The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, July 08, 1920, Image 8

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C. V. Wood was lioro from Nampn
to upend tlio Fourth.
C. K. Dlnelmm niudo n business
trip to Nampn Wednesday.
it. A. Kotsny nntl wlfo of I'ocatollo
pcut Hid Fourth In Onturlo.
Arthur Van Slcklln of Wolscr Is n
IiubIucah visitor hero this wiH'k.
Mr. and Mrs. Connno .1. Shorli of
Cnlflwoll wore In town Saturday.
Mrs. E. M UrolB will entertain
tlio Tuesday UrldKO Club next week.
Mr. and Mrs. 0. M. Crundnll wore
nmonc tlio Fourth of July visitors
from Vale.
Miss Tlielttm Lninpkln of Coiinrll,
Idaho Is vMUiik with Miss Margaret
Tlio ConRrcgntlonal LndlcH Aid mot
Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. J.
W. Marsdcn.
Dlitrlct Attorney II. W. SwnBlcr
leaves tonight for Iortlntnl on n short
buslneua trip.
Mr. and Mrs. I.. ('. Kelsey. Choster
and Klol of Nntnpa spent I lie
Foil i tli In Ontario.
Mrs Fred ItloRer and ohlldron
spent several diiyti In Ontario this
week vIsltliiR rohitlvos.
Mrs. ('. II. Trousdale arrived homo
from lint Lnko where she has been
rewdvlnc treatment.
Mr. and Mrs. doorjo Drown and
Hynl (llonn v,wo Ontario visitors
from Vnlo on Tuosday.
Mrs. Dalton IIIrks motored down
from their ranch above Vnlo this
mornliiK on a shoppltiK trip.
MIimm Delia and Wllma MIIoh and
Miss Kuthorlno Troxoll left last week
for it month's vacation at Seaside.
Mr mid Mrs. t'hostor Ynrnoll onmo
up from Nnmpa to spend tho Fourth
with Mrs. Ynmell' parentH. Mr. atid
Mrs. J. II. Atherton
Mr. mid Mrs. A. B. Ilrewiunt and
dnuchter. Helen, aro lenvlux the last
of tlm week for a visit nl their old
home In Minnesota.
Mrs. I'oto PiiForil and son. Allen,
and Mlwi Nettlo Peterson nro spend
Iiik this wcok at tho 0. II. I'oterson
much near Crane.
Miss Holon Andorson, cashier at
the local tolcphono otflco.. spent tho
week end vIsltliiK nt her father's
ranch near Draw-soy.
Mrs. A. L, Chanro returned last
weok from (loodland, Kiiiihuk. Hor
sister, Mliw IIiuwl Harper returned
with hor for n visit hero.
Clarenco II. J'o'oiiimii returned
Saturday from California wlinro ho
linn beon for wiimi llmo working nt '
bis trade, Hint or brlek idiiroii. '
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Setrulno wont :'
Judge uud Mrs. Ueo, 12, Duvls and
their family of V'ulo wuro Ontario
vlaltora on Wedueaduy uvunlnij.
Tho Catholic Ladled Aid was very
onjoyublo euturtulued Friday uftur
noon ut tho homo uf Mm. V. 1. Me
Kouua. MUboh Mary uud Krnutlnu Loeoy
and Mr. Carroll Locoy ciiiuu duu
from Ironaldo to oujoy the Fourth ut
July, festivities lu Ontario.
Mr. uud Mm. Charlus W. Lamar,
who huvo been visiting at tlio V. 1.
McKeuuu Home left tho (list m Hie
week for their homo lu DuIIiih. Tmx-
Mr. uud Mrs. A. Ii. McUIUlvruy ot
Vulu motored down from the Count
BUitl Wuduotiduy uvunliitf to visit wltli
their old time friends 0. M. Castle-
inuu of the Outurlu l'liitrmuey.
Mrs. Kmiuu lJrodorlok who has
been employed lu tho book-keeping
departments of the First National
Dunk luut roslgued her position, el-
lectivo August l una lias lukeii a
position with the I'ucldu Uuilding
uud Loan tiiMOulutlou in iluud.
1'. J. Gallagher uud sou Francis re
turned fiou'i Jordan Valley Wednes
day where they spent several days.
Mr. Uullugher delivered tho oration
at tho Fourth of July celebration
which wus held ut tho now town of
(Coutlnuod From Tago 1)
Nyssa, July 12; Adrian, July 13;
Ontario, July 14, Cairo, July 1G;
Vale, July Hi.'; llrogan, July 113; Uon
ltu, August 11. No date has been
sot for Jordan Vulloy yet. which Is
tho only Farm llureau community
left to arrange for.
