Mt. Scott herald. (Lents, Multnomah Co., Or.) 1914-1923, June 18, 1914, Image 8

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Arthut .Morrill waa recently married
and has settled in a home in Liberty
Heigh ty.
AH church, soclsly, personal and local new •
Geo. Wrieley visited home folks on
nor published fox proti, tree, notice« of en- Friday of last week, returning to Duiur*
■«naiamenu conducted tor proti, published
in the well
«tate minimua. ot to word«.
Announce- »here he is engaged
meats and card ot thank«. «ame rale
Adver- drilling, on Sunday.
tlitng rules quoted on request.
B. 0. Dewey ol the Free Methodist
A. A. Hall, formerly of Lents is re­
Church, will begin services in the
ported on the sick list.
tabernacle at Foster Road and second
Mieees .Mamie and Helen Hoes were Avenue Saturday evening.
calling on friend« at Firland Sunday.
Leota will be given better water
Dr. Hees and family epent Saturday service soon. The new eight inch main
and Sunday with friends at Carlton will connect up with the
inch main
on 72nd. Street and we will all lie able
to wash our faces twice a day then.
Mrs. Garnet left Sundav for a vint
with her daagbter in Honolulu, who
Min Mildred Allen was greatly sur-
has been ill for some time.
pnaed Monday evening, wlien a number
of her friends met at the home of Mr
Mr>. John Hall, now living at Car-
and Mrs. Clarance Clark and lurprised
eon Spring« Wash, visited friend, in
her with a aliower. She received many
lents the .as! of the week
lieauUful gifts This is more than some
of the young folks could stand and in
I. F. Coffman is performing a public consequence they haw announced their
service this month in the capacity as inteutions of getting married right away.
juryman. He reports the jury business
decidedly in need of reformation.
E. L Rayburn waa called during the
past week, to the funeral of hie sister, (
Miss Gertrude Unroe of Girard,
Mrs. Ella J. Chamneee ol Portland, !
Kansas, is visiting her many friend, in
who died the eight of this month. Mrs.
Lents an I Portland. She may be in­
Chamnees was a native Oregonian,
duced to make this her future home.
having been born at Corvallia.
waa prominent in the Eastern Star and
Mrs. Lora C. Little. Progressive can­ Women of Woodcraft, and was a
didate for representative, was a Lents member of Taylor Street M. E. Church, [
visitor this week.
While here she of Portland.
visited the Herald and renewed her
ALTO FOR HIRE—Day or night.
The members of the Lents M. E. Rates reasonable, special rates
Church granted their pastor. Rev. W. Outing parties. Phone, Local 5921—
Boyd Moore, a vacation of one month Tabor 1141. Tom Cowing, 110 Johnson
last Sunday, to be taken at his own Ave. Lents.
Prof. French of the farm Demon­
stration. Department of the Agri­
cultural College and State was a visitor
at the Editor s home Tuesday evening
and Wednesday morning. Prof, French
was acquainted with Lents twelve
years ago and was surprised to see its
remarkable growth.
Grandma Forsyth's
daughter Elsie Oliver, arrived June 14th
on the steamer Alliance from Korbell,
She traveled alone.
will make her home with her grand­
mother and go to school here.
Mrs. C. W. Clark entertained the
Philo Christo girls Monday evening at
her home in honor of Mise Mildred
Allen whose wedding will take place
this month,
A miscellaneous shower
A very pleasant
was given Mies Allen,
evening was enjoyed.
In order to stimulate interest among
stock breeders in Oregon, tlie Oregon !
Exposition Commission announces that'
»10,000 will be act aside as priree for the
! best stock from this state exhibited at
San Francisco next year. It is hoped j
that on competion of the budget it will
be possible to increase thia sum to:
»15, Oik) This will be in addition to the i
»175,000 which will be distributed in ,
livestock prizes by the authorities of the
The friends of Mrs. J. E. Hokins of
Ninth avenue, gave her a happy birth­
day surprise Monday evening.
congratulations were many and the
evening was spent in music and a social
time. A lunch was served.
She may
not be able to remember her first
birthday but she certainly will remeto-
This is to certify that I have severed j
ber her last.
my connection with the Multnomah
Sheet Metal Works and will not be re- •
Apologies are due certain persons for | sponsible for any debts contracted by i
the mislaying of certain information jcompany after this date.
relative to ‘‘Cap,” Hazen, “Cap” was Larson, 6*25, 47 Ave. S. E.
recently blessed with a nine pound
daughter and tor several days thereafter
An undertaker in Kalamazoo pulled
his paternal pride fairly boiled. If * ‘Cap’ ’ a dead man’s leg and *s,50U dropped
trill forgive us this time we will be more out of it.
