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    The Oregon
Agricultural College
vt, "I iparlaltsia wlrt aed.ra Ut
miwlH '"1 adrqaata qnlpsit 1a l
Dnrllxn ifadlag aellaglala dagr.aa l ih.
MprtN waesni
aaaiCuTTUBB, wttk IS dfparlw.Ma;
fjaiMtr.BJWO. Willi daparlm.ala la
(wllaf '' ' ' F Ir1r irl. Hlfkwa., !
irti I"1'"1 "" "l" """""I a-glriartg;
rOr'1T.Y mi Hiding I-i'gfiag Fngiaaat-
inr ITONOMIOl, will 4 Mjtir 4. part
I,,,,!, mr1.. cling iraiaing in ih I'rxlira
ajfglNO wtlk IHraa naparlaaata, laclad
I riin ileal I ngmaarlBg;
run school or areata aft... in,
If,, la la. prinrinal daparlaaaata ,1 ,,
ppl (ainirrirnlal nniltfl.
jtH rxdi in 1 1' III IT. and won t.r, .,,, n
Ilpti,! (.r II A r tram tit. uv.i.rn I, .p.-,
ani ' " I' War I'apariwiaM a aa f
tlli.ra dlallngtilahrd latliliiilona" af
lllfa.r '" '" A" adla will I. fiiraiikfd
ItMfl'i nnif.'rma ay Ih 17 H Uet.rawrnl
I i iiimrr and a.nlnr carina rnmllrd I
,h ii T II bf glvaa i slatlag Iff
k.iwnrt .ll m all Iraaaparlallna, a ad
aiatfar. at Ih. all ' Rumaar naiwp.
alt; latoiaialloe M raqo. Addisaa
Oragea AgrlaulUukl OaUaga,
(liii rnim ! ni... ..
-.., w nuui, nt trie hour of
- - c.ocg iD it, forenoon of said da;
II l public: auction to the hlht
o.aner ror cash the following describ
ed property to-wit i
The Eaet Half of Section Twenty
Kour. Towrul.lp r-lfteea. south Rang
'rty, eaM 0f Willamette Meridian
In Malheur County. Orcon.
Taken and levied upon as the pro
perty of -aid Grovar Wilkinson and
Mable Wilkinson, or o truer, hrrsof
n may on neceary to MtJgfy the
juugment in ravor of V. Ii Fanning
ami against the Defendant with In
terest thereon, together with all coats
wnd disbursements that hare of may
hereafter arorue.
Dated thla 20th day of August
1817, at Vale. Malhenr County. Ore.
Ben J. Drown. Bherlff
By B. H. Teat, Depe'y.
Hrat I'nkUoallon August S3rd 1117
last PaMloaUoB September 20 1117
PAGE 7 .1
ikkk; .tion oihtrht.
irgtrd In Mnlheur Count), Mate of
( irt'giin.
1'gtil i "Vlopk p. m. September
tl, 191". de board of director of
I i'ayi-ti-uregon mope irrigation
rt will receive aealed propoetla
tfielr office In Malheur County,
ate of Oregon, paid office being lo-
iteg la tho one story frame dwel-
gg hmiae or the eald district more
tfoUxrly deacrlbed as being locat-
la th oi!tinnat quarter of north
quarter of Auction I, townabtp 17
th range 47 KWM la Mslhnur
BbBV, Oregon, for the purcliaae of
ail of the nild ilLUrlrt -ui follewn:
iTWwnty year nrgotlable coupon
d. of Payette-Oregon Slope trrlga-
IMairl.'t In the gum and amount
lllio.floon on to rotund, cancel and
(Ire all nutnUudlng lion da of the
treat aa well aa all outatandlnc
MOBS cn bonda and all warrant
d for Inlnreat OB benda: aald re
ading hnndR to bear Internet at the
If of kIi per cent oar annum In-
at p.n.,i i- the fl-at day of Jan-
ami Juh nf each yenr, the h.inda
Hiring icrlally after i.-e flrili . n
I nnn: I .nnuunta no r to be ai
kilmali'h immiuI iirlm IdnI and In-
rem iii'gotlHlilo coiinpon
ivc tie nrogun Slolie Irrliru-
k' ,1 I
ditarid in i lie miiiii nnd Hi.idiiiii
l,. nun mi ,,, refund, cancel and
Ire all ion i ii ml Iliac wnmml. i.f Hie
Tin .ill i i warrant Imued for
' i uM
MBtg liimd . I i In r Iniereil nl
1 IX I . II II ii m
irt p vulile Hi-
ml liiU i.r eiicli year. Hie ImiuK
I lie firth
ii a ti lie
' 'in.ii (i":ni'inil ami in
Notice la hereby given that the
Hoard of Supwrvlnora of the Malhenr
Drainage Diatrict hare designated
Tueeda. the fourth day of September.
