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Watered M Second Clam Matter February 19, 1914.
At poatortice. Lenta, Orerou, Under act of March S, 1H7U
Talk isn’t necessarily cheap
even when a nickel talks.
When jealously gets
love takes a vacation.
It’s as difficult to pay liabilities
as it is to collect assets.
Published Every Thursday at Lente. Ore., by the M t . S cott Pnauanura Co.
H. A. DARN ALL, E dito *
Office Phon : Home B-6111-1U1.
M anaub *.
Residence: Tabor 2813
A special meeting of Mt. Scott Union
will I m - held on Friday, Sept,, 3d, at
one. There is the city jail, the
city hall, the city bam and
garage, the city park, the public
library and —why not the city
schools. The latter in particular,
There's little in life but labor.
use wood. The city ought to
And tomorrow may prove but A .
supply all these institutions with
wood at an advantage, and if it
Success is the bride of Endeavor,
necessary it might do the wise
And lock but a meteor's gleam.
thing to supply wood at some
The time to succeed is wlien othen,
loss, if by so doing it were con­
Discouraged, show trace# of tire;
The hattie is fought in the home tributing to a public charity.
Such charity will then be sup­
And won —'twin Ute flag and the wire.
ported by all the city.
—John Trotwood Moore.
'Tie the coward who «tops at misfortune
Ti* tlie knave vrho change* each day
'Tis tlie fool who win« half the battle.
Tlien throws all his chances away.
HERE is a little movement
started to beautify our road­
sides with a line of trees. That
E wish to call the attention
of our readers to the new
serial story in this issue. "Pen­
rod” is the product of the
genius of one of America’s fore­
most authors—Booth Tarking­
ton. It is more than a story, it
is a study, a psychological his­
tory of the growth of a real live,
active boy. It is not only inter­
esting but it is fascinating and
suggestively instructive.
book form this would cost you
more than the yearly subscrip­
tion to the paper. You get both
for the price of one. Every­
body likes a bright boy even if
he does fail to come up to social
convention. There is hope for
him and "Penrod” will help you
to understand and love boyish
attitudes even if they are not al-,
ways in conformity to your ideas
of childish propriety. We hope
you will read it with the relish it
9 o'chaik p. m., at the home of Mr«.
Donaldson, corner ti3d avenue and 91 «t
Matter* of
have arisen which necessitate* the call
for this special meeting and it is hoped
every member who can |**wibly do so
will be present.
Mr*. Addie Bryant of Martinet, Calif.,
to visiting at the home of her *i«ter.
Mr*. Upham on 92d «treci. The Bryant
family will probably locate in or near
Portland Mr». Bryant has been promi­
nent in local and county W. C. T. U.
work in her section of California
The Navy League of tin* U. 8. hat
been in mwion recently.
This league is
com|x>M*d of tlie leading men of the
rnited States Navy. Through its secre­
tary. Henry H. Ward, a broadside was
issue-1 against S-cretary of tlie Navy
The league attacked every
thing the secretary has done or ha* not
done with the exception of the order
forbidding the use of liquor aboard
American war »hips.
To use the lan­
guage of a middle western daily paper
“they have one great grievance against
the secretary—he has taken away their
booxe.’’ It will be remembered that up­
on investigation Secretary of the Navy,
Daniels, found that an officer court
marshaled and sentenced to dishonorable
discharge for drunkenness had never
tasted liquor until it was serveti to him
on shipboanL This led th (urtlier in­
vestigation and to tlie order issued pro­
hibiting all liquor from naty officers ot
men. It waa a brave and noble order,
approved by the homes of the nation
from which the navy is recruited.
people are grateful to Secretary Daniels
for his effort* to give u« a sober navy.
Tlie howl of tlie lioozer* will be drowned
by the voice of approval from the na­
tion’« homes.
Oiamstsr Becomes About
Mileo Loee Each Century.
There are various theories to account
for the enormous store of beat and
light in the auu. The theory now gelt
erally accepted by physicists Is that
the gradual contraction of the suit In
cooling la the chief source of apparent
Inexhaustible energy. It has been cal
culated that at the present rate of ex
iwnditure of heat tbe aim's diameter
would contract four miles tn a century,
and In a few millions of years It may
Iweome as dense as the earth.
