Mt. Scott herald. (Lents, Multnomah Co., Or.) 1914-1923, September 12, 1919, Image 3

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    News Homs from Arlelo-
Korn Park Neighhorhood
Mil Italia Hurd, of Newberg, ■pant
laat weak-and with her steter, Mrs.
James Jona«, at till Hlxty-slghth
st root H K.
George Merry. 7101 Fifty-firth ave-
E., returned laat Saturday
Next Hunday morning at 11 o'clock
at ths Millard Avenue Presbyterian
church ths pastor, Rev. W. I-ee Gray,
will speak on "God's Ways and
In the evening at 1:30 his
subject will be "Ready to Criticise.”
Mr. Gray Is pleased with Ihs Inter
Colonel, llolllngworth's mother, left e«t shown In the fall work.
for their home last Tuesday morn­
The I «di««' Aid Rodet y of the
The ooloneU has Invested In I I«urolwood Methodist church will
Oregon land anil hopes to return give u social tonight (Friday) In the
within th« year to make this state basement dining room of the church.
his future home.
Mrs. IJIIIe Perry ha« been appointed
chairman of the table committee, and
Mrs. W. D. l-ockwood, assisted by
Mrs. W. O. Boon, will have charge
of the kitchen, Ths proceeds are to
go to the local church work.
Mrs. Harah Haulcer, 1711 Sixtieth
daughter, Mrs. Herman C. Carrier, of street H. E„ and her daughter, Mra.
L. Hwaetland, of East Twelfth and
IHvtalon streets, left Thursday, Hep-
A. C. Colin, who Is tearhlng In the Kmber 4, for un extended visit In
high achool nt Everett, Wash , recant- the extrema east.
Their first stop­
Next Bunday morning at the I«ur-
ly «pant a week with hie mother, ping point la Columbus, Ohio, and
el wood Congregational church the sac-
Mrs H. H Conn, 4*42 Hlxty-fourth later they will visit In West Virginia.
rcnient of the I-ord's supper will be
■treat H E.
They are planning to lie gone about administered, at which time the pas­
two months.
tor, Mrs. J. J. Handsaker, will give
John It. I«ach. proprietor of the
- I —
a short, appropriate address.
Phoenix Pharmacy, left August 27
i«st Saturday the Fourth United
Handsaker Is »anguine over the pros­
for u vacation trip to southern Ore­ Brethren church assisted In the serv­
pects for the year as the people are
lie Is reported to be now come- ing at the C. E. convention held at
coming back from their vacations
where on the way home.
the First United Brethren church. In
unii are rallying to the work of the
the evening some of the members
Mias Wil Hutchinson, librarian at participated In the convention ex­ church. Plana are tielng made for a
Ihs Arleta branch, la again at her cursion down the river, a character­ Bible class among the high school
desk In the beautiful Carnegie build­ istic yell ’with which they greeted the students. The course Is one outlined
Miss Hutchinson took her vaca­ battleships at anchor being, "On the by the authority of Htate Superin­
tion In I he wonderful Newport coun­ land or on the sea, we are the Y. P. tendent Churchill, and high school
students who take the work and pass
try and only recently returned.
H C. E."
the examination required by the
— I—
The laat report from Mrs. Ben
Miss Mary Cauthorn. 4X14 Hlxty- state will be given credit for the
l«al>o, 7517 Forty-fifth avenue H. E., fourth street H E-. has resumed her course In the high school to which
who has been detained In I’nraons. piano teaching at her residence stu­ they belong.
The examinations will
Kan., on account of a severe accident, dio. She, with her niece. Miss Ger- I>e held In the high school which the
la that hope Is entertained that she trude McIntyre, returned l«bor Day student attends,
A committee
may soon be able to travel.
after a week's visit with her slater, Balani
and Mrs. Howard Crofts, 7104
Fifty-seventh avenue H E.. have re-
turned from their camping trip up
They were located at
Gales creek.
Mra. Archibald McIntyre, who Ilves
on a ranch near Pendleton.
Gertrude returned to Portland, after
■pending the school vacation at home,
to go on with her work at the Frank­
The Maples, about nine miles from
Forest Grove, when the rains of last
lin High.
class teacher and looks after
Churchill will grade the papers.
Individual Sunday school «electa the
A. W. Pratten has been
chosen by the Hunday school of the
Next Hunday will be the last Hun­
day of the conference year In the
United Brethren church. In the eve­
ning the pastor, Mrs. C. P. Blanchard,
will occupy the pulpit. Hhe will speak
in retrospective vein, reviewing the
work of the past two years and sum­
ming Its renulta.
