Mt. Scott herald. (Lents, Multnomah Co., Or.) 1914-1923, September 20, 1917, Page 2, Image 2

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    Mi. Scott Herald
I'nje Tvo
Mt. Scott Herald
rubll.bcl Every Thunday »I LMla. Oregon by
TW« Mv StxrtT PvBLi-Hisu coarAHv
J SANGER FOX. Managing Editor.
Ml N N IK G< KU»KNO VG H H Yl»K. Ne •» Editor
J. Al LKN IH'NHAR, Circulation Manager.
Roterei as »«'coud-claM mail matter Febru­
ary u, leu. at the poat'OfHcv at Urnta,Oregon,
under act of Cong resa. Marek 3.1879.
91 a >« ar. in adx
I Hosn: T»no» TSH, D M.
Harry Lane Memorial.
Congress took a day off during
the past week for the purpose of
holding a Memorial in honor of
the late Senator Harry Lane.
The speeches made on that oc­
casion gave full credit where
credit was due and were an evi­
dence of the appreciation felt
for the ruggtii, fearless man of
Oregon when men speak the
truth. The speeches will be re­
corded and the further down in
history they are read the more
clearly will they stand out in
bold relief, revealing one of the
few great men of the State of
Oregon, whose names will never
be forgotten.
In reading the eulogies of
Senator Lane at that Memorial
session and considering their
source and the tragic death of
Harry Lane which might have
been averted if some of those
words of appreciation had been
spoken earlier one is reminded
of a little poem, a few lines of
which run as follows:
There are a horde of special
agents and county, city, town­
ship and other officials breaking
up the blind pigs in Portland. It
is commonly reported that booze­
fests are held in the dining
rooms of some of our swellest
resorts and places frequented by
the moral and immoral well-to-
do. If the common people find
that prohibition does not apply
to the rich there will be some­
thing doing. The velvet clad,
gold-spectacled, eminently re­
spectable blind pig must be ex­
terminated along with the other
The people of Portland have a
great and valuable public proper­
ty in its water system. Who
has the hardihood to propose
that it be sold and a water com­
pany charge us $2.50 a month
instead of 50 cents? All light
and power is made from falling
water and Portland owns storage
reservoir and timber lands
enough to furnish any amount of
water, water plant and electric
light at cost —real, actual eost.
The money can be borrowed in
small sums from our people.
Church Notes
A barrel of flour will make
300 loaves of bread, each larger
than the loaves sold in Portland
for one dime. Somebody is get­
ting away with a large amount
patriotism. You are not pay­
If you have a word of praise
In these busy, heedless days.
double prices for bread to
Of some striving, helpful one.
out the country.
Not a
For the good that he has done.
Do not wajt
Vntil too late.
country anywhere. It would be
Till the weary hands at rest,
F-lded on a silent breast.
far better to stop the excess
Leave your praises unexpressed—
profits in the first place rather
Say it now.
It would be amusing if it were than attempt to get any con­
not so tragic how the big news­ siderable portion of them back
papers of the country are devot­ in the second place.
ing columns of space to the pub­
friends Church.
lication of these speeches of
The Oregon Field Artillery Last Friday evening the meeting ol
eulogy, while distinct in the batteries have gone to Fort the Pacific Coast Reec e and Protective
minds of all lurks the memory Green, Charlotte, North Caro­ Association was well attended. The
that only a few months ago lina. The pretended secrecy of musical feature ol the program ren­
by Dr. Henry Collins was much
these same papers were devoting the date of departure was a dered
appreciated. Dr. Collins was engaged
as much or more space to what farce. There were hundreds of in evangelistic work with D. L. Moody
they now acknowledge to have visitors at the train Monday at and has made three tours of Ireland.
been “unjust and unwarranted Clackamas and every person The address by Mrs. Jehn, illustrated
abuse.” It is soothing to our present except the babies and by lantern slides set forth in a vivid
manner the work being accomplished
editorial conscience to read in the mascots knew where and and
the needs of the Association. Their
our issue of May 31st that this when. ’ With One or two papers : ____
annua| Tag Day occurs Saturday,
paper sought to be fair to the publishing the information in October the 6th, when they hope to pay
man at the time in view of its full, and two other publications out on the > children’s home. The
workers solicit the cooperation of all
thorough belief in him. trusting silent upon the expected
who can help sell tags. All who can do
to time to vindicate his attitude. parture there is nothing to
so should send their names to W. G.
