Mt. Scott herald. (Lents, Multnomah Co., Or.) 1914-1923, November 30, 1916, Image 3

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voters of Yamhill
a $590.-
was unanimously elected by the com-
mandrra of the Third regiment. Ore- 000 bond issae to hard surface a total
sf 87 miles of roads.
nathmal guard, to be colonel
Iding contracts estimated at
ding Colonel Cienard McLaui
were placed this week by
lustrisi accident com
L. who retired to rejolr
&. Co. with Portland
g No­
United States now
and Columbia river shipyards. 3lx
yards located in Portland now have
ed In
ly, of
a, and
svili n
contracts t ‘a! in
Examination ot
officers of the c<
of the state troops
gene this week,
is required by the war
semi annually, under the
n ill bi
: tUS
ht &
i the
; in the c
ie commissi
of the coa
I part
e out­
il lu
rgest ranch deal
'i ' ' €1
the recent
the F. W.
mi. en
Hold at End
introi, pleaded tor
a prison superin­
treat them “i u-
and one who had
or poMce officer. W£
?d by more than
!rf Tn I
I etMIUhii.
lation, tho lhereaao being |3?
The government's ordinaFJt
totaling $779.664,552, were au
of 337,186,107 over those of
dlnary disbursements, $72
were $6.610.698 leas than tlv- pr-'ce«
.Ing y«nr. and the surplus on ordluar
transactions 856,171,654.
I a i
Have Ampl0 Faoilitiea, They Report,
to Take All Troops to Border.
Tbe railroads of the country say they
arc ready for the greatest prepared­
ness test—moving of the nilllthi of tbe
country to tbe Mexican border.
Ilallroad officials cast and west unite
tn declaring that ns fast as the admin­
istration orders state troops moved
they will be ready to transport them.
The way la cleared for the movement
of troop trains, and engines and cars
sufficient to handle tbe thousands of
meu are said to l>e available.
The problem of transporting supplies
may be more complicated. The eastern
mads are just emerging front a serious
freight congestion, but tbe mnnagers
believe sufficient enrs will lie available
to handle the additional business.
“Western railroads, facing their great­
est teat for efficiency, can move the
80.1MM» to 1OO.9OO militia summoned to
tbe Mexican border without a bitch
and without affecting regular passen­
ger traffic." This was tbe statement
of railroad officials who schedule the
operation of most ef the troop trains.
Painting Overhead.
When It Is necessary to paint a win­
dow or any object overhead tbe paint
or liquid usually runs off the handle
of tbe brush and then over the work­
er's bands. If you will take two pieces
of tin soldered at the ends, says C. II.
Thomas In tho Popular Science Month­
ly and tack them on either side of the
brush below the bristles, you will have
a little cup which catches thia over­
flow paint. Each time tho brush Is
dipped Into tbe paint can the shield Is
automatically emptied.
Mad leal.
••The farmer snfd that one of his lit­
tle pigs was sick, to I brought it some
augn r."
‘ oiigar! Whnt forT’
“For madieino. of course. Haven’t
you ever heard of sugar cured hams?"
—Philadelphia Ledger.
Dentist Trail
With Com-
I .yun. M:U
" the sit-
in« i nths-nld pet ent of Dr Fred Hettle
Holbrook, assistniit in the dental
laboratory of Me or John 8. Burbank,
la sporting u gold crown In the lower
cuspid of the right Jaw.
Half Angora and half Maltese,
“Snoodles’’ broke the top of her tooth
nn.1 hud been much troubled by It. Dr.
Hettle was taken with tbe Idea of
making an Impression In wax and soon
had tho gold crown ready, Tbe cat
submitted to the operation without
protest and evinced Interest only when
the cementing process took place by
licking the cement.
Carl Strakosch Renumber» Faith!
Servant In Will.