Mrs. Blanchard
wishes a grand rally of her people
and of the friends and neighbors of
the church on, this evening, which
may prove to be her last evening as
pastor of the church. Although Pre­
siding Elder McDonald has highly
complimented Mrs. Blanchard on the
good work she has done In a new
and difficult field, and It Is only her
fear that she may not be able to
stand the strain of another year*«
work which reconciles him to the
Idea of her giving up the work. Mra.
Blunchard is giving the question her
deepest thought and a decision may
not be made till the district confer-
I «st
ence at The Dalle« ia held.
service was conducted by the Kev. J.
E. Conner of the United Brethren
church. The A. 1». Kenworthy com­
pany was In charge of the funeral
Mrs. Carrick was born at Wyocena.
Wls, March II*. till.
Hhe la sur­
vived by her husband, Hydney Cat-
rick; her parents, Mr, and Mrs. J.
E. Marston; and her sister, Edith B.
The Interment was made
In Multnomah cemetery.
AnuKcrnary ami
Home-coming Fea-
Hi rr Will ba- OOsxrrvcd at
October Meeting.
Htar Grange,
and Powell Valley road, met laat Hat-
urday, Heptember 4. at Orange hall.
Among the numbers given on the
program were a paper on the Irish
question by Dr. C. E. Kline; a talk
on "A Practical American's Ideals,”
by Hamilton Johnstone; a talk on
the county schools l>y County Huper-
Intendent Alderson; a reading. 'The
Major,” by John Murray; and a vio­
lin and a vocal solo by Mra. Caroline
Green, accompanied tyr her daughter.
Ixrtta Greene Murray.
next meeting of the Grange, which
will l>e In October, will be a "Home-
coming” and an anniversary func­
ComniltU* to Report on Street Lights
—Mr. I»-vIllgs to Give Latest
on Park HltuaUon.
Woodmere Community
will meet this evening (Friday) at
the school house. The committee on
street lights, composed of Messrs.
Morrison and McKinley, will report on
their findings, and Mr. I«vlngs «fill
give Information as to the chances
for a pernianosd ^park at Heventy-
necond and Millard avenue.
H. T.
E., Is again
nent practical demonstration is the
Albertina Kerr Baby Home drive,
which will soon tie on. Mrs. Palmer
Is very anxious that the official co­
operation of the schools shall tie
through the parent-teacher associa­
I «st
Tabor 3429
ber of new teachers on the Franklin
faculty, being the Misses Mitchell.
Young. Enke, Pavia, Dunn. Claire and
Telephone Orders Given Promot Attention.
5805 92nd St
Your family deserves all the advan
tages that your friends and neighbors provide
for theirs. Sc why not give them the popular
conveniences of the modem home.
Free them from the distaste of using old
fashioned equipment — out-of-date methods.
Let them enjoy life to the fullest.
We are prepared to install a complete
water system in any home — large or smalt
Let us figure on plumbing for your home now.
Repair work done prompt­
ly, neatly and efficiently.
Tabor 5542
Portland, Oregon
5926 92nd Street
The crude ovens of the Mexicans may be
all right for them, but they would never
serve the purpose of a bakery that caters
to the people of this community. . . .
Our Fancy Pastries
need the most modern baking appliances, and also need ex­
pert care in their preparation. That they are of superior
quality is proved by the statements of our large number of
satisfied customers.
Quality and Cletnllnets ar* the twin mottoes
of this bakery at all thues.
58024 92id SrtHt S. E.
4615 66th SI., Cor. Foster Rd.
Phone Tabor 5267
Phone Tabor 5895
Mt. Scott Bakery
Cor. 92d and Foster Road
J. R0SENAU, Proprietor
Including the Misses Fay Harne«,
Maud Mitchel,' Mabel Colvin, Helen
Greenman, Alice Joyce and Edna
First-Class Service given Day or Night
Close Proximity to Cemeteries Enables us to hold Funerals
at a Minimum Expense
Registration at School.» Growing.
The Arleta public school rertatra­
tion had gone up to 800 last Tuea-
day. On the «ame day Woodmere to­
taled «68 and Kellogg registered SOO.
ferson City <N. Y.) Journal.
can be sure their quality is right
—And so are the prices.
Modern Conveniences
8919 Foster Road
Borne IMI
Tnneral Directors
FOR LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. Spring goods are now
in—beautiful, serviceable fables to choose from. Come in
and select your spring suit now while the lines are com­
plete. Moderate prices, workmanship guaranteed.
charge of
boys are counting on a year of live
Rcout activity.
the pure food laws, so you
the Franklin High School amounted
to M2. Thia year there are a num­
B. D. Kenworthy $ Company
Hli New Ttwhrrs at Kellogg.
