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President Outlines Mexican
Policy to House and Sen
ate Committees.
Washington. The policy of tho
United States was outlined to the
members of two congressional com
mittees of foreign relations at a con
ference at the white house by Presi
dent Wilson and Secretary Bryan.
The message prepared by the presi
dent on the Mexican situation recelr
sd practically universal support. The
course of this government will be one
of non-interference. In the hope that
the effect of Its present efforts and
the pressure of foreign governments
will constitute a moral suasion that
ultimately will bring about peace In
The message makes It plain that
there will be no lifting of the em
bargo on arms; that no faction or
government In Mexico will be allowed
to receive munitions of war from the
United States. If necessary the pres
ident proposes to Increase the Ameri
can border patrol to enforce this
It Is a message of friendship, not
hostility, and precedes a policy of
absolute noninterference. It pro
claim to the world tin sympathetic
fooling thnt the United States govern
ment Htid the American people have
for their neighbors In the rebellion
torn republic south of the Klo
Ornnde. It records the views of the
United States on constitutional gov
ernment. Its unalterable opposition to
government set up by the Irregular
and arbitrary acts of ambitious Indi
viduals and formally rmnoiinces that
the ko eminent of Vlctorlano lluertB
shall not be recognized.
The United States hud proposed
that a constitutional election be held
nnd tluit Mtiertn should not be u can
didate. To these suggestions, through
which the United States believes
peace could be restored, lluerta re
plied In the m-autlve. Foreign gov
ernments genernlly since that rejec
tion have been active In support of
the American policy to persuade
lluerta to yield.
Work on Tariff Bill Progressing
Republican senators are giving evi
dence of tiring over continued fruit
less opposition to the tariff schedule
and rapid progress Is being made In
consideration of the bill.
The woo, l.edule BBS been dispos
ed of so fur as It will be considered
by the senate in committee of the
Though no Mite was taken on free
raw wool, the decisive showing on that
halng been deferred until the bill
comes from the committee of the
whole, the finance committee rates on
wool manufactures were agreed to
without amendment and there was ev
ery Indication that raw wool would
remain free.
With only a part of the free list, a
portion of the paper schedule and the
sunJrles schedule remaining to be con
sidered In committee, democratic lead
ers expressed confidence that the In
come tux would be disposed of be
fore the end of the coming week.
Among the articles on the free list
ratlflt d were agricultural Implements,
beet .mil sugar cane, machinery, alco
hol, horses and mules and animals for
!m 'hut: lilhli-s. breads, biscuits and
in.iii OtBBtl
Amendment Mad to Currency Bill.
The agricultural currency amend
ment to the administration 0BT1
bill was adopted bj tin- tmn.-r Uemo
cratic OBBBBB Alter prelim
inary skirmishes. In which other
Iments were beaten the caucus,
Without I ilMMttaf PSBB) .ulopt'il .m
ain.-tnliMeiit axreed to both b the
"insurgent" contingent and the bank
ing and currency committee, to put
paper based on agricultural products
on MM HUM ' - '- pu
per tor QBB'B purposes. It also
would eictiil the maturity of notes
and Mllg admitted to llMMsi under
the amendment, to M I i . Instead
of the orimal! propoo 1 M days.
This action disposed of the last of
i.iruvemial UOBOO In tin ad
Itratloa OBffBBSy bill
Niton ! Capital Brevities
Figures gathered by the federal
quarantine r . -. i t of the department of
agriculture thaw that during the past
fiscal years I.TTBJ41 growing trees
an, mis of tree seeds were
Imported Into the United State.
That the work of Installing demo
crats in federal office in place of re
publicans Is proceeding at a rapid
rate Is shorn I by the nominations
which have been sent to the senate
nine l're. ent Wilson took office.
These nominations number approxl-
these about iuOO
Not OM MlttBfy amendment to the
mm "Cd at the Chicago
bankers' conference will be accepted
administration. Thi was moat
,l declared by I'tnlrraan
i, the house banking commit-
Umm of ii.e administration"
Selection of the Oregon Is
Most Appropriate.
Necessity of Transferring th Vessel
From Pacific to Atlantic In Short
Time During Spanish War Pointed
Out Qreat Need of Psnsma Canal.
Washington. The Oregon, on which
Secretary of the Navy Itnulels plans
to confer the honor of lielng the first
battleship to go through the Fnnamn
canal, Is now In I'uget sound getting
the finishing touches on her $1,000,000
modr-mlr.ntlon treatment She Is being
fitted with every convenience and Im
provement. The Oregon is one of the three oldest
battleships In the nmy. the two others
lielng the Indiana mid the Miissnchu
setts. All three are sister ships. Their
keels were In Id lu MM. Tho Oregon
II 1 1 I I Mill- OHUION
was built at the I'ulnn Iron work.