It wasn’t a wooden leg
attentive next lime.—Ed.
celebrated for this reason. The
membership waa out and a I
number of visitors were present,
unusu lly fine time is reported.
Gasoline Engines A Spebialty
Lawn Mowers Sharpened, and
Saws filed and etc.
Prices Reasonable
Premiums Arrive
The fine stock ot alumiuin premiums
ordered by some of our subacribeni lias
All persons ordering three
premiums are requeeled to call at
tbe earlieet convenience and take the
tame away.
Lents, City and
Way Points
Emest E. Hatter
Furniture and Piano Moving
Express and Baggage
STAND W Ftat St. Cor. Pte«, whh Post
Special Delhery. Phone* Rate S»2. A-IHZ
a------------------------------ a
Tbe longest days in the year.
The real genuine Oregon summer has
Probably no state in the Union can
boast of a finer summer climate than
this part of Oregon.
Misa Lola Herald is out from Lente
on her summer vacation at the home of
Mr and Mrs. W O Rugh.
Mr. and Mrs B. F. Bauer ol Gresham ,
are out on their claim soutn of town for
tbe summer.
last week at the home of hie grand­
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Botkins.
A homing pigeon stopped at Dr. Bot­
kins last Saturday on its way to Port­
land from the ballon that is thought
landed around Bull Run. The bird had
a band and message around one leg
but could not be canght.
After being
fe<l and watered it set out for Portland.
August Beidensteiri baa an artficial
pond that he stocked with trout four
years ago and now he has tront from a
foot to eighteen inches long. Here is a
promising industry.
Mr. and Mrs. Ike Martin and Mr. •4
Lebnfield of Portland are out on their *4-----------------------------------------------------
claims south of town for the summer.
At the annual school meeting Monday,
Sam Miles received a full-blooded Max Kligel was elected director, and
Scotch Collie pup from the Shadeland P. C. Spooner re-elected clerk.
farm in Yamhill c-onty last week. other directors are T. B. Milan and
This “purp” is one of the best bred in Mrs. Robert Jonsrud. A one-mill tax
the state.
was voted and the Union High School
J. W. Baty, an old timen formerly of ( proposition was defeated.
Cherry ville, and sn old veteran of the
Miss A- na Erickson of Portland has
Civil War, is out from Portland for the been cho«en to fill the position as
summer at the h-me of his daughter, primary teacher next term
Mrs. Shank, n rr of town
The Misses Hannah Scholin and Ada
Miss Alma Batv, who has been . vt-it- Harris of Seattle, Washington, were
ing at the home <>f her aunt, Mrs the guests of Mrs. Robert Jonarud,
Shank, f r the pa-' two weeks, returned Wednesday. Miss Scholin is a cousin
to ber home ii P rtland this week.
of Mrs. Jonsrud’s.
The scho- l cf.i dren of thi District
Stella Jonsrud went to Portland,
received an invi a>t II to attend a “traw- Tuesday for a two weeks stay
berry festival -» tire *of M s
Mrs. Robert Jonsrud and children
Ma«k in Dvr ••• Tnesdxy <>t thi epent the week end in Portland.
week. Mr R in an drove a tig loaded J
Mr an-i Mrs Henry Eri and children
with the happv tire'ens
anti R. E Jar) took in the el-ctric
Ernest Grshani of Portland was mil parade Friday night.
JA Piano Opportunity
We find ourselves in it position
where we are forced to raise a
large sum of money in a short
In order to accomplish
this we have greatly reduced the
price of every piano and player­
piano in our store.
You can get a dandy little
Weber for $160, another for $126
and another for $06.
If you are
interested in a piano that anyone
can plav you can find them here
at prices from $XI6 and up.
Terms tc suit your convenience.
■Soule Bros., Piano Co., 1188
Morrison Street.
Serious sicknoaa starts in diaorxlen of
the stomach, liver ami kidneys. The
beet corrective and preventive la Dr.
King's New Life Pills. They Purify
the Blood - l*revent Constipation, keep
Liver, Kidneys and Bowels in healthy
condition. Give you better health by
ridding the system of fermenting and
gassy foods. Effective and mild. 26 eta.
at vour Druggist.
Bucklen's Arnica Salve for All Hurts.
