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LeglMntlvo Hlib-Comnilttee on High-
Wiijh Recommends Measure to
I'lnro License Charges on
Weight Rather TIiiiii
Horso Power.
SALEM, ORE. FEB. 14-Tho sub
conunlttco of tho Joint roads high
way conunlttco lino agreed Hint auto
moliltcs will bo llconscd on n wolght
basts, nnd motor trucks will bo
HcoiiRod according to tlio width ot
whoolB. Tho mib-conimlttco also
fixed tho speed (or motor trucks on
country rondo on highways ot mac
adam. Tho Joint commission has not yot
approved tho fow polntH on which
agreements Imvo been reached, and
It Is not known yet when that will
bo approved. Although tho sub
committee) has agreed on tho weight
basin agalnBt tho present homo pow
er basis, It has not decided whether
tho tho basis should bo by classes or
so much per hundrod ppunds. Tho
factor may possibly bo $1 par hun
dred. On trucks tho wolght Is limited to
COO pounds an Inch of tiro width up
to 10, COO wolght of truck nhd load,
Abovo that, tho limit Is COO pountlH
and an Inch tiro width, up to 32,000
pounds, beyond which no loads aro
allowed except by special permit. Tlio
width ot tires means tho width of all
four tires.
Tho fees to bo paid by motor
trucks, traitors and soml-trnllers
whon equipped with ono or tnoro
solid tires shall bo based on tho total
tiro width ot such vohtclus, as tot-,
Not ovor" 14 Inches, $3C00, over
14 Inches and not ovor 17 Inches,
$42.00, over 17 Inches and not over
22 Inchon, fCC.OO, over 17 Inches nnd
not ovor 20 Inches, $CG.00, ovor 2G
Inches and not ovor 30 Inches, J IOC,
ovor 30 Inchos and not ovor 30 Inches
$120.00, over 30 Inches nnd not. ovor 1
40 Inchos $140.00.
No account Is bolng takon for do
proclntlon ot cars.
Prof. W. I. 1'owem anil Olliei-n Vn'
sent Vlcux of Dnilnage nml Ir
rigation Problem to Wiiriu
KprlngK Handlers
Following tho Short Courso weok
nt Ontario, tho Farm Huroiiu con
ducted a school on Irrigation and
drainage at Vnlo. Owing to th
newness of tho work in thoso linos
on tho rocontly consisted Warm
springs project, tho 'ranchora about
Vale havo shown a particular Inter
est In thoso subjects and their In
terest was manifested by tho at
tendance Despite bad roads "on
which automobiles could uot travel,
thoro was an nverngo attendance
during tho Ihreo days of forty to
forty'flvo mon.
Professor Powers of tho Oregon
Agricultural Collogo whore ho Is
head of tho department of Soils, Ir
rigation nnd Dralusge, handled most
of tho technical port of tho program.
Tho first two das were devoted to
raattors connected with drainage and
such subjects ns "Whon and why
sMIs need drainage," making pre
liminary survoys for dralnago pro
jects, tho aspects of drainage dlstrldt
organization, Installing dralnago
systems, and other topics were giv
en attention. On Wednesday meth
ods of proparlng laud for Irrigation
and tho application of water under
varying conditions of soils, crops
dnd similar topics wero takon up
and discussed.
Horticulture One of County's Most
Profitable A$sets at Present Time
n i, mn-t interesting ad -
dresses made during the Farmer's
Short Courso week, which was me
center ot attraction here last week,
was that made by A. A. Reed of
Drogan who is chairman of the Farm
nureau'a Horticultural committee
and who gathered statistics to show
tho traportaneo of fruit raising In
this county.
Among other things Mr. Reed pre
sented the following figures and es
timates showing the extent of trult
raising here.
According to the assessor's books
thero are 1772 acres of bearing apple
Q. E. Hamstreot ot Drogan wag In
Ontario this week as ho says, "to
poddlo Bomo prunes." Mr. Hum
strcot sought Ontario's whulcitnlo
mon as tho logical buyers and suc
ceeded In getting an offer for tho
crop. "Peoplo up our way aru In
terested In fcoIiiij tho .'dim Day High
way located frcm Uti'ty to Prairie
City, and In scoini; jmno mnliiluu
nrico work done on tho Ilrognti to
Cow Valley ecctHii ot tho Join Dnj
Highway. Th'j hilns this wlutor
havo sorlcusly Injured that section
of tho road nnd something must bo
dono or tho statu will loso Its In
vestment In that section of tho
rond," snld Mr. Hamstreot.
