The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, March 26, 1914, Image 6

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HOD i Geo, t, Hrowfiell repiiM lean
cnndl.latc for gOTtrnOTi issues h t ;t t -ment
in the i (ili of Ol agon and says
ho will veto ; 1 1 1 Mil OOODMMtlni Ha- ;
IDOM ami breweries, which illicit he I
paused hy the !-; islat ure-
OrggM Ctl . OrggMi
1-Vlniiat II, 1!HI
To tha People or Ortgw ;
I have waited with I In- hope that
MM of the tiimi'ToiiH lentlemM who
aro eiiiidlilates for governor in the lie
litilillcan iniiiiatics ami othetwlsc. In
nnnonncltiK their candidal . would
make Home declaration as to how lliev
gfeOOd MM IM national iirohlem ol
the Hali- and manufacture of Intovlcat
In liquor In the I'nlterl States. I
have also hoped that there would have
MM ' DM MpFMtkM as to how these
Kenlli'tnen stood. Of would stand on
the unction Of tin amendment to the
constitution of the atata of Or mm
MOllslllM IM hmI'' "i"' nianuriictiire of
all Inlov Icit Iri4 lli(iior within thin
Btat" None of the-e gentlemen have
Keen fit to make .illy ilei laratlon or
commit themxelvcH In any win upon
this grOOl is ne. which I think and lie
lleve to he the most Important for the
Welfare of the people Kclictlllh ami to
the maintenance of our flu Mian clvl
llxatloti that now exist.
women of the lulled .b'Utcs. hankers and memherH of the OoflUMT
1 am OPpOltd to anj and all Asiatics clal rl,1 were at first opposed to a
mid. M Hindus MlOf jiei milted to ,ll(l enforcement of the law because
come Into tins couniiy and nitu tins
.state and OOtBpetlOg hi the logging
camps and otlnr ITMMI ol wuik and
IMOT with llM lalioriiiK men now Ml
It is MMOMMTJt lor me to add,
that 1 stand with all good citicn-. in
this .-tate in lan. i ol upholding and
maintaining our school system in ii
fair and lilieial way, and in the DOB
structlou of mads and highways tu
lliei'l the ilelliaild .111(1 I ei ll 1 1 clients Ol
our I, itiiiing, producing! coiiiim 1 1 ill
and business classea ol the people ol
this slat", with tins .(ii, ilil ii alinii. that
I foal that whatever plan are aOOptOd
in the i oiiHtrui t( ion ol roads in this
it would leave vacant hundreds of
htillillngs and apparently would de
moralize the tiuslness Interests of the
city. However, the law was rigidly
enforced; not by a trial of rases he
mic juries, hut hy Intunctlon suits
ii -iilnst the property owners and upon
llfft davit! before a JtldRe who gfMtOd
tli" Injunction showing violation
After the court had adopted the plan
of enforcing its orders by putting pad
locks on the doors of the buildings,
and prohibiting the opening of the
'iiilldlng until the owner should give
I bond that it should never again be
'i ed for the Illegal purpose, and send-
I i,. I that whatever plans are adopted ' the proprietors of the Joints to
in the construction of roads in this
statu and whatever methods are u ... .1
In the Hpciiding ol the people's uioiiuy
for such construction, that the iBMIMl
of the fanning class of the people oi
this state, should be very caniully
Balegiiaided .mil their wishes as indi
cated through the society ol DQall
the l)eveloiiiient League and the
I'arineis Uratige, should be cousulted
and followed.
1 desire also to say that 1 stand Ir
rOVOMOtj In la.or ol lice picas and
lice Speech, 1111(1 that If 1 should be
MOOMBfol ii being nomlnaied and
elei led tOVOTMt of this state, i will
nee, so far as in power will pet mil,
Jail for large sentences, not on con
victions for the sale of liquor, under
siard, but for violating the order of
ibe court, there could be no Jury trials
and convictions were easily obtained.
slve kid-glove commissions that are
lapping the taxes and resources out
of the people of the stale.
I am also radically opposed to the
attitude of the national administra
tion In Its wool schedule and wool
tariff, which Is a direct slap to the
great sheep Industry of the state of
Oregon, nnd the country at large.
