The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, February 15, 1917, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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Tin-: oTitio iu;rs, ontahto. ottrt.nv
' RHDA1 , I rillM UY 11. 1017.
1). A Urakllian mm of lii" bt '
I f the Interior,
At tli- meeting ol Armor Lodge No
nn Knights of Pythias Wedneedaj ar-
H In Oiilurlu land) enroiil to hi- BBlB K.-lirunrv 7 occurred the instnt-rii.-h
II Wnvrly wllh two of tin -1 ktlOfl i-remnnles B hich placed Hi.- r .-
bust iniirPH Unit fi.-r cntne Int.. thl' BBBtly Bleated ..111. its In the- various
region Accompanying the handsome chairs The men wh ,w ...mliict
uilni:it were pedigree yards long Hie affair o ftlio lodge are: W L
giving ... uh in.. ,.i ol id.- hli i, dtfTM Hoypr. i ( : II II n...erinan. V. t ;
Ui.-y in. ill. Beta iminiiiiH v i.- Bo i Qeorgi Bender, " el W i M Cob
IMi -.hires, mi. I oiip of lli. -in un . 'nor. K of II AS; Caul liiinphell, M
brought to till; country sovcrnl ypnr': It Cnvnc. M. I : II II Wagner.
go for show pnrp. -i" anil hus won M A ; Arllmr Maglll, I (i , .1. It.
honor- at Cad a CH, "" "enni '",. 0 : : and M Drane,
14oln nnd Pt ivnil Bhowl for Barer. U id trustee lor tba three
pj ;ir trim
ecsh.ti ln' won Hi. Cr.-inil Chi
plon'iiip nt Cblooco, i.ii.i boa won - rvrm ii n it mtt nrm
all mad ahamplonshlps. On. ol QtAD OX FLAT MAN GETS
mi liiirHW wcignon wniic inc
oiii.T tuppi'.i iii" Baataa al
Whiii' iiroy wan in Ontario i
niiini'.-i ..i people a .-nt to ti -i
I) (' Mowi nl recently nppolnteil
County Agricultural Agent for Co
lumbia county with hoailquartpr at
St Helens In n lirotlipr of W. V How
ard. Malheur County Agriculturist.
1). 0 Howard ha had wide ngrl
I'tiltural oxperlpure pHpeclally In dal
ry linen nnd for the punt two yearn
lis I. een III ilnirge of tba OrOfOB v
ti.iiiiiirai collate iinir hart nad i II
p l.ii.l lined for feed prodnc-
WAH l'ltl s HIT Ml -'N
uiiivd from Fit
cent Bar pouad are atllai a)
I I Culberfi ..ii who go t,, ., ,,i. . portlofl of t;-
M M f ' $
In h.nii.i . Qi Ml P,
server i
rone rnjoj
ll. -i b n ''..hi
dai ..r In r . d Al-
v era 1 7 el Ibelr lit) la
fro mi . pr.- nt to eoj perl
WLIlll to.ik II..' fiirill ol ,. ' lllelllll.
gHllierillK, IBB p lull, III, ll' I. .Hill. . I
which wtiH the hiindhoin. deeorutloni
winch',1 uh ii cent' i Bjl
run. of hearts
Mr and Mr. V.lani Read arrived
ttii- i'i'k from Kenilrli k. Idaho, in
vlalt with Mr Raaa I, Mr
anil Mm Hen Hose Tin- muni; i
pi" wire r.'1-i'NiK ninrrle.l In Ken. I
I In nil
. . ,'
. nr load Ol port ;
irbed thru, tin-
IU1 . nil. 'U.-i-
lii.u is n.' .. the .
reason for thi
OXT.lRMl in H.WI
Ml I I' i MM. I' I.
due to tba iin i i popjilatl -ii
Yet III Kplle of this Iin r -.i .-il ileiu
-.. Illllll-ll III tin- I
thing Mr. rtiniill, i l) In smiili'
W in i
',,-. in ii,.. b .i i feel it tal fttBB imir t" I -
k rroin wlilrh I
toman UI i" foi in Bred and II
iin-i i urn xiire ol t tint ' the tim i.iiiiniii i- killed i"
'Hilling tin- Imir . . leather run I"- tunned BBd
been In Ontario I lime heroine con placed In the simp' to be nt miii hnr-
in. ed i.i tin poealbllltlea of I
"ill pillkllllt eenler The Ini I
BBJB "l,s reneliliiK hut
..-i da WBtIa mm II Ih running I
.ii.i.,linnlely BBt in. mill"
JllHl lis ii war uieuslire. ho In speuk.
Mr Tunny hits se.nreil his ilr t ..u
.'Uslili piipers nnd will he ;. full
rlcW and they Inelu.l. ,1 mi,i... Iledurd rill., mi nf I nele Hiiin's do-
Ihe llouleviir.l In their I moon
I'r.-d .lone, who lias I... en a ri'Ml
ilent of the r.oiilrvuril for some lime
leaves -m. ii inr I'lniiui. ipiiii. ebere
I" I.. I rrlll. ,1 , pi. .III,. u
niiiins before usiiing Kustein Canada
Prior to his ilepnrllire, loo M
ii.ix.- .. -..i- iii dlepoee ol his i.uir.
