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Important Occurrences Of The
Past Week From Cities
In Our State
Postofflces to Be Filled.
LBWtOtOB. -Kxiimlniitloii for foiirth
2lnnH priMtiuiiHttTH will bf hold nt Low
lutnii and it iiiimbor of Malm and
WnshlnKton poltitH on April 18. These
'inatiouH aro hold for applicants
fur office whom tho I 'oinpoiiKutloii
Miii' imtH to $IS'i or mora n your.
Tlii- following Central Idaho post
BiastiTM will ho MloOted from tbOM
vho taBO tbooe MamlBBtlOBB! I!. I kit,
Cameron, Clounrator, Doary, DOWO?,
BtwtrdsbarSi ft ,,r. QWofd, Kovtar
llle, KOOtkU, l.npwiil, l.iirrto, l.i'hitul,
Lotioro, Mohlr, Now MoadowH, I'ook,
Pierce, PrlBOOtOB, KonhoiiH, KiihhHI,
ji.iMIiu:, itlto, Sweotwntor, Thorp,
Vlolii, ' l I in t. Wiihn, W'arroti, VVelp
pp, Wi'Htlalio mnl WlnohoHtor.
Will Give $2000 In Horse Prizes.
Hi hi lllfl TtM total promltimH
it tho forthcoming Idaho County
llorno ikon H1 ho npproxliniitoly
tfOOO, Includtni prli" for rlbbou win
on in both tho rottatorod ami grade
OUUOOO. Tho hIiijw In to ho hold on
May :n. l'!i and M and ItidlriitlonB
liolnt to a IHCOOlful exhibition. Auc
tion of Iioimk and mules will ho font
on I 01. Ho' third day. Moan Of,
I'nilylo id tho uulvorHity of Idaho and
profoooor T, i'. McConnoll, oouaty
IlltUrial lor l,i 10 I i onnty, ha
III ill Mil' Mill
h brotiKhl in i all p.irtH ol aa li n
iiii,. ion i ' ii' "a ami northern
i tho.
Government Boat Tied Up.
Lewfeton Captain Ralph B
man. ol tho lOVOTBBIOBl DOOl I
Iiiih rccelwil onli i la lirlir- the DOOl
to LoWtOtOO ami Uo up durlliK UM
lilKh slime of water, tho rife In tho
rlvor Off voatlBfl OffMtlVO work 111 tin
wlnnil.iiii i oiiHlriiolliiu nt lii iiiih I
where ttW BBS horn woiKiiik.
W'oiic will in started i" I
rlvor botwoon Lawletaa ami Imnaha
If Ho' wihr roaohoM tho flvo loot
Kini'ls lor liiipiiom ni Oj ii x
troiuo uppor rlVOf vm ri' obb d
through tin offorta oi iho l.i i -inn
AhuIIii and I'hirkhlnn eoiiiniorolal hod
lea nflor tho ti'.u ihlllt) nl n;i ImitliiK
tho iippir rlvor with a bbooJIbo orofl
Willi d i ii iii 'I b I aplaln Mi t'.ii
Nielli Bsese, Famous German
Aviator, to Make Attempt.
Undaunted by Breaking Her Leg Five
Time and Noee Three Timee Con
ducts School For Aviatora and Super
intends Ersction of Her Own Ma
chines. Horlln. Mclll BaoBBj Germany's fn
BMW woman aviator, BSOBBjOOJ, her
IntonthM of Irylnit fur tho Kront honor
of lioliitf tho llrst air pilot to fly BBfOM
tho Allantlo, for which purpose alio In
conatractlng hor own hydrooonplBao.
btolll Boom Ih ortdMs bjavwi not oalf
ns a ilailiiK lllor and M Uoriiiiiny'a only
VMinian aoroplaiio pilot, but an the only
woman In tho world who iiinlurtH a
Hying school, of obJeh aho borootf la
tin' principal, and who inaki's a IiiihI
DOOO of ii-iIkiiIiik mid miimifiioliirlnK
ii in.- iiiinhliioM. A Htnall, lllho Muuro.
i ii ii Boom i a baBUttful woman of
I t thirty. She won a pilot's Ihonno
Woro than four yours BBJBi iho llrst to
lo KTOBtod ti a womiin In Oot inanv
She Is not illsi'iiiirnijoil hy tho that that
hIio has broken hor leys In llvo plaoos.
