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Entered in the postofflas t Ontario, Oregon, for tratin
inifpioM through tlic iihiU rh set-onil-olaae matter.
New Peace League
Horn-"TlnirBilay night, in the City of Brotherly
love (Siting birthplace!) to Man ami Women of
Kvory Nation, a Rtrong and beautiful child.
The latent, like its radiant brother, the Dec
laration of Independence, drew its t;rnt breath
and was cradled within the sacred precincts of
old Independence Hall, and, for its lullaby, was
soothed lp the doep-throatod, mellow-toned, world
echoing harmonics of old Liberty Hell, whose
plain-tin melody and melifluous refrain bore,
this time, Ihn sweet note of "peace on earth, good
will to man."
While still in swaddling clothes, the new-born
babe; chrislonod "The League to En force Peace,"
and about the place where it received its name
ami baptism wore gathered, as godfathers, many
grave and reverend signors, such men as ex
President Taft, President Lowell of Harvard and
many other '-wise men from the east."
The child, so recently born, has in truth, been
more than twenty five centuries in gestation;
For in the womb of the age it was first conceiv
ed during that stirring period when Dorian,
Ionian and Aeolian tribes of the most glorious
nation that ever lived in the tide of times were
gathering in peaceful league (amphictyony) a
round their pagan to ji pies; and during all the
years since then it has peon nourished only
by the yearning, love throbbing heart of its holly
brooding mother, gentle Humanity, as against a
world ever in arms and ever bloody.
May the babe be as comely of feature and
powerful of arm as its sturdy brother, the noble
Declaration, and as brave and lusty even in its
cradle as was Hercules, that it may strangle the
half-sent serpents and loose from an all butstirled
world the entwinning, writhing, loathsome folds
of poisonous war!
The gods forfeml it to be another Laocoon, An-
tenor's brave son, and Itself to be crushed to ven
geful death!
The idea and the scheme of an amphictyonio
league are as old as was Apollo's temple at Del
phi. True, that historic council failed of its main
object, but it also accomplished much that was
good, as, for instance, the assertion of the
principle of tribal equality, and that embassadors
to the assembly from mighty Doric and Ionian
tribes should each cat hut a single vote along
with that of him from the less powerful Boetians,
or Melians, Phocians- as, our day, in the senate,
the "empire Stale" is no bigger than "Little
Khody." And every amphictyon took a solemn
oath that, in no case, should any city within the
league ever be destroyed, or its water supply be
cut off even in time of war.
The league was to loosely joined, and endowed
wish too little power to enforce its decreesjust
as our own first conlederacy of the thirteen col
onies was only in a very weak way representative
of a nation.
And just as the constitution of 1788 gave to
the United States immense power as a nation, so
would the league to enforce peace, if agreed to by
the nations, be clothed by an international con
stitution with authority to sit in judgement upon
its members and with the reusite power to en
force its solemn decrees aa, for example, an in
junction againat any one of them that it should
not make war upon an unaggressive neighbor.
You may yourself carry out a hundred similar
And so lot's have the United States of the
Mexico has not been devoting auy funds to
long distance calls requesting Huerta to return
and take charge of the country's affairs.
Turning swords into plowshares will seem a
comparatively small matter Alien the time comes
for turning fighting ships into merchant vessels.
Over five hundred millions of dollars are
spent annually in the United States for can
dy. That seems an awful waste of money,
but it could be spent for worse things. For
instance Great Britian is spending $15,000,
000 for carrying on the war. Really, we're
quite economical.
Until 1 1:00 a.m.
JULY 5th.
For the accommodation of out of
town trade. You are invited to
leave your lunch baskets and par
cels in our care and make this
store your headquarters.
I Si-'inl to The A r vu. I
Chicago All competitive speedway
automobile records of the world from
60 mllee to 500 miles were featured
lo the first Chicago (00-mile derby
They were not only beaten by Darlo
Hesu. who won with a French oar and
captured more than fl'O.OOO In prlte
money, but by nine other drivers who
finished lu the mouey
The previous record, made by Ralph
De I'alma at Indianapolis recently,
was at the rate of K4 mllee per hour
Heel averaged 7 oter the same die
lance and J. Cooper, who flulshed
li. (i, bettered the ! Palina mark
by averaging SO 3 miles.
