The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, March 26, 1914, Image 5

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    Ontario Pharmacy
Eastman Kodaks
Rexall Remedies
John Woodl and family have
gone to the ranch
Order your Easter suit today
from Cope dk Dunnuck.
Mrs A. L. Cockrum was ft
MMMgtf to Boise this morn
ing. Charles Thcbaiid.of Vale, was
here Tuesday ' calling on the
Kid Kelsey. the sheep man,
wns calling on old friends here
this week.
Hill Lyells was down from
Hoise over Sunday, visiting with
the hom folks.
A dutightur was horn to Ma
and Mrs (). A. Koshnick, on
Sunday morning.
QoOfgO Wagner has moved
his family to Ironpides, where
ho has a homestead.
A car of heer arrived Tuoodey
from Minneapolis, the first ship
mint of the kind from that place.
Mr and Mrs Hoyer have re
turned fnun San DitgO, where
they have been for soverul mo
nths. Louis Hurtle is prepared to
sharpen youi shears for ten
cents ami guarantees satisfue
ti on.
Mr and Mrs Harry Duffy are
here visiting with their many
friends. They are en route to
IJev. Davidson was down from
the new home at Nam pa over
Sunday and preached in the
rre.shyterian church.
Tell your neighbor! about our
big club offer. They rarely
would like to u'et the ArgUI and
four lllil'j :iot !l nl,e vein, for
only $1.18.
An action has been startc' by
Gov West geinet the Pacific
Live stock company for cquir
ing jTt'llii acres of land through
dummy locaters.
.luck Surren, of Neavda, Wt
liere this week visiting with 11.
V. With, 'com bo Be was on his
way to Alaska, where he ex
pects to dig out I fortune.
B09 Smith had a short runa
way Tuesday, but ho was too good
a sprinter an I caught up to
tlicin und climbing into the
wagon, soon had the tujim
under control.
Jndgl t'lecton, of Multnomah
has rendered a decisun that
taxts are not delinquent bofort
Scpteiiiher and that penalties
cannot be iniliced before that
date. The case will probably be
carried to the supreme court
T. T. Kohout, of Jordan Val
ley, has been here m .-ral day
thi week on busine s matters
He is arranging lor e?arehouie
at Hoinedalc to handle the Jor
dan Valley freight and also will
have a lumber yard there.
The Fact Remains
No amount of misrepresentation by the
peddlers of alum baking powders, no jug
gling with chemicals, or pretended analysis,
or cooked-up certificates, or falsehoods of
any kind, can change the fact that
Royal Baking Powder
lias been found by the offi
cial examinations to be of the
highest leavening efficiency,
tree from alum, and of absotute
purity and wholesomeness.
Royal Baking Powder is indispensable
for making finest and most economical food.
ThOf Coward was I Vale vis
itor Tuesday.
Nice line of hair switches at
Grove & Riley.
Mr and Mrs David Dunbar
were visitors to Vale Wednes
day. A. B Anderson, the Weiser
banker, was visitor here this
Mrs Crocker Johnson was up
to Vale Tuesday looking after
her taxes.
Dick Dearmond wns down
from tho ranch for a few days
this week.
A. A. Hall, who is in business at
Hoise, was here over Sunday visit
-ing with friends.
Charles Watson and Kd Jones,
of Krui tland, made a trip to
Weiser on business.
Mr and Mrs A. D. Karns, of
Weiser, spent Sunday with their
daughter, Mrs W. V. Honian,
Haul Jones has gono to Her
miston, where he has a position
with the government surveyor
You can get four splendid
muga zintsono year for IS cent
txtra by renewing your sub
scription to the Argus.
Mi and Mrs J. H. Newport, of
Notus and Miss Artie Lot, ol
Hoise, were Sunday guests at the
home of Mr and Mrs Jos Staples.
Ladies and gents clothing
cleaned in a thorough and
workmanlike manner at reason
able price bv Cope A Dunnuck.