San I ami was ISBBCBBsl In
The Mowing up of the Maine In
HiiMilia barbs OB MBBBI IS rendered
it liiiiernthe for the BBVarBBMBf to
assemble the strongest nnvnl force is
Nllde lu the Went Indies, In nutlcipii
Hon Of war with Spain.
It was that OBMfpsVMJ with tin- hat
tlehlp Oregon so neir nnd yet i fnr-
th ;t sad t in le ."'-'in to ileieriulue 0
liulld the I 'it hi ma canal. As It was.
there wiiN nothing to do but t order
the Oregon around Copo Morn. Ill
TOlvlllg II Inlllliev of i.lel BjHfM InlliH
t'aptiiiu I'hirl. got on Mm. Ii I." the
order to make the vnyage. and on
March I'.i lie -tinted from Kan Fran
OBM o lie inade the run to I'alliio
Pern. l lies, at thirteen knots
avenge .icci Coaling there, lie BBS
tciieil mi iow n the west const of South
lit.-t I . :i and stc:nius at full speed the -trait of Magellan, slack
suing ins) for rocks nor darkness noi
wind mi be lu that stormy, trencher
nils pas Ige
Win u the tlregnii reai tnsl Klo he re
en e.l a i able from Wa-hingtun say
lug war between Spoil and the ('tilted
States had been ilis Innsl 'I'he depart
iiient aih iisl lil in In linger awhile at
Klo. Imt lie BBBBBi 0B fcl Hahla. w In-ie
Washington wirsi sii rgeatlng disabling
his engines If ins essary In order to
avoid being denied shelter at h neutral
port It was feared at that time tliat
the Sianlsli fleet, then mi Its way e.l
Cfcaa the Atiuiill'. would B0BB00 SB
I be I llegnli n.d lie-' I ' It
'( 'nine on 0 0 ! JfBB 'an BB It,"
tlnalU culilisl the i. I 1- artllniit 0
fa) tain Clark. I!'1 MOfllblod Ml til
ran twt rea ob S read tkan IB
BMSOBfJI nd told tliein he believed the
Oregnli coilhl Ih-k the w hole Spanish
fleet Any w iy. he'd take a I bjM
It, and away be went, right 0B up list
east const of South America, with ei
cry gun and 0TBT) oAOBf SBfl eer
man ready f..r liisfant art'.oi.
At Karli ail 00 CBpCBlB lurk (Of
from Washmgti.ii lh it the Spanish
fleet had armisl SOU1I where in II
waters and was lying IB wait TBB
captain sdoptad the rB00 of pretending
to scurry bach to Kiai: lie steamed
south, then west, and by nu.king a
wide detour in the Atlantis, he
annual the Spanish fleet and SB vl
ty l p day s at ter loBVtBf, I
Frinii iscn. the Orasps (- in y as i
s.-agilll ippooPOJ at Jupiter Inlet I
Sister Mary Alexandrine, Aged Eighty -one,
Attached to Bavarian Court.
Wilmington. lel Sister Mary Alex
andrliie. In the order of the Visits
tlou fur f'irty the years and ko IBB
I'omei.t of the Visitation here for
twenty-one years. died at the Instltu
tl ifi Si-ter Mar A cv alruie wa
eighty one yean 'd and had been
iiinth.-r sup. ..( the convent for
tweh . years.
'II..- t .n of higb birth looifl BOOB I OkOtar In the Convent
- de the lustittlti I.
Sh.- eras lirn In ! I ril IB
She waa a daughter of C
i :
Inline Rut 'I
' f Munich In In-r
f the Ua
Important Occurrences Of The
Past Week From Cities
In Our State
Bridge Opening Interest Grows
Lewtston. The celebration of the
purchase of the Lewlston-Clarkston
bridge, about September 1, may as
sume greater proportions. Towns in
the Palouse country feel as keen an
Interest as l.ewlston, Clarkston and
Asotin. Pullman. Moscow, Oenessee,
and Unlontown are amlous to take
part In the festivities.
The outside Washington towns see
In the purchase of the bridge a pos
sible linking of these districts with
the proposed Washington state high
way which may serve the Important
towns In the southeastern part of the
state with the main trunk line which
bus already been constructed. The
favor with which the Idaho officials
have looked upon the proposed high
way makes the desire of great co
operation with the I'alouse towns even
more potent.
feB BssssaT - t s . tj Baa,
Braves Dangers of Perilous Trip In
Skiff, Hanging by Cables.
Ilolse Swinging over the great gap
In the canyon of Kolse river 300 feet
above the construction work on the
Arrow Rock dam. Secretnry Franklin
K. I.ane, of the Interior department,
brnwil nil the dangers of this perilous
trip In a skiff dangling by cables to
Inspect the wonderful engineering feat
the reclamation service is executing
in the erection of the highest impound
lug concrete irrigation dam In the
world. The act of the secretary when
lie volunteered to make the ride in the
skiff with Chief Kngliieer A V MavP.