11T. at the hour of two o'clock In
the afternoon, a the lime, nnd the
carlo School Houae m the place for
holding 'be Annual Meeting of the
land Owner of the Malheur Drain
age District, ai Bald Annual Meat-
lag tie lead owner of the said Mai
heur Drainage Diatrict will elect one
Huperrlaer to acrvo for the terra of
three) yearn, aad transact anch other
bualnaea aa a hall lawfally oome before
eeid wiMtlBg
Dated at OaUrre. Oregon, thl lath
day of Awgnwt, itll.
Prea'dent f atoard ef SfAMrrlagtrg.
'- '
Wheraoa the Com moo council of
the Cite tt OtUrlo, Oregon did on
August tlth. 1117 by ordinance Re.
3(4, adopted and approved on aald
date, order the conatructloe of a oon-
crata l.1e-walk - follnwr
Old Mr. Harlow wag a qneer old
woman. 8be had .roierty aulB. lent to
Bern bcr in comfort, and if abe hod
any more no on iimm h.r..if ...
awar.. of ( r, ,D, (i,r(l fmff plainly
Wie had One sun. iioni he treated In
anWi mannei aa to lief nrenare him to
out for himself an honorable m-
loliri Harinw ... nn. ,wi,n.i.
aa waa forced to work for eTery ilt of
oeket money lie ient.
When John .gniaats years okf
Be wa, offered a H,ton In a Ulatant
tr. and It w. .onaldered advlaablo
by hla innlhor and blmaalf thai I..
ahenld arceH It. Mr. Harlow had
UwgfJ SO long In her horn, ih.i .K. .
fisered not i leave It, and John went
lone to hi new field of labor. Ill
mother, being lately ft,.r D deper
inre. adontnl the ihli.i of n rri.n,i ..i,.
dlril, Mary ChsmberUn, twelve years
When Msry became a woman abe
showed a rare Judgment and Mrs. Bar
tow consulted wiih ber constsntly In
miking up her mind In instlere of Im
portance. The girl Lad the girt of
common seose. which probably la as
rare and aa valuable a gift as can be
neaiowfd uxn allT one.
While John Bartow was passing Ike
period from eighteen to twenty-six
sear from bla mother Mary Chamber.
Ho was pssslng from twelve to I went v
In close conhei lion with that another.
After Msry bed lived with Mr. Bar
tow aonie sis or seven years Ibe old
lady was pussled te know just hew
to leai t st ber destk soms l-ti.OOtt she
tToaaegeett. Jbe Income was sboul suf
cJeni te give Mory a living; divided
it weuid nn John waa doing well In gad did not need it Bill
John was Mis. Bsrtow's own son, snd
ska did at like te deprive him of ber
properly st her deeth, especially If she
left It te one in whoa he hod no in
terest. Hot said nothing as le tkls
to either Joku or Miry, and ll fa ones
tlouabla If sltker thought about it.
Finally Mra. Barlow fell III Jobi
went borne qolte often during ker III
sees snd wss greetl relieved, when
obliged to deport, to leers her nnder
the care of Mery Chamberlln Indeed,
he was conscious that If ke kad been
able to remain with his mother he
A Poet's Cuatard Bath.