Attendance Grows Htendlly At IH
Hirer of Extension Men Ranch
er Interested In Oo-opcrntlo
Marketing mid Poultry
Last wcok an account of tho first
threo days ot tho Kami Uurenu's
short courso and a brlof summary of
tho subjocts treated wan given. Tho
Jnst threo days contained so much
ot valuo that it Is hero reported for
tho benoflt of thoso who wuro not
fortunato enough to bo prcsont. Tho
nttondanco during tho last days was
bettor than during tho first threo
days, thoro bolng about 7C parsons
prosont each day, Tho sumo Inter
oat was shown thruout and tho
sponkora woro unanimous in uxptos
slong ot satisfaction about tho wny
questions woro flrod nt thorn at tho
clouoot tho lecturos which showod In
terest in tho work.
Dlry Day drew tho largest ",..?."." 0 , cortaty would bo dltlons under which the proMiit ln
idnnco of tho wcok. Perhaps this I . "'"' ,p ,. ',,, ,. cumbent was umplnyed wild It
was on account of tho ch'ef perform
er. Prof. E. I). Flttn, tho renowned
t Judge ot dairy cattlo. Or perhaps
It was becauso ot tho awakened In
terest In dairying. Anyway n good
full program was put on boforo a
good nudlonco. Tho first talk wbh
on tho seloctlon and
dairy cattlo In whlrh Prof, Mils
bulls Ho Illustrated a,;d explained
howtotraceout pedigree, of regls-iv
torod animaiB, it. v. uunn gavo a ,
iplondld talk on" dairy i
urobloms and Illustrated his talk
with actual ftguros from operating
dairies to show howdalryliiT ma
"" "nuo "",i"LJ,".,."u .... ' J
Ilian.o iiccoruiiig m uiu y n.-n-..
parts of tho business aro handled
In tho afternoon, Prof. Fltts loclur
od on thu care, feeding and man
agomont of dairy cattle, and gao
agemoni o, .m.ry .. ." V' Supported by Senator Btanflol.l. Is to
many valuable pointers on ,lm lane- B law' which will result In th
ing rations, etc. J. II. nrown o'.J J government bearing a share
the Karmors Creamery of Payette do- 'ouur' .""
llvorcd a short address on the manu-
facturo of dairy products, Mr. Ounn
placed figures on tho board to show
. .. -.. .,. i i ... i.r..o
p.acou r.gures on iu , ,u ...
tho advteablltty of dairying from thu ,
-?- r,rxn!"Z:Z:z ;,.;,, i .
uuniuui!1. " '... ...n --w
program with a talk
on Judging:
dairy cattle.
stu,.yUof cS.r.UT. marketing or-
ganrtanonB. 6"' ...,.....-...
of tho needs for such organUatlon
took Dlaco during which It wns
brounht out that there Is a demand
for organisation work to facilitate
tho marketing of potatoos, Imy,
grain, fruit, wool, livestock, poultry
products, datry products etc. and tho
mnttor. Of forming a farm bureau
exchange was discussed. Following
this discussion, Mr. Paul Mehl, Ex-
(Continued on Last Pagi
. trees in the county; 395 acros of
bearing apple trees In the county;
I AH. ...a n lina.lnv 'nntllA trAAR 111
an ucioo w " ,-. ...- ...
the county; 105. acros of
Add to
apple troes In the county
this abojjt 30 ncres bearing pears.
makes a total of 2573. This should
produce net to growers at least $100
per acre annually or $257,300.00.