The sun is aup|>osed to la- com|s>scd
of much the «ante material* a* the
earth, except that they arc st a much
higher temperature
AI miii I forty of
tbe seventy terrestrial elements have
lieen Identified by the spectroaeo|ie as
existing in the vapors around th» sun
Astronomers think that they find traces
there of very few substance* not al­
ready known Even these may lw> dis
covered on the earth some day
It has been calculated that the heat
thrown on a square mile et|a>scd al
noon under the equator would melt In
an hour IMAMU tons of Ice. This amount
lias to t>e multiplied fifty million time*
to arrive at the quantity of beat re
erlved by the earth's surface during a
single hour. Yet Ibis enormous supply
Is even less than on? two-thousnml
millionth part of wb it the sun |>oura
forth In all direction* in space.
stnud* to reason that thia inconceiva
l>le outgiving "of heat must be accom­
panied by a gradual though Im percept!
blc diminution In the «Ire of the sun —
Philadelphia Press
Is to make our bank a mu­
tual benefit to the com­
munity in general and to
our patrons in particular.
Our experience and equip­
ment combined with a de­
sire to PLAY FAIR,
makes it possible for us
to do so.
Give us a fair trial.
may or may not be an attrac­
tion. In the first place a long
line of trees is so evidently arti­
ficial that it fails to please. An
occasional tree, or group, is far
It Passed Over Itching Palme, but That
Waa No Surprise.
more attractive and practical. It
Wbeu Professor TUXeu, the Dauls.i j
has the appearance of being
artist, had Uuistied hi* great work.
'The I'uruuatiuu of Edward Vll.,’’ he
received. it appears, au order from the
Then if trees are to be planted
Russlau euiperor for a ropy of this
why not use those native to this
puiutlng. tor which the caar was to
climate. A group of firs, of
puy 12.UU0 ruble».
lu due course the professor repaired
hemlock, or cedar, would be the
to Petrograd to deliver the paruliug
natural feature of such a road
He was granted au audieu<e with the
way. In twenty years from
< sur. who expressed his satisfaction
with the picture and who handed the
now many of the roads will be
professor au order on the imperial
entirely barren of the typical
treasury for the sum agreed u | k > u .
western Oregon tree. In place
Wbeu the professor presented the
check for payment be was told that au
of them we will find a lot of im­
order from the empemr was subject to
ported stuff. If it is deciduous
a discount, aud he bad. therefore, to
trees that are wanted what is
a< cept a >um considerably smaller than
the matter with our broad
the face value of tbe cbe< k.
Before his departure from Ku**la tbe
leafed maple, or our dogwood,
professor bad a farewell audience with
ash or alder. These are all far
the > zar. who In tbe course of conver­
An Amsterdam dispatch says
more natural in an Oregon set­ that Germany is bemoaning a The Ladies Aid Society lield its an­ sation asked him. "Did you get your
ting than imported trees. Then shortage of sausage. And with nual picnic this year at Kenilworth money, professor?"
Park on Friday of last week.
Tuxen replied that be bad
if it is an evergreen that is the beer supply curtailed, too, were about fifty who enjoyed a part or not Professor
intended to mentiou tbe matter,
wanted they may be found on we had better not be in too all of the day together, tlie husband* of but sim-e his majesty himself raised
the ground, many of them favor­ much of a hurry to scoff at some of tbe women coming from their the question be would say be bad re
only part of tbe money.
ably located and all they need is stories of peace and overtures. work to eat with their families in tlie celved
At this tbe caar seemed not at all
to be left alone.
surprised, but calmly made out anotb
Lord’s Day evening there will be a
One of the big mistakes of
The Rose City Van and Stor- number of speakers at tlie church. The •r order for tbe sum which had been
from tbe original amount,
the past has been the destruc- age Company display the finest Rev Mr. McLaren, chaplain of the deducted
and thus Tuxen got his money.—Wash
tion of all the big timber along painted truck in the city, The State Penitentiary, a converted bar- Ington Star.
the roadways. Nothing that in­ painting was done by a Lents tender, an Esquimaux, and other* will
Curious Lsttsr Ending«.
terests the tourist, holds his at­ man, too. There is gold letter- ■peak briefly. Mr. Harry Linn, a «•on*
verted opera singer will render a num-
A few specimen* of the style of be
tention more than an occasional ing enough on it to dazzle any ber of «election*. Be sure to hear ginning
and ending letter* In the old
group of big firs, or cedar, It is ordinary pair of eyes.
day* may prove Interesting as in strik
these men
It will be a treat.