If nominated and elected governor,
I will veto any bill which may pass
the legislature, compensating saloon
keepers and breweries for money In
vested In their business, In case pro
hlhltton carries or Is adopted or other
wise, or under any circumstances what
I also favor the abolishment of the
fish and game commission as now
constituted, but favor reasonable lawH
protecting game without so much red
I will stand for the abolishment of
all useless commissions, believing that
the responsibility for the expenditure
A"( r these things had been done, the I of the people's money should be fixer!
owners of buildings gradually found
and i other tenants and In the course of a
,'ew months or perhaps a year, the
in auch a way that tho public will
Know Just where, when and whom to
hold responsible for the heavy taxes
raitie business men who had protested and expenditures. I therefore believe
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that no man or woman, rich Or poor,
i.. I ....i . 1 1. .ifler film ffiMMlllcra
I niai'K or wune, sunn in.' uuiiiMiru mi
the opportunity of fairly and decently
e,nsHlng IhcniHelveH aiiywbcie. In
lion I have concluded to become
cniidldale for governor Upon this Issue
... n.n one of 111 i amildar v.
....' it,. ...mill public halls, or upon the streets ol ( it
Hike lis position that the Intelll- ...
gent opinion of all fair minded men
mid women Is tiniiicstlonul.l that tin
les in this state, as long as IMJ I N
ft... ..I II ,,,K.J.M III II I'lYl.lll U'llV
Jill' I III.IIIP. Ill R ... !" wmf
liquor t raffle, as now In use and force,
Is a menace to civilization, and Is the
result largely, ol crl poVgftjr, M
gciictncv and moral decay, to such an
extent as to become a startling danger
U) Hie bum. ill line. 1 have no pel on
ill right nealnst the man who Is inn
inn Milium. I leallv feel more like
condemning and censuring BOClet) tor
permitting this neat avll ami DOWOI
In exist and to obtain the Hi m bold
Hull It has In tin mil In this
count i v III bad ni o. n I I
in ii Id real as ir social) Itaalf. ought
In be punished to the exlelil nl i
pens.illiir. the men who hiiv eflgggtd
III IblH business, sanct lolled Ii the
law . in a ie laoMbla a. ) to rarova
Ibeli mi e Hie nl thai Hie. have III n.',
nil the ii Hi" them thai Kb '
Lincoln t.ivnii d bii lni 'be slavi
colonizing them. In order to settle ibe
.ii i p tibleUI HI I mi' " . I I i 1 1 1 1 K and
kiri iliat Ida p. pit "i Ihia i il
i aid nut i.imh conipans llu i men
Who have iiiM'Hli'd lllclr lliollcs In the
saliMin bualnaaa, nailbar am I mho
eating It aa a p.ui nl mi plat im in nor
pin i am in Hits llgbl I am snup
gaoling II lo the i inp.1 Pin e and I. in
minds nt the people "I ibis -tale, tor
t Iii-iii lo (h nib.. I mi as
tin . tea in r ngulilng .. i do, th il
whenever HKiat) feels thai it Is In
iiangii it baa i 1 1 tit in i .ma
in deatro) an thing tb.n endangara it-
sell object .Hid illl i,.ii In i,i Irj
iii arouse tb publli upinUto ami tba
mi . ii in ni tba people .a tbl - state,
where Hicv will be willing In stand
shoulder 0 shoulder, il I cspci lcl e ni
politico pail) or all lliallniis and il II I lo
lni the puipn.e nl putting Hie saloon
buglneoa on) oi Mtotaoce .net deatroj
its Influence In our economic, uolal
and Ufa l therefore am
III nl destl .'V llir Hie .llnnll: il!l
i nuipi l. ill' II II Hie people sllilllbl
lipmi a direct vote so declare, but I
would veto am bill winch the leg tela
line uilghi pi cniiipiiisaiing salooua
lor Ihcli line I ii i lit unlcnH tin- people
in popular inii directed ma la go
nibci is. i t.iini upeul) ami above
inn iimi 1 1 inn 1 1 1 . iii favor ni tiie
adoption "t a tiatlnnal and i.n
.Hiiemlliieiil In tile COOatltUllUU "' the