Orchard districts are as follews:
Drogan and Jamloson about 1000
acres; Oregon Slope 400 acres; Illvor
dale, about 200 acres. Dalanco
around Ontario and Nyssa with one
or two orchards at Dig Dond district
A. A. nEED.
It. N. Stnnfleld Hero on IUihIikhm
MIhhIom Monday Declines Con-
dlllotiH Jmiioo Even I'm-
HIiuVp Men Goes to
Wellington Hoon.
i'i v i it.,t. i Htnnfinlri ' senator ' '' Hslonod to a lengthy discussion I Docombor 4 for tho States by way ot
e.nt Ln c renon in n O urlo of ! Proposed route, for tho emry ""Mook, Scotland, tho ship touched
SSmmv ZZL 1 te?i w Ith ot the Columbia highway Into the Now York and Norfork, Vn. bo
Monday on business connected with - , ,ore gong ,mok thni tho ,,,
cou1,tv,"y Ho'S'Sns'tlc toi Z " " o" '" lh C""A l0 BR" rrft"C,8r whteh
"2 wn'n X'SI tho UuZ. r comwll to reconsider th. mo-' hnI Jnnimry SO. the entire voy
pcclally whon discuss ih tho riiniit rnrmi- 8 tkl"K Hvo months,
mental hrftlncs conditions In this TZZZl this tin.. Mr. Uussel, took
"Morn wool was sold durliiR tlis Of- lirttior ami others urgel lM8"" "m,0- "10 'I' w'",l' "l
,nth of Jan mrv than In I 1 of c roientlim of that route. J. W.Mor. Ho decries conditions
month of Jaminr than l all of tlio wnflimn-il llw cost of pro-' Irolmi.l ns terrible, and not u vrry
prercdlng eight months." ho said. Mc .. "'"' . .'-! 1. . . , t.loasnnt .dace to sm.n.1 v.rtl..
"nnd more than CO per cent of tho
remaining wool on l.nnd now Is ear-
pet wool, so that ntatlstlcally nol
Is bettor now than It h'as been for tlmq. Heforo tho coming wool
clip Is on tho market conditions will
ro ovon boiler.
Ycs. 1 bellove firmly that tho
eomAiK wool clip will bo sold, tho
not ut tho figures ul.loh pratnIM
during tho war. The wills yh'ah
wero closed for'n tlma aro rosumln
operations in tho East and there Is
,, demand Tor woM that will roa-
tliiuo, for there Is a market for tht
product. Thoro are noiio who do-.
clnro that the country Is overstocked
with woolen goods, and tho gradual
resumption of buying s proving that
that mnrkot enn absorb wlmt Is l.o-
I-.. .-.! .......
"I expect to leavo Oregon about
IVbrunry 2C for Washington, but
with so many detail, lo attend to
now It may bo n.dny or two after
S Mora I actunflloavo How-'
ovor I'll bothero In time to be
sworn in wlt.T tho other newly o.oot- .
ect will, tho men Lore Interested In
it- wt..itiAL.ti rJnfiirnllV I 11111
1U1 l,WIIOtlHWIWili -.... .... -
InfnrOHtnil In It tOO. for I lQ kllDWIl
....... s Inou nlmiil It tnr n lilimlittr
II1U1U Ul iiot
thing I can to advance the Interest,
of this soctlon for it Is burn that I
n.r.rr b.ln. mtercts .n.llfa. -""""Z
- '
Whon ho goes back to Washing -
- as U ,
- - - , . , . .
Mr, Adams has had yonrs
of oxporlonco in publlo llfo having
boon n mombor of both Michigan nnd
Oregon legislatures and speaker of
tho former body during ono session.
.Ho ha. recently disposed of his l.u.1-
,, , . ,,,, t,lU
uohb iiuuronio
position ,to bo of sorvlco In advanc
ing tho welfaro of Orocon Ono of
Mr. Adams purposes, In which no is
' . .... .n, .i..a nml uMini nlllilte
"; ""' ... . , '. .
uri in ,.ifc ,...... -.
