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    ttife ONTARIO AROM uiiJfv? M, 1935.
FAilK IWtt
.lui.ii- - K Weston of Burns, wan
vlaltor here Saturday.
I) II II mi I it whh up from Nyasn,
J. H. High of Vale was a vlaltor
hero Saturday.
Alice II. Curtla wan a vlidtor from
Vale Friday.
II II llryant of llolan waa here
K. O Morla and wife of Boise were
vialtora here over Sunday.
Claire Hihson of Nyasu was a via
Itor here liiat TbnrMilay.
Mrs i' V Lime, of llroKan, apenl
Friday HhoppltiK here.
Mrs. Fd. KiiwmIoii whh here from
linker City Monday of tbla wek.
Arthur Van Slcklln of Welaer. waa
liere Inal Friday.
Henry lllurkwell
here liiat Friday.
waa a vlaltor
II. Sheldon of lleulah waa
lOWl Salurday.
J. I). Mum mi up from Welaer
A. I. 'I'reman of Welaer
Ontario vlaltor, Suuday.
waa an
It II Hennett waa up from Mniin
i. mi Home over Sunday.
Ida Siewart waa down from Weat
full, laat week.
0, II Oxnian of Jamleaou,
here lual Thursday.
K. S. Horner la spending a
dltya In llolae.
Mlaa Kvu an. hi In. II of Vale.
Hie Rlloat of friends In this city.
S IV lirimiueii of I'endletoii, Ore
apellt it few days here laat week.
Mr. and Mrs J. I. tiruut, of llurna
MM in Fnduy for u almrt vlalt heir
Win. Liixou bus relurned n 1.111 a.11
ouliliK spent ul New Muadowa.
Mr. and Mra. t'haa. Johnson of
Weatfiill, was here last Wednesday
Mrs Itoht Smith uud aon of Juntu
rit. were here Friday.
Mrs F. S. liulley returned Satur
day noun from 1'ortlaud where she
spent n short vacation
Mr and Mra. IV V. Gallagher of
Junturii, were here Friday on their
way to I'ortluud.
.Mrs. inters of New York la the
1 ol her cousin Mix F I Hal ley.
Ul her Inline near town.
Mis. Hugh MorRHii baa returned
to her home after a visit with friends
in link. 1
Mra I .eon Kldridgo and children
huve been rn joying u vlalt with re
lul ives ut Fiuillund.
Tnnolhv liore of Salmon, Idaho,
win. u business visitor here the latter
part of last week
John I. Fletcher, of Glenn a Ferry.
Iil.tho, waa here the latter part of
lust week
Miss M.uv i Avers 1 el ill ned lust
Friday evrtimg to resume her mis
Moiiury work 111 this Held again
Mra L M Anderson and C. C
(III soil, W.'lc heir Irolu Uolse
Mr. and Mra. Jamea Holy and fam
ily are enjoying an outing III the
Sijiiaw Creek lliolllilallih
Mrs V. 11. Staples waa here Sal
urday on her way home fruui Wal
lowa Luke
Mra. Clyde Wttieiiblller returned
lust Friday from a abort trip to Sea
and Supplies
Mr. and Mra. Fred M Jewell of
Cambridge, were vialtora here last
J. M. Sullena, a prominent mock
man from I'ralrle City, wbh here
The Bre.nlck and Watson Shoe
repair shop haH been sold to M. K.
Sheriff Hen llrown wan here a few
in. inn.- between tralnii, Sunday even
Mlaa Finn of Unity, Ore., Ih the
guest of her uncle, Mr. Carllle In this
Will T MontRomery, of Mountain
Home, Idaho, waa a hualnesa vla
Itor here the latter part of laat week
llert Alexander and wife were the
Kueata at the A. II. Barney home In
Frultland, Sunday of laat week.