—M. G. H.
MacLaren 195 Burnside Street Port­
Don’t stuff the husband,
Nine of the Endeavor people helped
The investigation of the fuel husband the stuff.
in the Portland Commons Mission Mon­
day night. Mrs. Mendenhall of 90th
trust in Portland gives us a mass
street delivered the address.
of indigestible and worthless
figures, while the trust goes
mission work at Vancouver which is
merrily on. An investigation of
the market trust is to be pulled
The Sunday School committee ha»
arranged for a Teacher Training Class
off. More figures and less re­
lief. An investigation of the It is only a waste of postage, letter > which will hold its first meeting next
fish trust that is making 400 per paper and time for a man whose claim Wednesday evening about 6:30. It is
for exemption from the draft on indus­ intended for the ladies of the church to
cent from the fish it sells is trial grounds has l<een denied by hie serve dinner at that time and those who
district exemption board, or for any ol are away at work will go directly to the
Our local trustbusters are as i his relatives or friends, to write to hie class meeting thus savii g time. The
helpless in the face of food and Senator, or his Congressman, or the class work will begin and close at a
fuel trusts as the federal govern­ Provost Marshall General, or the Presi­ specified time thus avoiding long and
dent of the United States, trying to fruitless discussions and wasted even­
ment seems to be in the way of have the ruling of the board reversed. ings. Those who wish to join may
doing anything effective with Strange as it may seem, a great many leave their names with Miss Terrill,
the oil, copper, steel, timber, such letters have been written, They Tabor 6612, or with .Mr. Dunbar al the
sugar, and a number of other have poured in by the hundred thons- Herald office.
trusts. Even the milling trust ande to officials at Washington, Some
of them have come from Oregon.
is not hurt any by the prices set These letters will do no good whatso- Millard Ave. Presbyterian Church.
for flour and wheat.
I ever. They will noteven Ire considered,
Friday evening September 21, at the
Troublesome Trusts.
' but will be returned to the sender.
We carry Busier Brown and Black Cat Hosiery
Methodist Church.
The topic for the »ermon on Buixlay
morning next will be “Faint yet Pur­
There are non« better and few that ruual tltrec two llnee. Give us a
suing.'* The subject (or the evening
trial a^d he convinced. Our prices are a big saving from down town . .......
will be, “Ti e Jmlgment.’’ There will
be special music.
Ladies’ Hose at 15c, 19c, 25c, 29c, 35c, 50c, 75c, $1.00
On Sunday evening last the congiega-
Children’s Hose at 10c, 12 1 2c, 15c, 19c, 25c, 29c, 35c
lion »as favored by the presence of lhe
Men’s Hose at 15c, 19c. 25c, 35c and 50c
qnarlette of the Millard Avenue Pres-
bxterian Church Choir. Twu »elections
.»ire rendered by tliem which were
greatly enjoyed.
Vests at 10c, 12 I-2c, 19c, 20c, 25c, 35c and 50c
Miss Valina Baser end Mr. Roy Bute
w<*re taken into the church on confes­
sion of faith at tlie morning service.
On Friday evening of this week will
(H-eur the last quarterly conference for
this year, at which the District Super­
5827-29 92nd STREET
Near Foster Rd.