Winsted. Conn.—" The will of Ca
el,«» lot., Ciar
Stmkoach, bdghand
Louise Kellogg, tbe
admitted to probate
Tli«* estate U estlnui
Elpstone. tbe Strak
Hartford, la given to Mrs. Myra Mat
thews Parsons of Chi-ngo; $20.900 Is
bequeathe«! to Miss Julia Harris Strn
kosch of New '«ork. an adopted daugh­
ter. and $2 o . ik .) o is willed to Celia Go­
ranson of New York, a maid in the
Straknsch home for more than fifteen
The remainder of the estate goes to
Harvard Expedition Explorer Reports
Discoveries In Peru.
Panama.-Dr. XV. L. Moss of Balti­
more. returning from the Harvard ex­
pedition into the valley of tho Mara-
non, iu Pfru, a tributary 'of the Ama­
gon. reports the discovery In this
Publio Land Opened For Settlement. hitherto unexplored and virtually un­
President Wilson has Just signed a inhabited regio» of two ancient cities
|ir<xlnniatlon excluding about 07.W10 Novel reptilla. were also fouud.
acres from tbe Angelua national for
. «
eat. California. Of this area about 50.-
Boes Pay For Now Roof.
000 ncrea will be open to sett lenient In
Hicksville. <♦.—Charles E. Sinn, living
advance of entry. These lands will be northeast of here, noticed two years
subject to settlement only under the ago a hole in the siile of his residence
homestead laws from 9 a m„ Oct 25. near the roof. Tho other day he eti
until and Including Nov. 21. 1910. and gaged carpeuters to take off the old
thoreafA'r to disposition under the roof and replace It with a new one
public land law applicable thereto.
The results of the two years of labor
on the part of the bees were discov
««red. The Loney extracted amounted
Raisitjs as Food.
As a producer of energy the retain Is to 275 pounds, !!'X> of It being of the
a marvel. One pound of raisins In this lH»»t quality, and could have 1>eon sold
respect, according to a doctor, will for enough to pay for the entire roof.
more than equal “a pound of beef or
live pounds of flsh, two iiotnuls of eggs,
four pounds of potato’s, two quarts of
milk, half a p«- k «»f appl-’s or a dozen
bananas.'* And the nd.sntnge of the
sugar tn the ra'.Mn 1« thpt I* U alntost
tmnn'dlatvtv diytoiied. assimilated
transformed Into energy.
Not • Representative.
Mr*. English- Is your hnsbnnd a rep­
Tsksn at His Word.
Creditor—SirpiH’s«* I'll hnve to watt resentative American?
Mrs. C. S. A.- No. Indeed! He’s •
till the day of Jn'ilgtncnt for what you
rtwe. Debtor—Yes; call lato in the day, «•on tori— Life.
though.—Fliegende Bluetter.
uthwestern Klam-
bed of Tula
jf the Califor-
cally assured
nath Falls of
rch and a party of govern-
before it
lrveyors. who are to survey
•es ot land on the Oregon and
n the California sides.
Colonel H
withering statistics on the
ict. Li
off as
of Ia-
dt ’ o T'« x
trv in the state has made such rapid
within the past tew years us
»bile. Hoff fin is that there
iuaately 250 public automo-
ages and repair shops in Ore
from the
Appropriations of $141,185 and $218.
crop is "almot
for the years 1917 and 1918 will
celery for Christmas and Tha igsgtv-
be asked respectively from the nett
Ing dinners will be imported
I legislature by the Oregon Agricultural
Contending that all of the state's
college and the university of Oregon.
business should be transacted in the
I according to estimates filed with Sec­
open, several members of the coming
retary of State Olcott. The amouuts
legislature have signified their Inten­
| needed by tho Oregon Agricultural
tion of introducing hills providing that
| college and state university for the
the sessions of all state boards and two years, respectively, are
commissions shall be public.
and $796,936. Most of this will be
Oregon hop growers are taking a
supplied by the millage tax.
pessimistic view of the situation and
The budgets of the Oregon AffrlcuP
assert that hundreds of acres of hops
will be plowed under regardless of tural college and the university of
the duration of the English embargo, Oregon include several proposed new
while if the embargo continues, thou­ buildings which will be erected pro­
sands of acres are likely to be plowed viding the estimates are accepted by
the coming state legislature.