I III!., I Stale-, and Ibe stale nl Hugiili,
to prohibit the sale and ii i e
nl' all iiimxii .iliug liqiini within the
t ' ii it t-il Stale and within the state of
I also fgvoi national -utn. me lo lha
a-.mst the rigid enforcement of the
law, came to the assistant attorney
general and apologized. No disinter
ested business men In the r wnubl
i , be willing to the city return
to the old plan I remember Instances
i where grocerymen and other mer
chants said that since the enforce
ment of the law, and this was said
within u year thereafter, children
came to their stores, with five and ten
dollar bills to purehaf' provisions
who hail, prior to the enforcement of
'be law. never seen that much money
The liquor question has got to be in mc.r utvi -
fooghl nut. Me. will be compelled to frrmmrly came barefooted had shoes
taken stand, for It or M M It. TM '"' "- f"' l",, 1 ,hpr l,v"s; ,ni"
sal Is cither right or It Is w g. , the poorer class of people were able
,s right it be maintained " Ml ""' i,;,M ,,,Hr " "' ,np
ami perpe.iia.e,!. II it Is wrung. It stores wbee form.'Mv It was dllflcult
s Hd be destr, I I feel that it U " o'""1" MfMMi Or rse. our
wrnng. I reel that II Is foollM l- UM h,v '""",s K,,n,,i", ('l,v' ""-
moral aociciies m tin. .tm tu-. .. 'md IM first blod ovor IM Mm is
......,, , .....i.. .i . known as the "wet block" and It Is
, HI 1,1 IS 11 I Hill I I Ik. II I I II II e, pi e.n II m I -
li.otiH against ViM, pass ,,,,.,..,,., sabl to cntitaln something like a ,1 -,
lagalnal vtoo and i.-dd Mat is ind "" " MWJM road) to iraol tha
I'.akl siie.ehes mid can;, an, I la ".. Ii KgBtM man wh... he comes over. Hut
rhoa .hei grog gbi rico, h ""'" "'" u''"' s" "ll11'""1 "'
.. ..: , tba aa to MM In this "'' " "" IM1 II u Hmo
, , it is Ii. Ibe sain n lo a lMMlMa for H.em tO M H.
exlelil, the seed is sown 111 I b- evening tJ tM UPMblfl
. I .... I I.. ......
ami eventuall) rlpena Intu crime, an J '" " anaaaaan . m-w.
M. won -bin,,,.,,, biding lu The l..,g. o. tbe.n. ami tin-
lb. .-. H.c jail and p.. ,,.,.,.'., iVtimgO mini, turned ami wen, to b, .
Mi UM m an, il,,,., ami m gagM- '""" wl""" ,,i,W"i; hl',", '" "'
Ml im, g wmi .,,,,1 '" llQMf. Prior to Hi- aoforoamoni
pi.M'it to tba ihoiisamU and mill. '' ihe Joints glwggg pTOMlM
nt, i children In tba land '"" "'" ''"' '' HU,MH "' """""
i knuvi alt i.n ban e thla n P I '' mmm i van
wU i reeJlae tba power o. UwM pareaotaga oi tba m i
th,- in,,,,,, element and tba Retail 1.1- mm MtMa o Iba bar, and of
qi.or associaimii ol ibis siaie, l... . i, e OMrM, "" i''' ""' ' k,u,w' ,lu"
gWg) guai.l I ......I. to i.attic IM UtMTOI would uatui all) toal ,1-
h.i. position I know bM ban I le.l MM t spend MM P
ll is to make merchants, bankers, MAW Ibose circumstances, an I ll tr.-
Inis - men t.,k. an active Interest gMBtl) MggMM ' '"' " '
II, Ihe imn.uielll. bei.n.M- Ih.i l,e cblldian HO Ml a VOT) III Pi'l
,,,,,'l.tli I,.,, that .1 will i..j...e ilie nl lb- PMMM Ml "bat I
market, atoro, aed bank, In wg) arlth whM 'in- oi "-
nbei wind-, all Hade Ibe lu I Kansas l'ilt. M iii.icas.-d
ii. avarj mmm was grlvM Ml "' VopttoX hi flrol throa or tool
ol blislnes. III I'liltl.llld. Ill.-ble nl all -ais ..Iter laws wn. eiibiu.,1 at
l.ii.lllbs ... a M..i. Ibe me,, hauls ami a WOOOOrfgl rale Thee Wgl i,...ik,d
business men would be Ibe oins who lll.p. ovelilelit in the .insp."it ol I'm
WCUld be .o.i,,g c.nli ul.c. incrchanls the business oi the
., th. advance lu gVOT) UM Of Ma eft) inclosed, and ins. ..,,! m ., gl
.....I belter I...VI..C.IIS ol the lulls CUM. tb-ie U a gnat inc. .mm' III
,,, lB9, oll- business and population. MMt "f tlie
I., llluatrata i horowltl nuou buildings thai agro foroaorl) oeeuplad
,. i .i... ..i i...