Is taken by reclamation engineers to
be conclusive of his desire to get first
hand at the BBSBfS facts of work ex
ecuted under his department.
Attempts Life of Wife and Kills Self
KmiiicM laiwanl Dewalt Is dead!
with a bullet In his brain and his wife
is suffering tioin a wound on the head
Inflicted Willi a large steel file as the
result of a t.itiilh ipiarrel About o
o'clock the neighbors III the vicinity
of the lewalt home were aroused BJ
the sound of a shot. They ran lu the
direction of the sound and lniiinl In
wall weltering III his own blood In
front ol his own home Kmnors flew
through the town to the effect thai
he had first shot his wile and (hen
killed himself. This report proved er
roncous so fur as the woman Is con
cerned It was found thai I lew alt had
struck his wife on the lira.! with a
large file ami the supposition Is tluit
In- passed out and shot himself dead
under the Impression that he had first
killed bis wife
There's Something
in the way of novelties all the
time at our moving picture
show. Constant changes of
films and subjects makp it
The Most Attractive and
place of its kind, and always
the most e.Lcaining. Here
is where you get your mon
ey's worth of fun and in
struction. Dreamland Theatre
200 Acres for Sale
Fifty acres has been seeded to alfalfa.
Some buildings. All under fence.
Railroad line through tract. On Snake
river. Well drained bench land. Elec
tric pumping plant can be installed for
$12 per acre. Will cut up to suit buyer.
Address Box 128, Ontario, Oregon
Idaho National Guard Holds Compare- .
live Record Shoot.
liolsr A sample of what a regi
ment of Infantry might expect If In a
real war was given to the Second In
fuiit ry Malm National guard, when
that body of uldler lu encampment
Inn' as aniiiM-ii from Us slumber and
1 low ,il 'I I'll In I lull III I he fool
bills lo desiioi a large bridge and bar
supposed enemy from crossing the
llo; . i . . i
An a.iiain- BJBaN with signal BSffBI
ran 10 roes ll OBStB Ol IBB OBOOBf "i"'
found a hll. de on this side of tin
ri r The hkiisI ii climh. I
one of IBS klfjB hills and signaled tin-
. n' stopping us advance a safe
distance gw) The regiment rare
fully cow-red its retreat CouipetllHe
r. i,nl nhootniK is now in progress on
the rsi
Reclaim St. Joe Land
Coeur d Aleiie The plan lo form a
new drainage district lu tin- rlclnlt)
of Medimoni Kootenai count) on the
81. Joe ner, all In township 48, north
range -' west, was recommended ti
district No. 1 loners and Kn
J. V. riiinney, together with the
preliminary i-port which was lih-d
with tin- . . The r. pert
MM nts to l)M blBd niiiaiiied
would he lare and the proposed dike
won.. I in no w.i injure the adj
i.ort iim tbe approii
hi and the annual main
Dill 1400 The improw
roll l BUI in-iiy hundreds of acres of
Islnls 111 elc.llelil conditio. 'I for cull!
vat ion The residents along the river
In a rudius of in mile.- are anxious
for the district to be oosapli
Wallace School Bonds Approved.
Wallace- 'I he ttii'e.-B of local In j
I listrlct I- i
u.inl thai the usulng of $'i'iii of
i - I Oil
md h; 11
' '
lot r tbe b of
; .
Must Be Printed
We are printing more wrappers than any other two
offices in thisjsection. There is a reason. We have
the machinery, type and workmen necessary and we
take the same care with Butter wrappers that we do
with wedding invitations.
Take your next order of
liutter Wrappers to the
Argus Office
Empire Lumber Co.
Ontario, Oregon
Rock Springs and King Goal
June and July $7.50 Delivered At yard $7.00
After Aug. 15 $8.00 And $7.50
Townsite Now Open
Situated near the Malheur Lake, on a high, fine gentle
sloping tract of land. This site offers exceptional
opportunity for making a good city. Vastareas of ara
ble territory spread out in all directions. Every valley
and streamlet of the distant mountains has its ranches
and flourishing livestock. Considerable land in the
valley is still subject to homestead entry, and with the
advent of the
Oregon-Eastern Railway
Now building toward Harney Valley, this grand new
empire will teem with land seekers and people seeking
business opportunities and professional locations.
Good opening for a nowKstpor, blacksmith shop, hotel drugstore, hardware
ana implement nousee, ai well ai other lines of busim
A limited number ol Iota art mow offered for sale at remarkably low prices,
either for cash or on aiayterma, which prices will advance when the railroad
is built into the Harney Valley.
REMEMBER, Harriman will Ix the fast important point in tin- great Harney
Valley to have a railroad.
('. H. MOREHOUSE, I'reH.
Salt Lake (it, I tali.
Burns, Oregon
S. I Taylor, Agent, Ontario, Oregon.