The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, June 06, 1918, Page PAGE 4, Image 4

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dutamo Amatm rtiuo obubgon. thubaaay. wnk a. itis
ii f 'h '
Mi aFtanta Be
9V'Np ' w
ir In aF 1
Uncle 8am will Hand Him
Real GRAVELY Chewing Ping
In a Pouch Irom Yon
The U. S. Mails will reach any man in
Uncle Sam's Service. When you send him
tobacco, let it be foot tobacco tobacco
worth Minding all that lone way the flat,
compressed plus; of Real Gravely.
Give any man a chaw el Raal Gravely Phg, anal
be will tall yew Aew ' She kind to send. Sand the baatf
Ordinary plug i fake ecenoaay. It real, lea per
week to chew Real Gravely, became a snail chew at
It laata a leaf while.
If yoa smoke a pipe, illce Gravely with year knife
aad add a little te year smoking tobacco. It will give
f lavar- improve your smoke.
unb veva rsitjMD m tbb v. a. acavica
a Pwticn or csavilv
D.aUn rimJ a surer it In 10c. ajsjajotoB A Sc
itw, wta ant n into ais band, la aar T..i.l. Cease er Super!
ef IK U. S. A. Even "m ik.r." a 3. ), -ill lk. 5 la
kla.Ym W will vaaahr eaveWBS aad sjM r rtlcl.l sires.
bees k.w ie isWSSI It.
TAa ' ur A .. if .W C'mii and Coed
- ( m net se Ora(r mittfmt thU rVetecrtee, .Sea
Eatabllehedl lea I
Charter No 622
Reserve District No. 12
i . il those
). Loan Hint disco'inls
shown In I. iinil ii . . ..
DM act i
d Noll's himI hills icdlscnu ited lolhnr
tkaa imnii Baaaataaaei oni (ata item
R. r s u in (at bar tii..n Lttertf HomiH.
inn iiiiiiiiihiR r s certificate or
u I' s trends iin.-Mi"ii iii steara
in alettes i par n iii i
I I' S llnnds mill cerllflcuies of In
debtedneas umirii mill unpledged .
Liber) i i.i.r Bonds
k Llle-ny Lean Hiuids. fc, per lent
. ml 4 per cent, MBteipjai
r. .n. i ssearRles, ata, lathes ihna e.s n
li llomls other iIihii I' S ImiiiiIh
pledged lo nw'uri' postal savings
r Miiinl- mill securities pledged nm
I lull ml for Male of otliHr de
IMihIIk (postal excluded) or hill
Securities tit her than I' H homlx
i not i ii i ii i i iik atoekai owned and
ratal iioiiiIn, securities, ato., athot
1 1 111 II r s
Slink at Pntaral Unserve Hank ( .'.0 per
i 'III III ' IlIlM I lll lull I
a Value ol hanking hou -
Furniture mill iimiii.
ijmfiii roaapra wiih Federal Raaarva
noli In i.iiiIi .i in I iihI hiiiiiiiiiIh 1 in- from lianki.
nhaaaja tor ataarftai keajn
Tatal or iiviiih It, i. 17. sad
Ii. .1. iiiiiiiiii mini villi, I' s TliHBHurer
.mil 'ho' irom r rt I r.nHiirf r
SiivIiik. i i-ruii ..mi Thrift
Simnih ariuall) oaikfil
nil Al.
S7.443 Of.
I'M ..'
: !..M
V4',n nn
I. .Mm mi
,f.00 00
47,.'i0(l 00
v I .11 II I
14.402 SI
ii',:ir.n 20
7,0011 nn
A new time schedule Is belna
worked out st the rooms this week.
I'n'ii'i this Hi'' workers' will work
five days out of the week and Wed
nesday morning" InHtesd of the three
days under the old system. Hy tills
new plsn they hope to (IiiIbIi tlmlr
month r sllolraent before the time
expires and have a week's vacation
wlili h lln.y will be able to spend St
The supervisors for he dsyn under
this system are: Mondsys, Mrs. ('.
It. Peterron, Mrs. J. It Rlsikaby; ul
ti'rmite Tuesdays, Mrs. W. R. I .!"
I W 0. T IT. I and Mrs. Itsy WIIhom
and Mrs. J. M. Connor; Wednesday.
Mrs II It IIoukIuhk. Mrs. I. I) lor
nisn. Mrs Irvln Troxell and Mrs. H.
II Whitney; Thuradays, Mrs. Krhle
lluyes, Mrs. Walter Ulenn snd Mrs
I) Hulherford. and Fridays, Mrs V.
