The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, June 03, 1915, Page THREE, Image 3

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Mgralii, 1 C L (J o I JN It (Jul feALJ&.NM.
MHH B . .
Lot No. 2
Misses9 and
$3.00, $3.50 and $4.00 Values Now $1.98200 pairs to choose
from, in Men's and Women's Styles and Sizes.
125 Pairs of Misses and Children's Oxfords and Pumps, sizes 8 to 11 1-2 Vmi Mnof rYkma ITnfpt
and 11 1-2 to 2, Now 98c- -worth at least double. Odd Lot of Women's A Ji-r w i VV 11C1C
Slippers, Oxfords and Ties at 98c values up to $3.00. If IOU Value Economy
This is without doubt the supreme Footwear bargain
event of the season incomparable in value (riving!
Hundreds upon hundreds of pairs of pumps and oxfords
will be offered to you beginning Friday, June 4, at prices
that arc in most instances lower than wholesale cost!
We simply must dispose of these assortments! Regard
less of former cost of the footwear regardless of the
losses we are forced to take, we have reduced prices to
be certain that our aim will be accomplished. Come
to our store ECONOMIZE.
Here are Examples of the Great Values We Offer
Lot No. 3
Now 98c
Worth Twice as
Much at Least..
125 pairs go into this sale at the low
est prices such qualities have ever been
sold for here abouts!
Lot No. 1
Men's and Women's Ox
fords and Pumps
$3.00, $3.50 and $4.00 Values
Now $1.98
200 pairs to choose from All sizes included
although not every size in euery style.
Odd lot of
Women's Slip
pers, Oxfords
and Ties at 98c
-Magnificient values
If you can find a style to please you in
your size in this lot, you'll get a won
derful bargain by purchasing.
(Special to the Arg'iis)
Washington. Germany's reply to
the American note concerning tho
alukliiK of the Lusltanla produced u
feeluiK of profound disappointment
here. Dissatisfaction al the rallure
of Germany u answer the demands
of the United States was reflected III
government circles generally.
It was generally predicted that a
prompt answer would be sent to Ber
lin. This Is expected to give tho Amerl
can government's understanding of
the facts that the Lusltanla was un
armed and curiied no coticealcd guns;
that she tailed from the Tolled States
a peaceful merchantman uud that un
d i all rules of International law ami
humanity the vessel should have been
visited and searched and her passou
gers transferred to a place of safety,
whether she carried ammunition or
Germany's failure even to discuss
the reparation demanded by the
American uote and evasion of the re
quest that guarantees be given that
American vessels and lives be not eu
daiigered In the future are the main
points, however, to which the United
States government, It was generally
believed, would refer in the second
(Special to The Argun.)
Philadelphia, Pa. With the neces
sary appropriation to pay the expense
dl tlic trip now virtually available, the
councils' committee that will be In
charge of the Liberty Hell on the trip
to the Panama Pacllic exposition, is
preparing for the ceremonies that will
attend the diarture of the relic from
this city.
The bell and the escorting party
will leave July 5. The escorting party
will include about 60 persons. Ac
cording to the Itinerary arranged, the
party with the hell will arrive In San
Franc t sen tile night of July 16.
The Itinerary for the Pacific coast
definitely decided upon Is as follows:
July 1L' Boise and Caldwell, Idaho;
Huntington, Maker. I .a Grande and
Pendleton, dr.; Walla Walla, Wash.
July 13 Spokane, Wenatehee and
Kverett, Wash.
July 14 Seattle, Taconia and Olym
pia. Wash.
July 15 Portland, Salem, Eugene
and Hoseburg, Or.
July 16 Marysvllle, Sacramento,
Uuklaud Pier and San Francisco, i al
ft' -. H
Portland. Mrs. Elisabeth 11. Hutch
ison, of Wuifield, Kan., National
Treasurer of the Women's Christian
Temperance Union, died here at the
Portland Surgical Hospital, where she
has been hovering between life and
death for several week, followiug an
operation more than a month ago.
Mrs. Hutchison waa 60 years old and
had been national treasurer of the W.
C. T. U. for seven years.
She came to Portland several weeks
ago to make preliminary plans to ad
vertlse the national convention, which
Is to be held in Seattle next October.
She had been suffering for some tun.
With an Intestinal tumor and when she
reached Portland bar ailment became
(Special to The Argus.)
