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    ONTARIO-The Future Metropolis of Eastern Oregon
The Banner Wool Market for the Interior of Oregon
The Ontario Argus
leads in Prestige,
merit, and Circula
tion. Watch us grow
The Produce from
15,000.000 acres hi
marketed from On
tario each year
Representative Newspaper of Ontario and Malheur County.
NO. 21
Covering the Owyhee and
Kingman Kolony
Tba farming communty west nod
Ollttl Nt of Nvhhh hav t ..... t imuit iiihiI Ml .. jhi'i' postottlce. IlllOIlt
twelve in i !- southwest of Nyssa. For
oma time nn effort tuia) bean i I" to
establish a ratal routa and It will In
good tnwi to tba ruin-in rs tbat this
baa flnally l .-- -n secured. Tbis routa
will serve the oommouliy wait and
eouthweat of Nysa Including flu
Kingman colony.
The large dairy farm Icing estab
llahud nn tba mesa aaat ot Nyaaa la
rapidly assuming shape and will noon
ba In active operation A dwelling.
large baru and I- and much t .-1
i n u have already been completed and
watei for Hi.' IjIk faiiu la expected to
ha supplied ntiT diiy now.
Tba .-1 1 1 --r i i i.i. la M -I by the
Interstate Laud and Loan Company
Of BOaM and Mr. I) A. Kbeisol.
until recently a successful grocery
man nf Holte, la resident manager,
Mr. Kbereole 1-already on the ground
mid to hi energy 'I "I enterprise la
largely d'la tbe rapid tranaloruiatlou
of a .. t i n -I. waste Into a dulry
ho in to wbicb Hi" people of Nyssa
oau poiut with pride Tin- tract
oouatata of 4 40 acraa. l ' ... n-- of
which is Mr. Kbersole'e i -t- oil
prnpertr. Tin- land will be brought
to a high ktuta of cultivation. Slxtv
acraa will be planted to cm this
year and ailoa will ha built M MmI
the I.--.! results iiiht be secured.
Tin. dairy will start with about 50
I.. .1.1 of high grade cows aud the Nys a
cheese faotory a 111 tn k- uare of the
It la a source of gratification to
Nyaaa people that tbe company rec
ogulzod tba superiority of this OM
tlou .11 a dairy country aud decided
to make tin. tbalr Held of operatino.
Journal, Nyaaa.
At Priced Below the Market
Because Growers Not
Aa to the wool altuation m Malheur
aud Harney country tbia year, condi
tiooa are different from what we have
ever scu for a uutnber of years. As
early in tne seasou it was autlolpa
ted that the pnoe per pound would
be two or three oeuts less tbau last
yeur, aud the gruwera bad banded
tgetherwltb the warehouse people
with a view of holding public sales
aud attracting both tbe repreaenta
tivea of the Kaatero Wool Houses aa
well aa buyers from tba Mills, but
bout tbe middle ot last month the
prioea took ou upward tendencies
and our country has beeu full ot
buyers scouting around tbe sheep
vamps aud shearing pena aud have
bean piokiug the wool up as fast as
tbey could locate tba owuers at piio
ea far in excess of any tbiog tbat
tbey bad anticipated so 1 lu fact a
ureal deal of tbe wool bas been sold
tefors) shearing, which is very uo
usualjiu this country.
The Merino grades of wool have
been selling from 14 1 2 to 10 1-2 J
ceula according to quality, while tba I
uii.lniin. have been bringing from 15
to 18 ceuts. These prioes are an
tirely satisfactory to tba growers but
it is a koowu f ct tbat If they had of
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Gaining Seventy Points and
Weiser only Forty
Some nf Hi.- memhera nf the Oo
tin!.. l iu!i School track team went to
Weiser Saturday for the meet and
succeeded in wlunlng 70 point- In
Walser 40.