The result, according to eiperU. es
lablUhes the new wooden track as the
fastest lu the I 'nlted States, If not tu
the orld It was announced that
S0.000 persons witnessed the spectacle
The performance of Harry Urant lu
driving the entire race without a stop
eiclted almost aa much enthusiasm as
the brilliant victory of Res la
Embargo on Exports Net Planned.
Washington -The United State Is
not coiisldrrluc placing an embargo
ou shipments to any belligerent coun
try This waa aald officially at the
state department as a reault of pub
iislu-d reports that au embargo on all
shlpmeuts of American products to
kCngland was likely In retaliation for
British Interference wltb American
trade with neutrals.
Yaquls Raid Tewn.
Quayinaa. Mexico--Advice received
here by messenger from the Interior
say that Yauui Indians raided the win
Ing town of Suu-e. too miles lulaud
from Uuayuias, assembled the 300 lu
habltanta and stripped eteryon. stark
naked. thn. while a detail guarded
the gatherlug. the others looted the
town, packing everything transport
able ou a pack train.
Dollar Ships to Um British Flag
San Krauv lco. The Robert Dollar
oiupany, steamship owner with
headquarters lu this city, announced
that It veasl would change their
registry to sail uuder lb British flag,
ou accouut of the uew l.a ftollette-Fu
ruselh seamen act, which goo late
rfcut at the nd of U year.
Petrograd War Office Admits
Retirement on Bobrka-
Zurawna Front.
London. The Russian forces which
for several days made a determined
stand at Pons, to the east of I. ember,
were again In retreat on the entire
front In that region, according to an
official statement Issued by the Aim
tro Hungarian general staff.
A Russian official statement admits
that the Russian forces on the front
between Bobrka and Zurawna In (la
llcla. south of l.einlierg. are falling
back. The statement adds that In the
Caucasus t hosier. In the region of
Vaa, Turkish Armenia, a buttle be
tween Russian troops and a great bos
til fore I In progress
"Oerman troop have taken the hill
an the northern bank of the Dniester
river, between Bukaasowlce, north
west of Hall, and Chodorow, by
storm, after fierce struggles," says
the official Berlin dUpatch. "During
pursuit of the. enemy w reached the
region around Hrehorrow, half way
between Zuiawiia and Rohatyn.
i he Austrian statement aya:
"After their defeat south of l.em
berg the Russian main army retreated
to the eastward, and with atrong fore
took up position on th height to
the east of Mlkolalow. On thl front
our troop, after several daya' fight
ing, captured the enemy advanced
positions, then proceeded to storm the
nemy' main poaltlon, and finally
penetrated th same at numerous
point, throwing back the enemy, no
tably along the sector noar and to the
south of Hobrka."
Washington Preesure of a formal
and organised character waa aierted
on th United states Uovernment to
secure from Great Britain modifica
tion of the embargo on all commercial
Intercourse between Oermany and
neutral countrtea.
Twenty members of a committee ap
pointed by more than 1000 American
Importer laid befoge Hecretary Lans
ing. Solicitor Johnson and Robert V.
Roa. of th board or foreign trade
advlaers, a petition setting forth that
Ureal Britain haa "studiously avoided
answering the American note of
March SO; that In the meantime valu
able time baa been lost In preparing
for future bualneaa and that thl gen
eral effect haa been harmful to the
'long established trade of thl coun
try'." In a statement Issued by the I in
porter after their conference, It waa
revealed that Secretary Lansing had
"expressed a determination on the
part of both the president and himself
to do all In their power to aid the Im
porters In securing the right to which
they are entitled under the law of
nation and by treaty obligations."
tngland Calls on Unlo'is for Help.
Londou.-Kngland called upon or
ganised labor to coma to the aid of
the government lu the aerloua crisis
developed by the shortage of war
muultlou. Minister of Munitions
Lloyd George Issued a remarkable ap
peal to the trade unionists, signed by
lbs I'nited Labor leaders or the na
tion, urging every skilled workman to
enroll a a volunteer In the munition
factortee. The proclamattou Issued by
LUydGeorge described the ammunl
Uon question a vry serious
"rsnch Pat Man May be Called.
