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* Them In B-6111 1111
^Only One-cent a Word
Vol. 12.
No. 28
The trouble« the Yeager Theatre has
lawn having for some time hate Iss-n
North, East, and South Abounds in
abjii*b-d. < rffleers of the lalsir unions
Fine Farm Lands. County De­
cari»« to la-nl* Thur.-lay morning and
veloping Rapidly. Many Wealthy
agreements were signed whereby all
U m - matters which heretofore have inter­
Despite many prognostications of rain fered in the SIICI esa of the work of the
The "back to the country,” fever
and a dark Fourth (or lent« celebra­ Tlu-atre were satisfactorily art tie. I and
struck a Herald reporter Sunday and
tions, the day dawned practically clear. tiie boycott that was «let la red several
he proceeded to see the beauties ol na­
Early In the morning a thin cloud over­ weeks ago ^a- raised The theatre will
ture at first hand. Ratner he started
spread the sky and lasted tlnougli the theretofore la- ready Pi meet al) its
on a tnp of investigation to ascertain
day till near night. There was no rain, friends and patrons without further
about the development of tb* country
anil no heat, just a delightful tempera interference on account of the mis­
lying southeast and south of Mt. Scott.
A trip of this sort requires about a half
ture that kept everyone cool enough to understanding that have heretofore
to do it well for there are a lot of
lie comfortable and warm enough to stmai in the way of its success.
improvements to observe. Indeed one
The result of the anticipated adjuet-
satisfy the chilliest "mark” on til«
is surprised io note the drvelopeuients
| inent of dilficultiee had already been
within a mile of the station for such
The crowd lu-gsn to collect slaiut H
changes are being made all the time
and they came all the day. All the past week to more than double the
that it is with difficulty that one can
country lor tulles around was repre­ I size that have customarily ta-en in
keep up with <he rapid improvement.
sented. The R|Mirts were called on attendance Some extra good shows
After getting a mile out the changes
schedule time and were carried through
become most notable.
Wh£t wae a
moat smcrtsfully. The prizes were production of the "Hquaw Man"
wilderness of stumps and haze) brush
duly awarded in order to the following Wednesday evening was one of the l»-*t
five year« ago is now cleared land.
persoos; 100 yards Men's race, Bert . things that was ever wen in lente. It
What looked like an agricultural im-
Munisr, Wm. Poff. Ao yards Girl's was seen by an unusually good house but
ten yearr ago is now covered
race, IJIIIs Anderson, Dorothy Hells,
Photograph courtaay Sau t raaclaco Chronicle
with strawberries, raspberries, small
Mabel Littlefield. At) yards Boy's race, one of the lawt thing* ever put on in
orchards of cherries and other fiuita.
Fxlgar Chamberlain, Claude Christen- any theatre and when prvwntr-l at the
Where not a residence was to be seen
sen. 10J yard Fat Men's race, f. Y. lleilig a few weeks ago M-lle were «old 1
we now find a village, and city con­
Cadwell, J. K Henderaon.
AO yard
HE photograph shows Miss Mary Elisabeth Payne, the vocalist of Missouri, raising the flag over the
veniences. The telephone and electric
three leggeil race, M. K. Forte and Yeager will continue to list some of the ‘
dome of ths Palace of Manufactures. 1U0 feet from the ground.
In the foreground is the tea acre
lights have invaded hundred of homes
Hall, Gethlng and Peterson. 100 yard finest attraction* on ths road. It will
area, with solid concrete walls, of the central Court of the Universe, which, when completed, will be
along the line.
wheelbarrow race, Wm. Boland, M. K. be worth tiie public's while to watch for 1
the most beautiful placa tn th. world
After leaving the electric line at
Forte. Au yard married women's race, Y eager announcements for a aeat at the I
we might suppose that im­
Mrs. T. J. Quirk. 100 yards shoe race,
provements would decrease in frequency
Ray 81mms, N. Bell«, Wm. Johneon M«e the la«st productions here for les*
but at Sycamore there are new
Fraternal race, Bert Munser, Wm. than half whai it will cost you down 1
residences in evidence. Several very
Boland, Ed Thornquiet. Potato ra-e, town
comfortable bungalows have bee:- put
This of itself should le enough to
Ed. Chamberlain. W. J. Poff. Business
! up within the past two years i>- r
men's race, A. D. Kenworthy, Otie ensure the success oi this beautiful show
Sycamore an-l other improvemn t* are
Woodham, M. K. Hetlge, Jos. Getliing house, but the advantage» it offers for
Not leas than three thousand people
After months of consideration the in progress. Pleasant Valley Gringe
Tiie following persona contributed to
At the close of the races the parade *|>acc and conveniences will make it
••wrablel at Tremont on the Fourth to City’s New Marketing Ordinance is ready hall enjoys a new cost of paint. Ths re
l-egan to form and about eleven thirty doubly attractive to all lover* of gK«i the Fourth of July celebration : Multno­
reverence to “Old Glory.” The for application and it is hoped will be is a tendency to cut the Urge farms in­
it started north, headed by the Mail
Carrier'n l>an«L Nobody took a com­
Tlieckla Bright Co , McKinley A Bundy. program was carried out successfully. found satisfactory to ail. Arrangements to small acreages. Twenty acre or even
five acre farms are quite common now
plete list of all the entriea but the pro­
Matt Greenslode, Alla-rt Coop, Clyde The long string of sports took about are tieing made by Meat Inspector L. G.