The faculty personnel of the Kel-
logg school has been changed thia
year, there being six new teacher«.
full of Joy, joined the crowd. Women
appeared, some fully dressed, others
with shawls over their heads."—Jef­
all the requirements of
C. T. U. convention
Anhland In October,
which are Mesdames
and Rtella Wilson.
achool. Informs The Herald that the
you might need, for
cooking and salads
registrations at
AXEL KILDAHL, Proprietor
the First Christian church. Twelfth
The delegates
and Columbia strata.
Mesdames Lillie
are as follows:
Perry, Minnie Collins and I .aura Rar-
Meadames A. C.
Brackenbury. W. D. I-ockwood and
Minnie Arp; delegate-at-large. Mrs.
”A band of girls, early risers and
olive oils and
all the various cooking oils that
The Lents Garage
The Arleta W. C. T. U. met laat
Tueeday at the h«me of Mrs. R. J.
Merry. 7101 Fifty-fifth avenue R. E.
Delegates were elected to the county
convention, which will be held next
week. Wednesday and Thuraday, at
Mrs. Alexan­
the Wood mer» Hcouts.
Our oils comply with
QuicK and courteous service will
meet you every time you stop here.
some very good values in
We handle only the best grades of
gasoline and oil. And our prices are
lower than you have often paid for
cheaper grades. Get into the habit of
calling here regularly and notice what
a difference it will make tn the way
your car runs.
We can also give you
Automobile owners cannot be too
careful as to the quality of gasoline and
lubricating oil they put in their cars.
It is not wise to stop your car at
first one filling station and then an­
other. This gives you mixed grades
of "gas” and oil and plays havoc with
your engine.
flunday School Teacher—What Is
more to be desired than great riches?
Chorus of Scholar s—Nothin"!—
street R.
at a moderate price.
Save Money-Buy the Best
Mrs. Ed Palmer, 27 East Seventy­
fifth street, has recently l>een elected
preaident of the federated parent-
teacher organisations of the city. In
an Interview with her last Tuesday
■ he elated to The Herald representa­
tive that her desire Is to have the
social service phase of P. T. A. work
emphasised. To thia end she wishes
the Individual associations to meet as
quickly as possible and to organtie
for the year's work, appointing as
special social service chairmen and
committee niemtiera those who by In­
terests and ability ars specially fitted
ior that work. The first and immi­
Roy Reaqulst, of^ 1421 Sixty-third Royal.
supply you with a high grad«
Phone: Tabor 1141
I*rr<4dcnt of City I*. T. A. Federation
Kcqwsta Isa-al Organisation»
to Meet aial Organise.
Blakeslee will preside.
quality. However, we can
Rtelia Wilson.
The state W.
will be held at
the delegate« to
Harah Cauthorn
price usually governs the
Lents Mercantile Co
at the home of her parents at 4522
Fifty-eighth avenue H. E.. Monday,
Heptember 1, nt 1:10
2:10 p.
grades of lard and the
ecclesiastical bigotry.
Dr. and Mra. W <>. Boon, of 4VS<>
Forty-sixth avenue H. E„ who with
Among those who assisted in the their family spent ten days up at
special music last Hunday at the mu . Brightwood, returned laat Monday.
lard avenue Presbyterian church were Brightwood la situated, at the end of
Mr and Mrs George CoIvey and Mr. a drive through delightful scenery,
Flnkbonner. The pastor. Itev. W l«e at>out three mile« thia side of Arrah-
Gray, had charge of the service, wana and 11 miles this side of Rho­
Besides Dr. and Mrs.
which was the first one fyllewlng the dodendron.
Boon the returning party constated of
vacation season.
Mian Mildred, Harold, and little Billy
Lieutenant-Colonel and Mrs. A. H. Boon: and of three week-end guests.
Ilolllngworth. of Beatrice. Neb. who Mias Corinne Powers and Messrs
were called here by the death of Melvin Hall and Hcanlon Collins
The funeral of the late Mrs. Ethel
t«ona Carrick, who died Haturday,
September S at 2:10 a. m. was held
There are many
Hui day morning the congregation of
thin church was addressed by Ml««
Nichols, of Chicago, who gave the
history of her life In the toils of
week drove them home
Funeral HervH'c« Held at the Home
of Her Parent» on Monday,
sepu-mlx-r H.
Best Grade Lard and
Cooking Oils
laturelwood Congregational church to
have charge of the work there.
who ia mecessful surround« himself with
every available modern devise for saving
his time and money. The business man
who fails to use an AUTOMATIC TBI-
EPHONE simply closes his establishment
to thousands of possible customers. He
may never know the real reason for his
failure in busjneaa. THINK IT OVER.
Long Distance Everywhere
CALL A 6221
Home Telephone and Telegraph Company of Portland, Oregon
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