Seattle, Wash. Fifteen tons of dy
namite, stored on a scow anchored in
the west waterway, said to have been
awaiting shipment to Kussla, exploded
at 2 o'clock Sunday morning aud caus
ed damage estimated at $40,000 to
plate glass windows in Seattle. An
unidentified watchman who is sup
posed to have been guarding the dy
uain le is missing aud doubtless was
The cause of the explosion hss not
been determined, but Port Warden
Pays 'c is of the opinion that It was
not accidental.
The exploitive was brought to Seat
tle from San Francisco on the steamer
F. S. Uio., May 13, and was transfer
red to the scow upon the steamer's ar
rival. Mr. Lillko said the explosive
was awaiting the arrival of a steamer
to take it to Kussla.
The explosive was to be shipped to
Vladivostok on the steamer Haxel Dol
lar, now loading army supplies at 'la
(Special to The Argus.)
Verona, via Paris A battle along
the Adige river begau Thursday noon,
when Alpine troops, with infuntry de
tachmenta and customs guards, and
mountain artillery, proceeded from
Perrl. occupying Borghetto aud Avlo
and attacking Ala.
Strong resistance was offered by
the Austrlans at Pilcante, opposite
Ala. The Austrlans, protected by three
lines of entrenchments, inflicted con
siderable losses on the Italians who
finally succeeded, however, in occupy
ing the first tine and then opened a
violent bombardment on the other.
Threatened also by batteries of
Monte Alttastuio, which might have
cut off their retreat, the Austrlans re
tired from Pilcante, leaving behind
arms, ammunition and provisions.
(Specialto The Argus.)
Newport. Initial steps have been
taken to establish hard surfaced or
planked roads along the beach in Kin
coin county, the coast liue of which
is unsurpassed in scenic beauty. Al
ready the road has been planked lead
lug from Waldport to the beach and
from South Beach, across from New
port on the Waldport stage line, to the
beach and around Seal Kocks, on the
south shore of Yaqulua Bay. North
of Newport the road to Agate Beach
will be completed by August 1.
Only $1.25 for the following col
lection of bedding plants: 1 double
sweet allsyum, 4 raters, 4 verbenias,
2 snap pink dragons, 2 lobelias, 2 bal
soins, 1 moon vine, 2 double petunias,
2 dahlias, 6 Steels mastodon nannies.
Ontario Floral Co.
(Special to the Argus)
Salem That a comprehensive pro
gram for the development of tha water-power
aud the settlement of affili
ated land problems of the waat advis
ing congress of the wishes of the resi
dents of this section will be prepared
at the conference of delegates of 12 or
probably 13 states in Portland Sep
tember 21, 22 and 23, Is the opinion of
Ooveruor Wlthycombe who has charge
of the arrangements.
Citing legislation pending In con
gress designed to encourage the de
velopment of the water power re
sources of the west, a possibility of
the federal government retaining a
preferential reverslouary Interest in
the powers developed, and giving the
states one-half or less of the proapee
tlve profits, tha recent legislature
adopted a resolution providing for the
conference and urging the federal
government to relinquish to the slatas
the title to lands needed for water
power development
The resolution invited the legisla
tures or governors of Washington,
Idaho, Montana. Colorado. California,
Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, South Dako
ta and North Dakota to name five del
egates each to participate In the con
ference C. B. Hudson, of Bend; 8.
B. Huston, of Portlund; Kdgar B. Pi
per, of Portland, aud W. Lair Thomp
son, of Lakevlew, were elected Oregon
delegates with Governor Wlthycombe
as ex officio delegate.
Through an oversight Arixoua aud
New Mexico were not mentioned in
the resolution, but Governor Wlthy
combe has received assurances from
the executives of these states that
they will name delegates.
(Special to The Argus.)
London Some Idea of the desper
ate character of the fighting In central
Uallcla is given in both the II. rlln and
Petrograd official reports, each of
which uniquely admits reverses suf
fered at the hunils or the other
'1 he (iei man war efftf auiioiin. is
that the Russians forced the Teutons
near Slenlawa buck across tin- San,
capturing six cannon 'the communi
cation adds that MM Russians, 26
cannon and 20 machine guns have
been captured In the San engage
ments since May 26.
The Russian war office admits that
the Austro (i. i man forces have made
further gains on both hanks of the
San. This communication adds that
7000 Austro (Itemans ami 17 cannon
were captured on the Slenlawa aud
Plgary fronts aud that the Teuton for
tifications were carried by storm, the
Austro Germans leaving 2000 dead.
Renewed German acllwty is noted
all along the front from the Maine to
the region of I'remysl.
Washington Ambassador Pegs, at
London, Informed the state depart
ment that Lieutenant Towers, naval
attache of the embassy, had made a
technical examination of the steam
ship Nebraskan aud filed a report In
dlcsting that the damage to the Ne
breskan waa caused by ths torpedo
fro u a submarine.