even out as far as Damascus. And it
cession wa* a g<x*l ball mile long M-ist
Sager, Isis Theatre, Mt. Scott Pub.
three hours time to carry through but Stickney for tiie enforcement of the is all looking fine. A great deal of
of the buainees houses >f Lents, the
II. S. Hashim, John Manx, A. W. it provided good amusement. The ball meat inspection ordinance which goes
clearing has been aone within the past
Volunteer Firemen, the I-adiee of the
Gardner, F. A. Bohns. Mt. Scott Drug right on the ground proved a fine
into effect next Saturday. He will Is- year. Most of this new land is now
Relwksh l.-Mlgr, ami several Inde­
Co., Win. Sadler, Hobt. Hopkins <>. A. smrrfe of attraction. The music was
assisted by two deputies and every being put into hay or potatoes, or
pendents were represented. it was
Another city market ha* l>een opened. Hess, Ja«. Snyder, Julian Bros., Otto 1 fine and the neighborhood generally
good. Everylx*ly wa* delighted, sur­ Ea*t sixth, between Alder and Wash- WaletieM, Yeager Theatre, Thomas
was well satisfied with the management. slaughter-house and market in the city
The trip westward from Damascus is
prised, sn-l enthusiastic. It would tie ington is the location of the latest ad- Bro* . Eggiman’s Market. Lents Hard­
The grea«ed pig race brought out a "*H I*1 forced to comply with the re­ one of the most interesting in the
impossible to pick out one and com­ ditiop to the public markets. There I ware, Chesters Simp. H. E. Wilson.
lot of fun. Rush Campbell was the | quirements.
neighborhood. “Sunnyside" has long
mend it without going down the entire seemed
considerable doubt about A. D Kenworthy Co., Mr* Fern Huston. beat man in this race. The $17.00 brass
It is not the purpose of Dr Stickney had a reputation that is the envy of
White acted as Marshall whether producer* could be found to F. F. Ehrlich, New Method Laundry.
. txrlstead was won in the cracker race I ! to arrest everyliody who does not im­ many other parts of Clackamas County.
of the |>arade. The band furnished ex support it. But ail doubts were dis- Smith A Colgan, F. W Tuaeey, lamts
I by Mrs. Tucker. There were fort.v-two
It has numerous small ¡arms that are
cellent music an-l everybody was happy polled Tues-lay morning when the new- liarage. L. E. Wiley, Henry Knapp.
entries in this race and she ate the six mediately comply with the provisions kept in a tine state of cultivation and
The Womiatock firemen completed market was opened for business with F. R. Ik-terson, lente Fuel Co., Wm.
1 crackers with time to spare. There of the ordinance. It is his intention to the hay and g'ain and potato fields are
the home parade and joined the Mil's every stall filled. Business was good. Goggins, Montavilla Bakery. W. M.
were twenty two features in the eports conduct a campaign of education among i the equal of any in the state, except,
parade just on the move. Prizes were Customers came in streams, in bunches, Quinn, laivelt's Furniture Store, Emil
the slaughter-house owners, and bring perhaps, they may not be quite so large.
and all took good prizes.
awarde«l In the |>aradt- to the Mi. Scott in couples and singly, afoot and in Otto, Duke Bros , Ients Electric works,
About |200 were taken in. There was about a gradual compliance with the Nice bouses and barns are numerous.
Drug Co., lor tiest decorated rig; to the carriages, Many of the producers were Frank Miley, J. Kana«, Katzky Bros.,
an abundanc« of funds to meet all the regulations. Several of the proprietors Several good schoolhouses dot tho
Mnta Volunteers, for liest represents- I sold out by ten o'clock and all was done T. M. Walsh, Mt. Scott Bakery, N. N.
expense and a neat sum to spare. This already have started to put their places landscape and one or two eburcbee are
tion; to Julian's Fifteen Cent Store for by noon.
Nygaard, Hodges A Williams, Scheuer- will be applied to the Volunteer Fire­ within the law.
prominent features of the advance of
moat comical entry ; to Chester's Rbop,
One of the first thing, which he con­ the community.