Those who are candidates for
the Ontario Ball loam should
report to K. fj, Bomolo. who is
looking after that end of the
Attoaney t'rundall, of Vale,
who is a candidate for the nom
ination for n i n tentative, mi
here Tuesday e.i .nig on ibo
James Owen, of the Hig Hend,
was in Vale Wednesday proving
up on his boinottond and had
PlinOaooaud Fobn Purooll along
for witnesses.
Mr.- Calloway, of Hoise win
visiting Ontario friends last
week roturning home Saturday,
accompanied by Mrs. L. Adam,
who rotumod home Tin-day.
A man showed up here last
night with the smallpox and
wa- taken care of. He claim- to
have been working near Wei
ser. At PajOttO be applied foi
assistance but they told him to
keip going, and he probably
spread the disease around some
lit c.i . r Ferris and Supt
Davi-,of the dabQ Oregon Light
and 1'owcr Company, were hen
tbi- week. Mr Ferris says when
the court glfOf him POfBlilOOU
he will be ready to start work ut
Ox How and soon have the com
puny in shape to fill all contracts
for power.
McBratney received a car load
of wire on Monday.
Klnier Orcutt was up from
Weiser visiting with the home
folks and others.
Miss Kstella Curry was down
from Nampa Monday, visiting
with the family.
Miss Sadie Kishbeck was in
Eminett over Sunday visiting
with her relatives and friends.
Oh, well, it may be that sonic
women wear split skirts to de
tract attention from their faces
Two car loads of Kord OUtOI
arrived Tuesday, one for the
local agents and the other for
Suits made strictly to order
for you as cheap orcheaper than
ordinary ready made.--Copc A'
The Hotel Moore will continue
to serve Table de Mote dinners
Sunday evenings from .";;I0 to
s. Dinnoi 78 cent-.
Trice and Company hnve re
ceiveil the machinery for a bott
ling plant and will have a pti
nanonl location for it soon.
C. T. Cooper, the Caldwell o
cialist wdio drew a draft for ten
thousand dollars on Pierpont
Morgan, was a visitor hcroThurs
Winter and Trousdale shipped
in a car load of thoroughbred
cattle for their dairy heard,
from Kvcntt, Wash, this makes
a herd of thirty-five.
The Pacific Live Stock Coin
pony are arranging to keep all
their cattle on the ranches as it
is not found profitable to range
now, there being too much land
taken up by settlers
Adam Murray, the BooUb
sheep man, wa-here -everaldays
last week looking after bntinON
matters. He say- the winter was
exceptionally good for sheep and
that the wool is going to be
prime this season.
J. (!. Staples celebrated hi
71th birthday on Sunday. He
savs Ostler doesn't know much
a- In i- a better man at 7 I thai
plenty of them at I.'! ami know
lie is going to keep on iinprov
ing for twenty years mn
M trshall Odell picked up a
man thi- week who was pa--inj'
bad checks around among tin
business houses. He had a I'end
iilon bank cheek book and -ev
eral of the looal morehanti gel
caught. He was arrested at Hunt
ington on information from
Q, W Thomas, who formerly
reaided bOI e.but ha- been in the
banking bueinooi in California
for a few years, was annuel -bak
ing hards with old friend- this
week. He says the tourist crop
was short in California this year
ami business quiet but next yeai
there will be a harvest.
Methodist Episcopal Chinch
March 2U, I'M I.
Subject Morning at 1 I. a in, Tin
Joyful Sound, livening at 7 o,
Sorrow Unequalled yot I "-
heeded, Or Bini ol 'it n-- and
There will bt good music by
the choir. and a cordial invitation
i- extended to u'' tUL' i,eoi''e 01
Thome Johni Paeter
The only men of worth to the
town or community are tbooa
that forget their own selii-h
ends long enough and are lib
eral enough In their idea- to en
courage every public uml private
enterprise, who are ready with
brain and purse to push every
project calculated to build up
the town and enhance its import
ance. The enterprise ami pub
of a town or community is the
foundation of its permanent
Mrs l.'alpb Kckhardt returned
to Hoise a tew days ago after a
weeks visit with her parents.