Hints For Hot Days
Advertised letters for week ending
1 June 13, 1914:
Conners, Wm. E.; Frerrs, Mrs. F.
| E.; Irish, Mrs. E. ¡Johnson, Mrs. IL;
Ka mp, Henry ; Itoeke, Mrs. J.; McLane,
Roloaton, Mr-. Fred.
Geo. W. Spring. Postmaster.
Ikm’t eat anything.
Chew what you eat thoroughly,
Boil yuur ice water.
let your wife have her own way.
Avoid strange d“ga and your wife's
Don't talk about Mrxiro, balloon
aacendseions. singletax.minimum wage,
»I6tx> fa, exemption, compensation
law Gov Weal or Geo. Chamberlain.
One Year
Beaver State Herald
"FOR HAI.E" and "WANT" readers
in classified column, 1 cent per won!
for first Insertion ;
cent sidwequentlv.
Watch the column for tiergaina.
is the lam or other out
building constructed
our lumber.
will be
Every lioard
Tabor 3614
Are you run down Nervuua-TIrodT
la everything you do an effort? You are
not laiy you are aick I Your .Stomach,
Liver. Kidney a, and whole system needs
a Tonic, A Tonic and Health Builder
to drive out the waste matter build
you up and renew your strength,
Nothing better than Electric Bitters.
Start to-day.
Mrs. Jatnea Duncan,
Haynesville, Me., writes "Completely
cured me after several doctors gave
me up. ** 60 eta. ami 11,00 at your
Bucklen’s Arnica Balve for Cute.
»•way* lead 1« Better Health
Residence. Mb Ave. «nd Marie St »th Ave.
Station scar Lest«. Phone Tabor 3774
sound and fully seasoned.
" ANTED—A gissi reliable man or
woman to solicit aulatciptions.
at Herald oilier.
It cuts with leas waste anti
stand« all kin<b< of weather.
Give us your next order.
Watches, Jewelry
Repair Work
The Copeland Lumber Company
All Goods and Work
Footer Roa<l and ('ampbell Sta» 14*01»« Station, Portland, On*gon
Phone Tabor 1371
First Class
WANTED:—To engage 'JO families
from Luits to pick ho;ts on my farm
near Sla-rwtsal—Write for full infor­
E. E. Rogers, RD 2. Sher­
wood Ore.
WANTED—Hoys mar tie fiati and
sometimes girls.
The older unes st
ordinary wages anti others to lie
schooled and cared for in return for
-light services rendered. For particu­
lars address W. T. Gardner, superin­
tendent Boys and Girla Aiti Society of
Oregon, Portland. Ore.
Footer Road
Quality Tailoring
Doings of Our Neighbors
Nd Wsatta liait lad Naalft Imita
General Machine Shop
One Block East of Main on Foster Rd.
Business men of John Day »reorganiz­
ing in an effort to secure new enterprises I
in that valley. According to a statement
issued by them there are exceptional
opportunities for a roller flour mill and
for an up-to-date creameiy. They say
that all flour used in Grant County has
to be hauled in from distant outsiiie |
points while grain of all kinds is shipped :
out of the valley, and tliat in John Day j
and Bear valleys a large amount of '
milk is produced, a large part of which
is hauled 40 mile« to Prairie City, the
nearest creamery.
Business men and |
property owners are ready to lend all .
possible assistance to the establishment '
of tliese industries
How te Reducá Flesh
As a change from the strenuous ex
arrises usually advised for olwuity by
sxpeitslve »lax Iellata why not euiliody
these g) muiudies In file everyday task,
thereby mid lug Intereat to the tasks
The teachers for next school year at
The quarterly meeting of th« County
and gra<e to the Itody? If your waist
Gresham are Principal, Prof Stubbe; Grange waa lield at Orisut Wsdnesrlay.
is Inclined lu thick neos you can meline
Mrs Coy Woodward , Misa Eva Struggles, Several of the Granges wore not repre­ It to suppleness by always waslilug
A T. Anderson; Mias Mallei Arthur;
your lianda hi the laittom of tbs lui 111
sell le<l The afternoon was takeu up
Miss Liggett, Mrs. Myrtle Myers, Miss
tub. Do thia. If poaelble, without bend
Ing the kuee.
If faithfully pursued
l-aura Harvey. Mise Emma Fuller and
Mies Mae Hughes. The election for Agricultural College. R. W. Gill and this little practice will accomplish aa
board was held on Monday, reeulting in Prof. Freuch ol the State Farm aud much aa ton uiluutee of tieiidiug ex
the choice of Bert Lindsey, and D. M. Field extension work.