Mrs. Duvla Imu been lu communi
cation with the Agricultural College
him made tonutlvo arrangements for
another series of demonstrations for
the ladles. This time it is to be
something along the dressmaking
Hue. with a demonstration of how to
make a houio-mudo dressform. One
of the College Specialists In this
work has promised to come to con
duct the work.
For Training
iiiiili'iil I'i'iiirriiiii
Women anil ('iris In l.lfo Having
Methods Value of Training
Cannot llo Measure!
TIih ii mi mi 1 tixitmitiiiliitiiH of iiuidl-
eauts for teaching lu Hie various
schools of Mulhutir County are now
IiiiIml- held nt tlio count v com t Iioiikc
by Fay Clark Hurley, Count) Supor-
IiiImiiiIiiiiI nf Ki'IiiiiiIh Tliitrn nil1 llllie
uipllcatlts who nro Inking llif cxain
iuatlons which comuirticrd on iiiurs-
ltubv. and cumo homo imtluiuiiiaiiiidiiv uud am oMiccted to hint until
oMir the prospects for doelopinent Slkln," luunilng. comprising. I.on-
i,. ii, ..i ...i.... il" Sears, Vale; Mrs. Nellie I'ntnuiii.
ju uiui robton. Payette, Anna U. l'rltehell, Vale;
' Huth Uiekoy, Ontario; Hazel Dale..
(Continued From l'age 1 1
It would bo Impossible to give u
detnllod description of tho vurlous
floats, there are not enough adjec
tives to go around but let It bo wild
that tho contests were close for hon
ors, and oven some ot tlio winners
declare that others deserved the
prizes, which shows the friendly char
acter of the contests.
Tho following was the order of
the purado and the list of tho pnrtlo-
p tints:
Tho marshal of tho clay, and ours
currying the civil wur voturans; then
the floats of tho llluoblrd. lloyer
llros; U. A. Fruser. Mrs. 1). N. l'ow.
urn, Outurio Iluud, Atnorloun Lcglouj
in uniform, float, tho Sulnor's Nest.
Mnrsdou Muchlno company. Concro-
gatlouul Sunday School. Outurio
Cooking and sowing club, Illackuby
Jowolery Co., Dreamland Theatro.
Under Bros., The Uluu Moou, Outurio
Modem I'ressary, Ontario Furulttiro
compuny, Outurio Furnlturo com
jmny'M clown with baby Ijukkv. On-
tarlo Pharmacy, Turner's Muslo Store,
Outurio Firo Department, Ilovo, aiW
Aineilc-au Legion lintei lulu
Vale: Jiiiinlta Uiihoii. DreHsev; M
Upson, Urowsey ; Murgnrei Murpii).
Heiiluli; and Winslow A. Iluiuiril, Ji
iliin Valley. Vnlo Kntorprlse.
i:li:cts oiTiunit
Tho churloi' for the Women s u
illury Unit of tho O.iinrlu Leiden
recehed their charter last week mid
the election of officers took place
Friday: Mrs. l'lnnoy, President; Mrs.
Diane, Vice President; .Mrs Uiruo
llhiokuhy, Sec; Mrs. Fruser, Trims.
a.ulur with the crowd wus that furn
8lshod by tho iuombors or Onturlo
Post No. C7, Amorlcun Legion. Tho
bin tt !& ti. .. . ii... ...
to IlolHO ,w,l.v u..r,. M u...i.... . "" "' "" """ "" WUS pop
Wiu .iJi, r.:.' ' "::; :."::. " . r.tu,ar . l" m rum
.... MSII W f!C7lTi IH'UftR 1VII1I0
Mr. SoKtilno will return to-morrow
,,'"vv" "" MWHII MKU dlJli I1IIIV- i.ivo ... 1 ... i.
ham Moss,. Karl Dull uud Ha.-, ro7. ey7ho S .To K
ley Jenue spont n very onjoyahle day'of war souvenirs M.rH, T ,
Monday plcnlCng on Mann'. Cre.k. JuwirSSE, X 'i w l7
Jordan Valley ha. one of the larg- ihown aud 8orvod 0 nttct tl, t
os Sew ng Clubs the County, uud tonllou of UundrwU of Vi-?to.
under tho loB.lor.l.lp of Mrs. AllUou Tho Loglou nIso Wlllntttlnu"u win.
lucknoHs tho club 1 doing splendid1 ton ,, tho coIobrtlUon J,1Z
r. I....,.i.i , . ..
i"'i"""i oui'i'uiitu uuu in me even-
Mrs, c. u. Stovor and son, Ouy
uro leaving tnulcht for Pnrtlumi
Inga daucos were given.
lu tho uarado the LoiMnn
where they will muko their home. 1 t - -- -
," ' , ? , '.I?,8 b0U ,B llUaUa f"V" ". -o fmt altogether thoro was
the pust month.
no orgunlzutlou which contrlbutod
i- ..I . .