Tab. 3581
intendent, Dr. Youngson, will preeide
All reports for the year will be read at
this time.
services will brgin promptly nt "
In th<* (’Ireuit Court of thn Míale of Oregon
Toe last otficial laiard meeting (or the each Sabineh evrimiR for the next two No KÔ
ft»r Mulltioiiiah Counts
<1 A rhlllipe an-l w c Thoni|MkMi. doing
of the Atta urla I condition ol
year will tie held al the church on Mon­ months A inoet ronlinl invitation It
bugine»* a» I’hillTt»« and Th«»n»p*t>n. i'lalntin«
Annie 'I Irvine, bwfmdant
day evening next.
oxtvndml to nil in the community to nt-
By virturr nf an « Kreutlon, jmlgmcnt <«r«1rr,
order of aal«* Iaaii<-<1 out of Ine ab*»V«* eli
The I-adiee' Aid held their monthly
tilled • ourl In the al»«>ve riithlrd
|<i me
Silver Tea yesterday, Wednesday, af­ charge is made.
at Portland In the Htato of Oregon, at the dlr«ete<! aii<1 <1nt«-<l the 17th day of Auguat
iy|7, ulmui a judgment rvn«l»*re«l «nd entered
ternoon at the home of Mrs. A. E.
The regular monthly mseting of the close of businvaa Hept., 11. 1917.
III asid (Murt on thn f7th day of June |y|7 In
favor of G A, I’ll I lilt»»- and W . C Th«iin|»»«»n.
Saunders, 6513 S3rd St. Between fortv Gleaners of the Annled Presbyterian
plaintif?», anti again»! Anni« M Irvine «la
and fifty ladies were present and a most church for Septemimr will l»e held nt
fendant tur the ailui <>f 9-M! io with Intere«! at
the tale of d i*vr c< nt par anuum from the H7lh
delightful afternoon was spent. A pro­ the home of Mrs. B. A. O'Mealy, 3M0 Loans and discount*
•lay of Juno 1917 an<l for the further atini of
9.w aue«>»ta and d laborar manta amt tbv rust« ol
gram was rendered and delicious re­ 7ttth St. S. E., on Wednesday the Stith. Uvrruratia, secured and unsecured
and upon this writ rommandlng me t-> nir I is
Bund» and warrants
freshments served. A short business Mrs D. K. Livingston, lender of tlie Htocks,
sale of the folhm Ing described real property.
aucurlllca, Judgments, etc.
I» wit:
1, 4 It and U | j ut l-ot BL liba h I.
session was held at the close of the af­ j meeting will present the needs of the Furniture an«! fixtures
.h»tbad> in Mttilun I h Twp IN H. IK of
ternoon’s social hour, at which tune the ' Mission field in Africa, the country other real estate owned
Now Therefore, by virtue of aahl h ierutLin.
following oltuvrs were elected to serve j which the Indie* are studying. The re­ Due from approve«! reserve (tanks
ItldgmrD t order, decree and order of •«*!•» am!
hecks and other rash Item«
in '« «»mpllam v with the oaniiuands of said
during th«' coming year : President, Mrs sponse to roll call will be made by each ( < ’ ash
w rit. I w Hl, <«n Monday th«- '-'•<!» «lay of Mrplvm
on hand
. ...........................
her 1917. at b>o'clock a iu , at the cast Iront
Lettie Cotte; vice president, Mrs. J. C. | one present repealing a verse ol scrip* E m ponses
door of the • ounty Court llou»r In I'ortland.
McGrew; «vn-tary, Mrs. Parmenter; tureonho|»e All la«!irs attending are other rwourcca . ..... .
Multnomah County, Oregon, aril at puldlr
auction (subject to r«‘«lcmpil*»n), l<> the highest
treasurer, Mrs. Huril.
invited tocome prepare«! to take part In
I HO ,1W r hldd«’r for cash In hand, all the right, tlllr
ami interval which the within named d«d«-nd
Miss Helen Hanson, who ha» faithfully the discussion of the topic, Mrs. K. P.
u itm. iritis
ant, Anule M Irvine had «>u the «Tth «lay of
Juilr 1VI7. tha dale of the ludgmvnt herein or
filled die jKieition of organist for several Town and Mrs J no. Becker will AMfliwt rapimi Block |wId lu
9 lAJDtk) <AJ since that «late had Iti am! I«» the at*oVc «lea
yean, a.» acll as «llicient ¡Sunday Sell-- -I the hostess in entertaining.