Pari. Th cent kilo,' the SlO
pound men who heretofore have been
esempt from military duty, are likely
to be called on for service In the aux
iliary cr pa l he chamber la discus
Ing a law to rvle all eiemptlons
and attributions of troops In order to
lucreaee th effectiveness of the army
at Ui front.
Brill Knlistsd In Ban Francisco.
Ban Kraaclaco- That th neutrality
of the United Btatee haa been violated
seriously by the recruiting of British
soldier In San Kranclaco waa the
statement made by John W. Preston.
United states district attorney, alter
he had spent a day la a federal grand
Jury room croeaeaamtnlng wltneaaea.
Tourist Coin Btaye Horn.
Washington -Money heretofore ex
peaded by American tourists to hu
rope, estimated by Secretary Lane at
fl00.000.000 or more annually, la this
year being spent lu the U tilted States
accord tug to a statement lasued by
Scandinavian Woman Work far Paa
Amsterdam, via London Hundreds
of mass meetings of womeu were held
la all parts of Bcaudlnavta Monday
to urge me calling of a confwreaoe eg
neutral aaUoue to ead the war.
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Young, form
erly of this plnce, lint now of Baker
City, are the parents ot' a little daugh
ter, horn June 14.
Mr. and Mrs. Uriep, accompanied by
Bessie Kenneth and Elmer, left Thurs
day morning in their new auto fot
Klamath Falls, Oregon, where they
will visit relatives, and will also visit
their son Victor and family at Forest
Grove, Oregon. They may go to th
Exposition at San Francisco before
returning home. Miss Apphia Robin
son will stay at the home here with
Enid while they are gone.
Mrs. S. M. Thomas sent a crate of
fine cherries last Tuesday to her moth
er, who lives in Dillon, Montana.
A good number from here are at
tending the Chautauqua in Payette
this week. Several of the young peo
ple took good things to eat Sunday
afternoon and ate a picnic supper dur
ing the intermission between the af
ternoon and evening sessions. This
is the first time the people of this
community have had the opportunity
of attending a Chaulatiqun in this part
of the country and they are enjoying
the meetings to the fullest extent.
Prof. W. A. Dewhirst was elected
principal of the Frnitland high school
at a meeting of the school board Mon
day night. Leland Sackett of Willam
ette University to tench Science and
Agriculture. The hoard decided to
move the Friendship school house here
to provide more room.
The cherry crop is good this year
and those having cheiry orchards are
getting busy. The Fruit Association
packed and shipped a car last week
and other cars will he shipped as
they ripen. Good prices are expect
ed. It haa been announced that Miss
Ruby T. Weyburn, District Mission
ary of the Woman's Baptist foreign
and home Missionary Societies, will
he at the Baptist church June 26. In
the afternoon she will address the
members of the societies and in the
evening she will a .(dress a public
meeting which all are invited to at
tend. Monday morning the seven year old
son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Seiver
met with a very serious accident while
driving a team to haul hay. He fell
behind the horses. They took fright
and kicked him on the head and face.
Me was unconcious until the next day.
His left side became paralysed. Dr.
Drysdale took him Tuesday to the On
tario hospital where hi is being cared
(Special to The Argus.)
Washington -Turbulent conditions
In Haiti have reached auch a point
that the United Statea government,
notwlthetandlng the attention de
manded by Ita relation with European
belligerents, la giving serious consul
eratlon to the formulutlou of an en
tirely new policy toward the little la
laud republic.
Paul Fuller. Jr., who wa sent by
i'i. indent Wllsoii to Haiti with plen
ary power to uegotiate a treaty plac
ing the collection of customs duties
In that country under the control of
the Kovernment. as was done some
time ago by the Dominican republic,
has submitted a lengthy report which
shows that the llaltlen government
did not want to enter into such a
treaty, but made counter propoaals,
whi.ii are not regarded as likely to
lead to a settlement of the disturb
ances on the Island.