. .u. iiuw. oi iyw umierwe.ii uu moro (o , BUCC0M f , gaUlBrl
opera ,o for appendicitis ,, Tuo!ana colebrutlou tlm.. tho Legion
m w tui iiiraui IUBIIIUI. Ills
many friends will bo glad to know
that ho la rocovorlng very well.
Harney Dull and Molvlllo Keefo
started 8unday to spend tho Fourth
at Payette Lukes fishing, hut owing
to n cloudburst they wero forced to
camp u short dlstunco above Council,
Tho airl'a Sowing Club will meet
ut tho High School on Friday, July
9, at 2:30 o'clock. Kuch girl Is to
respond to roll cull by giving (ho
iiamo'of some matorlul mado from
Mrs. David Wuggouor ami child
ren from Juneau, Alusku aro visit
ing ut tho Irwin Troxoll homo. Mrs.
Waggoner Is a sister of Mrs. Troxoll.
Mr, and Mrs, Waggouor uro mission
aries sout out by tho Prosbytorlan
church and have worked In tho Alas
ku mission field for twenty years.
Mrs. George M. Jeffrey who has
boon visiting hor parents, Mr. and
Mrs. C, P. Cummlngs for the past
three weeks roturnod Wednesday
morning to her homo in Dolso, Mrs.
Cumiuliigs uccompnnled her ns far as
Caldwell whero she will visit for a
short tlnio.
Announcements wore recolvod In
tills city this weok of tho marriage
at Fullerton, Nob., of Dr. A. 0. Ueagle
to MUs Ffflo flooding, which took
place on Juno 16th. Dr. lloagle was
formerly an Ontario boy aud Is a
brother of Mrs. J, It. Clregg.
Mr. and Mrs. L. Roudy and child
ren left Sunday for an oxteudod visit
with Mrs Heady's mother, Mrs Frank
Wlnans, ut Long Deach, California.
During their absonco Mr, and Mrs,
Itay F. Wlnans who recently cumo
lioro from Twiu Falls, Idaho, will
occupy their homo.
Tho first of the seriate of cannlni?
demonstrations to bo hold In tho
county us u part of tiie women') pro
gram of work under the Farm llur
eau wus hold ut Oregon Slono Wed-
nesdoy afternoon. About thirty lud-
loo assembled at the Park Snlinni c
soo the aovornmont Cold Pack moth.
od of cannlug domonstrutod by the'
Couuty Club Loador. Muslo Wilson i
Cherrlos uud pons wero canned, i
aud gouoral methods of canning ami
drying woro discussed, many ladles i
adding tholr experiences, '
From Columbia, Mlsourl, Kvenlng
Mlssuurian. Thu Argus this week re
ceived tho following account of the
wedding of Prof. M. D. Thomas uud
MIsh Anna May Prathor, Columbia,
Tho 10:30 Wiib.'tHh train tomorrow
will curry a brother and sister on
their honey. noons. Llconses were
to bo procured lute today for the
marriage ot Shuu.iou Pratlier ami
Miss Margie Leach, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. O. P. Leach ot Centralln,
and Maple I). Thomas and Miss Anna
May Prathor, both of Columbia. Miss
Prathor and Shannon Pratlier uro thu
daughter and sou of Mr. and Mrs. H,
M. Prathor of 410 South Ninth
steeet. Mr. Thomas, a timelier ut
Ontario, Oregon, Is ii sou of J S,
Thomas of 700 Kim street.
Tho Lonch-Prathor wedding will
lake place this evening at tlio homo
of the bride, Just south of Ceutrnlla,
where MIsh Lcsich has been teaching
lu a rural school. At U o'clock to
morrow morning the Pruthor-Thomas
marriage will bo held ut tho Prathor
reslduneo, 410 South Ninth stroot.
Miss Pruthor worked lu thu lloouo
County Nutlonal Hank tor thu lust
your. Sho Is a graduate of tho Col
umbia High School and took a course
lu vocal music at Stephens Collogo.
Mr. Thomas Is u gruduato of tlio Unl
vorslly of Missouri. Ho has boon
professor lu chemistry at tho Outurlu
High School for tho lust three years.