II. Hlaplea, Mrs. C. It Hi'KUlne sml
Mra. Anna Siillltun
The iiiiaiii n.i Miuti'inent of the
in. mill 1- given lvow Tliere Is a
Kfi'iil ii'iliKllmi hIiomii nhen com
pared to last month's expenses of
11200. hut most of this is explslne I
In the purchase of t Is supplies for
several gaaatke to come out of laal
loeta'a treasury scfonnt
: M 1
I.ttl N
107. SO
klnaaj atoaetoeaV
Nyssu branch for supplies
Kllimell Ili'il Cross lienefll
8tar Chapter No 'in ii K.8.
Memorial services at the
I'nli'it I'n 'shyterlun i-liurch
KIiikiiiuii Koloii) lienefll
MenilMirshlp for Monti
Maud liriffln
Kred V. Nelson
Mra Win liutler
10 tin
IT4 mi
2A 00
1 00
Total received
14 III N
1.1 tiui.rriKH.
IB. durplus ruuil
14. Capiiui stin k paid In
26. a I'mih iiini aaaf)ta
b Uaaa atSTfeaj expenses, lulurest. ami
I axes pit 111
11 I'lrrlllulliiK unles oul-laiiillng
II, Nil iiiiiiiuni tin to liHiiks, liimkers. ami
trust niiupaiiles inilii-r than 111-
imieii in rteaaa .11 or ;ilm
Total nf Hem- ,ii' mul ;t:i
iN-uiami aeaeatta uiiii.i iiiun Isah iiepositsi
t,- -ubjii'i m Herv' uleposlls pa
ible H liiu M .lays 1 1
14. Individual aajeaiu saajaal in aaeel,
,1ft. Iii 1 1111 jii - ni ilfpuKlt due in Ihss lhau
loth nm rm iieaej aerffi
ss. Cartlftad km k-
hn Stale, i.iuniv i.r other 11. 11 nli I (ml deposits
1 aaai ad i paaRa al at asta
r tin',
41 HI I..I l. III. . I .lMI-ll-
I11I.1I nl .liiiiHlid ireposiln uillu-r
111.111 haal tlaaoaltai luljatil in
Ki .in. ii.-i. 1 1. (
I" 4 1
4:' ii nilnal.'s nl daaoall i.iiii-i u.m i,.i
1 1.ill. I..II IUWI i 1
44 I'n-iiii , i int- 4aae
ratal ni 1 tin.- daaoalti (otaar
4 . IHaar ilaaa di i--
im.ii ni Mm. daaoalti aeajast
to ii. tart UasM 1 11 44.
mid 1 .
mi i.
11,114 16
14, All. 40
.'.o.tioo 00
22.AO0 Oil
in 1. nn : 1
4;:h. 760. S2
I.S4-, H7
S.A0U no
-'7,212 r.o
4 IS
166,10)1 t
I ' VIIM. i -lli.ll
Mll.iil in
do -.lien. nl
...' .1 Uaallltlea fur rvdiscouBta, Includlna
laoaa wm. Kadaral Keaarva Haal
Ill'IU I .1 I
1 K ill' ilKKliliS. . HI r 1 1 h- m l.HKI It m
I, II II CtH'Klil U,! Ihe .iIiiii. n.nm-,1 hank
rt.-.n 11, hi i. tbov .-i.iieim'in ib ii,,.. o ,. t, uf M1) WnowleiU.' and to
Siil.--. 1 Hi. ,1 .,,,, 1 1 ,,,. ,,, kefafa u, lH :tlal day ot May ISls
.ttaat w u VOOO
' ' ' A C(U Kill M My i'oiiiiiiIhsiou iii.- ii. tnli.-i 17 :'u
v I ' ' e.ii.Mr SoU ,.ll(llu.
Hire, i
K sr lists..
i A., mini not yet lletulxodl 1274 I '
Mrs. Chandler of the . I'loneer
Auxiliary came In Wednesday after
noon with ten pairs of pajamas
which were made hy the women 'if
the li.'liad Ox branch In rompletlng
their allotment Although the mem
bership there la very small, yet Mm.
Chandler says that they make up iu
work what they lack In Milliliters-, anil
we are sure she speaks the truth.
She look out some supplies with her
on the return trip.