Hlarkaby and Huated tied witb 10
pnluta for beat Individual record,
Hlarkaby drawing nut In the pole
vault Hutted and lllackaby tied for
lir.i and In the draw Hus'ed got tbe
A summary nf the events In the
order tbey ucourred la given balow.
50-yard dash Oramae nt Ontario
woo Hut place; Waters nf
second: Locey of Walser thud.
Time. 0 seconds
Discus throw Maddux of Ontario
wou Drat place; Loony of Welaer sec
ond, and lllackaby of Ontario, tlilnl,
Dislstici, 104 feet .'I Innlies
880 yard dash - McMlun of Walser
llrst; Konlg o. Outario, second aud
Hover of Ontario third, Time 2 mm
iCea 5 I V 'i aeconds
100 sard dash lllackaby nf On
tario, lint; Huated of Ontario, eeo
0 id an i Lucas of Weiser. third, lime
1 1 ., ouuils
High .lump Hlaekahy of Ontario
first; Locey of Weiser, secoud ; I'lalt
nf Omarlo and Lucas of O.itarlu, tie
for third, llelghth 5 teat 4 Inches
410 yard dash Hlruue ol On-
o oi Ural, : Uric K.uau of Welaer, sec
mi.iI and Hamilton of Weiser thud,
1 in 50 4 seconds
Slnu Pin Looey of Weiser flit ;
I'l.iit of On rlo r. it ml and Mlaoasbv
ot i let. ii. i urd; dlstatice, il'.i feet 0
1'. I vault - Huated of Outario
llrl . Illackaiiy of Outaiio sec nd :
and Plait of Ouuirto tun. I. h. mhih 0
1 4 feat
Ml aid dash Waters of Weiser
drit. Stiane of Oitiino seeond
.ml l.ocai of Weiser tiiinl, Tine. J l
1 -5 aecouds
.lav. Hi throw I'latl of Outaiio
first; Hustid of Ontario seouud aud
Mh.I.i.ix of Outario third. IMstsuee
11!) leet.
Uroad jump Huated of Ootario
in.' . Loo of Weiser aeooinl ami
Blackaby of Outario third, Disluuce
19 feet 5 1-2 Inches
Mile font race Unver of Outnii.
lirst ; McMilliu of Weiser secoud and
Dearborn of Oulurio third, Time 5
ii.ii.oi-- aud '21 seconds
880 yard relay Wilser. Time
t :iii
R A. Booth, who will oppose the
pressnt United States Senator from
Oregon, George E. Chamberlain, had
no oppoaitlon for the Republican nom
ination at ths primaries.
- i .
sa. s' .EJayjsOJJ
bbbssI. OBsSv xrVnnlnl Mm
Withycombe Strongly Endorsed by the
Republicans for Governor.
Republican Nominees.
Member National Committee Italph K.
Crilteil still ex Senator K. A. Tooth.
l;.'.i..etilMllve, Klisl llstrli't W. C.
I In wiry
lli'presantatlve, gerund District N. J.
!i.'i.i."..'i.i.itie. Third District C. N.
M. Vithur.
(Invernor Jnmss Withycombe.
1 ii'imurer Thimui'S II Kay.
Justice Hii.i..iii. 1'i.nrl Henry J.
Renn. I..iwi.ii. e T llairls, Thomas A.
Mi Hrlile, Charles I. Mc.Sat v
Altornai Qeneral Qeorgs M litnwn.
Silliellllletlilellt I'lllilll' IllSttllltlun J
(in iii
SOile Knglnepi John II Lewis.
I .'..i Commissioner O I tioff
U.illii.u.l I'.immlssl. met Frank J. kill
Isr uperlntsndenl Water Division No. 1
Jumes T Cnlnnocfc
Hupetintondenl Water Division No. I
Oeoiife T I 'im to nn
Democratic Nomlnsss.
Memiiei National Ostmmltl ll. M
' iii.m I Htilte Hetliitnl -li-olge B.
