Mt. Scott herald. (Lents, Multnomah Co., Or.) 1914-1923, September 27, 1917, Page 2, Image 2

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    Mi. Scott
Pay<’ Two
health exercise. A pound of
bread will cost in that way about
four cents instead of ten.
Mt. Scott Herald
Church Notes
Methodist Church.
On Sunday morning next the i annusi
J. MANGFR FOX M»na«luv F.lilor,
bay servlet«« for the N uik U v
HYI’K,Nv«» F.tHor
The strike in San Francisco Sell. ■«». will
lx* held at the hour for thv
J. ALI.KN Dl’NBAK.CirvutoUon M«n*««r.
over the streetcar difficulties has rvv' chin eh «rvive. Thv program
Kntvrel •• »veoivl-cla»* mail matter Febru­
ary I». 1-11 at tin- i o»t offivc al lent»,Oregon, cost millions, and if a general will itK'liule a
Miaeionary I I'.iguuiil.
under act ot Vellgr»»». March 3 1ST*.
strike is ordered will cost tens of The piogratn la eniitletl “Flag« of Free­
•ubacriptkm price
• »1 a advance
millions, directly and indirectly. dom” and ia missionary-patriotic in
Il JS3«. 1»
Che young people's el«»«««
Charge this loss up to the in­ character,
will participate with a few number»
sanity of expecting a private <r< m tin* primary department. Thv
One Way Out.
’ccrporation to operate a public Sunday Sc I v ml hour will alro lie largely
The city of Portland is about utility, which seems to possess levoted to R Uy Day, the primary de­
to establish a fish stand near the the minds of vast numbers of pt- tmeut holding their exercises at that
public market in order to protect people as the correct thing. ;:d nv, while the main school wiil devote
- time to the grading und arrangin'-
the people from the fish trust and we have the cost of purchasing
clisses preparatory to installing th
also to put a crimp in the unlaw­ i them far outreached by the cost gr led lessons throughout the school
ful profits of that law \ ss corpor­ of keeping up the folly. The' OU the following Sunday. Dr. G»i>.
ation. The people should respond publicly owned streetcar lines of! ait, superintendeni of the Centenary
day School, will be presctil Sunday ,
by going on a fish diet for a few San Francisco have no trouble,
ruing and give an address on Sunday (
weeks, patronizing the municipal give better service than the com­
In th® Circuit Court of thoStatv ot Orvgi»n,
Sv <«>l work.
for Multn-'i.iHh < nuDiY
stand exclusively. There is more pany lines, and make two cents
Lent, l’Uhiutf. v« Frank LenX, IM-
-auday evening Mre. 1.. W. Owen,
than one way to kill a cat and if out of every five cents collected p: n>nt ef Hie X'au >nal Father's Day fvlpluHt.
To Frank L«’iit. tbvahuve
u-l int:
In the iirtinv of the MM® ot
the Trust refuse to respond to as profit.
arv hrroby roiulrroi 1«» MpiM*<tr mid anawer thv
“What fools we A->o« iaibn, wiU speak. Mr«. Owen i» «-ompUlnt
ymi In thv M m >¥* ni
Hoover they may be brought
mortals be” was written three «1 < .iking to large audience« all over the ■ * 11 h <1 Mint, on ot 1.. iufv thi • -lh .Uy of Novem-
city. She ha« a rich and varied exper­
time by the proposed plan, It centuries ago.
thv V?lh day ot tieptvnibvr, 1917, thv ilalv
It still is true. ience gathered from 41 year« ot platform fr«»m
td the order |ur
of thl« »uniiMmv«
is said that fish is a brain food.
wrvlt« from the <11 h day ot
w. rk during which time she has spoken Hvptvmhrr, than »lx
th* date of thv tir»t publico
Incidentally while we are putting
lion of *<ld a urn Ilion» mid it you (ail u»an»an>r
The woman at home has to en­ in »v ry penitentiary in the United t»r
otherwiac ap|*viir hftratn. thv ¡dainiht will
the Fish Trust out of commission
Mates. Her addre.otea abound in apply to ibv Court tor thv rultvt p ayvxl tor in
dure. too.