A.E. Nichols and family have
moved to their home at Iron
sides for the summer months
(Jeorge Ware, of Indian Val
ley, who is a property owner
here, was here this week looking
after his interests.
If you will subscribe to the
Argils for one year we will -end
you four monthly magazines for
only 18 cents extra.
The hope that railroad travel
may he so systematized that
there will be no need for itOOl
cars is -till too remote to justify
the use of the wooden coach.
A Missouri .ludge nppmve
of the slit skirt on the ground
that the wonderful buman ma
chine is nothing to be ashamed
of He has doubtless observed
that it is always that kind of
machine that wears 'em.
A. A. Wales, who is a holder of
much Ontario property, was heio
this week the guest of Jeo I. yells
and family. Mr. Wiles bee ar
ranged to have his buildings
painted and fixed up lie DO
leives that Ontario is the coming
city of this section.
Always on the Job
If you ImvM ii Jot) of hiiulliitt you
Htit ilniiH, Iiickh or mull, you oh:'
nlwmn cmii'M'I on John I. mil I iiikIihiii
1'i-UiK rcKily tor yon. Call liiiu ut lie
Moore llotitl.
Mere than 1,000,000 ciilue arlH in
hiiow wns rc!iniii lima Mm BtrMtl
0l Nil Veil, nl n com ol MM, I ami
1100,000 inure will till In In' hienl
lo pet 'tie -irei'lH la proper cumin Imi.
in. renal! of the recent heavy storms
A MMtBl prlmnr .o hel'i m
South Dukotn 'I'uesilay for the main
nation h nil n rili- of cunilliliite lor ItStM MMtOTi ri hvm nintle
111 I nil. I I OVt I Mill .lllll llllll I
ii In- oli il lor next No
Mllllll I
Very likely otbera have ad I i d
vou to mi Rexall Dyopepoin
Tm bletif because semes uf pooi l
in this community believe tin m
to be tin i, -i remedy ever inodt
for Dy-" plu :,"l 1 udigt itb n.
That i- what We think, lQO,bt
OaUOO we i now what thev have
lone for Otberi and w hat thev
arc made of. Wo have so mucb
faith in them that we urge
you to try them at our risk.
It they don't belp you, tin",
won't uoel you oent. D
they don't do all that you want
them t" do--if they don't roetoro
your stomach to health and make
VOU? dige-tion ea-y--iu-t tell u-
nid ao will gie book your
money without a word or Uc
tion. Containing Pepsin and l!is-
inut'h, lW0 ol tbo gl RlOOt diy es-
tive aidl known to medical sci
ence, they soothe the inflamed
stomach lining, help in tin 100 n
tion of nitric juico,obock beart
burn and diotreoo, promote regu
lei bowel action, and make, u
poenblo lor you to eat obatevor
yon likt! 1 henever yon like, with
tho comforting OMUreOOO that
tin ie will bo no bad iftorefl
We believe them to be the bt l
remedy inado foi i ipep.-.ia and
indige-iion. Sold only at the
more than 7,000 Kexall Bl
and in this town onlv at our
store. 'I'll i . -. '' . 50, and
$1.00. On' iri ' Pharmacy, On
tario, ( In '.on. p'l. adv.
Blue Stem Seed Wheat
The best in the country.
White Dent Seed Corn
Raised on dry land.
For Sale by
H. J. Russell
Phone 81
Means Not Only Time But Money.
Do you ever consider how long it takes to travel the dietanCO
from your bouoo to the Doctor and Merehanl and whal timt
you save by telephoning? fyour time is worth anything, you
cannot titronl to he without I Telephone.
Malheur Home Telephone Co.
Boyer's implements
. ?
u- "IMi '.,: -
Have you everything t do your aprin pn jiaring for crop
with'.' Wo like to ahow and figure with you whenever
you are in need.
To be sun- ol getting i pro! 1
out ol their OUtlM I '""d '
train bandit-. niint -.11 lu
moving picture right
Weiser, Idaho
-'' ii .-
- ,
1 Pittsburgh' u I '"-
'", ' " ' '
. . I i mhIIii onli
, '""-' l" I
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