The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, April 08, 1920, Image 5

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Rexall Remedies
Eastman Kodaks
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Nyai Remedies
0ur billies
This bank is an nlly of the farmer, stock
grower and merchant, bound by
un unwritten law for the advancement
of. private interests and the develop
ment of Ontario and vicinity. You can
join this league by becoming a depositor
of this Hank.
Ontario National Bank
Oldest Hank in Grant, Harney and
Malheur Counties
Carl Gamble of Caldwell vn a
Sunday visitor In Ontnrlo.
It II l.ockott of Drognn wns an
Ontario visitor on Monday.
IMgar Itutliorford of Ironnlilc Ik
an Ontario vlMltor thin week.
Attorney i. J. anlughcr left
urday for Ilitf iih on logul IiiibIiicsh.
Mr and Mm. -Davo Powers woro
llolso visitors on Saturday and Hun-
' II llrooko returned Monday
trout HuriiH whero lio spent several
(InyH hut week.
l F. Trow returned Halnrduy
from Crane, where ho went on busi
ness laHt week.
Mr. nnd Mm. It. I). I.ytln wero the
week end guests of Mr. and Mm.
Ivan K, Oak on.
The Indies of tho F.plscopul (lulld
meet thlM afternoon at tho homo of
Mrx. (' It. Peterson.
V. II. Stnplos of tho Ford (J a race,
way In I'ortlund InKt week to the
confoionro of Kord'dcalurM.
Mm. Prcuslnu, mother of Mrs.
Mark Christiansen, Ih visiting rolu
tlvoH In llolso thin week.
II ('. und ChoJsoy lloyor loft Tuos
dny morning for a trip down tho
river to llomestond nnd Cnpprrield
I Mr and MrH. H. I). Dormuti and
Mrx. II. II. Whitney motored to Dolse
on Hiiturdiiy, returning In tho oven-
MrH. Jus. (1. Smith of Cnhlwoll was
tho week end guost ut tho homo of
her pnrentH, Mr. and Mrn. James
Tho PortulKhtly llrldKO flub meat
IuhI Saturday evening ut tho homo of
Mr. and Mm. Ivan K. OakeH on First
uvonuo, 8 W.
Ilorhcrt Wells and family of llolso
visited Saturday und Sunday with Dr.
nnd Mm. A 0. Moore Mr Wells Is
Mm. Mooro'H brother.
Mm, Charles llontty of Oregon
City arrived In Ontnrlo last Friday
for a visit with her parents, Mr. and
Mm. J, I), llllllncsloy.
Mm. Jacob Prluzlng of Nampa was
In Ontario Tuesday, tbo guest of Mm.
Frank Itador, who entertained tho
Tuesday bridge elub that day.
Court Heporlnr 7. M. Wnlkor loft
Snturdny morning for Hums, Ore
Ron, to attend tin session of tho Ills
trlct Court for ll.irnoy County.
Dr. II. II. Whltuoy wax called to
Harper Saturday to look after bis
sheep, u portion of which woro
caught In tho storm on tho rnngo hi hi
Mm. D. C. Andorhcrg wus taken to
the Holy Hosnry hospital Saturday
operation. Sho In reported iih Im
mornlng whero hIio underwent an
Theron Northrup who spont tho
Knstor vncatlnn with bin pnrentH on
Mr and Mm. Henry tlrlffin will oc
cupy tho rosldenco vacated by tho
McWIIIIamB family. Mr. Griffin Ir
tho owner of this property
Mr, nnd Mm. II. A. Itaudenbush, of
Minneapolis, Minn., who huvo been
visiting tho tatter's parcutH, Mr. and
Mm. K. N. Wood, on their ranch Just
went of town, left Snturday fcr
Nnmpa, Idaho, whero they will ro
uble on Mr, Wood'H ranch near that
The M. K. Ladles' Aid gave a sti
ver tea at tho pamonnRO Tuesday
nftcrday. Tho ton wub sorved by
Mm. W. J. I.uscomh In tho old Eng
HhIi stylo. Tho ten was largely at
tended. Music for the occasion was
furnished by Mm, I.lnyd Perkins
J J. Donognn of IlurnB was In On
tnrlo Monday nnd Tuesday on his
way homo from a trip to Portland.