This new market should tie pertico- man Bros., Dr. Oggsbury, W. H. men fund. One of t e reasons for such
second liest decorated rig.
interesting to farmers and Boland, Nick Faler, H. V. Smith, Bert successful results was that the work on templates doing is to poet copies of the
Just over a small bill to the north
The attendance was all that cou.d he j gardiners in this part of the country. Wilberg, C. J. Holway, Miller A Mowrly
the stands and grounds was donated. rules and regulations of the city gov­ "Happy Hollow" hides a little paradise.
A good many of those who'
It is an East side institution and it is Lumlier Co.
The lumber was loaned by the Morri­ erning such establishments in each It is one of the moet delightful little
were on the street never went to the: handy to a large number of consumers.
son Lumber Co., without charge. The slaughter-house which comes under the valleys in the state—just about three
ground but there were probably i-VIO It ought to grow in importance and it
dance platform will be kept and dances supervision of tiie city. These rules and miles and a half from Lents. The beet
people on the ground. Home estimated would not be surprising to see it •ur­
will be held occasionally which will regulations are explicit and cannot be way to reach it is over Mt. Bcott, by
it at AOOU ami one rash individual said pass anything else in the city.
swell the fund already started.
way of the cemetery. It is worth see-
he would swear there were lAjklO1
One of the requirements is abundance
. ing. Then the trip over 'he bill is very
people in the street. But the seating
of pure water. No water which is con­
surprising to one who has never been
Grange Meets Saturday
arrangement« provided for alaiut 1A0U
taminated will be allowed. Each
I The Building Trades Council having
over that wav. Along about sunset or
and about half of them were standing, j Mnta Grange will meet Saturday and
slaughter-house must also have cement a little later, the rivers near Portland
The program went off smoothly. It the first and second degrees will tie put '
or tile th-ors and must be water-tight
Yeager owner of the Yeager Theatte
are all quite conspicuous, due to the
war •' anything a little short, doe to the on. In the afternoon the usual hour '
and washed each day. No offal can be
building which has lieen on the nnlair
reflection from the water. The mount­
brevity of the leading atidress. Mr. will be devoted to the lecture program.
washed into a stream, pond or well, but ains to the nortn and weet are very
list since it was opened to the effect
Lafferty was short and to the point in
that all future buildings erected by her recipients of a pleasant surprise last must be disposed of in a sanitary nian- j distinctly outlined. St. Helene. Adams,
his remarks. About five minutes were solo; the lente school orchestra will
snd all repair work on this or any other Thursday evening when a large delega­ ner. The walla of the establishment and Rainier are all in view. The coast
consumed in hie part ol the program render a selection ; Milton Katzky will
building she owns or may own will lie tion of their friends from the Modern must be kept clean and if not painted range peeps up over the bills that sur­
and the regrets were general that he give a violin solo; Mrs. Dr. Kells a vocal
done exclusively by union lalstr, and Woodmen, Royal Neighbors, and other must be lime-washed once every three round Portland in the rear. You seem
did not continue hie talk for at least a solo; Esther Mitchell a piano solo; Mrs.
also the new management agreeing that acquaintances came in and spent the months, Walls which are painted muât to be looking over into Clatsop County.
halt hour. His address will be found Shoemaker will read a selection, Maliel
la* repainted once each year.
all unions represented in the theatrical evening.
This is the last end of the trip and you
It was their twenty-fifth
Smith will recite, and the question,
in full in another column.
Rooms where animals are killed or
industry will lie employed in this wedding anniversary and the event was
will decide to go again in a short time
The liand remlered some excellent "Homemaking a Practical Patriotism"
theatre the Council at its last meeting in honor of that. Quite a number of wliere meat is handled must be screened ; if you go once.
music. Mrs. Reynolds read briefly will be open for discussion.
to keep out the dies, all tables, trucks,
removed this house from the unfair presents were received.
from the l*ecl«ration of Independence,
trays, clothint for the workmen must
list and wishes to thank the members
Those present were: Mr. and Mrs.
and Miss Elsie Bright sang Star
SJory Hour at Playground
of organised lalsir and friends of Lente A. II. Nelson and family, Mrs. Nettie be kept clean and sanitary. No per­
Himngled Banner and America, the
A story hour will lie given at li 0 for the support given them and recom­ I Loewer, Mrs. Mattie Williamson, Mr. son suffering from contagious or infec­
audience joining in the latter
After l.ents playground hv the library next
mend that thia theatre tie given its I and Mrs G. W. Bleything, Harcld tions diseases can be employed, ami
the program a g->od many went home Tuesday at 3 p. m.
when the carcass of an animal remains
patronage in the future.