Prof. Wilson
Have you a deelre to Improve your
Roberts waa chosen Clerk.
gave an impractical talk on “Insects carriage and add weight to your ap-
Gresham schools enrolled 296 pupils
pvarauceT Have the hooka in your
last year, and the cost of maintanece Not Dur Own," and recited a lot ol wardrotie almoat tieyond your reach ao
eutomological history that itrtereeled that every time you go for your bat or
was »773«.
no oue.
It lacked point.
Mr. Gill a garment you will have to stretch
drove tioine «ome good points about your arms upward and stand on tip
Edward E. Gill Weds.
the new public markets in Portland. toe.
Wednesday evening waa notable in
Do not alt down to put on your stioee
He very dearly showed bow the market
the biography of Edward E. Gill of
and stockings You may have to per­
was lietiedtlmg all connected with it.
Moulovilla in that it waa his wedding
form all aorta of queer antica to accora
Prof. French gave an instructive talk
pllsh your punxwe. but the bending ex­
He and Mrs. Madge lteibl
on tlie new government movement for ercise you go through In doing no la
Williams were quietly married at the
farm extension instruction, county farm wortb more Ilian those of tbe gymna­
home of a friend at ùbr, Blanden« Avenue.
demonstration work, etc. H. G Stark­ sium. Itecause you will work bonier
After a short visit to Newport they will
with a tangible object In view.
weather was to give a talk on bis ex
be at home at Montavilla uext week.
ilalrbrushlng la a wearisome tank,
periencea as commissioner to Europe in
the study of agricultural credit systems but if tbe desire to move with grace
From the Ladies Aid
ol that country, but owing to the length Is put Into every stroke hud If the
wrist Is held firm the action la certain
of the program he consented to appear!
to be au excellent baud and wrist ex
at tbe next county meeting and present •reise. If you do your own marketing
I his topic.
walk to amt from tbe market briskly,
Scat— Exchange.
The evening session waa taken up taking long, eveu strides and a winging
Tailoring and Dressmaking. Childrens with a short program and the initiation the limb from the hip without bending
sewings! reasonable prices.—Tabor 4576, of a class of seven into the fifth degree the knee All the bending and reach
Ing ex en lass of your household work
cor. 9th and Maria Lento.
may Ite transformed Into benefits If
Eastern Star Entertains
they only will Ite considered In that
light and If the mind will work with
lente Lodge of the Eastern Star
the tasty In tabulating them aa tiene
at last l>eeu duly recognised by
■letal exercises Instead of physical ex
Grand Iuidge and granted full
art Iona
All Kinds Repairing
peneation. Wednesday evening
Smith & Colgan
New Spring' Styles and
Latest Patterns
Successore to C. E. Cleland
Shoeing and Plow Grinding
Main Street
Special Attention Give to
Interfering and Lame Horses
Lents, Oregon
Shop Third Ave. and Foster Road
FOR SALE—Good young horse.
quire at Herald office.
Park Feed & Fuel Co. Talsir 12H0.
LUMBER—At our new mill
«ontheaat of Kelso. We deliver lumlær.
Tlonsrnd Bros
letter lieaxis, envelopes, cards, bill
heads, auction notices ami |sMtsrs,
dodgers, announcwients, etc, at Mt.
Scott Pub Co , office, Lents.
FDR SALE—Homo choir« residence
lots. Waler pi|>ed to all lots, electro
lights Slid telephone at car station.
Terms to suit. Whl take go,M| borsosa
part payment on a lot.
Phone Bull I-
2914 Gilbert H ation. l^-nte, Oro.
M. Calkins.
In Oregon’s Most Reliable Association
Tailor to
Men and
Oregon Fire Relief, Oregon Merchants Mutual
Fire, American Life and Accident In­
surance of Portland
FOR HEXT l room boss«, 87. In­
quire 302 Nth Ave. N. lent«.
John Brown, (jreshc'im, Ore.
We Give S. & H. Green Trad
ing Stamps
Remember the Name—BOHNA
Foster Road Next Do >r
to P. O.
Lents Sta., Portia d, Oregon
rol» WKN7
LOANS mav lie obtained to repay
mortage». remove encumbrances, pur­
chase nr Improve reel estate, from one
to ten years* time Special privileges;
corresponds- , e invited
A C General
tgenev, 7«7 Ga- A F.lecltlc Bldg., Den­
ver Colo or 410 Phelan Bl<l«„ Han
Francisco, Calif.
Daily Oregonian, Herald, McCall,a
Magazine anti Sunset, all for the
regular price (Wl 00) of the Oregonian,
I taken at the Herald office.
Call or write us
Ti e Herald.