Mr. Doncgnn reports Hint tho great
Interior Ih waiting progress on tho
Irrigation problem und that real
progress Is bolng mado.
Mm. Corn Ilrookover of Kilo, I'n.,
k. ..!.,,. .., ... n,..i inu, Is visiting with her son. V. F. Uronk
,....L. ... i.i,'rrinn.i. it.. .. I,.,.,,.,: over und family. This Is tho first
from tho University of Oregon.
1. M. Iloats nnd bis brother of
OrcRon-Slopa woro Ontnrlo visitors
on Saturday. Tho former Is score
tnry of tho Oregon-Slopo district nnd
Ih Interested In powor rates just now.
T. T. Kohout of Jordnn Vnlloy
Rugs That Add the Finishing
Touch to Your Decorations
irouv Rugs should be carofully chosen. Upon their design and
color depends largely the effect of your furniture and decora
tions. They form the background for your rooms; and .if correct
will add the finishing touch. No matter what your decorative
scheme you will find the rug you wish in our displays. We have
a wide assortment from imported Turkish Patterns to those of
domestic weave, in all sixes,
tlmo tho mother nnd son huvo met In
eight years. Sho will bo here about
three monthi,
Mr. nnd Mrs. Henry Illnckwell of
Cortland nro In Ontario this wcok,
while Mr. Illnckwell Is buying cnttlo
from locnl stockmen.
uiient from Bnlnnlnv In Mnmlnv In' Miss Mliowooci iminscy was n iioisii
Ontario visiting with his dnughtor, visitor over Sunday. In tho Idaho
Miss Katherlno, who Is muklng her HHnt l"0 was tho guest of her sis
homo with her mint, Miss huvlnii tor. Mrs, Perry Marshall.
Mr. nnd Mm, John ' Hopkins nnd
son of Prague, Oklahoma, arrived In
Ontnrlo lust Snturday to spend tho
summer hero, tho guests of Mm.
Hopkins' parents, Mr. and Mm. I). T.
K. S, lllco returned Friday from
Tncoma, whero ho had tukon bis
wlfo for tho bouoflt of her health.
Ho states that Mm. Itlco stood tho
trip well nnd was feeling much bet-,
tor when bo loft her,
F. M. Northrup of Orogon-Slopo,
whoso Interest In tho progress of that
section Is woll known nnd who look
n loading part In tho formation of
tho road policy of, tho county, spent
Saturday In Ontario.
Tho Misses I.ols nnd Dorothy
Printing woro wcok end visitors In
Ontario. Miss Lois was tho guost of
Miss Margaret lllackaby wbllo Dor
othy was a guost ut tho homo of Mr.
und Mm. Frank Kollor.
Mm. W. W l.otson nnd Mrs. II. I.
Peterson went to Nnmpa Monday to
attend tho session Of tho Numpu
Eastern Star lodge which had Invited
Mm. I.otson to bo tho guost of honor
ut u gathering that evening.
A. A. (luttrldgo and J. V. Drown
lookod over Ontario Saturday. They
camo hero from Orogon-Slopo, nnd
nro Interested In seeing progress
mado toward tho construction of tho
Highway across tho Flat to Ontnrlo,
('. II Trousdato haw sold his resi
dent proporty, consisting of n flvo
room house nnd two lots on tho East
Sldo to C. U. Stovor. Mr. Troiudnlo
Is now erecting u rosldenco on bis
property two blocks south of prop
orty ho sold to Mr Stover,
Mr. nnd Mm. II. C, Wolf loft Wed
nesday evening for Deer Pnrk, Wash
ington, whom thoy oxpect to mnko
their homo, Mr. and Mm. Wolf havo
lived hero for tho past six years.
Most of tho tlmo thoy lived on their
homoiitead on Dad Ox Flat, which
they sold recently to It. F. Wolf.
There has been a rhnnge In tbo
complexion of tho postofflco em
ployees of Into, Assistant Post
master Dan Grady resigned to tako u
position with tho Standard Oil com
pany. Jack Taylor, one of tho clerks,
resigned last woek to accept u posi
tion with tho state highway engineer-1
Ing forco.
