The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, February 19, 1920, Page 2, Image 2

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The OnPirvj A rgus
G. K. AIKEN, Ktlltor find PubllHlier
orally tlio cnso Hint men who nrohie for ft fnll," and Is duo to Innd in
proceeding to ttinko InvoHtiiiontH In a ft ,lcap of fmnd(lI ,8nHt ,, u
town iloinnml Hpaclitl consideration' ,. tho l,rnkon to ItH proaont ov
That linn lioon our uxpcrloncr. ir.ivrirnnn
Published Thursday nt Ontario.
Oregon, nnd nntored at tho Ontario
post offlco for dlntrlhutlon or Sin!
clam mnttor.
SUUSCIUI'TIONS One Your ?l fid
Soma ono onco hiikkohIwI Hint tho
Moot aim for n city ulioulil Iip tlmt It
trlre to hecoimt, flrnt, 11 hhib rlty;
nooonil, a Minltitry city. mid Inatly .i
, beautiful city.
Tiiko any of Hipo HpGelilettlloin
nnd Onlnilo limy ho wifely wild to Im
ntrlrlnr to Mchlovo them. I'nrliniw
wo nro not niHkltiK flu much proKrrm
an Romn would llko to iwo, hut then
Ik coiiHl.tntly to ho noted, h btiltor
niont of roiiilllloim.
Oiilorlo In iih unfii an tho HvcriiK"'
city, from the view poluC or poller
proliM'tlon. Tho city In makliiR
pronreH toward nnfety in tho mntfr
of firo prolwllon, tho It lmn n Ion
wny to no to mtruio IiIbhI fiio" proof
building. Hut a rlty of thin nlro
can not he oxpectml to hnvo ImiIIiIIiikm
of tlmt Mlyle, hut muni ho mflHflril
with rttlnliiK 111 Htaiidwrd nn IiIkIi rnt
IiiihIuhm condition wnrrntit.
Onlnilo In not now nn winltary a
dty nn It nliotild Im. Tlmt muni hu
iidmltted. Wo Iihto Iihoii lax In Hi"
onforcomout of nnnllury luKiilnllnim.
HuIiIiInIi In nit loo proiuluuiit a f'ul
uro of Him Inudnrapo; nnd open lirl
Kiitlon iIIIl'Iiim Miti a witch all for tilth
that In not only iiunlKhtly hut n ponl
tlo imhiihco to tho lionlth oT tho rlt.
wlilln furulnhliiK Ideal coiidillonn for
tho IntieilliiK of uioHiiiltiHn and flln
The idly, loo. linn poruilttftd tho
IdwpliiK of nlook hHJiIii tho city Mm
IIh to h doKriHt tlmt cortHlnly iIimm
not Hild to (ho hnnltliful coiidltloun of
tin couiiiiuulty. KIkIiI In tho cciilur
of Home of our htt iHMhlonro ntriMtti
ar to Im found Imrn yardn with tho
nrciiiiiiilHtcd lofinm of yonm, crcal
liiK Hiiwr on t Iih rlty' npopnrHUc
and h nttmoli In I ho uonlrlln of nil
Hho muni llvo mwr hy.
It mny ho inniHrkod In pannliift.
tlmt In tho ohi'h of ovary epidemic of
IIIiihm In tho city tho pmiplo IIvIiik In
tho wHitlon whoro tho uiont iiotorloiiM
of lliuen Imrim In loiwteil mifforeil to
a xroMter iIokioo than In any other
portion of tho city That condition
oiiiiht to ho iirriiilnut proof of tho
inenaw tliun tiriMitod.
IIhvIiik a city wifo; and hy hIiIvIiik
lo tunko a city wiultnry; It In certain
tlmt tho city hoHiitlful will follow In
tho iHiurno of time. Toward tlmt
Ontario In uorkliiK- Tho Klrnt N'n-
tloiml llniik'n Clvlo Improvement
loiiteet dnmoiinti-Hton that there In mi
I n I or out In Hiicli n movement, nnd tho
tart than affordl will wrve to
tarry It on until coudlllonn are vnnl
l ImproViMl.
No IiIkIihi' form of nlvln loyalty
(mi Ih found tlmu tlmt Hxhlhltml hy
ltlwn who ntrlvt) to nmko tho town
In which tho llve letter pint for
nil Not ttvorjoim enn ho a loader In
UiIh iHiiVHmHiit. Thoio m tint lm prl
nto lu ovory army, no tlmt tho duty
of iimklHK mie'e own home moio
honutlfiil In J tint nn ImiHirtnut nn nuv
I'thor duty out owm lo tho coiiinuin
H If every home were tlmn Im
proved. (Iih roMl aim or tlm oily honu
tlfiil pnturnm would ho m-hlovod
H.'H fr will Ontario no hIoiik Hint
ici.l thin ymrr That I h iitatloii
for each Indhldiml homo oh nor uml
renter to dwidv.