As tho fT8t step toward
ino Biaio
it.. nn.uUnn Mit IsMtnl (nnVM
plant In the party platform widow
ing such legislation
""""J ' ,V
Doatrlco Lodge !' 3. HebeWnh.
hold Its annual oli'ldrtn's paity lr
tho 10. OF. hall Friday ovu
Fobruary 11, 1921, about CO lxdwr
present. Mttle M'ea lie'en i-v
sang a vooal o!o. Viola Draper gave
a recitation. I.onora Jones a vosul
nolo nnd Carl Poorman j recitation
The evening was spent Hi plnylny
gamos until the llttlo folks eiw
tired. Dainty refroshmonts wero
servod In tho banquet room, the
children having first place.
iH"r 'r
During the nut weok a num-
, ber of Ontafiani have been ro-
quested uy let'er iroin vuiu t
that he commute tho sentence
t Governor 01 ott ro .us "ng
that ho cominct" the sentence
of death passed upon George
Howard for the murder of
George Sweenoy to llfo
a nrtannmont. So far as can be
l. J. I
learned few ot thoso approach-
ed havo compllod with the ro-
quest. Unless tho Governor dooa
commuto tho sentence Howard
4- will hang nt the stato pentten-
tlary a wook from tomorrow.
Wiiter ileu Author-
II) to lllio Pump Help Willi, Ail-
vlte of f it iiWnf ti- Rentals
Must In- I'nlil Hcgiitiirl).
At tho adjourned moling of.thoi31 Bflor bol,1 disabled nt sea In a
. Oltv Council Monday nutht the clh
V"lnK npprosrhes oneh way audf
v"' ,,IB ro".lu "' "' r"'r-
B"'"1 ronnctlmc llli llw
"""it. Cloorge K. Alkou told he
moellnic of tho negotiations which
" ! ' H'oj "' ,,f ' l'0
""lo ri,,,,,' T ( '"""; V" f
1'1'nnr. '"' W- ' "v'
nml others PnMiilo.1 v low. of the
Hltustlon ...d Mualljr Jud. K. H.
l "r ,,ml ln"tw,(l of, ,lUfftr!,'K
with Mth olhor m u I He ,mi route
" ncii prcs.-L h'.u" . on-Ri-J
,, '""" f'",,,l ovar RuU,MB
M,Vr1oad Bt ., '' , ., ,
This sontlmont apiwrmilly. mot
with W fori nr
"Wo ililrort lo In any wiir Jooprdfe
'"-"" " ' '! "'" TLZZ
oilman lvmi 15. Oakos (lis mttr wir
tl.t .... tl.u (Alllll II..III
th Msreh
" " "" "
tncolli.K- ...
JVslrr gueMlon I ,"''
T"'. council ronsldored making n
ohnngo In tho pump man at th
w.t.r but took no action on
rover.,! "amos suggested. Kx-Ms or
1. W. Juno, w , was ; ,...
hi. policy lo hold tho water supe -
ini ' niir.m-.v
mom and to employ whom 1m wlucl-
Tlio council took jiotu of ilm fact
llmt there Is outstanding $00 of
ui..i..i.u .. -...-.n .... ....
wntor from
dslimiuoiit users after
due notice
IIuiIiicm. Men Listen 'Vi l.'clnnn lly
IJteitM noil Am Told of Pliuix
of MniKi'tliiK' Oignul41-
lions Many Attend
For threo liourn Inst Friday een
lug CO Ontario busneaii mon llstan
od to lectures on modern furni'.ng
and markotliiK mothods as presented
by representative, of extension work
from O. A. C. yho wore here to -IU-cus
thoee mntters llli the Farmers
of tho county under tho auspices of
thu Malheur County Farm Hureaii.
Soorutory W. II. Doollttle pr'sldwl
at tho meeting Introducing Prof.
Paul Mihl who told ot tlir wuecessful
methods of Oreuon Co-operatlvo So-
clot I w, Prof Ounn who ilbM'iniMil
the busliieas side of farming and
what the business men of the towns
could do to aid the farmer; J. H.
Blown, manager of tho Payette Co-
operative Creamery: '".JSr'Mln-. n.n-1.1 Mrs. E. u. Sear
elub loader for Hoys and l.lrla ". Kru.iand. Idaho.
and George K- Aiken who diseusseu
tho dlfroreuoe between the co-operative
movement lit Oregon and the
Non Partisan League's program In
North Dukota.
That tho busliioea men ero In
terested in the co-operative inove
mout wns Indicate-)! by detailed ques
tions dlroeted to Mr. Mehl nnd others
dlirlng tho evening nnd Inter, when
coffeo nnd doughnuts wore served by
tho club committee, Louis Hurtle
nnd A. L. Christiansen.