W. W. LetMon returned early Sat
urday mornliiK from Sboahone where
he Iihh apenl a abort outing
Mra. Chan Knilaon and family
have returned from a two montba
vacation at I'ayette Lake
Dr. W. 0, Howe went to Vale,
yeaterday, where he conducted the
dental examination for the Better
liable Content.
iiuih and Thel Lampklu have re
turned from a vlall at the Colwell
home In Frultland, the Riieat of Mlaa
A. A. Tipton and wife of iturna,
were in town over Sunday Mr and
Mra. Tipton were married laat week
In Hi ilar
A. A. Iiinlrv, one of the proprlet
ora of the Ford Oarage, baa return
ed from a trip to I'ortlaud and
Joy Houston who has been
ployed at the Malheur Merc. Co ,
summer la enjoying a vacation
Idaho Falla
Vivian Nov.- who baa been em
ployed In Hie Kverhart DruR Store,
left for hi home In I'm 1 Ian. I Sun
day eveuliiR.
Laat Sunday a claaa of twenty waa
received into (he Methodist church
Othern will coma In later aa they are
out of the city at present
II L Huberts, aon of J K. Itoberta,
editor of the Vale Kuterprlse, paaaed
throiiRb Ontario Monday evening on
his way to San Frauclaco to the fair
Mra. Hugh Morgan of thla city waa
Hie honor Rueal at an afternoon parly
given at the home of Mian Julia Guth
In Maker, one afternoon laat week.
Mlaa Mary C Ayera went to Nyaaa
Thursday to aaalal In the tent meet
Iiirh there for a few daya. She will
return Saturday.
Uev II I Baker went to Nyaaa
Sunday evening in begin a revival
meeting In the big tent that baa hem
set up for the apeclal occasion.
James, Hugh and William. Hie
young sons of Judge Hallou Biggs,
have returned from an outing spent
at their father's ranch aliove Vale
W. H Kelt b ley, Mra Seppie
Kulthley, Cleo Caaeldlne and 11 I'
Curt were vialtora here from Mid
vale for Hie week end
A. M. w .Hi,. in- ahlpped two car
loada of boraea to Cortland laat week
Mr McWIIIIauia baa bought a number
of boraea lu thla part of the country
tbla summer.
Mr. and Mra. W. L Van de Water
of Baker were here Thursday and
Friday Mr Van de Water reprea-
enta the Allen it Lewia branch houae.
111 Baker
F 0, Bailey and W W Howard
made a trip to Vale, Jamiesou, Bro-
gau aud Dead Ox Flat last week for
the purpose of securing exhibit for
the County Fair.
J O Laiuberaou of Weatfall. M-
county Judge of Malheur comity, waa
a vlaltor here laat week Mr Lam
heison la one of the pioneers of the
Weatfall aecllou
Mr and Mra John K Loggau
paaaed through here laat week on
their way Ui Hot Lake, where Mr.
Loggltll 'lll
r 1 1 u in :i I j m
lake treatment for
Mrs Lucy Blgga ii"11 dauKhter,
Itenn, who have been spending the
Hummer with the families of Dalton
Biggs and W. J. Weeae, returned
Sunday to their home In Bowling
Green, Mo.
K. II TeHt returned Sunday from
the mountain where he ban spent
a few weeks. Me reporta many
camperH at Blue Mountain Spring,
and all enjoying them . K.
H N. Holton, of La Grande, wan
here lust Satr lay on hia way to lllv-
oraide. Mr. I : 1 1 who la the owner
of a large Implement houae at La
liraude, opened a warehoitHe at Blv-
i .i.l. a few montba ago
Itev I). lairee went to Ford Fri
day to attend to aome baptismal
work aa a result of a few daya meet
itiRa which be concluded the flrat of
tbla month. Tin are the flrat bap-
tlHina that ever ocrured in liarren
Valley. He la holdliiR inert lugs at
Riverside tbla week and next.