Ing contrast to tbe laconic “yours obe
only occasionally that a good
dlently,” “faithfully" or "truly" of the
sample may be found but
Friend’s Quarterly Meeting
present day. It would certainly l»e
are more interesting than rocks saturated with this weather can
The Portland Quarterly Meeting of difficult to match the following sub­
or gorges, or water, They hold maintain his poise and manage a Friend* will be held at the Lenta scription of n letter from the Duke of
Friend’s Church Friday, Saturday and Shrewsbury to Rlr Thoma* Haumer.
the observer spellbound with smile.
dated September. 1713: "I desire that
Sunday. Minister* will Is- in attendance
their stupendous heaven-point­
will tielieve that, wherever I atn.
Well if the Mexicans should from Everett, Seattle and other pointe. you
ing spires, their majestic size annex Texas, they would have Business meeting, Friday, 8 p. m. I shall always endeavor to deserve and
very much value your friendship, l»e
and grace. If we are really in­ to behave thereafter, or Texas Meetings for worship and evangelistic ing. with a sincere esteem, sir, your
The Mt. Scott Herald
service, Saturday and Sunday 10:3ba m., most faithful and obedient servant.
terested in natural beauty and would know the reason why.
2 p. m., and S p. m.
propriety let us be interested in
Frequently one meet* with bellicose
All cord*ally invited.
saving these natural living won­ Some girls are relegated to the
subscriptions, ns In the case of the
Earls of Huntly and Errol, who In tfifH
spinster class on account of
On top of it« railroad bond issue threatened “awful consequences" to the —
their cuteness.
Roseburg talk« of a big bond itnue for magistrate* of Aberdeen unless they
T IS really amusing how
! 1915, directing publication of «aid «urn
released certain gentlemen Imprisoned EVERY HOME NEEDS A EAITHIUL
| mona to he made in the Mt. Hpott
Mr Benson has be­
•K Qprinn.qlv
seriously Mr.
If a young man has money to water and electric light*.
In their city and subscribed. "Your* as
Herald once a week for «lx consecutive
gun to take himself. He doesn’t bum it is easy to induce some
ye will, either present jieace or weir."
When seasons change and coldsap,s>ar
propose to consider the city girl to strike a match.
Why Hs Wn 8ad.
—when you first detect a cold after sit­ for Plaintiff.
council in it. He means to do
“Why so sad and downcast?"
First publication August 2«, 1915.
"My wife ha* threatened to Ip A vp ting next to one who ha* aneexed, then
I test publication Octola>r7, 1915,
the thing just like he handles
it ia that a tried ami tested remedy
the county commissioners. He
“I never
‘‘Cheer up.
Women are always should be faithfully used.
intends to promise that we shall
threatening something like that, but wrote a testimonial before, hut, I know
they hardly ever do It"
positively that for niym-lf and family,
employ a city manager. He will
Pain result* from injury or conges­
“That'« what I was thinking."— Dr. King*« New Discovery is the best
then have the city charter
Be it neuralgia, rheumatism,
Houston Pont.
cough remedy we ever used and we tion.
changed to legalize his plan.
neuritis, toothache, sprain,
have tried them all.” 50c. and 11.00.
The people will be instructed to To play the game of life successfully, Hchool graduate with fifty yean of prac­
bruise, sore stiff muscle* or whatever
pain you have yield* to Moan’« Lini­
How’s This?
vote for this change. Mr. Ben­ it is necessary to be “a good sport,” to tice behind him.
If your tire« «how wear try Walsh ment*- bring* new freali blood, dissolve*
son will tell them how to vote. learn to take defeat well, to get enjoy* ftewyer—What disease*, in your We offer One Hundred Dollar*
He will repair them. Expert workmen tlie congestion, relieve« the injury, the
In the meantime he will select ment out of all situations, And when opinion, are canned by vaccination? Reward for any case of Catarrh
circulation i* free and your ;«in leave*
Doctor—Vaccination may cause any that cannot be cured by Hall’s handle the Job. 0319 Foster Road.
in the deepest distress, with no ray of
the manager just like he and a light to indicate the end, just remember di*ea*e. It all depend* on the indi­ Catarrh Cure.
a* if by magic.
The nature of its
few other highbrows selected nothing is surer than change. Nothing vidual. Hi« constitutional weaknesses
F. J. CHENBT A CO.. Totedo, O.
qualities penetrate immediately to th«
IV*. the undersigned, hav« known F. J.
Yeon for roadmaster, He will last* long. Every situation has it* own or tendencies will determine the form Cheney for the test IK years, and believe In the Circuit Court of the Htate of •ore «pot. Don’t keep on suffering.
him perfectly honorable In all business
Oregon, for Multnomah County.
transaction* nnd financially able to carry Edward Clifton Coppie, Plaintiff, v«. <let a bottle of Hloan'i Uniment.
then inform HIS city council special advantage*. Instead of bewail­ the disease take-
it. It means instant relief.