A coatom which lia now dleeppaared
ued to afford much amueeTnent to the
guests at the banquet on lord mayor's
day. In (be hou-ehoid of the lord mayor
there existed the tiflk-ee of jester and
Its laureate On the day of the feast
a luiKe iiuakiaar ciiesard waa mads in a
lih ns large sa a bathing raacbana. it
ws the duty of the laureate, clad In
"Uli lal garb, to spring from hi hair
lata the dcpthi of the custard, aplasb
i"K the contents over the tahle ami the
n'lircat giieats.
In return for Ilila fest the laureate
ivna iillimed to eat n inn. h of the cua
lard aa be wlMhed. w IH. h was probably
rarj llttle.-liondon Tatler.
QoUvM Orange of lite Crawforda
3 mile eal of Ontario. :! mile north of
Fruit I i;.. Phone 7-12.
Adv. pd. IS 4t.
. On th north rlrtn of hlnek IS aw
ho Ave between Oregon and lllchard- 'ould "ot hre nnmeil her aa Mary
hoii ma whore conarete al le walk
I' M
I. mis
lirir V,
M J ih
i. (.in
tto r Miller
M MiiiiIh
rd ot im , torn
Slupo Irrlgatloa
of Payette-Ore-
Di. in, i
rt Puhllrallon Aurtuet II, ttl .
MI I' I,' I, .1 1, in HonlaniKar 17
ftrTH I OF I Ot Al.l HON
imi m i- i:rrK-oHKi.o
I'1'! IKICIl. tTlnv l,llv.llili l
aWe Is hereliv ilvan that Him
of I Mre tor of the Payetla-
Slope Irrisiition lliritrltl will
"egiimiiig tend on Hentember 18
1st the ofrice of the dimrtct which
one atory frame dwelling hoii .-e
PI' pumping plant located In lh
;ai, f (tie- uortbweat pimrt-
Bee.lm, s Township 17 aouih
'( r;M Within the district
Mnlheur county. Orecon for
rpiwe of equalising the regular
"ut tor the year l17 on Hie
ttliln the diMlrict more parti
' ieacrlbed aa follows, to lt
eglilur aaaeasanani to orovlde
' Ml for II,- It.. ml Pnnil
rlH0 for the General Fund
aid auenanieat was made pur-
"' "'e order of Ilia llnnrd of
rs for the year ltl7
Mary of the Hoard oi
ry lie Oreatm Slope Irrlsu-
Puhln all,,,, a.iiii.1 S 1B17
""ii'aiioii September II lwl 7
la not now built; on the cnat aide of
block 2 2 on Hlrli:.: rtiim at between
Idah.i and Wiahington Ave.; on
Miiulh aide of block 2 2 on "
Avo. betwuii Hi. I ..rilaon innl Virtu"
Sta , where concrete :lde hI, Is But
HOW hllllC Unit in tic ao'llli xlde of
lilork II, to hii.I 2S7 on Washing
ton Aw between Virue iini Morton
The plan . : i, nnd (H-
le-wnlk are on
file i.i i ol Hi- Cllj ii.
In Hi" City Hall. In tin City of I I
Oregdn. N 'II permum
ire Riv
en an ipp .iislru ' lB
chIiI bIi l ii pro
perty under muI.I ordin inri within
l 10th,
111 1 7, nnd If any or ull Coll of so
doing the walk will hi ted bj
the City and the if iiaseasad
to the different pieces of property at
feeted r.nd ooIIih- ed In t':e uau-.l
nanner a provldod for by the Charter
and Ordinance of aald City.
d at the City Hall, Ontario.
n, Aiiei-ei lth 117.
city Reosrder
r MIKItll-'K'M HALK.
rlttas f n ogocution In fore-
isMued by the Clerk of
pWU'ourt of M. iiuiy.
