte, charged with driving
pose of furnishing drainage for those an automobile while intoxicated. believe in maintaining modern civilization for the protection and support ed. Mrs. P. A. Kennedy is chairman
of the refreshment committee.
streets should not be undertaken with Weber was arrested on East Third of free government and the development of the economic welfare.
The Crown Products Co. will dem­
any partisan feeling In the minds of street after midnight on February 23.
onstrate Mazola oil
the residents who will be called upon
The authorities are said to have
to vote In the near future for or found two thirds of s gallon of moon
seems fairly plain that these institutions ran survive with the aid of
against the construction; such feel­ shine in his car.
ing cannot possibly help their Inter­
A woman was riding with him in higher education. Without it they have not the slightest chance.
ests but may damage them to a large ths car. Leniency waa asked for him
We justify the greater and greater accumulation of capital because
At the Lents library an interesting
Let th«n give careful thought to he had a wife and a baby on a few we believe that thereupon flows the support of all science, art, learning and timely display of new seed cata­
how the proposed Improvements will months old to support. The judge and the charities which minister to the humanities of life, all carrying logues may be seen, also magazines
affect their property values, both at refused to rteonsider his verdict from their beneficent effects to the people aa a whole.
showing house plans are at the dis­
the nature or the evidence in the case.
the present time ana in the future.
posal of the public. Thia is really an
The speakers against the improve­ Weber faces arrest by federal author­
Unless this is measurably true, our system of civilisation ought to advantage, for nothing is shown in
ments lay stress on the cost and al­ ities on the charge of transporting stand condemned.
our public libraries that is not <*u-
though they admit that the cost of' liquor when he is released from the
.thentic and one may many times ob­
the proposed aewer to the owner of city jail.
tain help and suggestions.
Local News-- Personal Gossip
Organized Evil Forces at Work; Seek
the Disintegration of Society.
Beni“m,n Waggener.
of 6639 85th street, celebrat'd their
fifty-eighth wedding anniversary ’ast
i- riday afternoon at the home of their
daughter. Mrs. Harry Chapin, 668.3
87th street.
-V“1 Mrs w®ltFener are aged 81
and 75 years respectively, snd have
five children living. They were the
recipient« of several presents, among
which was a pin presented to Mrs.
Waggener on behalf of the members
of the Shiloh circle of the Ladies of
the G. A. R., of which Mrs. Waggen­
er is a member, the presentation
speech being made by Mr» Hamlin,
president of Shiloh circle.
John Walrod, commander of Reuben
Wilson post, in behalf of the G. A. R.
presented Mr. Waggener with >10.
Rev. Sibley, pastor of the Lents M. E.
church, presented the couple with >5
aa a gift from the members of the
The guests were: Rev. and Mrs.
Sibley. Mr and Mrs. J. M. Bellett, Mr.
and Mrs J. F. Scheurman, Mr. and
Mrs. S. D. Peterson, Mr. and Mrs. E.
Jake, Rev and Mrs. E A. Smith.
Mrs. James McSloy, Mrs. Conradt.
Claud Daleron, Mrs. Mary Lawrence,
Mrs. Anna M. Melvin, Mrs. Charles
McGill, Mrs. T O. Connell. Mrs. Ray
Schemerhorn. Mrs. John A. Graves,
Mrs. H. F. Amest. Mrs. Alma J.
Lord, Mrs. E. M. Seheuerman. John
Walrod, 0. V. Dudley, M. McGreer.
Mrs. John Maffet, Mr. and Mrs. D. F
Badley, Mrs. C. Norene. Mrs. I.. W.
Davis, Mrs. J. T. Strahi, Mrs. Alice
Woodworth, Mr». Alice Peterson.
Mrs. Joe Bush, Mrs. John Huskey,
Mrs. Mary Wilkinson. Mrs. Chester
•McGrew, Mr and Mrs. J. C. McGrew,
R. J. Tussey, Mrs. E. A. Dennis. Mrs.
Ray L. Davis and daughter Helen
and son Hugh. Mrs. E. A. Hamlin, F.