Price 25c,
supposing the vacci- out any obligations made by his firm.
Ollie E. Coppie, Defendant.
whom it may choose for city
Toledo, O. To Ollie E. Coppie, the al*ove named and 50c. $1.00 bottle holds six time* an
present. Really, defeat is just a* nation does not “take,” is the harm
manager. Mr. Benson will then things
much a* the 26c. «ixe.
when the usual nctlitg directly upon the blood and mu-
good a* victory, only providing you le*s, or greater, than
dictate the policy of the city have fought bravely and sincerely, The sore arm follows?
rmi< surfaces of the system. Testimonials In the name of the Htate of Oregon you
nent free. Price 76 cents per bottle. Sold
are hereby required to api>ear and
manager, Mr. Benson cannot struggle has given you strength, Be ~ Doctor—I should say greater, provid­ by alt Druggists.
A CLOGGED SYSTEM Ilsli s Family Pills for constipation. answer, or otherwise plead to the com­
plaint filed against you in the above en­
be recalled. The city manager sides, it has helped your cause if y^ur ing the vaccine ti«ed was active vim*.
titled Court and cause, on or before
will hold his job at the nominal cause is righteous, helped it more than
October 8, 1915, which is more than six
Are 1 you bilious, . dinty
__ w and
would victory, be sure, if victory is de­
week* after the date of the first publica­ Dr. King’« New Life Pill*‘taken at once
appointment of the city commis­ nieel you now. ‘ ‘There is no room for a
virus in absorbed into the system and
tion of thia summon*, and if you fail to
sions but actually at the dicta­ complainer in a universe of law,” says no
appear and answer, or otherwise plead seizes upon constipation and «tart« the
reaction follow«, it i* taken care of
tion of Benson. What a swollen Dr. Sheldon Leavitt. Faith in the ulti­ by the lymphatic*, is stored up in a That fever, paleness, grinding of teeth to said complaint, plaintiff will apply to bowel* moving naturally and easily.
above entitled Court for the relief Moreover it act* without griping.
head it does give a man to get a mate success of truth and right is the gland for possible future mischief. while asleep, and coated tongue are in­ the
prayed for in «aid complaint on file Neglect of a clogged «y*tem often lead*
little publicity, especially when surest support in time of trouble. Those Wlien that time of life some* where dication* that your child ha* worms in herein, to-wit: a decree dissolving the to most *eriou« complication*.
If you
are themselves true and right must vitality begin* to fail, be it noon or late, it* system.
Kickapoo Worm Killer bond* of matrimony heretofore and now
he has been dubbed by some one who
have that faith.
They are invincible. then the bovine infection become* ac­ quickly get* rid of them- parasites. It is existing tietween you and plaintiff, on wi«h to wake up tomorrow morning
as the best citizen. If it keeps They should tee) themselves so, and tive. In some coses it appear* to take perfectly safe for even the most deli<-ate the ground that without cause or pro­ happy in mind and entirely satisfied,
vocation you have deserted plaintiff, and «tart your treatment tonight,
on this way we won’t have any discouragement flee* away.
25c. *
the form of tnmor and earner, a* I have children. It ia pleaaant to taka, ha* granting plaintiff such other relief a*
one to run things in Oregon but
three effective medicinal qualities:—acta my be equitable in tlie premia**.
previously stated in these solumn*.
This summon* is pnblished in pur­
The following bit of dialogue took
Only the other day I ran across a man a* a laxative, expels the worm*, and
Benson, Yeon, and God.
suance of an order of the Honorable 0.
Do We Print !
TRY US™we are ready to
supply you with all sorts of
Stationery and Printing
Try Us When Wanting
Letter Heads,
Bill Heads,
Wedding Stationery
and all sorts of
Prices Reasonable
Mt. Scott Pub. Co
810 Main St. Lents« Ore
Health In The Suburbs
place in my hearing the other day, the who waa under treatment for hi* third tone«
______ up
, the system.
U. Gantenbein,
fudge of the Circuit
T. M. Walsh ia prepared to furniah
The problem of the municipal parties to it being a lawyer in quest of cancer, the first of which appeared on IKJU«/
today »MH
and ciuuiUBir
eliminate the v cause v*
of wt*
ir- Court of the State of Oregon for Mult­ oil and gas at bls ahop on Foster Road
nomah County, made on Anguat 25th, and 93d «treat.
ritablenem. 25c.
wood yard should not be a bad information and a Harvard Medical the site of hi* vaccination sear,
1 ritaMenee*.