Chambei l.iln
lletiresentatlve, First District Freder
Ok llolhslfi
Itfiiri'si'iitatlvs, Renoml District No
. .oi. II. I. .1. -
lte mallve. Third Dlslilct A. T.
i ,.. .'i ii. . i C I. Hinllli
Justice H.iciiae rouil--Vllllam Oal
i,, end . illi.ini Ramse)
it. ii n. v . leneral John A Jeffrey
i v.. i-andldutes f,.i Treaaurer. Buperln
i .i, nt I'ui. in iiihiiu, lion. Bnclnssr, La
i... i Commlaal r, iiaiho.ui Conmlaaam
.I oi w.iii-i I''ts.)
I'ortland. Dr. Withycombe. repub
lican nominee for governor, owim his
nomination to counties outside f
Multnomah In Multnomah county,
.Minor polled htrongesl of all, but olh
it iiortlons of the slate flocked to the
Withycombe banner, and cut down,
then passed IiIm lead.
While, on the republican ticket. Dr.
Withycombe carried a majority of ih
counties, each of the leading cnmli
dates was favored with one or more.
I'liuiiilia. the former home county of
Dr. Smith, the democratic nominee for
governor, and Wasco, the home of
Judge r.. illicit, who ran second, both
gave h. noisome majorities lor their
i MifliilctcH. The other coiiiiIIcm
throughout the state divided between
the two.
Although Oeorgo M. Drown lost
Multnomah county to Frank 8. (Irani
by approximately 4nno, the outside
vote more than olfsei Mr Urania gain
and Mr. Drown is nominated by a
plurality of 4600 to 6000. William I'.
Lord is third and J J Johnson fourth
Progressives Select GUI for Governor.
Willi but a few precincts uncounted,
the result of the contest over the pro
groMlv,. nomination tor paVOfSOf
ajMfjhl 780 votes for f M Olll and 468
tor MtMtThtt ''he Ui Kill ol the lat
ter has caiihcil Keueral surprise, as it
uh believed that he would capture
the gubernatorial nomination without
Saiificld Macdonald received the
progressive noiniiiiition for oaaajBal
rtioner of labor. 2J'i voters having
written in liis name for this position
The vote cast for other names appear
ing on the ballot for this nomination
was us follows M K. Miller, li; 0 P.
Iloff, 18; J A. Madseu, 49; Fred 8.
liyiion, 64.
Supreme Court Race Close.
For the four nominations to the su
preme bench, Justices lieau ami tfe
Hrnle ami Harris have substantial
0f0 all others. For the oilier
p0M 'he content is close between
Judge MoNor and Judge Henaon.
On the ,! iiiocratlc t.cket two candi
dates lot 'he supreme bench were
named without op! Mtioii. They are
William Q llOWOJ Judge of the Cur
,uit Coon :" Mar ii county and Judge
WilliHin K Ran, ey. now ou tbe su
preme belli ll.
Primary Notss.
Dr. Henry Waldo Coe was elected
progressive national commltteemau
without opposition.
Miinou coiiity republicans nominat
ed i heir flrol woman candidate for
county, when Mrs Mildred K.
fironk lefl Ihe ticket 'for counly f'pior
The proponed Issue of 1860,01)0 road
bonds In Marlon county whs snowed
under by a two to one vote, It having
lost In pracllcBl'e every precinct.
Miss Iva Harrington won the repub
lican nomination for clerk of Clacka
mas county.
John A. Jeffrc) of Mull liouuili conn
ly was the only democratic candidate
for Attorney general nnd received the
nomination without opposition.
Mrs. Mary Scott, of Sheridan defeat
ed Ira 0. Nelson for the democratic
nomination for treasurer of Yamhill
cnunly. and to oppose Icr tin- repuh
Means placed Mice I. Adams In mm
luatlon. Miss Adams defeated three
opponents, all men.
O. I'. Huff Is nominated for labor
commissioner, Frank .1 Miller lor rail
road commissioner, John H. Lewis fur
stale engineer onil Kolpli K. Williams
'or national committeeman on the re
publican ticket.
