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NO. 47
Ono Hundred mid Sixty Tickets
Pledged I'ir Clmiitiiuim for Next
Winter Musical Number Liked
DcM III Olltllt'lo.
Tlio tlio nudlonccs nt tho first two
Clinutnuqun programs of tlio Chau
tauqua program which worn hold nt
tho High School woro not attended
by largo nudlonccs, thoso which woro
hold this wcok at Dreamland proved
that tho programs woro popular. On
both Monday and Wednesday ovon
Iiirb tho houso was packed.
Tho first program Friday night
given by Tom Corwlno provod unlquo
nnd humoroiiB, whllo that of Louis
MarKhall Mortlns wn both Inspiring
nnd funny. Tho people- liked him
bent wbon ho recited Ills poem. HIr
nppoal for higher typo -of American
citizenship wns offcctlvo.
On Monday tho Chicago Artlnt
trio gavo what wax perhaps tho moot
finished porfonnanco of tlio week.
This was thoroly enjoyed by ovory-
ono present. An added Interest was
given by tho singing of Mr. 1'atton.
Ho got tho crowd to singing too,
somo of tho songs tho boya In tho
army nnd navy tang.
On Tuosday Major Mills lecture
wan woll nttomlcd by a satisfied and
lonco, whllo tho closing number by
tho Blorra Scronadors wai roundly
npplnudod by tho big crowd present.
At tho closing program mi appeal
was mado for signers for n courso
for noxt year. Ono hundred nnd
sixty tickets woro pledged for tho
Hcason, only 40 loss than tho full
gunrnntoo. MlssCourtnoy tho man
ngor of tho rourso Indicated that tho
Chautauqua would bo In Ontario n
gain. Thoro was a doficlt this year,
Imrplto of tho crowds, for tho Ontario
folks ovldontly profor to buy single
porfonnanco tickets rather than sen
son tickets. Judged by tho crowds
howavor, thoro Is no doubt how On
tario enjoys tho Chautauqua, especl
nlly tho musical numbors.
J.eo McCoy Hells Property West of
City A. V. Itemlen Make Train
for of Hhno Hiring Ditch Ilmicli
mill J. A. Walter Bent
Throo of tho county's best liny
ranches will bo farmed next year by
new ownors or renters. Tho figures
at which tho latest transfers nro
mado show tho continued Increaso In
tho valuo of farm proporty In this
Boctlon, whllo tho deals also presago
tho removal, for a time at least, of
soma of tho best known ranchers.
Leo McCoy reported tho first salo
of tho week whon ho announced tho
tranufor of tho 80 ho purchased last
spring from L. D. (Jordan, to John
Molenaar for $15,000. Six mouths
ngo Mr. McCoy paid $13,000 for tho
A V. Iteadcn who has for sovornl
yoars lived on an 80 under the Shoe
string Ditch six miles south west of
town sold tho property to Oarrett
Smtt of Arcadia for $18,000 on Tuos
Cay. Mr. Ileaden has mado no defi
nite plans for tho future but expects
to rest for at least a year beforo go
ing back Into tho gamo, He and
Mrs. Ileaden will spend tho winter In
Portland enjoying their vacation. Ho
also sold a 40 acre tract to his broth
er In law, Frank Henry,
Anothor deal of Interest to On
tarlans was that by which J. A. Wal
tor rented his 80 acres to V. V. Hlc
kox of Adrian. Mr. HIckox recently
rented his ranch In thei Adrian dis
trict and tho next day tfrranged for
the uso of the Walter ranch.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter have been on
this ranch for 26 years and are now
going to enjoy a vacation. Thoy ex
pect to leave for Long Beach Calif
ornia. Their daughter Miss Maude,
and sons, Melvin, Irving and Weslej
will accompany them. Immediately
after selling his ranch Mr. Waltor
purchased the property of Mrs. Mary
Faulkner on the eastslde where they
will reside after their return to Ontario,
At 2 n. m. Sunday, October 2(1,
Unclo Snm goes back to his reg-
ular time, nnd theroforo to keep
In stop with tho rest of tho com-
niunlty It will bo tho proper
thing to do, boforo going to bod,
to wind tho Dig Hen nnd turn
tho hnnds back ono hour. Of
cnurso you could get up In tho
night, or wnlt until morning,
but that extra hour's sloop In
tho morning will provo onjoyn-
Ontnrlo Is divided In Its upln-
Ion nbout tho change. Most of
tho folks llku tho present sclicd-
ulo protty woll nnd want to keep
It up In n wny by closing the
Btoros nt flvo o'clock. At thu
Commercial club Wedncsdny
night Frank Under nnd L.HIrsch
woro appointed to Intorvlow tho
morclinuts nnd secure tliolr u-
grcoment for nn enrly closing.