E. Ziggar, Mr. and Mrs. E. Jake and
Mrs. Relle Elwood.
That the Lente Parent-Teacher as­
sociation is in a flourishing condition
is shown by the roll of that body, to
which seventeen new names were re­
cently added. Under the direction of
the president, Mrs. F. O. McGrew,
and the various other officers and
committees, the association has been
active of late in the promotion of af-
fairs within the___________
scope of its ___
____ _
The community dances which the or­
ganization has promoted during the
last few months have been well sup­
ported and have furnished much en
joyment to those who have attended.
The roll of members is as follows:
Miss Mayce Alton, Mrs. Carrie Ab­
sher, Miss Jessie Armstrong, Mrs. E.
Brunning, Mrs. A. Brugger. Mrs. H.
L, Banker. Mrs A Barr, Mrs. Black.
Miss Loretta Chapman. Mrs. Chas.
Chick, Mrs. A. E. Droste. Miss Marion
Dickey, Mrs. Maud Darnall, Miss
Ruth Damon, Miss E. E. Evarts. Miss
Nita Farmer, Mrs C. L. Geselle,
Mrs. O. A. Hess, Miss Ijiura Harvey.
Mrs. May Howe, Mrs. Blanche E.
Heden, Mrs. Ray Hansberry. Mrs.
Axel Johnson, Mrs. P. J. Joerg, Mrs.
H. Jossy, Mrs. Otto Katzky. Mrs. Leo
Katzky. Mrs. Kerr, Mrs. P. A. Ken­
nedy, Mis Evelyn lawrenson. Mrs.
James Leitch, Mrs. Laura I. I>each.
Mrs. Alice Locke. Mrs. Lienkemper,
Mrs. G. E. Locke, Mrs. A. Mathes.
Mrs. Munson. Mrs. Elizabeth Mir-
wald, Mrs. G. W. McKay, Mrs. Mel­
vin C. McCord, Mrs. F. 0. McGrew,
Miss Noreen McDonald, Mrs. Thos.
McSloy, Mrs. Mabel Marcy, Miss
Gladys Michael. Miss Hollis Michaels.
Miss Mary Mancur. Miss Bess OOs-
bome, Mrs. Clyde Sager. Mrs. E. Sny­
der, Miss Amy Steinberge. Mrs. W. F.
Sanders. Mr. B. A. Thaxter, Miss Ma-
tie Train, Miss Clara Vaughan. Miss
Grace Wolverton, Miss Eva Wash.
Money Goes
to Clarence
Totals in Trade-at
Home Contest Shows
Some Changes
Clarence O’Neil kept up the rw-t
Uns week in the trade-at-homo contest
and turned in a total of 100,600 vote«
sufficient to win the >5 prize. There
were several other contestants with
H.rc<. to
ready, but as the hour
for turning in the coupons found sev­
eral around the Herald office, and
they had an opportunity to see the
total of Clarence, it served to damp­
en their enthusiasm, as he undoubt­
edly had more in reserve.
A new entrant who should t-WYs
been credited last week is Gena E.
Locke, with a total of 15,500. Mrs.
B. S. Jones increased her totals te
61300 and other slight changes will
be noticed in the standing below
Clarence O’Neil ..
Margaret I^itch .
Mrs. B. fi. Jones .
Gena T. Locke ...
O M. Shields ....
Miss E. V Barker
Miss Helen Kanne
Claudine Moore ...
Lucille Dugan ...
Lester Calvert...........................
For this week’s contest the name of
Blue Bird Cleaners, the well known
Foster Rood firm at Arteta station,
has been chosen. They do a cleaning,
pressing and dyeing business in »Mir
locality and patrons speak highly of
their service. Find the letter accord­
ing to the details on the contest page.
The 1921 Rose Festival board has
been organized and Henry W. Kent,
executive secretary of the Portland
Service League appointed chairman
of the floral parade committee. Mr.