BtOBk of reRlsiered pigs iiml oil., i .
1 1.- Ii.- - ale i in In- In-I.l Man Ii :
lieHH II In in. I liiil'il In see thai w.
i.-.'iini! nn ii Baati nt Hi"
, i. ., .. m raiUa iin' af -i reeri -it..
Hue to the .1 in ii ii ' i i. 'i leather in
l in- war tone and Hie com eiien( kin
lug of many caitle. l.oih rm- MBl
llllil tor mem II Is elldltll tllit ri, m
utter tin- fur BMW) rOBTa there
la mill going to he a Hhortage of
leather unleK mime mil.siliiil" Is
I, .un. I N',. ... the pr.-' nl
Mltuatlou more tlimi the hiirnenH mak
er an. I no one Ih more ulixloll
husiiii K.'t ii.n k in n normal be
In response b the growing demand of our Dttroni for ready-to-wear
apparel c hare decided t" add ;i ready-to-wear department
tti our store. The definite announcemenl of the Ural showing of
spring suits, '".'its, dreaaei and other lines to be Included In this
section will be made soon.
In making this departure v have litid two Idea uppermost
i'i ''iir minds:
Pirsl we Intend tn meet the demand of the discriminating buy
of tldf Heetioti for quality, style and workmanship In -
Secend: Tin re will In no duplication of designs, pvcrj dn
. i ii suit wo offer will Im? au cxelnsive and distinetivi rnrii nl for
tin 'iii-i'li:i-i r.
i- Ii.-im already Reeuredv mi cxeelleiil ntoek seleeteil fiiim Hit
licst offering" of individnnl nui slid the ivmp Mill of the
lirsi ih siMiu'i' uud tailors.
The carpenterN ;ir' busily cnncd al the present time arranging
ftir ample display mom and individnai raeks for the m w giMtds,
When completed we believe we will have the most complete, ready
towear department in this section.
To aVsisI buyers in getting oxactlj what tlu want, ami to give
the service in keeping with our aim. we have secured an experi
enced woman for this department. It is such service that makes
possible con t fitting! and satisfied customers. W believe that
when von sec our stuck and try OUT service jrou will agree that we
have endeavored to furnish the place wherein to purchase your
. 'i . New Thl
Where nmierlek Cat
inns uud u II Hie IjiI-
l-sl Ideas ma) In- r
, . .. m II, Rud m to rat
i. .. i.. i
j- A irtvr '' ' nitlllX' III iMHirn, nun ail'
mi; ur lukajjIi ,,.,,.,. ,.,
We do nut mil mpt to iii.iiiiit'.H'tiiie a Hpia. material cheap in ipialit) but
cheap in pi lee onh .
One 50 trillion barii'1 ol "Rex" Lime Sulphur Solution will make 450
Iniis nl' -1 !. ioi when i I ulloii to 8 gallons of water, it teost not t
"ed ii.."i7 I-1., the 1 nils of Sulphur contained in each 1
i hau 1''.s"i i
A I Iti- 1 1 M I iiiil i.. ,
i' i I.i;
KcuiciiiIm i Sulphur i the oiil uctivc poitiou of ;t lame Sulphur spraj
I Inn lisi i f ; . ulltrol of San ,d -r Sralr.
rniy I., ipreed bbob the mln
.1 ii.n Order
n.ii.-.i hi Ontario. Orecoa, rebra-
an II, i!'i ;.
C J tiAI.I. MillKli.
I it" I Bl 1. 1. ,ml KnlKht.
l.(S) ' I ! .1 ' I I
WISH .ii l
10 bbl. to carload 16c per gallon.
Carload and over A 15c per gallon.
These prices arc subject to 1U iHr eeut cash diseotud Ifdeliverj Is made be
Hue Mail h 1st, I'MT. ;ind S percent cash diseomd If delivery is made after
laivh 1st, 1!17.
Tin lilahi. Oivgou l-'niit Growers Association will sell you "Rex" Lime
Sulphur Solution at 1". per gallon iu l barrel or 100 barrels.
As a protection and safe business proposition when you buy Bpray Materi
ais to proteet and help grow the best possible quality of fruit you should go to
people who specialise in and with i he lnainilact me ul Spray Materials only.
PUOKK 296-J2.
ml mir
.,. ! i. ..liiiii; ii
:.i,i. In ih,- .1
vw i i. i'i- ulh in-
dut) ami promlae nur mil
. i aof, i'. -isiiri ll-
i. in i.iriii.ia. .- or other Foreign al mid
wiii'i'is, the iiiln-r member ol
this riiniii'll. i-iiunis nl' the I niied
.1 . iii Jolnlm
wiiii nur Brother Knlgbta ..i torelga
birth 'n pledilna nur tojralt) te mir
name laud ;
ri..'iei..i.'. be ii reaolved by the
n nl. .is ol this i-ouiiril in meeliiiK
assduihk'd. the inenil"
River iniiui'ii Nn IfM.