1'ractlcnlly ovoryono wnnts It.
Only ono objection has been
voiced, ho It Is said. If tho
early closing hour Is unmcil an-
nouncement will bo made In n-
notlior column of this Issue.
-f '
Miillionr County llnr AksocIiiI Inn De
termines That I,egiil Service Must
Keep I 'urn With Other OiiiiiiioiI
Mew Divorce Cos lit Double
At n meeting 'hold somo tlino ngo
tho momborH of tho Mnlhour County
liar association discussed tho high
cost of living. Thoro was no dobnto
nn tho subject for thoro wns not nn
iittornoy willing to nppcnl for old III
So It was unnmlouHly agrood which
Is something for lawyers to do that
tho only wny to boat HI wns to rnlso
logal foes. That wns what happen
ed. This wcok tho nssoclutlon Is hav
ing proparcd slips showing tho min
imum fees for tho various clasxoH of
work. For oxamplo It will cost Just
$100 for. n plaintiff In a dlvorco caso.
Tho dofondant gots off for hair that
sum. Justice court work Is to bo
tnkon nt $20 when ox parte what
over that Is nnd $25 whon contest
ed. County court cases nro In the
sumo order $25 nnd $60. Circuit
court canes havo a $100 minimum.
To draw deeds, mortgagor, etc,
will cost $5 instead of $2.50, whllo
wills and abstracts go Into tho $10
class. Thoro nro numerous other
subdivisions Into which tho lawyer
mon havo arranged tliolr nctlvltlos
and assessed a given sum therefor.
Thoro Is no schedullod prlco por hour
for loafing In lawyers' offices, nt
least not yet. That will havo to
wait until
nftor oloctlon Novombor
Ontario Will Make Km Quota In tlio
Itouvcu'It Fund Drive School to
Hold Hoosevelt Prop-inn .Mon-
day Morning.
Ontario nnd Malheur county will
make tho required quota 'In tho
Hoosevelt Memorial drive. Tho tho
ennvas has not been mndo In Ontario
this week on account of other-uctlv-Itles
a number of buslnoss men havo
signified their willingness to lead off
tho campaign so that when tho can
vass is made tomorrow tho city's
quota will be secured.
At tho High School Monday morn
ing a Hoosevelt program will bo giv
en at the assembly hour at which, a.
K. Aiken, county uhalrman will mako
a short talk on the 'llfo or tho oxpres
Idont. To L. A. .Walker goos tho honor of
being tho first voluntary subscriber
to the local fund tho others have ask
ed about It and signified that all that
was necessary was to be approachod
with the list to add their name. A
great help would be given the oom
mltteo If those who deslro would
come forward and leave their sub
scription wljjjlther W. W. Wood or
at the banks, whero subscriptions
will bo received.
Dentl )v Flat, Ail in I ii mill NjfcMi
Itantlieix Form Lncnl Committees
mill Line Up .Members Boute- a
vni'il Coining Tim.
With nn Initial membership of 150
to 200 members tho Malheur County
Farm Bureau will undoubtedly bo
orgnnlzcd In tho very near future.
This Is nn assured fact by ronson of
tho Interest already shown In the
work by tho ranchers of Dead Ox
Flat, Adrnln nnd Nyssa.
At mcollngri hold nt tho Dead Ox
Flnt school houses nearly 50 mom
borH woro enlisted for tho bureau.
Again Inst week at Adrnln mnrkod
Interest In thu movement wns shown
and 30 moro members enrolled. At
n Nyssa meeting 20 wcro nddod,
whllo nt tho Boulevard untoward
conditions lirot out so small n crowd
that another meeting will bo hold.
This week Vnlo nnd tho Willow
Itlver valley hnvo boon visited by I.
.V. Onbrlolson who Is assisting F. L.