'lateii the I Mil. il.v .it Aiiru.i
certain action In Hie rir
Ur' foi aid county aud -
" i' Fanning roooverod
nor Wilkinson
,ul'' w'llkiti.sou. for the aa
"iniilr.,1 i), narHi vm, inter
reon from n, lav of
''. .ll Ml. .-.. nl .1 nu. .M.i
md the I'urthur auui of
Hollars Attoruty Fees.
i.i Hollars
'uriHininnts herein
fore aotlio Is hereby given.
"" on the ilud dav of Saa-
"'( at i i,IMiu en-
' 'he court house, In Vale, la
Mull r Of MAI.K OF rHCAI. PRO.
Not lee Is hereby given that the un
dersigned, administrator of the eatale
of Thomas J Johnson, deoeaaed, will
under aad by virtue of an order af the
County Court uf the State of Oregon
for Malheur Couaty. bearing date of
September 4th. 117. from and after
iha f.ih dav of October 1117 at the
hour of Ik o clock a ui at tke Law
Of floe of 0 McGoBi-gill In Ontario.
Oregon, offer for sale for kman In band
all of the real property belonging to
the estate of the aald decasaed. d
aerlhed aa follows to-wlt .
The N H , of tke 8K V, of tkeSkJ
of Bee. 20 aad NW tf of HB of Be.
20 all in Tap Is 8. B. 47 B. W. M
in Malheur County. Oregon.
Data of Flrat Publication Sepleui
ber Ha, Itll
Oats af last Publication OsBweaf
4th 1117.
Admlalatrator of Ike Hat. wf
Thomas J. Johasoa, Daoaaaad.
FOR PAINTING. Paper hanging.
and Calclmlulng -Ftrat Sasa Work,
Kricea Heaaoauible rnone a. a.
U'Uilom. 20fiK4. . ZU
did. Though he bad retarded Marv aa
of practical value to Ills mother, he
had not before realised what there was
In Inr.
One dey John n-. . i,, meaaage
thit Mk inoihcr wa at the point ot
death, lie tim : ted Inline, but did not
niilw. In time In lad her iillie Mrs
Iini '.im s .huh i.Miinl in atTe.t Mary
iini,.' i ban ll did I'diii. The one hail
liein In coiiatant . .ui nun, I nil, iii in,
tba other had baaa lap
' I nun bar,
nn- u bard an roa, Mary," said
John i,, it milt In di-,i intf Mm f ,,
to u h., iii inn are nil .. Iir.l. but In your
Mm in him im t i,..ii m aha
Inui ,ii. I IkoBRal of HiIh. but iniiil.. no
Baal pouiBSti Inn
iniiii ..iiiiiiii.-.i i mil -,,,.
thnt von get oi.
When Mrs Harlow - win waa onm
eii it araj i.i.imi ,., ,,.,i. -i ,,,,. ,i
utiniiuili mi ihcii'v milllgaia bond.
of i in. it. i.. nn. i i' rnllraad i" Mai
ChainlH-rllii. w ho but luun beau a
daughter to me. The reahlue and fai
more valuable pan of my rHuiie I be
queatb to un baavvad urn John Har
tow, boiling (hat It mm bring lilui aa
muck comfort aa It baa me. He will
Bod II lu a Im re u drawer In my bed
room "
Jehu lotigratulaled Mary on beluj;
left with aa lo'-ome. st the same time
ntenlfeatlng surprise tbst bis mm her
bad left an estate ae large thai she
should alee hate been able to leave
him the nasi valuable part of ber
pretwrty. After ngra Dilating Mary
be went te i he bi'ieau drawer to poe
seas himself .if Ida Inbei Italics When
be came lack Mary waa walling for
bias, eager to know what be kad foou.l
Sol John, who did not ahow by hla
-exureaalwu that he had acquired a for
nine aald mulling Mary waa not Ibe
glil to ask hire iuealious ami refrain
ed. John however, look her band and
prase ad it. as lumb ss to nay "Do not
fear that I gated your Inberllauca I
em well aallaMed with what my
er baa doaie."