A change Is being made In the lied
Cross work rooms snd when finished
the rooms will be more ronvenlent
aud satisfactory to everyone than wi.
the old arrangement A new rooui
has been opeued In the northwest
corner or the building and In the U
lure this will be the knltllug rooit
All the knittlug that Is done at the
workrooms will be done theee and sM
Hi. wool supplies will also be kept
here In the eond room will be the
ell ice shipping department. This
will leuM' the large room for the
in epui .ii ion nl the surgical dres-ini;-.ii,.ii..
thus making the work imre
sanitary and the room to have u
cleaner mid prettier appearance
Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Hum I
down irom Nyssa tor supplies Saturday.
I he w, mien ,if die lied Cross de
ne 1" liiaki- .,, kll.m lednniellt nf
rVitSM rendered hy I K Sum!,
whn hag made I he ImxeN fnr shipping
(he suppliei- in i,,i the past of the
I'.,: M.illetl was ilun n hi. n
Ihe !,lli Sellleinenl llramli Tue
da. hniiKiiiK III six pairs of iajam.i
tin her return lie mnk nut Ihe Beat
mi. nl Ii supplies w II Ii h, i
Mrs K M lireig ami.Mrs lta S il-
siiu visited the 'ale Ited Cross won
luniiis Tuesdu. where they slinwd
in. women there (he new methods
IB the folding aud making of differ
ent articles learned h Mrs Ureig ni
her trip to Seuli I.
Wneatlesw Bread Kaay for Hoaarwtfe
Wtvo Oaa Ins BaJdaa Powder
Bakers' Problems Difficult.
In response to many inquiries as
to why bakeries and logging cixnps,
along with hospitals, are made ex
ceptions in the agreement which the
Food administration has aatreri all
flour dealers to enter into, discontinu
ing the sale of wheat flour through
tha month of June or for longer peri
ods. Mr. H. It. liaynes. chief ot tha
baking division for the Pood adminis
tration In Oregon, explains:
"Logging camps and bakeries are
nlready under federal license and reg
ulations, which curtails their use nf
white flour substantially and necessi
tates the use of a heavy percentage of
substitutes Thai Ir one phase of the
"Now many persons wonder why,
If tha housewife Is expected to mske
"heatles breads, the baker Is not
alao asked to do so The answer will
ha obvious to any one who will give
the matter a little consideration, and
here Is another phase of the sltuat-
There are many formulas for
quick breads that mil for absolutely
no wheat, and these are valuable to
the housewife, whose product la eaten
hot or at least wllle fresh. 8uch
breads sre made with baking pnw I. r
or soda Put these breads will not do
for the hi'ker. who must produce a
loaf Hint will 'stand up' under re
peated handling and transportation to
dealer. i:nd delivery from retailer to
consumer, arlvlng In good condition
and pnlntahle to the taste. Kxtenslve
experiments have shown Hint baking
powder or soda loavrs cannot be de
pended -ipon to meet these illffteul
ties. Tlurefore. we must imike yeast
h-oads. ami It H dilfli ult to make u
yenst bread without a considerable
percentage of wheat flour. Makers n.e
now making it aucciMiifully with two
thirds i ho volume made up of substl
tutes Home of our bakers have pro
duced suicessful loav.s with a I . r - i
amount of mS Hint" content i
bakers' chemists are annttoanlll
periim-iiHiir. in Hie . rt to still lur
titer cut down Hie Wafts! flour Bar,
carnage and at the nune ii bB
dure au acceptable "mmerioal g
Tre problem Is not en "asy on I i-iir
'i sirs hi- all .ing w. I. .' i
Pood iidiiilt'isirni :, ii in a t. "
spirit and me diMug all that la
trsie to cat down '-Jlr coaaump'.on
ot whit flour Caadltiooa in tha
loggias; camps are similar to those ot
tha bakeries, and that la why they
are, with tha bakeries and hospitals,
made exceptions In the Food admln
latration'a request."
Tha grain corporation reported to
the Food admlnlstralon the other day
that heretofore Oegon had been abte
to load all her newly launched ships
with wheat or wheat flour for their
maiden voyages through the Panama
Canal enroute for sarlrce st the front.
but that after June 16, unless suffi
cient flour Is turned back from del-
ers and oonsumers for the purpose,
he newly finished ships will have lo
take on cargoes of some other com
modities less essentlsl at the front.
"Let us all pull together" aays
Assistant Federal Food Administrator
Newell, "and fill these ships, as tfcea
are launched, with wheat flour. Many
little make a lot. Remember that,
and turn back the contents of your
bin. It may be ony half a sack, but
if enough of these are turned back
they will make a carload, and it does
not take many corloads to make a
shipload. Let us remember what the
poet Kipling said:
"It's not the individual sollder
Nor the army as a whole;
"It's the everlasting teamwork
Of every hloomln' soul."