Kent has name<i the 6,000 officers of
the league as his associates on thia
committee, and hopes to arrange a
parade which will be a great com­
munity pageant—a parade -of a mil­
lion roses—which will attract th« at­
tention of the world to Portland
through the motion pictures, maga­
zine writers and press associations.
Every boy and girl in Portland will
be asked t oplant a Rose Festival gar­
den Special prices on seeds, plants
and bulbs will be given through the
league. Three boys and girls i> each
group. oX approximately ten neighbor«
will be given first, second and thiid
prizes for the three best gardens.
This will mean that about 36 boys
and girls will ride in the precinct ears
that are to be decorated by the people
of the precinct with flowers grown in
the precinct by the boys and girls.
Assistance of the men and woman
will be permitted but on a score of
points the boy or girl who does ail «f
the work will gain in points.
The committee is especially anxiem
that sweet peas be planted at once aa
that they will be in bloom by June 8.
Any good seed catalogue will give
full directions or the Portland seed
houses will do so.
All rose bushes should be carefully
pruned, fertilized and sprayed at once
in order to get the best bloom. Save
your puttings and plant them in the
garden for future use. For further
information, call office of the Fort-
land Service league. Auto. 552-22.
Lents Grange will meet in Grange
hall Saturday in all day session, la
WHEN CHEMICALS EXPLODE the morning the first and second de­
grees will be onferred. In the after­
noon there will be a flag presentation
G. G Faulkner. 32 years old, 9623 by Mesdames Thomas and Pollock.
Sixtieth avenue, was severely burned Rev. E. A. Smith will deliver an ap­
about the face and hands last Tues­ propriate address and there will be •
day evening when chemicals he was reading by Mrs. Robinson and a solo
mixing at the Sixteenth and Wash­ by little Miss Hedin. W. S. U'Raa.
ington street fire station exploded. well known to grange members, wttl
Faulkner is a fireman and was en deliver an address on “Peoples’ Pow­
gaged in mixing sugar, potash and er League proposed amendment for
sulphuric when the concoction explod­ abolition of the state senate and elec­
ed while he waa bending over it.
tion of the legislature on the basis of
He was taken to the emergency the people’s business occupation in­
hospital, where his injuries wen' stead of their political parties.’’ The
dressed. Re was later removed to his degree team of Russelville Grange
home. Although painful, his injuries will attend and at 3:30 will put on the
are not serious, according to physic­ work of the third and fourth degrees.
Rev. F. B. Culver, pastor. Preach­
ing at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Standay
A "Peeping Tom” in the neighbor­ school at 9:45 and Y. P. A. at <:36-
hood of 54th avenue and 74th street
We desire to call your attention to
was caught by police officers Tues­ the special literary and musical pro­
day evening and taken to the police gram to be given m the church aum-
station in the patrol wagon.
Shots tc-rium on Friday night, March lata,
fired by the officers brought the chap under the direction of the Y. r. A.
to time. His sentence was a >56 fine The purpose of this program is to
and one day in jail. He was alleged secure an offering for the «uperanme-
to have been peering in the windows ated fund of the church. No
of two young girls. He is said tn sion will be charged, but small bags
have a wife and family.
will be handed out with the request
that those desiring to do so. place aa
manv pennies within aa they are
years old. The committee has ar­
The beautiful silver cup given biy ranged for some splendid tatent. ae
Dr. Youngson for the best average that you will find it well worth while
attendance according to membership, to reserve this evening for the pro-
at the mid-winter institute held at
First church, was won by Lente, with UrTh*e young men’s class spent a de­
lightful evening on Friday last with
an attendance of 56 per cent
The monthly business meeting of Clarence O’Neil at the home ofhto
the league was held Tuesday evening aunt. Mrs Dilley, on
at the home of Mrs. Hazel Altermatt. This interesting class is made up or
Thirteen members were present and about twenty live voungmenjrttn
three new names added to the roll. Rev. Culver as their teacher. BesMa«
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