BU talBod fra lures of OOTOTOl rlhs nnd
has brohOB hor iniso throo lluios In
tuinhlos out of tho air. Theao ncel
iiontn. aha doctaroe, were IBB fault of
bar loarhors mid did not hiippou whon
sbO hi'i-.i If was at tho wl I,
When soon at tho Johannlatbal iivinu
iiflil. whoio mora than 800 tnacblnoo
aro stationed, l-'rn n llooso said: "Yos. I
am BBtBOJ to ho a iin nit: thOOO who will
In' tho Oral to try to lly aOTOM tho At
lantk If I i annul ho Iho llrst to pilot
a llvlnif inai'liliio In Auioiira at least I
want to ln tho llrst woiiiiin to nehleve
Unit honor I am COBOtrBCtlUaj a now
i.l f h ilrnaorophiiio, which will he
Events Occurring Throughout
the State During the Past
Plan to Secure Tourist Traffic.
Portland. Officials of four trana
cnuntry railroads formlnntlnK In tho
northwest and repronpntatlvee of
eommerolal organizations In Portland,
Seattle, Tacoma and .Spokane held a
OonforOBOO hero nnd planned a Joint
CampoJBJfl to hrlntf to iho northwest
as lain" a OBBrO as posaihle of Iho
Influx of eastern tourists expected on
tho I'aolflo coast nexl ear.
The plan calls for the establishment
of a permanont northwostorn tourlat
and travel bureau at ChloaRO, which
will art na a rloariliK house for all
explollnlloii. piihlioity and advertialne;
done bl I'.ich Of the northweHt citleH
by each of tho roads.
Fifty-Cent Pieces Bad.
Salem The police of Saletn are
lookltiK for I mysterious woman, who
has passed numerous counterfeit 5n
Cetll pieces here.
Ii Is not believed that the bonus
money was made In this city or coun
ty, Imt the ilnory of the police is that
the woman Is a OOBfodOfBtB of the
counterfeiters and was sent here to
dispose of as much of tho bogus
BMBOJ as possible. All the coins were
printed In the same mold and were
made by all expert.
Morty.iyr Filed for L'linldlnu Hoad
Fro. i Cm ur l Alone.
t'oeiii d vi' in Ka ' i i. in in
dor last wiui. r thai Iho CI M
ii.. . .v si i', mi railroad oocnpanj
. . 'i 'I, hi i le I Ir-
i oi'iir d' v. : Ihuuihl
I ! (Hod
With I He i nt) Ii i b) ' :'iiii
I I lata i ill . ay
i I ni'iii Ti i
I III' '
ii.. roll
mail .a. ,
ipnii i d wl build a
I. Hh" . I U op. i . .m
from i " ui n vi. 'i i.' Wallace and
tii, ii i.i . i.l mi iii ground i u h
oil ) have btn n or a III be at b)
tho oompau) for iho i ondui I ! Ii
I ..nit tut BH) In. null II
ma) iii ni- to build, it m
road 'i . S. ui.. in. i,. .,i
line 6 linn
I lAJr
B&Ln- r
' r
"Mlss-Fire,r"Facts Told.
The lialli Thai In one sIiikIo day
he BBOOrthOd 10 "nili.s Hied" holes of
d.Miamlte, any one ol which, had 4I10
"1 itplodor" bOOO slmck, would have
resulted In an explosion similar to tho
one which resulted In the disastei OB
The Hallos I'elllo canal works, Whofl
four were killed ami as many injured,
was the testimony of It. 8 Morris
before the coroner's Jury which Is In
VOOtlgBtlnl Hi'' 0BBO0 ol the explosion.
"Tick" Fever is Fatal In Baker.
linker I 1. ink (I aiding, titi years
old, died Ii fO of BBOttOd or "lick"
fovor, Hie tint bobUi from this cause
.ver rOCOrdod lute, accoidliig Ii:
Hiker phjtl irl.ins. (Ii. oiling was hilteii
i a wood 1Kb several weeks ai'.o, hut
"iiir.hi mi 1 Ileal advice until It was
00 In .1. 1 dp him.
Farmers Told to Diversify Crops.
I'm I, it. h Tin In liters'
.'iniil ... I b) the .11 I Ii I
in. m i 'in taie univi rally, uilrui tod
uiucli in'ii.'.t Tin pr.ii'i.nn Included
talks In I'liil. -nl K V Klllllglun .111.1
I'ruie 1.1 Mm 11. ,in dalrylnj ud
I'lot. i:iiiniiou .mi tint farm
.1 tin- I'.iinii.'.e iiiuuii) should do
more .in .1 mil . 1 farming it win bo
1.... .1. I. 10 ChaOS iii.tlioilh
araduall) from oal) gram roiolmi to
cult le i.ilMiig ami ''Mng as well
'lilts, how. n.r ..ill not be sin cessful
unless great care is taken in the so
lei lion ot herds He gave OdVtOO for
the pronor selection ul bards lie also
dloouaaod the owl lor oi foodlBi atook,
and sIioiikI) reciiiuiuemli'd the use of
Mi V.t'-oUt Food a Week.