Ad Sim. .n- of Alexander store,
waa In town Tueaduy inorninR from
Vale where he la conducting the tire
aale of the atore there. Mr. Simon
aaya the aale la the beat that baa ever
been held in Hint section of the coun
ty, and Ibal people have traveled
many miles to attend the aale.
A freak double cucumber Rrowu
by E. W. Van Valkenhtirg waa
brought Into the Argus oilier laat
week The two cucumber grew to
gether with a thin sheet faatenlng
them logetber They are about nine
inches long and It la seven inches a
croaa the two of them. Mr Van
Valkeuburg also had a pear with a
leaf growing out of the aide of It
The cucumber la now on dlaplay at
hla office
FOR HUNT Modern live-room
I houae cloae in Addreas
Box 74. If
'ou will gel heller service for less
FOB SALK Potato digger at Holy
Kosarv Hospital. tf
Slock taken to paature, 11.26 per
month, per bead. C. II Trousdale.
HON'"!' FOHHKT that Loul Hurtle
si ill sharpens shear at the O K
Barber Shop. Only leu cent a
pair -m; SI
(iirl to do geln-lal house
I'haiie 20N2.
Illtill qi'ALITY and LOW I'ltlC-
KS alwaya go together at Hills
If v.. 11 want a good, rich, clean saint
ary milk for your babies. I'lioue 57 J
Dooliitle's Sanitary Dairy. :4-lt
VILLA PARK LOIS in city of tin
tario, or leu acres adjoining Hie city.
to trade for clearing and plowing 20
acres on I'armu Bench, near Nyaaa.
Interstate Land Lou 11 Co , Boise,
Idaho If
v la
I on. n I'.i, hi. Synlein
Tickets on sale. August IS and -.".
and Seplemherl, S, 15 and 21'
Limit, October :ilat See agents
for rates and further particulars
:i:i -6t
lu the County Court of the State
of Oregon, for Malheur County,
Notice Is hereby given that the un
dersigned has been duly appointed
administrator of the estate of I'eler
Keaaeler deceased, and all persona
having hums again! the eatate of
the said deceased are hereby mm lied
to present the same to me with the
proper verification aud vouchers at
my other In Ontario. Oregon, within
alx mouths from Hie date of thla
Date of nisi publication. Aug. :'6tb ,
vltiiouigal, Administrator
be Ksiaic of I'eter Kea
Deceaaed U
POPULAR 1 vi;n 1 cot I'LL wi:n
The marriage of Mlaa Daisy
Drought and Arthur Herald Daniel
of thla city waa solemnized at the
KplHcopal church In Fayette Wed
neaday morning, August 1Mb, at
10:. 10. The Rplacopul wedding ser
vlce was rendered by Uev. Thoa Aah
worth of St. Jamea Kplacopal church.
The couple waa attended by Mlaa
Kathleen Drought, a slater of the
bride, aa brldeamald. and Wllmer
Hoyer waa beat man Mra. abler
waa matron of honor and II It.
Iloomer gave the bride away,
The bride waa very attractive In a
gown of white embroidered voile
over net with trimming of blue nies
aallne. After the ceremony the brid
al parly repaired to the home of Mra.
A. II Mob where a luncheon waa
served The bride and groom left
on the noon train for I'ocatello where
they will make their future home.
Mr Knurl utl I 111 li Inn, ill ili.l
Mra. Daniel came from Tlpperary,
Ireland, her native home, about alx
years ago Moth are well known and
much respected by all
Luxuries re In. In. I.. I Now That
Were l nl bought Of a I
',iis Hack.