!,'**> to •« rÜM*<l pr«»|»«-rty or any («art thrrrof .to «atlafy
{turpiUB fund
I'oatal »avings Lank de|MMiliB
iwjm ro said execution» judgment order ami decrue.
teacher in th«' primary dei«rtment, has
Inter<«at e«»at» nii«l scerulng roela
Individual depuriti subject
T M. Hl KI H( ICT. Sheriff of Multnomah
accepted a position as organist of one of
, Orrguu.
W.C.T.U. NOTES I h* tn « ml certi Uvate« <4 «l«-poail 2444 M
th«' down town chureiut. The l<x-al
i>r«t«<d ibi» 2l»t day «>f Augii»! 1917.
August Wrd IViL
church parts with her reluctantly, but
The .Mt. Scott W. C. T. U., will hold < u«hh*r chok« outstanding
7» Ml
|ji»t Issue Hvptctubcr 3Dth 1917.
congratulates* her upon Iter succeed.
ts next regular meeting on Tuesday,
9*7. «>> Id
Representatives of the Pacitic Coast lafleruuou ui next »wk, the 25th ¡Mt.
1? MA Al
N<»tire la hereby given that the nndrrvlgnrd
Rescue and Protective Society occupied at the home of Mrs. Geasell, 6119 .'»9th Time Dr pori M
ha» I ■«'. il, by the
) Coltri of the ('«otiitv
• ll«.w K of Mnltnomab. Niet«* of Orrgou, at»pointr<l a«l
the church Wednesday evening. Tin» street. All members are urged to lie
Diliiialtotr * W of Ihr h. » ' H;¡| nl.-l T« ■’tain« lit
Blate ot (iregon.
and Ketete of James N Atkinson. »l«MTax-«t,
institution is preparing for its annual present as there is very important busi­
of Mullnotuah,
late of Multnomah County. Orison
All per
tag day which will occur October 6tli. ness to transact. Visitors are invited. County
I. II. E. Itloyd. Cashier ol the above named aona having claims agallati «al«! estate ate
t«« th»
Tln-y are deserving of the loyal support
bank, do solemnly •wear that Ihr atwiva Uiitlcrolg >r<l at the olile«* ut lattice N Devia,
statement U true to the tarsi ol niy kuowl- «H Journal Building. Portland. Oregon, with­
of all.
If Millard Avenue Presbyterian Church a
The Stevens’ Cash Dept. Store
edge and belief.
II. E. Bioyd* Cashier.
Henry Hsrkson
F. I< Foster,
in alx months from >M» •late, uuly certifie«! a*
by la* rs «(Ulrr«l.
MfNNIhaa ATKINSON. Administrait!«
Dat<« of Ural publication Hept« miter IS. BH7.
Dale ol la«t publication t*ctob«-r 11, 1917.
The l nit.»l States Civil Service Com­
Portland women are working
Nubacrlbed and »worn to briorv me thia JUlh
mission announce« that tbe following day ut Sept., Ibl7
in the box factories in order to
Ralph Htanx.
examinations will lie held as follows:
Notary Public
save the apple crop.
Stenographer and typewriter, male My cominU«Ion expires April 21, l’rJW.
and female, field service. Sept. 29th,
General helper, male, Puget
Sound Navy Yard, Bremerton, Wash­
ington, wages |2.80 per <lay, time and a
half for overtime work, IOt) vacancies to
Prepare lor Winter, get your
l»e fl lied at the present time. File aje | Wkwre Irain«*tl ap«<*iallBla with modern lab
plications at once. Transportation will : oratories aad adaqnat* »quipm-nt (!»• In
lie advanced, where necessary, where Blrurtion Uadtaf lo collegiale drgrrra In lha
liersons sign a contract to work six following aehoola
AGRICUT.TUBE, with 15 departmenl«;
COMMERCE. with 4»
Subinspector of field artillery atntntl
ENGINEERING, with «1 departments, la
nition, male, «3 50 to $■'> <K) i«r day eluding Civil. Electrical. Highway. Industrial
The-Lent h Plumber
machinist ex|>erience required, Em Aria. Irrigation, and Mechanical Kngineering;
Tals>r 5542
59M 92nd Ht.