Morohfiol I loae n tin. mountaini
oven tejra wlthoul fo3d, ti. Ollhort, a
man OOtWa M a" I M vars of age.
araa too wool to walk to aafoty whon
fOBBd In ih" I'deii ,; i . atry :tml
was oared fot for tv 1 .! I., im,. I
was abb' 1 im 1
Hindi liy Aiii.'i I.-111 I'll . vasuclntloa.
m ( m 1mm Mis. .1 AIIIOOB, who Im I. en
In in from Saloiil fOt tie 1 t ti 11
ill toil In a lew 0 1 -'.s I w III tam
Ii llMMWUthlj on l.i- N.ail, sea. and If ioluuie.1 to her BOmO In Sslen,
11 pi it j 11 will aorvo aa a Friday. Mr. Otaojll Koin with her
"",'" '" -' '"" '" '" "M"1 ",' Mr. llrimll l,u, le n MffOriOfl with
a 11 in all.nill. altomi't tiet sprinu I I
will I. "in on Hie I.lg iiiaehlne hoorl tMBBtB Bad tlM OBBSBO to the
I iiinioor I will p. .finally pilot valley I. thniigbl lul.e just what was
",v ",:" "-'",l b ' hBohaad ; ,.,,,.,, tl) ' t ,,im ,.,,.u t lll,ril
ami ivmi iiie.'h.'ini '- My designs are
.1111 Hi. 11 will l.e al.lo to cross POBdllloO. BlBMf OtOBtl BBBl I"
'in in thtrCj In c I. I'oinlloliiti with llieiii.
1 1 11. .' ' in. 1. ago married
I In 1 pii K She I . till 1 . I nut We ale tilling ( clilinge our inline
rorty plloto from liai school, si... , ; , u, (.(Mh Siili. tii Th
.i 11- l a.l .ip'an. Speal. im,' of
velopnienl ol avlall. Hi. she slid Vorlotf CllUfS WtlB big lie. The
'The future d.-v . iopineiit of ra.-li liatu e will prevail however but
an far as iho sp.ut u conceruel, eaa
1 iiii' for women. Ilea iiaw the water.
tnin kbtuld BOt keep BOB frmn look
Power Company is Barred.
lioise The public uiilltlea coinmta
leu of Ibla state bas Issued au order
harring iho I.l ,liu I'lnvei l.i In cvilll
pan) from eatorlng lha lawn vi Buhl,
in Twin falls county, and orderlag n
to cease u.'live opiial ...u.. ci ih lur
tin r const iin t lou ol lis UOWer I ties
llitvi teinuuv
Suit Brought to tint Cruise,
iir.iiinn Action Jiu night her.
in John Lewis to roalralu the OOUttl)
loads tioiu allowing tii. cruising 01
imiliei lain, or tax. tin hi , rKMO0 tin
oonlracl 0 awarded ' It. tl Nease
iU I'nril. :i. i'l'hriiarv :' I .,1 I WO town
fhlps 111 CI' 11 water coiuilv
.. 1,..,.. 11 iu ...,. ... a. ,,,.1 11, 1- in lug ovei 0111 ilisiilay. A little cash
tie danger ll I- only when the 111:11111 will bjjg H big tnilldle. The V'ailel)
1 .. Hirers recuaulae this that living will ., .. ,,
,7 Stole. ti
all 1111 the popillalllv It deserves.
Iran lee.e BBM that tiennan hoys (k Louu came in a few .lavs
vv Im formerly ran oiT to boh to lieootne
sailors aro now bTOUghl by their par BJB1 froui Cortland to look after sonic
enti to Iho ll. lug school to ho turned land ho hu tioic.
I'lin pilots, alllnnigli lliev are not at
wavs proinlsliig material. She said
that women learn tho art much oiialcr
than men. except tho mechanical
Ivalph K.'khuiill came in Mini, lav
oveiiiug from Hum. Me It-it Hums
ksuiarladan. 1 hov hav inure nre.ouco I x ' III umrulna and was twelve
of inln. I thai. Iho men and act ipilckly b uirs on the road.