Automobile dealers throughout
the Culted States and Cunuda for
the King Motor Car Company are of
one opinion In regard to the cbaiiit
iug of time for new announcement:.
of models from the mid selling sea-
sou to the uiontUa of November uud J
December, or at the New Yurg show I
Officials of Hie company are be- J
lug urged by repreaeutativea In use
their Influence (0 huve this chuiiro
made ao It will be applicable to ibe
industry generally
!.... little's NaiillMO Dairy will be
ready for delivering milk, Monday,
August 28th Kvery cow la u "Jer
aey " Kvery cow liaa Juat been test
ed for tuberculosis uud other dlaeua
ea. All bottles, cans, pail and other' I. are steamed clean
ed uud aterlllxed. Your milk la
cooled aa faal as oacli cow la milked
Kvery cow udder la clipped monthly,
und washed before each milking to
prevent dirt. We uae sanitary, cov
ered p.uls uud the milk is strained 1
through sterilised absorbent cotton.
Our milk cooler and bottle tiller
are In screened rooms and we uae
covered pulla lu milking, ao no (Ilea
can kumple the milk before you do.
I uae the lateat Sanitury Cap to cover
the milk boiilrs and prevent tiles
from getting to the neck of the hoi
He. If you want a rich, cleun sani
tury milk that any dady can drink
with safety, give me u trial. I'rice
il' un per quart per month. Tele
phone Doolittle'a residence, .".7 J
a 4 11
Consisting of four highest grade
pianos two upright and two player
pianos received at Ontario freight
depot June 25th , 1V15 Am forced to
sell these pianos bere at one- in
order to autiafy It K Co'a claim.
Wll sell for my actual coat price
with Juat enough cash, aa nrsi puy
iiieiit. to cover freight and storage
Balance lu eaay terms Write J. L.
B., care of Argua.
Write or call J. L B. care of
Furley Booms, or telephone ti 4 W
New li.niio I ...atr- Here.
Dr H C Dixon, formerly .1 pro
miiieut dentist of New berg, Ore
arrived here about ten days ago uud
has opened offices in the Wilson
building Dr. Dixon's wife aud three
daughters are with him and they are
domiciled lu thfc home formerly oc
cupied by Wtu. McBrutney Dr
Dixon la very euthusiustic over On
tario aud the welcome extended him
by the resident here
I'iihs t p pples From Kansas, i-
in 1 anil iishlngiou for
Home I 111II
Oregon squirrels passed up nice,
Juicy applet from Kansas, Missouri,
Washington und other states, and
hunted until they found a box of Ore
gon apples, before they would eat
any, 1 the atory brought back from
the I'anuma-I'ncillc Fxiiosiiion at San
Francisco by A. L. Cockrum, of the
Flrat National hank, who ha Just
returned from the fulr.
Several squirrel that have been
on exhibition and are con lined with
1 he hlrda In a unique cage made of
Oregon loga In 1 outside the Oregon
building, escaped one night recently
and tuiiile their way to the Agricul
tural building, several blocka away
Several boxea of apples were tested
hill when they reached the Oregon
exhibit they had a feast The man
uger of the exhibit, while regretting
the loss of the apples, admired the
squirrela for their good Judgement
laical Fhv sh tans to Vale.
Dr II II Whitney went to Vale
Wednesday to give a talk at the
Ih'tter liable,'. Con I est on "Hygiene
of Infancy." Dr. Weeae went up to
day lo deliver an address this after
noon 011 "Heredity uud Kugenlca "
Dr. W. (I Howe spent Wednesday
there conducting the dental examina
tions. Fayette Couple Weil.
The marriage of Mlaa Huldu
Sianl lln and William Itlce waa aol
eiunied at the Methodist church In
thla city, Salurday evening, August
I lib Itev G W. Ilarnes of the
First Methodist church of I'nyetto
CD llO
Get the Boys Suits, Shoes, Stocking, Hats,
Blouses, Knickerbockers etc. Girls Caps,
Shoes, Slippers, Stockings, Dresses, Mid
dies etc.