The Haltleu situation la moat
threatening at present. French ma
rlnva have been landed there, and
Rear Admiral t'apertou Is on bis way
from Vera t'rus wltb 700 bluejackets
and marines on the armored cruiser
Washington lo relieve them and pre
serve order.
Rogus Rivsr Lin Bold.
Med ford. -Deeds calllug for trans
fer of the Rogue River Valley Rail
road, known as the Barnum line, to
the Southern Oregon Tractlou com
pany have been drawn and the actual
transfer of the property took place
July 1 The deal has beeu hanging
tire for the last six weeks. The pur
chase price, as named lu the deed. Is
$60,000. The sale means the electri
fication of the Barnum line for lu en
lire length, eight miles.
Accldsnt Act Attacked.
Salem. Asking damages of $15.00
each and contending that the state In
dustrial accident commission act. pro
viding tor compensation tor injured
workmen, 1 unconstitutional. George
t:aiihoff and Mark R. I'piou have
brought sun lu circuit court here
agaiust the Bridal Kails lumber com
pany Temporary injunctions restraining
th commission from assuming Juris
diction over ttie affairs of the lumbar
(.vuapau) were asked.
The Argus, $1.00 the year.
Mr. and Mrs. L. ComRtock, Roy
Comstock, Donald Conklfft, Misses
Emma and Theodosta Wells enjoyed
a Ashing trip on Snake river Sunday.
Miss Inez Weaver returned last
week from Pullman. Wash., to spend
the summer with her uncle, John Wea
ver, on the Boulevard. Miss Weaver I
finished the Home Economics course
at the Washington State College this ,
spring and will teach in the Ontario
High School next year.
Chautauqua week at Payette has
proved quite an attraction to Boule
vard people. Some of those attend
ing were, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Kimble,
Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Butler, Mr. and
Mrs. L. A. Walker, Mrs. E. B. Conklin,
Jean Conklin, Mrs. C. W. Stover and
J. M. Butler.
At the school meeting of the Boule
vard district held June 21, Mrs. V. V.
Hkkox was elected director in place
of J. A. Walters whose term expired
Mr. John Walters was reelected di
rector and Mrs. J. A. Walters reelect
ed clerk.
The dance given at the Grange Hall.
Wednesday evening, was well attend
ed and everyone reports a jolly time.
The music was furnished by the Keel
er orchestra of Payette.
FOR RENT -Residence formerly
occupied by Dr. Weee. V. B. Stapled,
Vale, Oregon. tf
To trade Good residence property in
a fine Idaho town for land or town
property at Ontario. Box 033, Ontario
Oregon. 4-tf
FOR SALE One Duroc Jersey
brood sow with six pigs three weeks
old. J. J. Dillnrd, four miles west of
Ontario. 25tf.
FOR SALE Two McCormick Bind
ers in good condition. Both six foot
cuL At C. W. Mullet! ranch, phone
20K4. "On this ranch we take care
of our machinery." 28tf
FOR RENT Nice new bungalow
for rent or sale on easy terms. On
tario Laundry. tf.
"Temple of Sweets' headquarters
for fireworks for the Fourth of July.
Once You
Were a Kid!
Don't deny the children.
Give them plenty of crackers
to nibble.
Our crackers will fill the
bill for the kiddies. We carry
them in boxes and loose.
There's s snsp in our store
in many other things besides
"Safety first" was the motto ami practice of
this hank long hefore those words hecame the
slp,an of the large transportation companies.
Service to the puhlic is not a theory, hut a
daily practice with us.
Put your money where safety is the lirst
consideration ami avail yourself of our service.
Safety Deposit Boxes Savings Accounts
Up--town Agency at Everhanit's.
Free delivery to all parts of the city.
Auto delivery to Fruitland, NewPlymouth, Nyssa,
Parma and Interborough Points.
Return postage paid on bundles over 50c to any
part of the United States extra charge to Canada.
K. COPE, the only Practical Tailor in Ontario, is the
only Practical Place to buy a suit made to your order
Suits made to order from
$15.00 to $50.00
The only Reliable and Prompt Cleaning and Pressing
in the City.
E. COPE Moore Hotel Blk.