complaint herein, to wli: For a
human-interest atoriea taken from real Judgment and
by purchasing our fish at the
i>v« rve of Dlvurw dhia'ilvln«
thv bond« uf malt I mon v hervloforu and now
municipal stand we may develop
existing between thv plaintiff and defendant,
Tiie pastor, Rev, F M. Jasper, left and tor the care, cuutialy ainl control >>t tbv
sufficient brain power to enable
children, to -wit: U-iand Lent and
Tuesday morning (or Springfield, the »eat minor
Mariam Lent, j|nd tor «itch other and further
us to see that municipal owner­ Mr« Jeanette Gewell, Mr». Kennedy, of the annual conference. The work of, rvlivt
aa may acvtn ju*t and v«;uit«blc in the
ship might solve a few more of Mrs. Ella Fankhau»er and Mr«. Som- the year was brought to a successful* prvml»va.
Thia•uiumona 1« served upon you by publico**
lion thereof, pursuant to an order ot tn® Hon
our problems. It seems to be merfiehit attended the Multnomah termination and Mr. Jasper goes to «•rub
<• J. I* Kavanaugh, Judge nt thv above
Court, which urtlvr i« dated -''•■pl. /7th
recognized as the only way to County annual convention the 21»t to Conference with the unauimous wish of entitled
1917. Flrat Publication Kept 97. 1917. I.a»t !
Publication November >», Iwl’.
beat the wood trust and the fish
John Van Zante, Attorn« y tor PlaintilT. Ji I
| ami most intereeting ot any held for
trust, how about the other cor­ 1 many years. Reports of departments The Woman’« Foreign Missionary Spokliug Bldg., Portland, Oregon.
Society w ill hold their regular monthly
porations that are howling for j of work showed much activity, the Sold­ meeting at the parsonage on Wednemhy
ia hereby idv» u that the under«igind
increased rates and prices?— iers and Sailors department aud Labor afternoon of next week. Mr». Fyock ha« Notice
been, by the County Court ot th*’ County
Ntatv «»I oregou, appointed ad
M. G. H.
w ill be the leader. The first chapter ot <
ministratrti of the la*t Mill atol T* »tainvul
ed department« grouped into a national Mrs. Fisher’s book, "Under the Cres­ aii«l
Fatale ot Jatnv* B .vlklnaoii. dI,
i committee for patriotic service taking cent and Among the Kraals,” will be , •ale « f Multnomah I utility . '»regolk. All ¡ « r-
►on« having claim« agniUat said eatatc are
“Pay Up” Week.
| the lead. Central Union had the tieet discussed. Members are asked to look hereby noli tied t< pie-ent tbv tatne i<> tho
uudcrkig ••■•! at thv Ucv *>f Jamva N Davi«,
We have heard of *’clean up • » j report in the Labor work, food adminis­ up incidents on Africa Miseiouary work ciUI
Journal Building. 1* >rlland, Oreg *n. with­
in »lx month» trout ¡hi* dam. duly cvnltlcd «•
week. *‘dres3 up” week. ”ol tration meetings, public meetings in for roll call.
> H <
| the interests of home economics and an
MINMAO. ArKINHON, A ImlnNtrat: 1
home” week, “go to church increase in amount of work in garden­
Ihiteot first publication Nvptcinlier id, 1917.
Dal® ui last publication <h*k»bvr II, FJ17,
Friends Church.
we«?k, and numerous other va­ ing.
rieties of special week, but here Literature report came next, 100,OX) M ias Terrill Stuiduy morning | Mme. Schuman-Heink, who
is a brand new- one. The “Mer- ! pages of literature being distributed, in ' on '’Faith”, what it is an<i what it dowt; I has sons in both the German and
in the evening on “Prepare to Meet Thy
chant3 Trade Journal ” has in- which was included magazine« and leaf- GoJ.” A large number of visitor» Were American armies, sang before
i lets of department specialties sent to
augurated a national “ 'pay
up” : campe, factories, fire stations and farm- present at both service*.
3000 enlisted men at the Presidio,
Sounds good to us! i ers’ hotnee.