’ Bleything, 1 Kdna Bleything, Blanch in the slaughter-house for more than 24
to dinner while the remainder provided
| Allen, Francis Allen, Mr. an<l Mrs.
The concert given Tuesday evening
with lunch s, sprea-l them on the He got the pig and has it yet.
The ifiiilding Trades Council of Port­ Shnlxe, Ivan Hhulze, Bennie Bhnlze, hours after dead, it must lie kept in a
ground and proceded to recuperate,
After the game the Volunteers gave a
cooler or ice-box especially proviiled by Brown’s Band was well attended.
land and Vicinity.
Mr and M s. G W . Dilley, Marguerite
' There were over a thousand people
Hhortly after noon the play «round demonstration on Main street that came
Ben Oalairne, President and Frances Tefft, Perry A. Dilley, for the purpose. All pens and enclo­
I come out to hear it and the attention
manager* In-gun tiller part of the en- too near being a failure to la- a joke. In
E. E. Smith, Secretary ! Herbert Dilley and wife, Carl Hawkins,
People came from a
tertainment. There was »oint, folk turning the corner the chemical engine
must be kept clean and sanitary. No was excellent.
Glenn Wallace, Milton Ka'zky, Rowes slaughtering shall lie done in pens, mile around and al) were delighted with
dancing by « niimlier of children, then slid and one wlmel went to pieces Bv
races, jumping and other stunts that dragging the machine a slmrt distance A house is build of bricks and stones Faith, Harry Benge, Francis liar-wig, barns or other structures not especially the excellent music.
I (.' W. C'aik, J. L. Robinson. F. R. constructed for the purposes, excepting
Unfortunately Lents is not assured of
attracted attention for an hour. Mean­ the ‘‘fire” was reached and some hose And sills and posts and piers
Williamson, A. Clark, Lena Crandall, where a farmer slaughters an animal on another this summer an-l it would be a
while th«- I'xn-I got bu*y and furnished was strung and the firs was subdued. But a home is built ol loving dee Is
Bessie Lightfoot, Mrs. C. W. Clark. his own premises
good thing to bring before the park
a concert t list afforded entertainment
The dance was t > have la-gun at live That stand for a thousand tears.
Mis. Alice Allen.
lor a good portion of the audience. o'clock hut due to neglect of a Jcirtion A house though but a single cot
Carts or other vehicles in which meat authorities. They are responsive to ap-
About 3:30 a considerable part of the of tlm nitiaie c »tnmittee there wa* no Within its walls may hold
is transported shall lie so constructed jieals and a good claim well presented
fe, Mr. as to protect the meat from contamina­ might get results of which we are now
crowd lead t>y the band, beaded piano in the had I’ took tw » hours to A home of priceless beaut), rich
I M I ss tion from flies, dust or other extraneous doubtful.
for the ball grounds ami they hud n ais-u-e s piano and th« profi's of the In love’s eternal gold.
Wa Irrel matter, and ail such vehicles shall be
very good time at that place. Besides dance faded a«av. Likewise h con- The men of earth build hoiist-s
Mr. Irirh’s kept dean All carcass, s when trans-
an interesting game. Following this si-lerahle portion of the comprnv. Then Halls ami chambers, r •■•(» and d>
As usual, the Mnts Y. P. A. "pent a
Mr.. Mile«, |sirted shall Is- covered with clean white most enjoyable Fourth. A jolly crowd
came the greased pig stunt Hist brought again the committee's choice of music But the women <4 earili, God
them 1
Tli-y had el ths, or other material impervious to of about forty young folks went out in a
oil) a io’ ol tun. I lie e were plenty of pr -veil ba-l and tl oee who did dance
women build the home«.
a very tine ■ Inst The room in which meat is cured large auto truck. They spent the day
fell -w* readv to cai-tnre the prize but were **d v disappointed. The dance
rr an<l the or kept in cold storage shall lie well in a Is-autifnl spot on tin- banks of the
It fell to "Sliortv" Elliott of Wo-sl'nere wa« the worst thing of th« I tv tml that
Grain of all kin-1 looked vent'latiai and liglited It will Is- noted t'lai kaina* a few mile* from Estacada.
to lake the pig
The pig wsa well wts du» tn failu e on »In- part of ore
« of prune orchards and that a considerable part of these limi­ With such an ideal day and such a jolly
greased and proved a slippery catch, p rann on the music committee. Hi*
and apple orchards all tations apply to slaughter-houses con­ company, surely a lietter time could not
t-nt Elliot was an txp«rlcnccd p'g irresponsibility will b« remembered i - i -
ducted by dealers.
have been hu-l by any one.
hunter and he did it in record time. fui ure occasions.
* ■
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