Ilnllnrd of tho extension scrvlca In
forming tho bureau, nnd It Is believ
ed that fully 60 rnnchors In tho upper
country will bo enrolled. Those
with tho nuiubor expected at n later
Boulovard meeting will run Initial
membership to 200, It Is believed.
Whon all of tho communities havo
their organizations complete there
will bo n goncral mooting for tho
county whon tho fnrmnl organization
of tho county burenu wilt ha perfect
ed. When this Is done every agri
cultural county In Kafltorn Oregon
will hnvo n farm organization.
Ontario Odd Fellows mill Iteheknlis
Will Knterlnlii High OirirliiN ill
Sessions nuil llaiuiuet Conten
tion Hero Toil.
Saturday, October 25 will bo n big
day In tho history of Ontario Odd
Follows and ltoboknhs. On that day
tho district convention of tho Bo
hoknhff will bo hold horo with ses
sion's during tho morning nnd nfter
noon. In tho evening tho Ontnrlo follow
ers of tho thrco links will bo tho
hosts for tho grand officers of tho
stnto organizations. Thoro will bo a
sosslonH of tho Odd Follows encamp
ment, n short lodge session nnd fol
lowing thoso thoro will bo nn open
reception nnd program for tho bono
fit of Odd Follows nnd tliolr families
and frlonds of tho order.
Tho big ovont will bo tho banquot
at which thoro will bo addresses by
Grand Master, Forrest Hubbard of
tho State Grand Lodgo of Odd Fel
lows; ulso by P. A. Hantz, grand pat
riarch of tho Odd Follows onenmp
mont; and by Mrs. Jessie Jarvls,
president of tho ltoboknhs, who will
To the Itootryrlt MnnnrUI AuocUtlon,
Cieo, K, Allien, County Clmlnuuu,
Ontario, Oregon.
I lierc!th (iibscrlbe the (urn of
to the ltOOsEVCLT MtJIOKUL I' UN I).
Name .... ,, .........
The ubure amount Ii lnclostd
Arcordlnr to the plm of the Kooietelt Memorial Anvwlitlon, the llix-wlt Fuml uf J.ouo.OCio 00 N to l ntlllirtl to mil ii National Mimum t i.i
Wuililimton, 1). C; to unjulru and nu i.taln a public wiW nt 0)trr ll.iy. V V.,
and ultimate!)' to Include Sugamore Hill, the i(inMvvlt l)inf. UiitWk. Ij I
prntd like Mi.unt Vtrnoii and l.lun.lnVi home ut .Siirlmilcltli ami lu .i,,l..
a National Society to perpetuate the pilwipln aijil loVtiU o( 'Iheotlure H.a. .- ,1.
VmU contributor to the fund will rtehen irtltl'il of mrmlx-rWi In I"
Kuoerelt Memorial Atwiclatlon. A ccitllicate will nli be preaentnl lu tony
Mliool ciiutilbutlni to the fund.
The name of etery contributor will Ut placed on thr M ut uamu Uipoalted
In the National Munuuxnt tu be emtwl ut Wa.blut'lun, 1). C,
It. W. Stvngler Chnlrinan of Drive
Fur Ontnrlo Chapter Visits Auxil
iaries mid ApiMilntN Committee.
For Work Not ember 2 to 1 1
11. W. Bwaglor spent Tuesday and
Wednesday of this wcok visiting the
auxiliaries of tho Ontario Bed Cross
Chapter nnd nppolntcd tho commit
tees to havo chargo of tho Third Atr
nual membership drlvo which takes
placo during tho week, November 2
to 11,
"Tho drlvo this year has a four
fold motive," says Mr. Swngler.
"First to complcto unfinished wnr
obligations, Second to assist dis
charged soldlors until tho army Is
finally demobilized. Third to con
tlnuo emergency relief work. Fourth
to enro for a universal health cam
paign and fight tuborculosls nnd
other diseases."
"Tho committees which hnvo been
nppolntcd so far nre: Nyssa: Dr. J.