Boys Specials
IWs Shirts 39c
Boyg Minuses 45c
Boyi Knickers 45c
Boyi Suits $1.98 o $3.48
Boyg Shoes SptM-ial Hoy
Scouts $1.39 tnd $1.69
Wear Guaranteed
Special Heavy Rib Hose 15c
Hats 50c to $1.25
Genial kahlo Feat of si length Hre
Shown by .'I.OOO.MIIe
Ontario was furnished Monday ev
ening with a atreet exhibition that
wua a welcome relief from the stream
of fakers that pnaa through the coun
try town. Lineburger Bros., of Ft.
Worth, TexiiR, who are walking from
that city to San Francisco by way of
i'ortlaud, gave an exhibition of
strength Hint la hard to bent, even In
a good circus, or on a llrat class
vaudeville houae.
Feats of strength dogger descrip
tion when a man can tear an eight
inch aplke In two with hi teeth, and
bend a steel rod an Inch and three
eighta In dlumeter by hitting it over
a urn 1 ir In hla forearm. He also
held Walter Burgeaa and another
heavy man selected from the crowd,
by pulling against them with hia
teeth, and Inter held a long ateel bar
lu hla teeth while two men on each
end bent it.
In the middle of the exhibition, Mr
l.iuebarger atopped for a few minutes
lo give the hoys and young men 11
short lecture on the use of cigarettes
and tobacco, and be pointed mil the
fact thai the use of tobacco la harm
ful to the human body. He attri
buted his remarkable strength to
clean living and constant practice.
They left Ft. Worth on their three
thousand tulle hike Feb. 15. They
have walked the entire distance and
have a wheelbarrow In which they
curry, a complete camping out lit
weighing lu ull about a hundred und
llfty pounds They are puylug their
expenses by selling poatcarda show
iltR their out lit . und by tuktng col
lections at their exhibit ion'-
TO TltADK Hood realdence pro
perty In .1 flue Idaho town, for land
or town pioperty in Onturlo Box
SI, Ontario. Ore.
K. K. Ik the Owner Of Some jf
I v 1 1 lieni inu Straw lierl'j
Home grown strawberries the lai
of August are somewhat of a novelty
in the market here, but miiny may
take the advice of K. I Houdy who
baa Ruccensfully raised the evorbenr
in: berry thla year, and try the ex
perlment themselves.
This spring Mr. Ooudy moved to .1
small tract of land near town and
purchased a thousand sliawberrv
plants, a pari of which were the
"Kverhearlng" plants. The fruit
produced resembles Ibe Hood Klver
berry more than any oilier, but are a
little larger and posslblv not quile 0
hoIIiI a berry. They are the deep red
ull the way through and no iloiihi
will prove very desirable for canning
The principal market this time Of
year la for table use and for and..
fountain. The first crop of berrle
I were on about the time thin aprlnu
that other plants were bearing, und,
while a few could be Kiilhried all
summer long, they are now hearllii:
profusely and Mr. Ooudy states thai
he ha ready sale for nil he can mat
ket, at 2fi cent a box
A number of visitor have he. ,
here from Weatfiill the last vv
On Monday a party motored down
for a few day. In the party wn
Krnest Wakerllg, Anna and i II .
Wukerllg and Jessie Warner miii
Lewi Beck. C. K Johnson an. 1
Frank Cummins, prominent sheep
men, also came down Monday 1 1 ..
lew days, to transact business.
Last Sunday wua a special day for
U. Two were received by letter in
the morning. Large crowds are at
lending all the services Mia Ayei
will have charge of the service,
next Sunday ul both hour. The
'veiling service will be the regular
monthly union service, und Ml
Ayera will deliver the address A
hearty ill vital itiU is extruded to all
10 attend ull the services.
D. 10. Baker, I'untoi
Special Prices
Speeial (iil'ls Slippers, Sizes
tip to 8, i $1.29
Special (tills Shoes, Sizes up
to 2, Oi $1.45
School Caps 50c
Middies, Ui 98c to $1.2fi
Dresses, J to 14, 98c to $1.98
Sjiccial Scliool Hose, Fine Rib
for Uirls only, 15c
Special 2.c Fancy Ribbon, a, ..19c