The Aeronaut 8un<lay School c I ä ^ h San Francisco, recently under the
Likewise, we expect it sounds Publicity work had been well attend­ belli ite monthly bn»ities* meeting an*l auspices of the Army Y. M. C. A.
good to our creditors. If every ed to. The press was reported as being social at the home of Mi« Evelyn Hy-
land on 83th street Friday evening. MÍHH The concert was held in the open
one will pay us up we will be most cordial, giving a large amount of Theodora Dunbar was elected president in the rear of the Army Y. M.
space to the work.
able to pull off our individual
The regular meeting of the Mt. Scott on account of the resignation of Carroll IC. A. building at the Presidio.
stunt and keep the money in Union*wai> held Tuesday afternoon at Ta.nplin who went to Newberg to enter
circulation. The way it works, the home of Mrs. Gessell, S9th St. The College Wednesday.
”If you must swear,” reads a
according to its sponsors, one ■ election of othcers which was deferred at
in an Army Y. M. C. A.
$5.00 bill travels all the way ! the last meeting was completed at this Millard Ave. Presbyterian Churth. I tent at Camp Kearny, Linda
from Maine to California, paying ! time, the following being elected to A musical recital was given at the Vista, Calif., ‘‘whistle it
' serve during the coming year: I’resi- Millard Ave. Church Monday evening,
debts all along the line. Let’s ! dent, Mrs. Sommerteldt; vice-president, the Jlth ill-1, at 8:00 <>’< l<H k. by Dr.
get in the line of march and help Mrs. Dunbar; recording secretary, Mr». Henry Collins, baratone, organist and
If speech is silver some con­
along a good cause.—M. G. H. Gessell; corresponding secretary, Mrs. pianist, well known in recitals in most gressman are rich enough to pay,
Sager; treasurer, Mrs. Ella Fankhatiser. State« of the Union as well a* in Canada
The vice-presidents for the churches are, and London. This recital was given the whole war tax. - Seattle Post-
More Profiteering.
' Mrs. Esther Fankhauser, Evangelical; under the auspices of the Pacific Coast 1 Intelligencer.
One barrel of flour costs $11 Mrs. Rowley. Methodist; Mrs. Dunbar, Rescue and Protective Society. Picture«
and makes 300 16-ounce loaves of Friends. Superintendents of thefollow- were shown illustrating the work of the
From this time on the Amer­
bread because of the water used. ' ing departments were appointed: Evan- society in caring for the unfortunate ican troops will proceed to knock
I gelistic, Flower Mission, Iaibor and girl mothers and their abandoned
It should not cost but $9 a barrel Press, Social and Re<l Letter days, Pu­ babies, Mr. Jehu <>|» ruting the machine, . the "germ” out of Germany.—
because of the profits in the sale rity. and Mother»’ Meetings. Mrs. L. F. while Mrs Jehu explained the pictures Camas Post.
of bran and shorts more than Alliton was made chairman of a com to the audience. It fumiehed a heart­ I-------------------------------------------
make up for the cost of grind­ inittee to prepare a calander for tlie rending lesson and when the program
ing; but the government is slow coming year, which is to be gotten ou was finished many volunt>ire<l to sell
soon after the State Convention.
tags on the annual tag dayof theinstitu-
to actually cut down profits of1 Mrs. Sommerfefdt was appointed del­ tion, Oct. fitli. Any who will volunteer
the miffing combin° as it is slow egate t > the State Convention to tie held to aaiist in this work are requested to
to cut down the profits of the at Albany next week.
phone to W. G. McLaren at the Port-
copper, steel and coal trusts to The next meeting will also be held at land Commons.
six per cent. When the bakers the >me of Mr-. Gessell in two weekf. The Trustees of the Millard Ave.
Church held their regular meeting on that buys the Sunday or Daily
bought flour for $6 a barrel they
Monday evening at the home of Mr and
retailed bread made from it for
Oregonian or Journal Newspaper
Mrs. Orley Gilbert.