He owns n dairy ranch outside or tho
Oregon city.
Tho couples huvo planned n honey
moon trip through the West. In
cluding Denver. Colorado Springs
aud Salt Uko City, nltor which Mr.
and Mrs. Prathor will return to Co
lumbia where they will mako thulr
home, and Mr. and Mrs.' Thomas will
(ontluuo wost to Ontario.
Mr. Prathor und Mr. Thomas serv
ed In the army und navy, respective
ly, lu the rocont war, Mr. Pratlier
has boon couuectod tor Home years
with tho local offlco ot the American
Hallway Expross Company .
If you had a sudden sIckuoHH lu
.oiir homo, would you know what to
do and what not to do while wait
ing for tho iloctor7
In cane of an oiildomlc. wouldn't
It bo worth while to know what iiro-
tectlvo incitsiii'PH to use to protect
your faintly?
These aro somo of tho things you
will learn In the "Home Hygiene
and Care of tho Hick" classes to be
given by tho Ontario Chapter of (he
American Ited Cross.
This course consists of fifteen leu
sens, which will be given In a teach
ing center to be announced later
There will be no eluirgo except fir
the text book which will be liOi
uot In touch with the Instructor thru
memborH of the local lied Cross Colli'
mltteo or leave their Humes and ml
lrcstioH lu (he lied Cross box In the
Post Office.
MIsh Ada Crosap who has been
sent hero, by Division HcnduuiitiorH
to iilvn thlH courso Is a graduate of
Johns Hopkins Hospital, In Haiti
more, Maryland, and has had experi
ence nil training ns an Instructor lu
this courso In Virginia Sho Is a
woman of personality anil ability
and brings to her work and to the
community an miHiUHlnsm and Inter
est that wilt mean much to tho stud
ents who will undertake tho courso
under her Kiildanco. Tho Home Ily-
gleuo and Cnro of tho 8lck Courso Is
a part of tho natlonnl movement of
health. The world bus been torn by
war ntul epidemics and alt countries
aro .linking an effort to build ip
tholr national vitality. It Is worth
while for women to take this course
for lu tholr IiiiikIh uro opportunities
for tlio prevention of disease and on
the. u falls tho euro ot the slek lu tlm
FOUND K. P. wutch fob. Ownor
may huvo snmo by calling at Argus
and paying for this ad. G27 32-lt
WflHKU-r KtlSWf )H Hjinrff ANcauwn
Wanted -Some girls to learn opera
Hon of phono oxchungo botnl. Mai I
lietir Home Telephone .Co. r),."J-32-33 '
k a'alSceae-Proa'BEmNDTTFT Cfcfj
jf UTUi W(iuuiKUJ( wh
My Coincrncur Murrls I'lcturlzrd by Luther ItiJDhniHl
ArtuniAS f, iscK-UKfifit ci ion
Sun. k Mon. July II I
His Secret Wife!
Ho did not (I aro to lot Hit' world I; now she hi
liim. Hut when lie lost hoc, then tho fire in hii
heart consumed his foos!
A talc of a "coward" who fought like a na
"traitor" who proved himself true, of a greit
Kroat wronp;, and a vengeance-- "behind tliedMr.'
Gouvenicur Morris's stlrritur rotnanco of !wt
and adventure at sea, played by Itoswortl. athiibt
a fine supporting cast, IneludiiiK Jane Novak anJr
Clearance Sale
All straw hats redu
Included in this sal
of hats for less
1 hey are mar
ued to
one-Dfi i nri
is at cost.
qe. Vat
one lot
n half price. (Xk-t fw
GeorgettGrepeaVttists1iiarked at one-fourth off
Is Your Telephone
It's efficiency depends on the o(iar
acter of service.. WwantUfiis to
be right JN&J&rrte ExcWaiige
iictnuimore man ,zuuu ocai cans
per day.
in wages alonfe the cost ol service
np doubJywhileUKe rites paid
have remafed the same. Our
taxes alorfe cye $100 pmonth.
V2uServke Bette
By calling by number only. Con
sult the directory before placing a
Nnfj-.n S Cut thin out and mall to
Our uew Directly will bo published I Ontario, Or'KOi JK 1ST
July IBU.. Help us to mako It ub. I rl1 M
solutely correct b, InserUug tho Ibu ! leleP,,0ne N
l"K yon desire lu spneo below ud Name
inullluft sanio to m.
x Adtlrnss .
Osborn Millinery Ontario, Ore.
J. A. LAKNESS, Vice Pres. & Gen. Mgr.