The rural credits law will not be
The anti-saloon league of Oregon
spent 111.3X4 In the recent campaign operative until after the legislature
which put tbe state “bone dry." and has provided stich statutes as it shall
perfected one of the most powerful deem advisabh- for carrying out and
Inter-church and Inter-society organi­ administering the act. according to
sations that has ever been built up In the attorney general's office.
The Beaver Cement company's fac­
any state ta carry through a prohibi-
tory, located at Gold Hill, a few miles
tion campaign.
Official returns reodved from all east of Grants Pass, 0.1 .lie Southern
the 35 counties in Oregon by Seore- Pacific, work upon wh'rh wu begun
tary of State Olcott of the result of about two years ago by the Hunt En­
the election of candidates for member­ gineering company, has L.<a complat-
ship in the senate and house during ed.
Both the Norths; L ¿tifie and Groat
the next legislature show that 32 mem­
mies exjeri-
railway co
bers of the 1915 legislature will return
i’a business
enced an immesso p
for the 1917 session.
li.ig June SO.
Congestion is again evident tn the during th« fiscal year
reports filed
classrooms of the Oregon normal 191«. acct •rd In to tin
service com-
school, even though an attempt was with the Ore?
made to restrict the attendance by the misston.
:he United
application of the thr«*«« year rule, by
which students must get three years’
regon lands lo-
pr. pt
•d «rit! In
>nal forests. accord-
zetory at Grants Pass
ha i m ill
first di istributlon of Ing to fis; tures obtained by O. P. Hoff,
leltvered stat, - labor < mmissioner, from fed-
lent for b
ch scks
at th«* ctor between the <1 atei s Oc- eral off! uls,
At a meeting of the West Side Far
tober 23 and 31 1. In this first d trib-
Highway association held at Me-
ution 117 gre
Mlnnville a committee of five was
payments am •.nting to $'’5.540.61,
annotated to draw plans to submit to
V-S P. Hc?f,
. frbra
July 1. 19’5,
ires of ' vacant
to setUe-
tl entry under the pros. - tans
(•< this
of the homestead laws.
f.* are «t.> y'd.
am ■»lint F’. ; 42.! - *
in the year
of 104,269 acres and t»33.037 acres
since July L 1914.
With snows deepening on the sur­
rounding range tops and a djcided
winter nip to the atmosphere, creha'd-
iats of the Hood river valley who, ac­
cording to estimates, have at the pres­
ent time 400,000 boxes of fruit unpro­
tected from excessive frost, are wor­
ried. Because of the shortage of re­
frigerator cars, the storage plants of
the valley, holding an approximate
600,000 boxes of fruit, were closed
F,»>•♦!» ox*
i vzirv
Mrs. Smiley—Here we’ve betyt mar­
ried ten years, and my husband etill
says I’m an angel. Her Friend—But
does he really mean It, my dear? Mrs.
8.—Perhaps not But don't you think
I'm lucky to have a busband who pre­
tends to menu It?—Pittsburgh Chronl
A distinguished philosopher spoke of
aychttecture as froxen music, and his
assertion caused many to shake their
heads. We believe this really beauti­
ful Idea could not be better reintro­
duced than by calling architecture si­
lent music.—Goethe.
His Cholcs*
“A bad beginning means a good end­
“That may be. but If I can have my
choice I’ll take the fine start every
time.“—Detroit Free Pre»*
Don't Let Skin Troubles Spread
Trivial blemishes are sometimes the
first warning of seriori» skin diseases.
Neglected skin troubles grow. Dr.
Hobson’s Eczema Ointment promptly
Stop*, the progress of ecxetna, heals
stubborn cases of pimples, acne,
blotchy, red ami scaly skin The anti-
ptalitie* of Dr. Hobson’s Eczema
Ointment kill the germ and prevent the
spread of thy trouble. For cohl sores or
chapped bands, Dr. Hobson’s Ecsema
Ointment offers prompt relief. At your
Druggist, *Oo.