It wuh Jho unnnlnious opinion of
tho buslnoes men that the farmer's
weok program be made un annual
.j. '
uimrirr Iji N'oo arrival this
n.nrnlnir with A! Chaliee lie .
j. mu nrralcned before Police
i . . p M stBarn, this after- 4
!tJ nW)J n1(, wnbad preliminary
i UoaHng- Ju(1bo gtoarns fixed
1 tU- lmj, at $3,000. which
1 chance ,,, not ,,r0liuc so was
taken tf) Vale 4.
17, 1921
Ireland not proper place
i oh hummer vacationists
I. J. Russell of 8tnnflold, Oregon,
Is visiting his grandparents Mr. nnd
Mrs. Jacob Stroup. The young man
I hns JiiBt returned ftom a trip to Uol-
fnst, Iroliuul where ho spent a month
He toft Bonttlu on tho steamship,
I U'estboro, tho 20lh of August, going
by way of tho 1'anama Canal.
Tho ship reached Holfnst October
Tr una Biorm. weaving tnoio on
Hiicu"i of SI.imV l.ulli'iiten
nt llnnclieiH nml Timii
I ut eiv t
mill linllrates Nieil I'ur Itettvr
O.giiiiUatloiis Here
The poultry and pel stock show
vhlch was hold last Thursday. 1'r
iltiy and Saturday whs by all odds
tho best hfltl hero In yours. Tho
thuru weru not so many entries duo
'o the conditio., of tho roads and the
lutouoss ot tho season, still tho show
was aUeudcd by larger crowds than
usual, Indicating In Itsolf n groator
Interest In tho business.
During thu show mcmhorslilp lists
wero opened for a permaniiut as
sociation to tako over tho show
which hns always been under the
auspices ot tho Commercial Club. In
less than an hour 30 mombers wero
scoured nnd others will be added
this week and mooting hold nt un
early date to comploto orgaiiUntlou.
Mrs. Dlnsloy, secretary of tho Ida
ho Poultry and Pot Stock associa
tion nml other Idaho poultry fanciers
weru hero mid declared tho class of
birds shown to bo exceptionally high.
Tlio following was tho decision ot
the Judge: '
Cock lllrd 1st, C. E. Dibble, Pay
ette, Idaho; 2nd, M. F. Fowull, On
tario; 3rd Mrs. Hernial! 8ago, On
tario. Cockerel bred cockerel 1st, 2nd
and 3rd, C. E. Dibble Pnyotto, Idaho.
Pullet bred coekorol 1st, C. B. Dib
ble, Payette; 2nd, Fred Morton,
Hon 1st, 3ml nnd 3rd, C. E. Dili-
Hen V. 1st, 2nd and 3rd, C. E. nib
ble, Pnyetto.
Pullstt. Coekorol bred 1st, 2nd
and 3rd, C. K. Dibble, Pnyetto.
Pullet, pullet bred. 1st, 2nd and
3rd. C. E. Dibble. Pnyetto.
Old breeding pen, Coekorol brod
1.1, 2nd and 3rd, C E Dibble, pay-
etto. Pullet bred, 1st, Mrs. Itamlnll
8ui!o. Ontario.
Yon n it breeding pen, Coekorol
brod 1st. C E. Dibble. Payette.
Pullot bred 1st, C. E. Dlbblo, Pny
otto. 2nd, Mrs. It. Sago, Ontario.
Cockerel 1st A. B. Flock, Now
Plymouth, Malm.
Cook bird 1st, J. T. MoNulty.
Ontario, Oregon; 2nd, Mrs. E. p.
Moargnut. Fruttlaud.
Hon -1st, 2nd and 3rd, O. D
Atherlon, Ontario.
Pullot 1st and 2nd, J. T Mc
S'ulty, Ontario; 3rd E. I). Soargont,
Coil. Dlrd 1st. N. S Felthoiuu,
New Plymeuth: 2nd. Parks Poultry
Farm Ontario; 3rd, N H.nttti, un
'arlo, Oregon.
Coekorol -1st, N S Kolthoilso.