In au emergency liifni t unitely all ;
ler woinoii pupils take out marriage few of tho local Knight Touip before 1 1 lid of the coiirsi
and marry pilots Instead of taking out
pilots' licenses.
litis attended Kastor services at Wesi
ser Sunday , guests of the Weiser
, , Amoug those noted
WHEN DYING GETS SIGHT. ;were:ir. ..u.i m.s. PitaoiBg. Mr.
' at il Mrs. Harry .loues. Mr. and Mrs
For aei Hour Preceding Death Could v,l..,ltU(.yi Mr. aUlj Mrs Tonuiugson
Bee His Relatives. .
u t ... 1 .....1,1.1.,. and Mr auil Mrs. itrauel. lhey
niiii'n, V n 1. iM'H'ir uriu u i' uuu
from his faiuily V l Martin, eighty
six years of ago, after veal's of blind
liooa, had the satisfaction of seeing for
report a very pleasant time.
As a rule local advertlseiuenta
im in. ui die raeoa of bis bisi ones pjajijaj bj aahMSaahl upon; if you
ail of taklag I faivwell looa at earth
I .. man had bOOB tdiud and -" -"" sa wwm an seas iiisjis.
helpless for years and for a few weeks it y to oe the geoiU and deoitle upon
priiytsl earnestly tint sight should be sggf Bgdl Oatt Our plan is to ask
ristonsl to him for once UefOTO he died
ins prayer was naoworad, as for an ""''' ot your time, given to
hour ho COUld 000 and its'.igiiie these huiklug ovr our variety slock: If
around Bio Bad IfeSS BO BOgBBM blind y,)U tt0 auythiUg you want al!
" .Te'lia.l .... disease. Liu was simply rtaBi " ,""'- 11 r,ht- M'
worn out with the luilnnltics of ad are always rigtt. The Variety Store,
v a need years tf
We Are Forced to Raise $10,000
Before the End of The Month
Like a pack of hungry wolves our creditors are demanding their money, There
fore our Big Stock of Hardware and House Furnishings must be sold.
Terms of Sale Strictly Cash
Woven Wire Fencing, poultry &
rabbit proof, Keg. 45c rod, now 39c
26 Woven Hog Fence, Regular
32c per rod, now 2oC
26 Hog Wire, Regular 35c
Now 30c
Maydole Hammers, The Best
Reg. 7"c, Now 59c
.Jackson 4.', ft Hay Forks
Reg. 18.00, now $5.95
Winchester Automatic Shot
Guns Reg $30.00, now $25.00
Claw Hatchets, Reg. 70 & 80c . . 55c
12 Ja. Smokeless Shot Gun Shells
Reg. value 75c, now 63c
Good Watches, Reg. Val $1, now 79c
Lanterns, No. 2 Cold Blast
Reg 1.00 now 65c
Lanterns No- 1, Reg. 75c, Now 49c
Lawn Mower, 16.00 Now $11.95
9.75 ' 7.75
n.oo " 8.75
Good Axes $1.40 " 98c
Good Whips, Reg. val. 25c, now 10c
" " 50c " 37c
Good Whips, Reg. value 75c, now 57c
25 per cent Discount on all Crockery and Glass
ware. See our 10c window Any article in this
assortment for 10c. For Cash we will Discount every
Article in Our Store.
Sale Commences Saturday, 8 a. m.
The Rarest of Bargains Will Greet You at Every Turn
IMratney Hardware & Furniture Co.
Well, What Do You
Think of This?
$1 I Q This Is Our Best Offer $1 I C
iiiu - imu
pi The.o Four Fir. t-Cla.s Magazines and Our B
P.n. All nvr niwp VPAD 1l
F ' I" -)b?- f '' ?7
Woman'. World. 35c yr. Cr..a'. Fruit Crow.r. 50c pBj Farm Ufa. 25c yr. Horn. Ufa, 25c yr
All Five for About the Price of
J aMIammiam ' 's li l,ic '"Hcst I'-u"'" in c best rcadunj
llS aHlOnfi nutter ever offered to our subscribers. It in
WBBBW BT.BVBBW cudei our paper the beit weekly published
in this part of the state and the Four Magazines of national prominence
shown above, sample copies of which may be seen at our office.
We have never told our paper alone at less than a dollar a year.
But on account of the splendid contract we have made with these big
publications we are able to give our readers the four magazines with our
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Send us your orders right away, give them to our representative or call
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I -10 Our Paper and These Four Standard Magazines V I 'Q
The Ontario Argus
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