On the democratic ticket H. M. Fa
terly Is the chosen national comuli
t reman.
It Is probable that Samuel F.vans, nf
Klamath Falls, bus received the dem
ocratic nomination (or congress In the
second district.
In the loootv there was a amail
vote oast, I in in int. id being maul
Wltiiycombe was the choice lm
governor by a substantial vo.e. Far
repreeeutative I'rnulall was Uh ahead
of Daviy lu Ibis county but i lacou
ceded tbe results in Harney will more
than offset this lead Odell la the
in iiiinee tor shirlit The other 1 1. laic bad ui opposition.
t'lcdges of tbelr moat loyal sup
port to Dr. Jaiut-e Withycouilie, who
la shown by the returus received
Saturday to have wou tbe Itepubll
cau nominatiou for (ioveruor by a
good plurality, were made Satunlay
night by the defeated csndl.latMs.
Attorney geuaral 'i-vfoid al Salem
(flared In fit lo Withyeouilie won Id
be elected and that he would give
bim bis warmest support.
"Dr Wllhjfoinl.e l. the choice of
tbe Ki publican parly tur Ooveinoi,"
said Mr Crawford, "He is a man
over whom all Itepublicaus aud iiihui
bets of other parties as wall cau be
enthusiastic I admiie Dr. Withy
combe for bis record, the princii.lus
for which lie stands aud the absolute
fairness with which he ooudocted nis
lainpaigu He will receive my
win In-heai ted support "
Mr. Cruwford telegraphed the fol
lewlug miasuge to Dr. Withycoinle
"Hear y co.igrutulatlom and as
suraiica of tamest suppoit fur yaur
electiou "
tins . Mosler pledged his aid.
"At several times duriug my can'
psigu."saii Mr Moaler, "1 raid
thai If 1 sbould be defeated I would
support the regular uomliieo of tbe
Republican party, and 1 raiieiate
that statement uow. I pioiuise him
my support inevery mauner. "
T T (jeer said "1 am going to gtt
out aud do all 1 cau to elect bim"
A personal tt-legiaui bad already
been aent lo Dr Withycoinhc by W A
Carter when be was asked for a state
"I assured Dr. Witbycouite of my
Lenity auppoit, and I wish to assure
bim nf it poblloly." aaid Mr.' Carter
"Dr Witby combe's, prospects of el
. . lion are splendid"
Dr Withycombe is a man behind
whom Republicans of Oregon cau
unite to a man aud to a woman."
said Charles A. Johns. "I shall
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The Fourth of July this year
Many New Families
Locate Here.
The regular meeting of the Com
mercial Club waa held Monday even
ing. The ladles auxiliary waa rep
resented by Mrs. (Henn aud Mrs.
Morion, who made a rcpnrt nf their
work Three more oignnistloiiN
have joined lu the work and they
now nave 1H clubs with them. '1'hev
also report having 1)H families to be
tol I., i upon. Mrs Hecnr bas baoo
eleoted viae president and will have
charge dm lug Mrs. (Jlenu's abseuce.
Mrs Dnclos addressed the club on
(be Ivceiim course.
I' our new members were elected to
the commercial club.
A circular was read legsrdiug the
exo irsl.ui of ths Salt Like business
mi u lo be here on June .'lid
A piopnslllon tor the estnbllsh
incut of a feed mill was turned down
(rowers nia asked to save suitable
material for exhibits at ths KseteMl
land stums.
Ill legnrd to celel.isllng tbe
I 'on 1 1 Ii. a committee was appointed
tO fotOfttOO (be business men and
tbey reported Tuesday even ing that
they had III out l.'Ji,il sighed up but
the sriillineiit seiinul (u be tli-t a
we held a celebration last year and
the large emails from Weiser snd
other neighboring towns made ll a
big success that we shou I lii-ist in
making (be celebrations at Weiser,
Nsw Plymouth and other places a
success Ibis vi ar and the celebration
was called off.