Teamwork In wlxat saving Is
needed now Let us all pull together
and load up these ships.
Shell Kills Worker.
A tlermun four-lni v shell penetrat
ed, a V.M.C.A dug-out on the
ers front and killed lie S ir
Jack I. nn- en
Tfw Herli-e llevrrage.
Tea Is the aelle service heveruac
at the Hrltlsh front, according to V
M c A canteen workers "over
Several Vessels Are Reported
Sunk By U-Botts Off
New Jersey.
How to Incrtasa Wsrld'a Bread Ration
e. in Ian, Hie i ree,lna through Ku
roi. . and ever) iiallin iriiggllus in
proline" aaeaaji lead in sustain life.
the AiiiTlcaii farmer BBS a duty iliat
ha can mt shirk imtln must ship
food to Kurope faf mir soldi. i
America iiiusi xupph I r. ail to starv
ing peoples Nn Battel what othsr
cropa are raisrd more si res should
bo davoled to bread ITS M Dg faaj
tilt. Mr. Kariuer. ' f" I I nod
nlnlstratioti biillvini hi via do-
.tends upuu you lu mn eerkj war.''
Washington Twelve American vae
self were known to have been sunk
by Oerinsn submarines off the north
Atlantic coast Btnal May 21.
The largest lo fall prey to the raid
ers. which sre seeking to prevent the
salllii of transports with troops U r
the battlefields of France, waa the.
New York and Porto Rice liner Car
Una of loon tons, which waa attacked
Sunday night about 121 miles south
east of Handy Hook.
Ilesldes the Carolina the known vie
lime of the r boats are the Atlantic
Refining company's tanker Herbert L
Pratt, the steamship Wlnneconne of
1100 tons, and six schooneia. the larg
est of which, the Hauppaugue. a new
ship of 1000 tons, and the Edward 11
Cole. The ! of these eight res
sels have been landed at Atlantic
The steamer Texel was sunk by a
Herman submarine Sunday afternoon
i.n miles off Ihe coast. Tha crew nl
.16 men landed at an Atlantic port
Monday night.
Heports brought ashore by lha sur
vivors Indicated that the Wlnneconu
and nearly all the schooners were
sunk bv the same IT-boat which had
been lurking In the path of shipplrs
off Ihe New Jersey coast snd MM
Delaware capes sknee late last month
New York Nineteen survivors of
the siesmer Carolina were landed ut
Lewes. Del. by Ihe British stesmer
Appleby, which picked them up at
BM The survivors were 16 men. iwn
women snd one member of Ihe crew
All hut lu of the 21 passeugeiF
aboard the New York and I'orto ltn
liner Carolina, sunk hy a submarine
lava heen aiciiiinlcd for. officers o!
Ihe Hue ti 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ad
A schooner isininu Captain liar
hour and IAt passengers and S4 ul
Ihe crew of the Carolina arrived here
The chooiier picked up the survivor
off Barnrgat, N J. Among Ihose
brought here are 10 Pulled Stales
army officers. Kiaduates of the BM
ond officers trulning cauip at Baa.
Pares itn
Lend Your Money
As Freely As They Are
Giving Their Lives
Vim il n t luivf tn fivrlit. yon don't bare to die.
Vmir son tUn'S, or i lit hi'ntlit r wlm is imw ;i. ios 1 1 1 - w;iv
or the kiti imw in !;haki to win. m yon iimiI lu rivt" Utn
nics sliuft time ayo,
Tlmt iiiiilicv vtiii liavt- laid wa tiir ii nnni ihi "---wtHildti't
Mm ivt' ivfiv nii-kil of it i kti. ;i IliinV klliftr
ii.vuv tjiiui liis tliinal
Well, tin- Mini is In re. am! eu !,js kintV ami m la tin-
rail iv tln "- -n's raiitinf now, mining bombd ;nn1 rdirnn
ni'l mi the boya ' ivtr there."
On tha' dli tie li.'ii will ntll apOil vim. ii.,! ,i;.st Mini-
ltlgllbor but 'l tn .leilyt ' M.lll-.'t,i tin- jn;'.,-!,,,.,. ,,
ii i-ertillll 'lll.'llli i uf W S;i inn Si. mull ill ;,;. !1.'
I'einl inii in MfretM .1.- tlie.i ,', -ivin' l i ir livi.
National War Savings fhnraiittae
t 'I'l I- .si;, -t n.ntiiliiiti'.i I i iln
W'Miiintr f tin War Ii,