The house in which hla mother bed
lived ltet.uii.-ed u John He lotd Mery
ska wa free to remain In It without
rent If she chose. Ske aald tearfully
that alio would be loo lonely there aud
We want so much to pnt one of
sur electrically operated Apollo
Player Piano la a home la Ontario
that we will make a big discount oa
- first one, knowing that enough
orders will follow to warrant the s
rlflce. It plays by hand aad pedals
also. A letter of tqulry will do bo
harm. Or yon may ask Mra. Weeae
In Ontario. Wise Plana House,
Boise, Idaho. 47tf
FOR HALE--At Calfi. a Iraet of
land, apprnxemltely 37 acres II acres
In apple orchard, varieties, Wlnesap
and Johnathan. treea S yean old; I
acres In alfalfa sad 7 la grata. Good
hoif-e. shede aad stable, tare good
well, IP eharew.Owyhee wetar. For
I'nrtlruler Inquire ot Mm. J. J. Toole.
Payette, Idaho. Ade, 114 t.
"Prosper Jr." the tab Pernhatwn
StaUlaa will be at tbe K. 8. D.
Ranch every Thursday, Friday aad
Saturday. Terms, 111 tl bring colt
"Prosper" siren tbe kind of colt tbst
bring tha big moaey at maturity. You
will make ao mistake If yen decide to
use this stallion. t T-tf
FOR HALK On upright Hamilton
Piano. la flrat class condition At
a bargain. Bee W. T. Diagman. one
half wile wast snd one puarter mile I
south of Ontario. 11 It
W.WTKH A girl for general house
work. Mr. J ll Hlackaby.
FOR BALK Abiingaliiw on Main
Street three bluckn norlh of III.- Moore
l,it. I li.r information oall at thla
I Ut
i i-i.i
toam with har-
Can Siipid) ..ur Needa
TIIK sWITtltV llMtllllt BBOT
.The place where the Service la
the Beet, where the Raths are
the Newest.
4V. W. Maraasew, lmp.
We do all kind of repair work
from a pair of acteor to the
the heaviest kind of machinery.
Bicycle Repairing aa well aa
Automobile work we can alao
put your gaa engine In good
Lawn Mower Urtwdlag a Sae. tally
af i ' fcjK sntBam-l aW
vB. WMki. , ,l-a m
sV at . uaiaa DNUw4USVa m
PWwpla H.W. Ti ABF
ei.,.,....a sg7""aaaw t
would seek snot her home, but where
iliat home would tw abe did not know
Then John lold ber that if she would
ma try him she would Mud a home so
far ss lie i.iuid make It one She de
murieilNtn Ibe grOSBal that be uiudc
,, "i.i it love for Ids uiolh.r
rntloi iban for her Hut John aald
In- mtil have no fear of that: be need
ed IiiT lU'To than abe needed htm. He
in mis ready to leave she bad
.1 Ida .nVr. and when lie went
aJhf Wend aplk lit in
b'ol i"i - "ficr they were married
John's wife saM to Ma:
have ueyer said am thing
U-it you lu '' ' w ll J It by
fur the m r.- i-alu
ertv. II ' it. Whare
a inirriar.
-tie aald.
1 in tbe bureau drawer
i took the bint
agree wlib mother that 1 gH
bulb uf the estsbs."
iaKSmA kawe-
Ta js,V al RMJ '
. TbbbbBsbBLI
Deelgued by Itolllu II White,
deelgner of ibe tasMaS White
Motor Trucks. Mr Whits bss
built the (lev Went I Traitor to
I., i form all of the iiiunv taskh
i,l ing power ou overy fain;
He bss made It easy ,u operate,
I tn run. easy to i
for aud abaoluteiv dopeudabla
i-i H. I. AT Tilt. HKAU II tit
ii n p. r phi: pi i.i i
High Apeid. In
idnui mcl,
I cylln
I'll apriug
M 2750 lbs,
I SO iu.,
if tn u 12 in.,
traction surface.
0w I p
We entry i lotnplete line of Part
Pit lock Hlk-
. . .
Portland, file.