FORESTRY. Including L* ggmg Kngtaaar
ploy ment. State of Washington.
Skilled laborer, 'munitions) male and lag HOME
ECONOMICS, with 4 maj r depart
female. |2.f<) to |3.50 ja*r diem, for em­ manta, including training in the Prar lies
ployment in the Stat.- of Washington. House
Mechanical engineer, artillery ammu­ MININO, with throe departments, laslud
nition, male. $3.000 to $3,600 per year. Ing (h*tnicaJ Engineerings
Mechanical engineer, es|M>rimental
THE SCHOOL OF MUSIC, eflere Inetrne
work, $2,500 to $3,000 per year, male. lion tn the principal de par imtnli of Vural
Mechanical draftsman, male, $l,uo<) and Inetrumrntal tnuaic.
to $1.100 year.
IONS cadets in IDlrt 17, and won reeommen-
Apprentice draftsman, male, $480 datii n for O. A. C. from the Western Depart
m» f t of the U H War D- partment aa one of
In«|>octor of artillery ammunition, the fifteen ,adlathigul«hrd institute ns” nf
higher learning
All cadets will be furnished
male, $l,*>00 to $2,400 year.
Inspector of field artillery ammuni­ r.mplete uniform« by the U. 8. Government
and the junior and senior <*adsts. enrolled In
tion Steel male, $1,500 to «2,400 year. th«* R O. T C , will be given rotntnutali',a for
Assistant inspector oi field artillery subsistence, aa well M all transportation and
ammunition, steel, male, «3 50 to$5 day. bu L» •’« nre at th- aiw* ■■ ■ ' t’ Hummer ramp
Inspector of a -imunition packing
boxes, male, «3.52 day to >l,80o year. Registrar, Oregon on Agricultural
Inspector and assistant inapector of Corvallis» Oregon.
Night—the rood is narrow—two
powder and explosives, male, $1,400 to
cars try to pass.
$-*.40o year.
One has a Stewart V-Ray Search­
Insjiector ot ordinance equipment,
light trained on the ditch. That car
is safe.
male, 81,-'>00 to *2,100 year.
The other car groping in the daft­
Assistant inspector of cloth eqnip-
ness misses the road and la ditched.
inent, male, (Hi to «125 month
A common accident—but a need­
less one.
mid other «oose part- of your wagon
Assistant inspector of leather,
Th- Stewart V-Rne Searchlight with
$100 to $125 month.
and other vehicle» tightened while
It. penetrating benn> fret, out' the road
for you It .potathe ditch.-., th.eulv.rt»,
Assistant inspector of small hard- the weather in dry.
the dangerous turn»-belura you reach
ware, male, $8o to $125 month.
It I* a compact, good looking ae<irehlleht.
Assistant, inspector of textilee, male.
And. it la aeicnlllicetly built It hae a 6-
We Guarantee Every Job.
Inch genuine curved lane— • real allver
$80 to *125.
plated reflector-- ond la correctly balanc­
Assistant inapector of leather equip-
ed below lhe bracket.
There la a 3' Inch reducing mirror Io
ment, male, $100 to $125 month.
the back Included at no eetre coat
Foster Road and 93d Bt.
n Siewert V Ray Searchlight no
Clerk qualified in business adminis­
your car today Make night driving eale
tration. male, $1,2(8) to $1,500 year.
Index and catalogue clerk, male and
female, $1,000 to $1,200 year.