$15, and some of them grew rich I
will receivs
at the business. Much of the ft
The farmer is relied upon by
bread was wasted and turned ft ft
all kinds and degrees of privilege
back to them in the course of the ft
to continue to protect them with
rabil,bol K ret y Thnrt.Hj at Lent», Oregon by
Tn, M t S ho V t P vbumiimì
Efficiency is Built Not Born
Telephone efficiency is built into 'the
Automatic Telephone and with it goes
economy, large free service area and
unlimited number of calls at low rates
Call A 6221 Contract Department—
and our representative will call.
Soldiers and Sailors
New Testament
American Standard Version
Every Child
lax business methods followed. I
Allowing $6 a barrel for handl-'
ing is ample, whether flour be
one price or the other. The
bakery combines in the cities
should be compelled to retail
bread the rate of $17 for 300
loaves. If the dealers will not
do so the municipalities should
take over the bakeries and do it.
With no bread returned and no
bread fed to hogs because two
days old, the cities could make
big money at that rate. In other
words, the people in the cities
are paying $30 for bread that
should not cost them over $15.
These facts can be approximate­
ly ascertained in 24 hours, and
the fact that in Europe a pound
loaf of bread of excellent quality
and matte out of wheat raised on
American soil and transported
thousands of miles is retailed for
less than half of what it is re­
tailed for here shows that we are
submitting to robbery in this
country with the patience of
’’dumb, driven cattle,” and seem
to enjoy the process.
The individual remedy is to
buy wheat by the sack and grind
it up in a good stout mill as a i
I’ll Exchange
It, Madam
his divided vote.
Many people would rather pay
a long while than think a little
The Oregon
Agricultural College
I The Home Merchant
Is {
THE SCHOOL OF MUSIC, offer« Ins true
•ion in the principal department« of vocal
and instrumental music.
He KNOWS you
You KNOW him
Can you exchange so
readily when you
buy out of town 7
Whore trained eperialiste with modern lab
oratories and adequate equipment ¡five in-
Btrurtion leading to eoliBgiatu degree« in the
following «ehnols:
AGRICULTURE, with 15 department«;
COMMERCE, with 4 department«;
ENGINEERING, with fl department«, fa-
eluding Civil, Electrical, Highway. Industrial
Art«. Irrigation, and Mechanical Engine* ring;
FORESTRY, including Logging Engineer­
HOME ECONOMICS, with 4 majcr depart­
ment«. including training in the Practice
MINING, with three department«, iaelad
mg Chemical Engineering.
< I
* I
1085 cadets in 1918 17, and won recommen­
dation for O. A. C from the Western Depart­
ment of the U. R. War Department a« one o.’
the fifteen “distinguished institution«* • of
higher learning. All cadet« will be furnished
complete uniform« by the U. 8 Government
and the junior and senior cadet«, enrolled in
the R O. T. C., will be given commutation for
subsistence, as well a« all transportation and
subsistence at the six weeks* Rummer cam*.
Information on request.
Agricultural CaUegn,
CorvaAlia, Oregon.
One Bar of Chocolate
at the
Attractive - Compact - Readable - Durable
Emphasized with the words of Christ printed in bold face
type. Strongly and neatly bound in Khaki colored Morra-co grained
Keratol—Waterproof—flexible limp cover, embossed back bands,
round corners. Khaki edges, gold title, beautifully embossed
American Flag in colors on the outside front cover.
Printed on specially strong Bible paper. Only 3 x 4% inches
and just % an inch thick. Type is plain and clear —self­
pronouncing. The Four Great American Hymns aro printed
and bound with this Soldiers and Sailors Testament.
Professional Directory
Saves Al il eage
Tabor 8598
Dr. Wm. Rees
Office and Rnidenee.
K frith Hl.
Bdw. 2W
Kant «ort ;
John Quy Wilson
TAON’T decide too soon that a tire or tube
is wornout. Some times there’s more
mileage left than you might expect Let us
look it over.
We will tell you frankly
whether it will pay to make repairs. If
repairs will help we’ll handle them quickly,
efficiently and at very moderate cost to you.
Try us. It will pay you.J
aw Pillock Slock
Office Conaultatlnn Freni ma byJA ppointment
Prof. T. E. Lawson
Piano Lessons at Your Home at 60c
H« Will Call
Tabor JMu
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AXEL KILDAHL, Proprietor
Tabor 3429 D 61
8919 Foster Road