Now Plymouth; 2nd. W A Fonts,
(Contlnuod on Last Page)
Argus Story Indirect Means By
Which Chance Was Apprehended
Tho story which The Aigus
carried tolling of tho defalcations of
Al Chanco, formerly agent of tho
liaise Payette Lumber company heie
wus tho Indirect moans which luud
ed him In the tolls of the law Jack
Taylor, son of Col. und Mrs C F
Taylor wrts tho direct ugont In tho
mottor. for It was after reading The
Argus story that Mr. Taylor told the
Long lleaoh California chief of police
about Chance and where ho could bo
In u letter to his paronta, Mr. Tay
lor told how he liad seen on
tho streets of Long lleach for soma
NO. 11
Compnny Such ns 111k Town Open
Oocrs Apiroclnto Wins IlenrtH
of Coiupnrntltcly Small Au-
illenco Here Is Highly
Enthusiastic In its praise of the
work of tho company, oxtravagont In
Rcloctlng expressions to measure ap
preciations ot tho work of the solo
ists, tho nudlonco which enjoyed the
rnro treat of hearing Ilobtn Hood
Inst night at tho Majestic Is bus to--day
telling those not present what
thoy missed. No hlghor approval
could bo given.
In passing It should be suld that
It Is Indeed a rare thing for suoh
a production to bo presented In u
town ns smnll as Ontario by a com
pany such as that whtch Ralph
Dunbar has gnthored tOBOthor, and
tho management ot tho Majestic Is
doscnlng of tho crodlt for bringing
such nn attraction to tho city.
The audience apparently agroed
that It could nut pick a favorite
from so many good singers, tho per
haps the most emphqtlo approval
was given William Dogan's presen
tation of tho Armoror's soug, No
bassa ever heard In this soctlon dis
played a register nnd volumo com
bined with smooth tonal quality
such as did Mr. Deguu. Miss Ustty
Maxtor's presentation of "Oh Prom
ise Me,' was only equalled by Miss
Thledo's solo number Ilctwesu
them thero was llttlo to choose.
Of course the audience appreciat
ed tho situations in which the .her-,
iff ot Nottingham found himself and
liked tho manner in which tho en
tiro company realized the possibili
ties ot the soverul part, ot this moat
popular American opora over writ
ten. Those who hoard Robin Hood
aro moro than nnxlou. to hoar the
other Dunbar productions headed
this wily and hope thoy will stop at
Ontario. Thoy will It Ontario will
ronllzo and support such bit; time
Mrs. II. R. Cnldwoll roturned from
La Grande this wook accompanied
by hor llttlo daughtor Maude Evelyu
who has been In La Urando for the
past olght months where tho was
operatod upon for a congenital dis
location of tho hip. From this dis
location sho sufforod from birth
and could not walk. Now .he can
run and play as do othor children,
much to thu Joy of hor parents.
While she wus in La Grande .he
stayed at tho homo ot hor grand
mother, Mrs. D. W. Caldwell.
Word was rocelvod hero yestorday
of tho death at Cnldwoll of Charles
Turner, well known stock man ot the
Snake Illvor valley and ono ot the
fnupdors ot tho Caldwell Horse & ,
Mulo Company, According to the
reports rocelvod horo Mr. Turner
wns Instantly klllod whon No, 21
wost bound hit his auto at a cross
ing near Caldwell, Mr, Turner was
well known In Ontario and all the
surrounding country.
John Clark ot Portland, grand
chancellor ot thu Domain ot Oregon,
and Waltor Glenson, also ot Port
laud, grund koeper of records uud
soul, made mi ortlclul visit to Armor
Lodge No. 09 Knights ot Pythias ot
this city lust ovenlug. They will
nuikti an official visit to Advance
Luilgo of Vale this evening. '
time and had visited with him the
night before hi. copy ot Tho Argus
camo. Ho then told the police of
ficials ot tho presence ot Chance In
the City and where he could bt
In Lung Roach, Chanco assumed
the alias of Stevens and had taken
an Interest In a root estate firm, ac
cording to stories appoarlng In Los
Angolos papers, and had bucn there
for threo weeks, following a short
stay at TlaJuauu, Mexico to which
city ho fled from Onturlo.
Local officials horo expect Sher
iff Lee Noe here today with Chaucu.