Rnlcbta ol Columhu
llir Iiud i.r our UHhi and realuiiiK
only nur duly to this nation;1
llnreli Btedce I" the l'resident nt
the I'tiiieil Stales, nur unsiieriiiiK
Iniiillv uud leally in any erisis that
iiiikIii urine, BOW. or In the future,
lile.lpiiiK to them our utnu.-i in. I uud
aaalatajiee ha everr bmmw aeaalBta
evee to our Meaa and fortune, re
araleea of vhal uMbs UU' d,) our
en in v . iii the end thai the honor,
sale!) and welfare of these United
State may not be impaired by any
aotton of a foreign enemy; and
Be It further revolved that copies
ot these revolutions, be signed by the
llrand Mils hi and Financial
i. 'e ,
in. vii ml
Mill Ue ii' Sunt Bag
in .... I.. Sunn
ill dai Sunila;
u morning at
i .. ..I I,., i atom . morning i ha of-
will in. . I. .nl. i ..-r in i : lorn I
people in tea tin- exhibit while the
In re. hill will iiohahl hat e
I he cars rinsed Sitlid.iy
The niijeri . I u t ,-i ,s i in Hi r in
clad v.-iai iheegs repreeesUag the
.liiiernl wniil lge, and Hie it.-. res
ii.iiii auefa lypea both la the woured
ami aaaeoared aoadltloa. The peg
ceiitage of shrink caus-.l h scouriui!
ami tba i.asons for name are ileurl
di.iuoii.sii ale. I The ehaiaitnr ami
gragjea of wool from iin geSaraai
lleeces and the uses in which HUl'h
wniils are .ui are shown. The effect
nl proSuelag arOOl under dill.-u-ni
contlitions and the rnasons these .-on
dltlona ail., i the Krowil. ol the ani
mal unit the wool produced are ex
lilained Why some wools are used
for making nothing hut tell and Other
woola are made into the tiuesi doth
is Kraphicully demonstrated. gl i- also
the manufacture of cloih from the
raw wool to the liiiislnd rodiicl
Of especial interest to the
man U the model of a 10-oian Aus
tralian shearing shed Tin- superior
ity of the Auatralian method of shear
ing, tying, grading and sorting wool.
over the American inctuud -. are
clearly shown and explained
"If you are interested iu abeep,
wool, aaytnlng pertainiag to
the bep industry, you raaaot afford
to miss this nii rhi. Mi.
i ft ..I. . extern Ion dlrei ioi "Thet i
(snl a siiicn- ..I .Jeel In ll
iii III il I . .i-iit Iii iii .. , i log It, that I
.Ii siiiii'iesiliiK or iiuliislrurll' . .
l-Veo Kllins, Timi.
Ill a. I. ill I. in in llir exhibit Hi Hie i ai
there are Iwn reels of .-.I in at mini !
films known as "l.amhs I'mm linnr.
to Market" and "I'roin WimiI to
Cloth" I hut will In shown as extras at
the theatre at the Monde) afternoon
proKTi iu.
"Men in oharge of the eat will he
in .'.i in, evi ii i. stare and
rer all qui u and
'i.i !l . Ii.
wiml. uud you
miild h wceh'l nidy el.s'iwliuro.
"Then lilni ..i Inti re.-.t and
..1 I'lliu, ilii nial l.ilii" I,, i, e-
i" i.iii Thru there i an ahundaiii
i.i biteraaUai Laforaaatloa of niuai
value to the Broii tonal bum, tin-
housowife, the student and the pupils
of the pulilie si 1 1
OltKI.US CXsllllts t
ttisl llllUllll
No. 371 Mixed Leaves Ontario
10:00 a m Dally except Sunday,
Arrive Vale 10 ; m, Juniura
8:00 p m ; Riverside 3:L'0 p m
Crane p sj
No. 37L' Mixed Leave Crane. Ore.
7:30 a in Daily Ku.-pt Sunday,
ttiierside :30 a. in Juntura
10:3.-. u in , Vale 1 l sj , Ar
rlte Ontario 2:00 p. in
No. 373 Mixed Lesve Ontario 1:30
p. m. Dally Kxcept Bunday Leave
Vale 2:30 p. m, Arrive ltrogan
3:30 p m
No 374 Mixed Leave ilronan 3:60
p in , Vale 5:0a p. m , Arrive On.
tario 5:50 p in
Kxtra Mixed lave Ontario V15 a.
m. Dally Except Sunday.
No 33 Mixed -Leave Nyaaa :25
a m Daily Kxcept Sunday. Ar
rive Hi. medal.. 10:35 a. ai
No 3: 64 Mixed Leave -tlomedale
10:55 a. m Daily Kxcept Sunday,
Arrive Nyaaa 11:06 p. m
Extra Mned -Arrive. Ontario 12:30
p. X.