The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, August 21, 1913, Image 3

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1 . s
iHtfl tfitfe'JK ; iift . V 'Av" swa
fcr v JaW
MflHhrtM H' all Jrjbf "Tvfl
TUB crib for baby Illustrated her. It one that will aerr. for several
year after he or ahe haa learncn to toddle about It haa a frame that
permit. It to be draped with netting In audi a way aa to add to Ita at-trac-tlveneaa,
while keeping out annoying Inaecta. The aide fram. may
be opened to take out baby or cloned an that the child cannot roll out or climb
o?.r It when It la left alone In the M in.
They Are Often Out to Thoughtleea
Childish Qnmaoee.
The wrinkle on miiiiy middle agtl
fill ea could lie traced (o establish grim
acea. Bt -i ) one heura much of am 1 1
lut: e.i' rroluilily they owe much of
their popularity to the fact Unit they
do not produce wrinkle.. The amllo
' which i rcae the fnce Into doacha of
line llnea doe produce wrlnklea. tlrlm
acea ure In the aume claaa with thl
fuce llnlutf aiiille. They ahould be din
co united.
Mmiy children, too. perform tittle
trick with various pnrln of the l - 1
in-li i .-.ii it III awkward or ungrnce
fill hnlilta which are Inter hard to over
come. For luatiince. the double Jointed
child who ciin liend hla tliiitntia nud
finger In nil dl red I ohm often doea
to the ndiiilrlng wonder of hla play
mute, until hla kuucklva nro enlarged
mid iiiIhmIiii i t'ii.
The miiull 1 Unit can awing from
hla arm I soincllmca cheered, even
by IiIh elder. Into dlalocutliig a ahoul
iler The little girl whose parent
amlle nt her when ahe walk pigeon
tneil siiiiictluic doea ho until ahe ha
foniusl a lut tilt of wulklng with her
I.. I--. tullll-d 111
l-'iir he It from nny BM It HMMI
childish piny Gymnastics and nil aorta
of bodily i'mti le, If properly directed.
leml ( nullity mill nt nut: t ti Itut chll
dieii ahould lie discouraged from In
dulling In grliiiiiii'M mid "trl ka"
lit. li will III time dlatort their fee
urea mid I m at lea.
Wrlnklea Juat beginning to form an
comparatively enally coiiiiiereil. an
thla giMid reaaon ahould aend every wo
nun off to her rrenin Jar aa aoou aa
they boglu to appear I or one renaoii
or another they ar. Ignored; Miwder
and Ihpilds leasing a depoalt on tl
akin will conceal them for a time, hut
they are there, lie vert ticlc. an. I aolnii
du.v they cniiiiot he hidden, no mutter
how you cream mid powder, mid then,
tearfully, a woman tnkea her wrlnklea
aerloualy and ndiulta her yeura of will
ful neglect
A very simple cream for plumpln
the hI. in contain lanolin, tun ounce;
i butter, two ounce; awoet almond
oil, two mm To thl may be nil.hsl
a few drop of any fa..rlte perfume
All einollleiit cream for (lead
making i;.. on the arnia a well aa
the neck la prepared til the following
maimer r'.,.., lard, one gram; ah
hoi iSO per centi. twenty grama,
Heine of r..emar.v. eleven drop; ue
..f bergamol. eleM-li ilroa.
Iti'b the h. in. I- and wrists with a lib
eiai amount of oUv. oil to which haa
tasen added a few drop of benzoin
Till not only act an a food, hut aa n
whlleiier It Well. A pair of loose
BJaWVaS from which the finder tlpa hnvu
been cut worn at night will aid
I When .-mi 1 1 hi are hung up to X
t dry they ahould be hung douhl. T
4. over 1 ne line.
Pillow cnaoa ahould lie Ironed
leugtliwlae and not croaawl.. o
A veil can he made ctiap If ', ',
f dlppul In alcohol and hung up to
Tnhhs-loth ahould he allghtly
atnrchcd They keep clean long
er nud look better.
Cotton Hhccta are more econom
ical than linen; they Inat longer
nud n ie much more healthful.
Embroidered Fillet Net Over Daintily
Tinted Satin.
Hand bag to match the gown have
been the rule thl aeaaon, but ua nil
women cannot afford to follow thla
atylo netitrul hand bag of material to
match any gown have been substltut
il by women who do not care to fol
low thl lash loll
lllusttnlcd here lire two hamlaom.
hand bag of Bllet net worked In pret
ty design and I110i111t.1l oer aallll.
They have aliuplu white corda by
Creecanta .n the Naila.
The little w b te crescent at the base
of the Auger nail can often I. dete!
oped by dally aouklng the linger In
warm, aoapv water and gently pre-
Ing the aoft cutlele with an orange
I I athk Trim oflr any rough pur ,
tlcle of cuticle, but do not cut any
..ft.-ner than la really neceary My
dally cure n directed al. -v .- tl..- growth
of the cuticle will be alow A little
trreaae rubbed 011 the nail at night will
alv. help to keep the cuticle from apllt
Uh For O'd Jabot.
Half worn plaited J..Uu of I..
put to fXi client
. and pfMBaVI
If ne. ,ng for 1 lielnl
eti ..1 1 he i- ' k Tin-
ed t" mauufaclnr. niimerou
.III . fu of Win li tlier.-
1.. u. thla year a
a r ij I
MKW iunu nam
llieills of Wl.l.l. II, e I.O 1
nud 1 oiiitnenil UteuiatriVM 10 lb(
UdloUa won. .111 l) tie Ir almpll. Ity and
linln .luaht
White kid hand bat,' ein l.n I't.-i .-.I In
1 olorisl col ton are dali.'