The Ontario Anjus
aUktm ClnbvltaC AmisMJBIBBt WHas
The Oregon Fanner
Offers Unusual Opportunity to Its Readers
AMONC, oar large drde of natters
there are a great many who arc in
terested directly or indirect!) in
fruit growing, dairying and olher
hrnnrhen of farming. All of tlicne
naturally wish to keep in done touch with ag
ricolturaJ nctivitien throughout the state;
Ml to know about aay fight which hi being
araMRBl for the measrartm Oregon fanners
want nasi auriuawt all mrta aaf awh savisaa thai
ssrr oVtHmenLsl to the peofa aad gsxrtcultiiral
i or tats state. .
Ws hare, therefore, made a ttadsdaJ chthbim-r
suiaugeguent with THE OREGON FAbC
fnrner or fnrltai aw
m is am af oar resrsjUr sataMTAars aa4 whs)
as mam a sanawcriher to TIW OREGON
he ontitled to receive TUB
hi combiiuitiian with
at th aaume rato as for this pstpar
TUn offer aashwi
aVUa -mtT acVeVVa I TsaM
to all those who renew or
as wall as to si
so Inli isnlasl sbV
iwadjw sr toi 1 1 tlj in Orogon agrimRnm,
dts MBt BBkB this amshsaml samortunitr. baa
is 4mrmUmm tmwH escJamrratr
lasBr WBasBh
sw aaa snanansr nsnirifaas aad Inisasta
BJIBJ It ham a big sxbtatisa gah-
Bfckl ttW Manor importance to fsjTiiatn,
ssmVysasa, timitmiwwm. stork raireara aasl
Bssaatrrasmn; nad H has the harhbesse to at-
rsshag abar to awaha thin
We are i an fat ant
wsH rnssgratntate msasar
Bs. i mmHWIfflN'
Two' Papers for Price of One
- 1.00
By our special clubbing plan, both for $1.50
Idnhe auhcriber may bays Ihe Idaho Karmsr In
stead of the Oregon Farmer by ao apcclfyitg.
Ontario Arcus, onr year
Oregon Farmer, one year
BrTaBm bbb emsaamnaBsaaBsaa A aamsaamaaaml
MM BBB. Bibahw rMt i
J'Ji' IImSiIcM 4b1 Sam earn H flsasdsBt
ail i aim Ami AIM iMmtMMt
. limiFS$RiM BUI alLa.
j Wf xS I i Iw
.A uBwf 'IV sWsBs '- , JHB
mm a vjj e i
.., am n " . r 9K. . MB aaaBlfc adlllLaaaagfgSMaBaasasSssasssssssssssssssaasssIm f
ammmV ll
The Beat
Liked .22 in America
American Boy
PkllAPS die. i. a kT m waui family wle, wnlr nefaa . IUsausi UMC
ii ot lua kvn as pu4 baa an swf wah iIk odwr iallowi ai iIm rata club.
Thara k) a patau huwat fee all J t calaSar work akwui iUa. Rcmmeiun 1 'Mt as'
dial no aw caw aaaaafc wranhar sails Auiwloaduia rid. iIm SkU Ana.
aitgl ShfX wsawli.
U rpaain, of iIm Suigli
ll may aurptaa vwat w thai sea a .a)
k-aaamajio IM.' far and asswfaaaca to mat
I 'Mi.
raw rrniar anniah kv
wlufcr ler yen h
.a, awa KtM Oil W lnkw
atstaf flOsf fl IHIU
I jmrngmm mm .,
tWajsvf aaw.a
TMB". M I'Nion Ml-TAI Ut C A THIXj oMCaNY, ka
I iSmmmJmmttmmn mt A. --.-. Atmmmmmnmm, im Imm Wmmid
BoiUeansi. Nan. , mrh
Horses Wanted
War borseB 14.3 to 15 bauds bih, rid
kiIim untl urtilli'iT aiiiniuls, full
fed, i'ivi' to niiif yeaafi .sound. Also
mull s Prevailing pritJif. Bee
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