Thnroforo Ontario nliould counhlor
Itnolf fortunnto to havo a hunlnoHB
mnn like Mr. lllrnch nmotiK Its cltl
onn. And It In to ho hoped that tho
'xampln ho hoc mt may to a doxree
nt leant Inspire oilier to adopt hln
view of public icrvlco. Tho Argun
bulievon that It In but voicing tho
opinion of till the cltlzunn In thanking
Mr. Hiroeh, not for tho gift of tho
flro truck nlone. hut for tho nplrlt of
public nonlio he bin nhown.
Kvcrv ono In Ontario rocognlzot
the clty'n nood Tor a municipal park.
but It In oiip thiiiK to rocoKtilzo a
tic d nnd nnottipr to nupply It.
If Ontario in to Iihvo u park It
mtmt bo thn ronult of a public nplrlt-
oil of foi t. and a donation, to u large
dogroo nt lonnt of public nplrltcd
ItlKht now tho city xovernment of
Outurlo In not financially able to do
half tho thliiKA tlmt Itn moinhors
would llko to mm ncrotnpllnhed. The
city council with nil Itn power "ran
not make n silk inirne out of a now'n
onr." Ity that token It can tiotnpend
inonoy that thu tnpayom do not pro
vide, nnd the tuxpnyer have aone al
mot I heir limit to meet tho running
oxpotiHO of the ninny publlr luntltu
Hon which thoy are called upon to
The onlv nolutlon of Ontario'
problem of advancement I to ho ne
cured hy u Mlondy lunroato In popula
tion which will ronult lu Incronned
valuation, permitting of the ralnliiK
of more luxe a nil the npreadlng of
the (h levy among more citizen.
It In nlno Iruo Hint union tho rlty
doon progrenn, doo make living con
dition nn comfortable and enjoyable
nn poMlhla, Hint Increanoil population
will ho nlow lu coiiiIiik. Iimtond of
Kolng to California, n many of thone
wlio hnvo Mold lliolr rnncho In till
Hnctlon hnvo done lu the pant two
yoHrn, were Ontario a city beautiful,
there In no doubt but Hint mniiy or
I bene people would hnvo nettled hero
They wont to California for tho ploan
iiro Hint tho cltlen there afford.
It In poor hunluoM for Ontario to
lot thorn go, If by improving tho ap
pearance of tho city It could hnvo
held them here. It In Junt llko a
merchant who mndo no effort to
keep III old ciiHtomer but xouitht
only now oiioh.
Ontario nliould hnvo the proponed
city park, tho pronout park nt the
ntutlou nliould bo Improved. Theno
act will bo admitted, lot un there
fore make tho effort In necuro Hie
nnnlMtnuco of public nplrltod cltlneiin
to nmko Ihl iiiHwIhle.
It Is pntont to nny ono that If tho
United Stnto woro to lose Its mar
ket for tho surplus raw material
bora produced, uml nt tho nntno tlmo
suffer n curtailment of Its market
for manufactured goods that wo
would feel tho pffcctH of theso condi
tions In hut a short time. How
great that offect would bo Is hardly
prodlctlhlo, tho It could bo nothing
short of a panic.
Now there is roaon to believe Hint I
Junt such a condition will bo brot
about union there Is something done
to tollovo tho present rate of ex
change which ii a prohibitive bar
rier to foreign 0M"t.
It Is apparent Hint tho ending of
tho war did not provo a divorce tor
American irom rorolgn complica
tions and that wo must order our
lives, and expenditure no that wo
can continue to nlt tho wnr tern
countrlo to rehabilitate thoniHolws,
o that they may continue to buy
rrotn u. In order Hint our prosperity
mny continue. Vo can do no le
than Hint.
tlclpnto tie decision of tho commis
sion; It is ccrlnln Hint tho districts
Involved must abandon electric
power plants ns n source of water
supply, If any such Inoreaso Is
The one hopo that these people
have is that of seeming n gravity
supply, and that can only como thru
theconstructlon of the Owyiioo sys
tem. Theroforo It In time Hint some
thing be done to biing the lands of
the (Join and Ontnrlo-Nyn within
,1... ..? ....... n.....1t..j .Ha.
trlct and proceed to get the money
necoesury to build the Owyhee -torn.