J. Sarazln, Mrs. C, C. Hunt, Mrs. W.
II. Beam, Mrs. J. Boydoll, Mrs. Dick
Tnnsoti. Bend Ox Flat: P, M. Boals,
I. I. Culhortson, F. M. Northrup.
Adrnln: Mosdamos BoIiIiikoii, Knchus
and Hnworth. Kingman Koleny:
Mrs. Frank Morgan and Mrs. Uoldlth
Anderson. White Settlement: Miss
Pansy Mnllott. Valley View: Hans
Oft and O. W. Beam. Tho Orange
nnd Ontnrlo committeemen hnvo not
yet been named.
"Tho campaign will start this year
with n special Hod Cross service at
nil tho churches Novombor 2. It Is
hoped to concludo tho campaign on
Mondny Novombor 3. Only nnnunl
memberships at $1 each will bo cal
led for this yenr. A handsome button
nnd a pretty transparency ara given
to each subscriber."
MUS. W V. LKTSON honoukd by
In honor of Mrs, W, W. Lotsou of
this city who Is (Irani! Assoclnto Con-
ductross of tho Kastcrn Star Grand
Chapter of Oregon tho Vnlo Chapter
hold n special sosslon last night. Mr.
Lotson, and Mr. and Mrs, lloman
comploted tho party of Ontario Stars
who wont to Vnlo for tho occasion.
Mrs. Lotson has also been mado tho
honored guests for special Eastern
Star sessions by tho clinptors at link
er and Nyssa.
Tho Musical club hold Its first
mooting of tho season yostordny at
tho homo of Mrs. W. W. Wood.
Vlcontl Mendloln of tho Owyhee
enmo to Ontnrlo on business today.
Mrs. Mol Dolling was taken III this
bo tho honored guosts of the Ontario
Tho local members of tho lodges
anticipate u largo dolegntlon from
tho lodges of tho orders from the
n oar by cities and towns.
Arrangements woro mndo today
for n foot ball gnmo with tho
Nnmpa High School team hero
tomorrow, (Friday) nftornoon.
Tho gnmo will Htart at 2:30 nnd
will bo played nt tho Fair
Tho Nampa team which Is ono
of tho best in Idaho, having de
feated Bolso In a handy manuor,
wilt furnish Ontario with nn nc
etirnto guago of Its strength.
Tho local boys hnvo worked
hnrd this weok nnd Conch
JlBchichcr oxpects thorn to glvo a
good account of themselves n-
gnlnst tho Junction City players,
A big crowd of rooters should bo
on hand to cheer tho local hoys
E. 0. LAND CO.
After Ttto Yearn us Mannger of
Njmiii District Propel Hot Mr. IteturiiN to California
Him Dctelnped Properties,
Announcement was mado this
wcok of tho resignation of Lnngley
Brookos as agent of tho Fnstorn Or
egon Land company nt Nyssn. As
yet no successor has been named but
Mr. Brookos oxpects to loavo this
section for California shortly nftcr
Novombor 1.
Slnco ho canto to Mnlhour county
nnd took chnrgo of tho work of tho
company ninny ehnnges hnvo been
mndo. Under his direction tho com
pany has Improved moro than 1,200
ncros of land In tho vicinity of nnd
south of Nyssa.
Tho largest Individual Improve
mont was tho development of tho
Pipo Lino farm In which thcro aro
508 acres. In tho spring of 1018
this was nil rnw sago brush land and
last year whllo only partially Im
proved this farm produced 1200 tons
of liny nnd this year it hns produced
1500 tons, porhaps tho largest n
mount grown on any Individual farm
In tho Snnko river vnlloy.
this riincn is now u moiioi or a
thoroly equipped hononzn alfalfa
much. It was cleared by tho latent
mothnds, high poworod tractors
woro used and tho work oxpodltod by
ovory known method. Its ranch
house, barns and innchlna sheds nro
lighted and niodernly equipped.
Mr. Brookos who had chargo of
this work following tho resignation
of Thos. W. Clngott, ciiinu to Oregon
from California and to that state ho
will return to enjoy u vncutlon bo
foro ontortng other fields of activity.
Mr. and Mrs. Brookos nnd son Val
entino spent today In Ontario, tho
guests of Mr. and Mrs, Ivan K Oakes
(. II. S, Bi)M Show Better Condition
But Tuko TlilngH Kasy After (lame
Wns Safely Won Scolo I I to il
In nn Interesting gamo whloh
showed Improved condition on tho
part of tho local team, Outurlo de
feated Pnrmu last Friday afternoon
at tho Fair ground by u score of H
to 3.