Justice Lamar, of the United States
Supreme Court, one of the mediators
who will represent the United States
at the conference in Niagara Falls
over the Mexican troubles.
The ladles having in chirge the ar
laugemets for decoration day ' au
uouuee the following for ibe literary
exercises lo be held Hi the Opera
House nt 1 iM I'
Mayor Trow will act as ehaiiman.
Opening ode, Almoin, by tbe an
1'isyer by Rev. Rueuig.
Solo, Mrs Mcl'.i atney.
Remarks, by Rev Johns.
Reo nation by Claud iu Merlon.
Song by tbe Rapist Church choir.
Solo. Mrs. J. W. McCulloch
Recitation by Doia Fluglmtf.
Song by the M. K. Church choir,
Kn it. ai a by Ruth Lackey.
MTmmWVW m '-Jmr ' sTaV
iV ' 'oH sssmsai1
00 . e. U ajo. pjS
OT jJL Ssssr isBWa I BTeaOH
V. l-'lii E&. )pol
Plenty of Errors and Rajr-
Red Playinir Mixed With
Brilliant Plays.
In a rather freakish game Ontario
lost to Vale last Hunday 7 to u. The
interest of the game was centered
largely ou two playera, Smith of
Ontario and Hurley of Vale. Kanb
of these men was credited with fnur
hits, wbicb was nearly na many Id
each case as made by the remaining
mem I .-is of cither team. Tbla sort
of batting was not unexpected of
Smith who usually has several hits to
his credit at tbe end of game while
the Vain man bas beeu previously
known us "strike out Hurley."
Smith win safe on tlrst live times,
reaching that bass once mi fielder's
choice. One bit should hsve la en a
home run but be failed to touch tlrst
and was called i ... si He stole thrie
basis anil jet with bis work waa un
able to scorn or send home a runner.
Hurler sent home two rune and
crossed home plain twloe. Ills hits
weie a home I nn, t three bagger, a
two lii.gcr and a single.
Ontario's weak point ens a little
bad judgement in (he rullleld mid
delay in returning until. 1. 1 talis
Mill. ii. I pitched a good it 'sdy game
all Ibe n.i. He struck mil live
men slid walked two. Willi a little
better support h should have won
the game, lloucb .if the Vale team
is net' o s with men on basea He
sliui'k i nt six, lut walked fnur In
the fourth limine, allowing four
Tbe score by Innings
1 '.' :i I ll 7 H ll R II K
Vale n 1 I ii n J ii ii :i 7114
Ontario u 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 1 0 4
And Diplomas Presented to
the Twenty-One Happy
The couiiiieni'i'iiieut exercises In the
high ( liicl au . iturioui on Ihxi Thurs
day evening alliaeleil an iiinllcnco
loo large for (uu ball. '1 he tniiuhere
by Hi. t graduates wele OUollOOl aud
Supl. Chiiiclilll gave nil excellent
add fees. H. ! koiiymi presented
the d lomas lo the follow ng giadu
ate .
Jessie Klialiotli Hicks
Froncia Roohol Chapman
Mary Dion Taylor
Jean Cotiklin
Dorothea Cox
Man, If Kidd
Maude Agusta I'ool
Louise William
I'aulina Itlanton
Fayc Cook
Donald Karl I'latt
Rayinoiiil D, Hover
lleirsfliel M BltreTMO
Doru.i ( I. Myers
Kstcs L. Morton
Will R Rla.kaby
Will Stiane
'1'lieo. Mis. re
QoorgO T. Madux
Virgil l.eiiimoii
Sii.iul of the tcSfbfis received
bauiisoine presents from tbe class
Ou Saturday evening tbe Alumni
nulei i .. im-il lu Wilson bull.
Dr. Cogue aud W 11 Cecil are at
tbe Odd Fellows giaud lodge.