A T Christiansen moved this
woek from the Fast Side to the rest-,
don co he recently purcbused from I,
Thysen, south of tho High School. A
McWIlllnms purchased tho resldonco
..nAn.n.l I... f.l. (..., .1 ...
tuLuiuu 11 .iir, v iniBimiinuii unu lias i
moved his family to his now homo
3 recently, wus
it her undo, C.k
rhursdny, Shcl
and Is gcttlngy
Mm, W, C, IleaniRUnrd, who has
boon III at tho homo of Mm, Kffle
Akem in this city, was nblo to rotum
to her homo In Welsor tho latter
part of Inst week, nccompnnlcd by
lior two weeks old sou. Mr. nnd
Mrs. Uenmguard had tho misfortune
to lose tbolr oldest son, aged 9 years,
Inst February from nn attack of
scarlet fovor.
Miss Dolly llalllns, who underwent
nn operation In llolso recently, wus
brought to tbo borne o
F. Fox, In this city Thursdny,
stood tho trip woll an
nlong very nicely.
Tho Oregon club hold Its Inst rcgu
Inr meeting of tho season Tuesday
night. On Friday ovcnlng It wilt
wind up Its social senson with u
Mrs, J. W. Allison opened her
kindergarten Tuesday for u threo
moutliH term, with about 1C pupils In
nttendanco tho first day
Mm, Win. Plughoft and dnughtor,
Miss Dora, of Huntington, wero
Itlnir ridnllvPH nnd friend. In
tnrlo this wcok. ' "C
Horn, to Mr. nnd Mm. V. 8. Hector '
son of llrogan, n daughter, weight 'J
pounds, on March HO, nt the homo of
Mm. Kffle Akers,
A bnby'glrl was born to Mrs, Illga
low of Puyetto at Holy Itosary hos
pital Tuesday, April G.
Mrs. Frank Under woh, hostess this
wcok to tho Tuesday Ilrldgo club.
liter, X
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Fuel Famine!
Again Next Winter
Next winter i may ngnln suffer from n furl famine, mid miiiio will
be forml to rmluro Hcvcro bniiMilpi.
While Clio fuel fninlnes of tbo pint two- winters nro still frli In
your mliiil Kimril your own rutin comfoit noil that of our fmull
by tttnrkliiK n riirloiul of wood, HI coiiIh, In it t'onvfiilent plnco In
your yard.
At prfsent our mills mo tiiiiilng out largo iuaiilllliN of wood, loiter
In tho ncHMiii tbo supply will Im IIiiiIKmI und we rminot fill a tenth
of tho deluge of onion which will rome In,
You will lin plcnswl to find how liMinablo U the price of 111 cnrd
of wood, u carload. Peel our oiderM with thoo of our iirlgbboM
nnd Imvn a plentiful supply of clean, convenient fuel, for I hit mini-
iner, and a bulwark of warmth analnst fuel fniulmt next winter....
Our yard manngcr will kI) ou prlcott and sm that ou get iiliU
A Full Car Costs 360
A Half Car Costs $30
Wo Kuarmitcn each car to con la In
111 full cuids.
Boise Payette Lumber Co.
,l, CHANCK, .Managi-r of Ontario Van!
Si My Fuel 117 ff (75J tr-!.'
i """-Sis Hrr$7rs?AasiiBft&v
mH8bK'J(''H 1 fc r A"!l wil S(ik. fMiBsvlswMsiHI
! xmpry -wv
Wms v- ' Jk&K&s ' . ' -'IvJHasssi
Wk ' ' i s vBftfxv tnHj$? ifip HSvmm
iih f -iiMl1 imsMiii-- -S 'sBswBMHsBFRiMt 'H
W 1' 5slBBBBPMBiBBWSWSw NSf iBV ' umf bbeHbI .sH&ssV XB
WMw&tBku JssHsHsnHiSniiBiH iusHssHHl&Slisssssi
HsdssHsV UD HlsssK IsRlBlMRHaBsUHslsflssssH M I HKlitssssH
ssWslrBlwIlnBP WHi HP jHLissBBssmSiSslHrssB
K-..-, -,.-,,., . -h KmJBisB.jsKjssHsss1HssssssssBI
mmmjmmmmmHBmmmKmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaamt0r iibvssvhhbsbvbbmbhhh
Van Petten Lmnbei0 Co.
Ontario, Adrian, Pendleton
Write for our catalogue of mill-cut house?.
Wind Shield Glass of all sizes in stock.
Wall Tints, all shades. Send for color card
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of no,
! "
mm mm