Tho gamo was not nil one sided,
howovor, nnd tho tho ball was for the
greator part of the game In Parmu's
territory, yet tho visitors worked tho
bull down tho Hold to n scoring dls
tanco sovernl times only to be hold
by tho local wings and Hue.
Parma's ono score was duo to an
orror of Judgment on tho part of the
local team. With tho ball near On
tarloVgoal and tho fourth down, In
i toad of kicking with tho wind which
woud havo taken tho ball out of the
danger zono, an attomptod forward
pass failed and Parma was thus giv
en its chanco to scoro.
For tho game Boucher presented a
changed lineup nnd moved Odell to
quartor. The llttlo end proved oquull
to tho task of calling signals and ran
tho team smoothly,
W. A. Tcrrnll, Cciisiim HupervNor for
llniterii Oregon Want to ciot
Help to Count Malheur
County Population.
During tho month of January 1020
Unclo Sam will start his decimal task
of taking stock of tho folks In hh
domnln. To do this an army of en
umerators aro needed nnd theso seem
hnrd to secure To bo ccrtnln that
ho will hnvo n supply for Mnlheur
County W. A. Tcrrnll, census super
visor for Kastern Oregon enmo to On
tario Tuesday of this week nnd left
for Vnlo Wcdncsdny.
"Slnco Ontario had less than 2,500
peoplo In 1010 tho cntlro month of
January will bo nllowcd for taking
tlio census here," said Mr, Terrall to
tho Argus. "Wo need enumorntors
not only for Ontnrlo but nil tho ills,
trlct around about It nnd In tho
county too. For this work ox-ser-
vlco mon wltl bo given tho profcrenco
but If thoy ennnot bo had either men
or woman, from 18 to 70 nro eligible
on passing tho slmplo test thnl will
bo given horo under tho direction of
tho post master.
This tost wilt bo given during tho
first week of November. Applica
tions should bo mndo at onco nnd ml
drcssol to Mr. Torrnll nt Wnsco, Ore-
gon. In towns nnd districts like
Ontnrlo Iho enumorntors can mako as
high an $0 por day,
Special Itoquciii Service for Priest at
Vnlo ut Church of lllenMsl Har
riimeiit, Tuesday, October
At ton thirty In tho morning, on
Tuesday October twonty eighth, thoro
will ho n Solemn Auulvorsary High
Muss of Itoqulnom for tho Into Bov
John Morlarty of Vnlo, lu Blessed
Sacrament Church, Ontario, Oregon
Speaking of tho llfo nnd work of
Father Morlarty, Fnthor Mulouoy
said, "Ho was ono of natures noble
mon, was a truo Apostle, who fell u
victim to tho "flu," whllo enrlug for
others. Ho wns a man with single
tioss of purposo, slmplo lu habits, de
void of ostentation, yot withal a
giant chnllougor of ovll, nnd devoted
chnmplou of vlrtuo nnd Its adherents
Ills countenance beamed with plflty,
and tho vlrtuo that radlutod from
this mirror of his soul bespoke tho
Christian nnd Sacredotnl leador ho
"Provontod from honoring htm be
cnuso of epidemic nt tho tlmo of his
death, Catholics nnd non-Catholics
will havo an opportunity on October
28 of giving recognition to him
"Whom tho King of Kings fumed In
llfo and honored lu death with an
ojornal crown. '
(rami Lodgo In Session nt I'oillnml
Honor's Statu Hennteor Hunting-
ton, Ontario and Vnlo Created
New District.
For tho first tlmo In many yours
tho Knights of Pythlns of Oregon
havo solocted an Kastern Oregon mini
as their Grand Chnncolor, and for
tho first tlmo In tho history of the
lodgo southeastern Orcgou is thus
honored. Tho now head of tho fol
lowers of Damon and Pythias Is State
.Senator Jullon A. Ilurloy of Vule.
Among tho other things done by
tho Knights ut tliolr session wus the
creation of n now district composed
of the lodges of Huntington, Ontario
and Vale. To head this district It.
W. Swagler of Ontario wus uppolntod
District Deputy, and ho is urranglng
for a gathering of the Knights uf tho
throe lodges horo In Ontario. Tho
date for this meeting has not been