(Special to the Argus)
Corvallls -Ralph D lie:.-el. dire, tor
Of the exteusion division of tho (ire
gon Agricultural College, has announc
ed that the division is lakiug up a new
field of service, and that the reprcseu
tatlves of the college are In readiness
to give practical help and instruction
to farmers throughout the Mate In tho
designing aud construct!",, of dairy
barns and silos.
There al' t'.o IMI " I i 'i Ore
gon, with headquarters at corvaiiis,
and one man in eastern Oregon, with
headquarters at Hennlstoii, ready to
give their time aud experience to
dairymen or other farmers contem
plating the construction of bams, si
i los, sheds and other farm buildings.
(Special to Tho Argus.) ,
Washington. -Announcement that
Pn Mldcni Wllxnii would demand a set
tjcincut ol the .Mexican problem by
the warring factious themselves with
in a short tunc and failing that, adopt
some means to brirg about peace, has
d. . loped a. nie nit ! si in official aud
diplomatic quarti rs.
I In pi .i.l mi. appeal for funds and
euppltea to rellevs the starving popu-
l.r i .' Mottoo, lM preparation at
tin White IIOUM oi a statement to be
. lunl add to ull military leaders
In Mexico aud urriincf ments of tha
Am ..en'; Had Ureas lor a huge relief
at ,.' .i:e He nisi steps in a policy
Pl idem WW un has hud under cou
si.l.ialiou for MM lime, with tho ob-
J. . , ol MBtoril , p, ... III Mexico.
1 i. -.idem Wilson will addruss not
mil the military leaders In Mexico,
but the Mexican people and at the
ham. limit the people of tho United He will review lu detail the
course of events lu Mexico slnco the
a; sassliiatiou of Mudero aud Suares
sud the usurpation of the preslduucy
by limits
Oiricluls did not deny that if the
Mi mi an factions failed to compose
the situation, there was a possibility
of Intervention by the United States.
It wus pointed out, however, that what
in: -bt have been previously consider
ed by some Mexicans as au uggresslve
Intervention has now changed oa ac
count of the faniiu. conditions to a
humanitarian expedition il.stK.ued to
sat.- the Mexican people, helpless lu
the bauds of military bauds.
(Special to The Argus)
When you want pansy plunLs call
the Ontario Floral company. Heud
1 quarters at the Argus office, tele
I phone 4'J J
(Se.ial to The Arus.)
Washington. An urgent warning to
American shipping agalust traversing
the naval xoue incautiously and to
have all neutral markliigs displayed
as conspicuously as possible, includ
lug illumination at night, was com
muiitcaluil to the state department by
the liermau government through the
American embassy at Berlin.
Berlin, via London. The German
reply to the Amorlcan note, sent after
tho sinking of the Lusltanla, waa de
Hveie.i to Ambassador Gerard Satur
day for trsn-.mii.siun to Washington.
Tha note expresses Germany's re
gret for Injuries sustained by Amort
cans as a result of submarine and aer
oplane attacks and offers compensa
tion In rases lu which Germany la
found to be In the wrong.
It defers a direct answer to the ques
tion raised by President Wilson pend
ing a furtfcf exchange of views. Oer
many desires to establish whether tho
Lusitaula was a defenseless merchant
ahlp or was being used for ths trans
portation of war munitions and sol
diers, on which unsuspecting passen
gers wire permitted to take passage
to safeguard the war materials.
The American representations re
garding the torpedoing of the British
steumer Falaba, la which an Ameri
can citizen lost his life, are answered
with the statement that It waa intend
ed to offer ample time for the passen
gers and crew to leave the ship, but
tin a. uou of the captain In attempting
to escape necessitated more summary
Germany expresses regrets fer "the
unintentional attacks" on the Ameri
can steamer dishing and the Culf
light The dishing was attacked by
Gei man airmen lu the North Sea aud
tho Gulfllgbt was torpedoed off Scllly
Germany disavows any intention to
attack ion ml. .-.-. neutral craft. She of
fers to puy compensation wkerevei
she is found to be in the wrong and
to refer doubtful cases to The Hague
for a di . tslon.
The passages in the American note
concerning a possible disavowal by
Germany of lutenl to sink tho Lusl
tumu ami tile discontinuance of her
present practices ot submarine war
fare are not mentioned specifically in
Salem Club Gsts 800 Msmbsre.
Salem. At the olose of ths three
days' campaign for members for the
rejuvenated Salem Commercial Club,
announcement was made that about
luO bad boeu received.