The Stewart
V-Rmy Sanrch-
The Government urgently needs men
light will heap
for tiie work above indicated, and quali­
you and your
rar out of dan
fied persons are urged, as a patriotic Tabor if'ijrt
ger It makes
night driving
duty, to apply for examination. A<l-
rafa. Coats only
drees Herbert F. Ward, District Secre­
Dr. Win. Rees
tary, Room 3o3 I’ostoflice Building,
OlBcc ar»l Resilience, jäh E Such Hl.
Seattle, Washington.
The Oregon
Agricultural College
Which is
Your Car?
The Germans are not getting a man having real grounds for apj>eal reception will be given for .Mr. and
anything but glory out of the Wiebe« to prejudice his case beforehand, .Mr». Allen Black .Lois Burch) and Mr.
retreats of the Russians. They the ”irest wav ,or him ,0 ',o “
to and Mrs. George Neilson (Claire Burch)
All friends of these and members of the
may obtain food and crops from or to 8ome offlcial ln Wagbilllf(1)n to llH. church and congregation are invited.
the biHckened fields next year,; hie “influence” toward fixing up the There is to be an executive meeting
but the German people are like exemption,
of the Y. P. 8. C. E., of the Millard
the farmer who chases his dog I Th,,re *• iU8t one procedure whereby Avenue Presbyterian church next Fri-
with a stolen bone while his “n "P’” “1 “,‘y **. take"
the /’'"i' day evening liefore the reception.
house is on fire. The further Tbat ig througb tbe ,bBtricl U)ar,i it.
the chase the worse the ruin, self, in tlie manner prescribed by
Anabel Presbyterian Church.
Wars are fought with food and official regulations,
Rev. John E. Nelson of the Analiel
food is raised on land. The Rus­ It must lie remembered, however, Presbyterian Church is just beginning a
sian lands taken will yield food
only <T C,‘M cae7 can
aeries of addresses which will be illns-
pealed to the President from the dis­ trated by motion pictures. The church
in 1918, and require the pres- trict u?ard
Theft are cases over I recently purchased a motion picture
ence of many laborers and more which the district board ha» original machine for the nee of the church and
soldiers to hold.
Kicking the jurisdiction; that is to say, cases that Sunday School.
There are plenty who would
Russian mojeck around has al- originate before the district I ward, and
Last Sunday evening a film deecrip
jobs as “County Agricul­
wa\sheen hard on the kicker.
tion boards.
animal and plant life, and another film turists,” but good farm labor is
John (Juy Wilson
There are three kinds of food The only cases over which district showing immigrants from all parts of scarce as ever, especially men to
hogs: The food slacker who boards have original jurisdiction are the world landing at Ellie Island, being milk cows and feed hogs.
those involving claims for exemption on
Pillock Block .
slacks at everything, but eating; the ground of employment in a neces­ handled by Uncle Sam’s immigration
men, were used.
omc. Con.iilt.tlon Kvaalnn by|Appolntm»nl
the hoarder who stores away sary industry, including agriculture. Rev. Nelson spoke of the immigrants
The Gresham cannery an­
valuable supplies of food, and No claim for ftemption on the ground and America’s duty to them. The choir nounces its need of thirty addi­ ..............
the food profiteer who takes ad­ of dependency can be appealed to the of the church under the direction of tional women to work in its fruit
Prof. T. E. Lawson
vantage of this crieis to extort President under any circumstances. Mrs. Ella Hoberg Tripp renders special packing department.
Plano Lessons at Your Home at 60c
The decision of the district board in music for these services. The series of
unthinkable profits. Let’s not such cases, on which it site as an appel-
He Will Call
promise to be very interesting
let ourselves fall under any of ] ate board, is final. There is no further addresses
On to the Rhine; bring back
as a large audience was in attendance
Wl« Mth M
these classifications.
« appeal.
at the Sunday evening service. The the bacon to the Belgians.
Prolessional Directory
W.rt of Ih. Rookl.., SS.80
Talior 3129 I) 61
1*919 Foster Road
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