.Mint in. in a bttei wiiiieu In Ji'ims ere ......p... ... ..t... ..-
November it. 1911, to n.m glial bualooM.
.. it.r. wbn la (.ne ni th. Judge oi tba
i .limine 0OUH ol KlgfWl. and a in....
win Ma lived iii Kansas dining the
. 1. .a ibe amendment to . couatitu-
l 11 ami a man nt gfOOl BbilltJ and
b 1 1, ai.n iei ii Porter w rltaa i
Din town. Kan-., 1- ('it.. Kansas, lias
,,v,i 100,004 population It is a .it.
closing 1 deelre to M) IMI I
Hi.- j 1 am exemption from tag i
How befoe the people of thin
iii addition thereto l ish to
sav that I led Hull the people nt (In
state of Oh' mi ami 111 fact societ.
generally, roral) gppaototo IM Mbi
ami obligation that thc owe lo the
ot inanuf.ntiii.i- Six w eight years school teachers Inatructora, funn
v. hell thev Stat ted lo 1 iiloi 1 . 1 .,
law l.gldlv, Ibe..' were soui.-t bin
. '. olnta" 1 nulling p.a.'tl.'allv wide
opeii Mauv ol the bai weie Hxed up
1,1 a luxurious iiiaulici and einirmous
sinus weie paid over Ihe bgrt tVI
d.o Man. conaervatlva bualnaaa men
200 Acres for Sale
Fifty ai-ivs has been leeded to alfalfa.
Borne buildingaV All under feneti
Railroad line through tract. On Snake
river. Well drained bench land. Elec
tric pumping plant can be installed for
12 per acre. Will cut up to suit buyer.
Address Box 12S, Ontario, Oregon
collegia down to our dletrlcl tcboila,
for the cllici.'ii.v and the work th.t
thev do and if 1 should be llnnmcd
with tins Humiliation ami election, K
would be a source of gTOOl pleas,, ie
to in.', ill evctv leLiitimat.' wav. to ad
and advance ihe dillerent BOhOOl la
torMtg and Institutiona of this t ne the 111. 11, 'i 1. ,1 welt. ne nl Ihe 11,
st 11, elms and lea. hers tlierent'
I also stroiiKly favor glvlM abi ant
all assistance that Is possible towards
belplng the people of eastern Oregon
and mbei pails of the state n.-edint:
Irrigation, to got water gpon then-
I itids
1 also fgvor rIvIm IM governor
power to veto scpai.ite items In ap
poidution bills passed bv the legis
lature, and tins I advocated tnr v ears
when a member of the slate senate
I I g now b-.iiu taken up as a new
niatti'i bv aoOM Of tba candidates gl
tbougb I use! it as an argument on
the floor of the state senate, for many
years einleavoiinn lo induce the leijis
lature t pass a bill MllUag DD I con
ItltUttonol conv enlinn. BO tbat the
loiistitiitiiin could be amended glvlni
ovaraor this aova M ooll s
man ' inges .. ' u
, the Intel ests of
lie state
1 an - '
that tho responsllilllty should rest with
tho governor, secretary of stnte and
state treasurer, so the people will
know who to exercise the recall on. In
case It Is desired at any time
I favor separation of church and
state In this stnte and nntlon.
Sincerely yours.
OaOBM c imowNia.i..
ajMJBBBBBjaaaBBBBBBk. "Y Jrfci-ajf MMMMMmV
I Get y-S&v9 I
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I luvll 1 H tin .linikiaaf I
H u. I tvrm I .. 1 H
1 Conkey'r, I CoyV I
Laying I Poup I
I Tonic I Romody B
A ara?.l,'0 ! Tnm H 4 Ptntsttw w Hr-neatat H
Hi IT -t
MB . i .. 4 B
HI ii-s B
- . i - . it asaTj b
(9 " MIH ItiNblVI UN MtiMHV oooa I
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opon Siitunlay evn i ua.
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