I-. tll(. nil w hlte ffOrt '1'he
embroider I done by machln. in
felll 4 ' Imlll klltlli lull tl,e
it d. i 'inpisi nre hi datlc I
I. iii. 1.1 l :.. oiora u--lull
time, brawn gream and
in "'
The ti.i.-s ii,i. (trap r 11, ,
ne III lb. in ,il llioillite.)
-ome III lil.'kel Thl ie I- II M I
1 that . .
tht-iu . gift
Waahington Heat Make Thornton
Forget Hi Neckwear.
Waahlrurtoa On. of the hottest dnya
if WaahlDjrton'a autntnei explain why
Senator Thornton or txmlalana a ha
tenped aboard u attatof at the
rapltol rcinaiked. with conviction:
' It- hot. iMl't ItV"
"Vc-. aanator," rvplM the elevator
man. "but you aeem to be lived for
liol weather."
'How- thntT" nkcd the aenntor,
looking down tiervmisly at his nttlrt.
"Hy leaving off your collar mid tie,"
wn the nnawer.
Mr. Thornton' hand fumbled under
hi heavy white board.
"(!o,l hen vena!" he exclaimed. "TMrt
1 leine them otT'.' And I bin Juat
iioen making a round of departmental
rail! I talked for an hour with Ih.
iiottnnter general "
Then the aenntor hurried back tr
hi ntUce and telephoned for the lllla
Ing niM-kwear.
Seiiea Rattler aa Ha la About to Stnk.
Muhr and Kill Him.
ilearllcld. Til. -Tippy, a Utile mon
grel dog, anved the life of hi mater.
Prank 11. Ilarrl, one time county
trenaiirer, while the latter wna on a
IWhtm trip to Moose BffSk near here,
by alia. -king n big rnttlcNtinkc that
was about to aliike Ilarrl In the fuii".
Mr. Ilnrrla, denlrlug to reach tint
other aide of the at renin, ! m.-.l to
crnwl over on a allpperv log .lust aa
he reached the far end of the log a
big rattler ralacd Ita head dlns'tly In
front of hla fnce and drew buck to
Mllke .
Tippy, who hnrl awiim the crock,
darted nt the strike nud obtained a
hold Jut I'-i. k of the head III keen
teeth made abort work of the rattler.
Senate Committee Hold.
Washington Without n formal vot.
the aetinte committee on Mtatnfflcea
nnd post decided that I'oat
uiiister lleiieral llurleson wna within
hla power In ordering nn In.'ie.uM In
the weight limit of parcel p t pmok
nge and a dis-renan In the (sialal rate.
Thla iiieatiM that Mr llnrlcnn'a order
will go Into effect without leglalatlr
Inlerferein e
I he committee had before It n bill
and a Joint reaolutlou, both apouaored
by Kenator llrynu of Klnrldn, reMallug
that nih linn of the law under which
Mr. lturleaon's order wan lued. No
action wna taken by the coiiiinlltoo on
either measure, and the aublect la con
aldered aetthsl for the present.
1 MUkS sVwTUtpHHsmS'wJ
sB "ftT'fc ' ' I Is 1 fsssTsfl
9P ft I k b1
f-' l aa 1 LitaUp .. 'A
WU sjbani t
SU ' -ivl BafeSek. .dJIJajV JSBBfll W. IH
Nations Unite to Control Ship
ment of Drug.
Washington I r Hamilton Wright,
Ameil. an delegate to the ml Inter
national oplui m. n n. a si 1 he
laglle, till relnnieil fiom the N.lber
lands elit hllsbislh- oel what wns lie
eouipllslied at the 1 oufereli" c and eoull
denl Ih ii before tl ml of the prencut
year all the world will bine r.itllle.l the
convention of the opium .. .lifer. -ie e of
IIHJ. the polslo of will- li call for
iuleriialioii il . otilioi ..f train.' In opium
and other habit forming drug
While some nail. ilia h.itc n..t signed
the agleemeiit of i:iJ an.) OtleSfl ha ie
dei -litis d for the moiiieiil to detpwdl rat
III. nllons of It. the n- enllv en. led 1 on
1. 1. it Tim Hngiii' mi. .pie.i 11 unique
measure lo eerl enoiu.1, upon
Hie gotertllllfllta C 1 1 J Imlillli. "It to
hung ill. out ratification within a few
Uloli t ha Th uferelK e adopted i
n solution . illlng on lb. hutch govern
ii.. nl to make repreai-iilatloi
adoptloU of tile ..pllllll'll oil
mi nt i . 'i the
lilt. I. , lilt III- V 111 loll Clll
County Treasury Depleted, Resident
Oo the Woi Uuiikly
. ' lulus
.' .1 I ' il of II. e -Oil
tl I i i I il. oia
Ill U I .' '..I . III. -Il I I
out in a !mhI and at iu1 n Uh I
mil i, aa i ' d h
fall one hI Hi. I- i i -ul.
taullal s.'i i building In nortl
.in i oil, i ado
In i : li.- , Hi, nlao
. 1 1 v III
Ity sin. I. nl. I . .' Mine. i,. i- M.lun
teer.-. !.i - s. i . . , . . . II. .11 III I.. I I In
. hool Will open at me e for a .-.illntner
Bite Into Black Peer), Which Is Ap
praised by Jewelers.
Akron. II Wl.lii eating l.mi, at a
New m.iii. a . titer
bit llilo soiih -thing me I w h. n lie
painfully Mmoved n of f.'ielgn
broken tooth a
i ral
Jeweler. .!,. I . ' alue d Bl
II UUU It a ,., , ,,f l. flnesl of the
I. link I i II wu
I by
lit p-r-r,.