I'l'lll.ll' SI'IIIIT AI'IMtKCIATItll.
Ontario wan tho rclput of a
nio't Keerou gift laal wwk; or lo bn
nio.t turuun lift lant vnk; or to
i'i Hart had a moat louoruun offer
miidw to It. That nplrlt In whlrh th
rr-r nu nitut In ao euiuuittuilahle
'inn eumment theraou la not nes-
:i v for th rlty would Indited I
luklan entlraly In a proper nouiw of
rulllttdA did It uot take note of the
rift and appreciate the kluduoan of
Die donor.
There la ait old aaytttf that, "a
hi -lid in need Is a (rlend Indeed;- It
w uite. too. And lu thai role nurely
Mr l. I. 1 Uracil meets every requlre
ui. in of the pari. .
l-'.r years Ontario has beeu in
h of a fire track, aud It oau nell
rmrd lo search for the ueoeeaary
muds to meet the requirement of
i offer, whU-h are ntuiply Uiat the
Hier needed nuepllen to be reroui
n.iided by the Alate Fire Marshaln
"ifu-H be compiled with.
Mr. Illracli taken the view of hi
i n that It Is not one of Ueueo)euo
i lone, but It la a business proposi
ti n. that the added protection
l. Ii his iroHuut riuamlal Interenu
li i u the erection of Uo buniaesa
id.icks tail several house, warrants
(I expenditure, and therefore he
ta It as a business propoaltion
There la sound reasoning lu thi
rnteiiUH UH his part, but l( merely
"ie Ui enii attentioH to thn gift,
fr why ever hanrd of a wan who Is
alrendy dsiug wneh for the t
tukiiiK eueh a vlwwt la It not en-
STAItTMNd iiiistrirs
V. V. Denl. i'ronldonl of Hip
Idaho HtHte (Irnuxo, In t'ls nddrenn to
(Iih nil loo niiiall xatliHrliiK of ranch
em nt Cairo last Saturday night de
clared tlmt the Kami lluroau of ('-on
ou county had naud a half million
dollnin for Its inombors lant oar
The total cost of the huronu wan but
$18,000, or a net saving of some
$182,000 for tho rnmihora of that
rou nly.
There Is no doubt tlmt Mr
Deal made tho stntomout advlnedlv.
for ho Is lu u position to know where
of ho nponks, and Hint ono state
iiieiit aloiiH should anuao the raurl
em or Mnlheur county to take note of
thn form bureau moement. nn thev
are not doing In tho vicinity of On
tario, but are dolus; lu other neutloiiH
of the county.
If the rami bureau In Cnuvoii
iMiuntv (wn achieve such results there
Is no reason In believe that u similar
record ran lot made lu .Malheur
count v.
Tho ranchers or Canyon county are
uot lHttter ranchers than are"thtat of
Malheur county. They were not
worse ranchers than .Malheur round
ranchers, and therefore they must ln
on a oar, so far as ability Is cou
oerned. No one Ihtim In this seiUton will
admit that the Can von count v rnurh
em hnve letter land to fWrui than our
rauehers havo, nor hnve the' auy
better market for their produce than
ne have here, so there Is no reasou
to believe that substantial Improve?
meat and savings ran lie secured lu
Malheur county thru the agency of
the farm bureau. U la u movement
so hcII worth trying, at least, that
every farmer In the county should lie
a member aud secure the benefits of
Its experleured leaders in the various
projects lo be followed duriug the
siitH'i.n vi: (jo si.t.w?
Ttie publle Is dally gettlHg regaled
with advise from leaders In the
financial and political world oon-
cemlag the road It is traveling, and
the rata that It Is taking to Hiuke the
mere hwi to be a unanimity uf I
opinion ajiaius Ins man who are thus
iivlHK wlvteu that the public Is "rld-j
It npiienr from the (irogress so far
made In the rate hearing on tho np
plication of the Idaho Power com
puny for hlglior return for Irriga
tion service that the Ontnrlo-Nya,
or Shoestring ditch, ami the (Jem
.District of Idaho are to ho asked to
contribute nearly 80 per cent more
than they nro at, present pnylnj? for
Without dohatlng the merit of
the company's contention that It
should have more money, or to nn-
.,.M,MMrria a
j;ril '"'1i,I 1)5 I'df-
MFm&. vs:asaiit
f Ji-7 ms&gZj l -iJMKfKKirV
. m r i- v j' AUUi'Aiad" . "tjL.. ae"it rtfji mm
"-V Vffi
to Js ri y $rd
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